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Chapter 2,139

Influence of varying energy supply during pregnancy and lactation on the milk yield of sows

Kirchgessner, M.; Rader, G.; Roth Maier, D.A.

Zuchtungskunde 63(2): 136-145


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 002138911

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Sows were given a high-energy diet (metabolizable energy 40 MJ/day) during pregnancy, ad libitum during lactation (group HA); a normal energy supply (ME 26 MJ/day) in pregnancy, pair-fed with HA during lactation (group NP), and normal energy supply during pregnancy and ad libitum during lactation (group NA). Milk yield was significantly higher in group NP, but milk composition was not different among groups. Group NP were energy deficient throughout lactation.

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