Effect of depth of trenches on high density planting of Kew pineapple

Radha, T.; Markose, B.L.; Rajamony, L.

South Indian Horticulture 38(4): 183-188


Accession: 002081146

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Suckers were planted at densities of 43 036 or 53 333/ha in trenches 22.5, 25.0 or 30.0 cm deep and observations were carried out on the plant and ratoon crops. Data are tabulated on leaf length, breadth, area and weight, fruit weight with crown, crown weight, fruit weight without crown, fruit length, length to breadth ratio, taper ratio, and yield with and without the crown. Although the deeper trenches were preferable for the plant crop, the trench depth had no significant effect on the ratoon crop yield.