Effects of seeding methods, dates and rates on grain yield in direct seeding of rice with a transplanter

An, M.H.; Kim, K.S.; Han, S.K.; Huh, B.L.; Kim, K.H.

Korean Journal of Crop Science 35(4): 320-327


Accession: 002092685

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In field trials in 1986-88, the effects of direct sowing rice on 20 or 30 Apr. or 10 May, hand transplanting or machine transplanting were studied. In a container experiment the effects of sowing 130, 200 or 260 g sprouted or unsprouted seeds/container on yield were studied. Sowing sprouted seeds and giving intermittent irrigation gave higher rates of seedling establishment. Seedling establishment rate was higher with sowing on 30 Apr. or 10 May. Min. daily av. air and soil temp. required for 70% seedling emergence was 14.8 and 16.3 degrees C, resp. Optimum sowing date for direct sowing was early May and optimum sowing rate was 200 g/container (equivalent to 60 kg/ha), giving a yield of 4.81 t/ha.