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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2062

Chapter 2062 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Susila, T.; Pampapathy, K.; Shankar, C.R., 1990:
Correlation studies of yield attributing characters in tomatoes

Bhardwaj, S.D., 1989:
Correlation studies on oil yield and quality characters of essential oil in peppermint (Mentha piperita Linn.)

Pangawkar, G.R.; Sharma, R.D., 1990:
Correlation studies on physicochemical characteristics of Holstein-Friesian semen

Khan, M.I.; Raja Zamir ul Islam; Muhammad Rafique; Muhammad Siddique, 1989:
Correlation study in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Voltsit, O.V., 1991:
Correlation variability of morphometric characters in four species of Ixodidae

Abraham, M.J., 1990:
Correlation, path and discriminant function analyses in groundnut grown on a P-deficient acidic soil

Das, M.L.; Rahman, A.; Miah, A.J., 1989:
Correlation, path-coefficient and regression studies in soybean

Psenica, J.; Kadlecik, O.; Candrak, J., 1991:
Correlations among milk components in different genotypes of cows

Balyshev, N.V.; Popov, V.V.; Golubev, G.V., 1991:
Correlations among performance traits in pigs

Estilai A.; Ehdaie B.; Naqvi H.H.; Dierig D.A.; Ray D.T.; Thompson A.E., 1992:
Correlations and path analyses of agronomic traits in guayule

Mugniev, A.F., 1991:
Correlations and their importance in breeding carrot

Talanov, A.V.; Popov, E.G.; Kurets, V.K., 1989:
Correlations between CO2 gas exchange components and cucumber biomass growth rate in relation to temperature and photoperiod

Grosse, F.; Ender, K.; Nosal' , V.; Pavlic, M., 1989:
Correlations between carcass quality traits in cattle, and variation between genotypes

Campo J.L.; Ruano R.G., 1992:
Correlations between cracked eggs in a hatchery and eggshell quality characteristics

Heath, M.; Valent, B.H.ward, R.; Chumley, F., 1990:
Correlations between cytologically detected plant-fungal interactions and pathogenicity of Magnaporthe grisea toward weeping lovegrass

Rohm H.; Wedidinger K H., 1991:
Correlations between empirical methods for texture assessment of butter

Emmert, M.; Wendt, K., 1991:
Correlations between feeding-related metabolic disorders and damage to udder health in dairy cows

Toms, R.B., 1992:
Correlations between hearing, singing and flight in crickets and other insects

Takata S.; Ogo A.; Oishi O.; Tokunaga T., 1992:
Correlations between heterotrophic bacterial populations and water quality variables in stream waters

Jagos P.; Illek J.; Suchy P., 1991:
Correlations between impairment of energy metabolism and milk composition

Kitaeva, L.I., 1990:
Correlations between iron, zinc, and manganese contents and humus content and acidity in the soils of Penza Oblast

Bardhi, N., 1989:
Correlations between irrigation, fertilization and plant population in cotton production

Magini, E.; Tani, A., 1989:
Correlations between leaf N concentration and growth in Italian alder (Alnus cordata)

Durdyev, B.; Khabibullaev, E., 1992:
Correlations between leaf area and the productivity of cotton

Grunder A.A.; Fairfull R.W.; Hamilton R.M.G.; Thompson B.K., 1991:
Correlations between measures of eggshell quality or percentage of intact eggs and various economic traits

Gordon, W.B.; Rickerl, D.H., 1992:
Correlations between nitrogen and N uptake and yield of corn grown in three tillage systems

Bozo, S.; Gombacsi, P.; Kollar, N., 1990:
Correlations between predicted breeding values for milk traits in different breeds

Saito, T.; Zeze, K.; Kuwahara, A.; Miyahara, M.; Kobayashi, M., 1990:
Correlations between preoperative malnutrition and septic complications of esophageal cancer surgery

Strazdas, A.; Janusauskas, K.; Masiuliene, A.; Miceikiene, J., 1989:
Correlations between productivity traits in Lithuanian Black Pied and Lithuanian Red Pied cows

Kondratenko, N.V.; Shevtsov, I.A., 1991:
Correlations between quantitative characteristics of sugar beet seed plants

Sariev, B.S.; Zhundibaev, K.K., 1990:
Correlations between quantitative characters

Khaisin, M.F.; Sporish, I.V., 1991:
Correlations between quantitative characters in garlic of the bolting type

Krasteva, L.; Stantcheva, J.; Lozanov, I., 1990:
Correlations between resistance to Alternaria solani and some biometrical and biochemical traits of introduced tomato accessions

Higginbotham, J.W., 1991:
Correlations between restriction fragments and protein spots: integrating two-dimensional electrophoretic data with RFLP data

Nacheva J., 1989:
Correlations between silkworm hatch and some breeding characters

Vannini, A., 1990:
Correlations between some meteorological and dendrochronological parameters and decline of oak

Amir, H., 1991:
Correlations between the ability of different Fusarium strains to decrease vascular fusariosis of flax, their respiratory activity and saprophytic development in disinfected soil

Kobylyanskii, V.D.; Syukova, G.A., 1989:
Correlations between the main quantitative characters in winter rye

Yankulov, I.; Dzhurmanski, G.; Molle, E., 1991:
Correlations between the main yield traits in Datura innoxia lines and varieties of different origin

Blume, H.P.; Beyer, L.; Friedrich, F., 1991:
Correlations between the microbial activity, and water, air, temperature and nutrient status of different soils under different land use

Sarospataky, G.; Szendrey, L.; Mikulas, J., 1991:
Correlations between weed control in vines and the control of common spider mites (Tetranychus telarius L.)

Maheswarappa, H.P.; Nanjappa, H.V., 1992:
Correlations between weed parameters and yield in pigeon pea

Taylor, O.R.; Delgado, A.; Brizuela, F., 1991:
Correlations between worker cell sizes and allozyme frequencies in hybridizing feral populations of neotropical African-European bees in northern Mexico

Ganusheva, N.; Lozanov, I., 1991:
Correlations between yield components in intervarietal hybrids of barley

Rogers, V.C.; Nielson, K.K., 1991:
Correlations for predicting air permeabilities and 222Rn diffusion coefficients of soils

Sørensen, T.I.; Holst, C.; Stunkard, A.J.; Skovgaard, L.T., 1992:
Correlations of body mass index of adult adoptees and their biological and adoptive relatives

Mahmood, S.; Koul, G.L.; Biswas, J.C., 1989:
Correlations of body weight with testes and adrenal gland in pashmina bucks

Kuchina, I.I.; Yakubov, M.K.; Vsevolodov, E.B.; Latypov, I.F.; Tishchenko, G.I.; Ochilov, K.D.; Vorob' evskii, A.P., 1990:
Correlations of colorimetric parameters of the coat of Karakul lambs of different colours with electron spin resonance parameters

Fernandes, P. de S.; Borges Florsheim, S.M.; Rocha, F.T.; Montagna, R.G.; Couto, H.T.Z. do, 1989:
Correlations of growth stress with wood density and fibre characteristics of Eucalyptus grandis provenances

Artem' eva, A.M., 1990:
Correlations of morphological and economic characters in cabbage

Kozlov, N.N., 1991:
Correlations of photosynthetic indices with yield of green matter in red clover

Chandrasekaran S.K.; Rao R.G., 1990:
Correlations of progesterone profiles in milk and blood of cows

Kondratenko, N.V.; Shevtsov, I.A., 1991:
Correlations of quantitative characters in sugarbeet seed plants

Renner, C.; Gehring, W.; Holzmann, A.; Failing, K., 1992:
Correlations of semen characters in fresh and thawed stallion ejaculates, with consideration of transmigration

Kachur, O.T.; Mukhordov, E.G.; Kapashnik, N.A., 1990:
Correlations of some economically useful traits in winter wheat hybrids in western Siberia

Balsan, J.; Guba, I., 1990:
Correlations of temperature and precipitation in the important winter wheat growth and development stages with grain yields in a selected sample of cooperatives in the SR and its regions

Serpek, B.; Akmaz, A.; Tekes, M.A.; Baspinar, N.; Tiftik, A.M.; Kadak, R.; I^dot under~nal, S.; Eroz, S., 1992:
Correlations of wool production and milk yield with biochemical parameters in Konya sheep

apinski, B., 1989:
Correlations related to the adaptation of winter triticale to Polish conditions

Yakuts, O.N.; Kurchak, O.N., 1991:
Correlations with seed production in white clover

Harbir Singh; Tonk, D.S.; Singh, T.; Malik, A.C.; Sharma, H.C.; Faroda, A.S., 1990:
Correlative analysis of yield and its components in Indian rape (Brassica napus L. var. napus)

Takunov, I.P.; Kononov, A.S.; Moiseenko, N.E., 1990:
Correlative interrelationships of elements of yellow lupin productivity

Hegde, S.N.; Naseerulla, M.K., 1991:
Correlative studies on mating speed and metric traits in Drosophila malerkotliana

Deruaz, D.; Deruaz, J.; Pichot, J., 1991:
Correspondence analysis of larval chaetotaxy in the Anopheles maculipennis complex (Diptera, Culicidae)

Okada, H., 1991:
Correspondence of Giemsa C-band with DAPI/CMA fluorochrome staining pattern in Aconitum sanyoense (Ranunculaceae)

Wild, C.P.; Montesano, R., 1991:
Correspondence re: T. Colin Campbell et al., Nonassociation of aflatoxin with primary liver cancer in a cross-sectional ecological survey in the People's Republic of China. Cancer Res., 50:6882-6893, 1990

Henderson, W., 1992:
Corrigenda to the 1991 Watermelon Gene List

Oppenoorth, F.J., 1990:
Corrigendum. Reevaluation of kinetic data for a paraoxon-hydrolyzing enzyme in a resistant strain of the predacious mite Amblyseius potentillae

Erler, K., 1990:
Corrosion and adaptation factors for chemically aggressive media in wooden structures

Verma, K.M., 1990:
Corrosion and fouling control in cooling water system of fertiliser plants

Robin, A.; Almeida, M.E. de; Nunes, C.A., 1991:
Corrosion behavior of niobium and Nb-25 wt% Ta alloy in sulfuric acid solutions

Dean, S.W., 1991:
Corrosion engineering in the chemical process industries-a story of significant success

Rajagopal, C.; Venusubramanian, V.; Ramakrishnan, V., 1990:
Corrosion inhibition of steel in urea solution

Sato, T.; Kubota, K.; Shimada, M., 1991:
Corrosion kinetics and strength degradation of sintered alpha -silicon carbide in potassium sulfate melts

Horsman, H.R.; McRight, P.S., 1991:
Corrosion mitigation in fluid fertilizers

Nichols, D.E.; Nguyen, D.T.; Burnell, J.R.; Dillard, E.F., 1990:
Corrosion of carbon steel and 18% Cr-8% Ni stainless steels in 23% by weight fluorosilicic acid and 10-30-0 suspension fertilizer with fluorosilicic acid added

Verma, K.M.; Ghosh, H.; Verma, S.C.; Sinha, A.K.; Pattniak, K.C., 1992:
Corrosion of equipment in steam circuit of fertilizer plant

Dillon, C.P., 1992:
Corrosion of stainless steels by nitric acid

Beech, I.B.; Gaylarde, C.C., 1991:
Corrosion of steel by EPS-producing bacteria

Bartels, K.E.; Stair, E.L.; Cohen, R.E., 1991:
Corrosion potential of steel bird shot in dogs

Krishnan, K.N.; Rao, K.P., 1990:
Corrosion rates of austenitic stainless steel clad metals in 5 N H2SO4 + 0.5 N NaCl

Eremeeva, R.A.; Koval' , E.K., 1989:
Corrosion resistance of 01Cr25 ferrite steel

Mozhi, T.A.; Ray, R., 1990:
Corrosion resistance of rapidly solidified alloys compared to their conventional wrought counterparts

Viljoen, F., 1991:
Corrosion resisting steel cuts maintenance

Schweitzer D.W.; Konig, H.E., 1990:
Corrosion-anatomical and scanning electromicroscopical studies on the blood vessels of the digits of the pelvic limbs of cattle

Lamperti, E.D.; Kittelberger, J.M.; Smith, T.F.; Villa-Komaroff, L., 1992:
Corruption of genomic databases with anomalous sequence

Tunstall, A.W., 1992:
Corruption! At Flemington Markets? A case study in public policy

E.O.adrani, A.; Lafond, C. de, 1991:
Corsican pine from Corsica: good for structural use

Ridge, R.W.; Sack, F.D.; Sack, F.D., 1992:
Cortical and cap sedimentation in gravitropic Equisetum roots

Cran, D.G.; Esper, C.R., 1990:
Cortical granules and the cortical reaction in mammals

Palmer, L.B.; Greenberg, H.E.; Schiff, M.J., 1991:
Corticosteroid treatment as a risk factor for invasive aspergillosis in patients with lung disease

Kokkarinen, J.; Tukiainen, H.; Terho, E.O.; Husman, K., 1990:
Corticosteroid treatment in farmer's lung

Rawlings, C.A., 1990:
Corticosteroids and aspirin for treatment of dogs with heartworm disease

Mason, G.R., 1990:
Corticosteroids for Pneumocystis pneumonia

Horak, E.; Wood, A.E., 1990:
Cortinarius Fr. (Agaricales) in Australasia. 1. Subgen, Myxacium and subgen. Paramyxacium

Puissant, C.; Houdebine, L.M., 1991:
Cortisol induces rapid accumulation of whey acid protein mRNA but not of asl and b-casein mRNA in rabbit mammary explants

Lester, S.J.; Mellor, D.J.; Ward, R.N.; Holmes, R.J., 1991:
Cortisol responses of young lambs to castration and tailing using different methods

Borg, K.E.; Esbenshade, K.L.; Johnson, B.H., 1991:
Cortisol, growth hormone, and testosterone concentrations during mating behavior in the bull and boar

Sillence, M.N.; Etherton, T.D., 1991:
Cortisone arrests growth but enhances the inductive effect of porcine growth hormone on plasma IGF-I concentrations in female rats

Okewole P.A.; Odeyemi P.S.; Irokanulo E.A.; Durbi I.A.; Oyetunde I.L., 1990:
Corynebacterium diphtheriae isolated from guinea pigs

Wendt, M.; Liebhold, M.; Kaup, F.; Amtsberg, G.; Bollwahn, W., 1990:
Corynebacterium suis infection in pigs. 1. Clinical diagnosis with particular reference to urinalysis and cystoscopy

Kaup, F.J.; Liebhold, M.; Wendt, M.; Drommer, W., 1990:
Corynebacterium suis infection in pigs. II. Morphological findings in the urinary organs, particularly the bladder

Ansari, M.M., 1990:
Cosmos sulphureus - a new host of Pseudomonas solanacearum race-1 from Andamans

Keith, J.E.; Riley, P.; Grenney, W.J.; Campp, C.; Andersen, J.C., 1990:
Cost allocation in multipurpose, multicountry projects: the Senegal River Basin Project

Fleming, E.; Antony, G., 1992:
Cost analysis of copra export marketing in South Pacific island countries

Toit, D.C. du, 1990:
Cost analysis of the profitability of beekeeping

Bomben, A., 1990:
Cost analysis of transport by road and by rail

Datta, K.K.; Joshi, P.K., 1991:
Cost and benefits of sub-surface drainage for the control of soil salinity and water-logging

Ghaffar, R.A.; Kantangkul, P.; Tai, S.Y., 1988:
Cost and earning structures of giant freshwater prawn production in Thailand

Daswir ; Lubis, S.; Sulistyo, B.; Abbas, B.S., 1989:
Cost and income analysis of pre-cropping trial in an area intended for bulk cocoa cultivation

Charrier, A.; Berthaud, J.; Anthony, F., 1990:
Cost and potential value of coffee genetic resources

Bessa Junior, A. de A.; Martin, N.B., 1992:
Cost and profitability of coffee production

Corey, F.M.J.; Cadapan, E.P.; Sanchez, F.F., 1990:
Cost and return analysis of different insecticides used in controlling mango leafhoppers, Idioscopus spp

Bhalerao, M.M. et al., 1990:
Cost and returns in betelvine-use of discounting

Vasani, M.R.; Kuchhadiya, D.B.; Shiyani, R.L., 1992:
Cost and returns of buffalo milk production in Rajkot district of Saurashtra

Gekle, L., 1990:
Cost aspects of the change in production conditions on dairy farms

Ierland, E.C. van, 1990:
Cost benefit analysis and acidification in Europe

Michael, N.; Pearce, D.W., 1989:
Cost benefit analysis and land reclamation: a case study

Kleinhanss, W.; Kerckow, B.; Schrader, H., 1991:
Cost benefit analysis assessment of the production and utilization of rapeseed oil as a motor fuel, a lubricant and for technical purposes

Beck, H.S.; Wise, W.S.; Dodd, F.H., 1992:
Cost benefit analysis of bovine mastitis in the UK

Chandio, B.A.; Mirbahar, M.B., 1991:
Cost benefit analysis of collaborative drainage systems

Kleinhanss, W.; Schrader, H.; Kerchow, B., 1990:
Cost benefit analysis of the production and utilization of rapeseed oil as a chemical industry fat and as a lubricant diesel fuel

Goodman, M.; Houten, A. ten; Perry, J.; Blackmann, R., 1990:
Cost benefit analysis of using fumagillin to treat nosema

Purushothaman, S.; Jeyaraman, S.; Chandrasekaran, M., 1989:
Cost benefit analysis of weed control methods under different irrigation regimes

Piccinini, A., 1991:
Cost benefit and multicriteria analysis of a large-scale irrigation project

Kleinhanss, W.; Schrader, H.; Kerckow, B., 1991:
Cost benefit evaluation of production and use of rapeseed oil for fats manufacturing or for lubricants and diesel engine fuel

Nelson, L.A.; Uhlenhopp, E.K., 1990:
Cost benefits of coccidiosis prevention in a feedlot

Weindl, G., 1990:
Cost comparison of soil sterilization methods

Beierlein, J.G.; McSweeny, W.C.; Woodruff, B.A., 1991:
Cost comparisons of alternative methods for processing recycled waste newspapers into farm-animal bedding

Jadhav, S.S.; Gutal, G.B.; Chougule, A.A., 1990:
Cost economics of the drip irrigation system for tomato crop

Gregory, D.I., 1991:
Cost effective alternative S supply for Indonesia

Osmer W.J., 1990:
Cost effective damage prevention in transit packaging of agrochemicals

Patil, A.R., 1990:
Cost effective expansion with energy saving for 1250 TCD to 2500 TCD

Ray, J.W.; Davenhill, N.A.; Vanner, A.L., 1989:
Cost effective herbicides for Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus) control

Young, D.; Walker, D.; Kanjo, P., 1991:
Cost effectiveness and equity aspects of soil conservation programs in a highly erodible region

Hof, J.; Baltic, T., 1990:
Cost effectiveness from regional optimization in the USDA Forest Service

Prajapati P.S.; Gupta S.K.; Patil G.R.; Patel A.A., 1991:
Cost estimation of a cheese flavoured spread

Prajapati, P.S.; Gupta, S.K.; Patil, G.R.; Patel, A.A., 1991:
Cost estimation of butter flavoured low-fat spread

Bernetti, I., 1990:
Cost evaluation of social and regional constraints in the management of a forest estate

Zeddies, J., 1989:
Cost factors in milk production

Graziado-Marques, B.; Kennedy, B.; Anderson, K., 1991:
Cost justifying computerization of diet analysis

Choulwar, A.B.; Datar, V.V., 1988:
Cost linked spray scheduling for the management of tomato early blight

Kumar, D.; Heatwole, C.D.; Ross, B.B.; Taylor, D.B., 1992:
Cost models for preliminary economic evaluation of sprinkler irrigation systems

Juricek, J., 1991:
Cost of diagnostic examinations and repairs of cooling equipment

Haufa, T.; Szostak, M., 1988:
Cost of drying sawn timber in the timber industry

Shiyani, R.L.; Bhatt, B.U., 1990:
Cost of farm credit: a case study of commercial bank in Junagadh District of Gujarat state

Singh, L.; Singh, R.B.; Basu, S.B., 1991:
Cost of fodder production in an organized farm in the eastern region

Tacconi, R.; Regazzi, D., 1990:
Cost of growing intervening crops resistant to H. schachtii

Buxton, B.M., 1991:
Cost of producing oranges and grapefruit, 1988/89

Sharples, J.A., 1990:
Cost of production and productivity in analyzing trade and competitiveness

Rao, D.V.S.; Parmar, G.D., 1990:
Cost of production of milk in the urban area with special reference to Surat City of Gujarat State

Dhangar, M.R.; Patel, J.M., 1991:
Cost of rearing inter se mated Jersey X Kankrej halfbred calves under stall feeding

Ram M.; Majumder P.K., 1990:
Cost of seed production in gynodioecious and dioecious papaya under controlled conditions

E.B.dewy, R.; Sabaa, M.F.; Crissman, C.C.; Sharaf, M.F., 1991:
Cost of seedling tubers produced from true potato seed in the spring season in Egypt, 1989

Bedewy, R.E.; Crissman, C.C., 1991:
Cost of seedling tubers produced from true potato seed: an estimate based on experimental production in Egypt

Catella, G.; Gouache, P.D.; Luneau, D.; Parisot, E.; Bertin, Y., 1991:
Cost of strawberry production in Reunion

Kapronczai, I.; Tomka, J., 1991:
Cost, price, and earnings parameters in large and small agricultural enterprises

Betters, D.R.; Markstrom, D.C.; Aukerman, R., 1990 :
Cost, time, and benefit measures for personal use fuelwood collection in Colorado

Beun, N.J.; Bosma, H.; Vugt, P.A. van, 1990:
Cost-benefit analyses of rural development projects in the Netherlands

Noort, P.C. van den, 1990:
Cost-benefit analysis and politics

Musgrove, P., 1992:
Cost-benefit analysis of a regional system for vaccination against pneumonia, meningitis type B, and typhoid fever

Berentsen, P.B.M.; Dijkhuizen, A.A.; Oskam, A.J., 1990:
Cost-benefit analysis of foot and mouth disease control, with special attention to the effects of potential export bans

Muller, M.; Wittmann, W., 1990:
Cost-benefit analysis of the control and eradication of bovine leukosis in a selected region

Angelsen, A., 1991:
Cost-benefit analysis, discounting, and the environmental critique: overloading of the discount rate?

Benton, B.; Skinner, E.D., 1990:
Cost-benefits of onchocerciasis control

Heimig, D., 1992:
Cost-cutting outweighs yield-boosting in Holland

Patel, N.M.; Kittelstad, J.J., 1990:
Cost-effective integration of cogeneration to ammonia plant

Proven, M.J.; Courtney, A.; Picton, J.; Davies, D.H.K.; Whiting, A.J., 1991:
Cost-effective of weed control in cereals - systems based on threshold and reduced rates

Murphy, G.; Pyles, M.R., 1989:
Cost-effective selection of culverts for small forest streams

Simmons, G.B.; Balk, D.; Faiz, K.K., 1991:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of family planning programs in rural Bangladesh: evidence from Matlab

Scholz, S.R.; Orth, R.; Muller, H.J., 1989:
Cost-effectiveness of cleansing and disinfection procedures in the meat-processing industry

Kasahara, K.; Chan, T.S.; Ito, S.; Kanayama, T., 1990:
Cost-minimizing transportation model for eggs in Japan

McHugh, R., 1990:
Cost-of-living differences in urban versus rural areas: an analysis with expenditure data

Anonymous, 1988:
Costa Pinto factory. Sugar and alcohol

Boo, E., 1990:
Costa Rica

Leon, J., 1991:
Costa Rica creates National Commission of Genetic Resources

Gamez, R., 1991:
Costa Rica's National Biodiversity Institute: biodiversity working sustainably for society

Snyder, G., 1992:
Costa Rican orchids: the five most-endangered species

Baride, J.P., 1988:
Costing of viral hepatitis

Macdonald, I.A.W.; Wissel, C., 1989:
Costing the initial clearance of alien Acacia species invading fynbos vegetation

Zuurbier, P.J.P., 1990:
Costs and benefits of agricultural extension: problems and perspectives

Noort, P.C. van den, 1990:
Costs and benefits of agricultural policies and projects. Proceedings of the 22nd Symposium of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE), October 12th-14th, 1989, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Foreit, K.G.; Haustein, D.; Winterhalter, M.; Mata, E. la, 1991:
Costs and benefits of implementing family planning services at a private mining company in Peru

Shinners, K.J., 1989:
Costs and benefits of subsoil tillage in Wisconsin soil

Croci Angelini, E., 1990:
Costs and benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy to the member countries

Young, C.E.; Osborn, C.T., 1990:
Costs and benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program

Reddy, G.R.; Mudaliar, A.S.R.; Naidu, M.M., 1990:
Costs and returns in goats rearing in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh

Manrique, E.; Maza, M.T.; Olaizola, A., 1991:
Costs and returns in specialized dairy systems in the Cantabria coastal region of Spain within the context of the quota policy

Stebbins, R.A., 1992:
Costs and rewards in barbershop singing

Hoblet, K.H.; Schnitkey, G.D.; Arbaugh, D.; Hogan, J.S.; Smith, K.L.; Schoenberger, P.S.; Todhunter, D.A.; Hueston, W.D.; Pritchard, D.E.; Bowman, G.L., 1991:
Costs associated with selected preventive practices and with episodes of clinical mastitis in nine herds with low somatic cell counts

Rafsnider, G.T.; Zimdahl, R.L.; Hammida, M., 1990:
Costs associated with weed management in cereals and food legumes in Safi Province, Morocco

Zimdahl, R.L.; Rafsnider, G.T.; Boughlala, M.; Laamari, A., 1992:
Costs associated with weed management in cereals and food legumes in the Chaouia region of Settat province, Morocco

Hubacek, J., 1990:
Costs in Czechoslovakia's agriculture

Dovring, F., 1990:
Costs of agricultural growth and development: a cross-national analysis focusing on the USSR

Sigacheva, Y.P., 1987:
Costs of anthelmintic measures against Dictyocaulus infections in sheep

Schulte, J., 1990:
Costs of assimilation lighting for hydrangea

Weersink, A.; Walker, M.; Swanton, C.J.; Shaw, J.E., 1992:
Costs of conventional and conservation tillage systems

Foster, M.P.; Lemin, C.D.; Casey, K.D., 1991:
Costs of environmental changes in pig housing

Ceroni, F.R., 1990:
Costs of establishment and production of kiwifruit

Kreuzer, K., 1991:
Costs of farm transfers

Clements, S.; Dominy, S., 1990:
Costs of growing containerized seedlings using different schedules at Kingsclear, New Brunswick

Constantin, E.; Rotaru, C., 1991:
Costs of logging in the northern Alps: possible progress

Pech, J.; Argillier, J.P.; Cassafieres, J.; Deschaux, P.; Faure, A.; Mastron, C., 1991:
Costs of mechanization for vine husbandry

Alvarez Pinilla, A.; Arias Sampedro, C., 1989:
Costs of milk production in Asturia. Some strategies for their reduction

Ceroni, F.R., 1989:
Costs of planting and production of peaches on managed and owner-occupied farms

Streef, A., 1991:
Costs of planting pears differ with planting system

Clauson, A.L., 1990:
Costs of producing and selling burley tobacco: 1989 and preliminary 1990

Clauson, A.L., 1991:
Costs of producing and selling burley tobacco: 1989, 1990 and preliminary 1991

Clauson, A.L.; Grise, V.N., 1990 :
Costs of producing and selling flue-cured tobacco: 1988, 1989, and preliminary 1990

Clauson, A.L.; Grise, V.N., 1991:
Costs of producing and selling flue-cured tobacco: 1989, 1990 and preliminary 1991

Clauson, A.L., 1992:
Costs of producing and selling flue-cured tobacco: 1991 and preliminary 1992

Rosendorfsky, A.; Hanak, A., 1989:
Costs of producing feeds

Buxton, B.M., 1991:
Costs of producing grapefruit in California and Florida, 1988/89

Clauson, A.; Mathews, K.; Shapouri, H., 1992:
Costs of producing milk, 1989 and 1990

Anonymous, 1991:
Costs of production - major field crops, 1989

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Costs of the model department 'General Milk Treatment'

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Counting the cost

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Counting the cost of UK milk pricing

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Cow traction - what about milk and calves?

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Cranial asymmetry in a Dall sheep ram (Ovis dalli dalli)

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Craters in varnish coatings

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Crawfish culture in the southeastern USA

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Crawler phenology and generation development of the Florida wax scale, Ceroplastes floridensis (Homoptera: Coccidae), on citrus in different soils

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Cream cheese production - a review

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Cream in an aerosol spray

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Cream pasteurization technology

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Cream rheological properties investigation

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Creamed rape honey - popular with the customers

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Creams, soups and puddings

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Creating a learning environment: class management strategies for elementary PE teachers

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Creating a market for means of production for the agroindustrial sector

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Creating a price system for meat products

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Creating a rational labour force structure for the food sector

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Creating a system for managing technical and scientific change in the agroindustrial sector under market conditions

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Creating an initial population with a broad genetic base for breeding garden peas with special reference to resistance and yield traits

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Creating central stocks of agricultural products by means of a tax in kind

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Creating competitive farms under the new agricultural policy conditions

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Creating market relations in the agroindustrial sector

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Creating peasant farms in Byelorussia

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Creating shareholder and joint stockholder relations

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Creating texture with hydrocolloids

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Creatinine clearance estimation in protein-malnourished patients

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Creatininuria: a nutritional indicator

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Creation and restoration of wetlands: Some design considerations for ecological engineering

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Creation and study of lines from Pinot Noir (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Creation of Scots pine plantations by two-plant biogroups

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Creation of a Polessie type of beef cattle

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Creation of a high-producing herd in western Siberia

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Creation of a market for agricultural and food products, and the regulatory function of the state

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Creation of a new beef breed for the southern Urals

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Creation of a new breed of lean-meat pigs

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Creation of an association for the preservation and development of native breeds of livestock (SERGA)

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Creation of awareness among agricultural labourers: the need and the methods

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Creation of bifunctional derivatives of the insectotoxic gene of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki for expression in transgenic plants

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Creation of conservation areas for Hu sheep in Jiangsu province

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Creation of genetically marked lines in the asporogenous yeast Candida tropicalis

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Creation of mutants through tissue culture of edible chrysanthemums, Chrysanthemum morifolium Ram. I. Especially the relationship among the different explants and variation in their regenerated plants

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Creation of novel alloplasmatic lines of bread wheat and cultivated rye with barley cytoplasm

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Creation of the Steppe type of the Soviet Meat breed of pigs

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Crib biting and wind sucking in horses

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Crises in forest enterprises

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Crisis and future for Mediterranean agriculture

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Crisis in Sahelian agriculture. The case of Aribinda

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Crisis in the Arabian Gulf

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Crisis in the Atlantic fishery

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Crisis situation in Greek dairying

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Criteria and procedures to maximize the quality and value of wetlands constructed at surface mines

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Criteria for a further development of international agricultural research

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Criteria for analysing and valuing land and environmental assets

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Criteria for assessing the startup phase of a methane reactor in the sugar industry

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Criteria for building a dedusting installation at a sugar factory; criteria for building anti-explosion equipment in the sugar industry

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Criteria for determining the economic efficiency of separate transport areas for management of the distribution system

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Criteria for evaluating pesticide leaching models

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Criteria for evaluating the technological value of sugarbeet and their use in industrial practice

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Criteria for forecasting cereal aphids

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Criteria for ground feed quality determination

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Criteria for identifying effective monsoon for sowing in rainfed agriculture

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Criteria for improving oak coppices in Chianti

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Criteria for nutrient-balanced operation of activated sludge process

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Criteria for optimizing management of climate and production under glass

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Criteria for reducing soil damage caused by wheeled vehicles

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Criteria for safety of work in planning for livestock buildings

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Criteria for selection and management of agricultural machinery

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Criteria for soil mechanical assessment of the basal lining of refuse deposits on compressible foundations

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Criteria for the critical state of tractors

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Criteria for the development of a breeding plan for Pyrenean cattle

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Criteria for the in vitro response of Plasmodium falciparum to amodiaquine

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Criteria for the public acceptability of biotechnological innovations in animal production

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Criteria for the quality of beeswax

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Criteria for use of fluconazole in adult and pediatric inpatients and outpatients

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Criteria in breeding red clover for yield

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Criteria of evaluation of cheese ripeness rate

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Criteria to identify hydraulically homogeneous porous media

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Criteria used in sire selection and sources of information by dairy producers

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Criterium for evaluation of cotton boll intensive treatment

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Crithidia allae sp. nov. and C. brevicula sp. nov. (Protozoa, Trypanosomatidae) from the bug Nabis brevis

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Crithidia bombi sp. n. a flagellated parasite of a bumble-bee Bombus terrestris L. (Hymenoptera, Apidae)

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Critical aspects of entomopathogenic nematode physiology

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Critical biological phase of dairy cow

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Critical crossroads - decisions for middle and high school physical education

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Critical environmental issues for agriculture

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Critical environmental issues for food safety and quality

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Critical factors in sweetener selection

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Critical problems

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Critical reflections on the new CAP

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Critical remarks on the GATT negotiations

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Critical review of the current state of control of Echinococcus in our country

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Croatian tourism after the war: development strategy

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Crop growth stage keys: field bean

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Crop growth stage keys: soybean

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Crop response to allelopathic effect of sunflower

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