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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2123

Chapter 2123 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Enyedi, S., 1991:
Growth of beef heifers in relation to their weaning weight

Payandeh, B., 1989:
Growth of black spruce trees following fertilization on drained peatland

Dvorak, Z.; Wiktora, J.; Komenda, V., 1990:
Growth of body parts in pigs expressed by allometric relationships

Gupta R.; Gupta B.S.; Sinha A.P.; Srivastava J.P., 1989:
Growth of buffalo calves on urea supplemented and ammoniated paddy straw based diets

Lapina, L.S., 1991:
Growth of bulls at a breeding station

Miksik, J.; Zizlavsky, J.; Hreben, F.; Vetyska, J., 1991:
Growth of bulls from embryo transfers at bull rearing stations

Motycka, J.; Pytloun, J.; Blazkova, V.; Hrabetova, I.; Fanta, V., 1990:
Growth of calves in large rearing sheds depending on age and weight on entry

Wenny, D.L., 1988:
Growth of chemically root-pruned seedlings in the greenhouse and the field

Han, S.H.; Lepage, M., 1991:
Growth of colonies of Cubitermes fungifaber (Isoptera, Termitidae) in relation to the dimensions of their nests

Wright, R.; Hinesley, L., 1991:
Growth of containerized eastern redcedar amended with dolomitic limestone and micronutrients

Brugnoli, E.; Björkman, O., 1992:
Growth of cotton under continuous salinity stress: influence on allocation pattern, stomatal and non-stomatal components of photosynthesis and dissipation of excess light energy

Singh, S.P.; Das, H.S., 1991:
Growth of crops output in western Uttar Pradesh an analysis by component element

Takhirova, Z.A., 1992:
Growth of crossbred and hybrid calves in Azerbaijan

Reddy A.O.; Krishna G.; Rao M.K., 1991:
Growth of crossbred calves under field conditions

Baumgartner, J.; Janacova, D.; Koncekova, Z.; Brezova, D., 1991:
Growth of different lines of Japanese quails

Sutton D.L.; Van T.K.; Portier K.M., 1992:
Growth of dioecious and monoecious hydrilla from single tubers

Hoanh, N.H., 1988:
Growth of direct-planted and transplanted Bambusa vulgaris and B. blumeana cuttings with complete mulching at Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna

Simon, J.; Drapela, K., 1987:
Growth of dwarf pine (Pinus mugo) in the Beskidy and Jeseniky Mountains

Cheng, L.K.; Bierlein, J.D.; Foris, C.M.; Ballman, A.A., 1991 :
Growth of epitaxial thin films in the KTiOPO4 family of crystals

Pakulev, B., 1990:
Growth of foals born after embryo transfer

Swietlik D., 1991:
Growth of four citrus rootstocks treated with a natural biostimulant

Galimzyanova, N.F.; Andreson, R.K., 1990:
Growth of fungi-imperfecti populations during decomposition of soil organic matter

Hartel, P.; Williamson, J.; Schell, M., 1990:
Growth of genetically altered Pseudomonas solanacearum in soil and rhizosphere

Panicke, L., 1991:
Growth of heifers and milk yield in cows

Panicke, L., 1991:
Growth of heifers and their subsequent dairy performance

Apyshkov, A.P.; Volyntsev, A.A., 1992:
Growth of heifers in relation to age of dams

Moyson, E.V.rachtert, H., 1991:
Growth of higher fungi on wheat straw and their impact on the digestibility of the substrate

Graves, W.; Wilkins, L., 1991:
Growth of honey locust seedlings during high root-zone temperature and osmotic stress

Holliday, K.; Allen, J.; Waters, D.; Gruca, M.; Thompson, S.; Gaskin, K., 1991:
Growth of human milk-fed and formula-fed infants with cystic fibrosis

Nenyukhin, V.N., 1987:
Growth of hybrid progeny of Scots pine

Petton, B.; Gaignon, J.L., 1992:
Growth of juvenile Atlantic salmon under traditional rearing conditions

McGregor, J.U.; Hazelett, S.; Byrd, K.; Traylor, S., 1991:
Growth of lactic organisms on Petrifilm SMTM under various incubation atmospheres

Gut, A.; Sliwa, Z.; Slosarz, P., 1989:
Growth of lambs from a meat line in relation to amount of Suffolk inheritance

Wojtowski, J.; Sliwa, Z., 1989:
Growth of lambs from a prolific/meat line of sheep under development

Wilkinson R.G.; Greenhalgh J.F.D., 1991:
Growth of lambs offered fixed amounts of roughage and concentrate either simultaneously or sequentially

Huang, B.; Su, G.; He, Y., 1990:
Growth of large size urea crystals

Patiram; Prasad R.N., 1991:
Growth of maize and phosphorus uptake in relation to phosphate adsorption characteristics of acid soils

Voetburg, G.S.; Sharp, R.E., 1991:
Growth of maize primary root at low water potentials. III. Role of increased proline deposition in osmotic adjustment

Nagai J.; Davis G.; Lin C.Y., 1990:
Growth of mice produced by males with or without the rat growth hormone transgene

Arya, S.L.; Rawat, B.S., 1990:
Growth of milk production in Haryana State - a decomposition analysis

Spencer D.F.; Ksander G.G.; Bissell S.R., 1992:
Growth of monoecious hydrilla on different soils amended with peat or barley straw

Tunctaner, K.; Tulukcu, M.; Toplu, F., 1986:
Growth of native and exotic black pine (Pinus nigra) in Gemlik Peninsula

Prasad R.D.D.; Ramaiah E.C.; Rao T.M.; Charyulu E.K.; Munirathnam D., 1991:
Growth of native and quarterbred lambs under field conditions

Bird, J., 1992:
Growth of niche feed firms likely in US and Europe

Schubeler, D.; Spellmann, H.; Nagel, J., 1990:
Growth of noble fir (Abies procera) in northwest Germany

Bell, C.R.; Moore, L.W.; Canfield, M.L., 1990:
Growth of Octopine-Catabolizing Pseudomonas spp. under Octopine Limitation in Chemostats and Their Potential To Compete with Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Sebova, K., 1990:
Growth of pelvic limbs in relation to live weight in Japanese quails

Hirai, G.; Nakayama, N.; Chujo, H.; Inano, T.; Hirano, T.; Shimoda, H.; Tanaka, O., 1992:
Growth of plants and microclimate in rice populations. 2. The horizontal distribution of leaf temperature in a rice population

Diaz M.F., 1990:
Growth of pods and seeds in Phaseolus vulgaris

Rose, M.A., 1992:
Growth of poinsettia stock plants with high ammonium fertilizer

Triboulet, P.; Cournil, M., 1992:
Growth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals nucleated in the presence of aluminium(III)

S.G.lais, D.; Roy, D.; Hache, S.; Desjardin, M.L.; Hernandez, H., 1991:
Growth of proteolytic and non-proteolytic strains of Lactococcus lactis in milk enriched with low-mineral retentate powders

Das, N.R.; Misra, R.S., 1991:
Growth of rainfed summer groundnut Arachis hypogaea as affected by genotype and sulfur nutrition

Kotula A.W.; Emswiler Rose B.S., 1988:
Growth of rats fed ground beef treated with aqueous chlorine

Kabaki, N.; Kon, T., 1991:
Growth of rice broadcast sown at a high seed density

Chiba, K.; Kawashima, C., 1990:
Growth of rice seedlings with rolled leaves in the paddy field

Theodorou, C.; Cameron, J.N.; Bowen, G.D., 1991:
Growth of roots of different Pinus radiata genotypes in soil at different strength and aeration

Islam, R., 1991:
Growth of rural industries in post-reform China: patterns, determinants and consequences

Weaver, P.L.; Birdsey, R.A., 1990:
Growth of secondary forest in Puerto Rico between 1980 and 1985

Lyapova, I.; Palashev, I., 1988:
Growth of seedlings of Platanus orientalis, Sorbus torminalis and Corylus avellana in relation to light

Koniarova, I., 1991:
Growth of selected groups of strict and facultative anaerobic microorganisms in the crop and caecum of chicks and their adherence characteristics

Allan, G.L.; Rowland, S.J., 1991:
Growth of silver perch Bidyanus bidyanus on diets with different levels and sources of protein

L.D.nh Kha; Nguyen Hoang Nghia, 1991:
Growth of some Acacia species in Vietnam

Rahim, S., 1986:
Growth of some exotic coniferous species on the upland trial plots in Sabah

Champanhet, F., 1989:
Growth of steers grazed solely on tropical grasses

Bedeneau, M., 1988:
Growth of sweet chestnut coppice in France: first results

Hart Elcock L.; Baker R.D.; Leipold H.W., 1990:
Growth of the early bovine fetus

Onyeanusi, BI.; Onyeanusi, JC., 1990:
Growth of the lymphoid organs in the indigenous guinea fowl of Nigeria

Canavan, J.P.; Holt, J.; Goldspink, D.F., 1991:
Growth of the rat foetal liver in gestational diabetes

Salomon, F.V.; Anger, T.; Krug, H.; Gille, U.; Pingel, H., 1990:
Growth of the skeleton, body mass and muscle fibre diameter in turkeys between hatching and 224 days of age

Schnyder, H.; Gillenberg, C.; Hinz, J., 1992:
Growth of the wheat grain: I. Fructan content and dry matter deposition in different tissues

Schnyder, H.; Weiss, J., 1992:
Growth of the wheat grain: II. The significance and timing of greening

Parente, E.Z.ttola, E., 1991:
Growth of thermophilic starters in whey permeate media

Lopresti, R., 1988:
Growth of three Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) trees of exceptional dimensions

Fox, J.E.D.; Doronila, A.I.; Owens, B.K., 1990:
Growth of three subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum) cultivars on coal mine interburden materials amended with fly ash

Scott, E.M., 1990:
Growth of tourism: can the environment cope?

DiIorio, A.A.; Cheetham, R.D.; Weathers, P.J., 1992:
Growth of transformed roots in a nutrient mist bioreactor: reactor performance and evaluation

Huang, B.; Su, G.B.; Pan, F., 1991:
Growth of urea crystals with very large cross-sectional area

Camel, S.; Reyes-Solis, M.; Ferrera-Cerrato, R.F.anson, R.; Brown, M.; Bethlenfalvay, G., 1991:
Growth of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal mycelium through bulk soil

Kirchhof G.; Blackwell J.; Smart R.E., 1991:
Growth of vineyard roots into segmentally ameliorated acidic subsoils

Topliff, D.R.; Monin, T., 1990:
Growth of weanling horses fed yeast, soybean meal or milk based protein supplements

Messier, C.K.mmins, J., 1992:
Growth of western red cedar seedlings in relation to microtopography, forest floor nutrient status, and fireweed and salal on clear-cut sites in coastal British Columbia

Ryle, G.; Powell, C.; Davidson, I., 1992:
Growth of white clover, dependent on N2 fixation, in elevated CO2 and temperature

Anugwa, F.O.; Pond, W.G., 1989:
Growth of whole body and organs of growing rats during feed restriction and subsequent realimentation

Atkins, T.A.; Lee, P.F.; Stewart, J.M., 1992:
Growth of wild rice (Z. palustris L.) in fertilized flocculent sediments

Jordano, R.; Barrios, M.J.; Medina, L.M., 1991:
Growth of yeasts in fermented milk during refrigerated storage

Kalisz, P.J.; Stringer, J.W.; Hill, D.B., 1989:
Growth of young black walnut plantations in Kentucky

Suciu, I.; Miclea, V.; Tat, I., 1990:
Growth of young meat-type ducks given urea as a non-protein source of nitrogen

Kuzemkin, V.G., 1991:
Growth of young pigs fed on different feed mixtures

Zimmermann, E., 1990:
Growth of young rabbits in relation to parity of dam

Gonzalez Fernandez, A.J.; Fagundez, N.R., 1990:
Growth of zebu cattle and their crosses with Bos taurus beef breeds, managed intensively on the western plains

Schimank, U., 1992:
Growth or social closing? The inclusion dilemma of mass sport

Viera, A.R.R.; Steinmetz, S.; Brunini, O., 1990:
Growth parameters in two cultivars of rice under different soil water regimes

Fritzsche C.; Ueckert J.; Niemann E G., 1991:
Growth parameters of microaerobic diazotrophic rhizobacteria determined in continuous culture

Nagaraj K.H.; Shivashankar K., 1989:
Growth parameters of two maize genotypes influenced by deliberate defoliation and nitrogen application

Gandar, P.; Rasmussen, H., 1991:
Growth pattern and movement of epidermal cells within leaves of Asphodelus tenuifolius Cav

Tusavara, M.; Jain, L.S.; Tailor, S.P., 1989:
Growth pattern in buffalo calves

Greef, J.M., 1992:
Growth pattern of Miscanthus

Namboodiri, M.V.; George, K.C.; Thomas, M.J., 1991:
Growth pattern of White Pekin ducks through mathematical models

Gazda, M., 1988:
Growth pattern of naturally regenerating silver fir (Abies alba) under different site conditions

Galinat, W.C., 1991:
Growth patterns as additional evidence of a biphyletic domestication of teosinte in the origins of corn

Berg, A.R.; Peacock, K.; Hart, J.W., 1990:
Growth patterns in elongating sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seedlings

Minore, D.M.ans, J.; Cunningham, P.; Weatherly, H., 1991:
Growth patterns of deerbrush and snowbrush as functions of age and shrub vigor

Borman, M.; Krueger, W.; Johnson, D., 1990:
Growth patterns of perennial grasses in the annual grassland type of southwest Oregon

Cadet, P.; Boer, H.G. de, 1991:
Growth patterns of sugar cane in different areas of Barbados with indications about soil borne pathogens

Beltrán, J.J.; Butts, W.T.; Olson, T.A.; Koger, M., 1992:
Growth patterns of two lines of Angus cattle selected using predicted growth parameters

Currie, P.; Volesky, J.; Adams, D.; Knapp, B., 1989:
Growth patterns of yearling steers determined from daily live weights

Sulieman A.H.; Galbraith H.; Topps J.H., 1992:
Growth performance and body composition of mature female sheep implanted with trenbolone acetate

Smith, V.G.; Kasson, C.W., 1990:
Growth performance and carcass characteristics of pigs administered recombinant porcine somatotropin during 30 to 110 kilogram live weight

Ahluwalia, D., 1991:
Growth performance in Indian agriculture

Prasad, R.D.D.; Charyulu, E.K.; Rao, T.M.; Munirathnam, D., 1991:
Growth performance of Nellore and Nellore X Dorset ram lambs under feedlots

Sundaram R.N.S.; Bhatacharyya A.R., 1991:
Growth performance of exotic meat rabbit and its crosses under the tropical coastal climatic condition

Saini A.L.; Khan B.U.; Singh K., 1988:
Growth performance of goats under three systems of feeding management

Lambio, A.L.; Coligado, E.C.; Luis, E.S.; Bunan, A.T., 1989:
Growth performance of the Philippine native chickens and four F1 upgrades

Reddy, Y.G., 1989:
Growth performance of village and small industries

Nagpal, A.K.; Singh, D.; Rawat, P.S., 1990:
Growth performance of weaner kids under different feeding systems in semi-arid tropics

Robinson, F.E.; Classen, H.L.; Hanson, J.A.; Onderka, D.K., 1992:
Growth performance, feed efficiency and the incidence of skeletal and metabolic disease in full-fed and feed restricted broiler and roaster chickens

E.T.yeb, A.E.; Mohammed, T.A.; Mohammed, H.K., 1990:
Growth performance, feed intake and nutrient digestibility by Western Baggara cattle fed sorghum stover with different levels of concentrate

Holcombe, D.W.; Krysl, L.J.; Judkins, M.B.; Hallford, D.M., 1992:
Growth performance, serum hormones, and metabolite responses before and after weaning in lambs weaned at 42 days of age: effect of preweaning milk and postweaning alfalfa or grass hay diets

Kennou, S., 1990:
Growth performances of crossbred Tunisian local X Hyla strain rabbits fed on pasture

Kennou, S.; Lebas, F., 1990:
Growth performances of local Tunisian rabbits fed on diets with fresh or ensiled green forage

Anderson, T., 1991:
Growth phases of the ginger plant

Yarmy, W.M., 1992:
Growth potential of Korea's outbound tourist market to United States travel and tourism

Ashenafi, M.B.sse, M., 1991:
Growth potential of Salmonella infantis and Escherichia coli in fermenting tempeh made from horsebean, pea and chickpea and their inhibition by Lactobacillus plantarum

Sripen, S.; Duangswadi, M.; Nasuthon, S.; Tanaprayothsak, W., 1991:
Growth potential of aquatic plants in relation to the nutrients in the Makkasan Reservoir, Bangkok, Thailand

Chojnacky, D.C., 1991:
Growth prediction for Arizona's mesquite (Prosopis velutina) woodlands

Ishizuka, M.; Kanazawa, Y., 1989:
Growth process of Abies sachalinensis under Picea jezoensis, Tilia japonica and Acer mono in mixed coniferous-broadleaved forests of Hokkaido

Flachowsky, G.; Richter, G.H., 1991 :
Growth promoters decrease N-excretion in fattening cattle

Schmidely P.; Hadjipanayiotou M., 1991:
Growth promoters for fattening kids

Partridge, I.G., 1991:
Growth promoters in animal production: status and prospects

Burns, H.J., 1990:
Growth promoters in humans

Best, P., 1992:
Growth promoters in the EC

Peters, A.R., 1991:
Growth promoters: reassessing the risks

Kumar, A.R.m, S.P.nt, R., 1989:
Growth promoting activities of mango shoot-tip lipid in different plant hormone bioassays

Skrede, A.; Sandvik, R., 1990:
Growth promoting and antibacterial effects of zinc bacitracin in mink diets

Gartz, J.; Adam, G.; Vorbrodt, H.M., 1990:
Growth promoting effect of a brassinosteroid in mycelial cultures of the fungus Psilocybe cubensis

Moreno, B.L.A.; Cervon, M.F.; Ocampo, A.A. de; Camberos, L.O.; Lopez, H.S., 1989:
Growth promoting effect of niacin and nicotinamide on hybrid tilapia

Narayanan, K.R.; Johnson, D.K.; McMillan, R.T.J., 1989:
Growth promoting effects of a non-pathogenic fungus

Mir, S.A., 1990:
Growth promoting effects of methandrostenolone in rabbits

Ludke, H.; Schone, F., 1991:
Growth promoting effects of protected phosphoric acid

Pell, J.M., 1989:
Growth promoting properties of recombinant growth hormone

Robinson, I.C.A.F.; Clark, R.G., 1989:
Growth promotion by growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I in the rat

De-Freitas, Jr; Germida, Jj, 1992:
Growth promotion of winter wheat by fluorescent pseudomonads under field conditions

D.F.eitas, J.R.; Germida, J.J., 1992:
Growth promotion of winter wheat by fluorescent pseudomonads under growth chamber conditions

Guler, H.P.; Zapf, J.; Binz, K.; Froesch, E.R., 1989:
Growth promotion using recombinant insulin-like growth factor-I

Qazi, M.H.; Khaliq, P., 1990:
Growth prospects in Pakistan agriculture

Greenwood, D.J.; Gastal, F.; Lemaire, G.; Draycott, A.; Millard, P.; Neeteson, J.J., 1991:
Growth rate and %N of field grown crops: theory and experiments

Ricard, F.H.; Petitjean, M.J.; Melin, J.M.; Marche, G.; Malineau, G., 1991:
Growth rate and abdominal fat of young pheasants reared in aviaries or in confinement

Bjornsson, B.; Sigurthorsson, G.; Hemre, G.I.; Lie, O., 1992:
Growth rate and feed conversion factor of young halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) fed six different diets

van der Velden, JA.; Spanings, FAT.; Flik, G.; Zegers, C.; Kolar, ZI.; Wendelaar Bonga, SE., 1991:
Growth rate and tissue magnesium concentration in adult freshwater tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters), fed diets differing in magnesium content

Zachariassen J.A.; Power J.F., 1991:
Growth rate and water use by legume species at three soil temperatures

Gupta, B.S.; Dutta, T.K., 1990:
Growth rate dispersion in a continuous sucrose crystallizer and its effect on CSD

Jagtap, D.Z.; Naikare, B.D., 1989:
Growth rate in Deccani and its halfbreds with Merino and Dorset

Siswanto, H.P.; Richard, J., 1992:
Growth rate in milk of Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species at sub-optimal temperatures

Pawlina, E.; Kuczaj, M.; Nowicki, B., 1989:
Growth rate of Polish Red-and-White Lowland bulls and their crossbreds with Holstein cattle during rearing, and the quality of their semen

Shylla, B.; Bardoloi, T.; Das, D.; Goswami, R.N., 1991:
Growth rate of indigenous pigs of Assam as affected by some non-genetic factors

Gill, J.S.; Brar, K.S.; Varma, G.C., 1990:
Growth rate of population of Trichogramma japonicum Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

McCann, J.S.; Heusner, G.L.; Amos, H.E.; Thompson, D.L.J., 1992:
Growth rate, diet digestibility, and serum prolactin of yearling horses fed non-infected and infected tall fescue hay

Eng, K., 1992:
Growth rate, natural toxins affect milk production, reproduction

Degen, AA.; Kam, M.; Rosenstrauch, A.; Plavnik, I., 1991:
Growth rate, total body water volume, dry-matter intake and water consumption of domesticated ostriches (Struthio camelus)

Cochran, P.H., 1989:
Growth rates after fertilizing lodgepole pine

Richardson, C.; Barnard, V.; Jones, P.C.; Hebert, C.N., 1991:
Growth rates and patterns of organs and tissues in the bovine fetus

Baars, J.A.; Douglas, J.A.; Knight, T.; Janson, C.G., 1990:
Growth rates and relationships between weather and growth rates for lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) in Canterbury and the Rotorua - Taupo region

Hoffman, P.C.; Funk, D.A., 1991:
Growth rates of Holstein heifers in selected Wisconsin dairy herds

Mitra, A.K.; Jena, S., 1991:
Growth rates of groundnut production in Orissa - a decomposition analysis

Ulrich, J.; Kruse, M.; Kallies, B.; Garside, J., 1991:
Growth rates of potassium sulphate crystals of different surface qualities in the size range from 10-100 mu m

Prins, H.H.T.; Van Der Jeugd, H.P., 1992:
Growth rates of shrubs on different soils in Tanzania

Diskin, M.G.; Connolly, W.; Sreenan, J.M., 1991:
Growth rates of single versus twin born calves

Akunda, E.W.; Oduol, P.A., 1989:
Growth rates of some promising agroforestry tree species

Bera, B.; Mukherjee, K.K.; Ganguly, S.N., 1989:
Growth regulating compounds in the seeds of diploid cytotype of Chenopodium album

Bhatla S.C.; Dhingra Babbar S., 1990:
Growth regulating substances in mosses

Anonymous, 1991:
Growth regulation in farm animals

Maeda, T., 1990:
Growth regulation in paddy rice with base fertilizer placed in strips beside the row and with deep placement

Kruistum, G. van; Wel, C. van der, 1991:
Growth regulator (herbicide) effects in witloof chicory (Cichorium intybus L. var. foliosum) during the seasons 1986/87-1988/1989

Sudarsono; Goldy, R., 1991:
Growth regulator and axillary bud position effects on in vitro establishment of Vitis rotundifolia

E.O.mani M.; Coggins C.W.Jr, 1991:
Growth regulator effects on retention of quality of stored citrus fruits

Staba E.J.; Pagano S.A., 1988:
Growth regulator effects on rubber and resin production in guayule callus and proliferating shoot cultures

Hampton, J.G.; Rolston, M.P.; Hare, M.D., 1989:
Growth regulator effects on seed production of Bromus willdenowii Kunth. cv. Grasslands Matua

Abney T.S.; Ploper L.D., 1991:
Growth regulator effects on soybean seed maturation and seedborne fungi

Bhargava, Y.R., 1989:
Growth regulator protection against the ethyl methane sulfonate induced M1 chlorophyll deficient chimeras in Hordeum vulgare L

Kumar S.; Singh S.; Singh H.P.; Singh A.K.; Singh A., 1992:
Growth regulator studies in tissue culture of three species of papaya

Torre, A. la; Imbroglini, G., 1992:
Growth regulators

Mishra, R.C.; Sharma, S.K., 1988:
Growth regulators affect nectar-pollen production and insect foraging in Brassica seed crops

Anonymous, 1990:
Growth regulators and new Pelargonium F1 hybrids

Mynett, K.W.lkonske, A., 1989:
Growth regulators application in the shape forming of some pot plants

Fernandez, M.L.; Costa, E.; Iglesias, R., 1991:
Growth regulators as a way of increasing yields in seed potato tuber production technology. Response to CCC and Ethrel

Hendriks, C.H.M.; Kok, B.J., 1989:
Growth regulators dwarf lilies grown in pots

Michniewicz, M., 1989:
Growth regulators formed by fusaria: their significance for fungus growth, sporulation and pathogenicity towards the host plant

Forlani, M.; Vaio, C. di; Pilone, N., 1989:
Growth regulators on peach trained as a meadow orchard. (Effects on fertility and the productivity of the trees)

Viti, R.; Bartolini, S.; Vitagliano, C., 1990:
Growth regulators on pollen germination in olive

Phatak, S.C.; Vavrina, C.S., 1989:
Growth regulators, fungicides, and other agrochemicals as herbicide safeners

Lee W.S.; Chevone B.I.; Seiler J.R., 1990:
Growth response and drought susceptibility of red spruce seedlings exposed to simulated acidic rain and ozone

Santha C.R.; Gatlin D.M.IIi, 1991:
Growth response and fatty acid composition of channel catfish fry fed practical diets supplemented with menhaden fish oil

Sulochana, T.; Manoharachary, C.; Rao, P.R., 1989:
Growth response and root colonization in cultivars of sesame to VAM fungi

Horne, R.; Robinson, G., 1990:
Growth response following variable espacement of 28-year-old alpine ash regeneration in New South Wales

Mishra, A.K.; Kuila, R.K., 1991:
Growth response of Bifidobacterium in semi + synthetic and milk based media

Pessarakli M.; Tucker T.C.; Nakabayashi K., 1991:
Growth response of barley and wheat to salt stress

A.S.amma, A.M.; Sabir, A.A.; Habib, S.A., 1990:
Growth response of barley to isoproturon and bromofenoxim herbicide mixture under saline and non-saline conditions

Idso, S.B.; Kimball, B.A., 1989:
Growth response of carrot and radish to atmospheric CO2 enrichment

Shata, S.M.; Selim, A.M.; Abdel Fattah, A., 1992:
Growth response of corn and wheat to sulphur oxidizing bacteria under certain soil and irrigation conditions

Gej, B.; Nalborczyk, E.; Messyasz, M.; Wroblewska, A.; Pietkiewicz, S., 1990:
Growth response of different rye varieties to light and temperature changes

Davis, D.D.; Skelly, J.M., 1992:
Growth response of four species of eastern hardwood tree seedlings exposed to ozone, acidic precipitation, and sulfur dioxide

Mphinyane, W.N.; Tacheba, G., 1988:
Growth response of grass species to stocking rate in a savanna of eastern Botswana

Ikem, P.I.; Felix, A., 1992:
Growth response of lambs fed soybean straw treated with sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, and ammonium hydroxide

Zutter, B.R.; Glover, G.R.; Minogue, P.J.; Gjerstad, D.H., 1990:
Growth response of loblolly pine following release (cleaning) applications of two formulations of hexazinone

Muir, J.P.; Massaete, E.S., 1991:
Growth response of rabbits to tropical forage and wheat bran

Malek A.A.; Blazich F.A.; Warren S.L.; Shelton J.E., 1992 :
Growth response of seedlings of flame azalea to manual and chemical pinching

Kim, S.A.; Yoshida, S.; Ohshima, M.; Kayama, R., 1990:
Growth response of several forages to potassium level in water culture

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Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of fungicides. No. 3. Pseudoperonospora humuli

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Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulation. Retardation of growth in grass

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Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulators. Controls of suckers of Rubus

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Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulators. Desiccants used for potato

Anonymous, 1991:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulators. Ornamental plants

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulators. Reduction of lodging in cereals

Anonymous, 1990:
Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of growth regulators. Reduction of lodging in paddy rice

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Guideline for the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products. No. 159. Local wound treatments of apple

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Guideline proposals for application of different keeping methods and manure/slurry handling equipment

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Guidelines and tasks in the territorial organization of agricultural production

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Guidelines for CIPAC collaborative study procedures for assessment of performance of analytical methods

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia prophylaxis in children issued

Anonymous, 1992:
Guidelines for assessment of acaricides for the control of ticks Boophilus microplus on cattle

Waterhouse, D.F., 1991:
Guidelines for biological control projects in the Pacific

Rudqvist, A., 1991:
Guidelines for consultations and popular participation in development processes and projects

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for counselling about HIV infection and disease

Green, S.K., 1991:
Guidelines for diagnostic work in plant virology

Uribe Calad, A.F., 1991:
Guidelines for drawing up a development policy for cattle production

Scott G.C., 1990:
Guidelines for effective and safe application of potato tuber treatments

Buckley, R., 1991:
Guidelines for environmental audit

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for estimating digestibility of crude nutrients in ruminants

Birley, M.H., 1989:
Guidelines for forecasting the vector-borne disease implications of water resources development

Aldred, A.H.; Alemdag, I.S., 1988:
Guidelines for forest biomass inventory

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for free trade in the agricultural sector

Andersen E.; Broad T.; D.S.asio L.; Dolling C.H.S.; Hill D.; Huston K.; Larsen B.; Lauvergne J.J.; Leveziel H.; E.A., 1991:
Guidelines for gene nomenclature in ruminants 1991

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for introduction, rearing, field release and establishment of Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for land use planning

O.Malley, C.M., 1989:
Guidelines for larval surveillance

Vargas, O.L., 1988:
Guidelines for monitoring and promoting milk quality at local consumer level

Sarris, A.H., 1991:
Guidelines for monitoring the impact of structural adjustment programmes on the agricultural sector

Nicholas, S.W.; Leung, J.; Fennoy, I., 1991:
Guidelines for nutritional support of HIV-infected children

McFarlane, J.A., 1989:
Guidelines for pest management research to reduce stored food losses caused by insects and mites

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia for children infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia for persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus

Pradhan Prachanda; Yoder, R.; Pradhan Ujjwal, 1988:
Guidelines for rapid appraisal of irrigation systems - Experience from Nepal

Blanke, M., 1990:
Guidelines for reporting studies on fruit respiration

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for sampling equipment and data collection on milk collection tankers. A. Automatic sampling, data collection & magnetic milkmeters in milk collection tankers

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for sampling equipment and data collection on milk collection tankers. B. guidelines for sampling equipment in milk collection tankers

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for sampling equipment and data collection on milk collection tankers. C. Guidelines for data collection in milk collection tankers

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for slaughtering, meat cutting and further processing

Riahi, S., 1989:
Guidelines for soil and plant sampling

Anonymous, 1991:
Guidelines for solving in-plant materials handling systems in dairy plants

Karlsson, S., 1991:
Guidelines for spreading manure. Part 2. Slurry

Murira, K.K., 1987:
Guidelines for standard specifications for utility poles: a prerequisite for quality control measures

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for the construction and equipping of cubicle houses l988

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for the detection of high-risk lipoprotein profiles and the treatment of dyslipoproteinemias

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines for the integration of tourism development and environmental protection in the South Pacific

Anonymous, 1992:
Guidelines for the preparation and use of export certificates for milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1989:
Guidelines for the preparation of national master water plans

Greene, H.L.; Hambidge, K.M.; Schanler, R.; Tsang, R.C., 1988:
Guidelines for the use of vitamins, trace elements, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in infants and children receiving total parenteral nutrition: report of the Subcommittee on Pediatric Parenteral Nutrient Requirements from the Committee on Clinical Practice Issues of the American Society for Clinical Nutrition

Abel, N.O.J.; Drinkwater, M.J.; Ingram, J.; Okafor, J.; Prinsley, R.T., 1989:
Guidelines for training in rapid appraisal for agroforestry research and extension

Anderson, S.A., 1988:
Guidelines for use of dietary intake data

Webber, J.F., 1990:
Guidelines for water storage of timber

Anonymous, 1990:
Guidelines on the role of non-governmental organizations in participatory rural development in selected African countries

Hanefeld, M., 1990:
Guidelines on the treatment of hypercholesterolaemia

Whitmore T.C., 1989:
Guidelines to avoid remeasurement problems in permanent sample plots in tropical rain forests

Leguizamo Barbosa, A.; Doorn, J. van; Vega Gonzalez, L.E., 1987:
Guidelines, current status and prospects of agroforestry systems

Malik, W.H., 1990:
Guides to farmers training

Louppe, D., 1991:
Guiera senegalensis, an agroforestry tree? An off-season micro-fallow system and energy source in a village in the north-central groundnut zone of Senegal

Ehler L.E., 1992:
Guild analysis in biological control

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Guild composition and seasonal distribution of insects on Protea magnifica and P. laurifolia (Proteaceae)

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Guild distribution of some termites from cerrado vegetation in south-east Brazil

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Guild structure of larval trematodes in molluscan hosts: prevalence, dominance and significance of competition

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Guild structure of larval trematodes in the snail Helisoma anceps: patterns and processes at the individual host level

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Guillain-Barre syndrome as presenting manifestation of visceral leishmaniasis

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Guilt and obsessive-compulsive traits in female dieters

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Guinea grass: efficiency of phosphorus uptake and utilization in nutrient solution

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Guinea worm infection in Kiri-Manai village, Sokoto

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Guinea worm infections in Oju and Okpokwu Local Government Areas of Benue State, Nigeria

Ayorinde, K.L., 1991:
Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) as a protein supplement in Nigeria

Anonymous, 1991:
Gulf crisis dividend

Anonymous, 1991:
Gulf cutbacks slow growth in world ammonia trade

Osborn, H.B.; Simanton, J.R., 1989:
Gullies and sediment yield

Higgins, C.G.; Hill, B.R.; Lehre, A.K., 1990:
Gully development

Wijdenes, D.J.O.; Bryan, R.B., 1991:
Gully development on the Njemps Flats, Baringo, Kenya

Wu, H.L., 1991:
Gully erosion control in eastern Taiwan

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Gully erosion in earth spillways

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Gully erosion in the loam belt of Belgium: typology and control measures

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Gully erosion modelling using GIS and geomorphologic knowledge

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Gully erosion on agricultural lands in Romania

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Gully erosion: processes and models

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Gully erosion: the neglected dimension in soil erosion research

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Gully morphometric controls in a laterite terrain, Guyana

Budgen, B., 1992:
Gully sidewall control in south-east New South Wales

Subrahmanyam, S.V., 1988:
Gum and resin formation in tropical trees

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Gum arabic glycoprotein is a twisted hairy rope : a new model based on o-galactosylhydroxyproline as the polysaccharide attachment site

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Gum leaf skeletoniser moth, Uraba lugens, in the forests of Western Australia

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Gum oleoresins of Pinus resinosa and Pinus pinea

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Gum rosin as water-repellent additive for particleboards

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Gum-chewer syndrome: self-inflicted sublingual and self-inflicted buccal trauma

Vanmarcke, J., 1992:
Gumboro disease - early vaccination

Zmudzki, J.; Michalska, K., 1992:
Gunshot wounds and lead concentration in tissues from wild boars, roes and deer

Anonymous, 1990:
Gur making from coconut palm

Anonymous, 1989:
Gur manufacture by using sugar factory equipment

Kelling S.T.; Halpern B.P.; Eisner T., 1990:
Gustatory sensitivity of an anuran to cantharidin

Anonymous, 1992:
Gustrow sugar factory increases in size

Lalitha, P.S., 1991:
Gut associated lymphoid tissue in Indian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Ward, GB.; Mayer, RT.; Feldlaufer, MF.; Svoboda, JA., 1991:
Gut chitin synthase and sterols from larvae of Diaprepes abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Gut contents in molting lepidopteran larvae: a source of error in nutritional studies

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Gut glutamine metabolism

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Gut hormones and gastrointestinal motility in children with cystic fibrosis

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Gut hormones in glucose homeostasis

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Gut hypersensitivity reactions in guinea pigs following vaccination or infection with Trichostrongylus colubriformis

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Gut redox conditions in herbivorous lepidopteran larvae

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Gut retention times of experimental pseudoseeds by emus

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Gut-specific and developmental expression of a Caenorhabditis elegans cysteine protease gene

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Guthion-resistant parasite ready for implementation in walnuts

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Gutta percha, ironwood and lancewood. Three new valuable species from north Australia. An example of technological selection and promotion of lesser known tropical species

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Gutter connected sawtooth greenhouses for the Mediterranean Basin

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Gutter trays: from Denmark

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Guttural pouch mycosis in horses. A contribution to its pathology and aetiology

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Gy 4 cucumber inbred and 'Raleigh' hybrid pickling cucumber

Wehner, T.C.; Jenkins, S.F.J.; Lower, R.L., 1991:
Gy5 cucumber inbred and 'Johnston' hybrid pickling cucumber

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Gymnastics and religion in Belgium, 1892-1914

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Gymnigritella runei sp. nov. (Orchidaceae-Orchideae) from Sweden

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Gymnospermous woods from early tertiary of Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh

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Gynandromorphism in the tick Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi (Neumann) Acari: Ixodidae

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Gynandromorphs of Armigeres subalbatus (Coquillet) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Waithaka, K.; Chweya, J.D., 1991:
Gynandropsis gynandra (L.) Briq. - a tropical leafy vegetable. Its cultivation and utilization

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Gyne development in the Argentine ant Iridomyrmex humilis: role of overwintering and queen control

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Gynoecial ontogeny and morphology, and pollen tube pathway in black maple, Acer saccharum ssp. nigrum (Aceraceae)

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Gynogenesis, polyploidy and hybridization in the pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) and tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)

Mol, R., 1992:
Gynogenetic plants of barley obtained in vitro by the culture of unpollinated ovaries

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Gynura scandens, Compositae

Isakov, V.Yu, 1990:
Gypsic soils in Fergana valley and problems of their reclamation

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Gypsum as a soil amendment

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Gypsum as an ameliorant for subsoil hardpans

Norton, M.M.; Nichols, D.E.; Ransom, J.M., 1991:
Gypsum avoidance - single superphosphate revisited

McGuire, P., 1990:
Gypsum dissolvenators gain acceptance

Reda, M.; Modaihsh, A.S., 1990:
Gypsum formation in sulphur treated soils

Camargo, O.A.; Raij, B. van, 1989:
Gypsum movement in latosol samples with unlike electrochemical properties

Benoit, P.; Lachance, D., 1990:
Gypsy moth in Canada: behavior and control

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Gypsy moth nuclear polyhedrosis virus in cell culture: a likely commercial system for viral pesticide production

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Gypsy moth, the superbug - can we contain its spread and should we?

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Gyrinidae of Wisconsin, with a key to adults of both sexes and notes on distribution and habitat

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Gyrocarpus angustifolius (Hernandiaceae), a distinct northeast African tree species

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Gyrodactylus gvozdevi n. sp. (Gyrodactylidae: Monogenea) from Noemacheilus dorsalis (Kessler) in Kazakhstan

Lux, E., 1990:
Gyrodactylus procerus sp. nov. (Gyrodactylidae: Pectobothrii = Monogenea) in carp in the German Democratic Republic

Ergens, R.; Yukhimenko, S.S., 1990:
Gyrodactylus somnaensis sp. n. (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae), a new fish parasite from the basin of the River Amur

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H-2 polymorphisms in outbred strains of mice

Kievits, F.; Wijffels, J.; Lokhorst, W.; Boerenkamp, W.J.; Ivanyi, P., 1990 :
H-2-restricted recognition of xeno-MHC antigens by primary mouse cytotoxic T cells is the exception rather than the rule

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H-value and R-value heterogeneity testing of seed lots; properties, sampling intensity and precision

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H. Marshall Ward and coffee leaf disease in Ceylon. (The making of a new approach to fungal-plant relationships)

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H1 histones contribute to candidacidal activities of human epidermal extract

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H2 cycling in N2 fixation: past, present and future outlook

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H2 from hot bacteria

Snyder, O.P.Jr, 1992:
HACCP - An industry food safety self-control program - part VI

Snyder, O.P.Jr, 1992:
HACCP - an industry food safety self-control program - Part VII. Control of surface microorganisms and biofilms

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HACCP and food processing

Warne, D., 1991:
HACCP and quality assurance in the tuna industry

Stranks, J., 1992:
HACCP and the dairy industry

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HACCP and the home: the need for consumer education

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HACCP approach in catering

Snyder, O.P., 1991:
HACCP in the retail food industry

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HAYMACH$. A program to estimate hay equipment costs

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HAYVAL: A microcomputer program for evaluating the winter feeding needs of beef, sheep, and horses

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HAZOP-proof ammonia plant: a new way of defining a safe and reliable design

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HBL-100 cells do not secrete casein and lack prolactin and estradiol receptors

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HC&S non-destructive testing program

Tamayo, L.; Kerchinski, J., 1990:
HC&S wet scrubber project

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HC-252 - a new selective herbicide for the post-emergence control of dicotyledonous weeds

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HCHO and HCOOH in tropical rains

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HCS - 6 tractor roller family

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HD-Zip proteins: members of an Arabidopsis homeodomain protein superfamily

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HDL heterogeneity and coronary heart disease

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HDL metabolism and its role in lipid transport

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HERB: decision model for postemergence weed control in soybean

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HIV gene regulation and pathogenesis

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HIV in Africa: what is the future?

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HIV infection and injecting drug users: needle exchange schemes

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HIV infection in 1990: rapid spread in several developing countries and still insufficient preventive strategies

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HIV infection in Tirupati, India

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HIV infection in newly diagnosed tuberculosis patients in Ndola, Zambia

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HIV infection in selected populations in Cameroon

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HIV infection: a new face of tuberculosis

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HIV prevention among drug users-specialist or non-specialist provision: a conflict of ideologies

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HIV seroprevalence among healthy blood donors in northeastern Zaire

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HIV testing and quality control: a guide for laboratory personnel

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HIV-1 Nef protein exhibits structural and functional similarity to scorpion peptides interacting with K+ channels

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HIV-1 in Somalia: prevalence and knowledge among prostitutes

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HIV-Leishmania co-infections in Italy. Isoenzyme characterization of Leishmania causing visceral leishmaniasis in HIV patients

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HIV-associated wasting

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HKR228, a semidwarf aromatic rice strain for Haryana, India

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HLA and Lyme disease

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HLA antigens in patients with early, late, and seroresistant syphilis

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HLA effects in malaria: increased parasite-killing immunity or reduced immunopathology?

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HLA, malaria and dominant protective associations

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HLA-B27 transgenic mice as potential models of human disease

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HMF (5-hydroxymethylfurfural) content in domestic market milks

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HNK-1 and N-CAM immunoreactivity in developing canine retina

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HOMS-technology transfer in hydrology

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HOPE for genetic diversity in corn and barley

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HOX gene activation by retinoic acid

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HPLC analyses of bronze pigments

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HPLC analysis of phospholipids in crude oil for evaluation of soybean deterioration

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HPLC analysis of substances produced by oil palm and implicated in resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. elaeidis - prospects for selection

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HPLC analysis of trace levels of brassinosteroids using prelabelling reagents

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HPLC assay for quantifying serum bile acids in several species

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HPLC fingerprint analysis and standardisation of Eleutherococcus (Acanthopanax) extracts

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HPLC for characterization of hydrolysis products of natural polysaccharides

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HPLC identification and quantitative analysis of the main organic acids in fruits

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HPLC identification of anthocyanins in maize endosperm

Caldwell, E.E.O.; Peterson, P.A., 1992:
HPLC identification of flavonol-glycosides in maize endosperm

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HPLC method for analysis of substrate and products in beverage alcohol production

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HPLC method for determination of aspartame, acesulfam-K, saccharin, caffeine, sorbic acid and benzoic acid in foodstuffs

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HPLC method for determination of folic acid in infant formulas

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HPLC of biopolymers, pharmaceuticals, and natural products

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HPLC of sugars - the analytical technique for the 1990s?

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HPLC of triazines after on-line photoderivatization

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HPLC purification of destruxins produced by Alternaria brassicae in culture and leaves of Brassica napus

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HPLC separation and quantification of bilirubin and its glucuronide conjugates in faeces and intestinal contents of germ-free rats

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HPLC-estimation of alkaloids (scopolamine and hyoscyamine) of henbane seeds (Datura spp.) in feeds

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HQ alfalfa: selection with substance. Variety selection and technology from the feed industry put beef behind a new high quality alfalfa

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HRGC-MS studies on the microsomal oxidase metabolites of the pyrethroid insecticide S-bioallethrin

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HS-GC determination of lactic acid bacteria viable cells based on malolactic activity

Anonymous, 1990:
HSE conference - COSHH - Engineering controls in agriculture, Stoneleigh, UK, 27 September 1990

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HSP70 homologues of pea chloroplasts

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HTLV-I in neurological patients from some Indian Ocean islands

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HTST hydrolysis of wood: modelling of the kinetics and projections on reactor configuration

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HXB and BXH sets of recombinant inbred strains: strain distribution patterns of some genetic markers

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HYV technology: the polarisation and immiserisation controversy

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HaLT: a computerized training program for hardwood lumber graders

Schwehm, C.J.; Klinkhachorn, P.; McMillin, C.W.; Huber, H.A., 1990:
HaRem: Hardwood lumber Remanufacturing program for maximizing value based on size, grade, and current market prices

E.Amin, E.M., 1989:
Habat-el-Mulluk (Croton spp.): a herbal remedy for internal diseases

Elzinga, RJ., 1989:
Habeogula cauda (Acari: Uropodina), a new genus and species of mite from the army ant Labidus praedator (F. Smith)

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Habitat analysis from infra-red aerial photographs and the conservation of birds in Swedish agricultural landscapes

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Habitat and food preferences of greylag and barheaded geese wintering in the Keoladeo National Park, India

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Habitat and range use of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus L. in southcentral Scandinavian boreal forests, with special reference to the influence of modern forestry

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Habitat and temporal partitioning of tree hole Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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Habitat associated with home ranges of female Odocoileus virginianus (Mammalia: Cervidae) in eastern Kentucky

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Habitat, visual and recreational values and the planning of extractive development and protected areas: a tale of three islands

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Habits of form: confusion and anomalies in the classification of plants for the designer

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Habitual dietary intake and insulin sensitivity in lean and obese adults

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Haematoloechus jamshedpurensis n. sp. (Plagiorchiidae Haematoloechinae) from Rana cyanophlyctis

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Haematological and biochemical parameters of the nutritional status of 7-11-year-old children from the Ziar area and changes recorded during the past 25 years

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Haematological studies on three commercial layer strains of chickens in Ghana

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Haematological values during the oestrous cycles in repeat breeding heifers before and after clitoridectomy and cauterization of the clitoris

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Haematology and biochemistry reference values for clinically normal swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

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Haematology and clinical chemistry findings in calves and juvenile cattle with ileus

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Haematology and clinical chemistry of fur animals

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Haematology and cytodiagnostics in equine leukosis (review)

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Haematology and histopathology of seven-week-old broilers after early food restriction

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Haematology and serum enzyme activity of Boophilus microplus infestation in experimental calves

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Haematology of experimental Trypanosoma brucei gambiense infection. II. Erythrocyte and leucocyte changes

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Haematology of experimental babesiosis and ehrlichiosis in steroid immunosuppressed horses

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Haematology of the weanling, juvenile and adult cat

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Haematophagous activity of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) on the Isla de la Juventud. Preliminary study

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Haematophagous mites associated with laying hens (Gallus gallus) in Brazil. Diversity, biology and control

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Haematophagous nature of an amblyceran phthirapteran, Menacanthus cornutus Schommer, infesting poultry bird Gallus domesticus L. in India

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Haematopinus asini treated with Decamethrin Spot-on

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Haematoscopy 200 years ago - a contribution to its theory and practice in veterinary medicine

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Haematozoa in birds of prey undergoing rehabilitation

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Haematozoa of fishes from Heron I., Australia, with the description of two new species of Trypanosoma

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Haemobartonellosis in the cat (feline infectious anaemia)

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Haemocytes of Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) during the larval period. Morphological and quantitative study

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Haemocytes of the honey bee, Apis mellifera, and their changes during varroa disease

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