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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2114

Chapter 2114 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhuravlev, V.N.; Verba, Y.P., 1989:
Forecasting the distribution of the Colorado potato beetle

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Forecasting the effects of ski-field construction on the environment in mountain regions

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Forecasting the growth of uneven-aged spruce forests after selective logging

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Forecasting the irrigation requirements of tobacco under Cuban conditions

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Forecasting the national incidence of sugar-beet powdery mildew from weather data in Britain

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Forecasting the phytosanitary condition of crops

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Forecasting the pig market situation. Analysis of the pig census at the beginning of December 1990

Bockenhoff, E.; Lohner, M., 1991:
Forecasting the pig market situation. Evaluation of the pig census of April/May 1991

Bockenhoff, E.; Lohner, M., 1991 :
Forecasting the pig market situation: an evaluation of the pig census at the start of August 1991

Uri, N.D., 1992:
Forecasting the prices paid for farm inputs

Amirdzhanov, A.G., 1988:
Forecasting the productivity of vineyards

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Forecasting the status of opisthorchiasis in zones affected by hydrological plants

Batasheva, Z.N., 1989:
Forecasting times for the control of raspberry pests

Kr"steva I., 1989:
Forecasting weed infestation in gladioli by the method of polyethylene tunnels

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Forecasting wheat yield in Western Australia

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Forecasting with error correction models: an application for the pig market

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Forecasting world tourism movement

Anonymous, 1992:
Forecasts & analyses for the hospitality industry

Lanciotti, C., 1990:
Forecasts of monthly prices for a group of dairy products: an application of the Box-Jenkins techniques

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Forecasts of reliability of agricultural machinery based on results of accelerated testing

Mackie, P., 1991:
Foreign Agricultural Service market development and trade overview

Tandon, Y., 1991:
Foreign NGOs, uses and abuses: an African perspective

Anonymous, 1990:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, calendar year 1989

Fant, M.L., 1991:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, calendar year 1989: supplementary tables

Anonymous, 1991:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, calendar year 1990

Anonymous, 1992:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, calendar year 1991, supplement

Anonymous, 1992:
Foreign agricultural trade of the United States, fiscal year 1991

Bhattacharya, D., 1990:
Foreign aid and Australian aid policy

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Foreign aid and economic growth in developing countries

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Foreign aid in a period of democratization: the case of politically autonomous food funds

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Foreign aid to Mozambique, needs and effects: a preliminary report

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Foreign aid to the Third World Forestry: India's opportunities

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Foreign aid, economic growth and social cost-benefit analysis: some experiences from Nepal

Fernandez, P., 1991:
Foreign animal disease update

Rybnicek, J.; Srenk, P.; Svoboda, M., 1992:
Foreign bodies in the aetiology of otitis in dogs

Muller, D., 1991:
Foreign bodies in the thoracic part of the oesophagus in the dog

L.G.yadec, T.; Wolkenstein, P.; Ortoli, J.C.; Ponties Leroux, B.; Beaulieu, P.; Millet, P., 1992:
Foreign body granuloma on a calcified Loa loa filaria

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Foreign borrowing, agricultural productivity, and the Nigerian economy: a macro-sectoral analysis

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Foreign capital in Chinese agriculture: review and prospects

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Foreign capital in the Spanish agri-food industry: trends and strategies

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Foreign coarse grains: prospects and issues for the 1990s

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Foreign cytoplasm and single genes transfer to potato via protoplast fusion and transformation

Reed, M.R., 1992:
Foreign direct investment in the US food industry

Bannikov, V.V., 1991:
Foreign fuel flowmeters

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Foreign investment in the Australian beef industry

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Foreign logging machines in new inventions

DeBraal, J.P., 1991:
Foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land through December 31, 1990

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Foreign ownership of US agricultural land through December 31, 1991: county-level data

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Foreign ownership of and interest in Alabama's agricultural land

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Foreign substances in food products. Data from territorial sanitary - epidemiological stations in the Russian Federation

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Foreign tourism as an element in PR China's economic development strategy

Lopacinski, K., 1990:
Foreign tourists' expenditures in Poland in 1989

Volosin, J., 1991:
Foreign trade in cattle products

Giraut, P., 1991:
Foreign trade in forest products in 1990

Serova, N.I., 1990:
Foreign varieties of Festuca pratensis from the VIR collection as breeding material

Normamatov, A.R., 1990:
Foreign varieties of maize selected for grain quality in Uzbekistan

Catts, E.P.; Goff, M.L., 1992:
Forensic entomology in criminal investigations

Anonymous, 1992:
Forest Decimal Classification

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Forest Fire Laboratory at Riverside and fire research in California: past, present, and future

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Forest Pest Management. Bark beetle conditions, Northern Region 1988

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Forest and groundwater

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Forest and heath: the shaping of the vegetation on Nantucket Island

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Forest and land cover mapping from SAR: a summary of recent tropical studies

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Forest and land use; situation and outlook in France

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Forest and natural resource economics and policy research: strategies and challenges for the coming decade

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Forest and rangeland resource interactions: a supporting technical document for the 1989 RPA assessment

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Forest and scrub communities of the Narew valley from Suraz to Tykocin

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Forest and tribal life-study of a micro-region

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Forest and woodland depletion in the Lake Elementeita Basin, Kenya

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Forest as an energy supplier

Kaul, O.N., 1991:
Forest biomass burning in India

Anonymous, 1988 :
Forest biomass energy use in Newfoundland 1988

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Forest biomass in Brazilian Amazonia: comments on the estimate by Brown and Lugo

Anonymous, 1991:
Forest biotechnology

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Forest changes in the lower mountains northwest of Lake Biwa since about 1000 BP

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Forest changes since the Late Glacial period in the Hira Mountains of the Kinki region, Japan

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Forest classification on the eastern slope of the Vosges mountains using Landsat-TM imagery

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Forest communities of the Strazov State Nature Reserve in the Strazovske Hills

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Forest components

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Forest condition and air pollution in Great Britain

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Forest condition in 1989 - preliminary results of the monitoring programme

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Forest conservation and sustainable hardwood logging

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest conservation in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania

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Forest cut and forest regeneration effects on water balance and river runoff

Anonymous, 1988:
Forest damage 1988

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest damage 1989

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Forest damage and forest decline in Czechoslovakia

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Forest damage and soil protection

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest damage reports 1989

Innes, J.L., 1992:
Forest decline

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest decline and air pollution: a study of spruce (Picea abies) on acid soils

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Forest decline and fertilizer treatment

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Forest decline and forest improvement in the Alps from the standpoint of vegetation ecology

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Forest decline as an adaptational process

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Forest decline in Franche-Comte in the light of currently held hypotheses

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Forest decline in Norway: monitoring results, international links and hypotheses

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Forest decline in central Europe: additional aspects of its cause

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Forest decline in the Gleinalm region

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Forest decline of spruce as a result of nutrient imbalance and nutrient stress

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Forest decline: climate, silviculture and vigour of fir stands in the Vosges

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Forest dendrophilous entomofauna of Moldavia and the problem of suppressing pests

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Forest detritus and cycling of nitrogen in a mountain lake

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Forest development in the Italian Alps

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Forest dieback in Croatia

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Forest dieback in Czechoslovakia

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Forest dieback in southeastern Slavonia

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Forest diseases - some Slovene characteristics

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Forest drainage

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Forest economics and timber harvest scheduling: an overview and analysis

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Forest enterprises: size, economic structure, and type of management

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Forest entomology in West Tropical Africa: forest insects of Ghana

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Forest exploitation and protection of the forest environment

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Forest fertilisation in Britain

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Forest fertilization - present state and history with special reference to South German conditions

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Forest fire history of Desolation Peak, Washington

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Forest fire protection plan for the Vacations Park for UTE-ANTEL staff

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Forest fires in EEC countries in 1988

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Forest fires: an introduction to wildland fire behavior, management, firefighting, and prevention

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Forest formations on Tenerife - their condition and protective functions

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Forest gardening

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Forest genetic resources of Ethiopia

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Forest genetics, breeding and physiology of woody plants

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Forest growth functions for economic forest management planning: a test of a simple Markov model

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Forest growth investigations in connection with forest decline. Evaluation of the increment-trend analysis plots of the Forest Growth Faculty for Norway spruce (Picea abies) in Bavaria

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Forest growth of Mississippi's north unit - a case study of the Southern Forest Survey's growth estimation procedures

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Forest habitat use by white-tailed deer in the Arkansas coastal plain

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Forest harvesting on peatlands

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Forest haulage on shores and islands

Anonymous, 1990:
Forest health

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Forest health - an industry perspective of the risks to New Zealand's plantations

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Forest health issues in South-east Asian countries

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Forest history in Italy

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Forest history in Switzerland

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Forest honey

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Forest hydrologic research in China

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Forest improvements and afforestation in Algeria

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Forest in thermographic aerial photographs

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Forest industries and socio-economic development in interior Sicily

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Forest influence on snow accumulation at strong wind location

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Forest inventories in Europe with special reference to statistical methods

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Forest inventory and 3-P sampling

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Forest inventory and management on private and public land

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Forest inventory: use of an electronic forestry calliper

Anonymous, 1991:
Forest labour

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Forest land use and management conflicts: a review and evaluation of approaches for management

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Forest land use policy: symbolic versus substantial planning

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Forest laws and people's participation in environment management

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Forest management and exploitation in colonial Java, 1677-1897

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Forest management and forest conservation

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Forest management and integrated land use planning in Switzerland

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Forest management and land-use planning

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Forest management and production in Chile

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Forest management and the National Forest Plan

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Forest management and timber production in the Appennines: Azienda Podernovo

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Forest management at the current stage of forestry development

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Forest management challenged in the Pacific Northwest

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Forest management in Bangladesh

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Forest management in Italy

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Forest management in Szczawiczne experimental stand in 1975-84 and its results in relation to the proposed adoption of a 'natural' silvicultural approach

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Forest management in mountain forest, as exemplified by the integrated planning in Nendaz VS forest enterprise

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Forest management in the German Democratic Republic 1950-1965

Anonymous, 1990:
Forest management on former agricultural land

Anonymous, 1990:
Forest management partnerships: regenerating India's forests

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Forest management planning considerations for Norway spruce in Austria

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Forest management, deforestation and people's impoverishment

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Forest margin damage in southern Bavarian Norway spruce stands

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Forest margins in cultivated landscapes

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Forest mensuration: applications in silviculture

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Forest meteorology

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Forest nature conservation guidelines

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Forest pest conditions in the Maritimes 1987

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Forest pest conditions in the Maritimes in 1988

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Forest pest conditions in the Maritimes in 1989

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Forest pest conditions in the Maritimes in 1990

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Forest pests and diseases control regulations

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Forest planting stock: production and marketing

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Forest policy in Japan

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Forest policy in the Netherlands

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Forest policy reflected in a communal forest

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Forest production and the organization of foliage within crowns and canopies

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Forest productivity in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. From old-fashioned techniques to the position of second-largest exporter of tropical timber in the world

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Forest productivity on land previously used for agriculture

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Forest products

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Forest products from Latin America: an almanac of the state of the knowledge and the state of the art

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Forest products marketing

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Forest products trade flow data 1989-1990

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Forest products trade: market trends and technical developments

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Forest projections in the Republic of Korea

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Forest prospects in Extremadura

Anonymous, 1988:
Forest protection

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Forest protection problems on former agricultural land

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Forest protection review 1991. Game and bark-beetles cause the most problems

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Forest protection strategy in intensive industrialized operations

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Forest regeneration above tree limit depressed by fire in the Colorado Front Range

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Forest regeneration manual

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Forest regeneration on burned, planted, and seeded clear-cuts in central Saskatchewan

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Forest research and development in Papua New Guinea

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Forest research in Eastern Slovakia

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Forest resource inventories. Basis for the management of the rainforest

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Forest resource inventory of the forests of Research and Training Field Station, Shinkiari

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Forest resource management in the northwest: a period of dynamic change

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Forest resources of East Texas

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Forest resources of Louisiana

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Forest resources of Mississippi

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Forest resources of Prince William Sound and Afognak Island, Alaska: their character and ownership, 1978

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Forest resources policy: process, participants, and programs

Sedjo, R.A., 1991:
Forest resources: resilient and serviceable

Stergiadis, G.C., 1990 :
Forest road access as a basic prerequisite for the development and protection of Greek forests

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Forest road access in the mountains of Austria

Sutopo, S., 1989:
Forest road bearing capacity in Gundih Forest District, Central Java

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Forest road classification - why can't we all speak the same language?

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Forest sector evolution and contribution to the Brazilian economy

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Forest sector-dependent communities in Canada: a demographic profile

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest seed and forest renewal

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Forest seed and nursery practice in Nepal

Anonymous, 1988:
Forest site evaluation and long-term productivity

da Fonseca, GAB.; Robinson, JG., 1990:
Forest size and structure: competitive and predatory effects on small mammal communities

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Forest soil fungi for biocontrol of Fusarium oxysporum dianthi

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Forest soil microbial response to emissions from an iron and steel works

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Forest soil respiration after cutting and burning in immature aspen ecosystems

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Forest soil response to acid and salt additions of sulfate: 1. Sulfur constituents and net retention

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Forest soil sampling efficiency: matching laboratory analyses and field sampling procedures

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Forest soils of Meghalaya, their characterisation, classification and constraints to productivity

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Forest soils of Mt. Gottero. An application of FAO methodology in land evaluation for forestry

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Forest species used in traditional medicine in French Guiana

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Forest spray dispersion study: comparison of measured deposition with FSCBG2 model predictions

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Forest statistics for Connecticut - 1972 and 1985

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Forest statistics for Delaware - 1972 and 1986

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Forest statistics for Florida, 1987

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Forest statistics of the United States, 1987

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Forest successions following European settlement and mining in the Rossville area, north Queensland

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Forest surveys in Sri Lanka using remote sensing methods

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Forest taxation and the timing of private nonindustrial forest harvests under interest rate uncertainty

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Forest taxation in the Wurttemberg state forest 1770 until 1850

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Forest technicians: enrollment and employment 1987-88

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Forest tending and propagation in Schleswig-Holstein

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Forest tree breeding and the changing atmosphere

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Forest tree nurseries in agricultural high schools: an analysis of Ecuadorean experiences

Anonymous, 1989:
Forest tree physiology

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Forest tree seed inspector's manual: OECD scheme for certification of forest reproduction material moving in international trade

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Forest types and forest soils of the north-west part of the Central Moldavian uplands

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Forest types of Lithuania

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Forest types of black pine and Scots pine in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stefanovic, V.; Beus, V.; Manuseva, L.; Pavlic, J.; Petrovic, M.; Vukorep, I., 1975 :
Forest types of sessile oak in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Forest understory plants as predictors of lodgepole pine and white spruce site quality in west-central Alberta

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Forest utilization and peasant enterprises

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Forest utilization and timber processing in Italy

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Forest utilization in war-torn Nicaragua

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Forest utilization without waste, in a world of ecological stresses

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Forest valuation and principles of the proper evaluation of enterprises

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Forest vegetation and flora of Mt. Kasan - phytosociological analysis

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Formation of loose and cemented B horizons in podzolic soils: evaluation of biological actions from micromorphological features, C/N values and 14C datings

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Formation of lysimeter solutions from litter in Norway spruce forests of the Kola peninsula

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Formation of mucilage cells in the leaf epidermis of dicotyledons (electron microscope data)

Wan, Y.; Widholm, J.M., 1992:
Formation of multiple embryo-like structures from single microspores during maize anther culture

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Formation of mycotoxins produced by fusaria in heads of wheat, triticale and rye

Yarmishko, V.T., 1989:
Formation of needle biomass in young Scots pine forests on the Kola peninsula

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Formation of nitrogen trioxide in contact sulfuric acid production

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Formation of Novel Polysaccharides by Bradyrhizobium japonicum Bacteroids in Soybean Nodules

Shaw, D.E.; Melksham, K.J., 1992:
Formation of oil-like drops from Monstera rust urediniospores

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Formation of optimum regional silvicultural strategies

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Formation of oribatid populations during application of fresh and liquid manure to the soil

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Formation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid from p-coumaric acid by cell free extract of Lithospermum erythrorhizon cell cultures

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Formation of perspective lines in spring barley by means of chemical mutagenesis (II)

Sulaiman, I.M.; Rangaswamy, N.S.; Babu, C.R., 1991:
Formation of plantlets through somatic embryogeny in the Himalayan blue poppy, Meconopsis simplicifolia (Papaveraceae)

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Formation of potassium dihydrophosphate in the potassium acetate-phosphoric acid-water system

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Formation of rhizoderm surface and radial H+ fluxes in wheat roots with partitioned nutrition

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Formation of road curves for transport of long assortments

Pessarakli M., 1991:
Formation of saline and sodic soils and their reclamation

Pospekhov, V.V.; Krasnoshchekov, G.P., 1992:
Formation of sensory endings in cestodes

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Formation of sessile urediospores in uredia of Puccinia melanocephala Syd. & Syd

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Formation of some physiological and biochemical indices in the blood of calves. III. Blood serum proteins

Baranow Baranowski, S.; Jankowiak, D.; Janus, K.; Klata, W.; Orowicz, W.; Skrzypczak, W.F., 1988:
Formation of some physiological and biochemical indices in the blood serum of calves. II. Mineral elements level and the alkaline phosphatase activity

Hayashi H.; Sakai T.; Fukui H.; Tabata M., 1990:
Formation of soyasaponins in licorice cell suspension cultures

Yao X.; X.X.; Y.D., 1990:
Formation of structure in red soils under different forms of utilization

Grootwassink J.W.D.; Balsevich J.J.; Kolenovsky A.D., 1990:
Formation of sulfatoglucosides from exogenous aldoximes in plant cell cultures and organs

D.K.mpe, C.; Miles, N., 1992:
Formation of swelling clay minerals by sulfide oxidation in some metamorphic rocks and related soils of Ontario, Canada

Barragan, E.; Delgado, L.; Bescansa, P.; Roquero, C., 1991:
Formation of the Bt, Btna and Btnaca horizons in soils developed over volcanic material in Almeria

Takahashi, Y.; Mitsui, A.; Matsubara, H., 1991:
Formation of the fe-s cluster of ferredoxin in lysed spinach chloroplasts

Kabanov, V.D.; Gupalov, N.V.; Epishin, V.A.; Frantscuzov, V.V., 1991:
Formation of the Lipets type of a new breed of pigs

Martynova, A.V.; Usmanov, I.Y., 1991:
Formation of the absorbing root system in plants of different types of adaptive strategies depending on the mineral nutritive regime

Nikishin, VP., 1992:
Formation of the capsule around Filicollis anatis (Acanthocephala) in its intermediate host

Ky, L.D.; Kirichenko, E.B., 1989:
Formation of the gland apparatus and changes in the content of essential oils during peppermint development

Mazel' , Y.Y.; Danilova, M.F.; Zhitneva, N.N.; Telepova, M.N., 1990:
Formation of the ion transport system in the plant

Umezawa, T.; Davin, L.B.; Lewis, N.G., 1990:
Formation of the lignan, (-)-secoisolariciresinol, by cell free extracts of Forsythia intermedia

Lipskaya, G.A., 1990:
Formation of the photosynthetic apparatus in barley seedlings grown from seeds with different cobalt content under sterile and unsterile conditions

Lyaskovskii, M.I.; Pidolplichko, V.N. , 1990:
Formation of the root system of wheat and barley and increase in resistance to root rots when compound slow-acting fertilizer is used

Telyatnikova, T.V.; Karavaev, M.M.; Lazaricheva, I.V.; Lotsman, A.A.; Bondareva, A.A., 1991:
Formation of the structure of an iron-aluminum catalyst

Kishchenko, I.T., 1988:
Formation of tracheid cell walls in the stem of Scots pine in southern Karelia

Yamanaka, K., 1989:
Formation of traumatic phloem resin canals in Cryptomeria japonica D. Don

Ziegler, F.; Zech, W., 1992:
Formation of water-stable aggregates through the action of earthworms. Implications from laboratory experiments

Breuninger, R.H.; Gillette, D.A.; Kihl, R., 1989:
Formation of wind-erodible aggregates for salty soils and soils with less than 50% sand composition in natural terrestrial environments

Pogrebnyak, S.P.; Shmatkov, Y.M.; Korabel' skii, V.I.; Galuzinskii, M.G., 1991:
Formation of working surfaces of rotary weeders

Papke, H.; Förstel, H., 1991:
Formation rate of nonexchangeable organically bound tritium from tritiated soil water

Nolte, I.; Volpert, A.; Brunckhorst, D., 1990:
Formation, diagnostic, therapy and complications of the endometritis-pyometritis-complex in the bitch

Qi, J.G., 1989:
Formation, distribution and application of dominant species in forest vegetation

Nagel, G.; Peters, W., 1991:
Formation, properties and degradation of the peritrophic membranes of larval and adult fleshflies, Parasarcophaga argyrostoma (Insecta, Diptera)

Williams C.; Poulter J., 1991:
Formative evaluation of a workplace menu labelling scheme

Matsumoto, S.; Owa, Y., 1990:
Formative phenomena of impermeable layer in a soil by percolating polyacrylate solution and its application to saving water supply and reducing salinity hazard

Wakeling, J., 1991:
Formative pruning to prevent development of narrow, weak forks and included bark in trees

Franqueville, H. de, 1991:
Former savannah or former forest: effect of pathogen isolates on the performance of oil palm families with respect to Fusarium wilt

Garza Q.C.; Dustmann, J.H., 1991:
Formic acid against the tracheal mite

Fries, I., 1991:
Formic acid treatment and biotechnical methods for control of varroa mites (Varroa jacobsoni) in honey bee colonies

Sabsai, V.D.; Kiselev, A.V., 1990:
Forming hay ricks of increased density

Chistov, S.V.; Tsegel' nik, A.P.; Burlakov, Y.V., 1990:
Forming round bales of grain crops with PR-F-750 pickup baler

Nikitenko, A.N.; Podrubalov, V.K., 1991:
Forming the requirements to the vibration-protecting system of a tractor

Arora K.L.; Bhatia K.L., 1990:
Formol titration method for determining protein content in ice cream

Schon, H., 1988:
Forms and development of technical progress in agriculture

Bagchi, D., 1991:
Forms and functions of female space: interrelationships with women's paid and unpaid work - a South Asian paradigm

Jamet, R.; Toutain, F.; Guillet, B.; Rambaud, D., 1988:
Forms and origin of alumina in the A2 horizon of the tropical podzols of Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Ischenko, G.S.; Butnik, A.S., 1990:
Forms in which 238U and 232Th occur in soils of Central Asia

Debelyi, G.A.; Grishina, E.E.; Derbenskii, V.I., 1991:
Forms of Lupinus angustifolius resistant to Fusarium

Mantsevich, E.D.; Seroglazova, L.M., 1987:
Forms of Scots pine with clustered cones

Bacellar, F.; Nuncio, M.S.; Filipe, A.R., 1990:
Forms of Trypanosoma in tick haemolymph

Filep, D.; Redly, M., 1990:
Forms of acidity and acid-base buffer capacity of soil

Zielony, R., 1988:
Forms of anthropogenic degeneration of forest associations in the region of Wocawek

Raghupathi H.B.; Vasuki N., 1991:
Forms of copper and their relationship with soil properties

Reshetnikov, S.I., 1990:
Forms of copper compounds in contaminated and background dernopodzolic soils

Grana, M.J.; Barral, M.T.; Guitian, F.E.; Guitian, F., 1991:
Forms of copper, nickel and zinc in the surface horizons of soils

Anikina, I.I., 1991:
Forms of cucumber with combined resistance to powdery mildew and root rot

Boyadgiev, T.G.; Sayegh, A.H., 1992:
Forms of evolution of gypsum in arid soils and soil parent materials

Kiselev, S., 1991:
Forms of farming and land tenure

Werschler, A., 1990:
Forms of holiday trips and recreation among the population of Poland: preferences and reality

Hauck R.; Baur X., 1990:
Forms of humidifier lung

Reuangsuwan, C., 1990:
Forms of knowledge and education services to local communities which have established School Group Academic Centres

Chirkst, D.E.; Melikhov, I.V.; Syrkin, L.N.; Chaliyan, K.N.; Cheremisina, O.V., 1991:
Forms of lanthanide crystallization from wet-process phosphoric acid

Lukina, N.I., 1992:
Forms of lucerne promising for breeding for quality

Bogachev, Y.I.; Chernobai, L.N., 1991:
Forms of maize resistant to Ustilago zeae

Karamnova, Z.F., 1990:
Forms of marrow promising for unprotected cultivation in the Non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR

Onoshko, M.P.; Zhukhovitskaya, A.L.; Kuznetsov, V.A., 1992:
Forms of mineral nitrogen in waters of agricultural landscapes with animal production complexes

Filatenko, A.A.; Yarina, G.N.; Shaiduko, N.T., 1990:
Forms of north African durum wheat

Ishchenko, G.S.; Butnik, A.S., 1990:
Forms of occurrence of 238U and 232Th in soils of Central Asia

Goryachenkova T.A.; Pavlotskaya F.I.; Myasoedov B.F., 1991:
Forms of occurrence of plutonium in soils

Kis, P., 1990:
Forms of ownership and the behaviour of banks in agriculture

Dardik, V.B.; Shakirova, S.S., 1992:
Forms of ownership for meat processing enterprises

Mukharinova, G.O.; Rozanova, I.A.; Narbekov, E.A., 1991:
Forms of participation in agricultural production by industrial enterprises

Shevchenko, A.M.; Kirpicheva, T.S.; Koval' , L.A.; Shuiskaya, N.P.; Trubitsyna, I.Y., 1990:
Forms of pea resistant to root rot

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Forms of potassium in soils of Vidarbha region

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Forms of potassium in some Alfisols of West Bengal

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Forms of potassium in some soils under forest cover

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Forms of rare earth elements in soil: II. Differentiation of rare earth elements

Rinschede, G., 1992:
Forms of religious tourism

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Forms of social organization of production in the traditional maize-growing area of Argentina

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Forms of sorghum resistant to loose smut

Mitrikovskii, A.Ya, 1992:
Forms of soyabean promising for the northern Zaural'e area

Vashchenko, A.P.; Zaostrovnykh, V.I., 1992:
Forms of soyabean resistant to Septoria

Zaostrovnykh, V.I.; Vashchenko, A.P., 1991:
Forms of soyabean resistant to Septoria, Peronospora and Cercospora

Nikonorenkov, V.A.; Karpachev, V.V.; Zhidkova, E.N., 1991:
Forms of spring swede rape for breeding for heterosis

Anashchenko, A.V.; Maisyamova, D.R., 1990:
Forms of swede rape and turnip rape useful for green matter quality

Karpachev, V.V.; Kukushkin, V.A., 1991:
Forms of swede rape with a high seed yield

Kiselev, V.A., 1991:
Forms of winter bread wheat useful for grain quality

Dovgan' , V.N., 1991:
Forms of winter wheat resistant to bunt

Nakayama, H., 1991:
Formula feed for reproduction promotion

Emmons, D.B., 1991:
Formulae for predicting cheese yield from milk composition

Zar, F.A., 1991:
Formulary aspects of therapy and prevention of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Taira, H.; Tanaka, H.; Saito, M., 1991:
Formulas for calculating oligosaccharide contents from total free sugar content of soyabeans

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Formulated diets versus seed mixtures for psittacines

Kuwata, T.; Kaneko, T.; Kojima, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Yamamoto, Y., 1991 :
Formulated milk for infants analogous to human milk

Chen, C.M., 1990:
Formulating a food and agricultural development plan in accordance with diet guidelines

Jones, J.; Meneghin, B.; Kirby, M., 1991:
Formulating adjacency constraints in linear optimization models for scheduling projects in tactical planning

Przybyla, A.E., 1989:
Formulating foods with milk proteins

Mahorkar, V.K.; Patil, V.K., 1989:
Formulating leaf-P nutrient standards in grapes

Norton, G.A., 1991:
Formulating models for practical purposes

Bond, S.W.; Fields, C.D., 1991:
Formulating sugar-free oral liquid medicines

Dorrestein, G.M., 1992:
Formulation and (bio)availability problems of drug formulations in birds

Georgis, R., 1990:
Formulation and application technology

Daigle, D.; Connick, W.J., 1990:
Formulation and application technology for microbial weed control

Lewis, J.A., 1991:
Formulation and delivery systems of biocontrol agents with emphasis on fungi

Linhart, S.B.; Blom, F.S.; Dasch, G.J.; Roberts, J.D.; Engeman, R.M.; Esposito, J.J.; Shaddock, J.H.; Baer, G.M., 1991:
Formulation and evaluation of baits for oral rabies vaccination of raccoons (Procyon lotor)

Reddy, N.; Waghmare, S.; Pande, V., 1990:
Formulation and evaluation of home-made weaning mixes based on local foods

Shinoda, T.; Ikeda, R.; Nishikawa, A.; Ohtsuka, M.; Sadamoto, S.; Sasaki, Y.; Futami, S., 1991:
Formulation and preliminary testing of a cryptococcal antibody coated latex reagent used with protease pre-treatment

Itiola O.A.; Pilpel N., 1991:
Formulation effects on the mechanical properties of metronidazole tablets

Ejiofor, A.; Okafor, N., 1991:
Formulation of a flowable liquid concentrate of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 spores and crystals as mosquito larvicide

Huang, J.; Kuhlman, E., 1991:
Formulation of a soil amendment to control damping-off of slash pine seedlings

Ladron de Guevara, M.E.; Trujillo Cardenas, N., 1990:
Formulation of a temporary coating against environmental corrosion

Keller, S.E.; Fellows, J.W.; Nash, T.C.; Shazer, W.H., 1991:
Formulation of aspartame-sweetened frozen dairy dessert without bulking agents

Jones, K.A.; Grzywacz, D., 1990:
Formulation of baculoviruses for pest control in developing countries

Connick W.J.Jr; Lewis J.A.; Quimby P.C.Jr, 1990:
Formulation of biocontrol agents for use in plant pathology

Abou Donia, S.A.; Attia, I.A.; Khattab, A.A.; E.S.enawi, Z., 1991:
Formulation of dried cereal fermented milks with prolonged storage life

Corapcioglu, M.Y., 1991:
Formulation of electro-chemico-osmotic processes in soils

Kahrs, D., 1988:
Formulation of milk replacers

Nandeesha M.C.; Basavaraja N.; Keshavanath P.; Varghese T.J.; Sudhakara N.S.; Srikanth G.K.; Ray A.K., 1989:
Formulation of pellets with sericulture wastes and their evaluation in carp culture

Cichon, R.; Sauer, W.C., 1991:
Formulation of pig diets on the basis of digestible lysine versus total lysine or digestible or total protein

Gibney, M.; Lee, P., 1991:
Formulation of practical advice for reducing dietary fat intakes in unemployed in Dublin

Sekiguchi M.; Takahashi I.; Masui A.; Kojima T., 1991:
Formulation technique of granules resurfacing after submerged application

McIntyre, J.L.; Press, L.S., 1991:
Formulation, delivery systems and marketing of biocontrol agents and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)

Deliza, R.; Sgarbieri, V.C.; Rosenthal, A., 1990:
Formulation, nutritive value and sensory evaluation of a new weaning food based on sweet corn (Nutrimaiz) dehydrated pulp

Jackson, K., 1990 :

Hougard, J.M., 1990:
Formulations and persistence of Bacillus sphaericus in Culex quinquefasciatus larval sites in tropical Africa

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Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt reunited with Tharandter Forstliches Jahrbuch

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Fortification of bread with bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) flour. 2. Nutritive value of the fortified bread

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Fortification of cheese with microencapsulated iron

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Fortification of the diet as a strategy for preventing iron deficiency

Polberger, S.K.T., 1990:
Fortified human milk for very low birth weight infants: effects on growth and metabolism

Varon, E.; Cohen, R.; Bouhanna, C.A.; Canet, J.; Janaud, J.C.; Geslin, P., 1990:
Fortuitous diagnosis of brucellosis in a 3-month-old infant

Gentile, L. de; Cerez, H.; Francois, H.; Ronceray, J.; Chabasse, D., 1992:
Fortuitously discovered peritoneal dirofilariosis

Davies, L., 1992:
Fortunes reversed

Anonymous, .:
Forty second annual report 1988-89

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Forty years at Zegveld

Morgan, F.D., 1989:
Forty years of Salix noctilio and Ips grandicollis in Australia

de Zulueta, J., 1990:
Forty years of malaria eradication in Sardinia. A new appraisal of a great enterprise

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Forty years of structure policy

Bauer, H.A., 1991:
Forty years of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) breeding in Argentina, 1947-1987

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Forty-eight years of canopy change in a hardwood-hemlock forest in New York City

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Forty-first N.A. Kholodovskii Memorial Lectures. 1 April 1988

Anonymous, 1990:
Forty-second international symposium on crop protection. Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV

Anonymous, .:
Forty-third annual report 1989-90

Anonymous, 1991:
Forty-third international symposium on crop protection. Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV

Anonymous, 1990:
Forum for the Colombian rural sector

Anonymous, 1990:
Forum on environmental protection and development of subregional strategy to combat desertification, 1990. Volume II. Country reports

Hattemer, H.H. (et al, Organizers), 1988:
Forum: genetics, the forest, and forestry

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Forward and spot market equilibria for storable commodities

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Forward looking forms of landscape management and use through cattle pasturing in marginal areas - natural, sociocultural and economic framework - outline plans for enterprise structure

Anonymous, 1991:
Forward planning: a handbook of business, corporate and development planning for museums and galleries

Alexandre, G.; Baudot, H.; Cruz, P.; Prache, S., 1989:
Forward rotational grazing on Digitaria decumbens pasture with weaned female creole goats in Guadeloupe

Bernhardt, G., 1990:
Forward-looking research tasks for automation of combine harvesting processes

Ali, M.K.; Lepoivre, P.; Semal, J., 1991:
Fosetyl-Al treatment of mycelium of Phytophthora citrophthora releases a higher scoparone elicitor activity from a fosetyl-Al sensitive strain than from an insensitive mutant

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Fossickers and rockhounds in Northern New South Wales

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Fossil ancestry of the yak, its cultural significance and domestication in Tibet

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Fossil dicotyledonous woods of the USA

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Fostering of pigs: behavioural and management aspects

Daboussi, M.; Langin, T.B.ygoo, Y., 1992:
Fot1, a new family of fungal transposable elements

Edyvean, R.G.J., 1991:
Fouling and corrosion - the offshore experience

Zvyagintsev, A.Yu, 1990:
Fouling and corrosion damage to supporting pillars of oil platforms in the South China Sea

Afanes' yev, S.A.; Siderskiy, A.V.; Shatokhina, A.V., 1990:
Fouling in the intake channel of a nuclear power station as a biological nuisance

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Fouling of an inorganic membrane during ultrafiltration of defatted whey protein concentrates

Fryer, P.J.; Belmar Beiny, M.T., 1991:
Fouling of heat exchangers in the food industry: a chemical engineering perspective

Jong, P. de; Bouman, S.; Linden, H.J.L.J. van der, 1992:
Fouling of heat treatment equipment in relation to the denaturation of beta -lactoglobulin

Kovalenkov, V.G., 1989:
Foundation of biological protection of cotton

Szabo, L., 1991:
Foundation of the pre-conditions of village/rural/tourism and its organization in Transylvania

Schmidt, G.D.; Roberts, L.S., 1989:
Foundations of parasitology

Dzienian, M.; Liebig, H.P., 1991:
Four Federal Lander compared. The situation of official and cooperative advisory services

Higgins, D.G., 1990:
Four additions to the Irish spider (Araneae) fauna

Steenbergen, F. van, 1992:
Four approaches to institutional development in planning

Josephson, G.K.; Little, P.B., 1990:
Four bovine meningeal tumors

Cantoray, R.; Dik, B.; Gulbahce, S., 1990:
Four cases of Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs in Konya, Turkey

Kmecl, M., 1988:
Four decades of achievements and hopes of the Institute for Forest and Wood Economy (1947-1987)

Anonymous, 1990:
Four decades of artificial insemination in Hungary

Choo, T.T., 1991:
Four decades of food and agricultural marketing development in selected Asian countries

Mizuno, M.M.tsuura, N.T.naka, T.I.numa, M.H., F., 1991 :
Four flavonoids in the roots of Euchresta formosana

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Four forearm flexor muscles of the horse, Equus caballus: anatomy and histochemistry

Mehlenbacher, S.A.; Thompson, M.M., 1991:
Four hazelnut pollenizers resistant to Eastern filbert blight

Liu, W.S.; Lu, X.Z., 1990:
Four hundred and twenty idiograms of G-banded chromosomes of pigs (Sus scrofa domestica)

Sabin, J.C., 1990:
Four key points in a difficult situation

Reznicek, G.J.renitsch, J.P.asun, M.K.rhammer, S.H.slinger, E.H.ller, K.K.belka, W., 1991:
Four major saponins from Solidago canadensis

Wee, E. ter; Wierenga, H.K.; Jorna, I.P.; Smits, A.C., 1989:
Four methods for feeding milk replacer and straw-pellets to group-housed veal calves - consequences for production, health and behaviour

Litherland A.J.; Paterson D.J.; Hamilton G.; O'neill K., 1991:
Four methods of harvesting cashmere from breeding does

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Four neolignan ketones from Piper capense

Gentry, A H. ., 1990:
Four neotropical rainforests

Wisniewski, J.; Hirschmann, W., 1992:
Four new Trichouropoda species (Acarina, Uropodina)

Boucek, Z., 1990:
Four new genera of European Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera), with some taxonomic changes

Sheng, J.K., 1990:
Four new records of Eulophidae from China

Marais, E.M., 1991:
Four new species of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) from the western Cape Province

Rourke, J.P., 1990:
Four new species of Serruria (Proteaceae) from the south-western Cape

Wu, Y.R., 1986:
Four new species of bees from Hengduan mountain of China (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)

Feng, S.J.; Wang, J.G., 1990:
Four new species of myxosporidia from the freshwater fishes in Danjiangkou reservoir

Gupta, V.; Jain, N., 1991:
Four new trematodes of fishes from Bay of Bengal, Puri Orissa, India

Haefliger, J.A.; Bruzzone, R.; Jenkins, N.A.; Gilbert, D.J.; Copeland, N.G.; Paul, D.L., 1992:
Four novel members of the connexin family of gap junction proteins. Molecular cloning, expression, and chromosome mapping

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Four parasitic copepods (families Lernanthropidae and Lernaeopodidae) of Malaysian fishes

Yang, B.Q., 1991:
Four pillars supporting the rural market in China

Inoue, K.F.jita, T.I.ouye, H.K.wajima, H.T.kaishi, K.T.nahashi, T.N.gakura, N.A.aka, Y.K.mikawa, T.S.ingu, T., 1991:
Four secoiridoid glucosides from Jasminum mesnyi

Faccioli, F.; Sansavini, S.; Tagliavini, M.; Zambrini, M.; Martelli, S., 1990:
Four selections of European plum from the C.M.V.F

Felton, G.; Nieber, J., 1991:
Four soil moisture characteristic curve functions evaluated for numerical modeling of sand

Anonymous, 1990:
Four spearheads are central in the tourism bill: Bukman: 'With more effort the Netherlands will stand a good chance'

Gomez Barcina, A.; Castillo, P.; Gonzalez Pais, M.A., 1990:
Four species of the genus Paratylenchus Micoletzky from southeastern Spain

Kaushik, P.; Khanna, D., 1989:
Four sterols from in vivo and in vitro tissue cultures of Dolichos lablab L

Frechet, D.C.rist, B.D.-Sorbier, B.; Fischer, H.V.ilhorgne, M., 1991:
Four triterpenoid saponins from dried roots of Gypsophila species

Zheng, L.; Ferris, H., 1991:
Four types of dormancy exhibited by eggs of Heterodera schachtii

Hilton Lahai, A.H.; Monde, S.S.; Mansaray, M.S., 1991:
Four upland rice varieties released in Sierra Leone

Howard, L.; Heaphey, L.; Fleming, C.R.; Lininger, L.; Steiger, E., 1991:
Four years of North American registry home parenteral nutrition outcome data and their implications for patient management

Golze, M., 1991:
Four years of use and the right time of hatching result in more hatching eggs and goslings for laying geese

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Four-carbon model compounds for the reactions of sugars in water at high temperature

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Four-component synthetic food bait for attracting both sexes of the melon fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Four-hour measurement of urinary iron excretion after deferoxine treatment: a rapid, simple method for study of iron excretion

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Four-year field trial answers questions on concentrates, silage

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Four-year growth and reproduction of Cyclopogon cranichoides (Orchidaceae) in south Florida

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Four-year survey of the infestation levels of the tick Ixodes ricinus (Acari, Ixodidae) with Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme borreliosis, in two forests in Brittany

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Fourier analysis of near-infrared spectra

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Fourier and Hadamard transforms for detecting weeds in video images

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Fourier and spatial domain analysis of image texture

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Fourier transform infrared determination of whey powder in nonfat dry milk

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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study of adsorption of oleic acid/oleate on surfaces of apatite and dolomite

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Fourteen new species of green lacewings from Shaanxi Province (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

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Fourth International Workshop on Fire Blight

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Fourth Symposium on our Environment

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Fourth and fifth category vegetables. Microbiology and food poisoning

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Fourth annual research report, 1989/1990

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Fourth generation of wine grape variety Bolgar (Dattier de Beyrouth) obtained by selfing

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Fourth international symposium on seed research in horticulture

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Fowl cholera in California multiplier breeder turkeys: 1985-86

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Fowlpox virus: pathogenicity and vaccination of day-old chickens via the aerosol route

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Fox enclosures, nest boxes and shelves

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Foxoil - a toxic experience in lambs

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Fractal analysis of a classified Landsat scene

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Fractal approach to spatial variability to West African rainfall events

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Fractal concept used in time-of-concentration estimates

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Fractal dimensions of rill patterns

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Fractal dimensions of some soil map units

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Fractal dimensions of tree crowns in three loblolly pine plantations of coastal South Carolina

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Fractal geometry in forestry applications

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Fractal scaling of soil particle-size distributions: analysis and limitations

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Fractal structure of deformed potato starch and its sorption characteristics

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Fractal theory applied to soil aggregation

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Fraction of butter oil by supercritical carbon dioxide

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Fractional and mineral composition of the foliage of the main forest tree species

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Fractional composition of the proteins in embryos of dormant grain in different varieties of winter bread wheat

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Fractional excretion of electrolytes in lactating dairy cows

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Fractional integrated stomatal opening to control water stress in the field

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Fractional lucerne meal as a substitute for rapeseed meal in mixed feeds for fattening young pigs

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Fractionated milk fat

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Fractionating forage plants to increase feeding efficiency

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Fractionation and antigenic characterization of organelles of Eimeria tenella sporozoites

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Fractionation and characterization of structural components of lactobacilli cell walls

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Fractionation and identification of some low molecular weight grape seed phenolics

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Fractionation and purification of cellulases from Trichoderma viride

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Fractionation method for the determination of the root length of field-grown wheat

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Fractionation of butter oil with supercritical carbon dioxide

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Fractionation of Carbon Isotopes during Biogenesis of Atmospheric Isoprene

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Fractionation of cellulases from the ruminal fungus Neocallimastix frontalis EB188

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Fractionation of chloroorganic compounds on a carbon cartridge

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Fractionation of gliadins from common wheat by cation exchange FPLC

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Fractionation of humic acid components by ion exchange chromatography

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Fractionation of milk fat

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Fractionation of milk fat by supercritical carbon dioxide extration and molecular distillation

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Fractionation of milk fat in Norway

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Fractionation of nitrogen isotopes during the uptake and assimilation of ammonia by plants

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Fractionation of organic substances during anaerobic digestion of farm wastes for biogas generation

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Fractionation of poultry litter for enhanced utilization

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Fractionation of rice glutelin polypeptides using gel filtration chromatography

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Fractionation of soil manganese forms important to plant availability

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Fractionation of substrate as an intrinsic characteristic of feedstuffs fed to ruminants

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Fractionation of sulfur and oxygen isotopes in sulfate by soil sorption

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Fractionation of the organic matter in soils and sediments and their contribution to the sorption of pesticides

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Fractionation of zinc in paddy soils of China

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Fractions of bile and the biliary secretory component of the migrating myoelectric complex in dog

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Fracture complications

Anonymous, 1991:
Fracture management. I

Anonymous, 1992:
Fracture management. II

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Fracture of the apex of the patella after medial patellar desmotomy in a horse

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Fracture patterns and grain release in physically weathered granitic rocks

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Fractures of the patella in dogs and cats

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Fractures of the scapula in sporting horses

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Fragaria vesca chlorophyll mutants

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Fragmentation and tenderness in breast muscle from broiler carcasses treated with electrical stimulation and high-temperature conditioning

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Fragmentation in fragile agricultural zones: an inevitable process?

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Fragmentation of leaf litter by a natural population of the millipede Julus scandinavius (Latzel 1884)

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Fragmentation of the coronoid process in two Shetland Sheepdogs

Basu, K.; Bell, C., 1991:
Fragmented duopoly: theory and applications to backward agriculture

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Fragmented medial coronoid process of the ulna (FCP) and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the canine elbow- and hock joint - literature review, diagnosis and therapy

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Fragments of plastid DNA in the nuclear genome of tomato: prevalence, chromosomal location, and possible mechanism of integration

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Fragrant components of oil from Artemisia pallens

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Frame- and rule-based knowledge representation in an expert system for integrated management of bark beetles

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Framework for conducting pedagogical research in teaching physical education to include diverse populations

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Framework for the analysis of risks in forest management and silvicultural investments

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Framework for the rapid appraisal of factors that influence the adoption and impact of new agricultural technology

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France - Australia Expedition (5 July - 5 August 1988) Entomological contribution, a report of the mission

Anonymous, 1992:
France steps up food research and development

Rijssel, T. van; Antwerpen, J.J. van; Fermier, A., 1989:
France today is getting more and more like other countries

Boubals, D., 1990:
France's external trade in 1989. Wines and spirits maintain their excellent position

Gadant, J., 1991:
France's forests

Dumazedier, J., 1990:
France: leisure sociology in the 1980s

Tuppen, J., 1991:
France: the changing characters of a key industry

Dev, C.S.; Brown, J.R., 1991:
Franchising and other operating arrangements in the lodging industry: a strategic comparison

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Francisella tularensis from ixodid ticks in Czechoslovakia

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Frank spring triticale

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Frankenfood or frank discussion?

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Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) oviposition in apple buds: role of bloom state, blossom phenology, and population density

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Frankliniella occidentalis in Canary Islands, 1989

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Frankliniella occidentalis. Situation of the pest in France and prospects for integrated control

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Frankliniella. Early recognition and treatment

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Frass failure and pupation failure as quantal measurements of Bacillus thuringiensis toxicity to Lepidoptera

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Fraternal bonding in the locker room: a profeminist analysis of talk about competition and women

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Frateuria-like bacteria on bees in the north-western RSFSR

Gokte, N.; Mathur, V.K.; Lal, A.; Rajan, 1989:
Fraxinus americana-A new host record for Aphelenchoides besseyi

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