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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Montenegro James, S.; Kakoma, I.; Ristic, M., 1989:
Culture-derived Babesia exoantigens as immunogens

Anonymous, 1991:
Cultured dairy products in human nutrition

Vrese, M. de, 1992:
Cultured milk products as a food for lactose-malabsorbers

Joubert, C.P.; Lange, D.J. de, 1992:
Cultured milk products as supplement to the South African diet. I. The consumption of cultured milk products in the RSA

Schmidt, P.H., 1992:
Cultured milk products: yogurt, quarg and fromage frais

Haigler, C.H.; Rao, N.R.; Roberts, E.M.; Huang, J.Y.; Upchurch, D.R.; Trolinder, N.L., 1991:
Cultured Ovules as Models for Cotton Fiber Development under Low Temperatures

Lamberton, J.A., 1991:
Cultures and coagulants

Bulgakov, V.P.; Zhuravlev, Y.N., 1992:
Cultures of transformed plant cells as a new source for obtaining products of secondary metabolism

Daminov, B., 1990:
Culturing early embryos in vivo in diffusion chambers

Tarakanov, V.I., 1990:
Culturing entomopathogenic nematodes of the genus Neoaplectana

Blinova S.L.; Korenchenko E.A.; Ivanova E.S., 1990:
Culturing helminth free bark beetles and experimental infestation of the elongated bark beetle with various species of nematodes

Gange A.C.; Brown V.K., 1991:
Culturing root aphids using hydroponics

O.Donnell, C.D., 1992:
Culturing success

Blinova, S.L.; Ivanova, E.S., 1990:
Culturing the nematode-bacterial complex of Neoaplectana carpocapsae in insects

Scatena, F.N., 1990:
Culvert flow in small drainages in montane tropical forests: observations from the Luquillo Experimental Forest of Puerto Rico

Timm, RM.; Price, RD., 1989:
Cummingsia micheneri, a new species of Mallophaga (Trimenoponidae) from a Venezuelan mouse-opossum (Marsupialia)

Sidle, R.C.; Sharpley, A.N., 1991:
Cumulative effects of land management on soil and water resources: an overview

Halverson, H.G.; Sidle, R.C., 1990:
Cumulative effects of mining on hydrology, water quality, and vegetation

Anonymous, 1988:
Cumulative effects on landscape systems of wetlands. Scientific status, prospects, and regulatory perspectives

Sidle, R.C.; Hornbeck, J.W., 1991:
Cumulative effects: a broader approach to water quality research

Katoch, S.; Yadav, M.C., 1990:
Cumulative part production records as an aid to selection in Jersey cattle

Wallersteiner, U., 1988:
Cumulative trauma disorders in forest nursery workers

Prasad B.; Singh K.N., 1992:
Cumulative volatilization loss of ammonia from rice field under integrated nutrient management

Ahmed, I.H.; Ismail, S.F.; Ali, S.M., 1991:
Cunean tenectomy in donkeys

Meshram, L.D.; Mukewar, A.M.; Narkhede, M.N., 1989:
Cup leaf mutant of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Carvalho, A.; Teixeira, A.A.; Fazuoli, L.C.; Guerreiro Filho, O., 1990:
Cup quality of coffee species and interspecific hybrids

Grahame, R., 1990:
Cuphea (Cuphea hyssopifolia). Variety: 'Golden Ruby' (commercial synonym 'Cocktail'). Application no. 90/071

Jaworski, C.A.; Phatak, S.C., 1990:
Cuphea glutinosa selections for flowering ornamental ground cover in southeast United States

Dobry, J.; Kyncl, J., 1989:
Cupressus dupreziana - an endangered coniferous tree of the central Sahara

Cabral Velho, C.; Whipkey, A.; Janick, J., 1990:
Cupuassu: a new beverage crop for Brazil

Ohkubo, T.; Kim, J.W.; Maeda, T., 1988:
Cupules and nuts of Fagus multinervis

Bisset, N.G., 1988:
Curare - botany, chemistry and pharmacology

Stellmach, G., 1990:
Curative propagation of grapevines with the aim of eliminating tumorigenic bacteria of the type Agrobacterium?

Kandil A.; E.B.nby M.; Abdel Wahed K.; Abdel Gawwad M.; Fayez M., 1987:
Curative properties of true floral and false nonfloral honeys on induced gastric ulcer

Os, P.C. van; Mourik, N.M. van, 1991:
Curbing growth of the flower stem in cv. Cambria has a large effect

Rotundo, G.; Nanni, B.; Marziano, F., 1989:
Curculio elephas Gyll., new host for Italy of the entomogenous fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill

Horne, D.S.; Davidson, C.M., 1990:
Curd formation in renneted milk monitored by a novel light scattering apparatus

Malygina, V.D.; Beskrovnaya, N.Z.; Averina, T.N.; Shved, V.G., 1989:
Curdled milk compound for infants

Anonymous, 1990:
Cure for sleeping sickness receives all-clear

Nordén, G.; Björck, S.; Persson, H.; Svalander, C.; Li, X.G.; Edebo, L., 1991:
Cure of zygomycosis caused by a lipase-producing Rhizopus rhizopodiformis strain in a renal transplant patient

Muller, W.D., 1991:
Curing and smoking. Are they healthier processes today than they used to be?

Roh, J.K.; Higuchi, M.; Sakata, I., 1990:
Curing behaviour and bonding properties of thermosetting resin adhesives. IV. Curing behaviour of phenol-melamine-formaldehyde resin under various hot-pressing conditions

Roh, J.K.; Higuchi, M.; Sakata, I., 1990:
Curing behaviour and bonding properties of thermosetting resin adhesives. V. Co-condensation reaction of phenol with melamine

Walton, L.; Wells, L.; Casada, J., 1991:
Curing burley tobacco from an automated harvesting system

Walton, L.; Casada, J.; Bader, M., 1991:
Curing factors affecting three burley tobacco mechanization alternatives

Boubals, D., 1990:
Curious mildew on 3309 C in Canada

Wechsler, J.; Poli, F.; Revuz, J., 1990:
Curious reaction to a spider bite

Lortscher, H., 1992:
Curling fights for a place in the sun in Swiss sport

Gurp, H. van, 1990:
Curly-leaved lettuce. Heavy produce requires wide plant spacing

Stanys, V.; Siksnianas, T.; Staniene, G., 1991:
Currant berries and seeds developing dynamics and the autonomy of an embryo

Cvopa, J.; Hricovsky, I., 1989:
Currant cultivars bred in Czechoslovakia meet severe cultivation demands

Brennan, R.M., 1990:
Currants and gooseberries (Ribes)

Oosten, A. van, 1990:
Currants are out of phase after mild winter

Rhein, P.; Hartmann, R.; Widderich, W., 1990:
Currency union: new opportunities?; Free market economy and horticulture; Impressions from a trip to the GDR, visit to several horticultural enterprises in the Cottbus area

Gast, R.K.; Beard, C.W., 1990:
Current ARS research on Salmonella enteritidis in chickens: experimental infections in laying hens

Baumes, H.S.J.; Spitze, R.G.F., 1990:
Current U.S. economic environment for developing agricultural and food policy

Estler, M., 1989:
Current agricultural engineering aspects of weed control

Tan Y.R.; Shih S.F., 1990:
Current agricultural land use for abandoned well assessment

Nagy, G., 1990:
Current and future development of artificial insemination in broiler breeders in Hungary

Haydu, J.J.; Cisar, J.L., 1991:
Current and future issues confronting Florida turfgrass producers

Hims, M.J., 1991:
Current and future status of computer-based plant protection advisory systems in the UK

Luke, M.A.; Langham, W.S.; Kodama, D.M.; Masumoto, H.T.; Froberg, J.E.; Doose, G.M., 1991:
Current and future status of multiresidue methodology

Wenner, M., 1991:
Current and potential agricultural trade between Eastern and Central Europe and Developing Countries

Prasad, S., 1990:
Current and potential utilisation of biomass energy in Fiji

Concannon, P.W.; Meyers-Wallen, V.N., 1991:
Current and proposed methods for contraception and termination of pregnancy in dogs and cats

Anonymous, 1988:
Current applied climatological research in Alberta. Proceedings of the Workshop and 11th Annual Meeting of the Alberta Climatological Association, February 24, 1987, Edmonton, Alberta

Mock D.E.; Greene G.L., 1989:
Current approaches in chemical control of stable flies

Gahukar, R.T., 1991:
Current approaches to cassava pest management in subtropical Africa

Antoniskis D.; Larsen R.A.; Sattler F.R., 1990:
Current approaches to management of opportunistic infections

Tejedor, T.; Baselga, R.; Amorena, B., 1990:
Current aspects of control of bovine mastitis

Szabados, A.; Lemmer, K.; Schierz, G.; Deinhardt, F., 1989:
Current aspects of diagnosis and therapy of Pneumocystis carinii infection in man

Breux, J.P.; Lacroix, C.; Becq Giraudon, B.; Boiffard, O.; Cazenave Roblot, F.; Jacquemin, J.L., 1990:
Current aspects of imported malaria in the Poitou-Charentes region (France)

Darie, H.; Reyle, Y.; Hovette, P.; Touze, J.E., 1991:
Current aspects of malaria in expatriates in the Central African Republic

Piva, J.H., 1991:
Current aspects of the reproductive management of pig herds

Klostermeyer, H., 1989:
Current biochemical methods in food analysis

Viggiani, G., 1990:
Current biological control projects

Loison Cabot, C., 1990:
Current botanical cytogenetic and biological knowledge on pineapple reproduction

Johnson, R.W.M., 1991:
Current changes in New Zealand agriculture: a review

Clark, D.M., 1991:
Current concepts in the treatment of degenerative joint disease

Gardner, S.A. , 1991:
Current concepts of feline immunodeficiency virus infection

Culler, M.D.; Negro Vilar, A., 1990:
Current concepts of the hypothalamic control of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion

Betteridge K.J., 1991:
Current concepts of the importance and etiology of embryonic death in farm animals

Cooke, T.F., 1991:
Current concepts on the biodegradability of fibers

Sugar, A.M., 1991:
Current controversies in the management of cryptococcosis in AIDS patients

Michelot, P., 1992:
Current cultural practice: weed control in nursery rows

Brissot, P.; Deugnier, Y.; Lescoat, G., 1990:
Current data on iron overload

Moore, D.; Prior, C.; Abraham, Y.J., 1990:
Current developments and future potential in biological control of the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari with emphasis on the use of Beauveria bassiana

Young L.E., 1992:
Current developments in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Cho, T.; Shuler, M.L.; Granados, R.R., 1989:
Current developments in new media and cell cultures systems for the large-scale production of insect cells

Fiedler, K.P., 1990:
Current environmental policy. Report from the German convention of municipal authorities

Daghfous, M.T.; Djerad, A.; Fakhfakh, H.; Bouzidi, F.; Osman, N.B.n, 1989:
Current epidemiological profile of trachoma in Tunisia

Liu, Y.M. et al., 1991:
Current epidemiological status of hookworm infections in Sichuan

Cherkassky, B.L.; Rozhnova, S.S.; Khristyukhina, O.A.; Solovyeva, N.K., 1991:
Current features of the epidemic process of Salmonella infections in the USSR

Aarsnes, J.V.; Rudi, H.; Loland, G., 1990:
Current forces on cage, net deflection

Madas, A., 1989:
Current forest policy problems in Hungary

Sokhi, S.S.; Munshi, G.D.; Grewal, R.K.; Thind, T.S.; Sandhu, K.S., 1990:
Current fungal disease problems of important vegetables in India

Sozinov, A.A., 1989:
Current genetic methods in plant breeding

Hodgetts, B., 1990:
Current hatchabilities in species of domestic importance and the scope for improvement

Benetin, J.; Dzubak, M.; Hladny, J.; Molnar, L.; Vasa, J., 1990:
Current hydrological problems in Czechoslovakia

Ploetz, R.C.; Shepard, E.S.; Crane, J.H., 1988:
Current importance of fusarial wilt of banana in Dade county, Florida and relationships among and the origins of isolates of the incitant, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense from Florida and other banana-growing regions

Corella Piquer, D.; Frasquet Pons, I.; Talamante Serrulla, S.; Calderon Martinez, C.; Cortina Greus, P., 1991:
Current importance of selenium in the diet to human health

Tully J.G.; Whitcomb R.F.; Rose D.L.; Hackett K.J.; Clark E.; Henegar R.B.; Carle P.; Bove J., 1990:
Current insight into the host diversity of acholeplasmas

Depauw, K.P., 1992:
Current international trends in research in adapted physical activity

Brockmann, H.H., 1991:
Current issues concerning waste water

Stevens, S., 1991:
Current issues in dance education

Henry, R.R.; Crapo, P.A.; Thorburn, A.W., 1991:
Current issues in fructose metabolism

Nelson, R.R., 1992:
Current issues in hotel room rate discounting

Wolf I.D.; Lechowich R.V., 1989:
Current issues in microbiological food safety

Kolb, E., 1990:
Current knowledge concerning the metabolism and function of ascorbic acid

Scortichini, M.; Chang, C.J., 1991:
Current knowledge on Xylella fastidiosa

Ho, C.C., 1990 :
Current knowledge on phytoseiid mites and an introduction to the natural enemies of spider mites

Brown, J.E.; Stevens, C.; Khan, V.A.; Hochmuth, G.J.; Splittstoesser, W.E.; Granberry, D.M.; Early, B.C., 1991:
Current limitations to commercial uses of plastic mulches for soil solarization

Nelson E.B., 1991:
Current limits to biological control of fungal phytopathogens

Smail, A.; Ducroix, J.P.; Cohen, G.; Baillet, J., 1991:
Current malaria prophylaxis for travellers, servicemen etc

Okelo, G.B., 1991:
Current management of rare parasitic diseases

Pipano E.; Frank M.; Shkap V., 1991:
Current methods for the control of tick fevers in cattle

Sudakov, V.G.; Obolenskaya, S.N.; Bakonova, E.N., 1990:
Current methods of biological regulation of reproductive function in pigs

Bottcher, M.; Alm, H.; Lange, W.; Kauffold, P., 1989:
Current methods of collecting ova for in vitro cell techniques

Bakst, M.R.; Cecil, H.C., 1991:
Current methods of evaluating turkey semen

Frost, T.J.; Roland, D.A., 1991:
Current methods used in determination and evaluation of tibia strength: a correlation study involving birds fed various levels of cholecalciferol

Duncan, L.W., 1991:
Current options for nematode management

Lee, E.W., 1989:
Current options in treatment of agricultural drainage waste water

Bertazzoli, A.; Lunati, U., 1990:
Current output and market prospects for plum production

Flors, A.; Valles, E.; Palop, M.L., 1989:
Current perspectives on biological methods for treatment of food industry waste waters

Chung, M.N., 1991:
Current policies and programmes for improving rural living conditions in Rep. of Korea

Wu, Y.S.; Xiao, J.Y., 1989:
Current pollen rain on Liangwang mountain of Chenggong, Yunnan

Prieur, W.D.; Bruse, S., 1990:
Current practice of osteosynthesis

McCrae, J.A.; Hall, N.H., 1989:
Current practices for home enteral nutrition

Engstrom, R.E.; Holland, G.N.; Nussenblatt, R.B.; Jabs, D.A., 1991:
Current practices in the management of ocular toxoplasmosis

Razanamparany, M.; Ravelomanana, N.; Randriamiharisoa, F.; Razafimanantsoa, L.; Rasoarivao, V.; Rosoaviniaina, L., 1989:
Current problems caused by malaria in paediatrics (regarding 1230 cases treated in Paediatrics A from 1980 to September 1988)

Baicu, T., 1988:
Current problems concerning establishment of maximum admissible dosage of pesticides per hectare

Zust, J.; Vengust, A.; Pestevsek, U.; Klemenc, N.; Kabaj, Z., 1989:
Current problems concerning feed contamination by microorganisms, especially by fungi and mycotoxins

Mikhailov, N.V.; Stepanov, V.A.; Kovalenko, V.A., 1991:
Current problems in animal breeding

Bajomi, D.; Kis Varga, A.; Eross, J., 1989:
Current problems in fly control. Proposals for improving the efficiency of fly control

Ridgway, G.L.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1991:
Current problems in microbiology: 1. Chlamydial infections: which laboratory test?

Endress, P.K., 1991:
Current problems in plant systematics

Emde, H., 1988:
Current problems in the assessment of milk and milk products by veterinary experts in food surveillance at local level

Stolbovoy V.S., 1992:
Current problems in the study of tropical soils

Schopen, W., 1991:
Current problems of German agriculture

Olko Bagienska, T., 1991:
Current problems of Polish agriculture

Bocklet, R., 1988:
Current problems of agricultural policy. Finance - structural change - market stabilization - hundred year agreement - the Single Market

Anonymous, 1990:
Current problems of animal welfare. Refresher course held at Hannover on 12-13 October 1989

Heeschen, W.H.; Bluthgen, A.H., 1992:
Current problems of chemical residues and contaminants in milk

Anonymous, 1990:
Current problems of disinfecting buildings occupied by farm animals, also solid and liquid manure. Proceedings of the 3rd Hohenheim Seminar, 18-19 September 1990

Anonymous, 1989:
Current problems of opportunistic fungal infections. Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium of the Research Center for Pathogenic Fungi and Microbial Toxicoses, Chiba University, held at Luke Hall, Mochida Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, on February 2-3, 1989

Starostin, S.P.; Shumakov, E.M., 1987:
Current problems of plant protection against harmful Acridoidea

Zimovets, B.A.; Pyagai, E.T., 1991:
Current problems of reclamation and fertility of soils of the arid zone

Barlinski, K., 1989:
Current problems of seed production and its development trends

Gutsche, H.J., 1989:
Current problems of sheepmeat production

Nies, V., 1992:
Current problems of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (LAnpG)

Pezet, R.; Bolay, A., 1990:
Current problems of the control of vine diseases

Kukimura, H.; Komaki, K.; Yoshinaga, M., 1990:
Current progress of sweet potato breeding in Japan

Noireau, F., 1990:
Current prospects in the control of Loa loa filariasis

Amorena, B.; Tejedor, T., 1990:
Current prospects of selection for resistance to mastitis

Sullivan J., 1991:
Current quality issues in dairy processing

Magnusson, B., 1991:
Current questions concerning the fisheries sector

Tschubukow, G.W., 1992:
Current questions of agricultural law in Russia

Dai, T.S.; Fung, M.Y.P., 1989:
Current reclamation approach at the Syncrude oil sands plant

Allbutt, J., 1991:
Current recommendations for disposal of pesticides in the Orange Code, and their application

Anonymous, 1990:
Current research in photosynthesis. Volume III. Proceedings of the VIIIth International Conference on Photosynthesis, Stockholm, Sweden, August 6-11, 1989

Anonymous, 1990:
Current research into Bifidobacterium

Lal, R., 1991:
Current research on crop water balance and implications for the future

Pearson, R.C., 1990:
Current research on grape fungal diseases and their control in New York

Jackson, W.B., 1991:
Current rodenticide strategies

Meyer, R.D., 1992:
Current role of therapy with amphotericin B

Stebbins, R.L.; Norton, R.A., 1991:
Current situation and future trends in apple cultivars in the Pacific Northwest

Norton, R.A.; Coster, H. de, 1991:
Current situation and future trends in apple cultivars in western Europe

IIguni Y.; Konishi H.; Nishii K., 1990:
Current situation and issues of utilization of attenuated virus in the green pepper farming

Cheng, G.N., 1990:
Current situation and major constraints on melon and watermelon cultivation in Peru

Escobar, I.R., 1991:
Current situation and outlook of fertilization in Hispano-America

Intergovernmental Group on Meat, 1992:
Current situation and short-term prospects for the meat market

Kotani, A., 1990:
Current situation of vegetable production and research in Japan

Egmond, H.P. van, 1989:
Current situation on regulation for mycotoxins

Tang, Z.J., 1991:
Current situation, causes and strategy for dealing with the debt triangle in rural areas

Caudwell, A.; Boudon Padieu, E.; Lherminier, J.; Schwartz, Y.; Meignoz, R., 1990:
Current spread of the grapevine yellows and characterization methods for the MLO pathogen

Popescu, F.; Doucet, I.; Marinescu, I., 1989:
Current stage of breeding flax for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lini (Bolley Snyd. & Hans.)

Kryazhkov, V.M.; Ksenevich, I.P.; Antyshev, N.M.; Shevtsov, V.G.; Polyak, A.Y., 1990:
Current state and development prospects for agricultural tractors

Denisov, G.V., 1989:
Current state and future prospects in breeding Elymus paenefibrosus at the Nyurba Science and Production Establishment

Denisov, G.V.; Yakovlev, A.S., 1989:
Current state and future prospects in breeding perennial grasses in the Yakut ASSR

Malepszy, S., 1989:
Current state and future prospects in the utilization of biotechnology in plant breeding

Danilina, L.A., 1989:
Current state and future prospects of pea breeding at the L'gov Breeding and Experiment Station

Czembor, H.J., 1989:
Current state and future prospects of plant breeding in Poland

Budin, K.Z., 1990:
Current state and prospects of breeding high-quality potato varieties

Anonymous, 1991:
Current state and prospects of breeding rice for resistance to insect pests at the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Bochkarev, N.I.; Tolmachev, V.V., 1990:
Current state and some aspects of breeding sunflower for resistance to pests and diseases

Erksteen, G.J.; Bodegom, P. van, 1989:
Current state of CA storage in Southern Africa

Becker, N., 1990:
Current state of breeding and field trials with interspecific grapevine varieties

Kolbasina, E.I., 1990:
Current state of breeding liana fruit crops in the USSR

Zvolenski, I.; Neshtitski, M.; Ryshava, B., 1990:
Current state of breeding maize for quality of grain and green matter in Czechoslovakia

Mikhailichenko, B.P.; Kuleshov, G.F.; Pilipko, S.V., 1989:
Current state of breeding work with herbage crops

Saavedra, M.; Natera, C.; Pastor, M., 1990:
Current state of knowledge about weed control in almonds in the Mediterranean area

Ozkan, H.E.; Reichard, D.L.; Fox, R.D., 1990:
Current state of pesticide application technology in the USA

Chaverra G.H., 1991:
Current state of plant biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean

Veleva, N.; Zagorska, N., 1990:
Current state of the problem of induced androgenesis in potato

Crane, J.H.; Campbell, C.W.; Olszack, R., 1989:
Current statistics for commercial carambola groves in South Florida

Peharda, J., 1990:
Current status and future problems of the poultry industry in Yugoslavia

Wingfield, M.J., 1990:
Current status and future prospects of forest pathology in South Africa

Purvis, G.A., 1991:
Current status and future trends in infant feeding

Hoover, D.G.; Hughes, D.B., 1991:
Current status and future trends of bifidobacteria-related research and products in the USA

Bennett, J.E., 1990:
Current status and perspectives of antifungal therapy

Bottema, J.W.T.; Henry, G., 1991:
Current status and potential of cassava products in Asia

Rajendran, K.; Prabaharan, R., 1992:
Current status and problems in feeding and breeding management of milch animals

Makinen, P.T., 1990 :
Current status and prospects for agriculture in the Uruguay Round

Prestamburgo, M.; Spanghero, M., 1992:
Current status and prospects for trade in beef cattle between Italy and Eastern Europe

Babaev, A.G.; Nikolaev, V.N.; Orlovskii, N.S., 1991:
Current status and prospects for use of natural forage lands and dry farming in the Aral Sea basin

Kirk, H., 1990:
Current status and prospects in the development, testing and evaluation of wood preservatives in East Germany

Hagemann, O., 1989:
Current status and trends of computer-aided soil and crop management in plant production in the German Democratic Republic

Fleischer, M., 1990:
Current status and trends of machine trimming of softwoods during thinning operations

Briese, D.T., 1991:
Current status of Agrilus hyperici (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) released in Australia in 1940 for the control of St John's wort: lessons for insect introductions

Windels, C.E., 1991:
Current status of Fusarium taxonomy

Yokogawa, M.; Sodeman, W.A.J., 1989:
Current status of Paragonimus and paragonimiasis

Asato, R.; Nakasone, T.; Yoshida, C.; Arakaki, T.; Ikeshiro, T.; Murakami, H.; Sakiyama, H., 1992:
Current status of Strongyloides infection in Okinawa, Japan

Han, Y.S., 1991 :
Current status of agricultural biotechnology in China

Anonymous, 1989:
Current status of allergen immunotherapy (hyposensitization): memorandum from a WHO/IUIS meeting

Thompkinson, D.K.; Mathur, B.N., 1991:
Current status of biotechnological application in dairy industry

Sengupta, B.P.; Sukhija, S.S., 1990:
Current status of buffalo frozen semen technology and fertility - an overview

Takatsu, A.; Fukuda, S., 1990:
Current status of cassava diseases in Brazil

Anonymous, .:
Current status of coconut research and development in the world. Summary report and recommendations of the international symposium on coconut research and development-II, 26-29 November 1991

Guiguemde, T.R.; Gbary, A.R.; Ouedraogo, J.B.; Gayibor, A.; Lamizana, L.; Maiga, A.S.; Boureima, H.S.; Comlanvi, C.E.; Faye, O.; Niang, S.D., 1991:
Current status of drug resistant malaria in autochthonous inhabitants of the OCCGE states (West Africa)

Gordon, S.C.; Williamson, B.; Taylor, W.A., 1991:
Current status of foliar pesticide application to cane and bush fruit crops in Europe

Rahman, A., 1990:
Current status of herbicide resistance in New Zealand weeds

Sun, T.; Rackson, M.; Farber, B., 1988:
Current status of hydatid disease. Report of a case and review of the literature

Azizi, F.; Kimiagar, M.; Nafarabadi, M.T.; Yassai, M., 1990:
Current status of iodine deficiency disorders in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Sengupta, B.P.; Bhela, S.L., 1988:
Current status of male fertility research in buffaloes

Dhillon, M., 1991:
Current status of mold immunotherapy

Smailova, A.N., 1990:
Current status of opisthorchiasis in the Turgai focus

Rao, M.V.; Sharma, H.C., 1991:
Current status of pesticides registered in India and their tolerance limits

Suparyono, 1991:
Current status of research into the biological control of rice diseases in Indonesia

Pajni, HR.; Kohli, SK., 1990:
Current status of some Indian species of genus Baris Germ. and the description of one new genus and three new species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Baridinae: Barini)

Prokhorov, A.F., 1990:
Current status of strongyloidosis in USSR

Akiba, K., 1989:
Current status of studies on leucocytozoonosis of chickens, especially on species, epidemiology, life cycle, immunity, control and chemotherapy of L. caulleryi infection

Gordon, R.D.; Pittino, R., 1992:
Current status of the American genera and species of Psamodiini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae)

Setia, P.P., 1992:
Current status of the Environmental Reserve and the Conservation Compliance Programs: implications for US wheat area

Millikan, D.F.; Stefan, S.J., 1989:
Current status of the butternut, Juglans cinerea L

Tsai, J.H.; Steinberg, B., 1991:
Current status of the citrus blackfly, Aleurocanthus woglumi (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), and its parasites in south Florida

Zirakishvili, L.M., 1991:
Current status of the hookworm problem in the USSR

Singer, S., 1987:
Current status of the microbial larvicide Bacillus sphaericus

Soll, D.R., 1991:
Current status of the molecular basis of Candida pathogenicity

Mamluk, O.F.;, M.; Makki, M.A., 1990:
Current status of wheat diseases in Syria

Gentilini, M.; Danis, M.; Mouchet, J., 1990:
Current strategies for malaria prophylaxis

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Current trends of pesticides formulation techniques

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Current understanding of the etiology of obesity: genetic and nongenetic factors

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Current weed control strategies in Louisiana rice

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Current work on essential oils and spices in Indonesia

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Current world supplies of and requirements for essential amino acids

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Curriculum planning for women and agricultural households: the case of Cameroon

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Curriculum, methods and contents of physical education

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Curtailment of citrus greening disease

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Curtailment of nutrient losses at the farm level

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Curtain machines and their effect upon broiler house environment

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Curvularia lunata var. aeria, new pathogen of durum wheat in Argentina

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Customer need results in coarse grade of dextrose

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Customizing the fatty acid content of broiler tissues

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Customs classification of palm fatty acids

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Cut flower anthuriums all-year-round without shading?

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Cut flowers quality policy in France

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Cut greenery from overseas. Transport by air or container ship

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Cutaneous manifestations of leishmaniasis in dogs

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Cutaneous myiasis, furunculoid form

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Cutaneous salmonellosis in veterinarians

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Cuticle formation in embryogenesis of the free-living marine nematode Enoplus demani

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Cutting cholesterol and saturated fats

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Cutting fat, building profits

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Cutting fat, keeping flavour

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Cutting loose the roots of container trees is unnecessary

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Cutting propagation of Nepenthes

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Cutting the chain of command: specific inhibitors of transcription

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Cutting wood and its by-products by laser: myth or reality?

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Cutting-grading machine ready to go

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Cyamophila willieti (Wu, 1932), comb. nov., adult and nymph, from China, host plant Sophora japonica (Homoptera Psylloidea)

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Cyanogenesis in plants

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Cyathostoma bronchialis as a cause of death in mandarin ducks (Aix galericulata)

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Cyclamen - a reappraisal

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Cyclamen: a new host of mycoplasma-like organisms

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Cycle paths are lying behind cyclists

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Cycles of F-actin redistribution in the dermal glands of an insect relate to secretion

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Cycles, fluxes and speciation of trace metals in the environment

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Cycleway/shared-use path study - Birmingham main line canal, 1989

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Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-induced potentiation of synaptic responses in Helix neurons

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Cyclic changes in follistatin messenger ribonucleic acid and its protein in the rat ovary during the estrous cycle

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Cyclic cold stresses before transplanting influence tomato seedling growth, but not fruit earliness, fresh-market yield, or quality

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Cyclic fluctuation in the winter moth (Operophtera brumata)

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Cyclic load testing of soils

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Cyclic occurrence of gregarine trophozoites (Apicomplexa) in the burrowing echinoid Echinocardium cordatum (Echinodermata, Spatangoidea)

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Cyclical processes of forest pest reproduction

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Cyclical reinvestment strategy: an alternative approach to rural development

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Cyclical variations in South African beef and sheepmeat production

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Cyclical variations in onion supply in the wholesale market of Sao Paulo

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Cyclicity and prognosis of tick-borne encephalitis morbidity in the Krasnoyarsk Territory: expert and mathematical evaluation

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Cycling of NOx in tropical forest canopies

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Cycling of P and S through the soil-plant-animal system under intensively grazed grass-clover pastures

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Cycling of fertilizer nutrients in the environment

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Cycloalexy: a new concept in the larval defense of insects

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Cyclone design for cotton gins

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Cyclonic risk and agriculture in the French Pacific territories

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Cyclophilin of Schistosoma japonicum

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Cyclopiazonic acid, a potentially serious mold toxin

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Cyclosporin A enhances elimination of intracellular L. major parasites by murine macrophages

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Cyclosporin-responsive enteropathy and protracted diarrhea

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Cyclosporine dose reduction by ketoconazole administration in renal transplant recipients

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Cyclosporine-responsive granulomatous sebaceous adenitis in a dog

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Cycloxydim - a new selective post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grasses in broad-leaved crops

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Cycloxydim for grass weed control in leguminous crops in linseed

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Cyhexatin resistance and enhancement with calcium chloride in Washington State populations of spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) on pome fruit

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Cylicodiscic acid, a dihydroxy pentacyclic triterpene carboxylic acid from Cylicodiscus gabunensis

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Cylindrical inclusion bodies of wheat streak mosaic virus and three other potyviruses only self-assemble in mixed infections

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Cylindrical structure of the virus of Gumboro disease

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Cylindrocladium black root rot of camellia cuttings controlled by benomyl soak

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Cylindrocladium fruit and leaf spot of custard apple

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Cylindrocladium hawksworthii sp.nov. pathogenic on water-lilies in Mauritius

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Cylindrocladium spathiphylli agent of root and petiole rot of Spathiphyllum grown for cut flowers

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Cypermethrin residues on tea

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