Hydraulic properties of forest soils. (I) The vertical distribution of saturated-unsaturated hydraulic conductivity

Ohte, N.; Suzuki, M.; Kubota, J.

Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society 71(4): 137-147


Accession: 002127902

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A method for determining the vertical distribution of the hydraulic conductivity of forest soils was applied to some undisturbed samples in three steps: (1) undisturbed soil sampling using a large sampler (diameter 19.5 cm, length 78.0 cm); (2) saturated hydraulic conductivity test by the steady water-level method; and (3) unsaturated hydraulic conductivity test by the steady-state method. Three kinds of forest soils were examined. The unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of these samples does not vary with parent material. The parameters which show the change of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity for the pressure head and the absolute values of the critical capillary head were smaller than those of disturbed soil samples previously reported.