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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2113

Chapter 2113 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1992:
Focus on active living in 1992

Wong, R.J.; Hardy, W.D., 1990:
Focus on aerosolized pentamidine: an agent for prophylaxis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Atlas, R.M.; Pramer, D., 1990:
Focus on bioremediation

Elbaz, J.M.; Poiret, N.; Dupre, G., 1992:
Focus on bladder ruptures. Part 2: surgical treatments, complications, conclusion

Crowe, H.M., 1990:
Focus on fluconazole: a potent antifungal agent

Wolfensberger, U., 1992:
Focus on fuel

Anonymous, 1992:
Focus on fungal infections: an update on diagnosis and treatment, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 21-22 February 1991

Barabanshchikov, N.; Komarov, N., 1989:
Focus on milk quality

Stroot, S.A.; Carpenter, M.; Eisnaugle, K., 1991:
Focus on physical education: academic and physical excellence at Westgate Alternative School

Pouvreau, A.; Douault, P., 1990:
Focus on the pollination of kiwifruit (Actinidia sp.)

Birebent, P., 1989:
Focus on topworking of the grapevine

Tothill, J.C., 1988:
Fodder and forage management for smallholder mixed farms in the Ethiopian highlands

Anonymous, 1991:
Fodder beet day

Schwarz, F.J.; Reimann, W.; Kirchgessner, M., 1990:
Fodder intake and milk production of cows fed wheat whole crop silage with and without undersown ryegrass

Daniel, J.N.; Ong, C.K.; Kumar, M.S., 1989:
Fodder production of perennial pigeonpea in peninsular India

Kazantsev, V.P., 1991:
Fodder rotations for the supply of fresh fodder in the sub-taiga zone

Panjab Singh, 1990:
Fodder shrubs and trees for livestock production under harsh environment (Part-1)

Vercoe, T.K., 1989:
Fodder value of selected Australian tree and shrub species

Khasanov, O.K.; Rakhimova, T.; Berkovich, B.V., 1990:
Fodder value of several species of wormwood in the section Seriphidium in dryland culture in the Tashkent Adyrs

Mishra, M., 1990 :
Fodders for economic dairy, sheep and goat production in hot and humid climate

Reddy, G.V.N.; Reddy, M.R., 1990:
Fodders for profitable rabbitry

Abdalla, A.M.; Narendran, R., 1991:
Fog emitters as evaporative cooling devices for dairy cow sheds

Heid, M.K.; Bills, N.D.; Hinrichs, S.H.; Clifford, A.J., 1992:
Folate deficiency alone does not produce neural tube defects in mice

Thenen, S.W.; Hwang, S.M.; Blocker, D.E.; Meadows, C.A., 1991:
Folate deficiency and an abnormal lymphocyte deoxyuridine suppression test in monkeys

Pesti, G.M.; Rowland, G.N.; Ryu, K.S., 1991:
Folate deficiency in chicks fed diets containing practical ingredients

Bailey, L.B., 1990:
Folate status assessment

Tsui, J.C.; Nordstrom, J.W., 1990:
Folate status of adolescents: effects of folic acid supplementation

Trugo, N.; Donangelo, C.; Koury, J.; Freitas, L.; Feldheim, W., 1991:
Folate, vitamin B12 and iron status of exclusively breast-fed and partially weaned Brazilian infants from low-income families

Plumb, J.A.; Liu, P.R.; Butterworth, C.E.J., 1991:
Folate-degrading bacteria in channel catfish feeds

Zittoun, J.C.oper, B.A., 1989:
Folates and cobalamins

Brooks, J.R.; Hinckley, T.M.; Ford, E.D.; Sprugel, D.G., 1991:
Foliage dark respiration in Abies amabilis (Dougl.) Forbes: variation within the canopy

Auger, M.A.; Jay Allemand, C.; Bastien, C.; Geri, C., 1991:
Foliage edibility of Scots pine clones for Diprion pini L. (Hym., Diprionidae). II. Relationships between the content of phenols within the needles and the mortality of D. pini larvae

Krafka, B.D.L.; Shumway, C.R.; Reed, D.W., 1990:
Foliage stock

Parker, L.W.; Salk, P.L., 1989:
Foliar TRIGGRR effects on wheat production in the north central U.S.: drought and temperature interactions

Samb, P.I.; Chamel, A., 1992:
Foliar absorption and translocation of 14C-dicamba into host (pearl millet and cowpea), plants and parasitic plants of the genus Striga

A.K.atib K.; Parker R.; Fuerst E.P., 1992:
Foliar absorption and translocation of herbicides from aqueous solution and treated soil

Chamel, A.; Gambonnet, B.; Arnaud, L.; Alfi, M., 1991:
Foliar absorption of paclobutrazol: study of cuticular sorption and penetration using isolated cuticles

Sommer S.G.; Jensen E.S., 1991:
Foliar absorption of atmospheric ammonia by ryegrass in the field

Korkmaz, A., 1990:
Foliar absorption of iron and its translocation in several soyabean varieties

Krarup, A., 1991 :
Foliar analysis of male and female plants of asparagus

Verkleij F.N.; Macnaeidhe F., 1992:
Foliar application and uptake of selenium extracted from ryegrass

Radeva, V.; Kichukova, A.; Georgieva, V., 1991:
Foliar application of boron to sainfoin grown for seed production

Cheour F.; Willemot C.; Arul J.; Desjardins Y.; Makhlouf J.; Charest P.M.; Gosselin A., 1990:
Foliar application of calcium chloride delays postharvest ripening of strawberry

Pulkrabek, J., 1991:
Foliar application of fertilizers and growth regulators to beet crops

Sistani K.R.; Morrill L.G., 1992:
Foliar application of phosphorus and residual effect of gypsum on peanuts

Stoyanov, D.; Gikov, G.I., 1990:
Foliar application of trace elements to cotton

Sheudzhen, A.Kh, 1991:
Foliar application of trace elements to rice

Selvam, V.S.; Rajan, M.S.S.; Rao, G.N.S.N., 1989:
Foliar application of urea boosts irrigated groundnut yield

Leshchenko, E.V.; Borisyuk, V.A., 1991:
Foliar application to sugarbeet

Haagsma, T.; Mihajlovich, M.M., 1992:
Foliar applications of triclopyr, picloram and dicamba combinations with various spray additives

Blakeman, J.P., 1991:
Foliar bacterial pathogens: epiphytic growth and interactions on leaves

Sandlin, C.M.; Ferrin, D.M.; Kabashima, J.N., 1991:
Foliar blight and branch dieback of container-grown giant redwood in California caused by Phytophthora citrophthora

Kelman, W.M.; Tanner, G.J., 1990:
Foliar condensed tannin levels in lotus species growing on limed and unlimed soils in South-eastern Australia

Keli, J.Z.; Omont, H., 1990:
Foliar diagnosis in the south-west of the Ivory Coast

Kwong, K.F.N.K.; Gauthier, J.; Deville, J., 1990:
Foliar diagnosis of sugarcane - variation of leaf potassium value with age of cane and rainfall regime

Milliano, W.A.J. de; Odvody, G.N.; Kaula, G.M.; Mtisi, E.; Mbwaga, A.M.; Matalaote, B., 1988:
Foliar disease resistance of improved local sorghum and USA-introduced germplasm in southern Africa

Szilvasi, S., 1991:
Foliar diseases: defining a control strategy

Jurgens, J., 1990:
Foliar fertilization in strawberry cultivation

Szakal, P.; Tolgyesi, E., 1990:
Foliar fertilization of soyabeans with trace elements, 1987 results

Chang, C.S.; Giannasi, D.E., 1991:
Foliar flavonoids of Acer sect. Palmata series Palmata

Jacobson, J.S.; Heller, L.I.; Yamada, K.E.; Osmeloski, J.F.; Bethard, T.; Lassoie, J.P., 1990:
Foliar injury and growth response of red spruce to sulfate and nitrate acidic mist

Andersen, C.; Mclaughlin, S.; Roy, W., 1991:
Foliar injury symptoms and pigment concentrations in red spruce saplings in the southern Appalachians

Garten, C.T.Jr, 1990:
Foliar leaching, translocation and biogenic emission of 35S in radiolabeled loblolly pines

Johncy, M.; Subramanian, R.B.; Inamdar, J.A., 1989:
Foliar nectaries in Erythrina stricta L

Larsen H.S.; South D.B.; Boyer J.N., 1988:
Foliar nitrogen content at lifting correlates with early growth of loblolly pine seedlings from 20 nurseries

Rom, C.R.; Rom, R.C.; Autio, W.R.; Elfving, D.C.; Cline, R.A., 1991:
Foliar nutrient content of 'Starkspur Supreme Delicious' on nine clonal apple rootstocks

Snobl, J., 1989:
Foliar nutrition of hops with nitrogen-magnesium

Wehtje G.; Wilcut J.W.; Mcguire J.A.; Hicks T.V., 1991:
Foliar penetration and phytotoxicity of paraquat as influenced by peanut cultivar

Hull, L.A.; Barrett, B.A.; Rajotte, E.G., 1991:
Foliar persistence and effect of fenoxycarb on Platynota idaeusalis (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on apple

Renu Singh, 1989:
Foliar response of Polyalthia longifolia to SO2 pollution

Mugasha A.G.; Pluth D.J.; Higginbotham K.O.; Takyi S.K., 1991:
Foliar responses of black spruce to thinning and fertilization on a drained shallow peat

Willson M.F., 1991:
Foliar shelters for mites in the eastern deciduous forest

Pardo C.V.M., 1989:
Foliar sooty mould of soursop tree, Annona muricata L., in the province of Santa Fe de Antioquia

Annapurna, J.; Rao, P.R., 1988:
Foliar spray of fungicides and rhizosphere microflora of maize

Guseva, M.I., 1991:
Foliar spray of peas in combination with cultivation techniques

Rinallo, C.; Bruno, E., 1991:
Foliar surface features of Castanea sativa Mill

Carlson, C.E.; Gates, R.G.; Spencer, S.C., 1991:
Foliar terpenes of a putative hybrid swarm (Larix occidentalis X Larix lyallii) in western Montana

Gaskin, R.E.; Zabkiewicz, J.A., 1990:
Foliar uptake and translocation of metsulfuron in bracken (Pteridium esculentum) as influenced by seasonal growth

Kukushkin, V.K.; Fokin, A.D.; Rachinskii, V.V.; Ibragimov, K.S.; Ladonin, V.F.; Samoilov, L.N.; Golosov, S.N.; Sorokin, V.I., 1990:
Foliar uptake and transport and metabolism of chlorsulfuron in plants

Schonherr, J.; Riederer, M.; Schreiber, L.; Bauer, H., 1991:
Foliar uptake of pesticides and its activation by adjuvants: theories and methods for optimization

Johnson, B.; Carrow, R.; Murphy, T., 1990:
Foliar-applied iron enhances bermudagrass tolerance to herbicides

Gannon, N.J.; Leibholz, J.M., 1989:
Folic acid flow in the pig

Kanevskaya, S.A.; Kravets, A.S.; Slesarenko, E.V.; Shevchenko, V.I.; Tkachenko, N.V., 1990:
Folic acid in complex treatment of multiple sclerosis associated with gastritis

Kones, R., 1990:
Folic acid, 1991: an update, with new recommended daily allowances

Matte, J.J.; Girard, C.L., 1990:
Folic acid: its importance in nutrition and reproduction of the sow

Guo, Y.L., 1991:
Foliicolous Hyphomycetes of Guniujiang in Anhui province I

Mahapatra, H.S., 1990:
Foliicolous fungi of West Bengal

Parsons, K.R.; Bland, A.P.; Hall, G.A., 1991:
Follicle associated epithelium of the gut associated lymphoid tissue of cattle

Herrera H.J.A.; Avila M.M.C.; Escobar M.F.J., 1991:
Follicle development in pregnant goats

Fahmy, M.H., 1990:
Follicle number and uterine measurements in crossbred Finnish Landrace and other ewe lambs, fed at a high or low level and slaughtered at different ages and weights

Rath, D.; Simon, L.; Kanitz, W., 1992:
Follicle puncture increases the number of progeny from top cows

Fortune, J.E.; Sirois, J.; Turzillo, A.M.; Lavoir, M., 1991:
Follicle selection in domestic ruminants

Hurkadli, K.S.; Sheth, A.R.; Garde, S.V., 1989:
Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) modulating peptides: inhibin related peptides

Knox, R.V.; Naber, C.H.; Zimmerman, D.R., 1991:
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) during the secondary surge in gilts as influenced by administration of porcine follicular fluid (pFF)

McCue, P.M.; Troedsson, M.H.; Liu, I.K.; Stabenfeldt, G.H.; Hughes, J.P.; Lasley, B.L., 1991:
Follicular and endocrine responses of anoestrous mares to administration of native GnRH or a GnRH agonist

Fayrer-Hosken, R.A.; Durham, D.H.; Allen, S.; Miller-Liebl, D.M.; Caudle, A.B., 1992:
Follicular cystic ovaries and cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a bitch

Guilbault, L.A.; Lussier, J.G.; Grasso, F.; Matton, P.; Rouillier, P., 1991:
Follicular dynamics and superovulation in cattle

Rajamahendran, R.; Taylor, C., 1991:
Follicular dynamics and temporal relationships among body temperature, oestrus, the surge of luteinizing hormone and ovulation in Holstein heifers treated with norgestomet

Lucy, M.C.; Beck, J.; Staples, C.R.; Head, H.H.; D.L.S.ta, R.L.; Thatcher, W.W., 1992:
Follicular dynamics, plasma metabolites, hormones and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) in lactating cows with positive or negative energy balance during the preovulatory period

Bottcher, M.; Koppitz, G.; Gernhard, K.; Lange, W., 1991:
Follicular effects on the in vitro maturation of cattle oocytes

Ding, J.; Foxcroft, G.R., 1992:
Follicular heterogeneity and oocyte maturation in vitro in pigs

Gettse, M.; Snaider, F.; Kauffol' d, P.; Kittsig, M.; Bledov, G.; Gerasimova, G.G.; Kovalev, P.F., 1991:
Follicular synthesis of steroids in vivo and in vitro in cattle in relation to the effect of gonadotropin preparations

Naito, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakajima, H., 1990:
Folliculitis barbae candidomycetica with endothrix Candida-growth verified by PAP method

Crespo Erchiga, A.; Crespo Erchiga, V.; Sanz Trelles, S., 1990:
Folliculitis due to Malassezia. Two cases treated with ketoconazole

Mass, A.A., 1991:
Folliculogenesis in donor cows

Saumande J., 1991:
Folliculogenesis in ruminants

Rademacher, T., 1991:
Follow aggregates for ensuring field emergence

Imbernon, J.; Kerr, Y., 1989:
Follow up and evaluation of agricultural production from the results of NOAA AVHRR: Senegal 1987

Sharpe, M.; Hawton, K.; Seagroatt, V.; Pasvol, G., 1992:
Follow up of patients presenting with fatigue to an infectious diseases clinic

Shaw, R.N.; Ling, F., 1992:
Follow-up in international tourism mail surveys

Idota, T., 1992:
Follow-up milks (formulas) in Japan

Havrileck, B.; Ducos de Lahitte, J., 1989:
Follow-up of immune status by dermal reaction with phytohaemagglutinin in dogs infected by Demodex. Application to prognosis

Hayashi, M.; Matsuda, H.; Minai, M., 1991:
Follow-up studies for 23 years on clinical findings of subjective form (light infection form) of schistosomiasis japonica after treatment in Kofu District, Japan

Allen, E.J.B., 1990:
Following in male tracks: women in the first 100 years of American skiing

Jamet, P.; Cure, B., 1991:
Following traces in the soil

Fatis, M.; Weiner, A.; Hawkins, J.; Van Dorsten, B., 1989:
Following up on a commercial weight loss program: do the pounds stay off after your picture has been in the newspaper?

Lange, W.R.; Ball, J.C.; Adler, W.H.; Brown, E.; Pyle, R.; Hoffman, W.; Dax, E.M., 1991:
Followup study of possible HIV seropositivity among abusers of parenteral drugs in 1971-72

Juminer, B.; Raccurt, C.P.; Roudier, M.; Cabon, M., 1992:
Fonsecaea pedrosoi (Brumpt, 1936). Agent of chromomycosis in Guadeloupe

Truve, Z.P.; Karpunin, B.F., 1991:
Fontaine-Cani cooperative: 30 years of flax breeding

Marks, H.F., 1992:
Food - its production, marketing and consumption

Anonymous, 1992:
Food Expo in print

Borgstrom, U., 1990:
Food Industry exhibition in Gothenberg: over 9000 visitors

Keuning, R., 1990:
Food Ingredients for the '90s

Anonymous, 1992:
Food Safety - Costa Rica

Rancurel, A., 1991:
Food additive comprising extracts of soyabean oil and/or avocado

Elburg, R.M. van; Douwes, A.C., 1991:
Food additives and hyperactive behaviour in children

Kurien, V., 1990:
Food aid - impact and future role in dairy development

Lablee, J., 1989:
Food aid and dairy development. The role of milk powder in Mopti, Mali

Singer, H., 1991:
Food aid and structural adjustment in sub-Saharan Africa

Rosen, S.; Skully, D., 1991:
Food aid in the post-Uruguay Round

Farzin, Y.H., 1991:
Food aid: positive or negative economic effects in Somalia?

Lentze, M.J., 1989:
Food allergies

Pelikan, Z.; Pelikan Filipek, M., 1991:
Food allergies. 1. Definition; some adverse reactions to foods; the stomach-intestine mucosal barrier

Pelikan, Z.; Pelikan Filipek, M., 1991:
Food allergies. 2. Non-optimal function of the stomach-intestine mucosal barrier; types of allergic reactions; symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Kremser, M., 1989:
Food allergies: oral and pharyngeal reactions

Ciprandi, G.; Scordamaglia, A.; Cheli, R.; Canonica, G.W., 1990:
Food allergy and digestive pathology: pathophysiologic, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects

Lagrue, G.; Laurent, J.; Rostoker, G., 1989:
Food allergy and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

Lessof, M.H., 1988:
Food allergy and intolerance

Brostoff, J.; Hawk, L.J., 1991:
Food allergy in children

Hutt, N.; Blay, F. de; Hoyet, C.; Leuschner, R.M.; Pauli, G., 1989:
Food allergy through eating pollen granules

de la Cuesta, C.G.; García, B.E.; Córdoba, H.; Diéguez, I.; Oehling, A., 1989:
Food allergy to Helix terrestre (snail)

Doering, G.G., 1991:
Food allergy. Where does it fit as a cause of canine pruritus?

Wood, R.; Patey, A.L.; Key, P.; Worner, F.M., 1992:
Food analysis performance assessment scheme

Schwedt, G.; Hauck, M., 1988:
Food analysis with a microprocessor-controlled photometer

Yess, N.J.; Houston, M.G.; Gunderson, E.L., 1991:
Food and Drug Administration pesticide residue monitoring of foods: 1978-1982

Yess, N.J.; Houston, M.G.; Gunderson, E.L., 1991:
Food and Drug Administration pesticide residue monitoring of foods: 1983-1986

Norton Griffiths, M., 1989:
Food and agricultural production

Ali, M.M., 1991:
Food and beverages industries in Dubai

Ploin, M., 1990:
Food and cancer

Randall, G.L.P., 1992:
Food and chemicals - what do we know

Romanoff, S., 1992:
Food and debt among rubber tappers in the Bolivian Amazon

Cooke, T., 1992:
Food and drink trends in Scandinavia

Young, J.H., 1990:
Food and drug regulation under the USDA, 1906-1940

Leach, G., 1988:
Food and energy in Asia: some macro-issues

Brady, N.C., 1990:
Food and environment

Kharitonov, V.D.; Asafov, V.A.; Granovskii, V.Y., 1989:
Food and feed protein concentrates

Fielding, D.J.; Brusven, M.A., 1992:
Food and habitat preferences of Melanoplus sanguinipes and Aulocara elliotti (Orthoptera: Acrididae) on disturbed rangeland in southern Idaho

Chanussot G.; Taxit R.; Maire J.; Davoust B.; Polveche Y., 1990:
Food and hygiene during field operations

Takahashi F., 1992:
Food and infectious diseases

Steven, M., 1990:
Food and longevity in 18th century Scotland

Weber, R.W.; Vaughan, T.R., 1991:
Food and migraine headache

Subar, A.F.; Harlan, L.C.; Mattson, M.E., 1990:
Food and nutrient intake differences between smokers and non-smokers in the US

Jorgensen, L.M.; Kirchhoff, M.; Schultz Larsen, K.; Schroll, M., 1991:
Food and nutrient intake in Denmark estimated by 7-day food records. 1. Energy intake and distribution

Jorgensen, L.M.; Kirchhoff, M.; Schultz Larsen, K.; Schroll, M., 1991:
Food and nutrient intake in Denmark estimated by 7-day food records. 2. Nutrient intake

Chhabra, K.B.; Ramesh, P.; Mehta, U., 1991:
Food and nutrient intake of alcoholic labourers

King, C.M.; Tustin, G.L., 1989:
Food and nutrition education for Maori and Pacific Islanders in the Auckland area

Pihema, H., 1989:
Food and nutrition education for the Maori people

Soto A.D., 1990:
Food and nutrition in emergency situations

Sampaio, Y.; Campino, A.C., 1991:
Food and nutrition interventions in Brazil

Bekker, G.J.P.M. de, 1991:
Food and nutrition labelling: the position of the food and drink industry

Blignaut, C.S., 1989:
Food and nutrition options and related strategies for South Africa

Maribe, T.O., 1992:
Food and nutrition security in East, Central, and Southern Africa: a study of two regional initiatives

Sinha, D.P., 1989:
Food and nutrition surveillance in the English-speaking Caribbean

Anonymous, 1989:
Food and nutrition surveillance systems

Cardilli, E.; Godi, R., 1990:
Food and nutritional deprivation in religious rites

Nguyen, P.; Dumon, H.; Fromageot, D., 1989:
Food and skin disorders in dogs. Nutritional and pharmacotherapeutic aspects

Anonymous, 1991:
Food and the social link

Anonymous, 1990:
Food and water safety (ADA timely statement)

Edmundson, W.C.; Sukhatme, P.V., 1990:
Food and work: poverty and hunger?

Jakobsson, I., 1991:
Food antigens in human milk

Richard, H., 1989:
Food aromas

Anonymous, 1992:
Food balance sheets. Milk

Yassien, N.A.; Darwish, A.M.; E.S.erif, A.M.;, E., 1991:
Food borne fungi in sparrows

Petrushina, L.I.; Selivanova, L.V.; Sheveleva, S.A., 1991:
Food botulism and problems of preventing unfavourable outcomes of the disease

de Vries, H.C.; Lucker, T.P.; Cremers, S.B.; Katan, M.B., 1990:
Food choice and caries experience in Dutch teenagers as a function of the level of education of their parents

Beharrell, B.D.nison, T., 1991:
Food choice in a retail environment

Hasselrot, M., 1990:
Food circle and pyramid-sources of information

Lewren, L., 1990:
Food circle in education and information

Bee, R.D.R.chmond, P.M.ngins, J., 1989:
Food colloids

Blanquat, G. de Saint, 1992:
Food colours

Gibbs, D.T., 1990:
Food commodity prices - what can they tell us about future food price inflation?

Meyer, H.; Schunemann, C., 1989:
Food composition and the precaecal and postileal digestibility of organic matter

Thomson, C.D.; Robinson, M.F., 1989:
Food concentrations and dietary intakes of selenium in Otago, New Zealand

Putnam, Jj, 1990:
Food consumption

Carcassi A.A.; Curidori C.; Licheri D.; Pranzetti P., 1988:
Food consumption and nutritional knowledge of a sample of secondary school children

Slansky, F.; Jr.; Wheeler, GS., 1991:
Food consumption and utilization responses to dietary dilution with cellulose and water by velvetbean caterpillars, Anticarsia gemmatalis

Afifi, F.M.L.; Attia, M.B., 1990:
Food consumption and values of certain physiological parameters of the larva of the cotton leaf-worm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) reared on soybean leaves

Zewar, M.M.; Abdel Salam, C.A., 1988:
Food consumption by irradiated Sitophilus granarius L. and Rhyzopertha dominica F

Moreiras Tuni, O., 1991:
Food consumption by the inhabitants of Madrid

Bloch, K.; Swistak, E.; Kaminski, W., 1991:
Food consumption in middle-east Poland

Anonymous, 1992:
Food consumption in the EC

Dubbeldam, R.R., 1992:
Food consumption in the Netherlands during 1988

Giachetti, I.; Porin, F., 1989:
Food consumption monitoring. Inventory of resources in France at the present

Fitzgerald, S.; Gibson, R.; Portocarrero, L.S.rrano, J.-De; Vasquez, A.Z.peda, E.L.pez, C.; Solomons, N., 1992:
Food consumption patterns and dietary diversity of pregnant women living in a peri-urban area of Guatemala City

Gibson, R.; Heywood,, C.T.ompson, L.; Heywood, P., 1991:
Food consumption patterns and trace element intakes of children from the Wosera, Papua New Guinea

Wheelock, J.V.; Frank, J.D., 1989:
Food consumption patterns in developed countries

Musaiger, A.O., 1991:
Food consumption patterns of mothers in Oman (a preliminary study)

Putnam, J.J., 1991:
Food consumption, 1970-90

Fernandez Ballart, J.; Gordillo, B.J.; Arija, V.; Marti Henneberg, C., 1989:
Food consumption, feeding habits and nutritional state in the community of Reus. Diet and nutritional balance in subjects over 60 years old

Gorny, D., 1990:
Food control by examination of written and documentary material (Section 5, No. 4, Directive 89/397/EEC on the official control of foodstuffs)

Guliev, I.; Vasil' eva, T., 1992:
Food conversion - a selection trait

Dunham, D., 1991:
Food costs from farm to retail in 1990

Elitzak, H., 1991:
Food costs beyond the farm gate

Dunham, D., 1992:
Food costs from farm to retail in 1991

Akoroda, M.O., 1986:
Food crop seed supply and extension in Imo state of Nigeria

Ferrao, J.M., 1991:
Food crops and export crops in the progress of less developed countries

Jones, AE.; Gurney, WSC.; Nisbet, RM.; Gordon, DM., 1990:
Food degradation as a mechanism of intraspecific competition among the larvae of secondary stored-product pests

Pakpahan, A., 1989:
Food demand analysis in urban West Java, Indonesia

Rickertsen, K., 1990:
Food demand in Norway: description and theory

Ljungqvist, O.; Boija, P.O.; Esahili, H.; Larsson, M.; Ware, J., 1990:
Food deprivation alters liver glycogen metabolism and endocrine responses to hemorrhage

Osmani, S.R., 1990:
Food deprivation and undernutrition in rural Bangladesh

Ramos Real, F., 1991:
Food distribution strategies: prospects for the Spanish horticultural products sector

Leplaideur, A.; Moustier, P., 1990:
Food dynamics in Brazzaville: the myths of anarchy and inefficiency

Anonymous, 1991:
Food emulsifiers - their use in sugar confectionery, chocolate and vegetable coatings, and ice cream

Becher, P., 1991:
Food emulsions: an introduction

Haase, F., 1991:
Food export trade developments in the Federal Republic of Germany

Naveau, S.; Chaput, J.C., 1990:
Food factors in the pathogenesis of alcoholic cirrhosis: new developments

Gofton, L., 1990:
Food fears and time famines: some social aspects of choosing and using food

Lang, T., 1992:
Food fit for the world? How the GATT food trade talks challenge public health, the environment and the citizen

Tasman Jones, C., 1989:
Food for New Zealand: the Nutrition Taskforce

Leverton, R.M., 1963:
Food for Thought

Patterson, R., 1991:
Food for thought

Simmons, Wk, 1990:
Food fortification in the English-speaking Caribbean

Luyken, R.; Spuls, P., 1990:
Food fortification with thiamin and other vitamins

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For a rural people's Europe

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For Adults Only

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Forage intake and nutrient intake by steers grazing tallgrass prairie at different forage allowances

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Forage kochia competition with cheatgrass in central Utah

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Forage legumes as a component of smallholder rice farming systems - a case study

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Forage maize production (rabi) as influenced by seed rates and nitrogen

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Forage management systems for lean beef production: nitrogen rate on pasture and roughage level in feedlot

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Forage mass, botanical composition, degree of utilization and dry matter accumulation rate in a mixed pasture at different herbage allowances

Hardt, P.F.; Ocumpaugh, W.R.; Greene, L.W., 1991:
Forage mineral concentration, animal performance, and mineral status of heifers grazing cereal pastures fertilized with sulfur

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Forage potential of Mott dwarf elephantgrass evaluated under intensive management in Northern Florida

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Forage potential of kura clover and birdsfoot trefoil when grazed by sheep

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Forage processing in tower silos

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Forage production and economics of pearl-millet varieties as affected by nitrogen and cutting management

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Forage production and nutritive value of Leucaena leucocephala in southern Puerto Rico

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Forage production by four annual cropping sequences emphasizing barley under irrigation in southern interior British Columbia

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Forage production from seasonally waterlogged and shallow water table areas

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Forage production of Elymus repens. Results from the Belgian Ardennes

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Forage production of oat, barley and rye cultivars: response to environment

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Forage production of reclaimed mined lands as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and mulching practice

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Forage production scenario in the country - a national perspective in technology development and transfer

Lee C W.; Chang Y H.; Youn K B.; Lee S S., 1991:
Forage productivity and nutritive value of wheat for whole crop

Seong, R.C.; Park, K.Y., 1991:
Forage productivity of collected Chinese milkvetch varieties

Lee, S.S.; Choi, S.J., 1990:
Forage productivity of corn and sorghum hybrids in rice black-streaked dwarf virus prevalent area

Choi, S.J.; Lee, S.S.; Back, J.H., 1991:
Forage productivity of silage corn and sorghum at different sowing dates in rice black-streaked dwarf virus prevalent area

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Forage productivity of two sorghum and a sorghum-Sudan grass hybrid harvested at different growth stages

Linn, J.G.; Martin, N.P., 1991:
Forage quality analyses and interpretation

Dara, S.T.; Berdahl, J.D.; Karn, J.F., 1991:
Forage quality analysis using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) technology in North Dakota

Coto, G.; Meier, H.; Malgares, P., 1989:
Forage quality of Coast Cross 1 Bermuda grass on intestinal digestion of dietary amino acids

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Forage quality of alfalfa germplasms from different regions of the world

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Forage shrubs for the South Island dry hill country: 1. Atriplex halimus L. (Mediterranean saltbush)

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Forage sorghum and millet improvement programme in Swaziland

Msiska, H.D.C., 1990:
Forage sorghum and millet research in Malawi for the 1988/89 season

Houerou, H.N. le, 1991:
Forage species diversity in Africa: an overview of the genetic resources

Devendra, C., 1988:
Forage supplements: nutritional significance and utilization for draught, meat and milk production in buffaloes

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Forage tree legumes: their management and contribution to the nitrogen economy of wet and humid tropical environments

Masson C.; Rubino R.; Fedele V., 1991:
Forage utilization in goats

Eguiarte Vazquez, J.A.; Gonzalez Sotelo, A.; Rodriguez Preciado, C.; Hernandez Virgen, R., 1989:
Forage yield and chemical composition of different sorghum cultivars in the south of Jalisco

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Forage yield and nutritive value of Leucaena leucocephala in the semiarid region of Puerto Rico

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Forage yield of lucerne varieties at different dates of sowing and levels of fertility

Gaillard, B.; Planquaert, P., 1990:
Forage yield references to manage forage systems

Pekins, P.J.; Mautz, W.W., 1989:
Forage-nutritional advantages of small fuelwood cuts for deer

Slenning, B.D.; Galey, F.D.; Anderson, M., 1991:
Forage-related nitrate toxicoses possibly confounded by nonprotein nitrogen and monensin in the diet used at a commercial dairy heifer replacement operation

Gill, A.S., 1992:
Forages and trees for the acidic soils of the hills

Schoereder, J.H.; Coutinho, L.M., 1991:
Foraging activity and trophic niche overlap in ants of the genus Atta (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in cerrado

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Foraging activity of bumble bee, Bombus spp., workers on yellow hedysarum, Hedysarum sulphurescens, in a subalpine meadow

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Foraging activity of honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) on guayule

Delaplane, K.S., 1991:
Foraging and feeding behaviours of the Formosan subterranean termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

Reznik, S.Y.; Kovalev, O.V., 1989:
Foraging and food selection behaviour of the imago of the ambrosia leaf beetle

Rinderer T.E.; Collins A.M., 1991:
Foraging behavior and honey production

Rodet, G.; Torre Grossa, J.P.; Bonnet, A., 1991:
Foraging behavior of Apis mellifera L. on male-sterile and male-fertile inbred lines of carrot (Daucus carota L.) in gridded enclosures

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Foraging behaviour of insect pollinators on brown mustard, Brassica juncea in Bihar, India

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Foraging distances flown by honey bee colonies: analyses using Mathematica software

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Foraging ecology and nutrition of bighorn sheep on two montane winter-spring ranges

Plumb, G.E.Jr, 1991:
Foraging ecology of bison and cattle on northern mixed prairie

Anonymous, 1992:
Foraging for new markets

Vander Wall, SB., 1988:
Foraging of Clark's nutcrackers on rapidly changing pine seed resources

O'Neill, KM.; Kemp, WP., 1991:
Foraging of Stenopogon inquinatus (Loew) (Diptera: Asilidae) on Montana rangeland sites

Kaakeh, W.; Dutcher, J.D., 1992:
Foraging preference of red imported fire ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) among three species of summer cover crops and their extracts

Anonymous, 1991:
Foraging strategies and natural diet of monkeys, apes and humans

Silva, M.T.O., 1988:
Foraging strategy of Helix aspersa

Ellen, R., 1991:
Foraging, starch extraction and the sedentary lifestyle in the lowland rainforest of central Seram

Anonymous, 1991:
Foray into frozen yogurt

Ohta, Y.; Hiroma, T., 1990:
Force acting on the seat during operation of tractor. Part 2. Force acting on the seat

Guzel, E.; Sinn, H., 1990:
Force deformation behaviour of W. navel oranges

Yao, Y.S.; Zeng, D.C., 1990:
Force prediction model for blade and tine. II

Kahn, B.; Shilling, P.; Brusewitz, G.; Mcnew, R., 1991:
Force to shear the stalk, stalk diameter, and yield of broccoli in response to nitrogen fertilization and within-row spacing

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Forced air baled hay drying

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Forced air circulation with bench warming. No improvement observed in climate or cropping

Sharma, N.K., 1991:
Forced circulation in evaporator bodies

Stephan, F.K., 1989:
Forced dissociation of activity entrained to T cycles of food access in rats with suprachiasmatic lesions

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Forced evaporative cooling of dairy cows: on-farm demonstration results

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Forced feeding technology in geese. 1. Comparison between different levels of intensity and frequency

Alves Filho, O., 1990 :
Forced heat convection and design of a new coffee dryer

Komaristov, V.E., 1989:
Forced ventilation of freshly harvested grain

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Forced ventilation of round baled lucerne forage: harvesting and storage losses and nutritional characteristics of the hay produced

Bartolome, R.A., 1990:
Forced ventilation of the hive

Fujita, M.; Orima, H.; Shimizu, M.; Motoyoshi, S.; Katayama, M.; Miyasaka, K., 1990:
Forced vital capacity in cats

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Forced-air cooling and shipping of green beans

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Forced-air drying of baled alfalfa hay

Mackinnon, I.; Prange, R.; Lidster, P., 1991:
Forced-air spinach precooler

Munton, R.J.C.; Lowe, P.; Marsden, T., 1992:
Forces driving land use change: the social, economic and political context

Mukai, H.; Hoshiba, S.; Yamashita, S.; Koyama, K., 1990:
Forces exerted by cows against structures

Thompson, S.A.; Schwab, C.V.; Ross, I.J., 1990:
Forces on temperature cables in a model bin under restrained conditions

Jia, J.; Gibson, H.G.; Krutz, G.W., 1990:
Forces required to remove tassels from dent seed corn

Hertogh, A.A. de; Milks, R., 1990:
Forcing Dutch-grown freesias as potted plants in the U.S. and Canada

Dugardin, C.; Balemans, L., 1991:
Forcing of Hydrangea with artificial supplementary lighting

Poll, J.; Kramer, C.; Kruistum, G.V.n, 1990:
Forcing of asparagus in climatised rooms during the off-season

Clastrier, J.; Legrand, J., 1990:
Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) incubans (Macfie) and F. (Trichohelea) macheti sp. nov., parasitic on dragonfly wings in French Guiana (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae; Odonata)

Clastrier, J.; Legrand, J., 1991:
Forcipomyia (Trichohelea) araneivora n.sp., ectoparasite of a spider in the Nimba mountains, Guinea (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae; Araneae, Araneidae)

Sauer, M., 1990:
Fordist modernization of German agriculture and the future of family farms

Pike, S., 1992:

Park, T., 1990:
Forecast evaluation for multivariate time-series models: the U.S. cattle market

Malakar, B.; Biswas, B.K., 1990:
Forecast for the demand of fluid milk in Kharagpur and Midnapore towns of West Bengal

Liu, D.J.; Yuan, Q.C.; Gong, D.Y.; Yao, R.X., 1991:
Forecast method of occurrence of Macrocentrus linearis (Nees) and its protection and utilization

Menguzzato, G.; Tabacchi, G., 1988:
Forecast models for fresh weight, biomass and volume for Monterey pine and blue gum on a farm at Massanova, Salerno

Droge, H.; Poppe, K.J., 1990:
Forecast of 1990/91 results on arable and cattle farms

Mao, Z.; Yang, P.S.; Chen, X.F., 1991:
Forecast of crop evapotranspiration

Pozhar, Z.A.; Tishchenko, E.I.; Shendrik, R.Y.; Golubenkova, T.A., 1989:
Forecast of disease development

Gotsch, N.; Bernegger, U.; Rieder, P., 1990:
Forecast of future biological and technical progress in crop production and economic effects on arable farming

Droge, H.; Poppe, K.J., 1991:
Forecast of operational results on arable and cattle farms during 1991/92

Branchi, F., 1989:
Forecast of supply and demand for forest products in Italy and Europe. Part 1: Supply

Branchi, F., 1989:
Forecast of supply and demand for forest products in Italy and Europe. Part 2: Demand

Wang, F.L.; Ren, A.S.; Yu, Y.T., 1992:
Forecast of total accumulative daily maintenance cost for tractors and parameter estimation for a modified index curve

Droge, H.; Poppe, K.J., 1989:
Forecasted business results on arable and livestock farms for 1989/90

Lyutyi, G.G., 1990:
Forecasted evaluation of the influence of operative atomic energy stations upon soils

Sanford, S., 1991:
Forecasting 1990/91 U.S. upland cotton exports using weekly shipments: an application of seasonal factors

Lin, B.H.; Guenthner, J.F.; Levi, A.E., 1991:
Forecasting Japan's frozen potato imports

Trapp, J.N., 1992:
Forecasting Oklahoma slaughter cattle prices using seasonal indices: an evaluation

Annamukhamedov, A.A.; Gizzatullin, M.G., 1989:
Forecasting Phytonomus on lucerne

Ward, M.N.; Folland, C.K.; Maskell, K.; Owen, J.A.; Rowell, D.P., 1990:
Forecasting Sahel rainfall-an update

Hoffman, L.A.; Davison, C.W., 1992:
Forecasting US soybean prices with futures prices

Tsutsui, H.; Hayakawa, H., 1991:
Forecasting adult emergence and abundance of spotted cutworm, Xestia c-nigrum in the Tokachi District of Hokkaido

Krebs, E.; Weindlmaier, H., 1991:
Forecasting and simulation model of the grain market of the EC(12)

Kornilov, I.I., 1990:
Forecasting apple storability

Sapsford, D.; Varoufakis, Y., 1990:
Forecasting coffee prices: ARIMA versus econometric approaches

Witt, S.F.; Newbould, G.D.; Watkins, A.J., 1992:
Forecasting domestic tourism demand: application to Las Vegas arrivals data

Schultz, PB., 1990:
Forecasting flight activity of native parasitoids of oak lecanium (Homoptera: Coccidae)

Love, J.M., 1992:
Forecasting fresh apple prices for selected months in the marketing season

Petersen, J.T., 1990:
Forecasting future funding of municipal parks and recreation: a Delphi study

Welte, Hf, 1990:
Forecasting harvest fruit size during the growing season

Andrew, W.P.; Cranage, D.A.; Lee, C.K., 1990:
Forecasting hotel occupancy rates with time series models: an empirical analysis

Oron, G.; Mehrez, A.; Rabinowitz, G., 1991:
Forecasting in optimizing dual system for energy generation and irrigation

Eastwood, D.B.; Gray, M.D.; Brooker, J.R., 1991:
Forecasting item movement with scan data: Box-Jenkins results

Belov, A.N.; Panina, N.B., 1988:
Forecasting losses of wood increment in outbreak foci of defoliating insects

Lin, T.; Shia, B.C.; Tang, R.T., 1989:
Forecasting models for sugar contents of sugarcane from weather factors

Lin, T.L.; Shia, B.C.; Tang, R.T., 1991:
Forecasting models for sugarcane yields in Tainan area using a single weather factor

Brunelli, A.; Cortesi, P., 1990:
Forecasting models in grapevine disease management

Tribel' , S.A.; Bystrova, V.A.; Bichuk, Y.P.; Strukova, S.I.; Beregovoi, D.K.; Shul' gan, V.V.; Linnik, L.I.; Tron' , T.N.; Shudlo, Z.A., 1991:
Forecasting of development of pests in the Ukraine

Tishchenko, E.I.; Shendrik, R.Y., 1991:
Forecasting of disease development

Ramachander, P.R.; Bhattacharjee, S.K., 1989:
Forecasting of jasmine yield using partial yield records

Manurung, A., 1989:
Forecasting of oil palm yield using the ARIMA model

Bechinski, E.J.; Everson, D.O.; McNeal, C.D.; Gallian, J.J., 1989:
Forecasting peak seasonal capture of sugarbeet root maggot (Diptera: Otitidae) with sticky-stake traps in Idaho

Elsey, K.D.; Klun, J.A.; Schwarz, M., 1991:
Forecasting pickleworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larval infestations using sex pheromone traps

Alekseeva, T.P.; Smirnova, L.A.; Terekhov, V.I., 1990:
Forecasting population composition of brown rust on wheat in the North Caucasus

Sigvald, R., 1991:
Forecasting potato virus Y - a simulation model

Birley, M.H., 1989:
Forecasting potential vector-borne disease problems on irrigation schemes

Hoffman, L.A., 1992:
Forecasting producer prices of rough rice with futures prices

Drews, M., 1988:
Forecasting sales structures in the dairy industry. I. Development of the product range and its seasonal and regional distribution in the EEC

Drews, M., 1988:
Forecasting sales structures in the dairy industry. II. Enterprise strategies in the dairy industry

Hoffman, L.A., 1991:
Forecasting season-average corn prices using current futures prices

Hoffman, L.A., 1992:
Forecasting season-average wheat prices using futures prices

MacKerron, D.K.L.; Greenwood, D.J.; Marshall, B.; Rabbinge, R.; Schober, B., 1990:
Forecasting systems for the potato crop

Bockenhoff, E.; Muller, M., 1991:
Forecasting the cattle market situation. Analysis of the cattle census of 3 December 1990

Bockenhoff, E.; Muller, G., 1991:
Forecasting the cattle market situation. Evaluation of the cattle census at the beginning of June 1991

Muller, M.; Pflugfelder, R., 1990:
Forecasting the cattle market situation: evaluation of the cattle census of 3 June, 1990

Kurbanov, M.R., 1989:
Forecasting the cropping of the olive tree in the Apsheron

Suchta, J.; aguna, T.M., 1989:
Forecasting the development of crop and livestock production by means of extrapolation (using the example of selected communes in the Elblag voivodship)

Wojcicki, Z., 1989:
Forecasting the development of the food economy in Poland

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