Identification of indicator species for pollution of aquatic ecosystems by organochlorine pesticides

Shebunina, N.A.

Hydrobiological Journal 26(2): 81-85


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-8166
Accession: 002129536

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Indicator species for pollution (of the Dnieper-Bug lagoon, USSR) by organochlorine pesticides were chosen on the basis of gas chromatographic analysis of 1750 specimens. The concentration factors (CF) for DDT and HCH in the water and in the biota indicated the patterns of their distribution and migration. Interspecific concentration factors (ICF) for successive levels of the food chain can be used to establish the determination of bioindicator levels. It is suggested that CFs and ICFs be used together to evaluate the ecotoxicological situation and in monitoring ecosystem pollution.