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Chapter 2,100

Essential fatty acid nutrition of larval striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and palmetto bass (M. saxatilis X M. chrysops)

Tuncer, H.; Harrell, R.M.

Aquaculture 101(1/2): 105-121


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-8486
Accession: 002099259

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Essential fatty acid (EFA) requirements of striped bass and palmetto bass (striped bass X white bass) larvae were investigated in larvae fed on Artemia nauplii diets: a control diet (Great Salt Lake strain), and same strain enriched with maize oil, or highly unsaturated n-3 fatty acids (HUFA=20:3 <n-3 fatty acids) for 32 days. The n-6/n-3 ratio increased (6 fold), but HUFA content of fish decreased (10 to 30 fold) in all treatments by age.

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