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Differential changes in fluorescence characteristics of photosystem 2 rich grana fraction during aging in light and dark

Differential changes in fluorescence characteristics of photosystem 2 rich grana fraction during aging in light and dark

Photosynthetica 24(1): 135-142

Studies on pigment loss, fluorescence emission, polarization and excitation characteristics of photosystem 2 (PS2) rich grana fraction [of wheat chloroplasts] were made during light/dark aging. The pigment loss during aging suggests that chlorophyllase might be located in the thylakoid membrane. Though there was no qualitative change of the emission spectrum, the loss of fluorescence intensity during the initial period of light aging (but not during dark aging) indicated a photoinhibition process. Addition of Mg2+ influenced the intensity of fluorescence emission probably in two opposite ways: (1) Mg2+ increased coupling between light-harvesting chlorophyll protein (LHCP) complex and reaction centre 2 resulting in a decrease in fluorescence intensity, and (2) it increased fluorescence intensity by reorganizing LHCP that resulted in an increase in absorption cross section of the complex. Excitation characteristics revealed that the change in the peak height ratio 620/440 nm could be correlated with the aging induced changes of PS2 rich grana fraction. Changes in the fluorescence polarization of F685 suggested uncoupling of LHPC and reaction centre in the first phase of aging and a subsequent disorganization of LHCP resulting in a decrease in quantum migration efficiency. An induction of gel phase during the aging of thylakoid membrane restricting the mobility of chlorophyll dipole is also suggested.

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