Effect of different coagulants on yield and sensory quality of chhana prepared from milk of cow, buffalo and goat

Joshi, S.V.; Majgaonkar, S.V.; Toro, V.A.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 44(6): 380-383


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 002081480

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Chhana was prepared from cow, buffalo or goat milk (CC, BC and GC resp.) using 2% citric, lactic or tartaric acid, or lemon juice as coagulant. Overall mean yield of CC, BC and GC resp. was 17.30, 22.18 and 17.74%, and did not vary significantly between coagulants. Moisture content was significantly higher in CC (54.76%) and GC (54.80%) than in BC (52.08%), and was highest in that coagulated with tartaric acid; recovery of milk solids was correspondingly 59.7 and 60.05 vs. 67.11%, and highest in that coagulated with lactic acid. CC had a higher overall sensory score than had BC or GC (86.28 vs. 80.90 and 80.39 resp.) and scores according to coagulant were in the order lactic acid > citric acid > lemon juice > tartaric acid.