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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Greenberg, J.; Eshel, G.; Yagodah, Y.; Benyamin, Y., 1991: Effects of sprays with different formulations of gibberellic acid on delaying deterioration of 'Minneola' tangelo fruit

Lee, E. S.; Chun, J. U., 1991: Effects of sprouting degree and threshing methods on germination and seedling vigour in barley

Lee F.Y.; White C.H., 1991: Effects of stabilizers and rennet on sensory and physical properties in lowfat sour cream

Harris, R. A.; Mantell, S. H., 1991: Effects of stage II subculture durations on the multiplication rate and rooting capacity of micropropagated shoots of tree paeony (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.)

Gamboa, GJ.; Foster, RL.; Scope, JA.; Bitterman, AM., 1991: Effects of stage of colony cycle, context, and intercolony distance on conspecific tolerance by paper wasps (Polistes fuscatus)

Chacin M.F.L.; Hansen P.J.; Drost M., 1990: Effects of stage of the estrous cycle and steroid treatment on uterine immunoglobulin content and polymorphonuclear leukocytes in cattle

Domini, M. E.; Plana, R., 1989: Effects of stalk age and planting density on planting material production in two sugarcane cultivars

Suzuki, M., 1991: Effects of stand age on agronomic, morphological and chemical characteristics of alfalfa

Castellini M.A.; Castellini J.M.; Kirby V.L., 1992: Effects of standard anticoagulants and storage procedures on plasma glucose values in seals

Sundar, R.; Upadhyay, K. G., 1990: Effects of standardization of buffalo milk for casein/fat ratio on Mozzarella cheese composition and cheese making efficiency

Schimel, J. P.; Helfer, S.; Alexander, I. J., 1992: Effects of starch additions on N turnover in Sitka spruce forest floor

Kennedy D.W.; Bunting L.D., 1992: Effects of starch on ruminal fermentation and detergent fibre digestion in lambs fed bermudagrass hay

Pickford, R. J. J.; Mathieson, I. C., 1992: Effects of starch-dextrin solution on two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) and the predator Phytoseiulus persimilis

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093021

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093022

Tzeng, W-N.; Yu, S-Y., 1992: Effects of starvation on the formation of daily growth increments in the otoliths of milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskal), larvae

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093024

Kawaguchi, Y.; Banno, Y.; Koga, K.; Fujii, H., 1991: Effects of starvation stress on the growth and haemolymph protein composition of the fifth instar larvae in Bombyx mori

Hori, K.; Inamura, R., 1991: Effects of stationary photoperiod on reproductive diapause, nymphal growth, feeding and digestive physiology of Eysarcoris lewisi Distant (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Raman I.A.; Oshio S.; Khoo K.C., 1990: Effects of steam and alkali treatment on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of oil palm trunks

Agrawal, S. C., 1989: Effects of stem inoculation of Phytophthora stem blight on phenol contents in pigeonpea

Stekar, J., 1989: Effects of steriods, beta agonists and somatotropin on weight gain in animals

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093034

Ziogas B.N.; Vitoratos A.G.; Sideris E.G.; Georgopoulos S.G., 1990: Effects of sterol biosynthesis inhibitors on mitosis

Teng, M. F.; Soh, G. L.; Chew, S. H., 1990: Effects of stocking densities on the productivity of commercial layers in the tropics

Bryan W.B.; Prigge E.C., 1990: Effects of stocking rate and overseeding with red clover on productivity of native pasture continuously grazed by yearling steers

Huston, J. E.; Thompson, P. V., 1990: Effects of stocking rate and supplemental feeding on adult beef cows on rangeland in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas

Liu, M. Y.; Chen, P. Y., 1990: Effects of stomatal and nonstomatal factors on wheat photosynthesis under water stress

Kim K.S., 1990: Effects of storage condition on the raw milk quality

Pai, T. K.; Sastry, S. K., 1990: Effects of storage conditions on colour change of selected perishables

Bracy, Rp; Fontenot, Jf; Constantin, Rj, 1992: Effects of storage temperature and packaging films on the deterioration of mustard

Wills, R. B. H.; Silalahi, J., 1990: Effects of storage temperature on loss of vitamin C in potato crisps

Brusewitz G.H.; Pitt R.E.; Gao Q., 1989: Effects of storage time and static preloading on the rheology of potato tissue

Leeuwen, P. J. van; Dop, A. J., 1990: Effects of storage, cooling and greenhouse conditions on Anemone blanda, Fritillaria meleagris and Oxalis adenophylla for use as potplant

Roberts, S. D.; Long, J. N., 1991: Effects of storage, planting date, and shelter on Engelmann spruce containerized seedlings in the Central Rockies

Akinola, J. O.; Afolayan, R. A., 1991: Effects of storage, testa colour and scarification method on seed germination of Desmodium velutinum (Willd.) DC

Aron, G.; Adl, I., 1992: Effects of storm patterns on runoff hydrographs

Kendall D.A.; Chinn N.E.; Smith B.D.; Tidboald C.; Winstone L.; Western N.M., 1991: Effects of straw disposal and tillage on spread of barley yellow dwarf virus in winter barley

Maiorana, M.; Rizzo, V.; Bari, V. di, 1992: Effects of straw incorporation depth and time of nitrogen application on yield of durum wheat in continuous cropping

Donaldson W.E.; Christensen V.L.; Krueger K.K., 1991: Effects of stressors on blood glucose and hepatic glycogen concentrations in turkey poults

Tonhasca, A.; Jr.; Stinner, BR., 1991: Effects of strip intercropping and no-tillage on some pests and beneficial invertebrates of corn in Ohio

Pittelkow U., 1990: Effects of structural amelioration of a compacted loess soil on crop yields

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093059

Polmieri, V., 1990: Effects of structural changes in the Costa Rica Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock on the relation between research and technology transfer in maize

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093065

Domingue, B. M. F.; Wilson, P. R.; Dellow, D. W.; Barry, T. N., 1992: Effects of subcutaneous melatonin implants during long daylength on voluntary feed intake, rumen capacity and heart rate of red deer (Cervus elaphus) fed on a forage diet

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093067

Ferreira, M. C.; Daemon, E., 1989: Effects of sublethal doses of DDT on the biology of Rhodnius prolixus Stal, 1859 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) under laboratory conditions

MacKenzie, K. E.; Winston, M. L., 1989: Effects of sublethal exposure to diazinon on longevity and temporal division of labor in the honey bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Tevapunchom, W.; Heong, K. L., 1991: Effects of sublethal insecticide application on rice leaffolder

Chellaraj, G; Brorsen, Bw; Farris, Pl, 1992: Effects of subsidized wheat consumption by state in India

Saigusa, M.; Shoji, S.; Abe, T., 1991: Effects of subsoil acidity of Andisols on the yield and botanical composition of legume-grass mixture (part 2). Legume with different Al tolerance - orchard grass mixture

Scullion J.; Mohammed A.R.A., 1991: Effects of subsoiling and associated incorporation of fertilizer on soil rehabilitation after opencast mining for coal

May, M. G.; Johnson, D. G.; Otterby, D. E.; Linn, J. G., 1990: Effects of substituting lupine seed protein for soyabean meal in dairy cattle diets

Matsumoto A.; Noike T., 1991: Effects of substrate composition and loading rate on methanogenic process in anaerobic fluidized bed systems

Barbosa, J. M.; Barbosa, L. M.; Pinto, M. M.; Bergemann de Aguiar, I., 1988: Effects of substrate, temperature and luminosity on seed germination of quaresmeira

Buttle, J. M., 1990: Effects of suburbanization upon snowmelt runoff

Duering H.; Ortoidze T.V.; Bushnell B., 1990: Effects of subzero temperatures on chlorophyll fluorescence of grapevine buds

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093081

Izaike, Y., 1989: Effects of suckling stimulation and milk yield on the postpartum reproductive performance in beef cows

Hendler, R; Bonde, Aa, 1990: Effects of sucrose on resting metabolic rate, nitrogen balance, leucine turnover and oxidation during weight loss with low calorie diets

Rab Nawaz; Altaf Hussain; Makhdum, M. I., 1989: Effects of sucrose on seed germination of ipil ipil (Leucaena leucocephala L.) at different salinity levels

Groeneveld, R. M. W.; Lotz, L. A. P., 1992: Effects of sugar beet cultivars on survival and reproduction of late emerging weeds

Hoover, D. W., 1992: Effects of sugar ingestion expectancies on mother-child interactions

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093090

Showler, At; Reagan, Te, 1991: Effects of sugarcane borer, weed, and nematode control strategies in Louisiana sugarcane

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093093

Veenhuizen M.F.; Shurson G.C., 1992: Effects of sulfate in drinking water for livestock

Qi, K.; Lu, C. D.; Owens, F. N.; Potchoiba, M. J., 1991: Effects of sulfate supplementation on milk yield and composition metabolites and acid-base balance of Alpine goats

Groninger, Jw; Mccormick, Lh, 1991: Effects of sulfometuron on hay-scented fern spore emergence

Lorenc Plucinska, G., 1988: Effects of sulfur dioxide and sulfite on the transport of assimilates in higher plants

Madsen, T; Aamand, J., 1991: Effects of sulfuroxy anions on degradation of pentachlorophenol by a methanogenic enrichment culture

Clapperton, M. J.; Reid, D. M.; Parkinson, D., 1990: Effects of sulphur dioxide fumigation on Phleum pratense and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Kropff, M. J.; Smeets, W. L. M.; Meijer, E. M. J.; Zalm, A. J. A. van der; Bakx, E. J., 1990: Effects of sulphur dioxide on leaf photosynthesis: the role of temperature and humidity

Mansfield, P. J.; Bell, J. N. B.; McLeod, A. R.; Wheeler, B. E. J., 1991: Effects of sulphur dioxide on the development of fungal diseases of winter barley in an open-air fumigation system

Zhang, Y. J.; Xiao, P., 1989: Effects of sulphur on ethylene production in rice seedlings

Groppel, B.; Anke, M., 1991: Effects of sulphur, cadmium and molybdenum loading in pigs

Masaoka, T.; Anke, M.; Groppel, B.; Akahori, F., 1989: Effects of sulphur, molybdenum and cadmium on the growth rate and trace elements status in the ruminants and pigs

Jansson, R. K.; Lecrone, S. H., 1991: Effects of summer cover crop management on wireworm (Coleoptera: Elateridae) abundance and damage to potato

Aoki, N.; Yoshino, S., 1989: Effects of summer cultural conditions on the growth and development of flower buds and cut-flower quality of forced tree paeony (Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.)

Elersek, L., 1983: Effects of summer fertilizer application to spruce in forest nurseries

Dang Q.L.; Lieffers V.J.; Rothwell R.L., 1992: Effects of summer frosts and subsequent shade on foliage gas exchange in peatland tamarack and black spruce

Oloffson, E., 1991: Effects of summer weather on pine sawflies with different life cycles

Price, D. T.; Black, T. A., 1991: Effects of summertime changes in weather and root-zone soil water storage on canopy CO2 flux and evapotranspiration of two juvenile Douglas-fir stands

Johnson M.S.; Leah R.T., 1990: Effects of superabsorbent polyacrylamides on efficiency of water use by crop seedlings

Davidson, W. H., 1990: Effects of superabsorbents on hybrid poplar establishment and growth

Larcher, W.; Wagner, J.; Thammathaworn, A., 1990: Effects of superimposed temperature stress on in vitro chlorophyll fluorescence of Vigna unguiculata under saline stress

Chavez R.; Carrizosa L.; Dominguez R., 1991: Effects of superior ovarian nerve section on spontaneous and induced ovulation in adult rats

Johnston J.K.; Freeman D.E.; Gillette D.; Soma L.R., 1991: Effects of superoxide dismutase on injury induced by anoxia and reoxygenation in equine small intestine in vitro

Nonogaki T.; Noda Y.; Narimoto K.; Umaoka Y.; Mori T., 1992: Effects of superoxide dismutase on mouse in vitro fertilization and embryo culture system

Hoffman, P. C.; Grummer, R. R.; Shaver, R. D.; Drendel, T. R.; Broderick, G. A., 1990: Effects of supplemental fat and resistant protein in alfalfa silage diets fed to early lactation dairy cattle

Saunders, R. G.; Coppock, C. E.; Wilks, D. L.; Lane, A. G.; Gates, C. E., 1990: Effects of supplemental fats on intake, production, and heat stress in lactating Holstein cows in summer

Bando, T.; Deoka, K., 1990: Effects of supplemental grass silages differing in nitrogen fertilization level and harvest date on lactating dairy cows fed corn silage-based diets

Wang, C.; Beede, D. K., 1990: Effects of supplemental protein on acid-base status and calcium metabolism on nonlactating Jersey cows

Freeman, As; Galyean, Ml; Caton, Js, 1992: Effects of supplemental protein percentage and feeding level on intake, ruminal fermentation, and digesta passage in beef steers fed prairie hay

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093130

Hoaglund, Cm; Thomas, Vm; Petersen, Mk; Kott, Rw, 1992: Effects of supplemental protein source and metabolizable energy intake on nutritional status in pregnant ewes

Hill, T. M.; Martin, S. D.; Ellis, W. C., 1990: Effects of supplemental sources of energy or protein for calves grazing late season bermudagrass pasture

Hill, T. M.; Martin, S. D.; Ellis, W. C., 1990: Effects of supplemental sources of energy or protein for calves grazing ryegrass pasture

Towne G.; Nagaraja T.G.; Brandt R.T.Jr; Gramlich S.M., 1991: Effects of supplemental tallow on rumen ciliated protozoa in feedlot cattle

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093138

Strid, A; Chow, Ws; Anderson, Jm, 1990: Effects of supplementary ultraviolet-B radiation on photosynthesis in Pisum sativum

Hatfield, P. G.; Donart, G. B.; Ross, T. T.; Gaylean, M. L., 1991: Effects of supplementation on diets selected by grazing ewes

Doreau, M., 1992: Effects of supplementation with hydrogenated fish fat on digestion in dairy cows

Narita T.; Ishibashi T., 1991: Effects of supplementing a low casein diet with excess cystine and arginine on arginase activity in rats

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093143

Ryman N.; Laikre L., 1991: Effects of supportive breeding on the genetically effective population size

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093145

Yang, X; Madden, Lv; Wilson, Ll; Ellis, Ma, 1990: Effects of surface topography and rain intensity on splash dispersal of Colletotrichum acutatum

McLaughlin, M. J.; James, T. R., 1991: Effects of surface-applied phosphorus and superphosphate on the solution chemistry and phytotoxicity of subsurface aluminium: sand/solution and soil experiments

Bennici, A.; Rinallo, C., 1990: Effects of surfactant sprays on Triticum durum plantlets

Harker F.R.; Ferguson I.B., 1991: Effects of surfactants on calcium penetration of cuticles isolated from apple fruit

Riederer M.; Schonherr J., 1990: Effects of surfactants on water permeability of isolated plant cuticles and on the composition of their cuticular waxes

Wilstacke, L.; Plankl, R., 1991: Effects of sustained reductions in agricultural prices on the use of inputs on farms - results of a farmer survey

Laca E.A.; Ungar E.D.; Seligman N.; Demment M.W., 1992: Effects of sward height and bulk density on bite dimensions of cattle grazing homogeneous swards

Ngeve, J. M.; Bouwkamp, J. C., 1991: Effects of sweet potato virus disease (SPVD) on the yield of sweet potato genotypes in Cameroon

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093158

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093160

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093161

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093162

Bateman, G. L.; Hornby, D.; Gutteridge, R. J., 1990: Effects of take-all on some aspects of grain quality of winter wheat

Wu, L.; Torres, A., 1990: Effects of tall fescue turf on growth and nitrogen fixation potential of the woody legume Lupinus albifrons

Sundarababu, R., 1990: Effects of tannery effluent on root-knot nematodes

Bontems, P.; Adda, J.; Jayet, P. A., 1992: Effects of taxation of nitrogen fertilizers upon French agricultural supply

Hoy, S.; Puppe, B., 1992: Effects of teat order on performance and health in growing pigs

Fan, S. G., 1991: Effects of technological change and institutional reform on production growth in Chinese agriculture

Ouali, A., 1991: Effects of technological treatments on meat quality

Sauveur, B.; Picard, M., 1990: Effects of temperature and additional light on egg quality

Whitfield, D. M., 1992: Effects of temperature and ageing on CO2 exchange of pods of oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Teulon, D.A.J.; Penman, D. R., 1991: Effects of temperature and diet on oviposition rate and development time of the New Zealand flower thrips, Thrips obscuratus

Arny, Cj; Rowe, Rc, 1991: Effects of temperature and duration of surface wetness on spore production and infection of cucumbers by Didymella bryoniae

Vieira, P. de F.; Ezequiel, J. M. B.; Vilela, M. C. C.; Oliveira, M. D. S. de; Sampaio, A. A. M.; Kronka, S. N., 1989: Effects of temperature and heat treatment time of ground soybeans on the rate of ammonia release in vitro

Meyrowitsch, D.; Christensen, NO.; Hindsbo, O., 1991: Effects of temperature and host density on the snail-finding capacity of cercariae of Echinostoma caproni (Digenea: Echinostomatidae)

Rust, R.; Torchio, P., 1992: Effects of temperature and host developmental stage on Ascosphaera torchioi Youssef and McManus prevalence in Osmia lignaria propinqua Cresson (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Barbetti, M. J., 1991: Effects of temperature and humidity on diseases caused by Phoma medicaginis and Leptosphaerulina trifolii in lucerne (Medicago sativa)

Fjeld, T., 1990: Effects of temperature and irradiance level on plant quality at marketing stage and the subsequent keeping quality of Christmas begonia (Begonia X cheimantha Everett)

Ali, A.; Luttrell, RG.; Schneider, JC., 1990: Effects of temperature and larval diet on development of the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Hartill W.F.T.; Young K.; Allan D.J.; Henshall W.R., 1990: Effects of temperature and leaf wetness on the potato late blight

Yang, X. W., 1990: Effects of temperature and light on the population growth of Schizaphis graminum (Rondani)

Mortensen, L. M., 1990: Effects of temperature and light quality on growth and flowering of Begonia X hiemalis Fotsch. and Campanula isophylla Moretti

Rolls, Bj; Fedoroff, Ic; Guthrie, Jf; Laster, Lj, 1990: Effects of temperature and mode of presentation of juice on hunger, thirst and food intake in humans

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Okabe, S.; Characklis, W. G., 1992: Effects of temperature and phosphorous concentration on microbial sulfate reduction by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Aamlid, T. S., 1992: Effects of temperature and photoperiod on growth and development of tillers and rhizomes in Poa pratensis L. ecotypes

Chan, L. F.; Lai, K. L., 1989: Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the flower bud formation of tobacco plants

Kawamoto, H.; Sinha, RN.; Muir, WE., 1990: Effects of temperature and relative humidity on egg development of Cryptolestes ferrugineus compared with C. pusillus (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)

Rahim, A.; Hashmi, A.; Khan, N. A., 1991: Effects of temperature and relative humidity on longevity and development of Ooencyrtus papilionis Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), a parasite of the sugarcane pest, Pyrilla perpusilla Walker (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

Chaudry, Z. A.; Alikhan, M. A., 1990: Effects of temperature and relative humidity on the development and the fecundity of the red pumpkin beetle Aulacophora foveicollis Lucos (Chrysomelidae Coleoptera)

Clercq, P. de; Degheele, D., 1990: Effects of temperature and relative humidity on the reproduction of the predatory bug Podisus sagitta (Fab.) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

Hemmer, MJ.; Middaugh, DP.; Moore, JC., 1990: Effects of temperature and salinity on Menidia beryllina embryos exposed to terbufos

Jean, C.; Coderre, D.; Tourneur, J. C., 1990: Effects of temperature and substrate on survival and lipid consumption of hibernating Coleomegilla maculata lengi (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Tzeng, C. M.; Yu, J. Y. L., 1990: Effects of temperature and time between collection and centrifugation on gonadal steroid concentration in blood samples from sows

Yun, S. C.; Park, E. W., 1990: Effects of temperature and wetness period on infection of grape by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Imai, K.; Okamoto Sato, M., 1991: Effects of temperature on CO2 dependence of gas exchanges in C3 and C4 crop plants

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093210

Inoue H., 1990: Effects of temperature on bud dormancy and flower bud differentiation in satsuma mandarin

Lawn, D. A.; Noel, G. R., 1990: Effects of temperature on competition between Heterodera glycines and Pratylenchus scribneri on soybean

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Subasinghe, RP.; Sommerville, C., 1992: Effects of temperature on hatchability, development and growth of eggs and yolksac fry of Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters) under artificial incubation

Booij R.; Struik P.C., 1990: Effects of temperature on leaf and curd initiation in relation to juvenility of cauliflower

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093224

Zhao, H. Y.; Wang, S. Z.; Zhang, W. J., 1990: Effects of temperature on reproductive characteristics of turnip aphid

Liengsiri, C.; Hellum, A. K., 1988: Effects of temperature on seed germination in Pterocarpus macrocarpus

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Brauer, D; Loper, M; Schubert, C; Tu, Si, 1991: Effects of temperature on the coupled activities of the vanadate-sensitive proton pump from maize root microsomes

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093229

Lee, S. D.; Ahn, S. B.; Cho, W. S.; Choi, K. M., 1991: Effects of temperature on the development of beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Al Thani R.; Simkiss K., 1992: Effects of temperature on the migration of primordial germ cells in the chick embryo

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093239

Hagen, S. R.; Muneta, P.; LeTourneau, D.; Brown, J., 1991: Effects of temperature on the starch content of potato callus tissue

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093262

Gafny R.; Lapidot M.; Berna A.; Holt C.A.; Deom C.M.; Beachy R.N., 1992: Effects of terminal deletion mutations on function of the movement protein of tobacco mosaic virus

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093265

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093266

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093268

Whittaker, G. W., 1990: Effects of the 1988 drought on farm finances

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093279

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093280

Matsumoto M.; Kobayashi T.; Itabashi H., 1991: Effects of the absence of rumen ciliate protozoa on urinary allantoin excretion in goats

Kurtgel' dyev, B. K., 1990: Effects of the action of mutagenic factors on cotton

Andries, J. I.; Cottyn, B. G.; Keersmaecker, S. de; Buysse, F. X., 1990: Effects of the addition of iso-acids to the diet on ruminal fermentation, degradation of DM in sacco and concentration of some blood values in the cow

Ylaranta, T., 1991: Effects of the addition of sulphate and phosphate on the leaching of selenite and selenate in acidic soils

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093285

Young S.L.; Shoemaker C.F., 1990: Effects of the adsorption of caseins on the surface tension and rheological properties of polystyrene latex suspensions

Harrison, J. G., 1992: Effects of the aerial environment on late blight of potato foliage - a review

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093288

Vellas B., 1992: Effects of the aging process on the nutritional status of elderly persons

Chen, C. M., 1989: Effects of the alkaline contents of bark extracts on the Cannizzaro reaction in mixtures of the extracts and formaldehyde

Kupfer C.; Kahnt G., 1992: Effects of the application of amorphous silica on transpiration and photosynthesis of soybean plants under varied soil and relative air humidity conditions

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093899

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093917

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093973

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093974

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093987

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093989

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093990

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093991

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093992

Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093993

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Section 3, Chapter 2094, Accession 002093999

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