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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bruckert S.; Bekkary M., 1992:
Effect of rock permeability on the formation of diagnostic argillic and fragipan horizons

Muiruri, H.K.; Harrison, P.C., 1991:
Effect of roost temperature on performance of chickens in hot ambient environments

Pojasok T.; Kay B.D., 1990:
Effect of root exudates from corn and bromegrass on soil structural stability

Jeyamurthy, A.; Lakshmanachary, A.S., 1989:
Effect of root of Chloris barbata Sw. and Digitaria griffithii Stapf. on the germination of ragi seeds

Das, N.D.; Sankar, G.R.M., 1990:
Effect of root rot disease (Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid.) of castor (Ricinus communis L.) by statistical modelling of cultural practices and carbendazim applications

Fujishige N.; Sugiyama T.; Ogata R., 1991:
Effect of root temperature on the flower formation and fruit yield of tomatoes

Kalinin, M.I.; Yatsyuk, O.Z., 1988:
Effect of root trimming on the growth and development of red oak seedlings

Engels, C.; Munkle, L.; Marschner, H., 1992:
Effect of root zone temperature and shoot demand on uptake and xylem transport of macronutrients in maize (Zea mays L.)

Ko, W.H.; Guo, L.Y., 1990:
Effect of root-colonizing microorganisms on Anthurium bacterial blight: a progress report

Verma, R.S.; Upadhyay, K.D.; Gupta, S.P., 1989:
Effect of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) singly and in the presence of spotted bollworm (Earias fabia) on the growth of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Ahmad, S.; Khan, A.A., 1991:
Effect of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on flowering behaviour of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Baheti, B.L.; Yadav, S.M., 1991:
Effect of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on plant growth and nematode reproduction on black gram (Vigna mungo L.) at different inoculum levels

Sukumaran, S.; Koshy, P.K.; Sundararaju, P., 1989:
Effect of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita on the growth of turmeric

Vovlas, N.; Vito M. di, 1991:
Effect of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica on the growth of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) in pots

Tiyagi, S.A.; Alam, M.M., 1990:
Effect of root-knot, reniform and stunt nematodes on plant growth, water absorption capability and chlorophyll content of chickpea

Stoyanova, Y.St, 1992:
Effect of rooting medium temperature on free energy of the leaf system in the dark

Upadhayay, S.K.; Ananda, S.A., 1991:
Effect of rootstock and scion cultivars on the macro-nutrient contents in almond leaves

Chandel, J.S.; Chauhan, J.S., 1990 :
Effect of rootstock and water stress on foliar nutrient (Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu) composition of Starking Delicious apple

Reddy, Y.T.N.; Kohli, R.R.; Singh, G.; Bhargava, B.S., 1989:
Effect of rootstocks on growth, yield and leaf nutrient composition of mango (Mangifera indica L.)

Mustafa, M.M.; Reddy, B.M.C., 1990:
Effect of rootstocks on growth, yield and quality of Mosambi sweet orange

Misra, K.K.; Ranvir Singh, 1989:
Effect of rootstocks on the fruit quality of lemon (Citrus limon Burm.) cv. Pant lemon-1

Chohan, G.S.; Vij, V.K.; Harish Kumar, 1990:
Effect of rootstocks on tree vigour, health, yield and fruit quality of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.) cultivar Marsh Seedless

Chohan, G.S.; Vij, V.K.; Harish Kumar, 1988:
Effect of rootstocks on tree vigour, health, yield and fruit quality of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.) cv. Marsh Seedless

Vijayakumar, R.M.; Mohideen, M.K.; Thamburaj, S.; Seemanthini Ramadas; Mariappan, S., 1990:
Effect of rootstocks on yield of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata Blanco) in Shevroy hills

Bristow, P.R.; Windom, G.E., 1989:
Effect of rose bloom disease on the yield components of cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait.)

Lingorski, V.; Totev, T.; Koev, K., 1990:
Effect of rotational grazing period on herbage productivity of sown pastures and on weight gains of sheep

Giandon, P.; Giovanardi, R.; Nobili, M. de; Giardini, L., 1991:
Effect of rotations and mineral fertilization on soil organic matter

Arrigo, N.M.; Palma, R.M.; Conti, M.E.; Cosentino, D.J., 1990:
Effect of rotations, tillage systems and fertilization on some soil physical properties and their relationship with organic carbon

Uhnoo, I.S.; Freihorst, J.; Riepenhoff-Talty, M.; Fisher, J.E.; Ogra, P.L., 1990:
Effect of rotavirus infection and malnutrition on uptake of a dietary antigen in the intestine

Parish, Rl, 1991:
Effect of rough operating surface on rotary spreader distribution pattern

Shinoda, M.; Manda, T., 1990:
Effect of roughage fiber in the total mixed ration on the digestibility and rumen fermentation in cows

Castro, T.; Bermudez, F.F.; Sanz Arias, R., 1991:
Effect of roughage to concentrate ratio of diet on digestibility of dry matter and cell-wall constituents

Ozawa, K., 1990:
Effect of row cover treatment on the prevention of typhoon damage in vegetable production

Das, S.R.; Mahapatra, P.K.; Uttaray, S.K., 1990:
Effect of row ratio on energy relationship in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) and pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

Mahapatra, P.K.; Satpathy, D.; Dikshit, U.N.; Uttaray, S.K., 1991:
Effect of row ratios in sesame (Sesamum indicum) and pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) intercropping

Phogat B.S.; Verma S.S.; Kumar S., 1989:
Effect of row spacing and nitrogen on late planted sugarcane

Jasinska, Z.; Malarz, W.; Budzynski, W.; Majkowski, K., 1989 :
Effect of row spacing and sowing rate on the development and yields of winter rape

Schoonwinkel, P.; Agenbag, G.A.; Capatos, D., 1991:
Effect of row spacing and sowing rate on yield of wheat in the Swartland

Kartapradja, R., 1989:
Effect of row spacing on the growth and yield of carrots

Mehar Singh; Singh, B.P.; Rajvir Singh, 1990:
Effect of row spacing, nitrogen and phosphorus on the growth and yield of raya (Brassica juncea L.)

Serin, Y., 1989:
Effect of row spacing, nitrogen and phosphorus rates on seed and herbage yields and some yield components in crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn) grown under dry conditions at Erzurum

Serin, Y., 1989:
Effect of row spacing, nitrogen and phosphorus rates on seed yields and some yield components in intermediate wheatgrass (Agropyron intermedium (Host.) Beauv.) grown under irrigated conditions at Erzurum

Guggari, A.K.; Patil, V.S., 1991:
Effect of row spacing, plant population and fertilizer levels on the yield of DCH-32 hybrid cotton under dryland conditions

Acikgoz, E.; Karagoz, A., 1989:
Effect of row spacing, seeding rate and nitrogen fertilization on seed yield of perennial ryegrass under dryland conditions

Piech, M.; Stankowski, S.; Poznanski, M., 1990:
Effect of row spacings and sowing rate on yield of two winter triticale cultivars

Brun Bellut J.; Kelly J.M.; Mathison G.W.; Christopherson R.J., 1991:
Effect of rumen degradable protein and lactation on nitrogen metabolism in dairy goats

Calsamiglia, S.; Hongerholt, D.D.; Crooker, B.A.; Stern, M.D.; Hartnell, G.F.; Hintz, R.L., 1991:
Effect of rumen degradable protein content of diet on blood component profiles in lactating Holstein cows treated with sometribove (methionyl bovine somatotropin, bST)

Zimmerman, C.A.; Rakes, A.H.; Daniel, T.E.; Hopkins, B.A., 1990:
Effect of rumen undegradable protein on lactational performance in cows fed low fiber diets

Kassem, M.M.; Nelson, D.R.; Youssef, H.A., 1991:
Effect of ruminal distension on gastro-intestinal motility in goats

Bunting, L.D.; Sticker, L.S.; Wozniak, P.J., 1992:
Effect of ruminal escape protein and fat on nitrogen utilization in lambs exposed to elevated ambient temperatures

Comstock J.C.; Shine J.M.Jr; Raid R.N., 1992:
Effect of rust on sugarcane growth and biomass

Wilson, J.; Gates, R.; Hanna, W., 1991:
Effect of rust on yield and digestibility of pearl millet forage

Johnson D.A.; Lunden J.D., 1992:
Effect of rust on yield of susceptible and resistant asparagus cultivars

Andrzej, L., 1991:
Effect of saccarose on water sorption and rehydration of dried carrot

Maeda, M.; Tajima, M.; Murakami, H., 1991:
Effect of saccharides on proliferation and IgM production of human-human hybridomas

Gill, K.S., 1990:
Effect of saline irrigation at various growth stages on growth, yield attributes and ionic accumulation pattern in greengram (Phaseolus radiatus)

Dasberg, S.; Bielorai, H.; Haimowitz, A.; Erner, Y.; Brum, M., 1989:
Effect of saline irrigation water on Shamouti oranges

Sinha, T.S., 1991:
Effect of saline water irrigation on Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss) varieties

Subbaiah, G.V.; Rao, N.S., 1989:
Effect of saline water irrigation on vegetable yield of bottle gourd and soil properties

Chauhan, R.P.S.; Chauhan, C.P.S.; Singh, S.P.; Ram, S., 1990:
Effect of saline water on okra (Hibiscus esculentus) and potato (Solanum tuberosum) and properties of soil

Beecher, H.G., 1990:
Effect of saline water on rice yields and soil properties

Schutt Abraham, I.; Knauer Kraetzl, B.; Wormuth, H.J.; Gregory, N.G., 1991:
Effect of salinity in a water bath stunner on the amperage obtained during electrical stunning of poultry

Sharma, S.S.; Yamdagni, R.; Arora, R.K., 1989:
Effect of salinity levels on physiological aspects of garden annuals

Khana, R.C.; Kumar, R.J., 1990:
Effect of salinity levels on the growth of Nagpur mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Adams, P.; Ho, L.C., 1990:
Effect of salinity on calcium transport in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Morton, A.; Marcar, N.E., 1990 :
Effect of salinity on frost tolerance of Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Bozcuk, S., 1991:
Effect of salinity on germination and determination of salt tolerance in some crop plants

Singh, B.G.; Rao, P.V.; Hiremath, S.M., 1989:
Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth in three varieties of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Peng, Y.Q., 1990:
Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth of ryegrass

Siddiqi, N.A.; Islam, M.R.; Khan, M.A.S., 1989:
Effect of salinity on germination success in keora (Sonneratia apetala Buch.-Ham.) seeds

Alam S.M.; Naqvi S.S.M., 1991:
Effect of salinity on growth and nutrient content of pearl millet grown in desert sand and gravel

Gill, K.S.; Singh, O.S., 1989:
Effect of salinity on growth, chemical composition and yield in paddy

Sharma, S.K., 1990:
Effect of salinity on internal distribution of Na+, K+ and Cl- and the mechanism of salt injury in chickpea

Kholbekov, Yu, 1991:
Effect of salinity on oil accumulation and quality

Kocacalskan, I., 1990:
Effect of salinity on polyphenol oxidase during seed gemination

Ashraf, M.Y.; Khan, M.A.; Naqvi, S.S.M., 1991:
Effect of salinity on seedling growth and solutes accumulation in two wheat genotypes

Adams, P., 1990:
Effect of salinity on the distribution of calcium in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) fruit and leaves

Remison, S.U.; Iremiren, G.O., 1990:
Effect of salinity on the performance of coconut seedlings in two contrasting soils

Malik S.A.; Sheikh K.H., 1990:
Effect of salinity on the survival of termite workers and soldiers

Thimmaiah, S.K.; Viswanath, D.P.; Vyakaranahal, B.S.; Hunshal, C.S., 1989:
Effect of salinity on yield, seed quality, and biochemical characteristics in Setaria italica L

Bishnoi, N.R.; Laura, J.S.; Sharma, K.D.; Narender Singh, 1990:
Effect of salinity, salinization and desalinization on flowering and various yield parameters in pea (Pisum sativum L.) and chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Sharma, S.K.; Kumar, S., 1990:
Effect of salinization on growth and distribution of Na+ and Cl- in two genotypes of chickpea

Dravid, M.S., 1991:
Effect of salinization, Rhizobium inoculation, genotypic variation and P-application on drymatter yield and utilization of P by pea (Pisum sativum L.) and lentil (Lens culinaris Medic)

Febel H., 1991:
Effect of salinomycin and high rate concentrate diet intake on ruminal fermentation in lambs

Suda, K.; Kudo, H., 1992:
Effect of salinomycin and monensin on the performance and carcass characteristics in fattening steers

Hoshino S.; Kobayashi Y.; Wakita M., 1992:
Effect of salinomycin on amino acid utilization by mixed sheep rumen microbes in vitro

Niedzwiadek, S.; Ramisz, A.; Sambeth, W., 1989:
Effect of salinomycin-Na on the productivity and coccidia status of a commercial rabbit farm

Hirashima, A.; Ueno, R.; Oyama, K.; Koga, H.; Eto, M., 1990:
Effect of salithion enantiomers on larval growth, carbohydrases, acetylcholinesterase, adenylate cyclase activities and cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate level of Musca domestica and Tribolium castaneum

Ahmed, M.; Karim, A.; Alam, Z.; Bhuiya, A.D.; Hossain, M.M.; Saha, A.K., 1988:
Effect of salt concentration on the larval mortality of Dermestes maculatus Degeer (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) in dried Hilsha ilisha ham

Zaki, N., 1990:
Effect of salt ratio and starter addition on the microstructure and rheological properties of Domiati cheese

Sudhakar, C.; Reddy, P.S.; Veeranjaneyulu, K., 1990:
Effect of salt stress on dry matter production and mineral content during early seedling growth of horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc.) and greengram (Vigna radiata Wilczek)

A.R.wahy S.A.; Stroehlein J.L.; Pessarakli M., 1990:
Effect of salt stress on dry matter production and nitrogen uptake by tomatoes

Abderrahman, W.A.; Abdelhadi, Y.M., 1990:
Effect of salt tolerance levels on farming of date palm varieties: a case study

Schotzko, D.J.; O.K.efe, L.E., 1989:
Effect of sample placement on the geostatistical analysis of the spatial distribution of Lygus hesperus (Heteroptera: Miridae) in lentils

Barone, C.M.A.; Caiazzo, M.; Mattei, V.; Matassino, D., 1990:
Effect of sample preparation on some morphometric characteristics of muscle fibres. Note 2

Hristov, A., 1992:
Effect of sample pretreatment on alfalfa silage dry matter and protein digestibility in sacco

Angeles Pino, M. de los; Gonzalez, M.E.; Alvarez, M.; Alvarez, M., 1988:
Effect of sample size on regression analysis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars

Diekman, M.A.; Green, M.L.; Fears, T.E.; Malayer, J.R.; Kuczek, T., 1991:
Effect of sampling interval on serum concentrations of luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and prolactin in prepubertal, ovariectomized, and cycling gilts

Rautalahti, M.; Hyvönen, L.; Albanes, D.; Lampi, A.M.; Koivistoinen, P.; Virtamo, J., 1990:
Effect of sampling site on fatty acid composition of human breast adipose tissue

Erwiyono, R., 1990:
Effect of sand addition into Ultisol on the physical properties of growing media and the growth of cocoa seedlings

Daim, N.; Chong, NL.; Yap, HH., 1987:
Effect of sand particle size on the production of preparasites of Romanomermis iyengari (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

Jaitly N.; Wadhwani K.; Banerji R.; Misra G.; Nigam S.K., 1989:
Effect of saponins on ustilospore germination of smut

Karabanov, A.M., 1989:
Effect of sapropel on the physiological condition of piglets

Alam M.M., 1991 :
Effect of sawdust and ammonium sulphate on the population of plant parasitic nematodes and plant growth

Sanderson, K.R.; Cutcliffe, J.A., 1991:
Effect of sawdust mulch on yield of select clones of lowbush blueberry

Zencirci, N.; Hayes, P.M., 1990:
Effect of scald (Rhynchosporium secalis) on yield and yield components of twelve winter barley (Hordeum vulgare) genotypes

Lal J.B.; Prajapati R.C., 1989:
Effect of scale on vegetation mapping by remote sensing

Ruter, J.M.; Ingram, D.L., 1990:
Effect of scarification treatments on germination of Sophora secundiflora seeds

Metwally, A.A.; Janku, I.; Kemper, F.; Khayyal, M.T.; Ebeid, F.A.; Botros, S.S., 1990:
Effect of schistosomiasis infection on the clearance of phenazone in mice

Metwally A.A.; Sherif S.M.; Mokhtar S.; E.K.liouby A.H.; E.G.rem A.A., 1988:
Effect of schistosomiasis on the absorption and elimination of chloramphenicol in patients with enteric fever

Haldankar, P.M.; Salvi, M.J.; Joshi, G.D.; Patil, J.L., 1991:
Effect of season and shade provision on softwood grafting of kokam

Singh, V.P.; Belsare, V.P., 1991:
Effect of season and year on the hatchability of different breeds of poultry

Roda, D.S.; Otto, P.A.; Santos, L.E. dos; Dupas, W., 1990:
Effect of season of birth on the survival and growth of Polwarth and Corriedale lambs

Paul, S.; Sahu, B.B.; Singh, D.; Rawat, P.S., 1990:
Effect of season of birth, weaning age and concentrate supplementation on growth and chevon production

Pyne, A.K.; Dattagupta, R.; Roy, S.P.; Maitra, D.N.; Das, P.K., 1989:
Effect of season of calving on first lactation yield, service period and calving interval of crossbred cattle in West Bengal

Psenica, J., 1991:
Effect of season of calving on milk efficiency of first-calf cows in rearing with different level of utility

Pyne, A.K.; Dattagupta, R.; Roy, S.K., 1992:
Effect of season of calving on service period, gestation length and calving interval in Murrah buffaloes in West Bengal

Capitan, S.S.; Bahga, C.S.; Takkar, O.P.; Gangwar, P.C., 1988:
Effect of season of calving on the levels of plasma calcium and inorganic phosphorus in buffaloes

Fernandez Abella, D.; Surraco, L.; Borsani, L.; Capurro, L.; Collazo, J., 1991:
Effect of season of shearing on growth and wool production of sheep on unimproved basalt pasture

Kumar, S.; Purbey, L.N.; Agarwal, S.K., 1988:
Effect of season on conception rate in non-descript cattle

Gastal, M.O.; Becker, A.R.C.L.; Henry, M.; Gastal, E.L., 1991:
Effect of season on semen traits in donkeys

Totey, S.M.; Singh, G.; Taneja, M.; Pawshe, C.H.; Singh, G.; Chillar, R.S., 1991:
Effect of season on superovulation and embryo recovery in Sahiwal and crosses of Holstein X Sahiwal donor cows

Chwojnowska, Z.; Charzewska, J.; Soowiej, D., 1989:
Effect of season on the dietary habits of girls from elementary schools in Warsaw

Izevbigi, E.B.; Robbins, K.R., 1988:
Effect of season on the metabolizable energy requirement for broiler growth, carcass yield, and carcass composition

Ray, S.P.; Pyne, A.K.; Maitra, D.N., 1990:
Effect of season on the reproductive performance of Black Bengal nannies

Dwivedi, R.; Pathak, R.K.; Pandey, S.D., 1991:
Effect of season on the vegetative and reproductive attributes of guava fruits cv. Sardar

Ashirkulov, A., 1990:
Effect of seasonal conditions on variation in fibre outturn in F1 hybrids, and the combining ability of the source varieties

Losavio, N.; Mastrorilli, M.; Venezian Scarascia, M.E., 1989:
Effect of seasonal irrigation level on growth and development of soyabeans (Glycine max L.) in southern Italy

Gatto, L., 1989:
Effect of seasonal irrigation volumes on the yield of trickle-irrigated oil olives (cv. Coratina). First results

Sagdeo, L.R.; Chitnis, A.B.; Kaikini, A.S., 1991:
Effect of seasonal variations on freezability of Surti buffalo bull semen

Osman, A.M.; E.N.ggar, M.A.; Saleh, N.H.; Abdel Razek, A.K., 1990:
Effect of seasonal variations on the characteristics of semen collected by exhaustion trial

Agrawal, M.L.; Malik, J.P.; Ali, S.A., 1992:
Effect of seasonal weed free periods on autumn planted sugarcane and sugar production in Uttar Pradesh

Parmar, A.P.; Mehta, V.M., 1991:
Effect of seasons on enzyme profiles of follicular fluid and blood serum in Surti buffaloes

Pyne, A.K.; Maitra, D.N.; Majumder, S.C., 1991:
Effect of seasons on the composition of milk and milk yield in Murrah buffaloes in agro-climatic conditions of West Bengal

Kannan, L.; Tamilselvan, C., 1990:
Effect of seaweed manures on Vigna radiatus L. (green gram)

Ahmedkhan, T.; Venugopal, K.; Devaiah, C.; Seenappa, K., 1990:
Effect of secondary nutrients and boron on some growth characters and yield in sunflower

Fuente Lopez, C. de la; Alunda, J.M., 1991:
Effect of secondary, subclinical coccidiosis and trichostrongylosis on some blood parameters in kids

Solaiappan, U.; Ramiah, S., 1990:
Effect of seed and fertilizer treatments on seed and protein yield of rainfed redgram

Jayaraj, T., 1989:
Effect of seed and soil treating chemicals on germination and seedling growth in sesame

Grzesiuk, S., 1990:
Effect of seed biological properties on plant productivity

Bartos, J.; Holik, K., 1989:
Effect of seed coating on summer cabbage development

Votava, V.; Cerna, O., 1989:
Effect of seed disinfection on the germination rate of grasses after different periods of storage

Prabakaran, J.; Ramasamy, K., 1990:
Effect of seed dressing chemicals on the survival of Rhizobium sp. and growth, nodulation and grain yield of greengram and blackgram

Shah, S.E.; Mariappan, V., 1990:
Effect of seed dressing fungicides on the storage and viability of sorghum seeds

E.S.madisy, A.M.; Abdel Lateef, M.F.A.; Abou Donia, S.A.; Beshir, M.A., 1988:
Effect of seed dressing with fungicides on soybean nodulation

Eshanna M.R.; Kulkarni G.N., 1990:
Effect of seed fortification with chemicals on the growth parameters of maize

Nijhawan, D.C.; Hooda, I.S.; Saxena, K.K.; Yadav, R.K., 1990:
Effect of seed grades on yield in gram

Biedermannova, E.; Vondrys, J., 1992:
Effect of seed inoculation on the fixation capacity of molecular nitrogen and aboveground productivity and belowground biomass of peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Prasad, P.R.K.; Setty, K.G.H., 1989:
Effect of seed pan and bare root dip treatment with antibiotic (TC-506) on M. incognita infecting tomato

Paul, S.R.; Choudhury, A.K., 1991:
Effect of seed priming with potassium salts on growth and yield of wheat under rainfed condition

Gubbels G.H.; Ali Khan S.T., 1991:
Effect of seed quality on cooking quality and yield of a subsequent crop of field pea

Singla, M.L.; Duhra, M.S., 1990:
Effect of seed rate and interval on the incidence of top borer and shoot borer in sugarcane

Bandyopadhyay, P.; Mitra, A.K.; Jana, P.K., 1991:
Effect of seed rate and methods of sowing on yield attributes and yield of capsularis jute

Patel, J.R.; Patel, P.C.; Saiyad, M.R., 1990:
Effect of seed rates and cutting stages on forage yield of maize varieties

Sharma R.N.; Prasad R., 1990:
Effect of seed rates and row spacing on fennel cultivars

Korla, B.N.; Rattan, R.S.; Dohroo, N.P., 1989:
Effect of seed rhizome size on growth and yield in ginger

Rana, K.S., 1991:
Effect of seed selection in the management of yellows disease of ginger

Heather D.W.; Sieczka J.B., 1991:
Effect of seed size and cultivar on emergence and stand establishment of broccoli in crusted soil

Khurana S.C.; Pandita M.L.; Srivastava V.K., 1991:
Effect of seed size and seed rate on potato yield

Pavez Saa, D., 1989:
Effect of seed size and sowing rate of wheat on plant development and some yield components

Yadava, R.B.R., 1990:
Effect of seed size and weight on plant growth and yield of various genotypes of cowpea

Varman, P.V.; Arjunan, A.; Manaharan, V.; Ramalingam, R.S.; Sivaram, M.R., 1990:
Effect of seed size on dry matter production and pod yield of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Nijhawan, D.C.; Verma, O.P.S.; Hooda, I.S.; Tyagi, R.C., 1989:
Effect of seed size on growth, yield and yield attributes in mungbean

Hruskova, H., 1992:
Effect of seed size on lucerne growth and yield in the year of sowing

Eser, D.; Ukur, A.; Adak, M.S., 1991:
Effect of seed size on yield and yield components in chickpea

Banerjee, M.K.; Samdyan, J.S.; Hooda, R.S.; Tonk, D.S., 1988:
Effect of seed size, gibberellic acid and spacing on growth and yield of seed potato cv. Kufri Chandramukhi

Kumar, R.; Khurana, S.C.; Pandita, M.L., 1991:
Effect of seed size, seed rate and fertilizer level on growth parameters of potato cv. Kufri Badshah

Bolland M.D.A.; Baker M., 1990:
Effect of seed source and seed phosphorus concentration on the yield response of yellow serradella to superphosphate applications

Iriondo J.M.; Perez C.; Perez Garcia F., 1992:
Effect of seed storage in liquid nitrogen on germination of several crop and wild species

Fuciman, L., 1989:
Effect of seed storage on growth and development of horse beans

Dwivedi, S.N.; Shukla, T.N., 1989:
Effect of seed treatment after storage upon germinability of gram (Cicer arietinum L.) seeds

Mohammad, S.; Sunder, R.S., 1991 :
Effect of seed treatment and storage containers on the maintenance of viability of sunflower seed

Flori, P.; Roberti, R.; Magnani, S.; Brandolini, V., 1989:
Effect of seed treatment and storage on seeds of onion, leek, tomato and beet

Ali F.; Ghaffar A., 1991:
Effect of seed treatment with biological antagonists on rhizosphere mycoflora and root infecting fungi of soybean

Mohsen, A.A.; Kulkuttawi, S.G., 1990:
Effect of seed treatment with indoleacetic acid, naphthalenacetic acid and coumarine on the nitrogen components of tomato and cabbage plants

Vijayakumar, A.; Palanisamy, V.; Jayaraj, T.; Arumugam, R., 1991:
Effect of seed treatments and containers on the storability of onion seed

Solaiappan, U.; Ramiah, S., 1990:
Effect of seed treatments, soil and foliar fertilization of N and P on yield and yield attributes of pigeonpea grown under rainfed condition

Neeti Saxena; Karan, D., 1991:
Effect of seed-borne fungi on protein and carbohydrate contents of sesame and sunflower seeds

Shivpuri, A.; Siradhana, B.S.; Bansal, R.K., 1990:
Effect of seed-borne mycoflora on quantity and quality of mustard oil

Mead, J.A.; Palmer, A.L.; Chan, K.Y., 1992:
Effect of seedbed condition on sowing point performance

Fernandez G.E.; Clark J.R.; Moore J.N., 1991:
Effect of seedcoat manipulation on the germination of stenospermocarpic grape embryos cultured in ovulo

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Effect of seeding date on stand establishment, seed and forage yield of Altai wild ryegrass

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Effect of seeding in nursery and age of seedlings at transplanting for summer rice var. Mashuri

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Effect of seeding rate and nitrogen fertilization on the carbohydrate reserves, stand reduction, and yield of sorghum-Sudangrass hybrid

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Effect of seedling age of two rice varieties on their sodicity tolerance

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Effect of seedling and clonal rootstocks on survival, growth and yield of peach and nectarine cultivars

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Effect of seedling uprooting time and leaf removal on seed quality and seedling vigor of rice Oryza sativa

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Effect of selected antioxidants on the stability of dehydrated mashed potatoes

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Effect of selected compounds on the rate of alpha -lactose monohydrate crystallization, crystal yield and quality

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Effect of selected cultural measures on grain yield of winter wheat cultivar Roxana

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Effect of selected drugs on puerperal period in cows and health status in newborn calves

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Effect of selected insecticides on mycelial growth and cropping of mushrooms. I. Influence on mycelial growth

Dmoch, J.; Bykowska, A., 1989:
Effect of selected insecticides on mycelial growth and cropping of mushrooms. II. Influence on crop

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Effect of selected parameters of a milking machine with separate transportation of milk and air on the milking process

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Effect of selected stabilizing and buffering agents on a sweetened, acidified, carbonated milk beverage

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Effect of selected structural parameters on the porosity of particleboards

Niemz, P.; Schweitzer, F., 1990:
Effect of selected structural parameters on the tensile and compressive strength of particleboards

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Effect of selecting Perendale hoggets for loose wool bulk on fleece characteristics and wool end-product performance

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Effect of selection for eye-muscle traits on stress susceptibility and meat quality in pigs

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Effect of selection for fitness criteria on physiological and immunological traits in the laboratory mouse

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Effect of selection for litter size and body weight on hormone-induced ovulation rate in mice

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Effect of selective elimination of pollen on the frequency of recombination in tomato

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Effect of selective logging on the development of shrub-herb types of Pinus koraiensis forests in valleys

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Effect of selenate vs. selenite forms of selenium in increasing the selenium concentration in forages and cereals

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Effect of selenium and vitamin E on the activity of glutathione peroxidase in the blood of sheep

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Effect of selenium and vitamin E supplementation in fighting cows under different conditions

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Effect of selenium on aflatoxin hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat

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Effect of selenium status in the goat on the erythrocyte susceptibility to oxidative damage

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Effect of selenium supplementation on macrophage-mediated tumor cytodestruction

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Effect of semen diluent pH on sperm motility and fertility of ram semen

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Effect of seminal plasma components in the inseminate on conception rate, sperm transport and ovulation in sows

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Effect of seminal plasma on motility and acrosome morphology of boar spermatozoa stored at 4 degrees C

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Effect of seminal plasma on semen freezing and haemagglutinating activity in seminal plasma

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Effect of separate and combined treatment with N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea and gamma rays on variation in some quantitative characters in Phaseolus vulgaris (L.) Savi

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Effect of separate and concomitant inoculation of Heterodera cajani Koshy, 1967 and Fusarium solani Mart. (Sacc.) on cowpea growth and photosynthetic rate

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Effect of sepsis and surgery on trace minerals

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Effect of serotonin on food intake by piglets during the early postnatal period

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Effect of serum concentration on the sensitivity and specificity of the micro agglutination reaction in the diagnosis of leptospirosis in pigs, using L. biflexa strain Buenos Aires as antigen

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Effect of serum-free co-culture and synchrony of recipients on development of cultured sheep embryos to fetuses

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Effect of sethoxydim and fluchloralin alone and with manual weeding on weed control in chillies (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Effect of sethoxydim for control of Cynodon dactylon in coffee

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Effect of setting acidity on rheological and sensory properties of buffalo milk Cheddar cheese

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Effect of several antibiotics on growth of weaners

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Effect of several cover crops on the intensity and viability of Rigidoporus lignosus on rubber trees

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Effect of several factors on milk quality

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Effect of several herbicides on gladiolus plants cultivated from corms and cormels

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Effect of several insecticides on the mortality of immature stages of the cotton whitefly Aleurothrixus floccosus (Mask.) and the incidence of the beneficial insect Cales noacki How. in the laboratory

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Effect of several insecticides on the sweetpotato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Gennadius

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Effect of several kinds of foliar fertilizer and plant growth regulator on the growth and yield of garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Lumbu Hijau in the rainy season

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Effect of several kinds of poisonous bait on the black cutworm (Agrotis ipsilon Hufn.; Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and cabbage plant damage

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Effect of several management tactics on adult mortality and progeny production of Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on stored corn in the laboratory

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Effect of several soil cultivations on the changes of physical and mechanical properties of soil in Bangkalam, Madura

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Effect of several treatments of sugarcane bagasse on the production of cellulase

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Effect of severe food restriction on the gut following rotavirus infection in mice

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Effect of sewage irrigation on soil properties and yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Effect of sewage sludge application to ameliorate iron deficiency of grain sorghum

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Effect of sewage water irrigation on dry matter yield and heavy metal concentration in three forage grasses

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Effect of sex and castration on growth and composition

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Effect of sex hormones on natural antibodies in chickens

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Effect of sex of calf, season of calving and parity on placental weight and expulsion time in Surti buffaloes

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Effect of sex on carcass composition in Taoyuan pigs

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Effect of sex on fattening and slaughter performance of crossbred pigs fattened to different weights

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Effect of sex pheromones on gonad maturation and behaviour of the Baikal cisco, Coregonus autumnalis migratorius

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Effect of sex, breed type and method of wool removal on wool production of Angora rabbits

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Effect of sexual arousal on gonadotrophin-releasing hormone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in the stallion

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Effect of shade and chemical thinners on 'Redspur Delicious' fruit set

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Effect of shade and soil amendments on soil physical conditions in field seedbeds

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Effect of shade and soil moisture on seedling growth of two early successional tree species of Kumaun Himalaya

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Effect of shade trees on growth and alkaloid formation in Cinchona ledgeriana grown in Himalayan hills of Darjeeling

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Effect of shading on leaf apparatus and yield of rice plants

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Effect of shading on leaf development and chlorophyll content in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L)

Pellerin, S., 1991:
Effect of shading on the production of adventitious roots of maize during the early stages

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Effect of shading the panicles on grain filling and yield in sorghum

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Effect of shearing and level of concentrate feeding on the performance of finishing lambs

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Effect of shearing and plucking on wool yield and quality in Angora rabbits

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Effect of shearing on growth performance, water balance, thyroid activity and heat production of crossbred rams

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Effect of shearing on reproductive performance

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Effect of shearing once-yearly in January, once-yearly in July or twice-yearly in January and July on ewe performance

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Effect of shearing twice per annum on wool production

Mlika, M., 1989:
Effect of shelterbelts on citrus production

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Effect of sheltering and splashing water on feed conversion efficiency of inter se mated cross bred heifers during intense summer

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Effect of shelterwoods on stocking and growth of regeneration in dry high altitude Eucalyptus delegatensis forests

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Effect of shielded teatcup liners on acid degree value of milk

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Effect of shoot cutting frequency on reducing Gurdaspur borer infestation

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Effect of short term fasting on some aspects of energy metabolism in lambs after weaning

Schlink, A.C., 1990:
Effect of short term wet alkaline and urea treatment on degradability of maize and sorghum grain in nylon bags

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Effect of short-day treatment on flowering time as affected by plant ages and varietal differences in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

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Effect of short-term and long-term changes in hydraulic conditions on nitrifying biofilm

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Effect of short-term exposure of chickens to corticosterone on resistance to challenge exposure with Escherichia coli and antibody response to sheep erythrocytes

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Effect of short-term food deprivation on sleep in pigs

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Effect of short-term starvation on concentration and composition of plasma triglycerides in broiler chickens

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Effect of short-term storage conditions on viability and seedling vigour of sugarcane fuzz (seeds)

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Effect of short-term water stress on growth and yield in three barley varieties

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Effect of silage feeding on the microbiological quality of milk

Engel, G., 1989:
Effect of silage on microbial species in milk

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Effect of silica content on dry matter digestibility of tropical grasses

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Effect of silicate application during summer season on grass growth, yield and nutritive value in pasture

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Effect of silicate application on photosynthesis of rice plants

Ma, J.F.; Takahashi, E., 1991:
Effect of silicate on phosphorus availability for rice in a P-deficient soil

Han, M.S.; Kim, J.G., 1991:
Effect of silicate phosphate fertilizer on silage maize grown on newly reclaimed red-yellow soils. 1. Changes in the mineral component and yield performance of silage maize

Ruvalds, I., 1989:
Effect of silicon on hen metabolism

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Effect of silver iodide as an inducer of ice crystal formation on the viability of thawed mouse embryos

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Effect of silver nitrate on callus induction and plant regeneration in wheat

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Effect of silviculture on the production of high quality wood

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Effect of simazine on the biological activity of Azotobacter chroococcum

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Effect of simple superphosphate fertilization on agronomic characteristics and technological properties of fibre of cotton cultivars IAC 13-1, IAC 16 and IAC 17

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Effect of simulated acid mist on pine wilt disease

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Effect of simulated acid rain on the growth and yields of soyabeans and groundnuts

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Effect of simulated acidified canopy throughfall on the composition of percolate and the chlorophyll content from Pleurozium schreberi (Brid.) Mitt

Rahman, A.; James, T.K., 1989:
Effect of simulated rainfall and adjuvants on the activity of some grass herbicides

James, T.K.; Rahman, A., 1992:
Effect of simulated rainfall and adjuvants on the phytotoxicity of sulfonylurea herbicides

Caesar, J.C., 1990:
Effect of simulated shade-light quality on stem anatomy of Pinus contorta seedlings

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Effect of simultaneous changes in several factors on the strength of fork-tenoned joints

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Effect of simultaneous ingestion of L-amino acids and whole protein on plasma amino acid and urea nitrogen concentrations in humans

Loewy, T., 1990:
Effect of single and combined of N on wheat at three application dates

Varaprasad, K.S.; Kumar, P.A., 1991:
Effect of single and concomitant inoculations of Heterodera cajani and Fusarium solani on the activities of nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase in cowpea

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Effect of single and repeated application of antibiotics on the colonies of mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi Kalt

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Effect of single and split applications of N fertilizer on the growth of Norway spruce and Scots pine seedlings

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Effect of single or split application on plant characteristics, nutrient uptake and yield of wheat

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Effect of single oral non-lethal doses of trichlorphon on rumen function in Bubalus babalis

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Effect of sire and/or maternal grandsire on serum glucose and FFA levels in fattening cattle

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Effect of site conditions on yield characteristics of potato tubers

Mwakha, E., 1990:
Effect of size and duration of rim-lungs on tea yields and plucker productivity in the pruning year

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Effect of size of seed cloves on growth and yield of garlic

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Effect of size on the swelling and density of beech chips saturated in aqueous soda solutions

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Effect of skim milk supplementation on blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides in humans

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Effect of slaughter by removal from water on visual evoked activity in the brain and reflex movement of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

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Effect of slaughter weight on carcass characteristics and cutability of imported Merino wethers

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Effect of slope prediction methods on slope and erosion estimates

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Effect of slow-release urea on increasing soyabean yield

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Effect of slurry application on yield and quality of potato tubers

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Effect of small doses of anthracycline antibiotics on growth and development of agricultural plants

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Effect of smut on growth and yield parameters of sugarcane

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Effect of soaking seeds in some growth regulators and micronutrients on growth, some chemical constituents and yield of faba bean and cotton plants

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Effect of soaking, pressure and urea treatments on the dry-matter disappearance of poor quality roughages

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Effect of soaking, storage and scarification of cuttings on some growth characteristics of sycamore

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Effect of social class and nutrient intake on height and plasma insulin-like growth factor in Andean Equadorian children

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Effect of sodium 2,3-dichloroisobutyrate (DCIB-Na) on in vitro tuberization of potatoes

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Effect of sodium adsorption ratio and salinity on the selectivity coefficient for Na-Ca in alluvial soils of different textures

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Effect of sodium aluminosilicate on phosphorus utilization by chicks and laying hens

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Effect of sodium azide on soil nematodes in field conditions

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate and oils on the control of powdery mildew and black spot of roses

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate infusion on serum osmolality, electrolyte concentrations, and blood gas tensions in cats

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate on blood biochemistry of meat turkeys subjected to stress (high environmental temperature and humidity)

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Effect of sodium chloride and putrescine on growth and abscisic acid content of shoot system of rice (Oryza sativa L. var. GR-3)

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Effect of sodium chloride on callus cultures of moth bean Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechal cv. IPCMO 926

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Effect of sodium chloride on flotation of dolomite from apatite

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Effect of sodium chloride on growth indices of bean plants under different climatic conditions

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Effect of sodium chloride on histamine production

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Effect of sodium chloride on ionic composition of Azolla pinnata

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Effect of sodium chloride on the growth of several isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14

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Effect of sodium citrate addition on acid coagulation of skim milk retentate

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Effect of sodium depletion on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and the prostaglandins in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

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Effect of sodium hydroxide on the nutritive value of wheat straw supplemented with heated or unheated soyabean oilmeal for sheep. 1. Intake, apparent digestibility and nitrogen balance

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Effect of sodium hypochlorite and enzymes on the activity of egg pathogens of selected cyst and root-knot nematodes

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Effect of sodium nitrite level and curing temperature on physico-chemical characteristics of cured pork meat. 2. Changes in free amino acid composition

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Effect of sodium nitrite on growth of Shigella flexneri

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Effect of sodium nitrite on growth of animals and functional state of the thyroid gland

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Effect of sodium propionate on the growth profile of microorganisms (antimicrobial activity of sodium propionate)

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Effect of sodium stibogluconate on the status of interleukin-1 production in normal & Leishmania donovani infected BALB/c mice

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Effect of sodium tetrathiocarbonate, metalaxyl, and fosetyl-Al on development and control of Phytophthora root rot of citrus

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Effect of sodseeding method on ryegrass-clover mixtures for grazing beef animals

Arsova, A., 1990:
Effect of soil acidity on the internal neutralizing balance in Phaseolus vulgaris plants

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Effect of soil air composition on plant growth and nutrient uptake

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Effect of soil amendment with inorganic and organic sources of nitrogenous manures on the incidence of root rot and seed yield in sesamum

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Effect of soil amendments on yield of groundnut in calcareous soil of Saurashtra

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Effect of soil and climate on the productivity of cashew

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Effect of soil and crops pressure by tractor wheels on physical properties of soil, weediness and yields of barley and wheat. Part I. Changes in some soil physical properties

Rychlicka, W., 1989:
Effect of soil and fertilizer on the sulphur content of grassland fodder

Mehra, R.K.; Baser, B.L., 1989:
Effect of soil and foliar application of micronutrients on grain yield of wheat

Das, T.K.; Singh, D.N., 1989:
Effect of soil and foliar application of nitrogen on fruiting and yield of tomato

Mercik, S.; Stepien, W., 1989:
Effect of soil base saturation on yield and fodder value of cereal crops

Yoshimura T.; Tsunoda K.; Nishimoto K., 1989:
Effect of soil burial on the termiticidal performance of pyrethroids

Brozek, S., 1990:
Effect of soil changes caused by alder (Alnus rubra) on biomass and nutrient status of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedlings

Hirekurubar B.M.; Doddamani V.S.; Satyanarayana T., 1991:
Effect of soil compaction on physical properties and crop growth

Punyawardena, B.V.R.; Yapa, L.G.G., 1990:
Effect of soil compaction on potassium uptake, growth and yield of corn (Zea mays L.)

Mathan K.K.; Natesan R., 1990:
Effect of soil compaction on strength and productivity of swelling clay soil

Haunz F.X.; Maidl F X.; Fischbeck G., 1992:
Effect of soil compaction on the dynamics of soil and fertilizer nitrogen under winter wheat

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Effect of soil conditioners on the growth and flowering of Baccara roses

Mazurek, J.; Maj, L.; Kus, J., 1989:
Effect of soil conditions on yield in new varieties and lines of spring cereals

Hurst, A., 1988:
Effect of soil cooling on the water balance and growth of beech (Fagus sylvatica)

Cancio, T.; Pena Martinez, J.L.; Pena Valenti, F., 1990:
Effect of soil cover on soil erosion

Soman P.; Jayachandran R.; Peacock J.M., 1992:
Effect of soil crusting on seedling growth in contrasting sorghum lines

Rebandel, Z.; Szczygie, A., 1989:
Effect of soil disinfection on Pratylenchus penetrans populations and on growth and yield of raspberries

Archambault, L.; Gagnon, R.R.; Pelletier, G.; Chabot, M.; Belanger, L., 1990:
Effect of soil drainage and texture on the susceptibility of balsam fir and white spruce to attack by spruce budworm

Pung, SH.; Barbetti, MJ.; Sivasithamparam, K., 1992:
Effect of soil environment on infection of subterranean clover by Meloidogyne arenaria

Gordzhomeladze, O.L., 1990:
Effect of soil erosion and green manuring on the growth and cropping of citrus trees in intermontane conditions of Adzhariya

Tu, J.C., 1991:
Effect of soil flooding on the survival of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. pisi and Fusarium solani f.sp. pisi

Slusarski, C., 1989:
Effect of soil fumigation on growth, health and yield of several tomato cultivars

Tanaka, A., 1990:
Effect of soil hydraulic conductivity on transpiration rate of soybean

Sharma S.K.; Dohroo N.P., 1989:
Effect of soil hydrothermal regimes on the development of ginger yellows

Blanco, H.G.; Arevalo, R.A., 1991:
Effect of soil management on the month by month emergence of six weeds in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Effect of soil management system, fertilization and Alar 85 on the processing suitability of peach fruits

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Effect of soil moisture level on protein content and isoenzyme composition of some oxidases in apple leaves

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Effect of soil moisture on seed development

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Effect of soil moisture on the efficacy of 2,4-D and metsulfuron-methyl on rubber vine - preliminary investigation

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Effect of soil moisture on the efficacy of isoproturon for weed control in wheat

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Effect of soil moisture on the growth and development of seedlings of some grass species

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Effect of soil moisture regimes and nitrogen fertilization on onion

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Effect of soil moisture regimes and nitrogen management techniques on forage yield of oat

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Effect of soil moisture stress and compaction on nodulation, growth and yield of soybean

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Effect of soil nitrate on the growth and nodulation of lupins (Lupinus angustifolius and L. albus)

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Effect of soil nitrate on the growth and nodulation of winter crop legumes

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Effect of soil organic matter on chickpea inoculated with Azospirillum brasilense and Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. ciceri

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Effect of soil pH and Rhizobium strain on seedling growth and nodulation in Leucaena leucocephala

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Effect of soil pH and calcium amendments on peach yield, tree growth and longevity

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Effect of soil pH and temperature on seedling mortality of guar caused by Sclerotium rolfsii and its fungicidal control

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Effect of soil pH on Japanese beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) oviposition in potted turfgrass

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Effect of soil pH on pea root rots, yield and soil biology

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Effect of soil pH, soil water, light intensity, and temperature on perennial sowthistle (Sonchus arvensis L.)

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Effect of soil phosphate regime on yield

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Effect of soil preparation after wheat harvesting on the yields of stubble catch crops

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Effect of soil preparation methods on yield and other agronomic characteristics of maize and Phaseolus vulgaris in northeast Brazil

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Effect of soil provision with mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium on effectiveness of fertilizers in crop rotation

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Effect of soil sodicity on the yield, chemical composition and uptake of nutrients by jowar (Sorghum bicolor) cultivars grown for fodder

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Effect of soil solarization and SIP 5561 on Heterodera carotae and Ditylenchus dipsaci and on yield of carrot and onion

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Effect of soil solarization on incidence of Fusarium wilt of broad bean (Vicia faba)

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Effect of soil solarization on the yield of food legumes and on pest control

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Effect of soil temperature and moisture on survival ability of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. - a causal agent of foot rot of betelvine

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Effect of soil temperature in a drought exposure based seedling quality test

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Effect of soil temperature on control of some summer weeds

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Effect of soil temperature on the growth and performance of Azospirillum species with maize (Zea mays)

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Effect of soil temperature on the ratio between N2 and N2O produced during the denitrification process

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Effect of soil tillage methods on yields of maize and winter wheat under irrigated conditions

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Effect of soil tillage systems and fertilization on the amount of roots and post-harvest residues of wheat

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Effect of soil tillage systems on growth and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in southern Italy

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Effect of soil type and condition on field efficiencies of tillage implements

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Effect of soil type and crop cycle on root development and distribution pattern of a commercial sugarcane cultivar under normal irrigation and field conditions at Bacita Estate, Nigeria

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Effect of soil type and nutrient status on the yield and composition of tagetes oil (Tagetes minuta L.)

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Effect of soil type on juice quality of the sugarcane cultivar Ja.60-5 in the agroindustrial complex Candido Gonzalez

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Effect of soil type on pesticide threat to the soil/groundwater environment

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Effect of soil types on growth of Atylosia scarabaeoides Benth

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Effect of soil types on heavy metals accumulation. I. Grey-brown soil formed on slightly loamy sand

Gaszczyk, R., 1988:
Effect of soil types on heavy metals accumulation. II. Brown soil formed from heavy textured loam

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Effect of soil types on the growth of shoots and roots and the grain yields of wheat varieties

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Effect of soil water content on the winter survival of winter wheat, rye and triticale

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Effect of soil water deficit on stomatal behaviour in sugarcane

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Effect of soil water deficits on the growth and development of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) at different stages of growth

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Effect of soil water regimes and phosphorus on yield, nutrient uptake and water use efficiency of wheat

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Effect of soil water tension and harvest time on levels of infestation by Phoma foveata Foister in soil and on tubers and stems of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in northern Sweden

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Effect of soil-water matric potential and periodic flooding on mortality of pepper caused by Phytophthora capsici

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Effect of solanaceous hosts on toxicity and synergism of permethrin and fenvalerate in Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larvae

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Effect of solar heating of soil on the dynamics of soil mycoflora

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Effect of solar radiation on evapotranspiration

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Effect of solar radiation on the efficacy of flumethrin

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Effect of solar radiation on water and food intake and weight gain in Sarda and Comisana female lambs

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Effect of solarisation on sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii causing collar rot in betelvine

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Effect of solarization and Gliocladium virens on sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii, soil microbiota, and the incidence of southern blight of tomato

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Effect of solarization and fumigants on soil borne pathogens of pepper in greenhouse

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Effect of somatic cell count on coagulating properties of milk and cheesemaking

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Effect of somatotropin and protein supplement on thyroid function of dairy cattle

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Effect of somatotropin during the dry period on subsequent milk production and induced secretion of somatotropin, prolactin and insulin pre and postpartum

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Effect of somatotropin on carcass composition and meat quality in pigs

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Effect of some abiotic and biotic factors on the incidence of Monilinia spp. on the fruit of sweet cherry

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Effect of some air pollutants on contamination of agricultural crops

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Effect of some antibiotics as growth promoters on performance of broiler chicks fed different protein levels

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Effect of some bio-chemical factors on the fate of NH4+-N and NO3--N moving through soil columns

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Effect of some biologically active substances on lucerne seed yields

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Effect of some biologically active substances on the yield and quality of sugarbeet

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Effect of some chemicals on the viability of pear pollen grains and growth of the pollen tube

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Effect of some drugs on egg count and blood chemistry of Fasciola infested animals in mid-Egypt

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Effect of some electrolytes on in vitro rumen microbial protein synthesis in buffaloes

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Effect of some endogenous factors on the occurrence of diseases of limbs in German riding horses

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Effect of some environmental factors and the amount of energy in complete mixed feeds on the performance of broiler chickens

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Effect of some environmental factors on seed germination of Pennisetum setosum (Swartz) L.C. Rich

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Effect of some environmental factors on the results of tests for resistance to Fusarium disease of the ears under artificial infection in the field

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Effect of some external treatments and cultural practices on the occurrence of June drop in apple, with special reference to photosynthates and their translocation

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Effect of some factors of agricultural primary production in farm output in the tropical climate

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Effect of some factors on average extraction distance under different roading densities

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Effect of some factors on mycelium growth of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.) propagated by tissue culture

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Effect of some fruit characteristics on maturity index in three Citrus species

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Effect of some fungicides on common bunt of wheat Tilletia foetida (Wallr.) Liro in irrigated and non-irrigated fields

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Effect of some genetic and environmental factors on reproductive efficiency of pigs in a herd at Chontalpa, Tabasco

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Effect of some insecticides on the parasitoids and predators of the cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Genn

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Effect of some irrigation systems on growth, flowering and some mineral contents in rose plants grown in sandy soil

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Effect of some leys on the improvement of soil conditions

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Effect of some machine and crop factors on mechanical groundnut threshing

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Effect of some male sterile cytoplasms on stability of performance in maize hybrids

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Effect of some meteorological elements on the infection of Phytophthora palmivora on cocoa pods

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Effect of some natural pesticides on entomogenous muscardine fungi

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Effect of some nematicides on the yields and on the multiplication of nematode parasites of tomatoes in Martinique

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Effect of some non-genetic factors on calving interval in Surti buffaloes

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Effect of some organic wastes on the absorption and translocation of 32P in Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper seedling

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Effect of some pesticides on root-knot of brinjal caused by Meloidogyne incognita

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Effect of some physical factors on germination and sporidial potential index of teliospores of Neovossia indica, the pathogen of Karnal bunt of wheat

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Effect of some physical factors on inactivity of Bavistin

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Effect of some plant extracts on the hatching of Meloidogyne incognita

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Effect of some pollutants on crop production

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Effect of some polyamines on the functional activity of thylakoid membranes

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Effect of some propagation structures on rooting of stem cuttings of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

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Effect of some retardants and ethylene-producing preparations on yield and technological properties of sugarbeet

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Effect of some soil insecticides in controlling the major insect pests in teak nursery

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Effect of some stabilizers and sweetening materials on the properties of a new ice cream-like yoghurt

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Effect of some steroids and gonadotropins on germinal vesicle break-down in oocytes of the Indian catfish, Clarias batrachus

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Effect of some stionic combinations and host nutrition on viral/mycoplasmal diseases in citrus

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Effect of some systems for weed control by means of residual amounts of herbicides in the soil and in peppers

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Effect of some systems of herbicides on infestation and yield in transplant growing of pepper for seeds

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Effect of some technological treatments of milk on in vivo gastric emptying of immunoreactive whey proteins

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Effect of some treatments on rooting of apple rootstock P 22 in the nursery

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Effect of some virus diseases on the performance of two clones of 'Agua de Aranjuez' pear

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Effect of sometribove (recombinant methionyl bovine somatotropin) on milk production of cows on an all forage diet

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Effect of sorghum based intercropping systems on productivity, land equivalent ratio and economics in Mollisols of Nainital Tarai (U.P.)

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Effect of sorghum hybrid on site and extent of nitrogen digestion in beef steers

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Effect of sorghum phyllosphere fungi on the incidence of helminthosporiose disease

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Effect of sorghum red stripe virus (SRSV) on leaf chlorophyll and sugar content of stalk juice in different genotypes of sorghum

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Effect of sorghum red stripe virus on sorghum genotypes

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Effect of sorghum seed infection by Phoma sorghina on the germination

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Effect of sorghum yellow banding virus on yield of sorghum accessions

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Effect of sorghum, irradiated with fast electrons, on the physiological state of sheep

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Effect of source and dose of N fertilizer on chemical content of Virginia FC tobacco on the Grumusol soil of Bojonegoro

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Effect of source and level of dietary fibre on microbial fermentation in the large intestine of pigs

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Effect of source dose and time of sulphur application to groundnut on crop yields in groundnut-wheat cropping sequence

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Effect of source of carbohydrate and protein on nutrient utilization and milk production

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Effect of source of dietary protein on ileal amino acid availability in early weaned pigs

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Effect of source of dietary protein on performance of early weaned pigs

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Effect of source, dose and method of nitrogen application to rice crop on stem borer infestation

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Effect of source-sink manipulations on the crassulacean acid metabolism of Kalanchoe pinnata

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Effect of sources of phosphorus on growth and yield of two chickpea cultivars grown under different fertility levels

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Effect of sources of planting material and mulching on the growth and yield of 'Taro' (Colocasia esculenta L.)

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Effect of sow feeding, plane of nutrition and sex on the cholesterol content in fat and lean of Tuscan ham

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Effect of sowing date and N fertilization on the biological value (vigour) of winter wheat seed

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Effect of sowing date and fertilizer application on overwintering of stands and seed yield of fodder beet

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Effect of sowing date and nitrogen fertilizer application on yield and quality of spring wheat grain

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Effect of sowing date and planting densities on green feed yield and mineral nutrients of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor Moench var. saccharatum Korn)

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Effect of sowing date and rate on the yield and yield structure of winter triticale cv. Lasko

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Effect of sowing date and rate on yield and grain quality of winter wheat varieties

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Effect of sowing date and row spacing on the yield of lentil varieties

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Effect of sowing date and seed rate on the grain yield and protein content of winter barley

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Effect of sowing date and sowing rate on the development and seed yields of winter rape cultivars

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Effect of sowing date and spacing on seed yield of capsularis jute

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Effect of sowing date and spacing on the growth and yield of okra

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Effect of sowing date and spacings on herb and alkaloid yield of black henbane

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Effect of sprayer bounce and wind condition on spray pattern displacement of two agricultural nozzles

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Effect of stocking density and age of birds on the performance of turkeys under different systems of management

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Effect of storage at various temperature and humidity conditions on the survival of Salmonella enteritidis on the shell eggs

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Effect of storage before fermentation and after curing on quality attributes of cocoa

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Effect of storage conditions on briquette quality

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Effect of storage environment on brinjal (Solanum melongena) seed viability

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Effect of storage life of vines with and without leaves on the establishment and tuber yield of sweet potato

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Effect of storage on the vigour of maize seeds

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Effect of storage period on the survival and growth of Morus serrata Roxb. stumps

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Effect of storage temperature on durability of antimicrobial components against pathogenic bacteria in a fermented milk drink

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Effect of storage temperature on the color and quality of litchi fruit

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Effect of storage time and temperature on the aerobic plate count and on the community structure of two water samples

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Effect of storage time on sprouting and fibre yield by rhizome plantation in ramie (Boehmeria nivea (L.) Gaud.)

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Effect of storage treatments and methods of altering apical dominance of potato seed tubers (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Bintje) planted in the spring season on I. vegetative growth characteristic

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Effect of strategic treatment with specific bacteriocide (neomycin) or subinhibitive (tiamulin) antibiotic in experimentally induced post weaning E. coli syndrome