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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2107

Chapter 2107 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106000

Emanuele, Sm; Staples, Cr; Wilcox, Cj, 1991: Extent and site of mineral release from six forage species incubated in mobile dacron bags

Mukhopadhyay, A.; Pal, S., 1990: Extent of adoption and its variation in Nadia district of West Bengal

Desrosiers T.; Savoie L., 1991: Extent of damage to amino acid availability of whey protein heated with sugar

Singh, Y. P.; Gangwar, S. K.; Azad Thakur, N. S., 1990: Extent of endosulfan residues on pods of soybean

Toor, G. S.; Beri, V., 1991: Extent of fertilizer N immobilized by the application of rice straw and its availability in soil

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Prasad, S.; Mishra, B.; Gupta, U.; Rai, K. K., 1989: Extent of losses due to post-harvest fungal diseases of potato

Upadhyay, V. R.; Vyas, H. N.; Beria, N. N., 1989: Extent of malathion residues in/on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea Linnaeus)

Parthipan, S.; Senanayake, Y. D. A., 1989: Extent of natural outcrossing in winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC.)

Peterson, S. D.; Smith, D. E., 1991: Extent of protein denaturation in heated solutions of whey protein isolate (WPI), with and without added sucrose, and its correlation to freezing characteristics of the solutions

Gautam, D. S.; Tomar, S. S.; Verma, O. P., 1991: Extent of ravines in Chambal Valley of Madhya Pradesh

Jacob, A.; Bai, H.; Kuriyan, K. J., 1988: Extent of reduction in yield of rice caused by Heterodera oryzicola Rao & Jayaprakash, 1978

Cox, N. A.; Bailey, J. S.; Mauldin, J. M.; Blankenship, L. C.; Wilson, J. L., 1991: Extent of salmonellae contamination in breeder hatcheries

Koshelyaev, V. V., 1990: Extent of the effect of different factors on the seed yield of inbred maize lines

Anonymous, 1992: Exterior aluminium screens for protecting plants from weather conditions

Jozwiak, M., 1989: Exterior plywood with low free formaldehyde emission

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Owens, Fn; Hanson, Cf, 1992: External and internal markers for appraising site and extent of digestion in ruminants

Diekmann, L., 1991: External body conformation evaluation should become more uniform

Marchi, V., 1989: External constraints on the family farm: credit and marketing

Douglas, M. V., 1989: External costs to the Carter community from siting a municipal landfill in east Knox county, Tennessee: a contingent valuation analysis

Geers, R.; Goedseels, V.; Ville, H.; Janssens, S.; Goossens, K.; Parduyns, G.; Bael, J. van, 1991: External electronic identification and monitoring systems: physiological and technical aspects

Wollenweber, E.; Valant Vetschera, K. M., 1991: External flavonoids of Satureja montana

Ardiles A, L.; Pisano O, R.; Mezzano A, S.; Corti O, D., 1990: External iliac artery rupture due to aspergillosis in a renal transplant patient

Fischer, F., 1990: External influences on the filling of the spermatheca with sperm

Wollenweber, E., 1991: External leaf flavonoids of Centaurea macrocephala

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106035

Maso, A.; Ribes, E., 1990: External morphology of the egg of Sesia apiformis (Cl, 1759) under scanning electron microscopy (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

Joshi, K. C.; Gurung, D.; Sarma, P. C., 1989: External morphology of the larvae of Clostera fulgurita Wilk. and Clostera restitura Wilk. (Lepidoptera: Notodentidae)

Verma L.; Pakrasi S.; Kumar A.; Sachdev M.S.; Mandal A.K., 1990: External ophthalmomyiasis associated with herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Rao S.; Berkowitz F.E.; Metchock B., 1990: External ophthalmomyiasis in an urban infant

Holmstrom S.E., 1992: External osteoclastic resorptive lesions

Husemann, W.; Callies, R.; Leibfritz, D., 1992: External pH modifies the intracellular pH and mode of photosynthetic CO2-assimilation in photoautotrophic cell suspension cultures of Chenopodium rubrum L

Arends, J. J., 1991: External parasites and poultry pests

Vyas, V. S.; Corbiere, R.; Joshi, J. H.; Kirmani, S. S.; York, E. T., 1991: External program and management review of the International Irrigation Management Institute: a report by the external review panel 184

Makady, F. M.; Saleh, A. S.; Seleim, S. M., 1990: External pudic artery ligation in goats

Anonymous, 1992: External skeletal fixation

Voermans, J., 1990: External slurry storage

Boehme, C., 1990: External supervision and material monitoring as regards formaldehyde emission from furniture and wood-based panels

Lubczynski, L., 1988: External threats to nature in Polish national parks

Faucheux, M. J., 1990: External ultrastructure of sensilla of the male and female antennal flagellum of Noctua pronuba L. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

McDaniel, S., 1991: External vehicle mounted carrier for fertilizer and seed spreader

Misk, N. A.; Hifny, A.; Ahmed, I. H., 1991: Extirpation of the mandibular salivary glands in equine and ruminants

Lu, Z. R.; Gao, Z. H.; Wen, Z. L., 1990: Extra early peach variety Xinxing

Wolf T.J.; Schmid Hempel P., 1989: Extra loads and foraging life span in honeybee workers

Fishler, G.; Doron, Y., 1990: Extra long staple Acala cotton breeding, growing and processing

Steeghs, W., 1990: Extra measurements in tunnels give more insight into the concepts 'activity' and 'evaporation'

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106059

Zhang, S. S.; Shao, Y. C.; Yang, L., 1992: Extra-early peach cultivars Chunfeng and Chunyan

Chen, L. G.; Hu, Y. Q.; Chen, K. L.; Yang, X. X., 1990: Extra-early strain of satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) - Zaojin

Li, Z. X.; Ge, B.; Zeng, L.; Wang, Z. Y., 1991: Extra-early strains of Nanfeng Miju

Froman, D. P., 1990: Extra-gonadal maturation of fowl sperm: a genetic model

Hochberg, ME., 1991: Extra-host interactions between a braconid endoparasitoid, Apanteles glomeratus, and a baculovirus for larvae of Pieris brassicae

Vittecoq, D., 1990: Extra-pulmonary pneumocystoses

Melro, M. C. B. F.; Mariano, M., 1987: Extra-tissular Schistosoma mansoni egg granulomata in the peritoneal cavity of mice

Yamasaki, Y.; Konno, H., 1991: Extracellular alpha -glucosidase from suspension-cultured sugar-beet cells

Ewing, MS.; Hefler, C.; Kocan, KM.; Stebler, E., 1991: Extracellular calcium concentration affects infectivity of Ichthyophthirius (Ciliophora) theronts

Schaafsma, G., 1991: Extracellular calcium homeostasis

Willey, J.; Santamaria, R.; Guijarro, J.; Geistlich, M.; Losick, R., 1991: Extracellular complementation of a developmental mutation implicates a small sporulation protein in aerial mycelium formation by S. coelicolor

Sitges Serra A.; Arcas G.; Guirao X.; Garcia Dominho M.; Gil M.J., 1992: Extracellular fluid expansion during parenteral refeeding

Ekanem, J. T., 1989: Extracellular fractions derived from Trypanosoma brucei activate erythrocyte Ca2+ ATPase

Azevedo, C.; Villalba, A., 1991: Extracellular giant rickettsiae associated with bacteria in the gill of Crassostrea gigas (Mollusca, Bivalvia)

Kuppusamy, M.; Balaraman, K., 1990: Extracellular hydrolytic enzyme secretion in Bacillus thuringiensis H14 and B. sphaericus & their significance in media design

Kunoh, H.; Nicholson, R. L.; Kobayashi, I., 1991: Extracellular materials of fungal structures: their significance at prepenetration stages of infection

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106084

Browaeys-Poly, E., 1991: Extracellular matrix of the regeneration chamber and plasma membranes of the epidermis during leg regeneration in an insect Carausius morosus

Shetty K.; Bothra D.; Crawford D.L.; Korus R.A., 1990: Extracellular peroxidases as indicators of growth in plant cell suspension cultures

Gold, M. H.; Wariishi, H.; Valli, K., 1989: Extracellular peroxidases involved in lignin degradation by the white rot basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Ariga, H.; Urashima, T.; Michihata, E.; Ito, M.; Morizono, N.; Kimura, T.; Takahashi, S., 1992: Extracellular polysaccharide from encapsulated Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus OR 901 isolated from commercial yogurt

Kao, Cc; Barlow, E; Sequeira, L., 1992: Extracellular polysaccharide is required for wild-type virulence of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Araujo, R. S.; Beattie, G. A.; Handelsman, J., 1991: Extracellular polysaccharide-deficient mutants of Rhizobium strain CIAT899 induce chlorosis in beans

Mike, A.; Ohba, M.; Aizawa, K., 1990: Extracellular production of a heat-stable somatic antigen by Bacillus thuringiensis

Schinner, F.; Margesin, R.; Pupel, T., 1991: Extracellular protease-producing psychrotrophic bacteria from high alpine habitats

Dow, J. M.; Clarke, B. R.; Milligan, D. E.; Tang, J. L.; Daniels, M. J., 1990: Extracellular proteases from Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris, the black rot pathogen

Garcia de Fernando, G. D.; Hernandez, P. E.; Burgos, J.; Sanz, B.; Ordonez, J. A., 1991: Extracellular proteinase from Enterococcus faecalis subsp. liquefaciens. I. Growth and extracellular proteinase production under different culture conditions

Garcia de Fernando, G. D.; Hernandez, P. E.; Burgos, J.; Sanz, B.; Ordonez, J. A., 1991: Extracellular proteinase from Enterococcus faecalis subsp. liquefaciens. II. Partial purification and some technologically important properties

Hegazi, F. Z., 1990: Extracellular proteinase of Enterococcus faecalis subsp. liquefaciens: production milk-clotting and proteolytic activities

Van Engelen F.A.; De Vries S.C., 1992: Extracellular proteins in plant embryogenesis

Sekiguchi, K.; Nishiyama, C., 1990: Extracellular proteolytic activity from Trichophyton rubrum and the difference between isolates from granuloma trichophyticum and those from tinea superficialis

Shnyreva, A. V.; Kulayev, I. S., 1990: Extracellular xylanases of endomycorrhizal fungi Glomus spp

Sal' nikov, K. V., 1990: Extrachromosomal DNA in mammalian cells

Liu, X.; Chang, K-P., 1992: Extrachromosomal genetic complementation of surface metalloproteinase (gp63)-deficient Leishmania increases their binding to macrophages

Fotheringham, S; Holloman, Wk, 1991: Extrachromosomal recombination is deranged in the rec2 mutant of Ustilago maydis

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106113

Skjemstad, J. O.; Bushby, H. V. A.; Hansen, R. W., 1990: Extractable Fe in the surface horizons of a range of soils from Queensland

Mahaney, W. C.; Hancock, R. G. V.; Sanmugadas, K., 1991: Extractable Fe-Al and geochemistry of late Pleistocene paleosols in the Dalijia Shan, western China

Mahaney, W. C.; Sanmugadas, K., 1990: Extractable Fe-Al in Quaternary paleosols on Mount Kenya, East Africa

Alfonso, M. M.; Sieber, K., 1987: Extractable and non-extractable fenuron in red ferralitic soil

Soon, Y. K.; Abboud, S.; Lutwick, G., 1989: Extractable boron, cobalt, molybdenum and selenium in northwestern Alberta soils

Seoane, S.; Gonzalez, M. V.; Gil, F.; Leiros, M. C.; Guitian Ojea, F., 1991: Extractable metals (Cu, Co, Ni, Zn and Mn) in spoils from lignite mines at Galicia

Van Raij B.; Quaggio J.A., 1990: Extractable phosphorus availability indexes as affected by liming

Ftikos, C. P.; Zoumpoulakis, L., 1991: Extracting potash from alunite

Chavez, P. S, Jr; Kwarteng, A. Y., 1989: Extracting spectral contrast in Landsat Thematic Mapper image data using selective principal component analysis

Schuh, J. P.; Hohn, K., 1991: Extracting sugar beets in the future - new sugar beet lifting tools for purposeful individual beet lifting with little soil attached

Nakamura, I.; Sato, Y. I., 1989: Extraction and amplification of a chloroplast DNA fragment from a single ancient rice seed

Narasimha-Char, Bl; Azeemoddin, G., 1989: Extraction and analysis of mango peel wax

Wenzl, W., 1990: Extraction and characterization of nitrogen rich non-humic substances of a brown earth

Zalewski, S., 1992: Extraction and crystallization of 14C-labelled sucrose from irradiated sugarbeet roots

Vantoai T.T., 1989: Extraction and determination of seed adenine nucleotides by different methods for anaerobic stress evaluation

Anderson, A. B., 1990: Extraction and forest management by rural inhabitants in the Amazon estuary

Mady G.; Buzas I.; Havasi F.; Sandor Z.; Lakatos B., 1991: Extraction and fractioning of soil humic acids by electroelution

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106134

Wong, Mk; Dimick, Ps; Hammerstedt, Rh, 1990: Extraction and high performance liquid chromatographic enrichment of polyphenol oxidase from Theobroma cacao seeds

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106137

Thakur K.C.; Upadhya M.D., 1990: Extraction and processing of true potato seed

Avital, S.; Gromet Elhanan, Z., 1991: Extraction and purification of the beta subunit and an active alpha beta -core complex from the spinach chloroplast CFo-ATP synthase

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106140

Southwell, K. H.; Harris, R. V.; Swetman, A. A., 1990: Extraction and refining of oil obtained from dried avocado fruit using a small expeller

Marcos, A., 1991: Extraction and treatment of pollen

Rietz, E., 1990: Extraction behaviour and bonding characteristics of heavy metals on an experimental field site under long-term slurry application

McSorley, R.; Frederick, JJ., 1991: Extraction efficiency of Belonolaimus longicaudatus from sandy soil

Piccolo, A.; Simone, C. de, 1989: Extraction from soils and HPLC determination of the herbicide alachlor

Tuin, B. J. W.; Tels, M., 1990: Extraction kinetics of six heavy metals from contaminated clay soils

Banks, G. K., 1988: Extraction of RNA from ovaries

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106150

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106151

Morrison, E. Y. St A.; Thompson, H.; Pascoe, K.; West, M.; Fletcher, C., 1991: Extraction of an hyperglycaemic principle from the annatto (Bixa orellana), a medicinal plant in the West Indies

Murthi, T. N.; Devdhara, V. D.; Punjrath, J. S.; Aneja, R. P., 1989: Extraction of annatto colours from the seeds of Bixa orellana using edible oils

Brayan, Jg; Haddad, Pr; Sharp, Gj; Dilli, S; Desmarchelier, Jm, 1992: Extraction of carbaryl from stored rice, maize, peas and sunflower seeds prior to chromatographic analysis

Suggs, Cw; Seaboch, Tr; Abrams, Cf, 1991: Extraction of energy from crop dryer exhaust

Polyanskii, K. K.; Rodionova, N. S.; Yakovlev, V. F., 1990: Extraction of fat from a liquid containing milk fat

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106159

Polevaya, L. D.; Bykov, V. P.; Skum, L. S., 1990: Extraction of fluorine in the nitric acid processing of Oshurkovskii apatite concentrate

Wulf, R. R. de; Goossens, R. E.; Roover, B. P. de; Borry, F. C., 1990: Extraction of forest stand parameters from panchromatic and multispectral SPOT-1 data

Sim, J. S., 1991: Extraction of fresh liquid egg yolk

Kandiah, M.; Spiro, M., 1990: Extraction of ginger rhizome: kinetic studies with supercritical carbon dioxide

Trueby P.; Raetz T.; Pommer M., 1992: Extraction of heavy metals from soils by ion exchangers

Ryan, J. N.; Gschwend, P. M., 1991: Extraction of iron oxides from sediments using reductive dissolution by titanium(III)

Arutyunov, S. A.; Zel' venskii, Ya D.; Shitkov, V. A., 1991: Extraction of krypton and xenon from ammonia synthesis purge gases

Dionysius D.A.; Herse J.B.; Grieve P.A., 1991: Extraction of lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin from whey using batch ion exchange techniques

Beaulieu, Y.; Gaudreau, G.; Goulet, J.; Doyon, G., 1990: Extraction of lactose and citric acid from whole milk and measurement using HPLC

Lee, K.; Richter, R. L.; Dill, C. W.; Chai, Y., 1991: Extraction of lipase activity from Cheddar cheese by three extraction methods

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106171

Barkley N.P., 1991: Extraction of mercury from groundwater using immobilized algae

Gopalakrishnan, N., 1990: Extraction of oils and fats using carbon dioxide

Cortani, G., 1991: Extraction of oleoresinous fraction of propolis and examples of such resin in the preparation of cosmetic products

Lines Cabrera, G. E.; Hormaza Montenegro, J. V., 1990: Extraction of oligosaccharides contained in raw sugar

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106176

Treushchenko, N. N.; Lavrova, T. V.; Pozin, M. E., 1990: Extraction of phosphoric acid from concentrates from the flotation-chemical enrichment of Karatau and Kingisepp ores

Konyakhina, L. V.; Tokmakova, T. V.; Moshkova, V. C.; Korneva, Z. N., 1991: Extraction of phosphoric acid with tri-n-butyl phosphate in the presence of some metal ions

Thompson G.E.; Christie W.W., 1991: Extraction of plasma triacylglycerols by the mammary gland of the lactating cow

Budiani, A., 1989: Extraction of protein and esterase isoenzymes from coffee leaves

Youssef, A. M.; El Baz, F. K.; Ghanem, S. A., 1988: Extraction of protein from some conventional crops in Egypt

Bradley, S. G.; Stow, C. D.; Gray, W. R., 1991: Extraction of rainfall intensity data from the chart records of cumulative rainfall gauges

Torres A.I.; Prada M.I.; Aoki A., 1990: Extraction of rat pituitary prolactin for radioimmunoassay

Tay D.C.S., 1991: Extraction of seeds of hot peppers using a modified meat mincer

Renan L.; Gupta U.C., 1991: Extraction of soil boron for predicting its availability to plants

Seguchi, M.; Watanabe, K.; Hayashi, T., 1991: Extraction of soil informations using satellite remote sensing. (I) Influence of soil moisture content and vegetation cover density on the spectral reflectance of soil

Lisik, K.; Szwajcowska, K.; Zaorska, H., 1991: Extraction of sucrose and non-sucrose from beet cossettes in relation to process time

Lisik, K.; Szwajcowska, K.; Zaorska, H., 1990: Extraction of sucrose and non-sugars under laboratory conditions

Li, M. X.; Chen, X. Z.; Min, B. Y., 1989: Extraction of tannin and catechin from tea by methanol using Bolton extractor

Hagerman A.E., 1988: Extraction of tannin from fresh and preserved leaves

Singh, D. V.; Siddiqui, K. A.; Aggarwal, R.; Srivastava, K. D.; Maurya, A. K.; Arora, P., 1991: Extraction of teliospores of Neovossia indica from soil mixed with the teliospores

Cu, J. Q.; Perineau, F.; Delmas, M.; Gaset, A., 1990: Extraction of volatile compounds of lovage root, celery seed and carrot seed by different solvents

Zaripov, S. M.; Beglov, B. M.; Borukhov, I. A.; Khakimova, V. K., 1990: Extraction of zinc from zinc oxide and zinc sublimate using technical polyphosphoric and wet-process polyphosphoric acids

Anonymous, 1991: Extraction plants in great demand

Jayaweera G.R.; Biggar J.W., 1992: Extraction procedure for volatile selenium from activated carbon

Liptay A., 1989: Extraction procedures for optimal tomato seed quality

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106203

Granzhan, A. V.; Kuchuk, G. M.; Charykov, A. K., 1990: Extraction-atomic-absorption determination of beryllium and cadmium in natural objects

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106207

Yabannavar V.M.; Wang D.I.C., 1991: Extractive fermentation for lactic acid production

Srivastava, A; Roychoudhury, Pk; Sahai, V., 1992: Extractive lactic acid fermentation using ion-exchange resin

Allegretti, M. H., 1990: Extractive reserves: an alternative for reconciling development and environmental conservation in Amazonia

Chernenko, G. F.; Demenkova, K. I.; Ivanova, E. E.; Shmidt, E. N., 1990: Extractive substances of the bark of Picea ajanensis

Arstamyan, Zh M.; Karinyan, R. S., 1990: Extractive-photometric determination of chromium by rhodamine in waste waters, soil and plants

Yazaki, Y.; Zheng, G. C.; Searle, S. D., 1990: Extractives yields and polyflavanoid contents of Acacia mearnsii barks in Australia

Smith, A. L.; Campbell, C. L.; Walker, D. B.; Hanover, J. W., 1989: Extracts from black locust as wood preservatives: extraction of decay resistance from black locust heartwood

Mendiola, J.; Bosa, M.; Perez, N.; Hernandez H.; Torres, D., 1991: Extracts of Artemisia abrotanum and Artemisia absinthium inhibit growth of Naegleria fowleri in vitro

Hardy, Dj; Gallegos, Mav; Gaunt, Jk, 1991: Extracts of Pisum sativum metabolise phospholipid via a lipoxygenase-like mechanism

Wake, H; Umetsu, H; Ozeki, Y; Shimomura, K; Matsunaga, T., 1991: Extracts of marine cyanobacteria stimulated somatic embryogenesis of Daucus carota L

Latimer, K. S.; Rakich, P. M.; Kircher, I. M.; Ritchie, B. W.; Niagro, F. D.; Steffens, W. L.; Lukert, P. D., 1990: Extracutaneous viral inclusions in psittacine beak and feather disease

Lewis D.D.; Kim D.Y.; Paulsen D.B.; Kerwin S.C., 1991: Extradural spinal liposarcoma in a dog

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106229

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106230

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106231

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106232

Payne, M. A., 1991: Extralabel drug use and withdrawal times in dairy cattle

El Cheikh M.C.; Borojevic R., 1990: Extramedullar proliferation of eosinophil granulocytes in chronic schistosomiasis mansoni is mediated by a factor secreted by inflammatory macrophages

Palasis S.; Drevelengas A., 1991: Extramedullary spinal cysticercosis

Calle, P. P.; Colter, S. B.; Taylor, R. A.; Wright, A. M., 1989: Extramedullary thoracolumbar fungal (Scopulariopsis brumptii) abscesses in two snow leopard (Panthera uncia) littermates

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106238

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106239

Brown S.T.; Brown A.E.; Filippa D.A.; Coit D.; Armstrong D., 1992: Extraneural cysticercosis presenting as a tumor in a seronegative patient

Dohmen, G.; Gessner Ulrich, K.; Tudzynski, P., 1990: Extranuclear inheritance: mitochondrial genetics

Hunt E.R.Jr; Running S.W.; Federer C.A., 1991: Extrapolating plant water flow resistances and capacitances to regional scales

Dunin, F. X., 1991: Extrapolation of 'point' measurements of evaporation: some issues of scale

Chevrou R.B., 1990: Extrapolation of some empirical forest management rules

Spouge, A. R.; Wilson, S. R.; Gopinath, N.; Sherman, M.; Blendis, L. M., 1990: Extrapulmonary Pneumocystis carinii in a patient with AIDS: sonographic findings

Timins, M. E.; Nemcek, A. A, Jr, 1991: Extrapulmonary Pneumocystis carinii infection: another cause of splenic bull's-eye lesions

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106249

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106250

Leggiadro R.J.; Barrett F.F.; Hughes W.T., 1992: Extrapulmonary cryptococcosis in immunocompromised infants and children

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106252

Coker, R. J.; Peters, B. S., 1991: Extrapulmonary pneumocystosis

Northfelt, D. W.; Clement, M. J.; Safrin, S., 1990: Extrapulmonary pneumocystosis: clinical features in human immunodeficiency virus infection

Raviglione, M. C., 1990: Extrapulmonary pneumocystosis: the first 50 cases

Hassan, T.; Mikhail, N.; Cappell, M. S., 1992: Extrapulmonic Pneumocystis carinii infection at a porta hepatis lymph node

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106258

Lindqvist, A.; Rudby Martin, L.; Lindell, G., 1992: Extraseasonal induction of oestrus in ewes

Allen, W. R., 1991: Extraspecies embryo transfer in equids

Pugin J.; Vanhems P.; Hirschel B.; Chave J P.; Flepp M., 1992: Extreme elevations of serum lactic dehydrogenase differentiating pulmonary toxoplasmosis from pneumocystis pneumonia

Katz, R. W.; Brown, B. G., 1992: Extreme events in a changing climate: variability is more important than averages

Flavell, Aj; Smith, Db; Kumar, A., 1992: Extreme heterogeneity of Ty1-copia group retrotransposons in plants

Buishand, T. A., 1991: Extreme rainfall estimation by combining data from several sites

Tozzini, A. C.; Ceriani, M. F.; Saladrigas, M. V.; Hopp, H. E., 1991: Extreme resistance to infection by potato virus X in genotypes of wild tuber-bearing Solanum species

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106266

Koch, R.; Zablowski, P.; Spreinat, A.; Antranikian, G., 1990: Extremely thermostable amylolytic enzyme from the archaebacterium Pyrococcus furiosus

Valletta, E. A.; Cipolli, M.; Cazzola, G., 1991: Extrinsic allergic alveolitis in children

Kitts, D. D.; Leung, R.; Nakai, S., 1991: Extrinsic labelling of caseinophosphopeptides with 45calcium and recovery following thermal treatment

Weaver, Cm; Heaney, Rp; Martin, Br; Fitzsimmons, Ml, 1992: Extrinsic vs intrinsic labeling of the calcium in whole-wheat flour

Plagge, J. G., 1990: Extruded barley and Borcilac in pig feed

Tarkowski, A.; Moscicki, L.; Dzirba, L., 1991: Extruded broad beans and sida as feed for cattle

Tomchuk, O. L., 1989: Extruded grain in diets for early-weaned piglets

Namiotkiewicz, J.; Chrzaszcz, E.; Kistowski, T., 1989: Extruded peas and horse beans in feeding calves

Fazzolare, R. D.; Szwerc, J. A.; Lengerich, B. van; Leschke, R. J., 1989: Extruded starch snack foods and process

Mussa, P. P.; Debernardi, M., 1990: Extruded, whole soyabeans in the feeding of domestic animals

Dempf, M., 1992: Extruders in the compound feed industry

Ba Jaber, A. S.; Sofos, J. N.; Schmidt, G. R.; Maga, J. A., 1992: Extrusion cooking of chicken meat with various nonmeat ingredients

Lue, S. J., 1991: Extrusion cooking of corn meal and dietary fiber

Berghofer, E., 1992: Extrusion of soyabeans

Sharaf, M.; Mansour, R. M. A.; Saleh, N. A. M., 1992: Exudate flavonoids from aerial parts of four Cleome species

Wollenweber, E.; Mayer, K., 1991: Exudate flavonoids of Anthemis nobilis and A. tinctoria

Wollenweber, E; Mayer, K; Roitman, Jn, 1991: Exudate flavonoids of Inula viscosa

Nelson, E. B., 1991: Exudate molecules initiating fungal responses to seeds and roots

Nelson E.B., 1990: Exudate molecules initiating fungal responses to seeds and roots

Botha, T.; Kotze, J. M., 1989: Exudates of avocado rootstocks and their possible role in resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi

Samal, P. K.; Pearce, K. N.; Bennett, R. J.; Dunlop, F. P.; Lelievre, J., 1990: Exudation in Feta and cream cheese during storage and ripening

Section 3, Chapter 2107, Accession 002106293

Asano, M.; Okubo, K.; Yamauchi, F., 1991: Exuding behaviour of soyabean oligosaccharides by hot water immersing

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