Effect of pelleted feed on the fattening outcome and meat quality of broilers

Pejin, G.; Supic, B.

Zbornik Radova, Institut za Stocarstvo, Novi Sad ( 19-20): 319-323


Accession: 002085117

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To 42 days old, Hybro line broiler chickens were fed on standard feed mixtures given loose or pelleted. Average body weight on day 42 was 1.735 and 1.764 kg with loose and pelleted diets, respectively; feed:gain ratio was 2.20 and 2.09 and mortality was 3.84 and 3.94%; dressing percentage was 74.82 and 74.65; and carcass contained 27.75 and 28.02% breast and 31.02 and 30.87% leg.