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Cooking quality and texture of japonica-indica breeding type and japonica type, Korean rice

Lee, B.Y.; Yoon, I.H.; Tetsuya, I.; Ikiyi, K.; Tetsujiro, O.

Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology 21(5): 613-618


Accession: 002060391

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13 japonica-indica (JI) rice cultivars and 10 japonica cultivars were used in this study of cooking quality of milled rices and texture of cooked samples. Cooking quality attributes evaluated were water uptake ratio, pH of residual liquid, TS in residual liquid, starch-I2 blue value of residual liquid, expanded vol. of rice and amylose percentage (results tabulated). Cooking time and texture properties (hardness, cohesiveness, adhesiveness) are also tabulated.

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