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Dietary intake in a representative sample of the population of Val-de Marne: II. Supply of macronutrients

Hercberg, S.; Preziosi, P.; Galan, P.; Deheeger, M.; Dupin, H.

Revue d'Epidemiologie et de Sante Publique 39(3): 233-244


ISSN/ISBN: 0398-7620
PMID: 1924938
Accession: 002112433

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This paper describes an assessment of the nutritional value (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) of food intake studied in a population residing in the Val-de-Marne district of the Paris region. Data were collected from 1,108 subjects, aged 6 months to 97 years, randomly selected from the public telephone directories of 12 of the 47 towns and cities in the district. Dietary intake was evaluated from individual home interviews by specialized dietitians, using the dietary history method. Age was shown to be a major determinant of macro nutrient intake (expressed in absolute value) in both sexes. The amount of food consumed differed between men and women. Expressed as a relative value of energy intake (after exclusion of alcohol-related calories), the proportion of different macronutrients was similar in all age groups, for both sexes, and was not in agreement with recommended dietary allowances: too high levels of fats and insufficient levels of carbohydrates, especially starch.

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