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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2105

Chapter 2105 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ellison A.M.; Vam Vikites D., 1991:
Evolutionarily stable morphologies in pea populations

Kappen, C.; Ruddle, F.H., 1991:
Evolutionary analysis of mammalian homeobox genes

Kokurin, N.L.; Udel' nova, T.M.; Yagodin, B.A., 1990:
Evolutionary and genetic aspects of trace element nutrition in crop plants

Beyer, T.V., 1989:
Evolutionary aspects and interrelations among the Apicomplexa

Kidwell, M.G., 1990:
Evolutionary aspects of hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila

Fesenko, N.V.; Martynenko, G.E., 1992:
Evolutionary aspects of plant breeding

Malkin E.M., 1991:
Evolutionary aspects of the reproductive variability of fish populations

Walker, R.J.; Holden-Dye, L., 1991:
Evolutionary aspects of transmitter molecules, their receptors and channels

Ernst, W.H.O.; Schat, H.; Verkleij, J.A.C., 1990:
Evolutionary biology of metal resistance in Silene vulgaris

Jansson, S.; Gustafsson, P., 1991:
Evolutionary conservation of the chlorophyll a/b-binding proteins: cDNAs encoding Type I, II and III LHC I polypeptides from gymnosperm Scots pine

Hackett, K.J., 1990:
Evolutionary considerations - arthropod and plant mollicutes

Nakamura, K., 1990:
Evolutionary considerations on the distribution of protozoa in herbivores

Tabachnick, W.J., 1991:
Evolutionary genetics and arthropod-borne disease: the yellow fever mosquito

Mizuno, S., 1991:
Evolutionary implications of sex chromosome-specific repetitive DNA sequences in birds belonging to the order, Galliformes

Hughes, A.L., 1991:
Evolutionary origin and diversification of the mammalian CD1 antigen genes

Nerome, K.; Kanegae, Y.; Yoshioka, Y.; Itamura, S.; Ishida, M.; Gojobori, T.; Oya, A., 1991:
Evolutionary pathways of N2 neuraminidases of swine and human influenza A viruses: origin of the neuraminidase genes of two reassortants (H1N2) isolated from pigs

Hall, D.R., 1991:
Evolutionary pattern of tourism development in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

Brunsfeld, S.J.; Soltis, D.E.; Soltis, P.S., 1992:
Evolutionary patterns and processes in Salix sect. Longifoliae: evidence from chloroplast DNA

Cohn, M.; Edström, J.E., 1991:
Evolutionary relations between subtypes of telomere-associated repeats in Chironomus

Tabachnick, W.J., 1991:
Evolutionary relationships among California serogroup viruses (Bunyaviridae) and Aedes mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Barns, S.M.; Lane, D.J.; Sogin, M.L.; Bibeau, C.; Weisburg, W.G., 1991:
Evolutionary relationships among pathogenic Candida species and relatives

Bernal, J.J.; Moriones, E.; García-Arenal, F., 1991:
Evolutionary relationships in the cucumoviruses: nucleotide sequence of tomato aspermy virus RNA 1

Bradshaw A.D.; Mcneilly T., 1991:
Evolutionary response to global climatic change

Cevallos, V.; Mafla, A.B., 1989:
Evolutionary significance of the variation found in two Ecuadorian populations of Gryllus argentinus

Ludwig, D.; Levin, S.A., 1991:
Evolutionary stability of plant communities and maintenance of multiple dispersal types

Tan, M.K.; Thomson, J.A., 1990:
Evolutionary studies of the chloroplast genome in Pteridium

Chen, J.X., 1992:
Evolvement of the industrial system of bagasse particleboard production in China

Rolfe, B.G.; Bender, G.L., 1990:
Evolving a Rhizobium for non-legume nodulation

Rigotti, A.; Francisco Miquel, J.; Nervi, F., 1991:
Evolving concepts on the pathogenesis of cholesterol cholelithiasis

Falloon, T., 1991:
Evolving control strategies against the West Indian canefly Saccharosydne saccharivora Westwood (Hom.: Delphacidae) in Jamaica

Surat Singh; Rahim, C.A., 1989:
Evolving panchayati raj leadership

Sterritt, W.G.; Dulac, G.C., 1992:
Evolving perceptions of bluetongue: A challenge for government and industry

Regnier, E.E.; Janke, R.R., 1989:
Evolving strategies for managing weeds

Harding, F., 1991:
Evolving world of milk analysis

Mann, E.J., 1991:
Ewe and goat milk and milk products produced from them - Part I, II

Nasholm A., 1992:
Ewe body weight recording in the autumn of 1991

Ledda, A., 1990:
Ewe milk in Sardinia and Southern Italy

Boutonnet, J.P., 1990:
Ewe milk production in the Mediterranean: an intensive pastoral activity

Casu, S.; Boyazoglu, J.G., 1990:
Ewe milk production in the Mediterranean: areas of production, genetic types used, production systems and future prospects

Eltawil, E.A.; Narendran, R., 1990:
Ewe productivity in four breeds of sheep in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 1990:
Ewe recording in 1989

Abad Maza, F.; Albiol Ferre, A.; Lozano Gorriz, S.; Bergua Fanlo, A., 1990:
Ewe recording in Huesca Province

Roseiro, M.L. de B., 1991:
Ewe's milk cheesemaking in Portugal using a vegetable rennet (a review)

Mann, E.J., 1991:
Ewes' and goats' milk products. Part I and II

Estrada-Pena, A.; de la Cruz, J., 1992:
Ewingana (Doreyana) baekelandae, sp. n., a parasite of molossid bats in Spain (Acari: Myobiidae)

Hiebert, L.D., 1991:
Ex post flexibility and choice of capacity for loss reduction

Schlegel, F.M.; Tangan, F.T., 1990:
Ex situ conservation of Philippine bamboo species

Anonymous, 1992:
Ex-USSR farm production falls 7% in 1991

Nagy, J.G.; Stubbs, J.M.; Mallorie, E.; Sabir, G.F., 1988:
Ex-ante economic technology evaluation for research and extension programme design: sheep production improvement in Baluchistan, Pakistan

Damstra, R.J.; Vloten, W.A. van, 1991 :
Exacerbation of psoriasis by antimalarial prophylaxis with chloroquine and proguanil

Wang, S.J.; Deltour, J.; Nijskens, J.; Wergifosse, P. de, 1990:
Exact analytical solution of a linear dynamic model of greenhouse climate : the direct cover case

Dobretsberger, M.; Lorin, D.; Palme, R.; Arbeiter, K., 1988:
Exact determination of ovulation and mating time using vaginal smear and rapid measurement of progesterone in the bitch

Wartenberg, G., 1991:
Exact dispensing. Dispensing mistakes when applying liquid silage additives

Kimball B.A., 1990:
Exact equations for calculating air leakage rates from plant growth chambers

Kaiser, R.A.; Fletcher, J.E.; Groger, S., 1992:
Exacting land and fees from land developers for park purposes: a profile of municipal practices

Miller, M.J.; Zhang, X.J.; Gu, X.; Tenore, E.; Clark, D.A., 1991:
Exaggerated intestinal histamine release by casein and casein hydrolysate but not whey hydrolysate

Pedersen, J.; Carganello, J.; van der Weyden, M.B., 1990:
Exaggerated reaction to insect bites in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Clinical and histological findings

Anonymous, 1992:
Examination for purchase

Griffin D.M.J.; Warrington R.O., 1988:
Examination of 2-D groundwater recharge solution

Wronkowska, H.; Janowicz, K., 1989:
Examination of Globodera rostochiensis cysts infected with strains of Fusarium oxysporum in vitro

Rodler, M.; Körbler, W., 1989:
Examination of Listeria monocytogenes in milk products

Erwerth, W.; Hermann, G.; Gottwald, G.; Bretschneider, U., 1991:
Examination of SMEDI syndrome of pigs - electron microscopy

Distl, O.; Schams, D.; Graf, F.; Meyer, J.; Krausslich, H., 1990:
Examination of calves with proportionate dwarfism

Politis, I.; Zhao, X.; McBride, B.W.; Burton, J.H., 1991:
Examination of chemotactic properties of bovine mammary macrophages

Petri, G.; Lemberkovics, E.; Foldvari, M., 1988:
Examination of differences between propolis (bee glue) produced from different floral environments

Vonsaviciene, V.; Navaitiene, G., 1990:
Examination of discoloration in potato tubers

Crees, O.L.; Cuff, C.; Doherty, W.O.S.; Senogles, E., 1992:
Examination of evaporator scales for the far northern regions of the sugar industry

Guizelini, E.; Castilho, V.L.P.; Moreira, A.A.B.; Campos, R.; Neto, V.A.; Sant' Ana, E.J. de; Pinto, P.L.S.; Takiguti, C.K., 1987:
Examination of faeces for heavy helminth eggs: a comparative study of spontaneous sedimentation in water and Ritchie's method

Frontczak, J.; Molendowski, F., 1990:
Examination of forces and work during corn cobs cutting operations

Hove, G.P.; Blinn, C.R.; Moody, N.R.; Westfield, L.M., 1989:
Examination of forest inventory and mapping systems to reduce the number of political units

Shaikh, N.U.; Ahmed, S.S., 1989:
Examination of frogs from Hyderabad (Sind) for Gnathostoma and Ganeo sp. infections

Anonymous, 1992:
Examination of milk for aflatoxin M1 and animal feeds for aflatoxin B1 contents. Overview of work by the Baden-Wurttemberg Dairy Authorities for 1991

Mieszkalski, L., 1990:
Examination of power consumption and energy consumption per unit of a suction-pressure blower and one with an injector feeder

Rottscheidt, W.; Winkelmann, J., 1991:
Examination of quarter milk samples of heifers for beta -streptococci during breeding stock auctions of RVS

Smith, H.R.; Cheasty, T.; Roberts, D.; Thomas, A.; Rowe, B., 1991:
Examination of retail chickens and sausages in Britain for vero cytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli

Adamski, W., 1992:
Examination of some indexes of carbohydrate changes in sheep with experimental acidosis

Fekete, J., 1989:
Examination of some physical properties of tropical soils

Huang, X.P.; Mack, T.P., 1990:
Examination of some sensory organs on the head of last instar larvae of the lesser cornstalk borer, Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Lewis, C.J.; Sims, L.S.; Shannon, B., 1989:
Examination of specific nutrition/health behaviors using a social cognitive model

Maruyama, Y.; Kita, M.; Imai, H.; Tokunaga, T.; Tsunoda, Y., 1991:
Examination of suitable conditions for the parthenogenetic activation and electrofusion of a porcine enucleated oocyte with a pseudoblastomere

Slocum B.; Slocum T.D., 1991:
Examination of the canine hip

Johns, K.J.; Head, W.S.; Robinson, R.D.; Williams, T.E.; O'Day, D.M., 1991:
Examination of the contact lens with light microscopy: an aid in diagnosis of Acanthamoeba keratitis

Purcell, J.P.; Greenplate, J.T.; Sammons, R.D., 1992:
Examination of the midgut luminal proteinase activities in six economically important insects

Miyahara, Y., 1991:
Examination of the overwintering of the Hawaiian beet webworm, Hymenia recurvalis Fabricius, pupae

Bepperling, F.; Kuntzel, C.; Metzler, B.; Kastner, P.; Schmahl, F.W., 1988:
Examination of the significance of fasting and postprandial serum lipids in risk factor analysis

Tscheuschner, H.D.; Markov, E., 1988:
Examination of the texture of chocolate. I. Measurement methods

Tscheuschner, H.D.; Markov, E., 1988:
Examination of the texture of chocolate. IV. Effect of composition and processing on chocolate texture

Vidic, B.; Asanin, R.; Bobos, S., 1991:
Examination of the toxicity of Bordetella bronchiseptica strains isolated from pigs

Iwazaki, F.; Yamamoto, Y.; Sun, B.M., 1989:
Examination of the value of domestic flowering cherries using resistance to chemicals

Vidic, B.; Asanin, R.; Bobos, S., 1991:
Examination of the virulence of Bordetella bronchiseptica strains isolated from pigs

Pannell, L.K.; Olson, N.F., 1991:
Examination of water extracts of Cheddar cheese by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to characterize proteolysis and peptidolysis during ripening

Whetstone, C.A.; Sayre, K.R.; Dock, N.L.; VanDerMaaten, M.J.; Miller, J.M.; Lillehoj, E.; Alexander, S.S., 1992:
Examination of whether persistently indeterminate human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Western immunoblot reactions are due to serological reactivity with bovine immunodeficiency-like virus

Loux, M.M.; Liebl, R.A.; Hymowitz, T., 1987:
Examination of wild perennial Glycine species for glyphosate tolerance

Knudson M.K.; Hansen L.T., 1990:
Examination of winter wheat yield response to seed source

Waberski, D.; Weitze, K.F.; Meding, S.; Leiding, C.; Weiskopf, S., 1990:
Examination on sperm- and fertility-compatibility of LincospectinReg. sterile solution as antibiotic additive in liquid boar semen

Young, R.L.; O.B.ien, T.R.; Craychee, T.J., 1990:
Examination procedures for the diagnosis of suspensory desmitis in the horse

Kietzmann, M.; Bigler, B.; Tscharner, C. von; Heitman, H.; Muther, T., 1990:
Examinations on the compatibility and efficacy in the epidermal metabolic process and metabolism of benzoyl peroxide in dogs

Goff, H.D., 1992:
Examining milk solids-not-fat in frozen dairy products

Brugere, H.; Champy, R.; Polack, B.; Rousseau, Y., 1990:
Examining rumen fluid and monitoring cattle feeding. Use of titration

Halmagyi, L.; Ludanyi, I., 1989:
Examining the effectiveness of chemical control methods against Varroa jacobsoni

Acutis, M.; Ciotti, A., 1991:
Example of quantification of meteorological risk related to field drying of meadow forages

Sicot, A.M., 1991:
Example of spatial distribution of rainfall in the Sahel: rainfall of the mare d'Oursi basin in Burkina Faso

Tellhelm, B.; Brass, W., 1991:
Examples of HD-examination measuring the Norberd angle

Wittenbac, V.A.; Aulabaugh, A.; Schloss, J.V., 1991:
Examples of extraneous site inhibitors and reaction intermediate analogs: acetolactate synthase and ketol-acid reductoisomerase

Quarles, S.L.; Erickson, R.W., 1990:
Examples of nonisothermal moisture movement in wood

Abrahamsen, R.K., 1990:
Examples of the use of biotechnology in the dairy industry

Pevetz, W., 1992:
Examples, conditions and opportunities for farm tourism. Report on the seminar 'The development of farm tourism under the conditions in Slovak agriculture' organized by VUEPP (Bratislava) in Piestany on the 19th December 1991

Gentry, A.H., 1992:
Exarata (Bignoniaceae), a new genus from the Choco region of Ecuador and Colombia

Steadward, R.D., 1992:
Excellence - the future of sports for athletes with disabilities

Waters, J., 1990:
Exceptional extraction

Anonymous, 1992:
Excerpt from the 1991 general report

Anonymous, 1991:
Excerpt from the report of the Herdbook Department for 1990

Anonymous, 1992:
Excerpt from the report of the Herdbook Department in 1991

Bettin, A., 1990:
Excess N application inhibits rooting. The influence of nutrient supply to azalea mother plants on the rooting of cuttings

Chiang, A.N.; Huang, P.C., 1988:
Excess energy and nitrogen balance at protein intakes above the requirement level in young men

Orth, M.W.; Bai, Y.; Zeytun, I.H.; Cook, M.E., 1992:
Excess levels of cysteine and homocysteine induce tibial dyschondroplasia in broiler chicks

Sugimoto, H.; Satou, T., 1990:
Excess moisture injury of soybeans cultivated in an upland field converted from paddy

Smith, R.L.; Meixler, S.M.; Simberkoff, M.S., 1991:
Excess mortality in critically ill patients with nosocomial bloodstream infections

Ward, E.; Carpenter, A.; Markowitz, S.; Roberts, D.; Halperin, W., 1991:
Excess number of bladder cancers in workers exposed to ortho-toluidine and aniline

Olds, T.S.; Abernethy, P.J.; Eden, B., 1991:
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption following resistance exercise

Gropp, J.M.; Strahberger, S.; Mehringer, U., 1991:
Excess vitamin A supply in quail and poultry chicks

Ahmed, F.; Ellis, J.; Murphy, J.; Wootton, S.; Jackson, A.A., 1990:
Excessive faecal losses of vitamin A (retinol) in cystic fibrosis

Demyttenaere, P.; Hofman, G.; Ronse, D.; Ruymbeke, M. van, 1990:
Excessive soil mineral nitrogen at harvest of field-grown vegetables: impact on the nitrate pollution of ground and surface water

Poonia, S.R.; Sethi, B.C.; Pal, R., 1990:
Exchange equilibria of potassium in soils-VI. Effect of partial K-depletion on K-Ca exchange

Dhillon, S.K.; Dhillon, K.S., 1991:
Exchange equilibria of potassium in some red, black and alluvial soils of India. II. Effect of temperature on K+-Ca2+ exchange

Djurberg, I.; Kofer, W.; Hakansson, G.; Glimelius, K., 1991:
Exchange of chloroplasts in a Nicotiana tabacum cybrid with Petunia chloroplasts in order to establish that a variegated and abnormal development of the cybrid is caused by a mitochondrial mutation

Nikiel, S., 1991:
Exchange of experience from the 1990/91 campaign

Marchal, J.; Teisson, C.; Escalant, J.V.; Cuauhtemoc Navarro, L., 1988:
Exchange of minerals and carbohydrates during in vitro culture: the case of bananas

Alekseev, A.N.; Chunikhin, S.P., 1990:
Exchange of tick-borne encephalitis virus between ixodid ticks feeding together on animals with a threshold level of viraemia

Alekseev, A.N.; Chunikhin, S.P., 1991:
Exchange of virus between feeding ticks in the absence of viraemia in the vertebrate host (distant transmission)

Fortun C.; Fortun A., 1991:
Exchange processes in two soils subjected to different organic treatments

Boussemart, J.P.; Millequant, F., 1991:
Exchange rate and export performance of the USA in world trade in agricultural products

Liebenberg, G.F.; Vivier, F.L.; Groenewald, J.A., 1991:
Exchange rate depreciation and costs of agricultural inputs in South Africa

Goedecke, E.J.; Dushmanitch, V.Y.; Ortmann, G.F., 1992:
Exchange rate determination using a linear regression model: a monetary approach

Alston, J.M.; Carter, C.A.; Whitney, M.D., 1992:
Exchange rate pass-through effects in agriculture

Bernini Carri, C., 1991:
Exchange rate policies and agricultural growth in less developed countries

Jerardo, A., 1990:
Exchange rate policy and trade competitiveness of the East Asian NIE's

Chhibber, A., 1992:
Exchange reforms, supply response, and inflation in Africa

Phillips, P.; Nantel, S.; Benny, W.B., 1990:
Exchange transfusion as an adjunct to the treatment of severe falciparum malaria: case report and review

Wallace, M.R.; al Mahroos, G.M., 1991:
Exchange transfusion for malaria: what are the indications?

Narayanaswamy, A.; Kumar, N., 1991:
Exchange transfusion in P. falciparum malaria - an adjunct therapy

Elder, A.T.; Croughan, M.J.; Boulton, F.E.; Brettle, R.P., 1990:
Exchange transfusion of whole blood in the treatment of cerebral malaria

Jimenes Bayesta, R.; Guerra, A.; Ibanies, H.H.; Monturiol, F., 1989:
Exchangeable acidity and exchangeable aluminium in soils of Plio-Pleistocene rana surfaces in the Central part of Iberian peninsula

Coutinho, J.F., 1990:
Exchangeable aluminium and root growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) as criteria of lime requirement in acid soils of northwest Portugal

Subba Rao, A.; Sekhon, G.S., 1991:
Exchangeable potassium percentage as a measure of solution K in Vertisols and Vertic Ustochrepts

Henninger, J.; Roton del Puerto, G., 1989:
Exchanging foreign debt for indigenous forests: an interesting perspective for the forestry sector

Shieh, E.; Boldy, K.L.; Garbus, J.; McDonnell, P.J., 1992:
Excimer laser keratectomy in the treatment of canine corneal opacities

Biswal B., 1989:
Excision induced changes in photosynthetic pigments and photochemical reactions of chloroplasts during greening of wheat leaves

Colwell, C.S.; Max, M.; Hudson, D.; Menaker, M., 1991:
Excitatory amino acid receptors may mediate the effects of light on the reproductive system of the golden hamster

Stephenson, K., 1991:
Exciting times ahead in the plastic industry

Hatling, P., 1991:
Exciting year of dairying

Kahn R.P., 1991:
Exclusion as a plant disease control strategy

Westbrooks, R.G., 1992:
Exclusion of foreign weeds from the United States of America by USDA APHIS

Smith, M.C., 1990:
Exclusion of infectious diseases from sheep and goat farms

Kallio, M.J.; Salmenperä, L.; Siimes, M.A.; Perheentupa, J.; Miettinen, T.A., 1992:
Exclusive breast-feeding and weaning: effect on serum cholesterol and lipoprotein concentrations in infants during the first year of life

Ebert, K.; Roschke, M.; Henniger, E., 1991:
Excrement and nutrient yields on dairy and pig farms - essential values for environment conscious agriculture

Irps, H., 1992:
Excrement-urine separation

Clark, TM.; Spring, JH., 1992:
Excretion in the house cricket: role of second messengers in Malpighian tubule function

Gerbermann, H.; Jakoby, J.R.; Kosters, J., 1992:
Excretion of Chlamydia and antibody kinetics in owls treated with doxycycline

Shyu, W.C.; Shah, V.R.; Campbell, D.A.; Venitz, J.; Jaganathan, V.; Pittman, K.A.; Wilber, R.B.; Barbhaiya, R.H., 1992:
Excretion of cefprozil into human breast milk

Isenberg, K.E., 1990:
Excretion of fluoxetine in human breast milk

Abdullaev, S.K.; Vorotyntseva, N.V.; Yur' eva, E.A.; Dyakonova, G.V., 1988:
Excretion of free amino acids and lipids in the faeces of children with acute intestinal infections

Schmiedl, U.; Maravilla, K.R.; Gerlach, R.; Dowling, C.A., 1990:
Excretion of gadopentetate dimeglumine in human breast milk

Davidson, L.A.; Donovan, S.M.; Lonnerdal, B.; Atkinson, S.A., 1989:
Excretion of human milk proteins by term and premature infants

Mertz, D.P.; Rinne Schmitz, R., 1991:
Excretion of osmotically active substances after different diet regimens

Boehncke, E.; Krutzinna, C.; Noack, R., 1991:
Excretion of potassium in cows' urine under field conditions

Ahman, B., 1988:
Excretion of radiocaesium in reindeer - effect of supplements of potassium and bentonite

Gupta M.; Kapoor P.D., 1990:
Excretion patterns of some feed markers in buffalo

Thilagavathy, A.H.; Prabha, B.; Raj, R.K., 1990:
Excretory secretory antigens of filarial parasite Setaria digitata

Loker, E.S.; Cimino, D.F.; Hertel, L.A., 1992:
Excretory-secretory products of Echinostoma paraensei sporocysts mediate interference with Biomphalaria glabrata hemocyte functions

Feely, D.E.; Gardner, M.D.; Hardin, E.L., 1991:
Excystation of Giardia muris induced by a phosphate-bicarbonate medium: localization of acid phosphatase

Amaral, A.G. da G.; Amaral, J.C.L.T. da G., 1988:
Execution of a project to promote forestry in the mid-1960s: critical analysis as of 1988

Anonymous, 1992:
Executive report. Strategies for growth

Sontgerath, B., 1991:
Exemplary sloped floor housing for dairy cattle

Drinkwater, B.L., 1990:
Exercise and bone health

Holloszy, J.O., 1992:
Exercise and food restriction in rats

Devis, J.; Peiro, C., 1992:
Exercise and health in a Spanish PE curriculum: a modified programme of 'the exercise challenge'

Weaver, C.M.; Rajaram, S., 1992:
Exercise and iron status

Sutherland, V.J.; Cooper, C.L., 1990:
Exercise and stress management: fit employees - healthy organisations?

Walberg, J.L.; Ruiz, V.K.; Tarlton, S.L.; Hinkle, D.E.; Thye, F.W., 1988:
Exercise capacity and nitrogen loss during a high or low carbohydrate diet

Phinney, S.D., 1992:
Exercise during and after very-low-calorie dieting

Andrews, J.F., 1991:
Exercise for slimming

O.G.ady, M.R.; Allen, D.G.; Mackin, A.J.; Gorder, J. van, 1991:
Exercise in electrocardiography

Meredith C.N., 1992:
Exercise in the prevention of osteoporosis

Vanden Bossche, G.; Dorwald, M., 1991:
Exercise induced alterations in the tracheobronchial secretion of surfactant phospholipids in healthy horses and in horses with chronic pulmonary disease

Montain, S.J.; Hopper, M.K.; Coggan, A.R.; Coyle, E.F., 1991:
Exercise metabolism at different time intervals after a meal

Reybrouck, T.; Vinckx, J.; Van den Berghe, G.; Vanderschueren-Lodeweyckx, M., 1990:
Exercise therapy and hypocaloric diet in the treatment of obese children and adolescents

Ross, B.H., 1992:
Exercise, exersense, exerscience and excellence

Buskirk, E.R.; Cunningham, D.A.; Paterson, D.H., 1990:
Exercise, fitness, and aging

Bouchard, C.; Shephard, R.J.; Stephens, T.; Sutton, J.R.; McPherson, B.D., 1990:
Exercise, fitness, and health: a consensus of current knowledge: proceedings of the International Conference on Exercise, fitness, and health, May 29-June 3, 1988, Toronto, Canada

Bouchard, C.; Shephard, R.J.; Stephens, T.; Sutton, J.R.; McPherson, B.D., 1990:
Exercise, fitness, and health: the consensus statement

Witt, E.H.; Reznick, A.Z.; Viguie, C.A.; Starke-Reed, P.; Packer, L., 1992:
Exercise, oxidative damage and effects of antioxidant manipulation

Erickson, B.K.; Erickson, H.H.; Coffman, J.R., 1990:
Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage during high intensity exercise: potential causes and the role of furosemide

Derksen, F.J.; Slocombe, R.F.; Gray, P.R.; Robinson, N.E., 1992:
Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage in horses with experimentally induced allergic lung disease

Corwin, M., 1991:
Exercising the right choice

Mestre, J.; Wanke, M.; Sucheyre, S., 1990:
Exfoliate vaginal cytology and plasma concentrations of progesterone, luteinising hormone and oestradiol-17 beta during oestrus in the bitch

Gupta, A.K.; Mohan, N., 1991:
Exhaustion of final molasses - role of crystallizer treatment

Harvey, R.; Freedland, C., 1990:
Exhibition and storage of archaeological wood

Laar, H.J. van de, 1990:
Exhibition of autumn profusion 1990

Anonymous, 1990:
Exhibitors profile

Tsushima, S.; Mogi, S.; Naito, H.; Saito, H., 1989:
Existence of Pseudomonas glumae on the rice seeds and development of the simple method for detecting P. glumae from the rice seeds

Furuya, T.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Miyazawa, T.; Fujikawa, Y.; Tohya, Y.; Azetaka, M.; Takahashi, E.; Mikami, T., 1990:
Existence of feline immunodeficiency virus infection in Japanese cat population since 1968

Alain, C., 1991:
Existence of independent priming types and their longevity characteristics

Taneja, N.K.; Sheo Raj; Seth, P.K., 1990:
Existence of pathotypes in Myrothecium roridum

Chiou, T.K.; Matsui, T.; Konosu, S., 1991:
Existence of peptidase activities in mullet Mugil cephalus Roe

Abdel Monem, M.H.A.A.; Aly, O.K.A., 1990:
Existence of soil microflora producing amylases and proteases in eastern region of Saudi Arabia

Delcroix, I.; Mauget, R.; Signoret, J.P., 1989:
Existence of synchronized breeding activity within a group of wild boars

Ramapandu, S.; Sarma, M.N., 1991:
Existence of two pathotypes of Physalospora tucumanensis in coastal Andhra Pradesh

Solar, M., 1976:
Existing and potential effects of sulfur dioxide on forests of Saleska Valley

Redly, M.; Szabolcs, I., 1990:
Existing and potential salt affected soils in Central and Eastern Europe, their reclamation and utilization

Mathaha, I.M. et al., 1989:
Existing curricula and their relevance to preparing graduates for research, training and extension

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Exogenous enzymes in dairy technology

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Exopolysaccharide mutants of Rhizobium loti are fully effective on a determinate nodulating host but are ineffective on an indeterminate nodulating host

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Exotic Newcastle disease in water birds

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Exotic animal dentistry

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Exotic arboviruses: what risks are there for the traveller?

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Exotic pests pose growing problem for California

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Exotic plant pests in the USSR

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Exotic woody plants in public greens in small towns

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Exotic woody species in Bulgarian forestry

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Exotoxin production by Gyrodinium cf. aureolum (Dinophyceae)

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Expanded programme on immunization. Global Advisory Group--Part III

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Expanded oviposition range by a seed beetle (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in proximity to a normal host

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Expanded vermiculite and soil moisture in development of rape in greenhouse conditions

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Expanded wing posture in the lateral-basking Hipparchia semele (L.) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

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Expanding compulsory education: a direction for developing the nation

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Expanding foreign demand through institutional innovation: the case of a dairy promotion program in Korea

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Expanding into Europe: Distribution agreements

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Expanding recreation and conserving beauty: finding solutions

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Expanding the organic produce niche: issues and obstacles

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Expansion and modernization of Delitzsch sugar factory

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Expansion of Hippophae rhamnoides in a South Wales dune system

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Expansion of the host and geographical ranges of Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Schiner) (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in Romania

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Expectations and limitations of a new reform of the Community's agricultural policy

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Expectations and possibilities for modern biotechnology and its results as regards reproduction

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Expectations of the graduate student

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Expectations of training and educational needs in two-year hospitality and tourism programs

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Expectations, demand shifts, and milk supply response

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Expected frequencies of DNA patterns using Whittle's formula

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Expediency criteria for pesticide application

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Expediency of using pesticides against Colorado potato beetle

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Expeditions of the Cyclamen Society

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Expenditure characteristics of Pennsylvania State park audiences

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Expenditure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry during the 1980s

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Expenditure on the dairy sector of the economy is justified

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Experience and lessons of China's agricultural development

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Experience at Usina da Barra in the use of welding for the protection and repair of machines and components - general applications

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Experience from routine detection of potato spindle tuber viroid

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Experience from the use of the predatory midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Rond.) for aphid control in various vegetable and ornamental crops in the county of Chemnitz

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Experience gained with a new combined vaccine against feline rhinotracheitis and rabies

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Experience in Lema melanopus control

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Experience in forest fire control with the Mi-8 helicopter

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Experience in integrated chemical - biological control of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea)

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Experience in measuring the moisture content of potato pile

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Experience in organizing peasant farms

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Experience in the organization of nutrition of children in an industrial city

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Experience in using irradiation for the breeding of field crops

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Experience in using the method of long-range forecasting of the spring runoff for estimating its possible variations in connection with climatic changes

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Experience obtained from targeted use of fungicides in wheat production in the county of Halle

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Experience of Bulgarian colleagues

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Experience of a mower manufacturer with tending of setaside areas

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Experience of bench testing

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Experience of collective work on the production of carrot hybrids for different soil and climatic zones

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Experience of controlling infestations of sheep with larval cestodes

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Experience of controlling porcine enzootic pneumonia within the eradication scheme of the Swiss Pig Health Service

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Experience of growing Auricularia auricula in bags in Huaian County

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Experience of invasive aspergillosis in Hong Kong

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Experience of multisite trials for the study of vineyards

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Experience of operating non-chromate cooling water treatment system at NFL-Panipat

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Experience of the 'heart-bar' orthopaedic shoe

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Experience of the Irrigation Management Division in resource mobilization for system O&M

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Experience of the completion of cycles of advanced training of doctors in mycology

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Experience of the rapid slide test for clumping factor as a means of identifying Staphylococcus aureus

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Experience of using beater working units in the crushing devices of rotary mowers and fodder crushers

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Experience of using methods of statistical dynamics in machine design calculations

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Experience on Australian development projects in Asia

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Experience patterns: capturing the dynamic nature of a recreation experience

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Experience with a gas turbine in an ammonia plant

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Experience with a gastrointestinal marker (51CrCl3) in a combined study of ileal function using 75SeHCAT and 58CoB12 measured by whole body counting

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Experience with a wide span tractor for controlled traffic research

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Experience with amorolfine in the treatment of dermatomycoses

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Experience with an activated sludge treatment plant at Sezela

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Experience with an emergence trap for insects breeding in dead wood

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Experience with and conclusions on the operation and use of the Phytophthora forecasting model in 1989

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Experience with combined application of fertilizers and fungicide to control Fusarium wilt of carnations

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Experience with direct sowing of cereals and maize in Bulgaria

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Experience with implementing integrated community development projects with an environmental bias

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Experience with income-generating activities for Southern African women

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Experience with inhalative allergen provocation in exogenous allergic alveolitis

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Experience with liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome) in cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS

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Experience with lysimeter studies: selected topics for interpretation

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Experience with praziquantel treatment

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Experience with production of urea-based high-grade NPK fertilizers

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Experience with provenances and hybrids of various birch species

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Experience with solar tents made from woven plastic

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Experience with the application of land use planning in Liberia

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Experience with the application of photovoltaic solar home systems

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Experience with the feeding computer

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Experience with the hydroponic method for cultivation of roses

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Experience with the medium Eco 6 in a semi-hard cheese factory

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Experience with the new instructions for testing pesticides in ornamental plant production

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Experience with three anaerobic digestion systems on commercial dairies

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Experience with traumatic myiasis among patients with septic wounds

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Experience with urea-based NPK + MgO compound fertilizer production and marketing in Malaysia

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Experienced staff and tailoring food service

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Experiences and future of soil testing and plant analysis services in Egypt

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Experiences from the Maasai Health Services Project in Tanzania

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Experiences from use of the supersaturation control method in low-grade massecuites

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Experiences in Dutch environmental policy

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Experiences in development in the Bahareya oasis of Egypt

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Experiences in sheep production in Baluchistan

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Experiences in soil and water conservation work amongst pastoral peoples of northeastern Mali

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Experiences in tent trials and field tests with bees

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Experiences in the application of embryo bisection in sheep MOET programmes

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Experiences in the application of immunoassays for the detection of mycotoxins in food

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Experiences in the development of new spraying concepts in Malaysia

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Experiences in the diagnosis of infectious epididymitis in rams

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Experiences in the early weaning of calves in Central America

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Experiences in the eradication of bovine brucellosis in the district of Hannover

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Experiences in the field of farm storage of seed potato

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Experiences in the investigation of work organization on a specialized dairy farm

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Experiences in the therapy of blood protozoa of freshly imported African starlings

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Experiences in the use of expanding harrows (flexible harrows) for weed control

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Experiences in vegetative propagation of Populus and Salix and problems related to clonal strategies

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Experiences in waste land development: a case study

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Experiences of a governmental agency in granting the approval for scientific experiments

Bieniek, H., 1991:
Experiences of an animal welfare commissioner

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Experiences of and lessons learnt by cultivating Dictyophora indusiata in fields

Mungate, D., 1991:
Experiences of collaboration with NGOs in agricultural research and extension by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Settlement, Zimbabwe 1980-90

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Experiences of ecological evaluation and mapping of arid geomorphological systems in the Gobi deserts of Mongolia

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Experiences of rural tourism in EC countries and possibilities for its development in Hungary

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Experiences of the Mahaweli Economic Agency in resource mobilization for sustainable management of major irrigation schemes

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Experiences of the administration of the licensing of animals experiments

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Experiences of the control of BHV1 in the district of Freiburg

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Experiences of the members of the animal welfare commission (animal protection law, paragraph 15)

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Experiences of the use of fractionated thawing of bull semen pellets

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Experiences of the use of laryngoscopy in cattle

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Experiences on pesticide residues of medicinal plants in Hungary

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Experiences on the control of the cockchafer with plastic nets

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Experiences on the strumectomy in dogs

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Experiences with 'Good Laboratory Practice' (GLP) in residue analysis

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Experiences with BAS 480 F, a new triazole fungicide, for the control of cereal diseases in western Europe

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Experiences with FAO's Land Evaluation Computer System (LECS) in different environments

Kupfer, U., 1991:
Experiences with a herd fertility service for cows

Buckley, M.; Norton, G., 1991:
Experiences with a new molasses separation plant at Mallow

Zabeltitz, C. von, 1990:
Experiences with a new plastic film greenhouse

Buckley, M.E.; Brady, N., 1992:
Experiences with a new sugar fluidized bed cooler at Carlow

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Experiences with a sedimentation technique for concentrating cerebrospinal fluid cells in dogs and cats. 1

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Experiences with and prospects of decision support systems in cereals and potatoes in Switzerland

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Experiences with artificial insemination in Modena

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Experiences with automatic ammonia analyses

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Experiences with bees and parasitic mites in Thailand

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Experiences with biological pest control in commercial greenhouses in the region of Frankfurt (Oder)

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Experiences with breeding prolific types of sheep

Gettert, L., 1990:
Experiences with cement honey

Kaithathara, S., 1990:
Experiences with community health and village health workers in rural India

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Experiences with control of varroa disease (field cases)

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Experiences with early postoperative enteral tube feeding

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Experiences with embryo transfer

Stephano, A.; Diaz Rayo, C.; Vazquez Rojas, F., 1992 :
Experiences with enrofloxacin (Baytril) against Haemophilus pleuropneumonia

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Experiences with free stall design in Pennsylvania

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Experiences with injected transponders in calves

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Experiences with juice filtration at P. Jilemnicky's sugar factory, Trnava

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Experiences with long-distance transportation of animals - cattle, pigs, deer, rabbits

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Experiences with natural ventilation - Wisconsin

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Experiences with natural ventilation in Michigan and elsewhere

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Experiences with natural ventilation, northeastern US

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Experiences with nepoviral sequences and their use in transgenic plant protection

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Experiences with oral rehydration therapy with Lactolyte in suckling calves

Odegaard P., 1991:
Experiences with personal computers in recording and advisory services connected to milk recording

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Experiences with seedless grape cultivars in southern New Jersey

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Experiences with submerged fixed-bed reactors for nitrification stages

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Experiences with the 'quick' progesterone test for determination of the period for breeding or insemination in dog

Kruger, K., 1991:
Experiences with the Oldag endoprosthesis for dogs

Neururer, H., 1990:
Experiences with the addition of foliar fertilizers for weed spraying

Daamen, R.A., 1991:
Experiences with the cereal pest and disease management system EPIPRE in the Netherlands

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Experiences with the cultivation of spring barley variety mixtures in the GDR

Erfurth, P., 1988:
Experiences with the use of predatory mites on roses under glass

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Experiences with the use of the preparation Mebenvet in pheasants

Munyemana, P.C., 1990:
Experiences with tissue culture for research on bananas in the C.E.P.G.L. countries

Subnis, M.R., 1988:
Experiences with transfer of technology in buffalo development

Vasil, M., 1991:
Experiences with using the Galena product Duon foam (sulfadimidine and trimethoprim) in bovine mastitis therapy

Sabolic, M.; Liebig, G., 1989:
Experiences with varroatosis control (field cases)

Macovei, A., 1989:
Experiment data on the use of ELISA for diagnosis of beet rhizomania virus (beet necrotic yellow vein virus)

Perko, J., 1990:
Experiment in the diversification of vegetable growing: the Japanese artichoke (Stachys sieboldii Mag., Labiatae). Observations and yields

Wang, M.D.; Mu, P.C.; Xu, S.B.; Li, S.M., 1991:
Experiment of applying chloride-carrying mineral fertilizer in citrus orchard

Tu, M.Y., 1989:
Experiment of trace elements fertilizer spraying on sown pasture

Wang, J.Y.; Li, M.N.; Chen, C., 1989:
Experiment on control effect of biological fungicide Fubiging to lesion recurrence on apple trees infected by Valsa ceratosperma

Graaf, M.T. de; Blacquiere, T., 1991:
Experiment on extending the daylength for bedding plants using different lamps. Controlled light not yet an alternative to inhibitors

Hua, C.Y., 1990:
Experiment on planting Volvariella volvacea in orchards

Satjadipura, S., 1989:
Experiment on potato yield and potential from botanical seeds

Mladar, N.; Kovacevic, I., 1990:
Experiment on regeneration of olive orchards in Hvar Island

Endom, W., 1989:
Experiment on the Portuguese tapping system on pines

Szucs, I.; Szep, K.; Laczko, I., 1990:
Experiment on the calculation of the value and profit producing capacity in agriculture

Narimanov, H.M.; Makhmudova, G.I.; Ulanova, Z.N., 1989:
Experiment on the computerized planning of diets

Lu, X.K.; Gong, C.G., 1990:
Experiment on the control of Nilaparvata lugens Stal by Applaud

Wang, C.T.; Chen, Y.S., 1990:
Experiment on the injection of isolated soy protein and lard to loin ham

Shcheglov, V.V.; Gruzdev, N.V.; Chinarov, V.I., 1989:
Experiment on the introduction of detailed feeding norms for cattle using computers

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Experiment on the medicinal prophylaxis of artificially induced Eimeria intestinalis infection in rabbits

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Experiment on the selection of Agaricus bisporus strains

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Experiment with chlorpiriphos, fenthion and water against the mound termite Cornitermes cumulans (Kollar, 1832)

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Experimental Actinobacillus pneumonia in guinea pigs: light and electron microscope studies

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Experimental Albizia versicolor poisoning in sheep and its successful treatment with pyridoxine hydrochloride

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Experimental Ascaris-induced airway hypersensitivity in sheep: no serological evidence of association with Toxocara canis infection

Douglas, R.J.; Sundermann, C.A.; Lindsay, D.S.; Mulvaney, D.R., 1992:
Experimental Caryospora bigenetica (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) infections in swine (Sus scrofa)

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Experimental Echinococcus multilocularis infection in golden hamsters

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Experimental Parker's coronavirus infection in Wistar rats

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Experimental Pteridium aquilinum intoxication of horses

Yang, B., 1992:
Experimental Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 infection and egg transmission in Japanese quails

Golovina, N.P., 1988:
Experimental Trichophyton infection in young and adult sheep

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Experimental Wuchereria bancrofti infection of Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes aegypti

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Experimental acaricidal trial of synthetic pyrethroids for the control of Boophilus microplus (Canestrini)

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Experimental activation of cryptosporidiosis in mice by immunosuppression

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Experimental acute toxicity and anticholinesterase effect of monocrotophos in domestic fowls

Fogelmark, B.; Lacey, J.; Rylander, R., 1991:
Experimental allergic alveolitis after exposure to different microorganisms

Fogelmark, B.; Rylander, R.; Lacey, J., 1989:
Experimental allergic alveolitis after inhalation of mouldy hay

Ino, T., 1992:
Experimental analysis of inbreeding depression and heterosis

Kirchhoff, J.F.; Fuhrer, E., 1990:
Experimental analysis of infection and developmental cycle of Malamoeba scolytii in Dryocoetes autographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Nakashima, K.; Nitta, R.; Fujimori, T.; Katsuta, M., 1989:
Experimental analysis of resistance to snow load on crown in Cryptomeria japonica D. Don. Tests by using an apparatus for artificial snow load on crown

Zaslavskii, V.A.; Fomenko, R.B., 1990:
Experimental analysis of the process of photoperiodic induction in the aphid Megoura viciae Buckt. (Homoptera, Aphididae)

Yang, M.S.; Li, X.Y., 1992:
Experimental analysis on the compression process of agricultural fibrous materials

Schroder, D.; Gradinetti, F.; Hrusak, J.; Schwarz, H., 1992:
Experimental and ab initio MO studied on + ions in the gas phase: characterization of the isomers H2NO+, HNOH+, and NOH2+ and the mechanism of unimolecular dehydrogenation of +

Djoenaidi, W.; Notermans, S.L.H.; Gabreels Festen, A.A.W.M.; Ismadi, S.D.; Lilysantoso, A., 1990:
Experimental and clinical beriberi in East Java (Indonesia)

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Experimental and clinical study on cryptosporidiosis. I. Cryptosporidium and Pneumocystis carinii in the immunosuppressed rats

Liu, Y.H.; Wang, X.G.; Gao, P.; Qian, M.X., 1991:
Experimental and clinical trial of albendazole in the treatment of Clonorchiasis sinensis

Farkasova, P.; Derco, J.; Kralik, M., 1991:
Experimental and mathematical modelling of activated sludge process

Beyschlag, W.; Ryel, R.J.; Ullmann, I., 1992:
Experimental and modelling studies of competition for light in roadside grasses

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Experimental and numerical infiltration studies in a wadi stream bed

Gu, W., 1990:
Experimental and representative basin studies in China - a 35th anniversary review

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Experimental and simulated P transport in soil using a multireaction model

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Experimental animal models in vaccination against schistosomiasis

Muller, W.A.; Koch, G.; Becker, K., 1991:
Experimental animal studies to reveal circulating Toxoplasma antigens

Ratakhina, L.V.; Pashinskii, V.G., 1990:
Experimental anti-tumour activity of preparations from Urtica dioica L

Neghme, A.; Schenone, H.; Villarroel, F.; Rojas, A., 1991:
Experimental antitriatomine bug programme in Santiago

Silvie, P.; Dedryver, C.A.; Tanguy, S., 1990:
Experimental application of Erynia neoaphidis (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales) mycelia to aphid populations on lettuces in a commercial greenhouse: study of the spread of the inoculum by enzymatic analysis

Miedaner, T.; Hoxter, H.; Ludwig, W.F.; Geiger, H.H., 1990:
Experimental approaches for breeding of rye resistant to foot rot fungi

Rasmussen, J., 1992:
Experimental approaches to mechanical weed control in field peas

Poirier, J.; Genin, F.; Richard, A., 1990:
Experimental arguments for a rational use of spiramycin against respiratory infections in pigs

Mester, M.; Hoover, H.C.J.; Compton, C.C.; Willett, C.G., 1990:
Experimental aspects of elemental diets as radioprotectors

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Experimental assessment of infection pressure in pig breeding farms

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Experimental assessment of pesticide leaching using undisturbed lysimeters

Nectoux, M.; Andre, J.F.; Guiraud, G.; Bounias, M.; Popeskovic, D., 1988:
Experimental assessment of the potential toxicity of copper sulphate in the control of varroatosis in the honeybee

Cubeddu, M.; Gianella, E., 1991:
Experimental automatic irrigation system-UTA Farm (C.R.A.S. for Sardinia)

Schillingmann, D., 1990:
Experimental automatic milking rig - design and results

Eeles, C.W.O.; Robinson, M.; Ward, R.C., 1990:
Experimental basins and environmental models

Vysotskii, V.G.; Mikhailov, N.A.; Mlodik, E.Y., 1991:
Experimental basis for adequate protein intake levels by different groups of the adult population in the USSR

Humphery Smith, I.; Grulet, O.; L.G.ff, F.; Robaux, P.; Chastel, C., 1991:
Experimental basis for the use of spiroplasmas of mosquitoes for the control of the major mosquito-borne diseases in the tropics

Rad, M.A., 1988 :
Experimental basis of the development of a synthetic vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum malaria sporozoites

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Experimental behaviour of Sporothrix schenckii and Leishmania mexicana in the hamster

Cozad, George C., 1992:
Experimental blastomycosis

Li, X.P.; Zhou, Y.P., 1988:
Experimental brief of spraying vinegar on the leaves of Cunninghamia lanceolata plants

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Experimental challenge trial to determine efficacy of an Escherichia coli J5 vaccine

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Experimental characterization of orthotropic viscoelastic behaviour of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in relation to moisture content

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Experimental characters of the parameters of sperm membrane structure in boars of different biological value

Dzhabarova, V.I.; Dobrotvorskii, A.E.; Krotov, A.I., 1989:
Experimental chemotherapy of multilocular hydatidosis. Communication 12. Efficacy of mebendazole and nocodazole formulations with increased bioavailability

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Experimental chlamydiosis in buffalo calves: alterations in the lung

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Experimental chronic selenosis in buffalo calves

Nebbia, C.; Re, G.; Fogliato, T.G.; Ferrero, E., 1987:
Experimental chronic toxicity of zineb (zinc ethylenebisdithiocarbamate) in calves: measurement of tissue residues

Seleim, S.M.; Abd E.A.l, T.S., 1992:
Experimental common bile duct ligation in dogs

Payne, G.F.; Davison, S.W.; Tate, J.L., 1990:
Experimental constraints to studying the effects of dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide on plant cell growth

Stien J.L.; Schwartzbrod J., 1990:
Experimental contamination of vegetables with helminth eggs

Hargreaves, A., 1986:
Experimental control of Aedes detritus at Sandwich, 1982-1983

Nuzzo, V.A., 1991:
Experimental control of garlic mustard in northern Illinois using fire, herbicide, and cutting

Lorio, W.J., 1989:
Experimental control of metacercariae of the yellow grub Clinostomum marginatum in channel catfish

Rangel, M.C.; Regitano, E.B.; Clari, A.I.; Hamamura, R.; Arashiro, F.Y.; Rangel, R.C.; Mariconi, F.A.M., 1990:
Experimental control of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Lorio, W.J.; Houser, R.; Powell, R.V., 1990:
Experimental control of yellow grub in channel catfish

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Experimental cryptosporidiosis in hamsters

Villacorta I.; Ares E.; Perez Del Molino L.; Bajo T.; Fandino Salorio L., 1988:
Experimental cryptosporidiosis in mice

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Experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis: I. On the susceptibility of the primate Cebus apella (Cebidae) to infection by Leishmania (Viannia) lainsoni

Silveira, F.T.; Lainson, R.; Shaw, J.J.; Garcez, L.M.; Souza, A.A.; Braga, R.R.; Ishikawa, E.A., 1990:
Experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis: II - evolutive aspects of infection in the primate Cebus apella (Cebidae) with Leishmania (V.) braziliensis and L. (L.) amazonensis

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Experimental cysticercosis by Taenia crassiceps in mice: factors involved in susceptibility

Dyban, A.P., 1991:
Experimental cytogenetics of preimplantation development

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Experimental data from causative investigations on nutrition-related deficiencies in raw milk quality

Leocov, M.; Vidrascu, P., 1989:
Experimental data on growing the hybrid species Crocosmia X crocosmiflora (Lemoine) N.E.Br. in the Iasi Botanic Garden

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Experimental data on the control of peach leaf curl

Raibaud P.; Raynaud J.P., 1991:
Experimental data on the modes of action of probiotics

Girones, O.; Simon, M.C.; Muzquiz, J.L.; Ortega, C.; Garcia, J.; Halaihel, N.; Alonso, J.L., 1991:
Experimental demonstration of the clinical and epidemiological effects of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis ovis infection in breeding ewes and newborn lambs

Hänel, H.; Braun, B.; Löschhorn, K., 1990:
Experimental dermatophytosis in nude guinea pigs compared with infections in Pirbright White animals

Cady F.B., 1991:
Experimental design and data management of rotation experiments

Krasel, G.; Maas, G.; Pestemer, W., 1992:
Experimental design for estimating the volatilization of pesticides from different surfaces

Bouchery, Y.; Herrbach, E., 1990:
Experimental design for evaluating the efficacy of control measures against beet mild yellowing virus

Cousens, R.D.; Fletcher, D.J., 1990:
Experimental design for screening competitiveness of crop cultivars

Harriss, R.C., 1989:
Experimental design for studying atmosphere-biosphere interactions

Constant, B., 1990:
Experimental design of potato yield trials

Atewologun, A.O.; Riskowski, G.L., 1991:
Experimental determination of Janssen's stress ratio by four methods for soybeans under static conditions

Gallyamov, R.M., 1991:
Experimental determination of the elastic constants of sawn timber

Asanji, M.F., 1990:
Experimental determination of the snail intermediate host of livestock paramphistomes and their distribution in snails in nature

Ebendorff, W.; Wallstabe, J., 1992:
Experimental determination of the stimulatory effect of a milking machine with compressed-air pulsation by measurements of alveolar and residual milk

Rubio Gonzalez, A.M.; Roque Diaz, P.; Canales Diez, J., 1990:
Experimental determination of the velocity profile in isothermal conditions in the furnace of a Retal steam generator

Stobbe, N.S.; Chaplin, E.L.; Paiva, M.G.S.; Araujo, F.A.P. de; Silva, N.R.S. da, 1989:
Experimental development of an efficacious method of immunization against babesiosis and anaplasmosis in cattle

Bentley P.J.; Grubb B.R., 1991:
Experimental dietary hyperzincemia tissue disposition of excess zinc in rabbits

Davoust, B.; Parzy, D.; Vidor, E.; Hasselot, N.; Martet, G., 1991:
Experimental ehrlichiosis in dogs. Clinical and therapeutic study

Johnson, L.W.; Smith, A.R.; McFarlane, B.; Garry, F.; Weiser, G.; Ellis, R.; Schultheiss, P.; Frye, B.; Jorgenson, D., 1991:
Experimental eperythrozoonosis in llamas

House, J.A.; Gregg, D.A.; Lubroth, J.; Dubovi, E.J.; Torres, A., 1991:
Experimental equine herpesvirus-1 infection in llamas (Lama glama)

Jilek, J., 1991:
Experimental equipment and mathematical model for the drying of material in a thick layer

Wood, R.L.; Rose, R.; Coe, N.E.; Ferris, K.E., 1991:
Experimental establishment of persistent infection in swine with a zoonotic strain of Salmonella newport

Maekawa, T.; Nakano, K.; Yamasawa, S.; Suzuki, S., 1990:
Experimental estimation of film heat transfer coefficient on the inner wall of two-phase methane fermentor

Bhargava, A.K.; Lal, J.; Vanamayya, P.R.; Kumar, P.N., 1989:
Experimental evaluation of a few indigenous drugs as promotors of wound healing

Zein Eldin, A.M.; Watts, K.C.; Onwualu, A.P.; Younis, S.M.; Shaibon, M., 1990:
Experimental evaluation of a two dimensional finite element, soil-tool interaction model

Merlo, C.; Ferraris, S., 1992:
Experimental evaluation of some operating parameters of hose-reel sprinkler machines

Kreuzer M.; Kirchgessner M.; Roth F.X., 1991:
Experimental evaluation of the capacity of the hindgut of sows to ferment purified dietary ingredients and of consequences in nitrogen metabolism

Ladnova, G.G., 1989:
Experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of mixtures of vitamins and amino acids in increasing body resistance to pesticides

Alekseeva, I.A.; Katserikova, N.V.; Grishchenko, N.L.; Isaeva, V.A.; Klimova, O.A.; Sokol' nikov, A.A.; Khudyakova, S.G.; Pozanyakov, A.L.; Poznyakovskii, V.M.; Mglinets, A.I.; Spirichev, V.B., 1988:
Experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of vitamin supplementation of chopped meat products

Ubigli, M., 1991:
Experimental evaluation of the effects of cluster thinning on the quality of Barbera wine

Cornide, R.I.; Manojina, N.; Abreu, R.; Gonzalez, A., 1989:
Experimental evaluation of the hutia-conga (Capromys pilorides) as a reservoir of Leptospira

Marokko, I.N.; Kulakova, S.N.; Krzhechkovskaya, V.V.; Ushakov, V.V.; Pestova, M.I.; Mazo, V.K.; Levachev, M.M., 1990:
Experimental evaluation of the hypoallergenic action of fat compositions used in specialized therapeutic products

Koch, W.; Ritter, W., 1991:
Experimental examinations concerning the problem of deformed emerging bees after infestation with Varroa jacobsoni

Ching, H.L.; Parker, L., 1989:
Experimental exposure of trout and salmon from 12 British Columbian stocks to the myxozoan parasite Ceratomyxa shasta

Rickard L.G.; Foreyt W.J., 1992:
Experimental fascioliasis in llamas

Omata, Y.; Oikawa, H.; Kanda, M.; Mikazuki, K.; Nakabayashi, T.; Suzuki, N., 1990:
Experimental feline toxoplasmosis: humoral immune responses of cats inoculated orally with Toxoplasma gondii cysts and oocysts

Weseloh, R.M., 1990:
Experimental forest releases of Calosoma sycophanta (Coleoptera: Carabidae) against the gypsy moth

Guigoz, Y.; Maire, J.C., 1990:
Experimental gerontology, aging and nutrition, nutritional intake

Arellano, M.E.L.; Garfias, C.R.B.; Romero, H.Q.; Rodriguez, D.H., 1991:
Experimental haemonchosis in sheep: kinetics of the antibody responses for Haemonchus contortus and chicken erythrocytes and the intradermal reaction for phytohaemagglutinin

Norbaev K.N., 1991:
Experimental hepatosis in sheep

Philippart, J-C.; Berrebi, P., 1990:
Experimental hybridization of Barbus barbus and Barbus meridionalis: physiological, morphological, and genetic aspects

Sobrino Vesperinas, E., 1991:
Experimental hybrids in the complex Hutera-Rhynchosinapis (Cruciferae) of Sierra Morena (Spain)

Schuyler, M.; Gott, K.; Shopp, G., 1990:
Experimental hypersensitivity pneumonitis: suppressor cell influences

Klei T.R., 1991:
Experimental immunologic studies on lymphatic filariasis

Bakima, M.; Kaeckenbeeck, A.; Coignoul, F.; Lambotte, J.L.; Arendt, J.; Lomba, F.; Lekeux, P., 1991:
Experimental induction of Pasteurella pneumonia in goats: pathological and functional changes

Bakima, M.; Kaeckenbeeck, A.; Meniai, K.; Arendt, J.; Lomba, F.; Lekeux, P., 1991:
Experimental induction of acute Pasteurella pneumonia in goats: physiopathological changes

Murray C.B.; Evelyn T.P.T.; Beacham T.D.; Barner L.W.; Ketcheson J.E.; Prosperi Porta L., 1992:
Experimental induction of bacterial kidney disease in chinook salmon by immersion and cohabitation challenges

George V.T.; Krishnan R., 1991:
Experimental induction of obstructive jaundice in dogs

MacMillan, J.R.; Wilson, C.; Thiyagarajah, A., 1989:
Experimental induction of proliferative gill disease in specific-pathogen-free channel catfish

Fan, P.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Chen, L.M., 1992:
Experimental infection and morphology of Taenia saginata (Burma strain) in domestic animals

Sartono, E.; Purnomo ; Bahang, Z.B.; Partono, F., 1990:
Experimental infection and periodicity studies of Brugia timori in the silvered leaf monkey

Vorms L.M.rvan, J.; Vazeille Falcoz, M.C.; Rodhain, F., 1991:
Experimental infection of Aedes albopictus with a strain of spiroplasma isolated from Culex annulus in Taiwan

Camus, E.; Martrenchar, A., 1990:
Experimental infection of Brahman zebu with the Guyana strain of Trypanosoma vivax

Payne, R.C.; Sukanto, I.P.; Partoutomo, S.; Polytedi, F., 1992:
Experimental infection of Friesian Holstein calves with an Indonesian isolate of Trypanosoma evansi

Itagaki, T.; Fujiwara, S.; Mashima, K.; Itagaki, H., 1988:
Experimental infection of Japanese Lymnaea snails with Australian Fasciola hepatica

Wiedosari, E., 1989:
Experimental infection of Javanese thin tailed sheep with Gigantocotyle explanatum: I. Pathology

Wiedosari, E., 1989:
Experimental infection of Javanese thin tailed sheep with Gigantocotyle explanatum: II. Serum enzyme and haematological values

Lugo Mendoza, J.; Aldecoa Gili, T.; Miqueli Negrin, E.; Garcia Quinones, A., 1988:
Experimental infection of Lutzomyia (C.) orestes (Diptera: Psychodidae) with two isolates of the Leishmania mexicana complex

Prasad, A., 1989:
Experimental infection of Lymnaea auricularia race Rufescens for mass harvesting of metacercariae of Fasciola gigantica

Dwinger, R.H.; Rawlings, P.; Jeannin, P.; Grieve, A.S., 1988:
Experimental infection of N'Dama cattle with trypanosomes using Glossina palpalis gambiensis caught in the wild

Otesile, E.B.; Ahmed, G.; Adetosoye, A.I., 1990:
Experimental infection of Red Sokoto goats with Salmonella typhimurium

Aghomo, H.O.; Oduye, O.O.; Tomori, O., 1990:
Experimental infection of dogs and mice with rabies virus isolated from the saliva of unvaccinated clinically healthy dogs

Kelly, P.J.; Matthewman, L.A.; Mason, P.R.; Courtney, S.; Katsande, C.; Rukwava, J., 1992:
Experimental infection of dogs with a Zimbabwean strain of Rickettsia conorii

Zhukova, O.A.; Tsanava, S.A.; Marennikova, S.S., 1992:
Experimental infection of domestic cats by cowpox virus

Nutman, T.B., 1991:
Experimental infection of humans with filariae

Jhala M.K.; Kher H.N.; Prajapati K.S., 1990:
Experimental infection of infectious bursal disease virus in chicken

Faliex, E., 1990:
Experimental infection of juvenile grey mullet, Liza ramada, by metacercaria of Labratrema minimus (Digenea: Bucephalidae): ultrastructural analysis of the host-parasite relationship

Mascot, A.J.; Duran, M.E.; Roncero, V.; Gazquez, A.; Redondo, E., 1992 :
Experimental infection of lambs with bovine respiratory syncytial virus: ultrastructural study of lung

Helie, P.; Movin, M.; Jacques, M.; Fairbrother, J., 1990:
Experimental infection of newborn pigs with an attaching and effacing Escherichia coli O45:KE65 strain

Bourgueil, E.; Vannier, P., 1991:
Experimental infection of pigs with Aujeszky's disease virus: measurement of viral excretion

Rocha, T.; Vieira, R.P., 1992:
Experimental infection of pregnant gilts with Leptospira interrogans serovar mozdok

Smith, JW.; Elarifi, AE.; Wootten, R.; Pike, AW.; Burt, MDB., 1990:
Experimental infection of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, with Contracaecum osculatum (Rudolphi, 1802) and Pseudoterranova decipiens (Krabbe, 1878) (Nematoda: Ascaridoidea)

Halvorsen, O.; Skorping, A.; Bye, K., 1989:
Experimental infection of reindeer with Elaphostrongylus (Nematoda; Protostrongylidae) originating from reindeer, red deer, and moose

Morton J.K.; Evermann J.F.; Dieterich R.A., 1990:
Experimental infection of reindeer with bovine viral diarrhea virus

Hardy, J.L.; Presser, S.B.; Reisen, W.K., 1988:
Experimental infection of rock doves with St. Louis encephalitis virus

Aulova, S.V.; Marasinskaya, E.I.; Chaplygina, N.M., 1991:
Experimental infection of sable with canine distemper virus

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Experimental infection of seal (Phoca sibirica) with morbillivirus

Mutwiri, G.K.; Butler, D.G.; Rosendal, S.; Yager, J., 1992:
Experimental infection of severe combined immunodeficient beige mice with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis of bovine origin

Magzoub, M.; E.H.ssan, E.M.; Mottelib, A.A., 1991:
Experimental infection of sheep with trichostrongyle nematodes of the camel with some trials on their chemotherapeutic treatment using the drug ivermectin

Morrondo, M.P.; Manga, M.Y., 1989:
Experimental infection of some species of terrestrial molluscs (Stylommatophora) with Muellerius capillaris and Neostrongylus linearis larvae

Bugnowski, H.; Horsch, F.; Muller, D.; Zepezauer, V., 1990:
Experimental infection of splenectomized SPF piglets with Eperythrozoon suis

Pilaszek, J.; Truszczynski, M., 1991:
Experimental infection of the reproductive tract of bulls with Ureaplasma diversum

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Experimental infection of the udder with Escherichia coli. I. Changes in selected clinical and haematological values, and in milk composition

Sterba, P.; Michel, G.; Schulz, J., 1990:
Experimental infection of the udder with Escherichia coli. II. Morphological changes in glandular epithelium of the milk cistern and the major lactiferous ducts. III. Morphological changes in subepithelial structures of the glandular part of the milk cistern and the major lactiferous ducts

Sterba, P.; Schulz, J.; Michel, G., 1990:
Experimental infection of the udder with Escherichia coli. IV. Discussion of the pathogenesis of acute mastitis

Wright, S.D.; Nielsen, S.W., 1990:
Experimental infection of the white-footed mouse with Borrelia burgdorferi

Dingfelder, R.S.; Ley, D.H.; McLaren, J.M.; Brownie, C., 1991:
Experimental infection of turkeys with Mycoplasma gallisepticum of low virulence, transmissibility, and immunogenicity

Kramer, J.W.; Evermann, J.F.; Leathers, C.W.; McKeirnan, A.J.; Rashti, L., 1991:
Experimental infection of two dogs with a canine isolate of feline herpesvirus type 1

Radomyos, P.; Tungtrongchitr, A.; Praewanich, R., 1992:
Experimental infection of yellow tree monitor (Varanus bengalensis) and related species with Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Descôteaux, J.P.; Lussier, G., 1990:
Experimental infection of young rabbits with a rabbit enteric coronavirus

Razikov, S.Sh, 1989:
Experimental infection of young yaks with Taeniarhynchus saginatus eggs

Bartolome, J.A.; Marin, R.E.; Patitucci, A.N.; Homse, A.; Moreira, A.R.; Micheo, G.; Campero, C.M., 1991:
Experimental infection with Haemophilus somnus in pregnant ewes

Sanchis, R.; Russo, P., 1989:
Experimental infection with Pasteurella haemolytica biotype T serotype 4

Fan, P.C.; Chung, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Pawlowski, Z.S., 1992:
Experimental infection with Taenia saginata (Poland strain) in Taiwanese pigs

Vasin, A.V.; Gulyukin, M.I.; Burba, L.G.; Kunakov, A.A., 1991:
Experimental infection with bovine leukosis virus and lymphoid leukosis in sheep

Brenner J.; David D.; Avraham A.; Klopfer Orgad U.; Samina I.; Peleg B.A., 1992 :
Experimental infection with local lumpy skin disease virus in cattle vaccinated with sheep pox vaccine

Jayakumar, R.; Ramadass, P.; Nedunchelliyan, S., 1990:
Experimental infection with street rabies virus in dogs

Pilaszek, J.; Truszczynski, M., 1991:
Experimental infections of the reproductive tract of heifers with Ureaplasma diversum

Foreyt, W.J.; Rickard, L.G.; Dowling, S.; Parish, S.; Pipas, M., 1991:
Experimental infections of two llamas with the meningeal worm (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis)

Hoste, H.; Fort, G., 1992:
Experimental infections with Nematodirus spathiger in rabbits

Stuen, S.; Fridriksdóttir, V., 1991:
Experimental inoculation of sheep with Borrelia burgdorferi

Newbound G.C.; Kent M.L., 1991:
Experimental interspecies transmission of plasmacytoid leukemia in salmonid fishes

Tokarnia, C.H.; Gava, A.; Peixoto, P.V.; Stolf, L.; Consorte, L.B.; Dobereiner, J., 1990:
Experimental intoxication of cattle with Senecio desiderabilis (Compositae)

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Experimental intoxication of cattle with Stryphnodendron barbatimao, Mart. I. Clinical signs. II. Histopathological aspects. III. Laboratory data

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Experimental intoxication of sheep with Senecio brasiliensis (Compositae)

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Experimental intoxication with Brunfelsia pauciflora (Solanaceae) in cattle

Tokarnia, C.H.; Peixoto, P.V.; Dobereiner, J., 1988:
Experimental intoxication with leaves and extracts of Thiloa glaucocarpa (Combretaceae) in rabbits

Egorov, V.P.; Karpushkin, L.T., 1990:
Experimental investigation and modeling of the interrelationship between kinetic parameters of leaf water exchange

Reznik, S.Ya, 1989:
Experimental investigation of factors determining the intensity and selectivity of oviposition by females of the ambrosia leaf-eater Zygogramma suturalis (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Mazantseva, G.P., 1989:
Experimental investigation of feeding activity of the earthworm Nicodrilus calignosus (Lumbricidae, Oligochaeta)

Cruz R.L.; Righetto A.M.; Nogueira M.A., 1991:
Experimental investigation of soil and groundwater impacts caused by vinasse disposal

Grikenene, Y.S., 1989:
Experimental investigation of the development of Sarcocystis from the oesophagus of sheep in the final host

Sun, Z.W.; Wu, Y.P.; Yang, R.F., 1991:
Experimental investigation of the dynamic performance of the diesel engine

Berezin, N.N.; Kirichenko, A.V.; Koryakina, M.A.; Konovalov, S.N., 1992:
Experimental investigation of the size distributions of aggregates, microaggregates, and elementary particles in soils

Targulian, V.O.; Fokin, A.D.; Sokolova, T.A.; Shoba, S.A., 1989:
Experimental investigations of pedogenesis: possibilities, limitations, perspectives

Hunsinger, H., 1989:
Experimental investigations on in vitro culture of representatives of the genus Rhododendron

Gehrmann, B.; Kretzschmar, C., 1991:
Experimental investigations on rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) - transmission by flies

Linn, T.; Schmitz, P.; Kloer, H.U.; Hering, B.J.; Bretzel, R.G.; Federlin, K., 1989:
Experimental islet isolation from donors with different nutrition regimens. Influence of the fatty acid content and composition of the chow

Banerjee, S.; Malhotra, S.K., 1988:
Experimental life cycle and systematics of a new rodent nematode, Aspiculuris (Paraspiculuris) indicus sp. n

Lee, S.H.; Chai, J.Y.; Hong, S.T.; Sohn, W.M., 1990:
Experimental life history of Echinostoma cinetorchis

Lee, S.H.; Hwang, S.W.; Sohn, W.M.; Kho, W.G.; Hong, S.T.; Chai, J.Y., 1991:
Experimental life history of Echinostoma hortense

Mazzette, R.; Sanna, E.; Santis, E.P.L. de; Pisanu, S.; Leoni, A., 1991:
Experimental listeriosis in chickens: microbiological and histopathological studies and the food hygiene aspects

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Experimental lupinosis in mice and the pathological changes in their internal organs

Geven, W.B.; Vogels Mentink, G.M.; Willems, J.L.; Joordens, J.J.M.; Hilbers, C.W.; Monnens, L.A.H., 1990:
Experimental magnesium depletion in the dog. Relation between total and ultrafiltrable Mg in plasma and total and ionized Mg in erythrocytes

Zhou, C.; Yang, H.Y., 1989:
Experimental manipulation of pollen protoplasts, sperms and generative cells

Medina, I.; Rodriguez, C.W.; Martinez, M., 1989:
Experimental model for studying carbohydrate reserves in sugarcane

Ackermann, M.R.; Rimler, R.B.; Thurston, J.R., 1991:
Experimental model of atrophic rhinitis in gnotobiotic pigs

Smith, D.F.; Lunn, D.P.; Robinson, G.M.; McGuirk, S.M.; Nordheim, E.V.; MacWilliams, P.S., 1990:
Experimental model of hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis caused by diversion of abomasal outflow in sheep

Zhuchenko, A.A.; Korol' , A.B.; Gorodetskii, V.P., 1988:
Experimental modelling of the microevolution of recombination

Kindahl, H.; Daels, P.; Odensvik, K.; Daunt, D.; Fredricksson, G.; Stabenfeldt, G.; Hughes, J.P., 1991:
Experimental models of endotoxaemia related to abortion in the mare

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Experimental models of parasitoses in biology and medicine

Logvinenko, V.F.; Morgun, V.V., 1989:
Experimental mutagenesis and its use in breeding winter wheat

Daskalov, S., 1991:
Experimental mutagenesis and mutation breeding in pepper

Tsygankov, V.I.; Tsygankov, I.G., 1990:
Experimental mutagenesis in breeding for drought resistance in spring wheat

Lysikov, V.N., 1990:
Experimental mutagenesis in plants

Zarnowska Prymek, H., 1991:
Experimental obeliscoidosis in the rabbit. I. Anatomo- and histopathological changes in the wall of the stomach

Ye, Y.Y.; Xu, Z.G.; Zhao, X., 1988:
Experimental observation on the incubation period and relapse pattern of Plasmodium vivax in Guangxi

Lin, J.X.; Cheng, Y.Z.; Zhuang, H.J., 1990:
Experimental observations on the life cycle of Echinochasmus japonicus

McCarthy, A.; Kanev, I., 1991:
Experimental observations on the specificity of Strigea falconispalumbi (Trematoda: Strigeidae) toward planorbid first intermediate hosts

Maetzke, F.; Sanesi, G., 1988:
Experimental observations on the time taken to prune roadside trees

Dhingra P.N.; Mahajan V.M., 1991:
Experimental ocular chlamydial studies in lambs

Amar Pal; Singh, B.; Amresh Kumar, 1991:
Experimental oesophagoplasty in dogs

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