Effect of ploidy of perennial ryegrass on the herbage productivity and growth of white clover in ryegrass/clover swards

Baert, J.; Carlier, L.; Bockstaele, E. van

Recent advances in grassland production and management: 79-84


Accession: 002085414

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In field trials in 1988 on sandy loam soil at Merelbeke, 4 diploid and 4 tetraploid cultivars of Lolium perenne were sown in mixtures with Trifolium repens cv. Merwi and cut 5-7 times/year in 1989-91. Total herbage DM yields were similar (14.7-15.1 t/ha). Percentage T. repens in the sward was lowest (27.7%) with cv. Madera and Condesa (tetraploids) and highest (35.6-35.7%) with cv. Bartlet and Sommora (diploids). Mixtures with tetraploids suppressed the establishment of T. repens.