Section 3
Chapter 2,109

Feeding advantage with cereal straw ? Fattening performance of 450 kg German Black Pied dairy and fattening hybrid bulls given concentrate-forage-silage or concentrate-cereal straw diets

Papstein, H.J.; Grosse, F.; Lipinski, H.; Zimmermann, G.

Tierzucht 45(5): 226-227


Accession: 002108643

Groups of 39 German Black Pied Dairy (SMR) and fattening hybrid bulls, 5 months old, were each given concentrate plus forage and silage, or concentrate plus wheat/barley straw ad libitum until 450 kg. DM intake was 5.70 and 5.89 kg/day and average daily gain was 843 and 892 g for forage-fed SMR and hybrid bulls, respectively.

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