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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grzeskiewicz, H.; Socko, J., 1989:
Date of Polifoska application to potatoes

Bassi D.; Gambardella M.; Negri P., 1989:
Date of ripening and two morphological fruit traits in peach progenies

Navi, S.S.; Nargund, V.B.; Srikant Kulkarni; Hegde, R.K., 1989:
Date of sowing in relation to incidence of leaf rust of wheat

Singh, S.D.; Siradhana, B.S., 1988:
Date of sowing in relation to late wilt disease of maize

Marouelli, W.A.; Oliveira, C.A. da S.; Carrijo, O.A., 1990:
Date of withholding irrigation in an early maturing pea cultivar

A.Ghamdi, A.S., 1990:
Date palm genebank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

McEllister, F.V.; Tamblyn, C., 1991:
Date production in Central Australia. An agronomic and economic evaluation

Banikoniene, J., 1990:
Dates for the last cut of a meadow sward with different nitrogen rates on a peat-bog lowland soil

Krivich, N.Ya, 1991:
Dates of applying nitrogen as top dressing

Gipiskis, V.; Juciene, G., 1990:
Dates of cutting herbage of flood-plain meadows in lower reaches of Nyamunas river

Khabarov, S.N.; Stol' nikova, N.P., 1991:
Dates of planting strawberry stock plants in the Altai region

Gipiskis, V.; Juciene, G., 1990:
Dates of the first cut of flood-plain meadows in the lower reaches of the Nyamunas river

Bernus, E., 1990:
Dates, dromedaries, and drought: diversification in Tuareg pastoral systems

Corona, E., 1988:
Dating a violin from the Destro collection

Hennon, P.; Shaw, C.I.i; Hansen, E., 1990:
Dating decline and mortality of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis in southeast Alaska

Wallner, G.; Wild, E.; Aref Azar, H.; Hille, P.; Schmidt, W.F.O., 1990:
Dating of Austrian loess deposits

Dynesius, M.; Jonsson, B.G., 1991:
Dating uprooted trees: comparison and application of eight methods in a boreal forest

Pavletic, Z.; Trinajstic, I., 1990:
Datura innoxia Miller (Solanaceae) in the flora of Croatia

Richter, W.I.F.; Rohrmoser, G.; Rindle, C.; Bucher, E., 1992:
Datura seeds influence rearing performance

Thong, C.H.S.; Webster, J.M., 1991:
Dauer larva: is there one in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus?

Aziz, K.M.A., 1989:
Daughters and sons in rural Bangladesh: gender creation from birth to adolescence

Eriksson, J.A., 1990:
Daughters of bulls imported from the USA have lower fertility

Labe, D.A., 1988:
Dauro - a transplanted millet in Nigeria

Cui, C.B.; Tezuka, Y.; Kikuchi, T.; Nakano, H.; Park, J.H., 1990:
Davallioside A and B, novel flavan-3-ol derivatives with a gamma -lactam, from the rhizomes of Davallia mariesii Moore

Smith, M., 1992:
David Else's parlour

Grahammer K.; Jawson M.D.; Skopp J., 1991:
Day and night soil respiration from a grassland

Veire, W. van de, 1991:
Day of meeting the Flemish sports world

Anonymous, 1990:
Day on sugar technology organized by ANTZA at Ferrara

Beyer, G.P.; Voorhoeve-den Hartog, H.J., 1992:
Day-to-day follow-up after a short oral treatment of acute vaginal candidosis with itraconazole

Syrrist, G., 1991:
Day-to-day operations of a commercial dairy company - computer usage from milk collection to marketing and distribution

Borel, M.J.; Smith, S.M.; Derr, J.; Beard, J.L., 1991:
Day-to-day variation in iron-status indices in healthy men and women

Os, P.C. van; Koster, R. de; Wurff, A.A.M. van der, 1989:
Day/night temperatures affect production and quality of Gerbera

Mosjidis J.A., 1990:
Daylength and temperature effects on emergence and early growth of sericea lespedeza

Vlahos, Jc, 1990:
Daylength influences growth and development of Achimenes cultivars

Kic, P.; Cerny, M., 1990:
Daylight in pig barns

Pritts, M.P., 1990:
Dayneutral strawberries

Jadhav, K.L.; Tripathi, V.N.; Kale, M.M., 1991:
Days and cost of treatment of health disorders in Holstein Friesian X Sahiwal crossbred cows

Jadhav, K.L.; Tripathi, V.N.; Kale, M.M., 1991:
Days and cost of treatment of mammary disorders in Holstein X Sahiwal crossbred cows

Jadhav, K.L.; Tripathi, V.N.; Kale, M.M., 1991:
Days and cost of treatment of various health disorders in Holstein Friesian x Sahiwal crosses

Camillo, F.; Romagnoli, S.; Cela, M.; Tamagna, S.; Duchamp, G.; Palmer, E., 1991:
Daytime induction of foaling with small doses of oxytocin

Fitzjarrald, D.R.; Moore, K.E.; Cabral, O.M.R.; Scolar, J.; Manzi, A.O.; Sa, L.D. de A., 1990:
Daytime turbulent exchange between the Amazon forest and the atmosphere

Chevrou, R.B., 1990:
De Liocourt's law and the truncated law

Chevrou, R.B., 1990:
De Liocourt's truncated law

Vries, C. de, 1992:
De Marke: a successful start

Dumitriu Tatararu, I.; Popescu, M., 1990:
De Martonne indexes-expression of climate characteristics of the geographic environment

Kuehemann, P.; Morsier, A. de; Vasseur, P., 1992:
De Moriser, A

Randoux, T.; Braekman, J.C.; Daloza, D.; Pasteels, J.M., 1991:
De novo biosynthesis of Delta -isoxazolin-5-one and 3-nitropropanoic acid derivatives in Chrysomela tremulae

Burgyan, J.; Rubino, L.; Russo, M., 1991:
De novo generation of cymbidium ringspot virus defective interfering RNA

Aimi, J.; Qiu, H.; Williams, J.; Zalkin, H.; Dixon, J.E., 1990:
De novo purine nucleotide biosynthesis: cloning of human and avian cDNAs encoding the trifunctional glycinamide ribonucleotide synthetase-aminoimidazole ribonucleotide synthetase-glycinamide ribonucleotide transformylase by functional complementation in E. coli

Altamura M.M.; Torrigiani P.; Capitani F.; Scarmagli S.; Bagni N., 1991:
De novo root formation in tobacco thin layers is affected by inhibition of polyamine biosynthesis

Schultes, R.E., 1990:
De plantis toxicariis e Mundo Novo tropicale commentationes XXXVI. Justicia (Acanthaceae) as a source of an hallucinogenic snuff

Tanaka, S., 1991:
De-alation and its influences on egg production and flight muscle histolysis in a cricket (Velarifictorus parvus) that undergoes inter-reproductive migration

Romm, T.; Levy, A., 1990:
De-collectivization and collectivization: a longitudinal study of the organizational transformations of an Israeli desert agricultural settlement

Dobson, M.C., 1991:
De-icing salt damage to trees and shrubs

Onishchenko, A.; Yurchishin, V.V., 1991:
De-nationalization: some problems of methodology and organization

Konkin, Y.A., 1991:
De-nationalizing property and securing the rights of rural workers

D.Souza, H.J., 1990:
De-radicalization of a social movement: a case-study in India

Whitehouse, L.W.; Menzies, A.; Dawson, B.; Zamecnik, J.; Sy, W.W., 1990:
Deacetylated ketoconazole: a major ketoconazole metabolite isolated from mouse liver

Hamada, H.; Jacobson, A.R.; Williams, H.J.; Scott, A.I., 1990:
Deacetylation of vindoline by buffered cell suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus

Numaguchi, T.; Kikuchi, K., 1991 :
Deactivation of bimodal nickel catalyst for steam methane reforming

McDermott, C.M.; Morrill, J.L.; Fenwick, B.W., 1991:
Deacylation of endotoxin during natural cases of bovine mastitis

Donald, J.O.; Blake, J.P.; Conner, D.E., 1991:
Dead bird composter construction and operation in Alabama

Erekson, N.T., 1988:
Dead cow! What now?

Lack, A.J., 1991:
Dead logs as a substrate for rain forest trees in Dominica

Granett, J.; Benedictis, J.A. de; Wolpert, J.A.; Weber, E.; Goheen, A.C., 1991:
Deadly insect pest poses increased risk to north coast vineyards

Mayatepek, E.; Grauer, M.; Sonntag, H.G., 1991:
Deafness after meningococcal meningitis

Wilkes, M.K.; Palmer, A.C., 1990:
Deafness and vestibular deficit in the Doberman dog

Yaptenco, C.C.Jr, 1992:
Dealer involvement in farm credit for small farmers in the Philippines

Bridges, E.M., 1991:
Dealing with contaminated soils

Anonymous, 1992:
Dealing with disparity: European Structural Funds in south west Spain

McKenzie, R.A., 1991:
Dealing with plant poisoning of livestock: the challenge in Queensland

Jumani, U., 1991:
Dealing with poverty: self-employment for poor rural women

Shih F.F., 1990:
Deamidation studies on selected food proteins

Gorodetskii, V.O.; Molotilin, Y.I.; Semenko, S.M.; Kalabin, Y.G.; Krylova, A.M.; Reshetova, R.S., 1990:
Deammoniation of excess ammoniacal condensates

Anonymous, 1991:
Dean dynasty

Curtin, P.D., 1989:
Death by migration: Europe's encounter with the tropical world in the nineteenth century

Panter, K.E.; James, L.F., 1989:
Death camas - early grazing can be hazardous

Smith, R.A.; Lewis, D., 1991:
Death camas poisoning in cattle

Dargatz, D.A., 1992:
Death losses among cattle and calves

Simpson, K., 1992:
Death of CUBE: the Concertation Unit for Biotechnology in Europe is no more!

Peperkamp, N.H.M.T.; Gruys, E.; Joosten, A.; Peeters, H.; Sybesma, J.; Notermans, S.H.W.; Haagsma, J., 1992:
Death of cattle fed mouldy flower bulbs

West, J.D.; Flockhart, J.H.; Peters, J.; Ball, S.T., 1990:
Death of mouse embryos that lack a functional gene for glucose phosphate isomerase

Smith, R., 1990:
Death of six young Labrador/Malamute dogs exposed to automobile exhaust

Noble, R.C., 1990:
Death on the half-shell: the health hazards of eating shellfish

Behringer, R.; Kessler, H.G., 1992:
Death rate of the indigenous mixed spore flora in skimmilk and skimmilk concentrates

Nolan, P.; Sender, J.; Sen, A.K., 1992:
Death rates, life expectancy and China's economic reforms: a critique of A.K. Sen; Life and death in China: a reply

Cooper, J.E.; Lawton, M.P.; Jacobson, E.R.; Zwart, P., 1991:
Deaths in tortoises

Pollini, C.; Leonelli, G.; Gios, G.; Olivari, M., 1990:
Debarking of alpine softwoods: a comparative economic analysis of five methods

Wingate Hill, R.; MacArthur, I.J., 1991:
Debarking small-diameter eucalypts

Vincent, L., 1991:
Debating the water decade: the Yemen Republic

Watanabe, M.; Shimizu, J.; Arai, S., 1990:
Debittering of a tryptic hydrolysate of casein by incubating with the ice nucleation-active bacterium, Erwinia ananas, and its aminopeptidase at low temperature

Wohl, E.E.; Pearthree, P.P., 1991:
Debris flows as geomorphic agents in the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona

Davies, T.R.H., 1990:
Debris-flow surges-experimental simulation

Demere, E., 1991:
Debt burden and profitability of state coffee plantation: case study of Limmu coffee plantation development enterprise

Patterson, A., 1990:
Debt for nature swaps and the need for alternatives

Amelung, T., 1991:
Debt for nature swaps as an instrument for environment protection and for reducing debt in the Third World - two birds with one stone?

Kobayashi, S., 1990:
Debt problems of livestock farms in Japan - implications for Japanese agricultural policy

Ryan, J.T.; Morehart, M.J., 1992:
Debt repayment capacity of commercial farm operators: how much debt can farmers afford?

Dogse, P.; Droste, B. von, 1990:
Debt-for-nature exchanges and biosphere reserves: experiences and potential

Potier, M., 1991:
Debt-for-nature swaps

Moran, K., 1991:
Debt-for-nature swaps: U.S. policy issues and options

Rosebrock, J.; Sondhaf, H., 1991:
Debt-for-nature swaps: a review of the first experiences

Bauer, A.; Illing, G., 1992:
Debt-for-nature swaps: axing the debt instead of the forests

Mahony, R., 1992:
Debt-for-nature swaps: who really benefits?

Beier, H.M., 1990:
Deburring of veneered wooden elements

Hastenrath, S., 1990:
Decadal-scale changes of the circulation in the tropical Atlantic sector associated with Sahel drought

Vasilieva, I.S.; Ershova, A.S.; Mansurov, A.A. et al., 1991:
Decade changes in the natural nidi of tick relapsing fever in Uzbekistan

Janardhan, K.V.; Janakiraman, N.; Nataraju, S.P.; Setty, M.V.N., 1990:
Decanol - an effective suckericide for flue-cured tobacco production in Karnataka

Goudey-Perriere, F.P.rcheron, P.M.riniere, M.P.rriere, C.B.ousse-Gaury, P., 1992:
Decapitation or starvation raise haemolymph ecdysteroid titres in the ovoviviparous female cockroach, Blaberus craniifer Burm

Ramalho-Pinto, F.J., 1987:
Decay accelerating factor (DAF) as the host antigen with protective activity to complement killing of schistosomula

Glass, B.P.; McKenzie, H., 1989:
Decay distribution in relation to pruning and growth stress in plantation-grown Eucalyptus regnans in New Zealand

Smith, K.T.; Shortle, W.C., 1991:
Decay fungi increase the moisture content of dried wood

Sastroutomo, S.S., 1991:
Decay rates and nutrient release from decomposing aquatic weeds

Blair, J.M.; Parmelee, R.W.; Beare, M.H., 1990:
Decay rates, nitrogen fluxes, and decomposer communities of single- and mixed-species foliar litter

Crook, R.C., 1991:
Decentralisation and participation in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire

Murombedzi, J., 1991:
Decentralising common property resources management: a case study of the Nyaminyami district council of Zimbabwe's wildlife management programme

Ahmad, N., 1991:
Decentralization - a case for administrative federalism

Mutizwa Mangiza, N.D., 1990:
Decentralization and district development planning in Zimbabwe

Kim, D.H., 1990:
Decentralization and implementation of social development at the local level in Korea

Blaikie, P., 1991:
Decentralization and participation in soil and water conservation: new opportunities and new problems

Mutizwa Mangiza, N.D., 1991:
Decentralization in Zimbabwe: problems of planning at the district level

Anonymous, 1991:
Decentralization of agricultural planning systems in Latin America

Kladii, A.G., 1990:
Decentralization of ice cream production

Chitere, P.; Monya, J., 1989:
Decentralization of rural development: the case of the Kenya District Focus Approach

Morissette, M.; Fortin, J.P.; Gravel, L., 1990:
Decentralized approach to the AIDS campaign in Quebec

Joshi, B.; Bhatti, T.S.; Bansal, N.K., 1992:
Decentralized energy planning model for a typical village in India

Basu, S., 1989:
Decentralized planning in India: an experience

Gapasin, D., 1990:
Decentralizing agricultural research management: the case of the regional consortia in the Philippines

Rondinelli, D.A., 1991:
Decentralizing water supply services in developing countries: factors affecting the success of community management

Allard, A.S.; Hynning, P.A.; Lindgren, C.; Remberger, M.; Neilson, A.H., 1991:
Dechlorination of chlorocatechols by stable enrichment cultures of anaerobic bacteria

Uotila, J.S.; Salkinoja Salonen, M.S.; Apajalahti, J.H.A., 1991:
Dechlorination of pentachlorophenol by membrane bound enzymes of Rhodococcus chlorophenolicus PCP-I

Groenendijk, J.G., 1990:
Deciding and implementing limits to agricultural land use; an interorganisational perspective on the solution to environmental problems in the Netherlands

Sherman, W.B.; Lyrene, P.M., 1991:
Deciduous fruit cultivar development in Florida

Brown, M.W.; Abdulla, F.M., 1989:
Deciduous fruit orchards in Dhamar governorate 1988: second year costs and management practices

Grunow, J., 1992:
Decision aids on frost protection irrigation

Pitcher, P.M.; Galligan, D.T., 1990:
Decision analysis and economic evaluation of the use of the rapid milk progesterone assay for early detection of pregnancy status of cows

McDaniels, T.L., 1992:
Decision analysis insights for old growth forest conflicts

Runge Metzger, A., 1991:
Decision calculations of small peasant farm households on the profitability and acceptance of selected agricultural innovations - a study in the upper regions of Ghana

Go, F.; Pyo, S.S.; Uysal, M.; Mihalik, B.J., 1990:
Decision criteria for transnational hotel expansion

Roth, K., 1991:
Decision making behaviour in sport

Gardner, J.E., 1989:
Decision making for sustainable development: selected approaches to environmental assessment and management

Sanchez Fernandez, J.O., 1990:
Decision making in choice of cattle by herdsmen in Someido (Asturia)

Badibanga, D., 1990:
Decision making in the zone of Kasongo: experience of Karomo, Zaire

Smidts, A., 1990:
Decision making under risk. A study of models and measurement procedures with special reference to the farmer's marketing behaviour

Bender, F.E.; Ebel, E.D., 1992:
Decision making when Salmonella enteritidis is present in laying flocks

Canham, Ho, 1990:
Decision matrices and weighting summation valuation in forest land planning

Miller, W.M., 1991:
Decision models applied to shape analyses of Florida grapefruit

Hutchings N.J.; Bolton G.R.; Barthram G.T., 1992:
Decision rules for controlling the sward height of continuously grazed experimental pastures

Gohari, H.; Ballester, F., 1991:
Decision rules for reducing the number of treatments against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on rape in relation to climatic conditions

Subbaiah, R., 1991:
Decision support for managing rainwater - A case study

Musa, A.H., 1992:
Decision support for vegetable growers in the East Jordan valley in drawing up production programmes under risk and uncertainty

Coop, L.B.; Croft, B.A.; Murphy, C.F.; Miller, S.F., 1991:
Decision support system for economic analysis of grasshopper treatment operations in the African Sahel

Singh, K.K.; Colvin, T.S., 1991:
Decision support system for soil tilth assessment

Nichols, S.G., 1990:
Decision support systems for facility location decisions in developing countries

McBrien, H.; Mackauer, M., 1991:
Decision to superparasitize based on larval survival: competition between aphid parasitoids Aphidius ervi and Aphidius smithi

Hatzius, T., 1990:
Decision-Support-Systems - some clarification and explanations of terms

Baille, A., 1991:
Decision-making aids in greenhouse environment management: new prospects

Maeta, Y.; Sugiura, N., 1990:
Decision-making in a mason bee, Osmia cornifrons (Radoszkowski) (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae): does the mother bee fertilize her eggs depending on their sizes?

Williams, M.R.W., 1990:
Decision-making in forest management

Meyers, R.M.; Grodin, M.A., 1991:
Decisionmaking regarding the initiation of tube feedings in the severely demented elderly: a review

Frank, I.; MacGregor, R.R., 1990:
Decisions in P. carinii pneumonia

Ejiri, Y., 1990:
Decisions on optimal thinning by a recurring decision-making model. (I). A maximization of total gains of stem volume

Garcia, M.C., 1989:
Decisions under uncertainty and models of agricultural product supply

Sibanti, Atuhiro, 1992:
Decline and conservation of butterflies in Japan

Newman, J.L., 1992:
Decline and development in the Finger Lakes wine region of New York State

Hocevar, M., 1990:
Decline and growth of montane forests of Norway spruce on the Pokljuka-Jelovica plateau

Lubbe, W.A.; Geldenhuys, C.J., 1990:
Decline and mortality of Ocotea bullata trees in the southern Cape forests

Hoffmann-Fezer, G.; Thum, J.; Ackley, C.; Herbold, M.; Mysliwietz, J.; Thefeld, S.; Hartmann, K.; Kraft, W., 1992:
Decline in CD4+ cell numbers in cats with naturally acquired feline immunodeficiency virus infection

Anonymous, 1991:
Decline in French land prices halted in 1990

Emery, J.L.; Scholey, S.; Taylor, E.M., 1990:
Decline in breast feeding

Muro, A.I.; Mziray, N.R., 1990:
Decline in onchocerciasis in the eastern Usambara mountains, north eastern Tanzania, and its possible relationship to deforestation

Greenwood, D.J.; Lemaire, G.; Gosse, G.; Cruz, P.; Draycott, A.; Neeteson, J.J., 1990:
Decline in percentage N of C3 and C4 crops with increasing plant mass

Inoue, T., 1988:
Decline in sugi forests on the Kanto Plain

Madar, Z., 1988:
Decline of Pinus radiata D. Don in Israel

Keimer, C., 1990:
Decline of apple trees in the Geneva region, relationships between soil and plant

Kartaatmadja, S.S.hgal, O., 1990:
Decline of bean pod mottle virus specific infectivity in vivo correlates with degradation of encapsidated RNA-1

Arnolds, E., 1991:
Decline of ectomycorrhizal fungi in Europe

Revusova, V.; Polakovicova, D.; Stefikova, K.; Dzurik, R., 1991:
Decline of magnesium in serum and lymphocytes after intravenous glucose infusion

Yu, S.W.; Bian, Y.M.; Ma, G.J.; Luo, J.J., 1990:
Decline of masson pine forest in Nanshan , Chongqing and air pollution

Impens, R., 1990:
Decline of street trees: physiological causes and diagnosis

Bernicchia, A.; Intini, M., 1988:
Decline of the Mesola forest associated with the presence of wood decay and butt rot fungi

Egley G.H.; Williams R.D., 1990:
Decline of weed seeds and seedling emergence over five years as affected by soil disturbances

Brzeski, M.W., 1991:
Decline rate of Paratylenchus bukowinensis under non-host crops

Paradela Filho, O.; Ribeiro, I.J.A., 1990:
Decline: a severe disease of grape caused by Eutypa lata in the state of Sao Paulo

Klatzmann, J., 1991:
Declining agricultural population in a country experiencing rural population growth

Wittwer, G.; Connolly, G.P., 1992:
Declining competitiveness of Japan's wool processing industry

Smith, M.; Rodgers, J.; Dodd, J.; Skinner, Q., 1992:
Declining forage availability effects on utilization and community selection by cattle

Minhas, B.S.; Jain, L.R.; Tendulkar, S.D., 1991:
Declining incidence of poverty in the 1980s: evidence versus artefacts

Lam, D.; Levison, D., 1991:
Declining inequality in schooling in Brazil and its effects on inequality in earnings

Trolldenier, H.; Witte, W.; Briedigkeit, H., 1991:
Declining oxytetracycline resistance among animal and human isolates of Enterobacteriaceae after substitution of the antibiotic in animal feeds

Mandal, M.A.S., 1989:
Declining returns from groundwater irrigation in Bangladesh

Koga, N.; Konishi, S.; Kaga, Y., 1990:
Decoloration and deodorization of crude beeswax

Tamaki, H.; Takaoka, S.; Kishihara, S.; Fujii, S., 1989:
Decolorization of cane sugar molasses by action of basidiomycetes. 4. Decolorization of molasses by using immobilized growing basidiomycete cells

Archibald, F.; Paice, M.G.; Jurasek, L., 1990:
Decolorization of kraft bleachery effluent chromophores by Coriolus (Trametes) versicolor

Ferrer, I.D.zotti, M.D.ran, N., 1991:
Decolorization of kraft effluent by free and immobilized lignin peroxidases and horseradish peroxidase

Atmawinata, O., 1991:
Decolorization of palm oil with local bleaching earth

Davidson, C.M.; Drexler, D.J., 1991:
Decolorization of sulphuric acid

Kogel Knabner, I.; Hatcher, P.G.; Zech, W., 1990:
Decomposition and humification processes in forest soils: implications from structural characterization of forest soil organic matter

Fahey, T.; Stevens, P.; Hornung, M.R.wland, P., 1991:
Decomposition and nutrient release from logging residue following conventional harvest of Sitka spruce in North Wales

Palm C.A.; Sanchez P.A., 1990:
Decomposition and nutrient release patterns of the leaves of three tropical legumes

Inamori, Y.; Ouchiyama, T.; Sugiura, N.; Sudo, R., 1991:
Decomposition and removal of musty odour producing Phormidium tenue by bacteria and smaller animals

Peschke, H.; Kiok, K.; Feist, A., 1991:
Decomposition behaviour of 15N-labelled disinfectant and nitrification-inhibitor treated cattle slurry in soil

Hemminga, M.A.; Buth, G.J.C., 1991:
Decomposition in salt marsh ecosystems of the S.W. Netherlands: the effects of biotic and abiotic factors

Chernobai, Y.N., 1989:
Decomposition kinetics of the organic components in the litters of the Upper Dniester basin forests

Weersink, A.; Turvey, C.G.; Godah, A., 1990:
Decomposition measures of technical efficiency for Ontario dairy farms

Sampaio, E.V.S.B.; Salcedo, I.H.; Lima, M.A.J.; Bettany, J., 1990:
Decomposition of 14C-15N maize straw incorporated at three depths in a red-yellow latosol of Pernambuco state Brazil

Goldbach, H.; Thaler, C.; Wunsch, A.; Amberger, A., 1988:
Decomposition of 14C-labelled cyanamide in Vitis vinifera cuttings

Amato, M.; Ladd, J.N., 1992:
Decomposition of 14C-labelled glucose and legume material in soils: properties influencing the accumulation of organic residue C and microbial biomass C

Arun Lekha; Gupta, S.R., 1989:
Decomposition of Populus and Leucaena leaf litter in an agroforestry system

Saxena, M.K., 1990:
Decomposition of Utricularia flexuosa and Lemna aequinoctialis under laboratory condition

Martens D.A.; Frankenberger W.T.Jr, 1992:
Decomposition of bacterial polymers in soil and their influence on soil structure

Cochran V.L., 1991:
Decomposition of barley straw in a subarctic soil in the field

Ziegler F.; Zech W., 1990:
Decomposition of beech litter cutin under laboratory conditions

Markham P.; Bazin M.J., 1991:
Decomposition of cellulose by fungi

Ward S.C.; Majer J.D.; O'connell A.M., 1991:
Decomposition of eucalypt litter on rehabilitated bauxite mines

Tajovsky, K.; Santruckova, H.; Hanel, L.; Balik, V.; Lukesova, A., 1992:
Decomposition of faecal pellets of the millipede Glomeris hexasticha (Diplopoda) in forest soil

Pignalosa, V.; Scialdone, R.; Ramunni, A., 1991:
Decomposition of fulvic acids by incubation in a soil water extract under various conditions of oxygen availability

Garden A.; Davies R.W., 1989:
Decomposition of leaf litter exposed to simulated acid rain in a buffered lotic system

Scheu, S., 1992:
Decomposition of lignin in soil microcompartments: a methodical study with three different C-14-labelled lignin substrates

Korobov, E.D., 1989:
Decomposition of litter of broadleaved species in spruce forests of the southern taiga

Albuquerque, G.A.C.; Mello, F.A.F., 1990:
Decomposition of maize (Zea mays L.) crop residues evaluated by the carbon content and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the soil

Blayney, D.; Mittelhammer, R., 1990:
Decomposition of milk supply response into technology and price-induced effects

Gupta, R.G.; Asha Khulbe, 1991:
Decomposition of oak leaf litter by fungi in the forest of Almora Hills

Singh S.; Batra R.; Mishra M.M.; Kapoor K.K.; Goyal S., 1992:
Decomposition of paddy straw in soil and the effect of straw incorporation in the field on the yield of wheat

Kudo A., 1989:
Decomposition of pentachlorophenol by anaerobic digestion

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Decomposition of plant residues having different nitrogen content and their effect on the phytomass of maize

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Decomposition of roots in a seasonally flooded swamp ecosystem

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Decomposition of sorghum residue in a double-crop sorghum and wheat system

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Decomposition of water hyacinth detritus in eutrophic lake water

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Decomposition pattern of lignin in forest litters and soils

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Decomposition procedure with aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid at room temperature for the spectrophotometric determination of phosphorus in rocks and minerals

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Decomposition process of needle litter of Japanese red cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) by oribatid mites

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Decontamination of hydrocarbon contaminated soil

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Decontamination of toxigenic moulds in stored grains by gamma irradiation

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Deconvolution study of the absorption rate and disposition kinetic values of lindane in sheep

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Decorative edible ink and process for its implementation

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Decortication of tropical oilseeds and edible nuts

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Decoupling agricultural programmes: their costs and benefits

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Decrease in albendazole sulphonation during experimental fascioliasis in sheep

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Decrease in the permethrin content of the ear tags of dairy cattle at pasture

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Decrease in the phytotoxicity of Bordeaux mixture to grapevine by including paraffin adhesive Kikunou

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Decrease in viability of Colletotrichum acutatum in corms of Anemone coronaria during storage

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Decrease in virulence of beet mosaic virus in tissue culture of sugarbeet

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Decrease of Salmonella typhimurium in skim milk and egg by heat and ultrasonic wave treatment

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Decrease of damage caused by Phytophthora

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Decrease of lipoprotein(a) with improved glycemic control in IDDM subjects

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Decrease of nitrate biosynthesis in scorbutic mutant rats unable to synthesize ascorbic acid

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Decrease of Nitrate Reductase Activity in Spinach Leaves during a Light-Dark Transition

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Decrease of pollutant level of bleaching effluents and winning valuable products by successive flocculation and microbial growth

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Decrease of the number of thymine dimers in DNA of the root cells of chickling vetch after UV-irradiation at different thymine dimerization levels

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Decrease of vanillin flavor perception in the presence of casein and whey proteins

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Decreased Salmonella colonization in turkey poults inoculated with anaerobic cecal microflora and provided dietary lactose

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Decreased follicular steroids and insulin-like growth factor-I increased atresia in diabetic gilts during follicular growth stimulated with PMSG

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Decreased frequency of the rat growth hormone transgene in mouse populations with or without selection for increased adult body weight

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Decreased hepatic insulin extraction in upper body obesity: relationship to unbound androgens and sex hormone binding globulin

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Decreased hepatic selenium content in alcoholic cirrhosis

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Decreased human IL-2 receptor expression due to a protozoan pathogen

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Decreased immune response and increased incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia caused by fusaria grown on sterile corn

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Decreased inhibitory influences from forebrain on proceptivity and receptivity in old female rats

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Decreased levels of TMV coat protein in transgenic tobacco plants at elevated temperatures reduce resistance to TMV infection

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Decreased lipolytic activity in tissues during infectious and inflammatory stress

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Decreased muscle and whole body protein breakdown in lambs with genetically high weaning weight

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Decreased plasma esterase-1 activity in rats fed a high-phosphorus diet

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Decreased receptor-mediated LDL catabolism in casein-fed rabbits precedes the increase in plasma cholesterol levels

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Decreased resistance and immune response to Escherichia coli infection in chicks with low or high intakes of vitamin A

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Decreased respiratory burst activity in neonatal bovine neutrophils stimulated by protein kinase C agonists

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Decreased sensitivity of Drechslera oryzae field isolates to edifenphos

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Decreased sensitivity to fenarimol in Italian populations of Uncinula necatrix

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Decreased stature associated with moderate blood lead concentrations in Mexican-American children

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Decreased superovulatory responses in heifers superovulated in the presence of a dominant follicle

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Decreased thermogenic response to food with intragastric vs. oral feeding

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Decreased vitamin B-6 status of submariners during prolonged patrol

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Decreasing crude protein content by supplementing synthetic amino acids

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Decreasing crude protein content of a layer diet on performance, egg composition and nitrogen excretion

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Decreasing diurnal temperature range: CO2 greenhouse or SO2 energy balance effect?

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Decreasing effect of activated charcoal on fish-toxicity of pesticides

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Decreasing lead levels in the forest floor of the northeastern USA

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Decreasing market risk in a free agricultural market system (without state interference)

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Decreasing nitrogen excretion in pigs

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Decreasing phosphorus concentrations and unchanged oligochaete communities in Lake Geneva: how to monitor recovery?

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Decreasing post-harvest food loss in the Third World: the storage factor

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Decreasing protein intake in diabetics: value and methods

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Decreasing resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in Hainan Island, China

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Decreasing subsidies for European agriculture - an analysis of the European Commission's GATT proposal

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Decreasing the energy consumption by loading device for auger

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Decreasing the number of difficult calvings in Charolais heifers

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Decreasing the polluting effect of pig excreta: importance of nutrition

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Decreasing the risk of plant contamination associated with phosphogypsum application to solonetz soils

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Decreasing the variance of lambing time in crossbred ewes using flumethasone, clenbuterol and oxytocin

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Decreasing vibration action of shearing machines

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Decree on medically responsible sports participation

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Dedifferentiation and growth of apple tissues in artificial culture in relation to aspects of frost resistance

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Deduced sequences show multiple repeats in two D proteins from the tubular accessory glands of Tenebrio molitor

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Deep banding knife with rod attachment

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Deep drainage

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Deep freezing of boar semen packaged in plastic bags and straws

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Deep freezing of ova and embryos

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Deep loosening and liquid manure application during grain maize growing

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Deep mycotic diseases

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Deep percolation under rice: its importance, measurement and on-farm management

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Deep puncture wounds of the equine hoof: a review of 50 cases

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Deep tillage ahead of cover crop planting reduces soil compaction for following crops

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Deep tillage: keep an eye on costs, as well as yields

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Deep tilling with a bentleg plow

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Deep urea hydroliser implemented successfully at IFFCO-Phulpur

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Deep water parasites

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Deep-freeze squeeze

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Deep-freezing of Ziziphus

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Deep-freezing of goat semen, with reference to morphology of the head cap of spermatozoa and a computerized videomicrography system for evaluating spermatozoal motility

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Deep-frozen storage of stallion semen: comparison of the flat-straw and the macrotube methods in relation to their effects on the motility and acrosome integrity of the spermatozoa

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Deep-sixing biodiversity

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Deep-well infiltration in the North-Holland dune area

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Deepening the consciousness of concern over environment and improving farm mechanization's ability to resist natural disasters and reduce losses

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Deeper planting of seedlings and transplants increases plantation survival

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Deer and cattle diets on heavily grazed pine-bluestem range

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Deer and habitat relations in managed forests

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Deer farming in Europe

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Deer farming in Oceania

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Deer in Northern Ireland forests: distribution, impact and management

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Deer management - a view to the 90s

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Deer palatability of Leucaena diversifolia

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Deer production. Biology, management and economy: fallow- and red deer

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Default soil solid/liquid partition coefficients, Kds, for four major soil types: a compendium

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Defaunation of the rumen

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Defective candidacidal activity of alveolar macrophages and peripheral blood monocytes from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Defective cerebral glucose utilization in diet-induced obese rats

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Defective expression of neurofilament protein subunits in hereditary hypotrophic axonopathy of quail

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Defective function of leukocytes from cattle persistently infected with bovine viral diarrhea virus, and the influence of recombinant cytokines

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Defective transpositions as a mechanism of Ds-induced chromosome breakage

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Defects in accepted methods of estimating design loading for silos

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Defence functions of biologically active substances of germinating seed and the possibility of their application to increase plant disease resistance

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Defence mechanisms against pathogens in vectors

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Defence mechanisms in woody plants by the use of natural substances

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Defence reactions in Rhizobium-legume symbiosis: phytoalexin concentration in Vicia faba nodules is affected by the host plant genotype

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Defending the future. A guide to sustainable development

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Defense mechanisms of conifers : relationship of monoterpene cyclase activity to anatomical specialization and oleoresin monoterpene content

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Defense mechanisms of host against fungal infections

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Defense-related proteins in higher plants

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Defensive behavior

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Defensive behavior of eastern chipmunks against Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Defensive behaviour in the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis: the whole body withdrawal associated with exsanguination

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Defensive mechanisms of plants following virus infection

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Defibring of roof timbers

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Deficiencies and excesses of annual rainfall over Cooch Behar, West Bengal

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Deficiencies in luteal function during re-initiation of cyclic breeding activity in cows and in ewes

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Deficiency and excess of sodium chloride in layer diets. 2. Salt tolerance in the laying hen

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Deficiency and immobility of magnesium in cucumber leaves

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Deficiency of an enzyme of tyrosine metabolism underlies altered gene expression in newborn liver of lethal albino mice

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Deficiency symptoms in avocados

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Defined formula diets alter characteristics of the intestinal transport of amino acid and peptide in growing rats

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Defined medium supporting development of cleansed Plasmodium berghei ookinetes in Anopheles stephensi

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Defining USLE factors for the southern Guam

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Defining agricultural extension for the 1990s

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Defining and analyzing cumulative environmental impacts

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Defining and measuring economic threshold levels

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Defining and measuring poverty in the nonmetropolitan United States using the Survey of Income and Program Participation

Weil R.R., 1990:
Defining and using the concept of sustainable agriculture

Lackey, A.S., 1990:
Defining development

Mallants, D.; Feyen, J., 1990:
Defining homogeneous precipitation regions by means of principal components analysis

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Defining internal transport systems in greenhouses

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Defining normal three-dimensional kinematics of the lower forelimb in horses

Mumm, S.R.; Grandgenett, D.P., 1991:
Defining nucleic acid-binding properties of avian retrovirus integrase by deletion analysis

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Defining past - experience dimensions for wilderness recreation

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Defining phreatic surface for heterogeneous aquifers

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Defining poverty in a dualistic subsistence context: a comment on Haaland and Keddeman and an alternative estimate

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Defining quality: should educators in sport management programs be concerned about accreditation?

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Defining soil buffer power: implications for ion diffusion and nutrient uptake modeling

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Defining systems to meet marketplace and producer needs - a Canadian proposal

Bolhuis, E.E., 1991:
Defining systems to meet marketplace and producers needs - the Netherlands experience

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Defining the Cape honeybee: reproductive traits of queenless workers

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Defining the breeding goals for pig improvement

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Defining the carbohydrate specificities of Abrus precatorius agglutinin as T (Gal beta 1->GalNAC) > I/II (Gal beta 1->3/4GlcNAC)

Boltenkov, Y.A.; Grigorenko, V.S., 1988:
Defining the correct time for carrying out control measures against needle-cast caused by Lophodermium pinastri on Scots pine seedlings in the eastern part of the Ukraine

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Defining the gene: an evolving concept

Ueda, H.; Hirose, S., 1991:
Defining the sequence recognized with BmFTZ-F1, a sequence specific DNA binding factor in the silkworm, Bombyx mori, as revealed by direct sequencing of bound oligonucleotides and gel mobility shift competition analysis

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Defining undernutrition for public health purposes in the United States

Litta, G. de, 1990:
Definite elimination of overweight and easy control of ideal weight by using a diet with a different concept

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Definite influence of location and climatic conditions on the fatty acid composition of sunflower seed oil

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Definition and analysis of dietary fibre: effect on nutritional evaluation

Cowley, J.M.; Baker, R.T.; Harte, D.S., 1992:
Definition and determination of host status for multivoltine fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) species

Natalicchio, E., 1989:
Definition of a mechanized system for harvesting, handling, storage and processing of forest biomass in degraded areas

Tingey D.T.; Hodsett W.E.; Henderson S., 1990:
Definition of adverse effects for the purpose of establishing secondary national ambient air quality standards

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Definition of contemporary surgical management in cisternal and parenchymatous cysticercosis cerebri

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Definition of groundwater flow patterns by environmental tracers in the multiple aquifer system of southern Arava Valley, Israel

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Definition of indicators of senescence in the rose: effect of the application of plant hormones

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Definition of phosphorus levels to determine the maximum phosphate adsorption capacity and the response curves for greenhouse experiments

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Definition of recommendation domains for wheat in Sind

Sekretareva, N.A., 1989:
Definition of shrubby willow associations using floristic criteria (eastern Chutotka Peninsula)

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Definition of the gracilis musculocutaneous flap for distant transfer in cats

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Definition of trophic classes in wooded peatlands by means of vegetation types and plant indicators

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Definition, chemistry, intake and recommendations for dietary fibre

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Definition, importance and development of alternative farming

Blair, A., 1992 :

Souverain, R., 1992:
Definitions and classifications

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Deflation of solonchaks of the Balkhash-Alakal depression

Wood, P.J., 1990:
Deflecting pressure on forests: use of agroforestry in establishing buffer zones to protect nature reserves

Yttrup, P.J.; Hutchings, B., 1989:
Deflection criteria for timber structures

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Defoliant combinations for improved cotton defoliation

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Defoliant efficacy in cotton as influenced by water deficits

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Defoliation and desiccation of a vetch/oats mixture grown for grain production

Sharrow S.H., 1990:
Defoliation effects on biomass yield components of winter wheat

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Defoliation effects on grain fill, stalk rot, and lodging of grain sorghum

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Defoliation effects on production and morphological development of little bluestem

Mullahey, J.; Waller, S.; Moser, L., 1991:
Defoliation effects on yield and bud and tiller numbers of two Sandhills grasses

Reeler, B.; Campbell, B.; Price, L., 1991:
Defoliation of Brachystegia spiciformis by a species-specific insect Melasoma quadralineata, over two growing seasons

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Defoliation of Phoradendron sp. by Pereute sp. (possibly P. praemeridiana ) in Merida, Venezuela

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Defoliation of mango trees by the mango shoot caterpillar (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its effect on foliage regrowth and flowering

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Defoliation of the Scots pine and performance of diprionid sawflies

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Defoliation with copper chelate

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Degree-day model for development of Calocoris norvegicus (Hemiptera: Miridae) and timing of management strategies

Westcott, S.W.; Burrows, P.M., 1991:
Degree-day Models for Predicting Egg Hatch and Population Increase of Criconemella xenoplax

Johnson Flanagan, A.M.; Thiagarajah, M.R., 1990:
Degreening in canola (Brassica napus cv. Westar) embryos under optimum conditions

Tabaei, S.M.H.; Pittman, C.U.J.; Mead, K.T., 1991:
Dehalogenation of organic compounds-2: the metal catalyzed sodium borohydride or sodium alkoxyborohydride/tetraethylene glycol/KOH dechlorination of Mirex

Polo, J.R., 1991:
Dehumidification of production units and warehouses

Sebesta, A., 1992:
Dehumidification systems for greenhouses

Gustafsson, G.; Nimmermark, S., 1991:
Dehumidification with heat pump in greenhouses

Taharazako, S.; Morita, K.; Wei, C.L.; Hayashi, S., 1990:
Dehumidifying drying of dehydrated radish in greenhouse (I). Drying efficiency and effect of greenhouse

Taharazako, S.; Morita, K.; Wei, C.L., 1991:
Dehumidifying drying of dehydrated radish in greenhouse (II). Water and heat balance in greenhouse

Kiniczky, M.; Vasarhelyi, G., 1991:
Dehydrated dairy product and process for making

Nagy, G.M.; Arendt, A.; Bánky, Z.; Halász, B., 1992:
Dehydration attenuates plasma prolactin response to suckling through a dopaminergic mechanism

Aldabergenov, M.K.; Syzdykbaeva, M.B.; Balakaeva, G.T.; Pak, V.G.; Eshchanov, A.N., 1990 :
Dehydration of K2HPO4.3H2O

Achar, R., 1992:
Dehydration of glucose using homogeneous and heterogeneous acid catalysts

Mathan, O. de, 1990:
Dehydration of lucerne with blanching and pressing

Womersley, C.Z., 1990:
Dehydration survival and anhydrobiotic potential

Melin, B.; Cure, M.; Jimenez, C.; Savourey, G.; Bittel, J., 1990:
Dehydration, rehydration and physical exercise in a warm environment

Silver, A.J., 1990:
Dehydration/sodium balance

Dipierro S.; Borraccino G., 1991:
Dehydroascorbate reductase from potato tubers

Sahu, S.K.; Patnaik, K.K.; Sethunathan, N., 1992:
Dehydrochlorination of delta-isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane by a soil bacterium, Pseudomonas sp

Pedlar, A., 1992:
Deinstitutionalization and normalization in Sweden and Ontario, Canada: supporting people in leisure activities

Pedlar, A., 1990:
Deinstitutionalization and the role of therapeutic recreationists in social integration

Stinard, P.S.; Robertson, D.S., 1991:
Dek21 is allelic to w2

Mistry, V.V.; Hassan, H.N., 1991:
Delactosed, high milk protein powder. 1. Manufacture and composition

Mistry, V.V.; Hassan, H.N., 1991:
Delactosed, high milk protein powder. 2. Physical and functional properties

Falk, J.M., 1990:
Delaware beaches, a valuable resource: perspectives of property owners, resort merchants and realtors in Sussex county, Delaware

Anonymous, 1992:
Delay may be dangerous

Furuta K., 1990:
Delay of spring bud swelling of maples caused by same year aphid infestation and its impact on the aphid

Georges, P.; Houmeau, L.; Legall, M.A.; Badoual, J.; Gendrel, D., 1992:
Delayed Plasmodium falciparum malaria revealed by corticoid therapy

Guntz, M.; Coppo, B.; Lorimier, G.; Cronier, P., 1990:
Delayed appearance of hepatic hydatid cysts, 10 to 22 years after surgical treatment of pulmonary hydatidosis. Physiopathological problems

Arnold, L.E.; Gertner, G.Z., 1988:
Delayed application of Roundup on potential agroforestry tree seedlings

Barta, I.; Petr, T.; Turek, B., 1991:
Delayed biological effects of low single doses of aflatoxin B1 in vivo

Schmidt, L.J.; DeBano, L.F., 1990:
Delayed erosion threats to channel and riparian areas

Anderson, J.; Hatch, A.; Seeley, S.; Rogoyski, M.; Renquist, R., 1990:
Delayed foliation of apples and cherries in Utah and Colorado during 1989

Kamal, N.; Chami, T.; Andersen, A.; Rosell, F.A.; Schuster, M.M.; Whitehead, W.E., 1991:
Delayed gastrointestinal transit times in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Hall, E.J.; Batt, R.M., 1991:
Delayed introduction of dietary cereal may modulate the development of gluten-sensitive enteropathy in Irish setter dogs

Smart, C.M.; Scofield, S.R.; Bevan, M.W.; Dyer, T.A., 1991:
Delayed Leaf Senescence in Tobacco Plants Transformed with tmr, a Gene for Cytokinin Production in Agrobacterium

Gunasekaran, S., 1990:
Delayed light emission as a means of quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables

Forbus W.R.Jr; Senter S.D., 1989:
Delayed light emission as an indicator of cantaloupe maturity

Mulla, M.S.; Singh, N.; Darwazeh, H.A., 1991:
Delayed mortality and morphogenetic anomalies induced in Culex quinquefasciatus by the microbial control agent Bacillus sphaericus

Grinspoon, J.; Bowman, W.D.; Fall, R., 1991:
Delayed Onset of Isoprene Emission in Developing Velvet Bean (Mucuna sp.) Leaves

Madsen J.S.; Reimann I.; Svalastoga E., 1991:
Delayed ossification of the femoral head in dogs with hip dysplasia

May C.; Bennett D.; Downham D.Y., 1991:
Delayed physeal closure associated with castration in cats

Sansom, J.E.; Reynolds, N.J.; Peachey, R.D., 1992:
Delayed reaction to bed bug bites

Umezaki, T.; Furuya, T., 1991:
Delayed stem maturation of grafted plants in soyabean

Chesta, J.; Debnam, E.S.; Srai, S.K.; Epstein, O., 1990:
Delayed stomach to caecum transit time in the diabetic rat. Possible role of hyperglucagonaemia

Allen, R.C.; Norris, R.L., 1991:
Delayed use of antivenin in black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans) envenomation

Squire, E.N.J.; Kosisky, S.E.; Shah, A.S., 1989:
Delayed-type hypersensitivity skin testing: variance among Trichophyton species extracts

Bal, E., 1990:
Delaying harvesting of strawberries in Belgium

Leeuwen, G. van; Waart, A. van de, 1991:
Delaying red currants is worthwhile

Khader, S.E.S.A., 1989:
Delaying ripening by postharvest treatment of GA3 in mango

Summers J.D.; Spratt D.; Atkinson J.L., 1991:
Delaying sexual maturity of pullets by nutrient restriction at the onset of production

Bal, E., 1989:
Delaying the cropping of strawberries

Kosir, B., 1984:
Delays when skidding wood with mobile tower yarders

Muggli, J., 1992:
Delegate meeting of the St. Gallen Sheep Breeding Association. Changes in sheep breeding

Mani, R., 1991:
Delegate meeting of the Swiss Association of Artificial Insemination

Mayr B.; Plasser J.; Schleger W.; Loupal G.; Burtscher H., 1992:
Deleted chromosome 32 in mammary neoplasms in two domestic dogs

Bengtsson, B.O., 1992:
Deleterious mutations and the origin of the meiotic ploidy cycle

Alstrom S., 1991:
Deleterious rhizosphere bacteria in relation to plants and other microorganisms

Traynor, P.; Young, B.M.; Ahlquist, P., 1991:
Deletion analysis of brome mosaic virus 2a protein: effects on RNA replication and systemic spread

Kuyl, A.-Van-Der; Neeleman, L.B.l, J., 1991:
Deletion analysis of cis- and trans-acting elements involved in replication of alfalfa mosaic virus RNA 3 in vivo

Takamatsu, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Iwasaki, T.; Shiba, T.; Meshi, T.; Okada, Y., 1991:
Deletion analysis of the 5' untranslated leader sequence of tobacco mosaic virus RNA

Clark, M.A.; Baumann, P., 1990:
Deletion analysis of the 51-kilodalton protein of the Bacillus sphaericus 2362 binary mosquitocidal toxin: construction of derivatives equivalent to the larva-processed toxin

Pedersen, P.; Andersen, L., 1991:
Deletion and duplication of specific sequences in the K88ab fimbrial subunit protein from porcine enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

Delécluse, A.; Charles, J.F.; Klier, A.; Rapoport, G., 1991:
Deletion by in vivo recombination shows that the 28-kilodalton cytolytic polypeptide from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis is not essential for mosquitocidal activity

Tsujimoto, H.; Noda, K., 1990:
Deletion mapping by gametocidal genes in common wheat: position of speltoid suppression (Q) and ( beta -Amy-A2) genes on chromosome 5A

Timmis, J.N.; Whisson, D.L.; Binns, A.M.; Mayo, M.J.; Mayo, G.M., 1990:
Deletion mutation as a means of isolating avirulence genes in flax rust

Bear, J.; Bachmat, Y., 1992:
Deletion of nondominant effects in modeling transport in porous media

Rhim, H.; Park, J.; Morrow, C.D., 1991:
Deletions in the tRNA(Lys) primer-binding site of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 identify essential regions for reverse transcription

Anonymous, 1992:
Delicate shoots

Aneja, R.P., 1991:
Delicensing may result in greater freedom

Blanchette, R.A., 1991:
Delignification by wood-decay fungi

Nelson, P.J.; Gniel, G.M., 1987:
Delignification of acid treated Eucalyptus regnans and E. diversicolor woods during soda pulping

Ioffe, L.O.; Vorob' ev, Y.P.; Ivanov, Y.S.; Dvoskin, S.F.; Sergeeva, V.V.; Lukanina, L.K., 1988:
Delignification of plant raw material in a pulsation apparatus. 6. Influence of the intensity of pulsation and gas circulation on the process of delignification of birch wood by oxidative ammonolysis

Ioffe, L.O.; Vorob' ev, Y.P.; Ivanov, Y.S.; Dvoskin, S.F.; Sergeeva, V.V.; Lukanina, L.K., 1988:
Delignification of plant raw material in a pulsation apparatus. 7. Influence of chip thickness on the results of cooking pulp by oxidative ammonolysis

Coombie, S., 1992:
Delimbing knives for tree processors and harvesters

Ono, Y.; Buritica, P.; Hennen, J.F., 1992:
Delimitation of Phakopsora, Physopella and Cerotelium and their species on Leguminosae

Gomez, O., 1989:
Delimitation of character groups on the basis of the diversity found in tomato

Razanaka, S.J.; Sorg, J.P.; Razakanirina, D., 1990:
Delimitation of provenance regions for forestry seeds in Madagascar

Baranton, G.; Postic, D.; Saint Girons, I.; Boerlin, P.; Piffaretti, J.C.; Assous, M.; Grimont, P.A.D., 1992:
Delineation of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, Borrelia garinii sp. nov., and group VS461 associated with Lyme borreliosis

Jones, S.C., 1990:
Delineation of Heterotermes aureus (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) foraging territories in a Sonoran Desert grassland

Raza, S.H.; Zafaruddin ; Hassan, A.R.; Khan, B.R.; Ahmad Samiullah, 1989:
Delineation of arid and semi arid areas of Pakistan on the basis of precipitation and potential evapotranspiration

Briggs, R.; Lemin, R.J., 1992:
Delineation of climatic regions in Maine

Saul, A.; Geysen, M.; Lord, R.; Gale, J.; Epping, R.; Jones, G.; Smythe, J.; Ramasamy, R., 1988:
Delineation of epitopes on a Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface antigen using inhibitory monoclonal antibodies

Dietzschold, B.; Kao, M.; Zheng, Y.M.; Chen, Z.Y.; Maul, G.; Fu, Z.F.; Rupprecht, C.E.; Koprowski, H., 1992:
Delineation of putative mechanisms involved in antibody-mediated clearance of rabies virus from the central nervous system

Mancoll R.E.; Snyder L.C.; Silver L.M., 1992:
Delineation of the t complex on mouse chromosome 17 by in situ hybridization

Haider, M.Z.; Smith, G.P.; Ellar, D.J., 1989:
Delineation of the toxin coding fragments and an insect-specificity region of a dual toxicity Bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein gene

Sen, A.K.; Balak Ram, 1988:
Delineation of wastelands in Rajasthan Desert

Cleary, T.C.B.F.; Cleary, R.W., 1991:
Delineation of wellhead protection areas: theory and practice

Ilowite, J.S.; Baskin, M.I.; Sheetz, M.S.; Abd, A.G., 1991:
Delivered dose and regional distribution of aerosolized pentamidine using different delivery systems

Peck, A.E.; Williams, J.C., 1991:
Deliveries on Chicago Board of Trade wheat, corn, and soybean futures contracts, 1964/65-1988/89

Phillips, J.D., 1992:
Delivery of upper-basin sediment to the lower Neuse River, North Carolina, USA

Hartmann, H.E.K.; Newton, L.E., 1991:
Delosperma oehleri - an interesting mesemb from East Africa

Sanchis, V.; Lereclus, D.; Menou, G.; Chaufaux, J.; Lecadet, M., 1989:
Delta-endotoxin genes from the Bacillus thuringiensis aizawai 7.29 strain toxic to the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis

English, L.; Readdy, T.; Bastian, A., 1991:
Delta-endotoxin-induced leakage of 86Rb+-K+ and H2O from phospholipid vesicles is catalyzed by reconstituted midgut membrane

Inserra, S., 1987:
Deltamethrin and its effects in the protection of a pear orchard from attacks by Psylla pyri (L.) in the province of Catania

Bleicher, E.; Jesus, F.M.M. de; Almeida, T.H.M., 1990:
Deltamethrin for the control of the boll weevil

Deo, P.G.; Krishnakumari, M.K., 1991:
Deltamethrin: an insecticide of choice

May, W.W.; Terpenning, M.S., 1991:
Delusional parasitosis in geriatric patients

Falconi, A.; Houck, P., 1991:
Demand analysis for Peru's main agricultural products

Cleasby, R.C.G.; Ortmann, G.F., 1991:
Demand analysis of eggs in South Africa

Gao, X.Y.; O.R.urke, A.D., 1992:
Demand analysis of the Pacific Coast pear industry

Anonymous, 1992:
Demand analysis, econometrics, and policy models. Selected writings by Karl A. Fox

Koshal, R.K.; Shukla, V.S.; Koirala, G.P., 1992:
Demand and supply of Indian exports: a simultaneous equation approach

Bowmaker, P.A.; Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1990:
Demand equations for selected South African agricultural commodities

Alanara, A., 1992:
Demand feeding as a self-regulating feeding system for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in net-pens

Yau, S.K.; Srivastava, J.P., 1989:
Demand for ICARDA and ICARDA/CIMMYT international nurseries over the last ten years

Deyabi, A.Z.; E.O.eid, A.A., 1991:
Demand for agricultural credit in Saudi Arabia: an econometric analytical study

Hsiao, C.K., 1991:
Demand for and benefits from flood alleviation

Sidhu, J.S.; Sidhu, R.S., 1989:
Demand for and productivity of major plant nutrients and policy implications for their balanced use in India

Kuntjoro, U.; Kusnadi, N.; Sayogyo, 1989:
Demand for corn, cassava and soybean in human consumption: a case study of Java, Indonesia

DeVoretz, D.J.; Salvanes, K.G., 1990:
Demand for farmed salmon: market structure and stability

Goddard, E.W.; Glance, S., 1989:
Demand for fats and oils in Canada, United States and Japan

Gould, B.W.; Cox, T.L.; Perali, F., 1991:
Demand for food fats and oils: the role of demographic variables and government donations

Boccaletti, S., 1991:
Demand for food products and quality in the common internal market

Capps, O.J.; Nayga, R.M.J., 1991:
Demand for fresh beef products in supermarkets: a trial with scanner data

Goddard, E.W., 1990:
Demand for fruit in Ontario: a case study of apple advertising effectiveness

E.Kenaibet, M.A., 1989:
Demand for imports poultry meat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kundu, T.R.; Vashist, D.C., 1991:
Demand for intermediate inputs in Indian agriculture - research note

Anonymous, 1992:
Demand for meat by children

Anonymous, 1991:
Demand for meat in Japan

Anonymous, 1991:
Demand for meat in the United States

Mishra, S.N.; Sharma, R.K., 1992:
Demand for milk in 2000 AD

Bakker, E.J., 1990:
Demand for rainfall insurance in the Semi-arid tropics of India

Nickerson, P.H., 1990:
Demand for the regulation of recreation: the case of elk and deer hunting in Washington State

Anastasopoulos, P., 1991:
Demand for travel

Calpe, M.C. et al., 1991:
Demand prospects for rice and other foodgrains in selected Asian countries

Norman, C.K., 1992:
Demand slumps all round

Boujard, T.; Leatherland, J.F., 1992:
Demand-feeding behaviour and diel pattern of feeding activity in Oncorhynchus mykiss held under different photoperiod regimes

Marchinesi, L., 1992:
Demand-price relationships for the products of organic farming

Kellich, F., 1990:
Demands for and sales of agricultural machines intended for vegetable crops and fruit tree plantations in Czechoslovakia

Frielinghaus, M., 1991:
Demands for field use concept and landscaping at putting in large area sprinkler irrigation machines

Kuhlmann, F.; Reinecke, A., 1990:
Demands for good economic policy - why farmers also need non-contradictory and calculable conditions; Working group 1: Europe - challenges for entrepreneurial farmers

McMillan, M.L.; Amoako Tuffour, J., 1991:
Demands for local public sector outputs in rural and urban municipalities

Wilhelm, A.; Schlicht, W.; Janssen, J.P., 1992:
Demands in training and competition exemplified through three 400 metre hurdlers

Holmes, E., 1991:
Demands of CCT

Birkner, U.; Riek, S.; Loth, T. et al., 1990:
Demands on the user friendliness of EDP projects and timely solutions from the example of the KOPROS linear optimization model; et seq

Bridier, B., 1990:
Demarcation of village land in Burkina Faso. The case of the Fara-Poura project

Zieske, L.A.; Kopke, R.D.; Hamill, R., 1991:
Dematiaceous fungal sinusitis

Mansour, N.; Hamdy, M.; Yassien, N.; Refai, M., 1990:
Dematiaceous hyphomycetes in slaughtered camels, cattle and surroundings at Cairo abattoir

De-Silva, L.; Herath, W.; Liyanage, C.K.mar, V.A.mad, V.; Sultana, A., 1991:
Demethylacrovestone from Achronychia pedunculata fruits

Hoppe, G.K.; Higgins, J.J., 1992:

Nakabou, Y.; Utsunomiya, R.; Suzuki, T.; Watanabe, M.; Hagihira, H.; Matsuo, T.; Kimoto, M.; Ohshima, Y., 1989:
Demineralization of enzymic hydrolysate of SPI (Hinute PM) and absorption of desalted preparation in rat small intestine in vitro

Pavlov, V.A.; Novikov, N.G.; Severgina, V.P.; Dolnikovskii, V.I., 1988:
Demineralization of lactose concentrate

Holtz, U., 1991:
Democracy and development in Africa

White, G., 1991:
Democracy and economic reform in China

Fox, J., 1992:
Democratic rural development: leadership accountability in regional peasant organizations

Larionov, S.V., 1991:
Demodectic mange in cattle

Guaguere, E., 1991:
Demodectic mange of adult dogs; a study of 22 cases

Harvey, R.G., 1990:
Demodex cuniculi in dwarf rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Bonnar, E.; Eustace, P.; Powell, F.C., 1991:
Demodex mite in normal skin

Lindmaier, A.; Jurecka, W.; Lindemayr, H., 1987:
Demodicidosis mimicking granulomatous rosacea and transient acantholytic dermatosis (Grover's disease)

Skrlin, J.; Richter, B.; Basta Juzbasic, A.; Matica, B.; Ivacic, B.; Cvrlje, M.; Kucisec, N.; Baucic, A., 1991:
Demodicosis and rosacea

Sisodia, R.S.; Ghoshal, S.B., 1991:
Demodicosis in dogs

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