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Influence of rootstocks on growth, yield and leaf nutrient composition of Alphonso mango

Kohli, R.; Reddy, Y.

Acta Horticulturae 231: 225-231


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-7572
Accession: 002138218

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The influence of various rootstocks on growth, fruit yield and leaf nutrient composition of four-year old Alphonso mango was studied. The various rootstocks tried were Open Pollinated (Alphonso), Vellaikulamban, Bappakai, Chandrakaran, Kurukan, Muvandan, Mylepelian and Olour. Except the first one, the rest seven rootstocks are polyembryonic. The rootstock Vellaikulamban recorded the least growth in comparison to other rootstocks. Among the different rootstocks, none of the vegetative parameters was found to be statistically significant except scion girth. Olour rootstock recorded the maximum growth. Vellaikulamban rootstock recorded the lowest fruit yield (2.97 kg/plant) whereas Olour rootstock gave maximum fruit yield (9.37 kg/plant). Differences due to rootstocks in the leaf nutrient composition with respect to N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn were significant. Vellaikulamban rootstock showed the lowest leaf N, K, and Ca, and high values of Mg and Mn. Olour rootstock resulted in the highest leaf nutrient composition as compared to Vellaikulamban rootstock but was at par with other rootstocks.

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