General varietal ability as a selection criterion for selection of parental components for synthetic populations in lucerne

Chloupek, O.

Genetika a Slechteni 28(1): 9-14


Accession: 002116736

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Hybrids from diallel crosses of 8 clones were evaluated for above-ground plant weight and survival after 33 cuts in the greenhouse and for number of seeds in individual plants (on average over 3 years) in the field. The GCA effects were determined and compared with effects of general varietal ability (GVA), a combination of GCA and the performance of inbreds. Close associations were found between effects of GCA and GVA in synthetics consisting of 5-8 parents (the number being changed by gradual exclusion of clones with the lowest GCA effects). Results suggested that use of GVA as a criterion would improve the effectiveness of selecting parents significantly only in the survival of some of the 5-8 parental components.