Section 3
Chapter 2,137

Influence of dietary energy concentration and feed intake level on feedlot steers. 1. Digestibility of diets and rumen parameters

Slabbert, N.; Campher, J.P.; Shelby, T.; Kuhn, G.P.; Meissner, H.H.

South African Journal of Animal Science 22(4): 101-106


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-1589
Accession: 002136873

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Rumen cannulated mature steers were fed, in a crossover design, on diets with concentrate to roughage (C:R) ratios of 80:20, 55:45 and 30:70 (metabolizable energy content of diets 11.2, 9.8 and 8.5 MJ/kg DM), twice daily (09.00 and 15.30 h) ad libitum and at 80 and 90% of ad libitum intake. Following the faeces collection period of 12 days, rumen contents were removed at 2 h post feeding and were weighed, mixed, sampled and returned.

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