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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2068

Chapter 2068 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alt, D.M., 1990: Design parameters for bulk-blending and compaction/granulation plants

Keener, H.M.; Hoitink, H.A.J.; Marugg, C.; Hansen, R.C., 1991: Design parameters for in-vessel poultry manure composting

Parameswarakumar, M.G.pta, C., 1991: Design parameters for vibratory mango harvesting system

Gupta, C.P.; Navaratnam, P., 1991: Design parameters of oscillating rotary disk potato digger

Mottram, T.T.; Street, M., 1991: Design principles for automatic milking systems

Anyoji, H., 1991: Design procedure for drip irrigation lines in a submain unit

Uyumaz, A.; Smith, R.H., 1991: Design procedure for flow over side weirs

Weel, P.A. van; Giacomelli, G.A.; Ting, K.C., 1991: Design procedure for integrated greenhouse production systems, with special emphasis on internal transport systems

Metzger, J.F.; Gallichand, J.; Brichieri Colombi, J.S.A.; Nosseir, F.; MacIntyre, D.I., 1990: Design procedures for a large-scale subsurface drainage project in Egypt

Wirt, D.; Woeste, F.; Kline, D.; Mclain, T., 1992: Design procedures for post-frame end walls

Jofriet, J.C.; Zhao, Q.; Negi, S.C., 1992: Design recommendations for structural loads on horizontal silo walls

Anonymous, 1989: Design session 12 - Wind and earthquake engineering - design

A.S.haibani, S.A.; Babaeir, A.S.; Kilgour, J., 1990: Design specification of a date palm service machine

Evseeva, O.A.; Tsymbal, A.A., 1990: Design trends in strawberry harvesters

McFarland, D.F., 1992: Design your free stalls for the cows

Balch, O.; Grant, B.D.; Ratzlaff, M.; Hyde, M.L.; Wilson, P.; Cannon, J., 1990: Design, application, testing, and use of compressible plastic horseshoes Seattle shoes

Cassinelli Del Sante, G.; Campos Romero, R., 1990: Design, construction and efficiency of a pedal winch to extract logs from plantations

Varshney, A.C.; Bohra, C.P.; Narang, S., 1991: Design, development and evaluation of power tiller-drawn seed-cum-fertilizer drill

Aivasidis, A., 1991: Design, dimensioning and reaction optimisation of anaerobic fixed bed, circulation and fluidised bed reactors

Anonymous, 1992: Design, layout, construction and maintenance of terrace systems

Kwangwaropas, M., 1991: Design, manufacturing and testing of the hydraulically operated coconut dehusking machine

Hof, M.-Van'-T.H.utvast, J.; Schroll, M.V.achonikolis, I., 1991: Design, methods and participation

Frey, J.K.; Yates, T.L.; Duszynski, D.W.; Gannon, W.L.; Gardner, S.L., 1992: Designation and curatorial management of type host specimens (symbiotypes) for new parasite species

Kielstein, P.; Rapp-Gabrielson, V.J., 1992: Designation of 15 serovars of Haemophilus parasuis on the basis of immunodiffusion using heat-stable antigen extracts

Dellaglio, F.; Dicks, L.M.T.; Toit, M. du; Torriani, S., 1991: Designation of ATCC 334 in place of ATCC 393 (NCDO 161) as the neotype strain of Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei and rejection of the name Lactobacillus paracasei (Collins et al., 1989). Request for an opinion

Zettler, F.W., 1992: Designation of potyvirus genera: a question of perspective and timing

Moret Ros, T., 1990: Designations of quality and its control

Porter, A.C.G., 1989: Designer genomes

Brown, W.L., 1991: Designing Listeria monocytogenes thermal inactivation studies for extended-shelf-life refrigerated foods

Gastellu Etchegorry, J.P.; Sinulingga, A.B., 1988: Designing a GIS for the study of forest evolution in central Java

Bowman, B.H., 1992: Designing a PCR/probe detection system for pathogenic fungi

Pointer, B., 1990: Designing a movement curriculum for children with severe learning difficulties - some considerations

Jordan B.; Schwarze D., 1990: Designing a zoo for children

Perloff, R.M.; Pettey, G., 1991: Designing an AIDS information campaign to reach intravenous drug users and sex partners

Kuzevanov, V.Y.; Sizykh, S.V.; Botoev, A.V., 1991: Designing and application of protoplast computer program

Lanczak, W.; Dembinski, M., 1990: Designing and use of foundations for frame saws

Thompson, P.B., 1992: Designing animals: ethical issues for genetic engineers

Guldan, G.S.; Zhang, Y.P.; Li, Z.Q.; Hou, Y.H.; Long, F.; Pu, L.Y.; Huang, J.S., 1991: Designing appropriate nutrition education for the Chinese: the urban and rural nutrition situation in Sichuan

Margeta, J.; Fontane, D.G., 1990: Designing communal rain-harvesting systems by spreadsheet method

Cornish, M.A., 1989: Designing efficient, multistage selection, selfing programmes

Phantumvanit, D.; Winkelman, C., 1991: Designing environmentally sound development projects

Keller, M.J.; Woolley, S.M., 1991: Designing exercise programs with older adults: theory and practice

Ossenbruggen P.J.; Spanjers H.; Aspegren H.; Klapwijk A., 1991: Designing experiments for model identification of the nitrification process

Gordeev, A.S., 1990: Designing expert systems for horticulture

Nazareth, J., 1990: Designing fail safe drip irrigated horticulture production units

Hall, K.B.Jr, 1991: Designing fitness trails for seniors

Singh, J.; Pandey, P.C.; Kumar, D., 1990: Designing for reliable operation of urea synthesis in the fertilizer industry

Anonymous, 1991: Designing for safety in sports halls

Diemer, G.; Speelman, J.J., 1990: Designing from a farmer perspective - reflecting on irrigation development in the Senegal River Valley

Phillips, T.; Couvillion, W.; Daughtrey, Z.; Burckel, D., 1992: Designing graduate education for agribusiness students

Pimbert, M.P., 1991: Designing integrated pest management for sustainable and productive futures

Freeman, D.M., 1990: Designing local irrigation organizations for linking water demand with supply

Evans, D.A., 1992: Designing more efficient herbicides

Vladic, J.; Babin, N., 1990: Designing of automated lines for packing small, berry-like agricultural products

Khan, M.A., 1990: Designing of condensate heated primary juice heater

Phillips, P.A.; Fraser, D., 1989: Designing piglet water dispensers to ensure early discovery

Shaner, D.; Sinha A.B.addock, R., 1992: Designing strategies to delay development of resistance to herbicides

Abdul Rashid, A.M.; Mohd Shukari Midon, 1990: Designing structural and non-structural timber members for fire resistance

Ogryzkov, E.P.; Ogryzkov, V.E.; Kazeko, S.N., 1991: Designing the parameters of an implement for alkaline soils

Dawson, K.A., 1990: Designing the yeast culture of tomorrow - mode of action of yeast culture for ruminants and non-ruminants

Carter, M.J.; Browne, B.; LeConey, S.P.; Nagle, C.J., 1991: Designing therapeutic recreation programs in the community

Steenhuis, T.S.; Andreini, M.S.; Sikkens, R.B., 1990: Designing water management projects in newly reclaimed areas in third world countries

Baker, K.A.; Fennessy, M.S.; Mitsch, W.J., 1991: Designing wetlands for controlling coal mine drainage: an ecologic-economic modelling approach

Coe, R.D., 1991: Designing windbreak experiments

Eyben, R., 1990: Designing women into projects

Artmann, R., 1990: Designs and developments in the automation of milking

Blasco, A.; Sorensen, D., 1991: Designs for comparing lines, breeds and crosses of prolific species

Anonymous, 1991: Designs on desserts

Wachira, F.N., 1990: Desirable tea plants: an overview of a search for markers

Cross, J.C., 1990: Desmodium intortum: its control and effects on yield

Swart, A.; Heyns, J., 1991: Desmodora (Sibayinema) natalensis subg. nov., spec. nov. from Lake Sibayi, South Africa (Nematoda: Desmodorida)

Lal, A., 1989: Desmoscolex indicus sp. n. (Nematoda : Desmoscolecida) from forest soil of northern India

Sheppard M.I.; Thibault D.H., 1992: Desorption and extraction of selected heavy metals from soils

Filius, A.; Richter, J., 1991: Desorption and translocation of heavy metals depending on the pH value

Hols, G.; Klok, H.J.; Mil, P.J.J.M. van, 1990: Desorption isotherms of dairy liquids

Paviostathis S.G.; Mathavan G.N., 1992: Desorption kinetics of selected volatile organic compounds from field contaminated soils

Sytek, J., 1987: Desorption of P and the cations Ca, Mg, K and Na from different forms of bark waste

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Pavlostathis S.G.; Jaglal K., 1991: Desorptive behavior of trichloroethylene in contaminated soil

Morris, T., 1991: Despairing developer: diary of an aid worker in the Middle East

Ang, I., 1991: Desperately seeking the audience

Schepers, H.; Brasseur, R.; Duquenoy, P.; Bossche, H. van den; Ruysschaert, J.M., 1988: Destabilization of model membranes by praziquantel and derivatives

Bellerose, P. et al., 1991: Destination Montreal: past and future

Sussmann, S., 1992: Destination management systems: the challenge of the 1990s

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Sedina, S.A., 1992: Destruction of diethylene glycol by a Pseudomonas putida culture

MacKay, W.P.; Sparks, D.; Vinson, S.B., 1990: Destruction of electrical equipment by Solenopsis xyloni McCook (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Carrington, E.G.; Pike, E.B.; Auty, D.; Morris, R., 1991: Destruction of faecal bacteria, enteroviruses and ova of parasites in wastewater sludge by aerobic thermophilic and anaerobic mesophilic digestion

Hook, A.W.; Porter, S.D., 1990: Destruction of harvester ant colonies by invading fire ants in south-central Texas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Groppali, R., 1990: Destruction of natural landscape features in the Po valley: the example of Cremona Park, 1980-89

Geltzer, Y.G., 1989: Destruction of organic matter and the protozoan fauna in soils of the Mongolian Gobi

Anonymous, 1989: Destruction of organic matter in soil

Frandsen, C.D.; Vestergaard, U.; Nielsen, E.W., 1990: Destruction of spores of lactate fermenting clostridia by UHT-treatment and impairment of rennet gelation and syneresis

Zhiryaeva, E.V.; Ermilova, I.A.; Komarova, T.I.; Kanevskaya, I.G., 1991: Destruction of synthetic fibres (nitron) by some micromycetes

Gadomski, R.T., 1991: Desugaring beet molasses

Galushko, A.S.; Rozanova, E.P., 1991: Desulfobacterium cetonicum sp. nov.: a sulfate-reducing bacterium which oxidizes fatty acids and ketones

Sultatos L.G.; Gagliard C.L., 1990: Desulfuration of the insecticide parathion by human placenta in vitro

Fiebig, H.J., 1991: Desulphation of glucosinolates - potential pitfalls of the HPLC method for double zero rapeseed

Cain, R.B.; Robson, I.G., 1991: Desulphonation in the biodegradation of alkylbenzenesulphonates is plasmid-encoded in several bacteria

Otorowski, E., 1990: Desulphurization of boiler flue gases

Vanderjagt, J.A., 1990: Detachable chemical sprayer

Chakrabarty, P.K.; Bambawale, O.M., 1991: Detached hypocotyl method - an efficient technique for screening beans for anthracnose

Parkash, V.; Sokhi, S.S., 1989: Detached leaf method for maintenance of cultures of Pseudoperonospora cubensis

Astachova N.M.; Vysotskaya L.V.; Graphodatsky A.S., 1991: Detailed analysis of a new translocation in pig

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Anonymous, 1991: Detailed intervention plan for the beekeeping sector

Ball, J.M.; Rushlow, K.E.; Issel, C.J.; Montelaro, R.C., 1992: Detailed mapping of the antigenicity of the surface unit glycoprotein of equine infectious anemia virus by using synthetic peptide strategies

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Ditsch, D.; Alley, M.; Kelley, K.; Lei, Y., 1992: Detectability of 15N-depleted fertilizer N in soil and plant tissue during a corn-rye crop rotation

Prost, E.K.; Nowakowski, Z., 1989: Detectability of Tr. spiralis in muscles by the pooled-sample-digestion-method

Hari, P.; Arovaara, H., 1988: Detecting CO2 induced enhancement in the radial increment of trees. Evidence from northern timber line

Pen' kova, R.A.; Seregin, I.G., 1991: Detecting Trichinella in the products of slaughter of domestic and wild animals

Uri N.D., 1991: Detecting a trend in water quality

Loftis J.C.; Taylor C.H., 1989: Detecting acid precipitation impacts on lake water quality

Strong, W.B., 1990: Detecting and managing hyperlipidemia in children

Devries P.J., 1989: Detecting and recording the calls produced by butterfly caterpillars and ants

Tihay, J.P.; Kouti, A.; Taabni, M., 1989: Detecting desertification in the Laghouat region (Algeria)

Friedrich, A.; Hagedorn, H.W.; Schulz, R., 1990: Detecting dexamethasone in horses

Jain, Y.C.; Asotra, S., 1989: Detecting heat and early pregnancy by total sugar content of cervico-vaginal mucus in Jersey cows

Aitzetmuller, K.; Konker, S., 1991: Detecting heat exposure of rapeseed in relation to glucosinolate determination

Horton D.R.; Chapman P.L.; Capinera J.L., 1991: Detecting local adaptation in phytophagous insects using repeated measures designs

de la Blanca, N.P.; Fdez-Valdivia, J.; Castillo, P.; Gómez-Barcina, A., 1992: Detecting nematode features from digital images

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Anonymous, 1991: Detection and confirmation of inhibitors in milk and milk products

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