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Effects of two-dimensional dynamic controlled atmosphere storage on apple fruits

Qi, S.C.; Wang, C.S.; Li, Z.Q.; Liu, Y.; Hua, X.Z.; Fang, J.X.; Song, Z.X.; Tian, Y.; Li, X.H.; Li, Z.S.; Lu, M.S.; Wang, S.Z.

Proceedings of the fifth international controlled atmosphere research conference, Wenatchee, Washington, USA, 14-16 June, 1989 Vol 1: 295-305


Accession: 002093556

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Samples of Red Delicious apple fruits were stored for 5 months at 0 degrees C in air (treatment 1), in CA storage (3% O2 and 3% CO2) (treatment 2), or in CA storage with high CO2 (3% O2, and 12% CO2 during the first 30 days storage, 9% CO2 during the next 45 days, and 6% CO2 to the end of the storage period) (treatment 3).

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