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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2136

Chapter 2136 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saini R.S.; Kumar J.; Singh R.P., 1991:
Independent culling levels and index selection for simultaneous improvement of egg weight and egg number in chicken

Jennings, G.; Elia, M., 1991:
Independent effects of protein and energy deficiency on acute-phase protein response in rats

Sonne-Holm, S.; Sørensen, T.I.; Jensen, G.; Schnohr, P., 1989:
Independent effects of weight change and attained body weight on prevalence of arterial hypertension in obese and non-obese men

Martins, L.P.; Chenciner, N.; Asjö, B.; Meyerhans, A.; Wain-Hobson, S., 1991:
Independent fluctuation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 rev and gp41 quasispecies in vivo

Valk, P. van der; Kik, C.; Verstappen, F.; Everink, J.T.; Vries, J.N. de, 1991:
Independent segregation of two isozyme markers and inter-plant differences in nuclear DNA content in the interspecific backcross (Allium fistulosum L. X A. cepa L.) X A. cepa L

Anonymous, 1991:
Independent travel - a bias towards youth

Neuffer, M.G.; Chao, S.M., 1991:
Indeterminate dwarf: an EMS-induced double mutant

Inayatullah C.; Webster J.A.; Fargo W.S., 1990:
Index for measuring plant resistance to insects

Mieszkalski, L., 1991:
Index of apparent volume increase, bulk density, mass density and porosity of faba beans assigned for processing

Willeke, H.; Peschke, W., 1992:
Index of genetic defects and strategy for their reduction in A.I. boars in Bavaria

Marques, S.A., 1991:
Index of prices paid by farmers in Sao Paulo: construction and calculation

Hamachi Y.; Yoshino M.; Furushio M.; Yoshida T., 1990:
Index of screening for wet endurance in malting barley

Cilardi, A.M.; Convertini, G.; Ferri, D.; Greco, P.; Quaranta, F., 1990:
Index of soil nitrogen availability in relation to nitrogen uptake by durum wheat. First results on two central southern fields with different textures

Agerer, R., 1991:
Index of unidentified ectomycorrhizae I. Names and identifications published 1986-1990

Maeda, T.; Soma, K., 1990:
Index properties of Ando Soils in Japan

Noda, K.; Houmura, I.; Otsuka, K.; Kino, K.; Ohta, M.; Hirose, K., 1989:
Index selection for egg production in fowls under a 23-hour light cycle

Chakravarty, A.K.; Rathi, S.S.; Balaine, D.S., 1991:
Index selection for the genetic improvement of Indian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Chakravarty, A.K.; Tripathi, V.N., 1990:
Index selection in buffaloes - application, constraints and future scope

Rogers, G.W., 1991:
Index selection using yield, SCC, udder depth, teat placement and foot angle

Day, R.W., 1990:
Index test for erosion potential

Errecalde, M.F.; Boluda, R.; Lagarda, M.J.; Farre, R., 1991:
Indexes of heavy metal pollution in intensively cultivated soils. Application to the L'Horta district (Valencia)

Manjunath, K.L., 1989:
Indexing for psorosis in citrus trees with mixed infections

Vuuren, S.P. van; Collins, R.P., 1990:
Indexing of transmissible pathogens and pre-immunization with citrus tristeza virus for the South African Citrus Improvement Program

Verma, J.S., 1990:
India agrochemical industry comes of age

Moretti, A.; Piergili Fioretti, D.; Papili, R.; Baldelli, F., 1987:
India ink immunoreaction for the diagnosis of human toxoplasmosis

Empson, J., 1992:
India joins the big league

Colmey, J., 1990:
India looks at the year 2000: is food production enough?

Anonymous, 1990:
India moves from shortage to surplus

Rai, K.N.; Singh, S.N.; Niwas, S., 1991 :
India's agricultural export: a case study of fresh fruits and vegetables

Singh, A.J.; Singh, R.P., 1991:
India's agricultural exports - problems and prospects

Lensch, J., 1990:
India's cattle breeding: within the framework of a sociological, ecological and economic system

Choudhery, A.K., 1992:
India's cheese spreads

Rajan, S.I.; Ravibabu, P., 1990:
India's family planning programme: a critical appraisal

Cockerell, N., 1991:
India's hotel sector and international expansion

Russell, A., 1991:
India's industrial minerals. Completing the picture

Wijk, J. van, 1990:
India's patent law under debate

Prasad, K.N., 1991:
India's rural problems

Colmey, J., 1990:
India's trainers adapt to change

Rao, A.; Anderson, M.B.; Overholt, C.A., 1991:
India: access to schooling in Ambakach

Narayan, P., 1990 :
India: outlook on the supply/demand situation for fertilizers

Rao, A.; Anderson, M.B.; Overholt, C.A., 1991:
India: the Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme

Agarwal, M.L.; Kapoor, V.C., 1989:
Indian Dacini (Diptera: Tephritidae) and their host plants relationships

Anand, R.K., 1989:
Indian Meloidae (Coleoptera): a taxonomic review

Baviskar, B.S., 1991:
Indian Sugar: power to the peasants

Mishra, M.D.; Hammond, R.W.; Owens, R.A.; Smith, D.R.; Diener, T.O., 1991:
Indian bunchy top disease of tomato plants is caused by a distinct strain of citrus exocortis viroid

Colchester, M., 1989:
Indian development in Amazonia: risks and strategies

Anonymous, 1990:
Indian economy since independence. Vol. II. Different aspects of agricultural development

Sen, B.K.; Karanjai, A.; Munshi, U.M., 1990:
Indian journals on malariology

Albert, B., 1991:
Indian lands, environmental policy and military geopolitics in the development of the Brazilian Amazon: the case of the Yanomami

Pinton, F., 1990:
Indian mobility given peasant migration. Agricultural expansion in Catatumbo (Colombia)

Shpota, V.I.; Konovalov, N.G.; Podkolzina, V.E., 1990:
Indian mustard Yuzhanka 15

Srinivasan K.; Moorthy P.N.K., 1991:
Indian mustard as a trap crop for management of major lepidopterous pests on cabbage

Agrawal, P.K., 1991:
Indian oilseeds and edible oils economy during last decade (1981-91) - an analytical study

Verma, O.S.; Mehrotra, N., 1990:
Indian rural women: attitude orientation towards dowry system

Anonymous, 1990:
Indian soil and water conservation research and training institutions. Report of a study tour by SADCC officials, 15-29 March 1990

Chaudhuri, P.K.; Das, S.K.; Sublette, J.E., 1992:
Indian species of genus Chironomus Meigen (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Gehlawat, J.K., 1990:
Indian sugar industry - a changing scenario

Gehlawat, J.K., 1990:
Indian sugar industry at cross roads, need for supplementary sweeteners

Chiranjeevi, T., 1992:
Indian tea industry

Mitra, N., 1991:
Indian tea industry: problems and policies

Chatterjee, M., 1990 :
Indian women: their health and economic productivity

Sawyer, T.H., 1991:
Indiana pace: a program for athletic coaches' education

Schroder, B., 1991:
Indians in the halls of academe: rural Andean peoples confront social science

Heu, M.H.; Koh, H.J.; Suh, H.S.; Park, S.Z., 1991:
Indica rice grown in Korea

Mattila, T.; Auvinen, M., 1990:
Indication of the growth of Cl. perfringens in aseptically packed sausage and meat ball gravy by headspace indicators (Part II)

Weidemann, G., 1990:
Indication, judgement and valuation in ecotoxicology

Rocken, M., 1990:
Indications and technique of diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy of the equine stifle joint

Lawler D.F.; Chandler M.L., 1992:
Indications and techniques for tube feeding puppies

Rocken, M.; Deppe, R.; Fritsch, R., 1990:
Indications for arthroscopy in the horse

Delfraissy, J.F., 1990:
Indications for prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Neve, J., 1990:
Indications for trace element supplementation in the elderly

Zaporozec, A.A., 1990:
Indicator of ground-water level fluctuations

Catasus Guerra, L.J.; Rodriguez Bozan, J.I.; Lopez Bustos, R.J., 1989:
Indicator plant for marshy areas Eragrostis glomerata (Walt) Dewey

Kubler, H., 1991:
Indicators and significance of air supply in the combustion of wood for heat

Gravert, H.O., 1991:
Indicators for assessing energy balance in dairy cows

Cobas, D.B., 1989:
Indicators for evaluation of growth regulators at early development stages in sugarcane

Kumar, K., 1989:
Indicators for measuring changes in income, food availability and consumption, and the natural resource base

Loiseau, P.; E.H.bchi, A.; Montard, F.X. de; Triboi, E., 1992:
Indicators for the management of nitrogen in cropping systems including cut leys

Sorokin, V.K., 1990:
Indicators of control and steering systems in fertiliser spreaders

Mateo de Acosta, G., 1989:
Indicators of iron deficiency: interpretation of the results

High, H.A.; Gold, J., 1991:
Indicators of malnutrition among clients presenting to the Albion Street (AIDS) centre

Santos Spinelli, M.A. dos; Silva, R.R. da; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimaraes, L.V., 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 1. Methodological aspects and socioeconomic characteristics

Yokoo, E.M.; Guimaraes, L.V.; Silva, R.A.P.R. da; Santos Spinelli, M.A. dos; Albuquerque, M.C.W., 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 2. Anthropometric study, 1983

Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimaraes, L.V.; Latorraca, M.Q.; Santos Spinelli, M.A. dos; Veloso, R.V.; Silva, R.A.P.R. da; Santos, S.M.C. dos, 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 3. Clinical nutritional study

Silva, R.R. da; Santos Spinelli, M.A. dos; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Santos, S.M.C. dos; Yokoo, E.M., 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 4. Diet study in families in 6 cities of the Polonoroeste area, Mato Grosso, Brazil, 1983

Santos Spinelli, M.A. dos; Silva, R.R. da; Albuquerque, M.C.W.; Yokoo, E.M.; Guimaraes, L.V., 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 6. Anthropometric study in 1985

Silva, M.H.G.G. da; Veiga, G.V. da; Amicucci, M.S., 1988:
Indicators of nutritional conditions in the Polonoroeste area. 7. Study of the prevalence of undernutrition and diarrhoea in 1985

Mitchell, M.A.; Kettlewell, P.J.; Maxwell, M.H., 1992:
Indicators of physiological stress in broiler chickens during road transportation

Aguilar Leon, L.; Rondon, V., 1988:
Indices for determining the erosive potential of rain, in order to predict soil loss during forest exploitation at Ticoporo, Venezuela. Part I

Fotyma M.; Naglik E.; Pietrasz Kesik G., 1991:
Indices of an optimum state of phosphorus and potassium in soils formed from loams

Musin, A.M., 1991:
Indices of automation feed metering effectiveness

Gel'tser Y.G., 1991:
Indices of biological activity in soil investigations

Buglanov, A.A.; Turaev, A.T.; Sayapina, E.V.; Suleimanova, D.N., 1989:
Indices of iron metabolism in newborn infants and in children in the first year of life

Zaikov, S.N., 1990:
Indices of nitrogen metabolism in calves after long-term feeding on biologically active substances

Gonzalez de Llano, D.; Ramos, M.; Polo, C.; Martin Alvarez, P.J., 1990:
Indices of proteolysis as a criterion of cheese ripening

Delgado, A.; Machado, R.; Rolo, R.; Nunez, C.A., 1990:
Indices of susceptibility in oat varieties to the disease caused by Drechslera avenae. I. The effect of some climatic indicators

Fedulova, N.M.; Anis' kov, N.I., 1990:
Indices of the degree of stability in the main yield components of spring barley

Chittleborough, D.J., 1991:
Indices of weathering for soils and palaeosols formed on silicate rocks

Lawn, R.J.; Rebetzke, G.J., 1991:
Indigenous Vigna spp. as a source of germplasm for mungbean improvement

Balee, W., 1988:
Indigenous adaptation to Amazonian palm forests

Obidi, S.S., 1991:
Indigenous agricultural education of the Yoruba in Nigeria

Bebbington, A., 1991:
Indigenous agriculture in the central Ecuadorian Andes. The cultural ecology and institutional conditions of its construction and its change

Ibrahim, M.A., 1991:
Indigenous agro-veterinary knowledge system: an alternative source

Alcorn, J.B., 1990:
Indigenous agroforestry strategies meeting farmers' needs

Burchard, G.D., 1988:
Indigenous and tropical worm infections

Hailu Gebre; Fekadu Alemayehu, 1991:
Indigenous barley germplasm in the Ethiopian breeding programme

Tawonezvi, H.P.R., 1990:
Indigenous breed improvement in Zimbabwe

Sambraus, H.H., 1989:
Indigenous breeds of domestic livestock in Japan

Shanawany, M.M.; Banerjee, A.K., 1991:
Indigenous chicken genotypes of Ethiopia

Aini, I., 1990:
Indigenous chicken production in South-east-Asia

Anonymous, 1992 :
Indigenous crossbreds are unbeatable

Thakur, B.N.; Acharya, R.C.; Shrestha, K.G., 1991:
Indigenous dairy products of Nepal

Andrews, A.T., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. I. General introduction

Olivecrona, T.; Bengtsson Olivecrona, G., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. II. Lipase

Fox, P.F., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. III. Proteinase

Andrews, A.T., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. IV. Phosphatases

Bjorck, L., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. V. Lactoperoxidase

Farkye, N.Y., 1991:
Indigenous enzymes in milk. VI. Other enzymes

Dietz, T., 1991:
Indigenous irrigation as a starting point in northwest Kenya

Anonymous, 1991:
Indigenous knowledge and development. Symposium on food security and rural development

Dei, G.J.S., 1990:
Indigenous knowledge and economic production: the food crop cultivation, preservation and storage methods of a West African community

Warren, D.M.; Cashman, K., 1989:
Indigenous knowledge for sustainable agriculture and rural development

Kidd, A.D.; Phillips Howard, K.D., 1992:
Indigenous knowledge systems and viable rural development policy

Migot Adholla, S.; Hazell, P.; Blarel, B.; Place, F., 1991:
Indigenous land rights systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: a constraint on productivity?

Pradhan, R.K., 1991:
Indigenous medicines for bovine theileriasis

Murillo, T.; Rivera, P.; Hernandez, F.; Jiron, L.F., 1990:
Indigenous microflora of the West Indies fruit fly, Anastrepha obliqua (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Haque, S.A., 1991:
Indigenous milk products of Bangladesh

Patel, R.K., 1991:
Indigenous milk products of India

Kurian, K., 1991:
Indigenous milk products of India - present and future market share

Punjrath, J.S., 1991:
Indigenous milk products of India - the related research and technology requirements in process equipment

Mathur, B.N., 1991:
Indigenous milk products of India: the related research and technological requirements

Rajasekaran, B.; Warren, D.M.; Babu, S.C., 1991:
Indigenous natural-resource management systems for sustainable agricultural development - a global perspective

Pathiraja, N.; Oyedipe, E.O., 1990:
Indigenous pig of Nigeria

Ulaganathan, K.; Mahadevan, A., 1991:
Indigenous plasmids of Xanthomonas campestris and characters encoded by a plasmid of X. c. pv. vignicola

Mansoben, J.; Walker, M.J., 1990:
Indigenous political structure and leadership patterns in Irian Jaya

Akhter, H.A.; Hameedullah, M., 1990:
Indigenous precision casting pattern material

Yabes, R.A., 1990:
Indigenous proportional weirs and modern agency turnouts: design alternatives in the Philippines

Eden, M.J., 1990:
Indigenous resource exploitation

Ramirez, D.M., 1988:
Indigenous soil conservation strategies in Philippine upland farms

Pickett, J., 1991:
Indigenous technological capability in sub-Saharan Africa

Hassan, J.O.; Mockett, A.P.; McLeod, S.; Barrow, P.A., 1991:
Indirect antigen-trap ELISAs using polyclonal antisera for detection of group B and D Salmonellas in chickens

Pavesic, D.V., 1990:
Indirect cost factors in menu pricing

Arbeiter, K.; Dobretsberger, M.; Muller, E.; Holzmann, A., 1991:
Indirect detection of ovulation and ova fertilization in dogs by monitoring of plasma progesterone levels

Barci Funel, G.; Dalmasso, J.; Ardisson, G., 1992:
Indirect determination of 241Pu activity in soils using low energy photon spectrometers

Anwar, J.; Farooqi, M.I.; Atthar, M.M., 1989:
Indirect determination of ammonia by atomic absorption spectroscopy

Mendel, O.; Pekarova, P., 1990:
Indirect determination of nitrate concentration in rivers on the Flysh Region

Szalai, J., 1992:
Indirect determination of the shear strength of wood with the aid of anisotropic strength theory

Ahoonmanesh, A.; Hajimorad, M.R.; Ingham, B.J.; Francki, R.I., 1990:
Indirect double antibody sandwich ELISA for detecting alfalfa mosaic virus in aphids after short probes on infected plants

Pusztai A.; Begbie R.; Grant G.; Ewen S.W.B.; Bardocz S., 1991:
Indirect effects of food antinutrients on protein digestibility and nutritional value of diets

Gruza, N.G., 1990:
Indirect estimate of mean long-term reserves of productive moisture in the soil of the European USSR

Vedore, G. delle; Mambelli, S.; Danuso, F.; Amaducci, M.T.; Venturi, G., 1990:
Indirect estimation of total dry matter and leaf area and possibility of yield forecast in sunflower

McNeish, J.A.; Andrews, R.W., 1989 :
Indirect evaluation of hydrogeologic spatial correlation length: an approach to quantification of hydraulic conductivity variance reduction using synthetic hydraulic tests

Beeckman, H.; Gallin, E.; Coppejans, E., 1989:
Indirect gradient analysis of the mangal formation of Gazi Bay (Kenya)

Katic Radivojevic, S.; uricic, B.; Savin, Z.; Dimitrijevic, S., 1990:
Indirect haemagglutination test for diagnosing sarcosporidiosis in sheep infected with Sarcocystis ovifelis

Gupta, R.K.; Misra, C.N.; Mehta, V.K.; Gupta, V.K.; Rao Bhau, L.N.; Singh, G.; Gowal, D.; Saxena, S.N., 1990:
Indirect haemagglutination test for the assay of antibodies against Japanese encephalitis viral antigen in human & animal sera

Hormilla, G.; Perez, O.; Lastre, M.; Espino, A.M., 1990:
Indirect immunofluorescence in filariasis. II. Humoral response in a population in the neighbourhood of a patient with proven Wuchereria bancrofti (Nematoda: Filarioidea), Cuba, 1983

Jensen, H.E.; Hau, J.; Aalbaek, B.; Schønheyder, H., 1990:
Indirect immunofluorescence staining and crossed immunoelectrophoresis for differentiation of Candida albicans and Geotrichum candidum

Hostnik, P.; Zeleznik, Z.; Psikal, I.; Grom, J.; Valencak, Z., 1990:
Indirect immunofluorescence test for the detection of antibodies to bovine respiratory syncytial virus

Merino, N.; Rodriguez, M.E.; Garcia, M.G., 1989:
Indirect immunoperoxidase technique for the diagnosis of chronic toxoplasmosis in rabbits

Juillard, V.; Richard, J., 1990:
Indirect interaction in milk between proteolytic and isogenic non-proteolytic strains of Lactococcus lactis. I. Effect of pre-culturing by a non-proteolytic variant

Juillard, V.; Richard, J., 1991:
Indirect interaction in milk between proteolytic and isogenic non-proteolytic strains of Lactococcus lactis. II. Effect of pre-culturing by a proteolytic strain

Forrest, B.D., 1992:
Indirect measurement of intestinal immune responses to an orally administered attenuated bacterial vaccine

Martin P.J.; Riley J., 1989:
Indirect method for estimating clove tree yields

Shcheglov, V.V., 1991:
Indirect methods of estimating metabolizable energy in feeds and diets

Renschler, H., 1991:
Indirect polluters' regulation in Baden Wurttemberg - objectives and implementation

Moskvin, L.N.; Zeimal' , A.E.; Mogilevskaya, A.E., 1990:
Indirect potentiometric determination of aluminum using a fluoride selective electrode

Shalaby, A.; el-Shehaby, R.; Aboul-Kheir, A., 1989:
Indirect potentiometric titration of reducing carbohydrates. I. Using alkaline potassium mercuric bromide solution and sulphide selective electrode

Shalaby, A.; E.S.ehaby, R.; Aboul Kheir, A., 1989:
Indirect potentiometric titration of reducing carbohydrates. II. Using alkaline copper(II) complexes and sulphide-selective electrode

Souza, S.-De; Hodge, G.; White, T., 1992:
Indirect prediction of breeding values for fusiform rust resistance of slash pine parents using greenhouse tests

White T.L.; Hodge G.R., 1991:
Indirect prediction of genetic values

Schuler, L.; Herrn, R., 1991:
Indirect responses in growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition after selection for biomass (42-day litter weight) - an experiment with laboratory mice

Lindhout, P., 1990:
Indirect selection with molecular markers in tomato

Mcdermott, K.; Feddes, J.J., 1991:
Indirect versus direct whole-house calorimetry for animal housing

Boutilier, M.A.; Giovanni, L.F.S., 1992:
Individual and team sports in the Olympics: a question of balance

Swanson, G., 1991:
Individual animal model

Turner, J.R.; Tainton, N.M., 1989:
Individual animal performance in relation to herbage mass and stocking rate in the Natal Sour Sandveld

Loomis, D.K., 1990:
Individual choice behaviour in the use of common-property recreation resources: effects of motivational orientation and multiple resource options

Bondar' , V.S.; Grushevaya, L.F.; Pavlichenko, S.L., 1991:
Individual coefficients of sugar extraction

Medlin, C.; Skinner, J.D., 1988:
Individual dietary intake methodology: a 50-year review of progress

Jeon, B.T.; Otha, M., 1989:
Individual differences of the chewing speed and chews per bolus in rumination behaviour of cattle

Shmelev, G., 1991:
Individual farm production in East European countries

Shibuya, M.; Sahama, O.; Yajima, T., 1989:
Individual growth and roots distribution in a todo fir (Abies sachalinensis Fr. Schm.) stand planted in clumps

Es, R. van, 1990:
Individual initiative

Appel A.G.; Woody L.G., 1990:
Individual mound treatment for rapid control of fire ants

Santilli, J.; Rockwell, W.J.; Collins, R.P., 1990:
Individual patterns of immediate skin reactivity to mold extracts

Lague, C., 1992:
Individual protection from noise in agriculture

Lunn, S., 1990:
Individual psychotherapeutic treatment of anorexia nervosa

Bouchon, J.; Dhote, J.F.; Lanier, L., 1989:
Individual reaction of beech (Fagus sylvatica) trees to different intensities of thinning at different ages

Banaszek, M.M.; Siebenmorgen, T.J., 1990:
Individual rice kernel drying curves

Dobrinov, I.; Gagov, V.; Yurukov, S.; Stoyanov, P., 1988:
Individual selection in the breeding of Scots pine

Mclain D.K.; Marsh N.B., 1990:
Individual sex ratio adjustment in response to the operational sex ratio in the southern green stinkbug

Burk, T.E.; Hans, R.P.; Wharton, E.H., 1989:
Individual tree volume equations for the northwestern United States: evaluation and new form quotient board foot equations

Hayes, JP.; Garland, T.; Jr.; Dohm, MR., 1992:
Individual variation in metabolism and reproduction of Mus: are energetics and life history linked?

Frumhoff, P.C.; Ward, P.S., 1992:
Individual-level selection, colony-level selection, and the association between polygyny and worker monomorphism in ants

Shafii, B.; Moore, J.A.; Newberry, J.D., 1990:
Individual-tree diameter growth models for quantifying within-stand response to nitrogen fertilization

Laar, A. van; Kramer, H.; Schmidt, J.K., 1990:
Individual-tree investigations in the Douglas fir thinning trial at Manderscheid

Rotundo, G.; Giacometti, R., 1988:
Individualization of an attractive mixture for males of Cydia fagiglandana Z. (Lep. Tortricidae) by means of a field study

Boothe, D.M.; Brown, S.A.; Jenkins, W.L.; Green, R.A.; Cullen, J.M.; Corrier, D.E., 1992:
Indocyanine green disposition in healthy dogs and dogs with mild, moderate, or severe dimethylnitrosamine-induced hepatic disease

Gurevich, L.S.; Bekker, A.M., 1990:
Indole metabolites in the fruit-bodies of some Inocybe species (Family Cortinariaceae Heim ex Pouz)

Forni, C.; Riov, J.; Grilli Caiola, M.; Tal Or, E., 1991:
Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) production by Arthrobacter species isolated from Azolla

Magnus, V.; Lacan, G., 1990:
Indole-3-ethanol metabolism and its possible role in the regulation of indole-3-acetic acid biosynthesis

Gaffney, T.D.; da Costa e Silva, O.; Yamada, T.; Kosuge, T., 1990:
Indoleacetic acid operon of Pseudomonas syringae subsp. savastanoi: transcription analysis and promoter identification

Fernandez, C.; Reboreda, M.R.; Guevara, O., 1990:
Indoleacetic acid production by microorganisms from the sugar cane rhizosphere

Krieken, W.M. van der; Breteler, H.; Visser, M.H.M., 1991:
Indolebutyric acid-induced root formation in apple tissue culture. Design of an experimental system, auxin metabolism and isolation of cDNA clones related to root initiation

Anonymous, 1990:
Indonesia agricultural bibliography (1983-1989)

Manokaran, N., 1989:
Indonesia's ban on rattan export except as value added finished products

Rao, A.; Anderson, M.B.; Overholt, C.A., 1991:
Indonesia: the P2WIK-UNDP Batik Project

Barlow, C.; Tomich, T., 1991:
Indonesian agricultural development: the awkward case of smallholder tree crops

Wardojo, I., 1991:
Indonesian agriculture on course for growth

Darwis, S.N., 1991:
Indonesian coconut research highlights

Andersson, K.; Andersson, I.; Essen Gustavsson, B., 1989:
Indoor and outdoor management of pigs. Conclusion of the Bjartorp trial

Shangguan, Z.J., 1990:
Indoor cultivation of Volvariella volvacea

Andersson, K.; Andersson, I.; Essen Gustavsson, B., 1990:
Indoor or outdoor management of pigs?

Burkhardt, U.; Bork, M.; Balfanz, E.; Leidel, J., 1990:
Indoor pollution by polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in permanently elastic sealing compounds

Quiñones, M.L.; Suarez, M.F., 1990:
Indoor resting heights of some anophelines in Colombia

Clulow, M.G., 1989:
Indoor snow making

Patra, N.K.; Chauhan, S.P.; Lavania, U.C., 1989:
Induced A-B translocation in Papaver somniferum L. and its effect on meiotic recombination

Wang, Y.; Becker, S.; Chow, L.P.; Wang, S.X., 1991:
Induced abortion in eight provinces of China

Kunoh, H.; Kuroda, K.; Toyoda, K.; Yamaoka, N.; Kobayashi, I., 1991:
Induced accessibility and enhanced inaccessibility at the cellular level in barley coleoptiles. IX. Accessibility induced by Erysiphe graminis which promotes the subsequent infection of challenging E. graminis

Kunoh, H.; Kato, N.; Yamaoka, N.; Kobayashi, I., 1991:
Induced accessibility and enhanced inaccessibility at the cellular level in barley coleoptiles. X. Unknown factor(s) influencing accessibility and inaccessibility

Khan, M.B.; Harborne, J.B., 1990:
Induced alkaloid defence in Atropa acuminata in response to mechanical and herbivore damage

Aladashvili, N.; Tkeshelashvili, M.; Berikashvili, V.; Babayan, T.; Latov, V.; Belikov, V.; Kvesitadze, G., 1991:
Induced autolysis of fungus Aspergillus terreus AT-490 grown on agricultural and food industry wastes

Kr"stanova, S.; Zagorska, N.; Doichinova, M., 1990:
Induced callus development and regeneration of whole plants in vitro in the variety Pamid

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Induced climate change on surface runoff in Kelantan, Malaysia

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Induced complex translocation heterozygosity in chilli

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Induced cycling in rabbits

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Induced disulfoton resistance in greenbugs (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Induced double trisomic in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Induced embryoid formation in anther culture of white head cabbage

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Induced expression of a bovine growth hormone construct in transgenic pigs

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Induced floral abnormality in pigeon pea

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Induced fluctuations of electric potentials in the apoplast of leaves

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Induced foxing by components found in foxed areas

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Induced height mutations in triticale

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Induced hybrid sterility by injection of streptococcal L-forms into Drosophila paulistorum: dynamics of infection

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Induced institutional innovation: plant variety rights, patents and genetic engineering

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Induced lactation in dairy cattle for increased milk production: effect on major milk constituents

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Induced lodging resistance in upland rice

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Induced mutagenesis and selection response for yield in green gram

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Induced mutagenesis for mungbean yellow mosaic virus resistance in mung bean

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Induced mutagenesis in pomegranate

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Induced mutagenesis to facilitate heterosis and hybrid seed production in barley

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Induced mutant forms of apple

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Induced mutants as source material in breeding varieties of grain legume crops of the intensive type

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Induced mutants as sources of new characters in breeding winter bread wheat

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Induced mutants in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum)

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Induced mutation for crop improvement in China: a review

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Induced mutation in spring wheat induced by fast neutrons

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Induced mutations - an integrating tool in genetics and plant breeding

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Induced mutations and their genetic aspects in wheat (Triticum aestivum vulgare)

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Induced mutations for disease resistance in barley

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Induced mutations for increased gum content in Cassia angustifolia

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Induced mutations for qualitative and quantitative traits in green gram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) cv. T 44

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Induced mutations for resistance to bacterial leaf blight in rice

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Induced mutations for resistance to powdery mildew in wheat

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Induced mutations for resistance to single spore cultures of leaf rust in wheat

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Induced mutations for yield and yield components showing altered partitioning of dry matter

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Induced mutations of a genetic suppressor of resistance to wheat stem rust

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Induced mutations of phylogenetic significance in fenugreek

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Induced oviposition of precalcified eggs following prostaglandin administration

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Induced ovulation of sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) following oral administration of des Gly10-(D-Ala6)LH-RH ethylamide

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Induced ovulation of the female tench (Tinca tinca L.): effect of the numbers and levels of pituitary injections on the results of stripping

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Induced polygenic variation in lentils

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Induced polygenic variation in mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss)

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Induced polypeptides associated with filarial worm refractoriness in Aedes aegypti

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Induced polyploid of the cultivated variety of almond

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Induced polyploids of Vicia villosa (winter vetch)

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Induced polyploidy in Betula

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Induced pycnidia production by the soybean isolates of Rhizoctonia bataticola

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Induced resistance and antifungal compounds of rice leaves in relation to adult-plant resistance to leaf blight

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Induced resistance and phytoalexin accumulation in biological control of Fusarium wilt of carnation by Pseudomonas sp. strain WCS417r

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Induced resistance in soybean to the Mexican bean beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): comparisons of inducing factors

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Induced resistance in the complex Coffea arabica L. Hemileia vastatrix Berk. and Br.: phenols and enzymes

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Induced resistance to powdery mildew in bread wheat

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Induced resistance: physiology and biochemistry

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Induced seedlessness in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Queen of the Vineyard

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Induced shy mutant of lentil (Lens culinaris Med.)

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Induced spawning and embryonic development of the carp Labeo rohita (Hamilton)

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Induced spawning in Colossoma macropomum by means of hypophysial extract and a gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue

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Induced spawning of spotted seatrout with selected hormone preparations

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Induced systemic resistance in cucumber in response to 2,6-dichloro-isonicotinic acid and pathogens

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Induced systemic resistance in plants

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Induced systemic resistance to blue mold of tobacco

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Induced tolerance to Schistosoma mansoni antigens modulates periovular granuloma

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Induced twinning in dairy cows

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Induced variability and selection for yield components in bread wheat

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Induced variability for grain yield and dry matter production in horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam. Verde)

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Induced variability in groundnut in M2 generation

Sonnino, A., 1991:
Induced variation for potato improvement

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Induced variation in quantitative characters in barley tissue culture

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Induced variation in yield traits of wild and cultivated beans

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Inducers and scavengers of free radicals in the food

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Inducible expression of pathogenesis-related 1 protein gene in transformed plants

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Inducing agricultural development in Nigeria through irrigation and water resource management: the human and environmental constraints

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Inducing artificial tetraploids from diploid meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.) varieties and the investigation of some meiotic characteristics of them

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Inducing catatonic patients to eat with daily administration of amobarbital sodium

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Inducing ovulation in female rabbits using Prolane A and Prolane

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Induction and characterization of the ethylene biosynthesis-inducing xylanase produced by the fungus, Trichoderma viride

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Induction and growth of wheat cell culture in liquid medium

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Induction and histological features of somatic embryogenesis in the tissue culture of Gramineae

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Induction and incidence of Ascosphaera infections in the blue orchard bee, Osmia lignaria propinqua (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

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Induction and inhibition of bovine leukaemia virus expression in naturally infected cells

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Induction and partial purification of chitinolytic enzymes from Beauveria bassiana

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Induction and regulation of ethylene biosynthesis and ripening by pectic oligomers in tomato pericarp discs

Campbell, A.D.; Labavitch, J.M., 1991:
Induction and regulation of ethylene biosynthesis by pectic oligomers in cultured pear cells

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Induction and superinduction of auxin-responsive mRNAs with auxin and protein synthesis inhibitors

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Induction and synchronization of farrowing

Domingues Fdez Tejerina, J.C.; Miro Roig, J.; Carbajo Rueda, M., 1988:
Induction and synchronization of oestrus during seasonal anoestrus in improved Ripollesa ewes by means of FGA- impregnated vaginal sponges and PMSG injections

Massouh, J.; Schulz, J., 1990:
Induction and synchronization of oestrus in German Mutton Merino ewes by means of a progesterone preparation

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Induction and synchronization of oestrus in anoestrous (acyclic) recipient goats

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Induction and synchronization of oestrus in anoestrous gilts with prostaglandin and gonadotropin analogues

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Induction and synchronization of oestrus in goats during seasonal anoestrus by means of progestogens and PMSG

Joshi, S.A.; Paragaonkar, D.R.; Bakshi, S.A.; Markandeya, N.M., 1992:
Induction and synchronization of postpartum anoestrus in Red Kandhari X Jersey cows treated with Synchro-Mate B treatment

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Induction and use of variation in potato with different in vitro systems

Kawalleck, P.; Plesch, G.; Hahlbrock, K.; Somssich, I.E., 1992:
Induction by fungal elicitor of S-adenosyl-L-methionine synthetase and S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase mRNAs in cultured cells and leaves of Petroselinum crispum

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Induction by progesterone of immunosuppressive activity in uterine secretions of ovariectomized ewes

Kim, W.T.; Silverstone, A.; Yip, W.K.; Dong, J.G.; Yang, S.F., 1992:
Induction of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase mRNA by auxin in mung bean hypocotyls and cultured apple shoots

Millam, S., 1991:
Induction of Agrobacterium tumours on seedlings and in vitro plantlets of Brassica napus

Kang, K.H.; Cha, S.I., 1990:
Induction of Lactobacillus casei prophage by mitomycin C

Mercer, D.R.; Anderson, J.R.; Washburn, J.O., 1989:
Induction of Lambornella clarki (Protozoa: Ciliophora: Tetrahymenidae) by Aedes sierrensis (Diptera: Culicidae) larvae: fine-tuned biological control of mosquitoes by a protozoan

Kilian, A.; Gale, M.D., 1991:
Induction of RFLPs by mutagenesis

Little, C.H.; Sundberg, B.; Ericsson, A., 1990:
Induction of acropetal (14)C-photosynthate transport and radial growth by indole-3-acetic acid in Pinus sylvestris shoots

Kovalenko, G.A.; Popova, N.A.; Tsertsvadze, D.K.; Salganik, R.I., 1991:
Induction of activity of deoxyribonuclease in blood sera of mink susceptible and resistant to Aleutian disease virus with heterogenous DNA as a factor of antiviral immunity

Kondo, T., 1988:
Induction of adventitious buds from the small seedlings of Japanese black pine: effect of medium concentration

Shchereva, L.; Kruleva, M.; Zagorska, N., 1990:
Induction of androgenesis in anther cultures of tomato

Hoefer, M.; Hanke, V., 1990:
Induction of androgenesis in vitro in apple and sweet cherry

Szarejko, I.; Kasha, K.J., 1991:
Induction of anther culture derived doubled haploids in barley

Nakamura, Y.; Nakai, T.; Muroga, K., 1990:
Induction of antibody producing cells in some fishes by immunization with Vibrio anguillarum O-antigen

Velasquez S.E.; Moreno G.E.; Gomez, V. de; Pena, M. de, 1990:
Induction of antifungal substances in coffee cell suspensions

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Induction of antigen-specific human cytotoxic T cells by Toxoplasma gondii

Kim, J.P.; Hahn, C.K.; Jung, J., 1991:
Induction of antioxygenic enzymes as defense systems in plant cells against low temperature stress: (1). Accumulation of pyruvate in cells during cold treatment and activation of antioxygenic enzymes after chilling

Hahn, C.K.; Kim, J.P.; Jung, J., 1991:
Induction of antioxygenic enzymes as defense systems in plant cells against low temperature stress: (2). Mn2+-induced SOD activation and enhancement of cold tolerance in rice seedlings

Sfakiotakis, E.; Stavroulakis, G.; Ververidis, P.; Gerasopoulos, D., 1989:
Induction of autocatalytic ethylene production and ripening by propylene in Hayward kiwifruit

Sehgal, O.; Rieger, R.M.hamed, F., 1991:
Induction of bean PR-4d-type protein in divergent plant species after infection with tobacco ringspot virus and its relationship with tobacco PR-5

Vikulova, V.K.; Remizova, E.Y.; Mglinets, V.A., 1989:
Induction of bithorax phenocopy by diethyl ether in successive generations of Drosophila melanogaster

Krisinger, J.; Strom, M.; Darwish, H.D.; Perlman, K.; Smith, C.; DeLuca, H.F., 1991:
Induction of calbindin-D 9k mRNA but not calcium transport in rat intestine by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 24-homologs

Pouliot, Y.; Landry, J.; Giasson, J., 1991:
Induction of calcium phosphate precipitation in cheese whey permeate

Erdelsky K.; Sebinova J.; Gajdos J.; Bobak M., 1990:
Induction of callogenesis and somatic embryogenesis of poppy in different developmental stages of embryo after fertilization

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Induction of callus and organogenesis in pepper

Ilcheva, V.; Zagorska, N., 1991:
Induction of callus and regeneration in tissue cultures of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Induction of callus from mistletoe and interaction with its host cells

Ilicheva, V.; Zagorska, N., 1990:
Induction of callusogenesis and organogenesis in mature seeds of Triticum aestivum L

Sachinidis, A.; Locher, R.; Vetter, W., 1990:
Induction of cell proliferation and vasoconstriction by low density lipoprotein

Hrmová, M.; Petráková, E.; Biely, P., 1991:
Induction of cellulose- and xylan-degrading enzyme systems in Aspergillus terreus by homo- and heterodisaccharides composed of glucose and xylose

Inui H.; Kosaki H.; Uno Y.; Tabata K.; Hirano S., 1991:
Induction of chitinases in rice callus treated with chitin derivatives

Mandal D.N.; Chaudhuri, S., 1990:
Induction of chlamydospore in Fusarium moniliforme

Menon M.K.C.; Lal M., 1990:
Induction of controlled differentiation of callus in mosses

Lewis, J.A.; Roberts, D.P.; Hollenbeck, M.D., 1991:
Induction of cytoplasmic leakage from Rhizoctonia solani hyphae by Gliocladium virens and partial characterization of a leakage factor

Onuma, H.; Iwai, K.; Kashima, H.; Kudoh, N.; Ohnami, Y.; Kikuchi, M., 1989:
Induction of daytime farrowing with a prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue (ONO-1052) and oxytocin

Hanazato, T., 1991:
Induction of development of high helmets by a Chaoborus-released chemical in Daphnia galeata

Alstrom S., 1991:
Induction of disease resistance in common bean susceptible to halo blight bacterial pathogen after seed bacterization with rhizosphere pseudomonads

Marshall J.G.; Scarratt J.B.; Dumbroff E.B., 1991:
Induction of drought resistance by abscisic acid and paclobutrazol in jack pine

Theiler Hedtrich, R., 1990:
Induction of dwarf F-12/1 cherry rootstocks by in vitro mutagenesis

Rai A.K.; Agarwal S.P.; Agarwal V.K.; Khanna N.D., 1991:
Induction of early puberty in female camels

Tascon, S.; Peredo, S.; Recabarren, S., 1989:
Induction of early testicular activity in rats by means of pulsatile administration of LHRH

Marchenko, A.O., 1991:
Induction of embryogenesis in primary calluses from grape stem and leaves

Moore, T.; Moore, J., 1991:
Induction of ent-kaurene biosynthesis by low temperature in dwarf peas

Gao J.P.; Kubo Y.; Nakamura R.; Inaba A., 1990:
Induction of ethylene biosynthesis in banana fruit under different ripening conditions

Yasuhara, M.; Ohama, T.; Matsuki, N.; Saito, H.; Shiga, J.; Inoue, K.; Kurokawa, K.; Teramoto, T., 1991:
Induction of fatty liver by fasting in suncus

Song, W.; Collisson, E.W.; Billingsley, P.M.; Brown, W.C., 1992:
Induction of feline immunodeficiency virus-specific cytolytic T-cell responses from experimentally infected cats

Blacquiere, T.; Schreuder, S., 1991:
Induction of flowering in Vriesea in winter is difficult

Apseloff, G.; Hilligoss, D.M.; Gardner, M.J.; Henry, E.B.; Inskeep, P.B.; Gerber, N.; Lazar, J.D., 1991:
Induction of fluconazole metabolism by rifampin: in vivo study in humans

Kang, N.J.; Cho, J.L.; Kang, S.M., 1990:
Induction of genetic transformation in radish plants by the microinjection of foreign DNA into the ovary

Molkanova, O.I.; Kovaleva, I.S.; Konovalova, L.N.; Slyusarenko, A.G., 1990:
Induction of haploid plants in in vitro anther culture of interspecific hybrids of wheat

Zhang, Y.X.; Lespinasse, Y.; Chevreau, E., 1990:
Induction of haploidy in fruit trees

Bol J.F.; Van Rossum C.M.A.; Cornelissen B.J.C.; Linthorst H.J.M., 1990 :
Induction of host genes by the hypersensitive response of tobacco to virus infection

Altanerova, V.; Ban, J.; Altaner, C., 1989:
Induction of immune deficiency syndrome in rabbits by bovine leukaemia virus

Kirby, J.D.; Classen, H.L.; Smyth, J.R.; Froman, D.P., 1992:
Induction of immunity to spermatozoa in male domestic fowl and effects on fertility

Arase, S.; Fujita, K., 1992:
Induction of inaccessibility to Pyricularia oryzae by pre-inoculation of P. grisea in rice leaf-sheath cells

Shekhar, K.C.; Pathmanathan, R., 1992:
Induction of intestinal lesions in rabbits with Koyan and Baling strains of Schistosoma malayensis Sp N

Molinari, S., 1991:
Induction of Isoperoxidases in Resistant and Susceptible Tomato Cultivars by Meloidogyne incognita

Schmidt, G., 1989:
Induction of juvenility and rooting of some woody ornamentals

Tomati, V.; Galli, E.; Lena, G. di; Suffone, R., 1990:
Induction of laccase in Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium grown in olive oil waste waters

Pandey, J.N., 1991:
Induction of lactation and utilization of milk for human consumption

Johke, T.; Hodate, K.; Fuse, H.; Hodate, K.; Ozawa, A., 1991:
Induction of lactation in Holstein dairy heifers and cows

Dabas, Y.P.; Sud, S.C., 1990 :
Induction of lactation in infertile cattle using synthetic steroid compounds

Grossmann, K., 1991:
Induction of leaf abscission in cotton is a common effect of urea- and adenine-type cytokinins

Singh, N.B.; Srivastava, A.; Gupta, H.P.; Kumar, A.; Srivastava, S., 1991:
Induction of lepromin positivity in monkeys by a candidate antileprosy vaccine: Mycobacterium habana

Kurien, T.B.; Selvam, R., 1989:
Induction of lipid peroxidation in calcium oxalate stone formation

Kumar, N.; Koski, G.; Harada, M.; Aikawa, M.; Zheng, H., 1991:
Induction of localization of Plasmodium falciparum stress proteins related to the heat shock protein 70 family

Tuschewitzki G J., 1990:
Induction of microbial surface colonization in copper pipes by drinking water

Alekseev, N.P.; Bezzubtsev, V.S.; Il' in, V.I.; Uzbekov, V.V.; Chikov, L.A., 1989:
Induction of milk ejection by mechanical stimulation of different areas of the teat

Alekseev, N.P.; Bezzubtsev, V.S.; Il' in, V.I.; Uzbekov, V.V.; Chikov, L.A., 1989:
Induction of milk secretion reflex in tactile mechanical stimulation of different parts of teat of mammary gland

Mishra, H.O.; Sharma, J.R., 1990:
Induction of morphometric changes by gamma-rays in Egyptian henbane (Hyoscyamus muticus)

Smolyaninov, B.V., 1990:
Induction of multiple ovulation in cows for embryo transfer

Mallick, M.A.; Rashid, A., 1989:
Induction of multiple-shoots from cotyledonary node of grain legumes, pea and lentil

Venkatachalam, P.; Jayabalan, N., 1991:
Induction of mutants in Zinnia elegans Jacq

Uhlik, J., 1991:
Induction of mutants of malting barleys suitable for breeding barleys for fodder and food

Asai, T.; Nakai, H., 1988:
Induction of mutants of rice resistant to bacterial leaf blight through mutagenesis with chemicals

Taura S.; Ogawa T.; Yoshimura A.; Omura T., 1991:
Induction of mutants resistant to bacterial blight in rice

Helmi, S.; Khalil, A.I.; Tahoun, M.K.; Khairy, A.H., 1991:
Induction of mutation in Aspergillus niger for conversion of cellulose into glucose

Tahoun, M.K.; Khalil, A.I.; Helmi, S.; Khairy, A.H., 1991:
Induction of mutation in Trichoderma viride for conversion of natural cellulose into glucose

L"ong Van Khin; Mekhandzhiev, A., 1991:
Induction of mutations by gamma irradiation at different stages of embryogenesis in rice

Payne, L.N.; Gillespie, A.M.; Howes, K., 1991:
Induction of myeloid leukosis and other tumours with the HPRS-103 strain of ALV

Alvarez, R.H.; Meirelles, C.F.; Oliveira, J.V. de; Pozzi, J.R.; Castro, F.G. de, Jr, 1989:
Induction of oestrus and luteolysis in heifers treated with a small intramuscular or intravulvar-submucosal dose of cloprostenol

Mucciolo, R.G., 1989:
Induction of oestrus and ovulation

Bachoo, B.A.; Wani, G.M., 1991:
Induction of oestrus in Corriedale ewes during anoestrus

Totsukawa, K.; Suto, S.; Ueno, H.; Togashi, M.; Kayaba, T., 1989:
Induction of oestrus in prepuberal gilts with HCG

Meikle, L.M.; Fisher, M.W., 1990:
Induction of oestrus in the ovariectomised red deer with exogenous progesterone and oestradiol benzoate

Jensen, L.S.; Dunn, P.A.; Dobson, K.N., 1991:
Induction of oral lesions in broiler chicks by supplementing the diet with copper

Bogovich, K., 1991:
Induction of ovarian follicular cysts in the pregnant rat by human chorionic gonadotropin

Rao, A.V.N., 1991:
Induction of ovulation and luteal function by gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in acyclic cows

Louda, F.; Kalous, J.; Fantova, M.; Bilek, R.; Goll, I., 1990:
Induction of ovulation in Merino sheep

Mies Filho, A.; Endler, J.O.; Moraes, J.C.F., 1989:
Induction of ovulatory oestrus in ewes by means of electric and/or hormonal stimulation. Preliminary report

Golenser, J.; Marva, E.; Har-El, R.; Chevion, M., 1991:
Induction of oxidant stress by iron available in advanced forms of Plasmodium falciparum

Krishna, K.V.R.; Kalyanam, M., 1991:
Induction of parturition in Murrah buffaloes

Thakur, M.S.; Verma, S.K., 1990:
Induction of parturition in goats with prostaglandin F2 alpha

Peters, A.R.; Dent, C.N., 1992:
Induction of parturition in sheep using dexamethasone

Abeles, F.B.; Biles, C.L.; Dunn, L.J., 1990:
Induction of peroxidase as a response to environmental stimuli

Bochow H.; Fritzsche S., 1991:
Induction of phytoalexin biosynthesis by culture filtrates of bacterial antagonists

Datta, D.K.; Samaddar, K.R., 1989:
Induction of phytoalexin in rice bean by infection, metabolic inhibitors and irradiation

Li, P.H.; Ryu, S.B.; Tseng, M.J.; Chen, T.H.H., 1989:
Induction of plant cold hardiness

Dash, S.N.; Singhsamant, P.K., 1990:
Induction of plantlets and callus from shoot-tips of Petunia hybrida cultured in vitro

Chrisp, C.E.; Foged, N.T., 1991:
Induction of pneumonia in rabbits by use of a purified protein toxin from Pasteurella multocida

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Induction of polygenic variation through mutation breeding in biul (Grewia optiva)

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Induction of quantitative character changes in triticale by the effect of chemical mutagens

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Induction of regenerated plants from unpollinated ovaries of Hordeum vulgare L. and characteristics of their first selfed progenies

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Induction of renal growth and injury in the intact rat kidney by dietary deficiency of antioxidants

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Induction of retarded exoerythrocytic schizonts by chloroguanide resulting in delayed parasitaemia of Plasmodium inui in Macaca mulatta

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Induction of rhizosphere competence in the biocontrol fungus Trichoderma

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Induction of rooting in cladode cuttings of Casuarina equisetifolia

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Induction of roots from regenerated shoots of tea (Camellia sinensis L.)

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Induction of salt tolerance in high-yielding rice varieties through mutagenesis and anther culture

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Induction of sclerotia in Sclerotium rolfsii by short low-temperature treatment

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Induction of Senescence-Like Deterioration of Microsomal Membranes from Cauliflower by Free Radicals Generated during Gamma Irradiation

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Induction of sexual activity in Suffolk and Corriedale lactating ewes by means of modifications in the length of photoperiod

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Induction of sexual maturity in pigs

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Induction of sexual sterility in adults of Diacrisia obliqua Wlk. by pupal treatment with bisazir (AI3- 61585)

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Induction of Shikimic Acid Pathway Enzymes by Light in Suspension Cultured Cells of Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

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Induction of silverleaf of squash by Bemisia whitefly form California desert whitefly populations

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Induction of somatic embryogenesis in Genista monosperma Lam

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Induction of somatic embryogenesis in Rosa hybrida cv. Landora

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Induction of somatic mutation in Chrysanthemum cultivar Anupam

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Induction of Specific mRNAs in Cultured Soybean Cells during Cytokinin or Auxin Starvation

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Induction of stress in tethered and caged housing of pregnant sows

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Induction of stress protein synthesis in Histoplasma capsulatum by heat, low pH and hydrogen peroxide

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Induction of stress proteins in tomato leaves and structure of gene encoding stress protein

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Induction of superovulation in ewes with PMS

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Induction of superovulation in gilts with gonadotropins

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Induction of synchronization of oestrus in true anoestrus Red Kandhari cows treated with Synchro-Mate BReg. treatment

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Induction of systemic aecial infection in Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) by teliospores of Puccinia punctiformis

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Induction of systemic resistance in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plants to late blight by local treatment with Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary, Phytophthora cryptogea Pethyb. & Laff., or dipotassium phosphate

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Induction of systemic resistance of cucumber to Colletotrichum orbiculare by select strains of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria

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Induction of systemic resistance with seed treatment by PGPR strains

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Induction of tall fescue toxicosis in heat-stressed cattle and its alleviation with thiamin

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Induction of the low milk-fat syndrome in the lactating ewe: effects on cheese triglyceride fatty acid composition and cheese quality

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Induction of tumors in Anthurium andraeanum by Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Induction of twin embryos by x-ray treatment of early proembryo stage embryos

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Induction of variation in traits of the spring wheat variety Sharbati Sonora

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Induction temperature of heat-shock protein synthesis in wheat, M.L.; Alvarez, D.P., 1990:
Induction, extraction and quantification of fungal cellulases using vertical column cultivation systems

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Induction, selection and characterization of lysine-resistant mutants of potato using protoplast culture system

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Induction-dynamic system for cleaning drying equipment

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Inductive cycles required for flowering of Sisyrinchium bermudiana

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Industrial activity serves the interest of the farm

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Industrial and Environmental concerns with sulfate-reducing bacteria

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Industrial and public research

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Industrial branding of Australian hardwoods by iron-based colloids

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Industrial cultivation of a new oil crop in arid zones: jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis Link.)

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Industrial evolution of fermented foods

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Industrial flooring in the dairy industry - hygiene and safety

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Industrial forest plantations in West Java

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Industrial processes for milk fat spreads

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Industrial production of stable red phosphorus

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Industrial technology of vanadium catalysts. III. Thermal treatment of catalysts

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Industrial tourism, a means of reconciling industry and the environment

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Industrial wastewater monitoring at a cane sugar factory

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Industrial wastewater treatment and its environmental impact on the Zarqa river

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Industrial workstations automate processing cells

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Industrial-academe partnership: a critical requirement for the development of biocontrol systems

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Industrialization of rural areas: the Italian NEC model

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Industries for processing rice and its byproducts in Japan

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Industry and food safety

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Industry needs

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Industry outlook

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Industry perspective on the BST issue

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Industry perspective on the BST issue. How the food industry is learning about the development of a widely discussed dairy production aid

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Industry standards for recognition of marginal wood defects

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Industry's achievements in meeting the needs of society and farmers for modern plant protection

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Industry's role in fertiliser promotion

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Ineffectiveness of insecticides to control Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) larvae on cotton

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Inefficient land use in KwaZulu: causes and remedies

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Inelasticity more than price will affect dairy industry outlook

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Inequalities and an international poverty group in California's developed agriculture: the case of Mexicali's border commuter workers

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Inequality in education

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Inequality, public expenditure and Malaysia's national rice policy

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Inequitable exchanges - the most important brake on agricultural development

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Inert atmosphere disinfestation using AgelessReg. scavenger

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Inert gas storage of food products: a review

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Inexpensive instrumentation for monitoring PAR in agroforestry

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Inexpensive monitoring of equipment operation in long-term studies

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Inexpensive sensors for a hatchery alarm system

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Infanticide in silver foxes

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Infanticide versus adoption: an intergenerational conflict

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Infection and the traveller

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Infection by clover yellow vein virus alters epidemic components of Cercospora leaf spot on white clover

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Infection experiments of two nuclear polyhedrosis viruses in Chinese hamster cell line

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Infection in AIDS

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Infection in diabetes: relation with the degree of metabolic control and protein malnutrition

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Infection of anchor worm Lernaea on a new fish host Glossogobius sua

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Infection of deer mice and pinon mice (Peromyscus spp.) with spirochetes at a focus of Lyme borreliosis in northern California, U.S.A

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