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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2128

Chapter 2128 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moberg, Gp, 1991: How behavioral stress disrupts the endocrine control of reproduction in domestic animals

Altieri M.A., 1991: How best can we use biodiversity in agroecosystems

Wheat, D., 1991: How biotechnology has revolutionized the seed trade

Hamilton, D. R., 1990: How can I avoid Lyme disease? What to say to the patient who asks

Jimenez Hernandez, J. M.; Fuentes Mora, M.; Barrera Yanes, R.; Esquivel Lauzurique, M., 1989: How can a closer approximation of body weight distribution to normal distribution be achieved?

Ziche, J., 1991: How can agriculture fulfill social expectations?

Verstraele, W.; Huysman, F.; Top, E., 1991: How can biotechnology solve the environmental problems of modern society?

Anonymous, 1991: How can drug residues affect you?

Estes, E. A., 1991: How can economists and horticulturalists cooperate on alternative crop research and development programs?

Gobin, B., 1990: How can farmers increase their quota?

Naul, R., 1992: How can sport pedagogy move towards excellence?

Broyakovskaya, K. N.; Rutskaya, S. I.; Zhorzhesko, G. G.; Kovbasiuk, E. V.; Zemlianoi, A. I.; Rybak, V. A.; Mikolinskaya, N. M.; Gelimbatovskaya, R. V.; Doga, G. Kh, 1989: How can the damage caused by diseases be reduced?

Bordeaux Montrieux, L., 1990: How can the ending of commercial transactions be successfully insured by GROUPAMA?

Thonon, A., 1990: How can the profitability of dairy farms be maintained?

Wheatley, C. C.; Best, R., 1991: How can traditional forms of nutrition be maintained in urban centres: the case of cassava

Sorbelli, S., 1991: How can we relaunch tourism in Italy?

Buonicore, A. J., 1991: How clean is clean? Cleanup criteria for contaminated soil and groundwater

Andersson, C.; Rydhmer, L., 1991: How common are congenital defects ? A new study carried out by the Swedish Agricultural University

Joce, R. E.; Bartlett, C. L. R., 1990: How common is human cryptosporidiosis?

Hardy, G. E. St J.; Sivasithamparam, K., 1991: How container media and matric potential affect the production of sporangia, oospores and chlamydospores by three Phytophthora species

Erdman, R.; Varner, M.; Douglass, L., 1991: How cows respond to BST

Gastel, T. van; Strasser, E.; Ven, P. van de, 1991: How cramped is the fruit grower's driving seat?

Anderson, K.; Tyers, R., 1990: How developing countries could gain from agricultural trade liberalization in the Uruguay Round

Blaylock, J. R.; Smallwood, D. M.; Blisard, W. N., 1992: How did household characteristics affect food spending in 1980-88?

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127025

Mazier M.J.P.; Leblanc J., 1991: How dietary fat intake affects cold tolerance and energy balance in the rat

Teviotdale, B. L.; Wiley, M. F.; Harper, D. H., 1991: How disinfectants compare in preventing transmission of fireblight

Moreau, P. M., 1991: How do I treat? Functional urinary obstruction

Anzenberger, G., 1986: How do carpenter bees recognize the entrance of their nests? An experimental investigation in a natural habitat

Coulson, RA.; Coulson, TD.; Herbert, JD., 1990: How do digestion and assimilation rates in alligators vary with temperature?

Egelhaaf, M., 1991: How do flies use visual motion information to control their course?

Blanke, M., 1990: How do fruits grow - with or without a lag phase? Do our fruits include a lag phase?

Lahdesmaki, P., 1990: How do general metabolism and proteins respond to environmental stress factors?

Chandra H.S., 1991: How do heterogametic females survive without gene dosage compensation?

Peacock, E., 1990: How do old textiles deteriorate?

Trewavas, A., 1991: How do plant growth substances work? II

Citovsky, V.; Zambryski, P., 1991: How do plant virus nucleic acids move through intercellular connections ?

Favre, B., 1991: How do professionals choose their hotels?

Hill, W. G.; Brotherstone, S., 1991: How do sires transmit longevity?

Blanke, M., 1992: How do the new electrochemical oxygen sensors work in fruit storage ?

Bhattacharya, N.; Chakraborty, P.; Chattopadhyay, M.; Rudra, A., 1991: How do the poor survive?

Boehlje, M.; Pederson, G.; Monke, J., 1991: How do the risks and returns in farming compare to other investments?

Dickinson, N. M.; Turner, A. P.; Lepp, N. W., 1991: How do trees and other long-lived plants survive in polluted environments?

Bayha, R. et al., 1992: How do we cultivate Europe's fields? New paths in agricultural policy. Conference of the German Society for Agricultural and Environmental Policy on 5-6 March 1992 in Frankfurt-Hochst

Kidd, B., 1991: How do we find our own voices in the 'new world order'? A commentary on Americanization

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127046

Schneider, M., 1990: How does Basle's population take its exercise?

Izquierdo, J. I., 1991: How does Drosophila melanogaster overwinter?

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127050

Timmons, M. B., 1990: How does natural ventilation work and why ?

Jonsson, J. O., 1990: How does one breed today for resistance to plant parasites?

Blixt, S., 1990: How does one make correct use of genetic resources?

McNatty, K. P.; Henderson, K. M.; Fleming, J. S.; Price, C. A.; Clarke, I. J., 1990: How does the F gene influence ovulation rates in Booroola ewes? A 1990 perspective

Briskin, Dp; Hanson, Jb, 1992: How does the plant plasma membrane H+-ATPase pump protons?

Anonymous, 1990: How does the schistosome evade host defenses?

Nasr Esfahani, M. H.; Johnson, M. H., 1992: How does transferrin overcome the in vitro block to development of the mouse preimplantation embryo?

Archer, F. M.; Hoffman, M. T.; Danckwerts, J. E., 1989: How economic are the farming units of Leliefontein, Namaqualand?

Gale, H. F, Jr, 1990: How economic conditions changed the number of U.S. farms, 1960-88

Koga, K.; Kasuya, S.; Ohtomo, H., 1992: How effective is the agar plate method for Strongyloides stercoralis?

Cappa, V.; Vazhapilly, P., 1991: How energy balance can affect reproductive activity in cows

Drake, L., 1989: How environmental problems in agriculture can be handled in an economic analysis

Gabrielsen, T. S., 1989: How expensive are artificial fertilizers in Norway?

Eade, D., 1991: How far do we push?

Reynolds, R.; SriRamaratnam, S., 1990: How farmers responded

Oliver M.A.; Webster R., 1991: How geostatistics can help you

Yuruker, B.; Windemann, H.; Luthy, J., 1989: How gluten-free is a gluten-free diet?

Costello, M.; Bjordal, A., 1990: How good is this natural control on sea-lice?

Hansen, P., 1990: How has irrigation affected growth of black currants in Danish trials?

Krogerus, H., 1989: How have the cold years affected insect, especially butterfly, populations?

Grosse Beilage, E.; Bollwahn, W., 1991: How healthy are fattening pigs in Germany?

Honer, C., 1991: How high must ultra-high temperatures be?

Couvillon P.A.; Bitterman M.E., 1991: How honeybees make choices

Srinivasan M.V.; Lehrer M.; Zhang S.W.; Horridge G.A., 1989: How honeybees measure their distance from objects of unknown size

Landgren, G. L.; Gillespie, J. R., 1990: How horses breathe during high-speed galloping

Gerowitt, B., 1992: How important are long-term effects for weed control according to economic thresholds in cereals - an example for Apera spica-venti

Boxberger, J.; Kempkens, K., 1988: How important is comfort?

Mayo, M. A., 1992: How important is genome division as a taxonomic criterion in plant virus classification?

Mook, Dg; Votaw, Mc, 1992: How important is hedonism? Reasons given by college students for ending a meal

Mosenthin, R., 1991: How important is pre-caecal amino acid digestibility in the practical formulation of pig rations?

Rudzitis, G.; Johansen, H. E., 1991: How important is wilderness? Results from a United States survey

Graham, R. L.; Turner, M. G.; Dale, V. H., 1990: How increasing CO2 and climate change affect forests

Shaw, MK.; Tilney, LG., 1992: How individual cells develop from a syncytium: merogony in Theileria parva (Apicomplexa)

Godfray, H. C.; Chan, M. S., 1990: How insecticides trigger single-stage outbreaks in tropical pests

Grauslund, J., 1990: How large are apples?

Stjernquist, I.; Schlyter, P., 1990: How large is the future Swedish biomass potential?

Anonymous, 1990: How large is the sugar deficit?

Biot, Y., 1991: How long can livestock production be sustained in the Hardveld of Botswana?

Pankova, E. I.; Nozdrina, T. A. , 1990: How long can potatoes be stored ?

Hawksworth, F. G.; Geils, B. W., 1990: How long do mistletoe-infected ponderosa pines live?

Fluri, P., 1990: How long do worker honeybees live?

Feinberg E.J.; Steinberg W.M.; Banks B.L.; Henry J.P., 1990: How long to abstain from eating red meat before fecal occult blood tests

Kosynkin, A., 1991: How long will the peasant be a beggar?

Marsh, J. S., 1991: How man fails to use the gifts of nature and science

Solem, A., 1990: How many Hawaiian land snail species are left? and what we can do for them

Spring, J.; Lauer, H.; Doyle, T., 1992: How many skiers are there, anyway?

Szentkiralyi, F.; Kozar, F., 1991: How many species are there in apple insect communities?: testing the resource diversity and intermediate disturbance hypotheses

Stearn, William T., 1992: How many species of Allium are known?

Schaufele, W., 1991: How many weeds do beet tolerate?

Russo, V.; Fiego, D. P. lo; Nanni Costa, L., 1991: How may the requirements of the Italian pork curing industry be met?

Matsuda, K.; Rayan, A. M., 1989: How might plant cells initially sense water deficits?

Goering, C. E., 1992: How much and where

Blecken, H., 1990: How much does artificial lighting cost ?

McDougald, L. R.; Gilbert, J. M.; Fuller, L.; Rotibi, A.; Xie, M.; Zhu, G., 1992: How much does roxarsone contribute to coccidiosis control in broilers when used in combination with ionophores?

Moog, M., 1991: How much is the supply of industrial beech wood affected by the amounts of beech stemwood and by industrial wood prices?

North, J., 1989: How much land will be available for development in 2015?

Robertson S.M., 1990: How much of the prescribed volume of enteral feed does the hospitalized patient actually receive?

Reiter, H., 1991: How much power is lost in a tractor transmission?

Berghauser, J., 1992: How much sugar is allowable? Is there a scientifically based rigid standard for sugar intake?

French, C. N., 1992: How much tourism development is enough

Rober, R.; Haas, H., 1989: How much water and which substrate?

Caillaud, D., 1988: How much your dairy heifers cost

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127116

Saxena, S. K., 1992: How must the dealers be trained to manage the business

Schweitzer, D.; Risbrudt, C. D., 1988: How national forest planning addresses community stability

Swanson, G., 1991: How near the edge? Gauging lodging firms' liquidity

Heisel, M. P.; Marold, F. J., 1992: How new tail gas treater increases Claus unit thruput

Booth, D. A., 1990: How not to think about immediate dietary and postingestional influences on appetites and satieties

Cerra F.B., 1990: How nutrition intervention changes what getting sick means

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127123

Botwin, M., 1988: How often should machines be replaced and why?

Christiansen, A. W., 1990: How overdrying wood reduces its bonding to phenol-formaldehyde adhesives: a critical review of the literature. Part I. Physical resources

Vinson, S. B., 1990: How parasitoids deal with the immune system of their host: an overview

Petryshen, P.; Walsh, N.; Zarzour, C., 1990: How people perceive their choices

Young, S., 1991: How plants fight back

Rajuladevi, A. K., 1992: How poor are women in rural India?

Neils, K., 1989: How price stabilization would work in Belize

Cappa, V.; Vazhapilly, P., 1991: How proteins can influence reproductive activity in cattle

Lag, J., 1989: How rapidly do the concentrations of cadmium, lead and other toxic elements increase in Norwegian soils?

Flachowsky, G.; Lohnert, H. J.; Ludke, H.; Meixner, B.; Hennig, A.; Richter, G. H., 1992: How reliable are growth promoters

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127134

Riesen, W. F., 1990: How reliable is the Reflotron-HDL cholesterol method?

Le Moigne, G.; Barghouti, S., 1989: How risky is irrigation development in sub-Saharan Africa

Mensbrugghe, D. van der; Martin, J. P.; Burniaux, J. M., 1989: How robust are WALRAS results?

Fulginiti, V. A., 1992: How safe are pertussis and rubella vaccines? A commentary on the Institute of Medicine report

Seifert, B., 1990: How scientifically worthless catch numbers arise - effects of species-specific behaviour of ants to pitfall traps observed directly

Vallot, T.; Elouaer Blanc, L.; Risco, F. G. del; Mignon, M.; Vatier, J.; Bonfils, S., 1988: How should 24 h intragastric pH results be expressed? Choice of a method of expression in 27 healthy subjects

Grimstad, S. O., 1990: How should tomato plants be vibrated?

Metz, J. A. J.; Nisbet, R. M.; Geritz, S. A. H., 1992: How should we define 'fitness' for general ecological scenarios?

Stewart, F.; Ghani, E., 1991: How significant are externalities for development?

Geyer, M., 1990: How stable are rootballs of young plants from nursery trays ?

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127147

Gillen, B.; Best, S., 1991: How the Brits see us

Hines, F.; Sommer, J.; Petrulis, M., 1991: How the CRP affects local economies

Hinojosa Ojeda, R.; Robinson, S.; Moulton, K. S., 1991: How the FTA will affect California agriculture

Johnson, A., 1989: How the Machiguenga manage resources: conservation or exploitation of nature?

Litvinov, S. K., 1991: How the USSR rid itself of dracunculiasis

Svala, C., 1991: How the changes influence rural farms and buildings. A preliminary study into how rural farms and buildings are affected by the new legislation and agricultural politics

Pallutt, B., 1991: How the crop rotation affects weeds

Wampach, J. P., 1990: How the market redistributes productivity gains and direct payments to farmers

Holstad, J., 1990: How the year has progressed for the Sogn and Fjordane Dairy Association

Levitt, L., 1990: How therapeutic is camping for mentally ill adults?

Husainy, S. Z., 1992: How this journal was born

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127160

Zel' dner, A. G., 1991: How to achieve exchange equivalence during the period of transition to a market economy

Kornilov, Yu D., 1990: How to achieve full value for the rouble

Dommergues, Y.; Ganry, F., 1991: How to add nitrogen through biological fixation?

Ueda, K., 1991: How to adopt botanical names and the importance of voucher specimens

Maes, L.; Vanparijs, O., 1991: How to approach anthelmintic resistance: some theoretical and practical thoughts

Tomas, J.; Moncau, R., 1989: How to avoid microbiological problems in refrigeration circuits

Epstein, W. L., 1991: How to avoid the scourge of poison ivy/oak dermatitis

Selivanov, N. F., 1991: How to balance the consumption and renewal of wood

Antonovich, A. L., 1991: How to calculate unaccounted sugar losses

Bharadwaj, M.; Sohoni, P., 1990: How to care for your pH system - the critical part

Anonymous, 1992: How to choose tyres

Clara, I., 1991: How to combat internal parasites in dogs

Waller, J.; Ball, C.; Kremer, M., 1988: How to contract and avoid infestation by Rhipicephalus in eastern France

Anonymous, 1991: How to control the potato nematode?

Merkes, R., 1988: How to control water erosion

Suguhara, S., 1990: How to deal with beef marketing

Fukuda, H., 1990: How to deal with the importation of beef

Mozgovoi, A. F.; Chenkin, A. F.; D' yachenko, V. F., 1989: How to decrease ear fusariose infection

Anonymous, 1989: How to defuse the 'bomb' in your refrigerator

Zischler, H.; Nanda, I.; Steeg, C.; Schmid, M.; Epplen, J. T., 1990: How to demonstrate genetic variability in any human and animal subject?

Dekker, J., 1988: How to detect and measure fungicide resistance

Bull, E. L.; Holthausen, R. S.; Marx, D. B., 1990: How to determine snag density

Stelt, D. D. van der, 1991: How to determine the effectiveness of structural policy measures for rural regions? The example of the EC-structural funds

Pons, Y.; Lafon, E., 1991: How to determine the limiting factors for spring grasslands. Example of the western marshlands

Louekari, K., 1990: How to develop a non-nutrient data base

Madden, L. V.; Ellis, M. A., 1988: How to develop plant disease forecasters

Huggins, D.; Oliveira, E. R. de; Iachinni, R.; Oliveira, M. F. S. de; Arruda, P. S. C. de, 1990: How to diagnose and treat infectious diarrhoea

Plonait, H., 1990: How to eliminate diseases from pig herds: methods, reliability and feasibility

Thonon, A., 1990: How to ensure the profitability of dairy farms?

Reinhardt, E. D.; Ryan, K. C., 1988: How to estimate tree mortality resulting from underburning

Bock, C., 1990: How to evaluate ethological loose housing for dairy cattle

Sharov, A. A.; Akhatov, A. K., 1989: How to evaluate the effectiveness of entomophages

Hartmann, R., 1990: How to evaluate the field water balance

Papadaki Papandreou, O. U.; Laryea, M. D.; Jiang, Y. F.; Leitzmann, P.; Lombeck, I., 1989: How to evaluate the selenium state by a screening method

Heinecke, H., 1989: How to explain the coat colour genes in mice

Bel' giaev, K. M.; Baidil' din, M. A., 1990: How to get high productivity from capital investment

Durai, R., 1991: How to get high yields from ratoon sugarcane

Linneman, R. E., 1992: How to grow bigger by acting smaller

Epifantsev, V. V., 1990: How to grow table beets in the north of the Amur region

Kostenko, Yu A., 1990: How to hasten peach cropping

Ssennyonga, J. W., 1989: How to identify the diversification of rural productive systems

Byrd, N. A.; Holbrook, H. L., 1988: How to improve forest game habitat

Anonymous, 1990: How to improve the comfort of agricultural vehicles

Nguhiu Mwangi, J. A.; Munyua, S. J. M.; Mbithi, P. M. F.; Mbiuki, S. M.; Mogoa, E. G. M., 1991: How to improve the prognosis of ventral abdominal hernias in large animals: modified overlapping technique

Volkov, S. N.; Koltunov, N. M., 1991: How to improve the system of land use during land reform

Granges, A.; Leger, A., 1989: How to improve the yield of sweet pepper grown as short-term crops under glass

Kohne, M., 1992: How to improve your analysis of capital value

Boutonnat, Y., 1991: How to increase cheese sales when per capita consumption is at 21.8 kg

Rose, D., 1990: How to increase margin per litre

Rosenfeld, D., 1990: How to increase rainfall

Jovanovac, S., 1989: How to increase the accuracy of the evaluation of breeding value of bulls

Grigorov, M. S.; Sarana, S. V.; Tregubov, V. P., 1990: How to increase the efficiency of carrot growing

Radobernittski, G.; Rokh, R.; Potel' chak, V. A., 1991: How to increase the productivity of pulp presses

Jenner, M. R., 1991: How to make sugar sweeter

Teniere Buchot, P. F., 1992: How to manage agriculture and water resources

Orekhova, V. A.; Mostovaya, R. N., 1991: How to manage without pesticides?

Richards, B., 1992: How to market tourist attractions, festivals and special events: a practical guide to maximising visitor attendance and income

Gentile, M. G.; D' Amico, G., 1989: How to measure and how to improve dietary compliance

Klerk, G. J. de, 1990: How to measure somaclonal variation

Austin C.B., 1989: How to measure the potential advantages of limited entry

Houghton, B.; McMillan, P., 1991: How to minimise losses in storage

Guyer, D. E.; Schulte Pason, N. L.; Timm, E. J., 1990: How to minimize apple bruising in the packing line

Linge, J. H. van, 1992: How to out-zoo the zoo

Makarov, E. M.; Tarabaev, Ch K., 1990: How to preserve spiders as entomophages with mass occurrence

Wooton, S. B.; Gregory, N. G., 1991: How to prevent pre-stun electric shocks in waterbath stunners

Beek, M. A. van der; Houtman, H. J., 1988: How to prevent wind erosion

Bjornstad, S. H., 1992: How to promote Norwegian pigmeat

Strongina, M. L., 1991: How to put finances of unprofitable enterprises on a healthy basis when territorial self government and a market are being established

Popov, N. A., 1990: How to reduce the outdoor damage by the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Pron' kina, L. A.; Efimenko, M. P., 1990: How to resolve the problem of mechanized harvesting of sweet and sour cherries

Armstrong, D.; Wiersma, F., 1991: How to run a modern milking parlor efficiently

Kholod, L. I., 1991: How to secure equitable exchange between agriculture and other branches of the economy

Komarov, V. N.; Gunar, E. V., 1991: How to secure food supply in cities and rural areas

Mroz, M., 1991: How to select travel guides

Zhuravlev, V. N., 1991: How to solve the problem of unnecessary chemical treatments

Doud, J., 1992: How to start a wheelchair tennis program

Kosukhina, V. P.; Leont' ev, S. M., 1991: How to start privatization

Anonymous, 1990: How to store milk products

Vallejo Rodriguez, V., 1988: How to treat toxic infections caused by foods

Kurtsev, I., 1991: How to use agricultural land

Green, C. E., 1992: How to use guest history

Lehaman, P. S.; Cochran, C. R., 1991: How to use resistant vegetable cultivars to control root-knot nematodes in home gardens

Hornfeldt C.S., 1992: How to use your local poison control center

Evseev, S. N., 1991: How to utilize sawdust more profitably

Volovik, V. Yu, 1991: How to value the property of leaseholders or peasants?

Heim, F. G., 1990: How to work with farmers: a manual for field workers, based on the case of Thailand

Jong Brink, M. de, 1990: How trematode parasites interfere with reproduction of their intermediate hosts, freshwater snails

Harris, S.; Black, R. E., 1991: How useful are pharmaceuticals in managing diarrhoeal diseases in developing countries?

Tippannawar, M. B., 1990: How users' groups ensured more efficient and more equitable distribution of water

Heiling V.J.; Miles J.M.; Jensen M.D., 1991: How valid are isotopic measurements of fatty acid oxidation?

Chen, Z. X.; Spreitzer, R. J., 1992: How various factors influence the CO2/O2 specificity of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase

Asadi, F., 1990: How viable will the agricultural economy be in the new state of Palestine

Samusenko, I. E., 1989: How we breed Encarsia

Power, B.; Cocking, E., 1991: How we saved the Bramley

Malet, M., 1992: How weeds are controlled in potatoes

Stehr Green, P.; Briasco, C.; Baker, M.; Trotter, P., 1992: How well are we protecting our children? An immunisation coverage survey in Hawke's Bay

Jacobson R.H., 1991: How well do serodiagnostic tests predict the infection or disease status of cats?

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127260

Lucas, R. C., 1990: How wilderness visitors choose entry points and campsites

Bennett, R., 1992: How will EuroDisney affect the European market?

Klonsky, K.; Norris, K.; Buckles, R., 1992: How will cleanup of contaminated farm properties be financed? Problems and solutions

Barkema, A., 1991: How will reform of the Soviet farm economy affect US agriculture?

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127265

Anonymous, 1991: How you dry off cows affects udder infections

Hunt P.; Krumlauf R., 1991: Hox genes coming to a head

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127270

Anonymous, 1991: Hoyer's ice cream equipment

Cheung, W. Y.; Moore, G.; Money, T. A.; Gale, M. D., 1992: HpaII library indicates 'methylation-free islands' in wheat and barley

Arlat, M.; Boucher, C., 1989: Hrp Genes are key genes controlling plant pathogenicity among bacteria

Willis, D. K.; Rich, J. J.; Hrabak, E. M., 1991: Hrp Genes of phytopathogenic bacteria

Bertrand Garcia, R.; Freeling, M., 1991: Hsf1-0 (Hairy sheath frayed): 5L linkage data

Chen, H. Y., 1990: Hua 03 - a new early maturing indica type rice cultivar with high protein content

Eriksson, O. E., 1992: Huangshania verrucosa gen. et sp. nov. (Triblidiaceae, Triblidiales ordo nov.), a discomycete on Pinus from China

Riskowski, G. L.; Bundy, D. S.; Matthews, J. A., 1990: Huddling behaviour and hematology of weanling pigs as affected by air velocity and temperature

Boessneck, J., 1991: Huge domestic geese in ancient Egypt during the late dynasty

Williams, L. A, Jr, 1990: Hugo

Hyatt, M. G., 1990: Hugo: the Charleston County mosquito abatement experience

Loy, J. B., 1990: Hull-less seeded pumpkins: a new edible snackseed crop

Husby, F. M., 1990: Hulless barley and crab shell in diets fed to steers

Jakobsson, I.; Axelsson, I. E.; Juvonen, P.; Lindberg, T.; Lothe, L., 1989: Human alpha -lactalbumin as a marker of macromolecular absorption in early infancy

Menon, R. S.; Ham, R. G., 1989: Human beta -casein: partial cDNA sequence and apparent polymorphism

Caterina, J. J.; Ryan, T. M.; Pawlik, K. M.; Palmiter, R. D.; Brinster, R. L.; Behringer, R. R.; Townes, T. M., 1991: Human beta -globin locus control region: analysis of the 5' DNase 1 hypersensitive site HS 2 in transgenic mice

Dumas, M.; Boa, F. Y., 1988: Human African trypanosomiasis

Eyckmans, L., 1989: Human African trypanosomiasis

Sit, K. H.; Bay, B. H.; Wong, K. P., 1992: Human Chang liver cells show large surface openings and endocytic channels that resemble those in the amoeba

Pla, M.; Samaan, A.; Gillet, D.; Reboul, M.; Frangoulis, B.; Opolski, A.; Chopin, M.; Degos, L., 1990: Human HLA-B27 antigens in transgenic mice can function as a major histocompatibility antigen

Hagan, P.; Blumenthal, U. J.; Dunn, D.; Simpson, A. J. G.; Wilkins, H. A., 1991: Human IgE, IgG4 and resistance to reinfection with Schistosoma haematobium

Orihuela, R.; Botto, C.; Delgado, O.; Ortiz, A.; Suarez, J. A.; Arguello, C., 1987: Human Lagochilascaris infection in Venezuela. Description of a fatal case

Giboda, M.; Ditrich, O.; Scholz, T.; Viengsay, T.; Bouaphanh, S., 1991: Human Opisthorchis and Haplorchis infections in Laos

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127303

Vasquez, P.; Sanchez, G.; Volante, C. et al., 1991: Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1: new risk for Chilean population

Murphy, E. L.; Figueroa, J. P.; Gibbs, W. N. et al., 1991: Human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) seroprevalence in Jamaica: demographic determinants

Maloney, E. M.; Murphy, E. L.; Figueroa, J. P. et al., 1991: Human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) seroprevalence in Jamaica: geographic and ecologic determinants

Yanagihara, R.; Ajdukiewicz, A. B.; Garruto, R. M. et al., 1991: Human T-lymphotropic virus type I infection in the Solomon Islands

Brenig, B.; Brem, G., 1991: Human VNTR sequences in porcine HTF-islands

Section 3, Chapter 2128, Accession 002127309

Dregne, H. E., 1991: Human activities and soil degradation

Al Madani, A. A.; Omar, M. S., 1990: Human activities leading to contact with water in a schistosomiasis endemic area, Southwest Saudi Arabia: preliminary observations

Podger, F. D.; Bird, T.; Brown, M. J., 1988: Human activity, fire and change in the forest at Hogsback Plain, Southern Tasmania

Rigden D.J.; Jellyman A.E.; Frayn K.N.; Coppack S.W., 1990: Human adipose tissue glycogen levels and responses to carbohydrate feeding

Carvalho W.A.; Matos G.B.; Cruz S.L.B.; Rodrigues D.S., 1991: Human aldrin poisoning

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