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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2117

Chapter 2117 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Manoharan, V.; Thangavelu, S., 1990: Gamma-ray-induced bold seeded early maturing groundnut selections

Lopes, Ma; Larkins, Ba, 1991: Gamma-zein content is related to endosperm modification in quality protein maize

Crissman, J. W.; Valerio, M. G.; Asiedu S. A.; Evangelista Sobel, I., 1991: Ganglioneuromas of the thyroid gland in a colony of Sprague-Dawley rats

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116005

Brar, R. S.; Grewal, G. S.; Sharma, D. R., 1990: Gangrenous dermatitis - spontaneous cases

Holliman, A., 1989: Gangrenous ergotism in a suckler herd

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116008

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116009

Kumar, S. N. S.; Nambiar, K. K. N., 1990: Ganoderma disease of arecanut palm - isolation, pathogenicity and control

Hseu, R. S.; Chen, Z. C.; Wang, H. H., 1989: Ganoderma microsporum, a new species on weeping willow in Taiwan

Bhaskaran, R.; Suriachandraselvan, M.; Ramachandran, T. K., 1990: Ganoderma wilt disease of coconut - a threat to coconut cultivation in India

Stastny, M., 1990: Gantries for the mechanised production and harvesting of crops (Review)

Taylor, J. H., 1991: Gantry vehicles for agriculture: International development and potential

Runkle, J. R., 1990: Gap dynamics in an Ohio Acer-Fagus forest and speculations on the geography of disturbance

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Ryerse, JS., 1991: Gap junction protein tissue distribution and abundance in the adult brain in Drosophila

Nouaille, C., 1990: Gap-Charance: botany to the aid of molecular biology?

Lertzman, Kp; Krebs, Cj, 1991: Gap-phase structure of a subalpine old-growth forest

Meyer, RM.; Simpson, VR., 1988: Gapeworm infection in choughs Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax: further evidence

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Gillis, M., 1988: Gaps in Canada's forest inventory

White, J. W., 1990: Garden bulb crops as pot plants using growth regulators

Bell, M.; Hotchkiss, P., 1991: Garden cultivation, conservation and household strategies in Zimbabwe

Anonymous, 1992: Garden plants valuable to bees

Moffett, F. W, Jr, 1991: Garden structure and method of producing same

Copson, P. J.; Roberts, H. A., 1991: Garden weeds - a survey in Warwickshire

Prestidge, R. A.; Willoughby, B., 1989: Garden weevil life cycle and insecticides for its control in asparagus

Kaji T.; Miezi N.; Kaga K.; Ejiri N.; Sakuragawa N., 1990: Gardenia fruit extract stimulates the proliferation of bovine aortic endothelial cells in culture

Gibbs, I.; Prior, P., 1992: Gardening leads in active leisure

Jones, S. B, Jr; Foote, L. E., 1991: Gardening with native wild flowers

Kwatia, J., 1991: Gari processing in Ghana: experiences and problems

Galaeva, M. F., 1991: Garlic Zimnii

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116037

Koch, H. P.; Jager, W.; Hysek, J.; Korpert, B., 1992: Garlic and onion extracts. In vitro inhibition of adenosine deaminase

Mangamma, P.; Sreeramulu, A., 1991: Garlic extract inhibitory to growth of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria

Rocha, F. E. de C.; Tsujimoto, T.; Menezes S. de, J. A., 1991: Garlic planters with toothed belt type mechanism

Simay, E. I., 1990: Garlic rot caused by Fusarium proliferatum (Matsushima) Nirenferg var. minus Nirenferg in Hungary

Dausch, J. G.; Nixon, D. W., 1990: Garlic: a review of its relationship to malignant disease

Pena Iglesias, A., 1988: Garlic: viruses, physiology and clonal selection and sanitation. I Theoretical-descriptive part

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116045

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116046

Anonymous, 1992: Gas analysis for Claus process control

Troyano E.; Olano A.; Fernandez Diaz M.; Sanz J.; Martinez Castro I., 1991: Gas chromatographic analysis of free monosaccharides in milk

Achenbach, H.; Hefter Bubl, U.; Waibel, R.; Constenla, M. A.; Hahn, H., 1992: Gas chromatographic analysis of the seed oil of the Central American Fevillea cordifolia (Cucurbitaceae)

Christensen, Kr; Reineccius, Ga, 1992: Gas chromatographic analysis of volatile sulfur compounds from heated milk using static headspace sampling

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116051

Wei L.Y., 1990: Gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric characterization of terbufos sulfoxide and its hydration product

Feltes J.; Levsen K.; Volmer D.; Spiekermann M., 1990: Gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric determination of nitroaromatics in water

Roboz J., 1990: Gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques for the diagnosis of disseminated candidiasis

Lian D.X.; Yang L.; Yun W.X.; Hua S.; Hu C., 1991: Gas chromatographic determination of aldicarb and its metabolites in urine

Wu J L.; Fan D F., 1989: Gas chromatographic determination of carbetamide residues in rape and soil

Min, Db; Lee, Sh, 1990: Gas chromatographic determination of carbon dioxide in non-fat dry milk during non-enzymic browning reaction

Amati D.; Li Y., 1991: Gas chromatographic determination of flumetralin in tobacco

Bertacco G.; Boschelle O.; Lercker G., 1992: Gas chromatographic determination of free amino acids in cheese

Newkirk D.R.; Righter H.F.; Schenck F.J.; Okrasinski J.L.Jr; Barnes C.J., 1990: Gas chromatographic determination of incurred dimetridazole residues in swine tissues

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116063

Nishiyama O.; Kurita R.; Kajimoto M.; Yasui Y.; Kaneda Y., 1989: Gas chromatographic determination of linamarin in bean paste products and imported beans

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116065

Shumann, G.; Kyune, F.; Khel' vig, A.; Klisenko, M. A.; Girenko, D. B., 1990: Gas chromatographic determination of methylthio-containing simtriazines in biosubstrates

Lemberkovics, E.; Petri, G.; Tamas, J., 1988: Gas chromatographic determination of mono- and sesquiterpenes in some commercial Hungarian essential oils

Sur S.V.; Tuljupa F.M.; Sur L.I., 1991: Gas chromatographic determination of monoterpenes in essential oil medicinal plants

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116069

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116071

Kovacheva, E.; Ganchev, G.; Neicheva, A.; Ivanova, I.; Konoushlieva, M.; Andreev, V., 1990: Gas chromatographic determination of sterols in fat-soluble concentrates obtained from plant materials

Nemoto S.; Suzuki T.; Saito Y., 1990: Gas chromatographic determination of terbutryn in imported crops

Leenheers L.H.; Ravensberg J.C.; Kerstens H.J.; Jongen M.J.M., 1992: Gas chromatographic determination of the pesticide dodemorph for assessment of occupational exposure

Koenig W.A.; Icheln D.; Runge T.; Pfaffenberger B.; Ludwig P.; Huehnerfuss H., 1991: Gas chromatographic enantiomer separation of agrochemicals using modified cyclodextrins

Cai, M.; Chen, G.; Li, P., 1988: Gas chromatographic estimation of mannitol and sorbitol in urine

Yadava, R. N.; Saini, V. K., 1991: Gas chromatographic examination of leaf oil of Majorana hortensis Monech

Keiser, L. S.; Retunskii, V. N.; Yazlovetskii, I. G., 1991: Gas chromatographic identification of sterols in insects. Estimation of retention data reproducibility

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116080

Clark, R. M.; Roche, M. E., 1990: Gas chromatographic procedure for measuring total lipid in breast milk

Kuksis, A.; Myher, J. J.; Geher, K.; Breckenridge, W. C.; Feather, T.; McGuire, V.; Little, J. A., 1991: Gas chromatographic profiles of plasma total lipids as indicators of dietary history. Correlation with fat intake based on 24-h dietary recall

Chauret, N.; Carrier, J.; Mancini, M.; Neufeld, R.; Weber, M.; Archambault, J., 1991: Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of ginkgolides produced by Ginkgo biloba cell cultures

Haanappel, V. A. C.; Stevens, T. W.; Hovestad, A.; Skolnik, V.; Visser, R., 1991: Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of tar compounds formed during pyrolysis of rice husks

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116089

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116092

Ebing, W.; Kirchoff, J., 1989: Gas chromatography of pesticides. Tabular Literature Abstracts, Series XVI

Ebing, W.; Kirchhoff, J., 1990: Gas chromatography of pesticides. Tabular literature abstracts, XVII

Gaydou E.M.; Berahia T.; Wallet J C.; Bianchini J P., 1991: Gas chromatography of some polymethoxylated flavones and their determination in orange peel oils

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Shimamura, K., 1992: Gas diffusion through compacted soils

Pitacco, A.; Lain, O.; Giulivo, C., 1990: Gas exchange and architecture of sweet pepper as affected by water stress

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Mobley, Kn; Marini, Rp, 1990: Gas exchange characteristics of apple and peach leaves infested by European red mite and twospotted spider mite

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Weber, J. A.; Gates, D. M., 1990: Gas exchange in Quercus rubra (northern red oak) during a drought: analysis of relations among photosynthesis, transpiration, and leaf conductance

Hwang, Y. H., 1992: Gas exchange in Spartina alterniflora Loisel

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Kalaji H.; Nalborczyk E., 1991: Gas exchange of barley seedlings growing under salinity stress

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Sung F.J.M.; Chen J.J., 1991: Gas exchange rate and yield response of strawberry to carbon dioxide enrichment

Chen, Jj; Sung, Jm, 1990: Gas exchange rate and yield responses of Virginia-type peanut to carbon dioxide enrichment

Grossnickle, S. C.; Arnott, J. T., 1992: Gas exchange response of western hemlock seedlings from various dormancy-induction treatments to reforestation site environmental conditions

Kuusik, A.; Hiiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Tartes, U., 1991: Gas exchange rhythms of Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116124

Mosier, A. R., 1990: Gas flux measurement techniques with special reference to techniques suitable for measurements over large ecologically uniform areas

Gerber, D. B.; Mancl, K. M.; Shurson, G. C., 1989: Gas levels survey of Ohio swine confinement facilities

Verma, D. K., 1991: Gas liquid chromatographic analysis of DDT residues in the kidney of Labeo rohita

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Clifft, R. C., 1992: Gas phase control for oxygen-activated sludge

Sircar, S., 1991: Gas separation by rapid pressure swing adsorption

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116133

Ruseva, N.; Mateeva, N., 1990: Gas-chromatographic analysis of some propolis components

Kheifets, G. M., 1990: Gas-chromatographic determination of cholesterol in blood plasma

Khan, V. A.; Salenko, V. L., 1990: Gas-chromatographic determination of the composition of the volatile components of the oleoresins of some species of conifers

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Wambeke, E. van, 1990: Gas-tightness of soil mulches in 1,3-dichloropropene soil disinfestation

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Nguyen, Q. T.; Watkinson, A. P., 1990: Gasification kinetics of oil sands coke

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Dorr, H.; Munnich, K. O.; Mangini, A.; Schmitz, W., 1990: Gasoline lead in West German soils

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116157

Jaarsveld, E. van, 1991: Gasteria ellaphieae van Jaarsveld, a new Gasteria species (Asphodelaceae) from the southeast Cape

Principato, M., 1990: Gasterophilus pecorum (Diptera: Gasterophilidae): an infrequent cause of massive gastric myiasis in the horse

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116160

Redfern J.S.; Lin H.J.; Mcarthur K.E.; Prince M.D.; Feldman M., 1991: Gastric acid and pepsin hypersecretion in conscious rabbits

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116177

Sluijs, F. J. van, 1991: Gastric dilation and volvulus in dogs: current views and a retrospective study of 160 patients

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116180

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116197

Delsedime, L.; Coppola, F.; Mazzucco, G., 1991: Gastric localization of systemic leishmaniasis in a patient with AIDS

Otrakji C.L.; Albores Saavedra J.; Martinez A.J., 1990: Gastric malignant lymphoma with superimposed amebiasis

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116200

Holt, S.; Saleeby, G., 1991: Gastric mucosal injury induced by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Goldberg, SR.; Bursey, CR.; Aquino-Shuster, AL., 1991: Gastric nematodes of the Paraguayan caiman, Caiman yacare (Alligatoridae)

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116205

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116226

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116227

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116228

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116230

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116231

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116233

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116234

Edens, L. M.; Murray, M. J., 1992: Gastro-oesophageal reflux in a weanling filly: association with Gasterophilus spp. infestation

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116238

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116240

Huml R.A.; Konde L.J.; Sellon R.K.; Forrest L.A., 1992: Gastrogastric intussusception in a dog

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116244

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116245

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116246

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116247

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116249

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116250

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116251

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116253

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116254

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116255

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116256

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116257

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116260

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116261

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116264

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116265

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116266

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116267

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116268

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116269

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116270

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116271

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116272

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116273

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116274

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116276

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116277

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116278

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116279

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116280

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116281

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116282

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116283

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116284

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116285

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116286

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116287

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116288

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116289

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116290

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116292

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116294

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116295

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116296

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116297

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116298

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116299

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116303

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116304

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116305

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116306

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116307

Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116309

Camino, NB., 1991: Gastromermis cordobensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Mermithidae) parasitizing Simulium lahillei Patterson & Shannon (Diptera: Simuliidae) in Argentina

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Section 3, Chapter 2117, Accession 002116314

Baab, U., 1991: Gathering-up of the idiopathic feline megacolon

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Anonymous, 1990: Geared to change

Anonymous, 1990: Geared to expand

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