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Dietary intake of a representative sample of the population of Val-de-Marne: I. Contribution of diet to energy supply

Preziosi, P.; Galan, P.; Granveau, C.; Deheeger, M.; Papoz, L.; Hercberg, S.

Revue d'Epidemiologie et de Sante Publique 39(3): 221-231


ISSN/ISBN: 0398-7620
PMID: 1924937
Accession: 002112432

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The diet of 1108 persons 6 months to 97 years old in the Val-de-Marne district of the Paris area, France was studied using the dietary history method. Interviews were made in the subjects home. The 3 main food groups which supplied energy for the adult population were cereals 22 to 28, milk and dairy products 15 to 18 and meats 10 to 15%. In infants less than 2 years old milk supplied 38, cereals 19 and fruit and vegetables 15% of energy. The time from 2 to 6 years old was a transition period when the "infant-type" diet changed to an "adult-type". Although food intake changed in quantitative terms as a function of age and sex, the contribution of differed food groups to energy supply remained relatively constant. Alcohol intake increased with age and its effect as an energy source was more important for men than for women.

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