Genetic control of protein content in the grain and nitrogen supply to the grain in spring wheat

Saifullin, R.G.; Krupnov, V.A.

Genetika Moskva 27(3): 458-464


Accession: 002117406

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In a study of hybrids obtained from a diallel set of crosses involving Saratovskaya 29 (S29) and lines obtained by crossing it with other varieties and with Agropyron elongatum [Elymus elongatus], the percentage of protein in the grain and index of N supply to the grain (ratio of N weight in all above-ground organs to grain weight) were mainly controlled by additive genes, but there were some cases of epistasis. Coefficients of heritability in the broad and narrow senses were calculated. There were similarities and differences in the genetic control of the 2 characters studied. For both characters, the proportion of recessive alleles was greater than that of dominant ones in lines ATS5 and ATS6, while the reverse was true in S29 and lines L609 and L1261.