Section 3
Chapter 2,077

Durability of truss connections in a naturally ventilated swine barn

Masse, D.; Munroe, J.; Phillips, P.

Transactions of the ASAE 34(2): 625-627


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-2351
Accession: 002076550

This study investigated the effect of a four-year exposure in a naturally ventilated building (NVB) environment on the lateral load capacity and stiffness of truss connections. Untreated and creosote brush treated joints exposed in the NVB were compared with matched specimens that had been stored under laboratory conditions. It was found that there was no statistical difference (P=0.05) in ultimate strength and axial stiffness between joints exposed in the barn and joints exposed in the laboratory considering either the steel gussets or plywood gussets. Other observations indicated that this barn was not a "worst case" concerning harshness of the environment local to the exposed joints.

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