Induction and synchronization of oestrus in German Mutton Merino ewes by means of a progesterone preparation

Massouh, J.; Schulz, J.

Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Karl Marx Universitat Leipzig, Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 39(3): 258-264


Accession: 002135503

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For 12 ewes given progesterone-impregnated vaginal sponges for 14 days during anoestrus, followed by 500 IU PMSG on sponge withdrawal, the progesterone concentration in peripheral plasma increased from 12 to 16 nmol/litre after insertion of the sponge, after which it fell to 2.27-3.16 nmol, and after sponge withdrawal it fell to <1 nmol. The LH peak occurred 18 h after sponge withdrawal. When 98 ewes received vaginal sponges, followed by PMSG on sponge withdrawal, 47 femalefemale exhibited oestrus, and further PMSG treatment of the remaining 51 ewes 16 days later resulted in oestrus in 50 of these, resulting in an overall rate of 99% vs. 76 for 200 untreated controls. It was concluded that the treatment provides a shorter insemination period in spring and more concentrated autumn lambings.