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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2089

Chapter 2089 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Story, J.M.; Boggs, K.W.; Nowierski, R.M., 1989:
Effect of two introduced seed head flies on spotted knapweed

Serrano G.J.R.; Gomez Alcantara, C.; Bermudez E.J., 1991:
Effect of two levels of energy supplementation on dairy goats grazing perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)

Muller, S.; Holmes, C.W.; Litherland, A.J., 1991:
Effect of two methods of fibre removal on the cold resistance of cashmere goats

Ratnayake, T.C.; Pathirana, K.K., 1989:
Effect of two methods of suckling on the yield of milk and the performance of calves

Goyal, D.; Roychoudhury, P.; Kaushik, B.D., 1991:
Effect of two new herbicides on growth and nitrogen fixation in Anabaena and Tolypothrix

Generalla, N.; Biblis, E.; Carino, H., 1989:
Effect of two resin levels on the properties of commercial southern OSB

Hernandez, D.; Carrion, M.; Cabello, R.; Castillo, D.; Rivero, L.; Pena, J.L., 1988:
Effect of two sources and two application methods of zinc on agricultural yield of irrigated rice

Bhat, G.A.; Aggarwal, C.K., 1989:
Effect of two stocking densities and cage level on egg quality and plasma alkaline phosphatase level of White Leghorn pullets

Grande, M.; Anderson, S., 1990:
Effect of two temperature regimes from a deep and and a surface water release on early development of salmonids

Nisperos, M.O.; Baldwin, E.A., 1988:
Effect of two types of edible films on tomato fruit ripening

Virendra Kumar; Mishra, B., 1991:
Effect of two types of pressmud cake on growth of rice-maize and soil properties

Chon S.B.; Savka O.G.; Brezina P.; Marounek M., 1989:
Effect of tylosin on rumen fermentation in vitro

Thielemans, M.F.; Bodart, C.; Busschots, V., 1991:
Effect of type of barley on performance of fattening pigs

Villamide M.J.; Fraga M.J.; C., 1991:
Effect of type of basal diet and rate of inclusion on the evaluation of protein concentrates with rabbits

Mehrotra, N.K.; Harmail Singh, 1991:
Effect of type of cuttings and Seradix-B on the rooting and plant growth of plum cv. Kala Amritsari

Michalet Doreau, B., 1990:
Effect of type of feed on the loss of particles in the estimation of degradability of feed nitrogen in sacco

Fraga, M.J.; Pérez de Ayala, P.; Carabaño, R.; de Blas, J.C., 1991:
Effect of type of fiber on the rate of passage and on the contribution of soft feces to nutrient intake of finishing rabbits

Atawia, B.A.; Hallabo, S.A.S.; Morsi, M.K., 1988:
Effect of type of solvent on quantity and quality of jasmine concrete and absolute

Sroller, J., 1990:
Effect of type of sugarbeet seed plant on percentage germination of seeds

Fialho, J.F.; Borges, A.C.; Barros, N.F., 1991:
Effect of type of vegetation cover on chemical and physical characteristics and microbial activity in a dystrophic red-yellow latosol

Babu, K.S.; Dinakar, P.; Batish, V.K.; Chander, H., 1990:
Effect of tyrosine concentration on tyramine production at different incubation temperatures

Ozimek, L.; Srilaorkul, S.; Ooraikul, B.; Hadziyev, D.; Wolfe, F., 1990:
Effect of ultrafiltration on casein micelle size distribution in retentate

Mahaut M.; Korolczuk J., 1992:
Effect of ultrafiltration plant design on the consistency of fresh cheese

Romanenko, I.M., 1990:
Effect of ultrasonic treatment and amphotericin B on Candida ultrastructure

Korotkevich, O.S., 1990:
Effect of ultrasound on motility and survival of boar spermatozoa

Kurjatko, S.; Marcok, M., 1990:
Effect of ultrasound on the penetration of preservative oil into spruce wood

Bansal P.S.; Sobti V.K., 1991:
Effect of ultrasound therapy on the healing of experimental muscular injury in dogs

Lataa, A.; Wakua Radzik, W., 1990:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation of eggs on hatchability and microbial flora of the egg shell

Singh, A.; Padmakar, 1991:
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on nutritional quality of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) seeds

Liska, E.; Borecky, V., 1991:
Effect of unchanging factors of landscape structure on yield formation in major crops

Berzaghi P.; Polan C.E., 1991:
Effect of undegradable protein on milk production and milk composition when cows were fed alfalfa haylage based diet

Herrera, M.F.; Hoyos, C.; Prado, E.; Orozco, H., 1991:
Effect of undernutrition on morbidity of infection in the surgical treatment of portal hypertension (prospective evaluation)

Singh, U.K.; Agarwal, K.N.; Shanker, R., 1990:
Effect of undernutrition on succinate dehydrogenase and acetylcholinesterase in developing rat brain

Jamriska, P., 1991:
Effect of undersowing lucerne in winter rye on fodder yield

Jamriska, P.; Surovcik, J., 1991:
Effect of undersowing lucerne into oats and barley on fodder yields

Khalil, G.M.; Hagras, A.E., 1990:
Effect of unfed female weight on the biology of Hyalomma (Hyalomma) dromedarii Koch (Acari: Ixodidae)

Choi, C.D.; Kim, S.C.; Lee, S.K., 1991:
Effect of uniconazole application on lodging of direct sown rice

Gerendai, I.; Motta, M., 1990:
Effect of unilateral vagotomy on serum gonadotropin concentration in rats with two testes and in hemicastrates

Knudsen, E.R.; Maage, A.; Julshamn, K., 1990:
Effect of unsaturated fat on zinc absorption in rats

Phipps R.H.; Weller R.F.; Elliott R.J.; Givens D.I.; Moss A.R., 1990:
Effect of untreated or chemically upgraded barley straw with highly digestible grass silage on intake and performance of lactating cows

Barantsev, A.S., 1989:
Effect of uprooting stumps by explosives on some soil properties

Gayubo, S.F.; Torres, F., 1989:
Effect of urban pressure on bees and wasps (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) in Salamanca. I. General considerations

Gayubo, S.F.; Torres, F., 1990:
Effect of urban pressure on bees and wasps (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) in Salamanca. III: Eumenidae and Vespidae

Pereira, J.C.; Queiroz, A.C. de; Silva, J.F.C. da; Oliveira, D.J. de, 1992:
Effect of urea and anhydrous ammonia treatment of maize stover on intake of DM and apparent digestibility of nutrients

Sharma, J.P.; Jain, J.M., 1991:
Effect of urea granule size and cadmium doses on urea transformation in relation to N recovery and yield of paddy

Lazarov, I.; Aleksandrov, S., 1989:
Effect of urea on cysteine and methionine absorption in the rumen and their incorporation into body protein

Singh, J.N.; Rajput, C.B.S.; Shiv Prakash, 1991:
Effect of urea spray on fruit retention and physico-chemical composition of mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. 'Amrapali'

Moreira, O.M.S.C., 1991:
Effect of urea supplementation on mineral availability

Singhal, K.K.; Sharma, D.D., 1991:
Effect of urea supplementation or ammoniation of wet maize bran mixed with paddy straw on nutrient utilization in buffalo calves

Talukder, M.A.I.; Islam, M.N.; Husain, S.M.I., 1990:
Effect of urea treated and untreated rice straw with undegradable protein on voluntary feed intake, milk yield and body weight changes of indigenous cows

Ramana, J.V.; Krishna, N.; Parthasarathy, M.; Prasad, J.R., 1990:
Effect of urea treatment on the protein degradability of pearlmillet straw

Letardi, A.; Caffarelli, V., 1990:
Effect of using a liquid semi-artificial larval diet on the rearing of Chrysoperla carnea (Steph.) (Planipennia, Chrysopidae)

Dujin, T.; Jovanovic, V.; Suvakov, D.; Milkovic, Z., 1991:
Effect of using amitraz preparations for several years on the development of resistant strains of Varroa jacobsoni

Valdes, S.; Velazco, E.; Aguado, E.; Capote, M., 1989:
Effect of using different amounts of protein during the replacement stage on the reproductive period in turkeys

Abidur Reza; Islam, M.S., 1988:
Effect of using poultry droppings as partial source of calorie and protein in the diets for laying hens

Urbaniak, M.; Potkanski, A.; Konowalczyk Przybecka, I., 1991:
Effect of using rapeseeds in diets for sheep on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance

Sinatra, M.C.; Fasone, V.; Barresi, S.;, G., 1987:
Effect of using wheat, barley and triticale in monocereal diets for rabbits

Velez, J.; Randel, R.; Neuendorff, D., 1991:
Effect of uterine manipulation on postpartum fertility and plasma 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2 alpha in Brahman cows and first-calf heifers

Andrade, V.J.; Conciani, A.C.; Azevedo, N.A., 1991:
Effect of uterine massage and/or temporary interruption of suckling on the reproductive efficiency of primiparous Nelore cows

Resende, H.R.A.; Saturnino, H.M.; Norte, A.L., 1991:
Effect of uterine massage during the postpartum period on the reproductive performance of primiparous zebu cows suckled once daily

Conciani, A.C.; Andrade, V.J.; Azevedo, N.A., 1992:
Effect of uterine massage, combined with temporary weaning, on reproductive performance of primiparous beef cows

Sakar, D.; Biin, Z.; Prevendar, A., 1991:
Effect of vaccination against avian infectious bursitis on the activity of liver microsomal monooxygenases in broiler chicks

Lipiec, M.; Zorawski, C., 1992:
Effect of vaccination against dermatomycoses on tuberculin reactions in cattle

Novoa Martinez, F.J.; Escobedo De la Pena, J.; Perez Leon, J.L.; Escandon Romero, C., 1991:
Effect of vaccination on the morbidity of measles, in a population covered by the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social

Daigneault, J.; Thurmond, M.; Anderson, M.; Tyler, J.; Picanso, J.; Cullor, J., 1991:
Effect of vaccination with the R mutant Escherichia coli (J5) antigen on morbidity and mortality of dairy calves

Badran, A.E., 1992 :
Effect of vacuum and pulsation rate on milking ability in Egyptian buffaloes

Przybyowski, P.; Smiechowska, M., 1990:
Effect of variable addition of KNO3 on the quality of Zuawski cheese. I. Changes in nitrates content during ripening

Jawaharlal, M.; Durairaj, P.; Subburamu, R.; Dharmaraj, G.; Irulappan, I., 1989:
Effect of variable doses of nitrogen on acid lime growth and yield

Huisman, J.; van der Poel, A.F.; Mouwen, J.M.; van Weerden, E.J., 1990:
Effect of variable protein contents in diets containing Phaseolus vulgaris beans on performance, organ weights and blood variables in piglets, rats and chickens

Macharia, D.W.; D.C.sta, V., 1990:
Effect of variable salt content in irrigation water on soil water retention and available moisture of some Kenyan soils

Full, R.J.; Zuccarello, D.A.; Tullis, A., 1990:
Effect of variation in form on the cost of terrestrial locomotion

Comstock J.; Ehleringer J., 1990:
Effect of variations in leaf size on morphology and photosynthetic rate of twigs

Colin, O.; Laurent, F.; Vignon, B., 1990:
Effect of variations in milk protein level on milk protein composition

Florek, S.; Rydzik, W.; Rusiecka, I., 1989:
Effect of varied mineral fertilizer dressing of the Kowra variety of fodder beet on its chemical composition, digestibility and nitrogen balance and on some rumen digestion values in young rams

Florek, S.; Rydzik, W.; Rusiecka, I., 1989:
Effect of varied mineral fertilizer dressing of the Unia variety of fodder beet on its chemical composition, digestibility and nitrogen balance and on some rumen digestion values in young rams

Porwal, M.K.; Bhatnagar, G.S.; Dhakar, L.L., 1990:
Effect of varied spacing on weeds in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Jain, N.K.; Jain, H.C.; Sharma, A.K.; Upadhyaya, V.B., 1990:
Effect of varieties and row spacing on black gram in Malwa plateau of M.P

E.S.eikh, M.A.K.; Herakly, F.A.; Ismail, I.I., 1990:
Effect of varieties and sowing dates of flax on the rate of infestation with the leaf-miner, Phytomyza atricornis Mg

Peng, W.K.; Chen, S.C., 1989:
Effect of varieties of cereal and some additives on development and egg yield in Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton)

Dahiya, S.S.; Faroda, A.S.; Singh, J.P., 1988:
Effect of varieties, sowing time and seeding depth on yield attributes and yield of chickpea under rainfed conditions

Zaman, M.S.; Saadullah, M.; Haque, M.; Dolberg, F., 1992:
Effect of variety and lime treatment on the chemical composition and digestibility of paddy straw

Sahid, M.; Titiek, Y.; Gothama, A.A.A., 1990:
Effect of variety and population of cotton and fertilizer rate of maize on growth and production in an intercrop

Dheer Singh; Sharma, K.C., 1990:
Effect of variety, row spacing and weed control treatments on yield and quality of soybean seed

Gulati, J.M.L.; Mishra, B.; Sen, A.; Sarkar, A.K.; Taha, M., 1989:
Effect of various N-sources on yield and N-efficiency of wet land rice and their carry over effect under constraints of nitrogen on succeeding rice

Izquierdo, J.V.; Czarnecki-Maulden, G.L., 1991:
Effect of various acidifying agents on urine pH and acid-base balance in adult cats

Santokh Singh; Harnam Singh, 1990:
Effect of various carbon and nitrogen sources on the growth of Sclerotinia trifoliorum

Ahmad, M.; Hussain, T.; Mehdi, S.S., 1991:
Effect of various charcoal rot isolates on agronomic traits of exotic sunflower inbred lines

Reynolds, P.E.; Roden, M.J., 1991:
Effect of various chemical site preparation treatments on free-to-grow status of black spruce

Gupta, R.P.; Usha Mehra; Pandey, U.B., 1989:
Effect of various chemicals on viability of onion seed in storage

Mathur, A.C.; Benjamin, B.P.; Sahni, K.L., 1990:
Effect of various cooling rates on freezing of bull semen

Florek, S.; Wolszczak, J.; Rusiecka, I.; Rydzik, W.; Stanek, M., 1989:
Effect of various dietary energy sources on the main indicators of organic matter fermentation in the rumen and on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in sheep

Kolarski, D.; Mosorinski, N.; Krstic, O.; Koljajic, V., 1989:
Effect of various doses of gamma -radiation on nutritive value of lucerne

Gerhards, H.; Radicke, S.; Mao, C.L., 1992:
Effect of various drugs on small intestinal transit of feed in horses

Niznikowski, R.; Rant, W.; Tyszka, L.J.; Janikowski, T.J., 1991 :
Effect of various factors on some milk performance traits in East Friesian and Corriedale type ewes during a 12-week lactation

Giannoukou, M.; Kehagias, H.; Katsipes, A., 1989:
Effect of various factors on the characteristics and yield of cheese coagulum and strained yoghurt manufactured from various types of milk

Przybylska, H.; Reklewski, Z.; ukaszewicz, M., 1991:
Effect of various feeding rations on growth of heifers with different proportions of Holstein inheritance

Sajko, J.; Skorko Sajko, H.; Lewicki, C.; Puchajda, Z., 1989:
Effect of various feeds used for feeding heifers on digestion of nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates in the rumen

Grewal, P.S.; Sohi, H.S., 1989:
Effect of various fungal metabolites on Aphelenchoides composticola Franklin and its multiplication on some fungi

Shukla D.S.; Chaturvedi R.; Srivastava S.K., 1990:
Effect of various fungicides on microbial population of soil and some soil factors

Mothes, T.; Muhle, W.; Kocna, P., 1988:
Effect of various gliadin preparations on different brush border enzymes of foetal chicken intestine

Liang, I.; Lee, S.L.; Huang, C.C.; Chen, S.H., 1991:
Effect of various grass feeding on fatty acid composition of dairy raw milk

Arvind Krishna; Sharma, B.K., 1989:
Effect of various growth hormones on the basidiospores germination of Pholiota destruens (Brond) Gillet

Arvind Krishna; Sharma, B.K., 1989:
Effect of various growth regulators on the mycelial yield of Pholiota destruens (Brond) Gillet

Kido, Y.; Tada, F.; Terai, S.; Shizuka, F.; Inoue, G.; Kishi, K., 1988:
Effect of various heat treatments on the digestibility of soy whey protein

Splittstoesser D.F.; Stoyla B.O., 1989:
Effect of various inhibitors on the growth of lactic acid bacteria in a model grape juice system

Kumar S.; Sahni K.L.; Mohan G.; Benjamin B.R., 1992:
Effect of various levels of glycerol on keeping quality of buffalo semen in dilutors without yolk at refrigeration temperature

Singh Lodhi, A.K.; Tewari, G.N.; Pathak, R.K., 1990:
Effect of various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on flowering of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ram)

Ahlawat, V.P.; Yamdagni, R., 1988:
Effect of various levels of nitrogen and potassium application on growth, yield and petiole composition of grapes cv. Perlette

van der Torre, H.W.; Van Dokkum, W.; Schaafsma, G.; Wedel, M.; Ockhuizen, T., 1991:
Effect of various levels of selenium in wheat and meat on blood Se status indices and on Se balance in Dutch men

Nakagawa, M.; Hiramatsu, Y.; Mitsuyoshi, K.; Yamamura, M.; Hioki, K.; Yamamoto, M., 1991:
Effect of various lipid emulsions on total parenteral nutrition-induced hepatosteatosis in rats

Flis, M.; Lewicki, C.; Tywonczuk, J.; Bednarska, A., 1989:
Effect of various methods of preparing field bean seeds on protein quality, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in growing pigs

Janowska, B.; Koodziej, H.; Krasnodebska Depta, A.; Koncicki, A.; Matuszewska, E., 1990:
Effect of various methods of vaccination against Newcastle disease on antibody titres in laying hens kept in cages

Huddar, A.G.; Chandramouli, H.D.; Chikkasubbanna, V., 1989:
Effect of various modes of application of calcium chloride on ripening of banana cv. Robusta

Taparia A.L.; Jat R.P., 1989:
Effect of various nitrogen supplements on utilization of mature dry grass by dairy heifers

Mehta, A.; Mehta, P.; Chopra, S., 1991:
Effect of various nitrogenous sources on the production of pectolytic and cellulolytic enzymes by Fusarium oxysporum and F. moniliforme

Dossow, A. von; Muller, W., 1992:
Effect of various organic and inorganic dusts on the survival of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus on filter discs

Brechelt, A., 1991:
Effect of various organic manures on the efficiency of Azospirillum lipoferum

Barreto, L., 1991:
Effect of various percentages and types of trash on sugar yield

Somlyay I.M.; Varnagy L.E.; Pavliscsak C., 1989:
Effect of various pesticides on plasma biochemistry of chicken embryos

Tikhonov, A.I.; Rogozhin, B.A.; Porokhnyak, L.A.; Mamontova, N.S.; Yarnykh, T.G.; Budnikova, T.M.; Yavtushenko, S.V., 1987:
Effect of various pharmaceutical forms of propolis on membrane permeability indexes

Lin, Z.S.; Huang, Z.X.; Tang, W.Q.; Lin, M.G., 1991:
Effect of various physiological states of rice seeds on radiation-induced mutations

Parmar, P.; Chundawat, B., 1989:
Effect of various post-harvest treatments on the physiology of Kesar mango

Cheshire M.V.; Mundie C.M.; Lomax J.A., 1991:
Effect of various procedures on the yield of methylated carbohydrate substances obtained from soil

Su, A.; Yun, S.S., 1990:
Effect of various protein sources in diets in growth performance of hybrid doelings

Jeon, J.M.; Maeng, W.J., 1991:
Effect of various ratios of roughage to concentrate upon in vitro digestibilities

Chupka, E.I.; Vershal' , V.V.; Panchukova, S.V.; Bychenkova, E.A., 1990:
Effect of various reagents on the biosynthesis of lignin and carbohydrates. 1. Effectiveness of initiation and inhibition of biosynthesis in callus tissues of Scots pine

Chupka, E.I.; Vershal' , V.V.; Panchukova, S.V., 1990:
Effect of various reagents on the biosynthesis of lignin and carbohydrates. 2. Inhibited biosynthesis in Scots pine seed sprouts

Meulen, J. van der; Bakker, J.G.M., 1991:
Effect of various sources of dietary fibre on chemico-physical characteristics of digesta in the stomach and the small intestine of the pig

Szwagrzyk, M., 1988:
Effect of various systems of plant spacing on yield and quality of Virginia tobacco

Kosobrukhov A.A.; Tsonev T.; Velichkov D.; Stanev V., 1990:
Effect of various temperatures in the root zone and light intensities on photosynthesis and transpiration of tomato plants

Silva, W.R. da; Marcos Filho, J., 1990:
Effect of various water availabilities, effected by physiological pre-conditioning during germination of maize seeds on seedling development

Stepanok, V.V.; Golenetskii, S.P., 1990:
Effect of various zinc compounds on crop yields and zinc uptake by plants

Lienau, F.W., 1990:
Effect of varroacide and pesticide treatment on honeybees

Bertechini, A.G.; Rostagno, H.S.; Soares, P.R.; Oliveira, A.I.G. de, 1991:
Effect of varying energy intake during starting and finishing periods on performance and carcass quality of broiler fowls

Bhan, S.; Agrawal, S.K.; Khokhar, R.P.S., 1989:
Effect of varying frequencies or irrigation and levels of nitrogen on the yield of wheat under saline-sodic condition

Aletor, V.A., 1989:
Effect of varying levels of fishmeal substitution with soyabean meal on certain serum metabolites and haematological indices in the chicken

Ghosh, B.; Mitra, S.K., 1990:
Effect of varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on yield and quality of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) cv. Bombai

Natarajan, P.; Srinivasan, K., 1989:
Effect of varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on yield attributes and yield of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)

Gonzalez, A.L.; Wyman, J.A., 1991:
Effect of varying potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) population densities on snap bean yield

Alawa, J.P.; Karibi Botoye, D.T.; Ndukwe, F.O.; Berepubo, N.A., 1989:
Effect of varying proportions of brewers' dried grains on the growth performance of young rabbits

Rao, Z.P.; Prasad, D.A., 1989:
Effect of varying roughage to concentrate ratio on the outflow of chromium-treated protein supplement from the rumen of steers

Gowda, M.K.M.; Anand, T.N.; Khan, T.A., 1991:
Effect of varying row spacings on herbage yield of irrigated lucerne

Deynze, A.E. van; McVetty, P.B.E.; Scarth, R.; Rimmer, S.R., 1992:
Effect of varying seeding rates on hybrid and conventional summer rape performance in Manitoba

Forner, C.; Kolb, E.; Taubert, U., 1991:
Effect of varying the crude protein concentration of chicken feed from the 1st to 14th day after hatching on body mass development, on the biochemical parameters of liver and superficial pectoral muscle, and on the total protein and albumin content of serum

Lauciuviene, S.; Aleknaviciene, B., 1989:
Effect of varying types of feeding on productivity of sheep

Ogwuegbu S.O.; Hashizume T.; Kanematsu S., 1990:
Effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide on the release of luteinizing hormone and prolactin in vitro from perifused goat pituitary and hypothalamus

Kyzlasov, V.G., 1989:
Effect of vectorizing evolutionary transformations of organisms by gene interaction spectra

Semwal, A.D.; Arya, S.S., 1990:
Effect of vegetable oils on the stability of carotenoids in fried Bengalgram dhal

Tsukamoto, Y., 1990:
Effect of vegetation on debris slide occurrences on steep forested slopes in Japan Islands

Asoegwu, S.N., 1991:
Effect of vegetative cover, mulching and planting time on some soil physical properties and soil loss in pineapple plots

Ikeguchi, A.; Nara, M., 1992:
Effect of ventilation on distribution of carbon dioxide concentration in windowless swine farrowing house

Zuidhof, M.; Feddes, J.J.R.; Robinson, F.E.; Ridell, C., 1992:
Effect of ventilation rate and bird density on turkey health and performance

Feddes, J.J.R.; Taschuck, K.; Robinson, F.E.; Ridell, C., 1991:
Effect of ventilation rate and oiled litter on air quality, health and performance of heavy tom turkeys

Salom, S.M.; Billings, R.F.; Upton, W.W.; Dalusky, M.J.; Grosman, D.M.; Payne, T.L.; Berisford, C.W.; Shaver, T.N., 1992:
Effect of verbenone enantiomers and racemic endo-brevicomin on response of Dendroctonus frontalis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to attractant-baited traps

Jenuskevicius, A., 1989:
Effect of vermiculite on the accumulation of vitamin A in the liver and egg yolk in birds

Podol' nyi, V.Z.; Agamalova, S.R.; Koksharova, T.A.; Chailakhyan, M.K., 1990:
Effect of vernalization and photoperiod on the growth of young leaves in plants of winter wheat differing in a single gene of the vrn and ppd system

Podol' nyi, V.Z.; Agamalova, S.R.; Koksharova, T.A.; Chailakhyan, M.K., 1990:
Effect of vernalization and the photoperiod on growth of young leaves in soft wheat plants differing in one gene of the vrn and ppd systems

Traveset, A., 1992:
Effect of vertebrate frugivores on bruchid beetles that prey on Acacia farnesiana seeds

Patil, S.N.; Morey, D.K.; Pore, D.B., 1991:
Effect of vertical mulching on moisture conservation and yield of sorghum-pigeonpea intercropping

Suratt, P.M.; McTier, R.F.; Findley, L.J.; Pohl, S.L.; Wilhoit, S.C., 1992:
Effect of very-low-calorie diets with weight loss on obstructive sleep apnea

Champawat, R.S.; Somani, L.L., 1990:
Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and phosphorus fertilizer on cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba)

Sharma, A.K.; Renu Singh; Singh, U.S., 1988:
Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza on uptake of phosphorus and zinc in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

A.M.many ; A.R.ddad, A., 1988:
Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on Fusarium wilt of tomato and pepper

Jaizme Vega, M.C.; Azcon, R., 1991:
Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on pineapple in the Canary Islands

Tratsevskaya, E.Yu, 1989:
Effect of vibration on dynamic properties of water-unsaturated sandy loam soils

Albel Singh; Singh, Y., 1992:
Effect of vibrations during transportation on the quality of tomatoes

Danilik, V.N.; Makarenko, G.P.; Tolkach, O.V., 1989:
Effect of vibrations of tree roots on soil permeability

Vieites, R.L.; Brinholi, O., 1991:
Effect of vinasse application on the productions of sugarcane (Saccharum spp), alcohol and sugar

Zolotarevskaya, D.I., 1991:
Effect of visco-elastic soil properties and friction forces on tractor ability and compacting action of wheeled tractors on the soil

Ziemann, C.; Kittel, R.; Schillinger, H., 1991:
Effect of visible light on the rearing performance of laboratory mammals (albino mice of the AB/Jena Halle strain)

Medzyavichyus, A.K.; Bebravichyus, V.Y.; Drebitskene, G.A.; Mozalene, E.E., 1989:
Effect of vitamin A and C on immunity to trichuriasis in piglets under industrial farming conditions

Chervyak, M.N., 1988:
Effect of vitamin A deficiency on activity of ATPase and transport function of erythrocyte membranes

Ahmed, F.; Jones, D.B.; Jackson, A.A., 1991:
Effect of vitamin A deficiency on the immune response to epizootic diarrhoea of infant mice (EDIM) rotavirus infection in mice

Ferreri-Santi, L.; Agostacchio, C.; Rosellini, C.; Casali, A.M.; Percario, M.; Visconti, P.; Carlone, S.; Parodi, S.; Allavena, G., 1990:
Effect of vitamin A on chemotactic and chemoinvasive behaviour of an osteosarcoma cell line

Panth,, L.R.vinder, P.S.vakumar, B., 1991:
Effect of vitamin A supplementation on plasma progesterone and estradiol levels during pregnancy

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Effect of zinc on growth of soybean

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Effect of zinc on the growth of young bulls

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Effect of zinc on the yield of rice cultivar J-104 and on plant iron and zinc content

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Effect of zinc on yield and nutrient content of summer forage sorghum

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Effect of zinc on yield of Hericium erinaceus

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Effect of zinc on yield, quality and nutrient composition of Japanese mint and availability of nutrients in soil

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Effect of zinc sources on yield and utilization of zinc in rice-wheat sequence

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Effect of zinc sulphate on secretion of gastric juice and pepsin in rats

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Effect of zinc supplementation of the feed on quality of frozen semen from Holstein bulls

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Effect of zinc supplementation on serum cholesterol concentration in young women

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Effect of zinc-deficient diet of varying duration on intestinal disaccharidase activity in the rat

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Effect on Cotesia marginiventris (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) when rearing host fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on meridic diet containing foliage from resistant or susceptible corn genotypes

Jaiswal, N.; Singh, V.P., 1991:
Effect on antibiotic sensitivity on Clostridium perfringens type B following exposure to elevated temperature or treatment of cells with ethidium bromide and novobiocin

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Effect on chip quality of the technical condition of the angle of cutting in chipping machines

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Effect on consumption and marketing of wheat contaminated with seedgalls of Anguina tritici

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Effect on cultural conditions in vitro on the reproductive capacity of micropropagated strawberry plants

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Effect on different diets on pH, total volatile fatty acid (TVFA) and ammonia in the rumen of goat

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Effect on environment, fish and farmer of new biocides used against sea lice compared to Nuvan

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Effect on following crops of herbicides applied to winter rape

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Effect on growth performance of inoculation of Ruminococcus albus and Staphylococcus warneri

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Effect on hemodynamics of a liquid meal alone and in combination with propranolol in cirrhosis

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Effect on intelligence of relaxing the low phenylalanine diet in phenylketonuria

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Effect on layer performance and shell quality of switching limestones with different solubilities

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Effect on lipid metabolism of beet fibre in desert nomads with low habitual fibre intake

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Effect on nitrogen and weed management in rice fallow

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Effect on plowing depth of various lengths of vertical beam of Janggi for powertiller

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Effect on potato bruising of physical and chemical properties

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Effect on production traits of administration of rbST for up to three consecutive lactations

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Effect on root secretion of water-hyacinth on several bacteria

Dominguez, M.T.; Esparcia, E.G.; Penalva, F., 1988:
Effect on seed germination of the water-soluble extract of leaves of introduced (Eucalyptus globulus) and native Mediterranean species (Quercus suber, Q. ilex, Pinus pinea, Cistus ladanifer and Halimium halimifolium)

Moitra, A.; Lal, R., 1989:
Effect on sublethal doses of malathion and BHC on the intestine of the fish Puntius sarana

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Effect on the entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium lecanii (Zimm.) Viegas of the powdery mildew fungus Erysiphe communis (Wallroth)

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Effect on the growth of rainbow trout of rations with high levels of soyabean meal instead of fish meal or with lipid supplementation

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Effect on the liver of stepwise increase of energy during total parenteral nutrition

Goyal, G.K., 1991:
Effect on the oxygen transmission rate of flexible packages during storage of chhana

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Effect on tomato plant growth of glyphosate applied before transplanting and direct sowing

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Effect on virulence of Phytophthora cactorum isolates to different apple rootstocks as influenced by their growth stage and season

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Effect on yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir) of soil spray and seed treatment with the nematicide-insecticide oxamyl L, and soil treatments with phenamiphos 15G

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Effect that providing fishing information has on angler expectations and satisfaction

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Effect, use and toxicity of antibacterial agents employed in Cuba

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Effective and ecologically safe application of herbicides

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Effective and economic parasite control

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Effective and economical control of sugarcane borer by Furadan 3G

Manager Singh; Singh, R.A.; Vishwakarma, L.K.; Verma, V.D., 1991:
Effective and economical doses of some recommended insecticides for the control of black bug (Macropes excavatus Dist.) in U.P

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Effective chip to eradicate wild bananas (Musa violascens and Musa acuminata malaccensis): an experience in Sumatra, Indonesia

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Effective cleaning, gentle on people and the environment

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Effective components in cuttlefish meal and raw krill for improvement of quality of red seabream Pagrus major eggs

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Effective control of Listeria monocytogenes in a dairy processing and packaging plant by isothiazolone microbicide

Chiesa F., 1991:
Effective control of varroatosis using powdered thymol

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Effective cost-share rates and the distribution of social costs in the Rock Creek, Idaho, Rural Clean Water Project

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Effective destruction of honey bee colonies

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Effective farming models of agroforestry in Doan Hung District, Vinh Phu Province

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Effective foraging ranges of feral colonies

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Effective groups and group extension: key to land care action

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Effective handling of plant tissue culture

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Effective heat unit summation and base temperature for the development of rice plant. II. On heading, flowering, grain development and maturing of rice

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Effective heat utilization during the manufacture of quarg and cheese

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Effective integrated method of weed control in groundnut

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Effective land use planning through an interdisciplinary approach

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Effective management of established osteoporosis

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Effective management of food packaging: from production to diposal

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Effective management of parks and recreation information

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Effective marketing of weed control

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Effective method of subsoiling

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Effective methods of air heating during forced ventilation of hay

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Effective methods of increasing grain set in tetraploid rye

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Effective of damage caused by Eurygaster integriceps on wheat seeding quality

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Effective on-farm irrigation scheduling in the humid southeast

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Effective plant crude-extracts on the tick (Boophilus microplus) I. Larvicidal action

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Effective plant regeneration from rice protoplasts

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Effective pollination period and ovule longevity in Prunus avium L

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Effective pollination period in apricot cultivars

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Effective production of Cydia pomonella granulosis virus in the alternate host Cryptophlebia leucotreta (Lep.: Tortricidae)

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Effective production potential in agriculture

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Effective properties for modeling unsaturated flow in large-scale heterogeneous porous media

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Effective protection of beet against frost

E.Swaify, S.A., 1991:
Effective resource conservation on hillslopes

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Effective rumen degradability of dry matter and nitrogen in some industrial byproducts

Pathak, V.N., 1991:
Effective rural publicity by banks

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Effective size of nonrandom mating populations

Lee, J.S., 1990:
Effective sub-culture medium for plantlets of Cymbidium kanran originated from rhizome culture in vitro

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Effective teaching in adapted physical education

Paranich, I.M.; Ermolenko, V.A., 1990:
Effective technology for reprocessing liquid manure

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Effective treatment of stephanofilarial dermatitis in cattle

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Effective use in livestock feeds of mouldy and weather-damaged grain containing mycotoxins-case histories and economic assessments pertaining to pig and poultry industries of Queensland

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Effective use of chemicals for fodder conservation

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Effective use of meters of the operational speed of farm machinery and methods of their assessment

uczak, W.; Pres, J.; Jamroz, D., 1989:
Effective use of rumensin bolus when feeding young fattening cattle on large quantities of green bulky feeds

Crabtree, R.H., 1991:
Effective utilisation of milk carbohydrates

Gunawardena, T.P., 1989:
Effective utilization of financial resources in relation to productivity

Vorob' ev, E.S., 1991:
Effective utilization of green feed by lactating cows

Pecina, H., 1990:
Effective utilization of lignocellulosic secondary raw materials and waste products for the manufacture of industrial materials

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Effective utilization of wood mass

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Effective weed control through weedicides in plantation crops

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Effectiveness and economic value of separate use of insecticides and herbicides as compared to the use of insecticides in tank mix with herbicides in oilseed rape

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Effectiveness and efficiency of experts: an evaluation of agricultural economists

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Effectiveness and evolution of major forms of marketing and distribution in industrialized countries

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Effectiveness and impacts of agricultural best management practices: a systems approach

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Effectiveness and route of administration of vitamin B12

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Effectiveness and success of protection measures against game browsing in Norway spruce and Douglas fir plantations

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Effectiveness of Bolumisole 1 in the treatment of gastro-intestinal parasitosis in sheep in the Republic of Mali

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Effectiveness of Botran and DPX 965 as growth inhibitors of Ascosphaera aggregata (Ascosphaeraceae) in the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

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Effectiveness of CAY (Automated Control System) in the case of hydromechanical transmission

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Effectiveness of CO2 in a vacuum autoclave at different temperatures on Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Sitophilus oryzae (L.)

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Effectiveness of Foxverm against toxocariasis in foxes

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Effectiveness of Myco Curb additive used for preserving wheat, horse-bean and feed mixture for piglets

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Effectiveness of NDF from ground corn cobs and wheat middlings compared to alfalfa silage

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Effectiveness of Nomolt alone or mixed with a biological preparation against Lymantria dispar larvae (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

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Effectiveness of Norway spruce production by intensive methods

Knyazyuk, O.V., 1991:
Effectiveness of PABK applied to maize

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Effectiveness of Polish repellents according to users

Simon, T., 1990:
Effectiveness of Rhizobium leguminosarum strains in combination with some newly bred varieties of garden pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Effectiveness of Sumagic and Bonzi tablets on poinsettia

Lama, F.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of Thuricide and its mixture

Garcia Roa, F., 1991:
Effectiveness of Trichogramma spp. in biological control programs in the Cauca Valley, Colombia

Hansen D.E.; Syvrud R.; Armstrong D., 1992:
Effectiveness of a bovine respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in reducing the risk of respiratory disease

Grant, S.J.; Loxton, E.H., 1992:
Effectiveness of a compression bandage and antivenene for Sydney funnel-web spider envenomation

Cato, B., 1990:
Effectiveness of a management training institute

Kurek, C., 1991:
Effectiveness of a planned action of mastitis control in the Gdansk region in 1983-1988

Davis, S., 1990:
Effectiveness of a winged subsoiler in ameliorating a compacted clayey forest soil

Aulakh, M.S.; Doran, J.W., 1990:
Effectiveness of acetylene inhibition of N2O reduction for measuring denitrification in soils of varying wetness

Kenny, E.A.; Ruber, E., 1992:
Effectiveness of aerially applied Arosurf MSF in the control of the cattail mosquito, Coquillettidia perturbans

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Effectiveness of aerosol fungicide applications in the degreening room for control of citrus fruit decay

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Effectiveness of alternative export promotion strategies for branded food products

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Effectiveness of an ethological method for earthworm extraction from a recent plantation of broadleaved trees

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Effectiveness of antioxidants in freezing of ram semen

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Effectiveness of applying paclobutrazol for regulating growth and cropping in citrus

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Effectiveness of associative nitrogen-fixing symbiosis in nonlegumes

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Effectiveness of attention to reduce salt in diet, as evidenced by reduced urinary excretion of salt

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Effectiveness of backcrosses

Marko, F., 1990:
Effectiveness of basic soil tillage for winter wheat production

Bohme, H., 1991:
Effectiveness of calcium formate in piglet feeding

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Effectiveness of carbofuran and ethoprophos against Lissorhoptrus brevirostris in rice cultivation in Cuba

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Effectiveness of cassava detoxification techniques used by indigenous peoples in Northwest Amazonia

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Effectiveness of chemical mutagenesis in breeding Sudan grass for salt resistance in western Siberia

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Effectiveness of chemical preservation of moist forage grain

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Effectiveness of chemical products in the control of the pink bollworm using a new experimental methodology

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Effectiveness of cleaning teats with individual, disinfected udder cloths, and its effect on raw milk quality

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Effectiveness of clonal selection for low amylolytic activity of the grain in winter rye

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Effectiveness of combined application of chemical mutagens and distant hybridization in producing breeding material of cotton

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Effectiveness of combining increasing doses of mineral and calcareous fertilizers on dernopodzolic medium loamy soil

Makela, P.; Korkeala, H.; Sand, E., 1991:
Effectiveness of commercial germicide products against the ropy slime-producing lactic acid bacteria

Antipov, G.P., 1992:
Effectiveness of concentration of calvings of cows in relation to their evaluation for productivity and reproductive traits

Renard J.L.; D.F.anqueville H., 1991:
Effectiveness of crop techniques in the integrated control of oil palm vascular wilt

Abishev, B., 1990:
Effectiveness of crossing Kazakh Arkhar-Merino ewes with Australian Merino rams

Marshall, D.E.; Burgess, G.J., 1989:
Effectiveness of cushioning materials in reducing apple bruising

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Effectiveness of cyproconazole, alone and in combinations, against a range of stem base and foliar diseases in winter wheat

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Effectiveness of dehydroepiandrosterone in reduction of cryptosporidial activity in immunosuppressed rats

Burleigh, S.; Torrey, J.G., 1990:
Effectiveness of Different Frankia Cell Types as Inocula for the Actinorhizal Plant Casuarina

Kakran, P.K.; Joshi, B.K., 1990:
Effectiveness of different criteria of selecting Karan Swiss cows based on overall economic merit

Valand, V.M.; Patel, J.I.; Shah, B.R., 1989:
Effectiveness of different insecticides against brown scale - Saissetia coffeae Wlk. on pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica Roxb.)

Gocmen, H.; Sekeroglu, E.; Ozgur, A.F., 1987:
Effectiveness of different installation heights and positions of yellow sticky traps for catching whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci (Genn.)) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on cotton

Chugai, A.R., 1990:
Effectiveness of different methods of colchicine treatment for fodder beet

Kushak, R.I.; Tarvid, I.L.; Basova, N.A.; Yukhno, E.N.; Filipchenkova, L.P.; Isidorov, G.E.; Waldman, A.R., 1990 :
Effectiveness of different quantities of fish protein concentrate in poultry feeding

Murdia, C.K.; Tripathi, V.N., 1991:
Effectiveness of different selection indices for genetic advancement in Jersey cattle

Yakusevich, A.M.; Bud' ko, V.A.; Bekish, E.I., 1991:
Effectiveness of different ways of using Holstein bulls

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Effectiveness of direct links in milk production

Marcussen, K.; Meyer Kahsnitz, S., 1991:
Effectiveness of disinfectants against plant viruses

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Effectiveness of disinfection measures against Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii under practical conditions

Maksimenko, N.A.; Michurina, S.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of domestic and foreign preservatives for sawn timber

Zavalishin, N.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of double thin-layer swath formation technology for Siberian conditions

Ayvazov, A.M., 1991:
Effectiveness of drainage during the reclamation of salt-affected fine-textured soils

Watson, T.G.; Hosking, B.C., 1988:
Effectiveness of drenching Saanen milking does

Gundach, J.L.; Sadzikowski, A.B.; Tomczuk, K.; Uchacz, S., 1992:
Effectiveness of drugs containing moxidectin in the control of parasites in pigs

Hucl, P.B.ker, R., 1991:
Effectiveness of early-generation selection for tillering capacity in spring wheat

Heyden, S.; Schneider, K.A.; Roberts, K.F., 1991:
Effectiveness of education-screening on cholesterol levels of students

Kocacaliskan I., 1990:
Effectiveness of electrical currents in breaking potato tuber dormancy compared with other methods

Dwyer, L.; Forsyth, P., 1990:
Effectiveness of environmental policy instruments - a case study of Australian tourism

Ermishin, A.P.; Podlisskikh, V.E.; Khotyleva, L.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of evaluating the combining ability of potato varieties by means of the polycross test

Bebyakin, V.M.; Buntina, M.V., 1991:
Effectiveness of evaluating the grain quality of spring bread wheat by the SDS test

Satoh, M.; Nishida, A., 1990:
Effectiveness of family index selection for reproductive performance in pigs

Ivanov, I.A.; Ivanov, A.I., 1991:
Effectiveness of fertilizers applied to sod-podzolic soils containing high levels of phosphorus and potassium

Semendyaeva N.V.; Averkina S.S., 1990:
Effectiveness of fertilizers on solonetz soils

Roshchyn, P.Y.; Roshchyna, L.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of finishing hogs and gilts together or separately in commercial farm conditions

Yakovlev, V.Kh, 1991:
Effectiveness of fodder crop rotations on the saline soils of western Siberia

Svendsen, Y.S.; Haug, T., 1991:
Effectiveness of formalin, benzocaine, and hypo- and hypersaline exposures against adults and eggs of Entobdella hippoglossi (Muller), an ectoparasite on Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.). Laboratory studies

Murao, K.; Hasebe, H.; Kaneko, T.; Suzuki, H., 1990:
Effectiveness of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria possessing high lactase activity to lactose intolerance

Whiteside, J.O., 1990:
Effectiveness of fungicide supplements to spray oil for improving greasy spot control on grapefruit leaves and fruit

Shirokov, A.I.; Semenova, G.N., 1990:
Effectiveness of genes for resistance to powdery mildew in spring wheat in western Siberia

Nenakhova, N.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of herbicides in potato plantings

Minaev, L.I.; Smol' nikova, V.V.; Barkanova, N.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of herbicides in strawberry plantings

Stafford, K.C., 1991:
Effectiveness of host-targeted permethrin in the control of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae)

Shidakov, R.S., 1991:
Effectiveness of hybridization in combination with chemical mutagenesis in breeding apple

Reimer, N.J.; Beardsley, J.W.J., 1990:
Effectiveness of hydramethylnon and fenoxycarb for control of bigheaded ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), an ant associated with mealybug wilt of pineapple in Hawaii

Zheng, C.; Anderson, M.P.; Bradbury, K.R., 1989:
Effectiveness of hydraulic methods for controlling groundwater contamination

Davletov, F.A., 1990:
Effectiveness of indirect selection of progenitor plants of pea

Shil' nikova, V.K.; Volobueva, O.G.; Gur' er, G.P., 1992:
Effectiveness of inoculating pea seeds when the plants are treated with growth regulators

Alibekova, S.B.; Bakenov, K.Z.; Mamilov, S.Z., 1991:
Effectiveness of inoculation with different strains of nodule bacteria under conditions of irrigated meadow-serozem soils of the Tas-Otkel massif

Akao, S.; Takahashi, T.; Itoh, A.; Saito, M.; Ishii, K.; Iohiki, H., 1990:
Effectiveness of inoculation with some strains of Bradyrhizobium japonicum and their persistence in soil

Costa, E.C.; Lonk, D., 1988:
Effectiveness of insecticides for the control of Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) in rice crop

Madigan, K.M.; Olshan, A.; Yingling, D.J., 1990:
Effectiveness of intradialytic parenteral nutrition in diabetic patients with end-stage renal disease

Matiyakubov, K.; Aliev, A., 1990:
Effectiveness of introgressive hybridization in producing breeding material

Hemerka, G.; Matejikova, O., 1990:
Effectiveness of irrigation in spring barley

Scaglia, M.; Marchi, L.; Bruno, A.; Chichino, G.; Gatti, S.; Gaxotte, P., 1990:
Effectiveness of ivermectin in human strongyloidiasis: a pilot study

Masse, D.I.; Munroe, J.A., 1991:
Effectiveness of knee-braced stud and pole frames in windbracing farm structures

Zadneprovskii, R.P.; Serebryakov, V.V.; Leonova, E.V., 1992:
Effectiveness of liquid fertilizers in low volume irrigation

Ruban, I.N.; Voropaeva, N.L.; Shul' man, D.E.; Rashidova, S.S., 1990:
Effectiveness of localized treatment of cotton leaves with defoliant

Klychev, E.M.; Vagin, E.A.; Mansurov, A.A., 1989:
Effectiveness of mechanizing feed preparation and distribution on dairy farms

Bell, M.R., 1991:
Effectiveness of microbial control of Heliothis spp. developing on early season wild geraniums: field and field cage tests

Hagelschuer, P., 1987:
Effectiveness of milk pricing after the agricultural price reform for economic stimulation of milk fat and milk protein production

Kudryavin, G.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of milling the butts of sawlogs to eliminate taper and sweep

Ciepy, J.; Oracka, T., 1989:
Effectiveness of mineral element utilization by triticale plants

Vavilova, L.S., 1988:
Effectiveness of mineral fertilizer inputs determined by several methods of calculation

Zemisceva, L.; Spunarova, M., 1991:
Effectiveness of mineral fertilizers in different barley genotypes grown on neutral and acid soils

Ovsishcher, B.R.; Boev, V.A.; Karbo, N., 1988:
Effectiveness of mineral supplements in ruminant animals fed on feeds grown on heavily fertilized plots

Veshchev, P.V., 1991:
Effectiveness of natural production in the stellate sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus, under conditions of regulated flow in the Volga

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Effectiveness of new synthetic pyrethroids against cotton bollworms

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Effectiveness of nitrification inhibitor 1-carbamoyl-3(5)-methylpyrazole in field trials of Geonetwork NIUIF

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizer application methods at different sowing times for winter wheat

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizer on soils of different quality. Yield response curves for grasses and cereals

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Effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers for lucerne on hillock soils

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Effectiveness of nitrogen from excreta of pastured animals

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Effectiveness of outside rearing of replacement heifer calves during the milk-feeding period

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Effectiveness of paclobutrazol in retarding height growth of Eucalyptus globulus seedlings

Basak, R.K.; Pattanayak, P.S.D.; Debnath, N.C., 1991:
Effectiveness of partially acidulated Purulia rock phosphate as fertilizer to forage crops

Hagin, J.; Rajan, S.S.S., 1990:
Effectiveness of partially acidulated phosphate rock

Abeykoon, V., 1989:
Effectiveness of partially acidulated phosphate rock (PAPR) prepared from Eppawala rock phosphate as a phosphorus fertilizer

Bogatko, W.; Mynett, M., 1990:
Effectiveness of pesticides in control of narcissus bulb fly, Merodon equestris (L.)

Tag, El' sir El' amin, 1989:
Effectiveness of pesticides on cotton in the Sudan (Gezira region)

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Effectiveness of pheromone traps against Carpocapsa pomonella

Cattan, P., 1992:
Effectiveness of phosphate fertilizer on groundnuts and sorghum in Burkina Faso, and use of local phosphates

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Effectiveness of phosphorus fertilizers

Tsvei, Y.P.; Sidorov, A.A., 1992:
Effectiveness of phosphorus fertilizers on derno-carbonate soils

Kumar, R.O.onronkwo, N., 1991:
Effectiveness of plant oils against some Bostrychidae infesting cereals in storage

Shtukin, S.S., 1988:
Effectiveness of plantation production of large-sized Scots pine and Norway spruce timber

Vasil' eva, T.I., 1990:
Effectiveness of potato crosses involving Solanum tuberosum, S. andigenum and S. phureja

Danko, J., 1991:
Effectiveness of preparations based on the hydrazide of maleic acid against Orobanche ramosa L. in tobacco

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Effectiveness of preparations of sulphonylurea derivatives in weed control. Communication 3. The effectiveness of Granstar in sowings of cereal crops

Kruczynska, H., 1990:
Effectiveness of preserved sward utilization in cattle feeding

Witkowski, W.; Ciesielski, F.; Mrowczynski, M.; Wachowiak, H.; Rudny, R., 1989:
Effectiveness of pyrethroids in the control of the pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus F.) in Poland

Gries, M., 1990:
Effectiveness of quinclorac plus the adjuvant Plurafac LF and the mixture of quinclorac and propanil in controlling Echinochloa colonum, Brachiaria platyphylla and Digitaria sanguinalis postemergence in rice

Biradar, R.D., 1989:
Effectiveness of regulated markets in protecting the interests of cultivators at the market place: a case study of Shree Shahu market yard, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Mbewe, D., 1990:
Effectiveness of research and policy on rural energy technology and applications

Sikra, J., 1991:
Effectiveness of reserve phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application on maize grown for grain

Zavalin, A.A.; Kasarina, A.A., 1990:
Effectiveness of residual and newly applied nutritive elements on drainable dernopodzolic loamy sand soil

Paul, P.K.; Hossain, M.A.; Miah, M.A.M., 1991:
Effectiveness of result demonstration as an extension teaching method

Gerken, K.L.; Van Lente, F., 1990:
Effectiveness of screening for diabetes

Schatzki T.F., 1991:
Effectiveness of screening methods for contraband recovery

Sharma, P.N.; Sugha, S.K., 1991:
Effectiveness of seed-dressing fungicides for control of smut (Sphacelotheca destruens) of proso millet (Panicum miliaceum)

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Effectiveness of selected granular acaricide formulations in suppressing populations of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae): short-term control of nymphs and larvae

Malathrakis, N.E.; Kritsotaki, O.E.; Klironomou, E.J., 1991:
Effectiveness of several antagonists agents against Botrytis cinerea

Stouthamer, R., 1991:
Effectiveness of several antibiotics in reverting thelytoky to arrhenotoky in Trichogramma spp

Bielenin A.; Bachnacki R.; Cimanowski J.; Karczewski J.; Olszak M.; Rechnio H., 1991:
Effectiveness of several new fungicides in the control of cherry leaf spot

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Effectiveness of shrubs and agroforestry in reducing runoff and erosion in Kadipaten village (upper Citanduy sub-watershed)

Rakov, A.Yu, 1990:
Effectiveness of single-row shelterbelts in contour land management

Sarkar, P.A., 1992:
Effectiveness of sodium chloride and 2,4-D in controlling Parthenium hysterophorus L. and other weeds in late sown wheat

Otto, G.; Winkler, H.; Madel, H., 1989:
Effectiveness of soil sealing in conjunction with soil disinfectants to control replant disease of apple

Vito, M. di; Greco, N.; Saxena, M.C., 1991:
Effectiveness of soil solarization for control of Heterodera ciceri and Pratylenchus thornei on chickpea in Syria

Lamberti, F.; Greco, N., 1991:
Effectiveness of soil solarization for control of plant parasitic nematodes

Yoon, S.H.; Lee, M.J.; Park, B.Y., 1988:
Effectiveness of some antioxidants used in heated soyabean oil stored under various conditions

Atac, A., 1989:
Effectiveness of some fungicides against covered kernel smut disease (Sphacelotheca sorghi Link Clin.) on sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers. var. techicum Koern. Jav.) in Cukurova region

Casulli, F.; Ruci, T., 1991:
Effectiveness of some genes for resistance to leaf and stem rust of wheat in Albania

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Effectiveness of some insecticides on the control of Oebalus poecilus (Dallas, 1851) in rice crop

Nagia, D.K.; Sanjay Kumar; Saini, M.L., 1990:
Effectiveness of some insecticides to Bihar hairy caterpillar, Spilosoma obliqua (Walker) on cabbage

abanowska, B.H., 1990:
Effectiveness of some new acaricides in the control of the twospotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) on strawberries

Laha, U.K.; Sailendranath Biswas; Biswanth Mitra, 1990:
Effectiveness of some organic manures on the growth, production, total protein and total lipid contents of major carps in ponds of Burdwan District

Fisher, N.M.; Davies, D.H.K., 1991:
Effectiveness of sown covers for the management of weeds in set-aside fallows: the bush trials

Singh, O.P.; Singh, K.J., 1989:
Effectiveness of soybean oil against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (Linn.) on pigeon peas

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Effectiveness of storage of the yeasts Trichosporon cutaneum and Schwanniomyces occidentalis in freezing conditions

Shabalin, L.A.; Vinogradov, V.F.; Smirnov, V.I.; Ryabukhin, N.F., 1988:
Effectiveness of strengthening the sides of the cross-pieces in a saw frame by high-frequency currents

Zilinskas, H., 1989:
Effectiveness of synchronization of farrowing

Bulavin, S.A., 1991:
Effectiveness of technology and machine sets for feed distribution to calves

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Effectiveness of the addition of alkaline materials at surface coal mines in preventing or abating acid mine drainage: Part 1. geochemical considerations

Brady, K.B.C.; Smith, M.W.; Beam, R.L.; Cravotta, C.A.I.I., 1990:
Effectiveness of the addition of alkaline materials at surface coal mines in preventing or abating acid mine drainage: Part 2. Mine site case studies

Zumr, V., 1988:
Effectiveness of the aggregation pheromone Chalcoprax against Pityogenes chalcographus

Richards, K.W., 1991:
Effectiveness of the alfalfa leafcutter bee as a pollinator of legume forage crops

Vaniev, A.G., 1989:
Effectiveness of the application of sex attractants in the control of the cabbage moth

Sasaki, Y., 1990:
Effectiveness of the best linear unbiased prediction of beef sire using the field data collected from small scale farms

Prishchepa, I.A.; Samersov, V.F., 1989:
Effectiveness of the chemical protection of crops of barley against pests

Garcia, A.; Vazquez, T.; Perez, T.; Lujan, M., 1990:
Effectiveness of the entomopathogenic fungi Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana applied in conidial suspensions individually or in mixtures against Lissorhoptrus brevirostris

Garcia Rubial, A.; Vazquez, T.; Arias, E.; Gutierrez, L. , 1988:
Effectiveness of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae against Oebalus insularis (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) under semi-controlled conditions

Zobac, P.; Kumprecht, I.; Svozil, B., 1991:
Effectiveness of the enzyme preparations Clampzyme in a medium containing some enzymes in the digestive tract

Nekrasov, D.K., 1991:
Effectiveness of the evaluation and selection of cows for milk production in relation to intensity of herd reproduction

Jaques, R.P., 1990:
Effectiveness of the granulosis virus of the codling moth in orchard trials in Canada

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Effectiveness of the organization of package transport of roundwood assortments on Sakhalin

Mayr, A.; Siebert, M., 1990:
Effectiveness of the para-immunity inducer Pind-Orf in diminishing the rise in serum cortisol brought about by transport stress in horses

Kovalenko, V.F., 1991:
Effectiveness of the re-establishment of reproductive function in sows by different biologically active preparations

Crespo Mesa, A.; Dierksmeier, G., 1989:
Effectiveness of the residual herbicides bromacil and ametryn in pineapples

Koval' zhiu, A.I.; Apostolov, S.D.; Sabel' nikova, V.I., 1990:
Effectiveness of the symbiosis of lucerne and nodule bacteria with applications of herbicides

Malathrakis N.E.; Loulakis M.D., 1989:
Effectiveness of the type of polyethylene sheet on soil solarization

Semenov, S.I.; Sel' kin, I.I.; Sokolov, A.I.; Gochiyaev, K.N., 1989:
Effectiveness of the use of Australian Corriedales in flocks of the North Caucasus Mutton-Wool breed

Shubin, A.A., 1990:
Effectiveness of the use of synthetic prostaglandins at the time of insemination in cows and sheep

Wierzbicki, K.; Pietkiewicz, T.; Choszcz, D.; Mankowski, S., 1991:
Effectiveness of the wheat grain cleaning process with complex movement of the sieve basket

Hamaya, T.; Sasaki, C.; Kurahashi, A., 1989:
Effectiveness of top-budding on the acceleration of maturity and flower setting of larch species. I. Shortening of the juvenile stage in the top-budded ramets of Japanese larch

Hamaya, T.; Sasaki, C.; Kurahashi, A., 1989:
Effectiveness of top-budding on the acceleration of maturity and flower setting of larch species. II. Effect of the flower setting ability of the scion and stock clones on that of the ramets

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Effectiveness of two methods of early generation selection for protein content in durum wheat

Nakasono, K.; Gaspard, J.T., 1991:
Effectiveness of two nematophagous fungi added to soil in vitro

Bulavin, S.A.; Vorontsov, I.I., 1991:
Effectiveness of use of mobile feed preparation unit

Prudov, A.I.; Bal' tsanov, A.I.; Dunin, I.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of use of superscript 3/4-Holstein bulls with Russian Simmental cows in Moldavia

Mkrtumyan, V.S., 1990:
Effectiveness of use of technological equipment and net cost of milk

Brytskov, V.E.; Okolelova, T.M.; Dvinskaya, L.M.; Smirnova, T.N.; Shalatonov, I.S., 1991:
Effectiveness of using Granuvit B2-80

Ashirov, M., 1989:
Effectiveness of using Holstein bulls to improve the Russian Black Pied breed

Kazarbin, D.P., 1991:
Effectiveness of using Holstein sires in breeding cattle of the Moscow type

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Effectiveness of using Laktovit during rearing of broiler chickens

Zborovskii, L.V.; Sharkaev, V.I., 1990:
Effectiveness of using bulls with different proportions of Holstein inheritance

Bagdasarov, N.V.; Mushar, V.L., 1991:
Effectiveness of using chisel implements

Yatsko, M.A.; Radchykau, V.F.; Guryn, V.K.; Stashchanka, N.V.; Laporka, A.M., 1990:
Effectiveness of using different sources of protein in diets for steers

Bakharev, G.F., 1990:
Effectiveness of using direct flow feed grinders and mixers

Alisheikhov, A.M., 1989:
Effectiveness of using enzyme preparations Pektofoetidin G3x and Tselloviridin G3x and their combinations in feeding of broiler chickens

Semakov, V.V., 1990:
Effectiveness of using extracts of coniferous vegetation in the protection of plants from agricultural pests

Brytskov, V.E.; Kryukov, V.S.; Smirnova, T.N.; Shalatonov, I.S., 1989:
Effectiveness of using granuvit D3

Kalinikhin, V.V., 1989:
Effectiveness of using hydrokeratin, vitamin U and thiamin in the feeding of young cattle

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Effectiveness of using mono- and dicalcium phosphate in feeding piglets

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Effectiveness of using new technology in the forest industry of the Soviet Far East

Prakopau, A.P., 1989:
Effectiveness of using peas in the rearing of replacement sows

Tsilyurik, A.V.; Rusin, G.G.; Okhrimuk, N.I., 1988:
Effectiveness of using silica-organic mineral fertilizer capsules for growing Scots pine seedlings

Krisanov, A.F., 1990:
Effectiveness of utilization by young bulls of diets containing beet pulp

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Effectiveness of vaccination against classical swine fever in pigs treated with aflatoxin B1

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Effectiveness of vaccinations in the course of enzootic equine viral abortions

Korniewicz, A.; Jagodzinska, D.; Paleczek, B., 1991:
Effectiveness of various doses of Avoparcin in fattening lambs

Lakhanov, A.P., 1991:
Effectiveness of water consumption by buckwheat varieties under different plant water supply conditions in the south of the non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Ozkan, M.; Kansu, I.A., 1987:
Effectiveness of water in the feeding of adults of the new generation of cereal bug (Eurygaster maura L.) (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae)

Arambel, M.J., 1988:
Effectiveness of yeast and fungal cultures in ruminant rations

Männer, K.; Wang, K., 1991:
Effectiveness of zinc bacitracin on production traits and energy metabolism of heat-stressed hens compared with hens kept under moderate temperature

Kimmich, K., 1990:
Effectiveness of, and tolerance of honeybees to, Varroa treatment substances, in relation to the dose

Zoebisch, T.G.; Stimac, J.L., 1990:
Effectivity of baits formulated with spores of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) for the control of Solenopsis invicta Buren

Medema, G.J.; Wondergem, E.; Dijk Looyaard, A.M. van; Havelaar, A.H., 1991:
Effectivity of chlorine dioxide to control Aeromonas in drinking water distribution systems

Cortes, M.L.; Cardona, C.; Trujillo, F., 1990:
Effectivity of three insecticides for the control of the bean tentiform leaf miner Phyllonorycter sp. (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in Narino

Gnagne, M.; Nouy, B.; Nicolas, D., 1990:
Effectivity thresholds in a selection method involving seedling evaluation in the field (C.E.S.) in Hevea brasiliensis

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Effector mechanisms of the protective immunity induced by intestinal helminths. Review article

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Effects and behaviour of pollutants during artificial groundwater recharge

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Effects and control of periodical cicada (Homoptera: Cicadidae) oviposition injury on nonbearing apple trees

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Effects and insecticidal suppression of damage caused by Heliothis armigera (Hbn.) on rain-fed tomato in Nigeria

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Effects and interaction of the factors of cultivar, row spacing and fertilizer on fresh fodder yield of lucerne grown for seed production

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Effects and profitability of counterpart training in technical development projects

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Effects and selection for early and late reproduction in low and high larval density populations of the bean weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus

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Effects and sources of nitrate pollution and possibilities for emission reduction

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Effects during period of siliqua developing of KH2PO4 and MgSO4 application on nitrogen transportation in pods of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

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Effects of alpha - and beta -adrenergic receptor stimulation on milk removal. Aetiology of milk removal inhibition in first-lactation cows. Increased oxytocin concentrations during the entire milking process

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Effects of alpha -hexachlorocyclohexane on the metabolism of DDT, in DDT resistant Tribolium castaneum Herbst

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Effects of gamma -ray irradiation on the quality of apple

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Effects of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E on hormones involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in men

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Effects of 'P' solubilizing organisms on yield and N-uptake by rice

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Effects of 'Semperfresh' coating on postharvest life, internal atmosphere modification and quality maintenance of Granny Smith apples

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Effects of 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 on leukocyte function in patients receiving chronic hemodialysis

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Effects of 1,25(OH)2D3 administration on bone in patients with renal failure

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Effects of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol and 24,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol in dogs with impaired renal function

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Effects of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid on ethylene evolution and senescence of Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) flowers

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Effects of 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid on immunological functions in mice

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Effects of 10B application on boron distribution in rape leaves

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Effects of 13 years of crop rotations (irrigated or not) on the weed flora of winter wheat in the Toulouse area. I. Analysis of the potential soil seedbank

Debaeke, P.; Barralis, G.; Marty, J.R., 1990:
Effects of 13 years of crop rotations (irrigated or not) on the weed flora of winter wheat in the Toulouse area. II. Analysis of the winter weed flora

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Effects of 17, 24 and 33 x 10superscript 3 polypeptide depletion on the thermostability of photosystem 2-enriched subchloroplast membranes as revealed by 77 K fluorescence

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Effects of 2,4-dichlorophenol, a metabolite of a genetically engineered bacterium, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate on some microorganism-mediated ecological processes in soil

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Effects of 2-acetylaminofluorene and choline deficiency on lipid peroxidation, glucose 6-phosphatase and glutathione S-transferase activities in rats fed different dietary fats

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Effects of 2-chloro-6(trichloromethyl)-pyridine ('N-Serve') and N fertilizers on productivity and quality of Canadian oilseed rape

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Effects of 2-naphthaleneacetic acid on alternate bearing in pistachio

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Effects of 23 years successive application of N, P, K and organic matter on rice yield and quality

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Effects of 24-epibrassinolide on growth of tobacco root explants

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Effects of 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxypropionate (an auxin analogue) on plasma membrane ATPase activity in herbicide-resistant and herbicide-susceptible biotypes of Stellaria media L

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Effects of 4-ipomeanol on bovine parainfluenza type 3 virus-induced pneumonia in calves

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Effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptor antagonists on gastrointestinal motor activity in conscious dogs

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Effects of 6-benzylaminopurine, thidiazuron, and Cartolin on activity of photosynthetic enzymes and ATP content in leaves of perennial grasses

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Effects of 60Co gamma rays on the induced mutation of heterozygotes in winter wheat

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Effects of 84-, 112- and 140-day postweaning feedlot performance tests for beef bulls

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Effects of ABA on freeze resistance in sugarbeet seedlings

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Effects of ABA on salt resistance in barley and wheat seedlings

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Effects of Acremonium coenophialum infected Festuca arundinacea on cow calf production

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Effects of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae hemolysin on porcine neutrophil function

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Effects of Aeschynomene americana L. seedling size on recovery from drought stress

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Effects of Al on the growth and symbiotic development of soybean germplasm

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Effects of Al3+ on the nucleolus in root tip cells of Allium cepa

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Effects of Azadirachta indica kernel and leaf extracts on the larvae of Heteronygmia dissimilis

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Effects of Azospirillum brasilense and earthworm cast as seed treatment on sorghum

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Effects of BA, GA3, IAA and NAA in the forcing solution on bud break and shoot elongation in forced woody stems

Du, S.Y.; Tian, E.P., 1991:
Effects of Bacillus cereus Strain A-47 on wheat and their mechanism