Section 3
Chapter 2,099

Epidemiology of schistosomiasis mansoni in Bela Rosa sugar mill, Municipality of Sao Lourenco da Mata, Pernambuco, Brazil

Barbosa, C.S.; Da Silva, C.B.

Cadernos de Saude Publica 8(1): 83-87


ISSN/ISBN: 0102-311X
Accession: 002098619

The study was centred in a small sugar mill employing several hundred individuals in a region notorious for schistosomiasis. The people were poor, living in insanitary conditions, and obtained their water from a nearby river. Of 105 children (7-14 years of age) tested in 1989, 92% had schistosomiasis. In previous decades, the prevalence in this community had been almost equally high (89% in 1967) but had fallen to a low of 21% in 1980 after various control projects.

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