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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2141

Chapter 2141 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Edwards M.S.; Radcliffe J.D., 1989: Inhibition of retinyl acetate induced hyperlipidemia in the rat by dietary fish oil

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140001

Umeda, K.; Hirano, M., 1990: Inhibition of rice virus transmission by esfenvalerate and its mechanism

Gorski, T.; Jurzysta, A., 1988: Inhibition of seed germination by air flow and its causes

Babosha, A. V.; Trofimets, L. N.; Ladygina, M. E., 1990: Inhibition of serological reactions of phytoviruses by potato proteins and its quantitative estimation by immunoenzyme analysis

Kramer, G. F.; Wang, C. Y.; Conway, W. S., 1991: Inhibition of softening by polyamine application in 'Golden Delicious' and 'McIntosh' apples

Lungu M.; Moroianu J.; Buzila L.; Vrinceanu V.; Motas C., 1990: Inhibition of some plant pathogenic fungus growth by lectins

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140009

Wang, E.; Norred, W. P.; Bacon, C. W.; Riley, R. T.; Merrill, A. H, Jr, 1991: Inhibition of sphingolipid biosynthesis by fumonisins. Implications for diseases associated with Fusarium moniliforme

Zaidi, Z. B.; Gupta, V. P.; Samad, A.; Naqvi, Q. A., 1988: Inhibition of spinach mosaic virus by extracts of some medicinal plants

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140012

Ryder, N. S., 1990: Inhibition of squalene epoxidase and sterol side-chain methylation by allylamines

Ray, R. C., 1991: Inhibition of sulphur oxidation in soil by some fungicides

Gerhart, D. J.; Bondura, M. E.; Commito, J. A., 1991: Inhibition of sunfish feeding by defensive steroids from aquatic beetles: structure-activity relationships

Weng Y M.; Hotchkiss J.H., 1992: Inhibition of surface molds on cheese by polyethylene film containing the antimycotic imazalil

Muller-Rober, B; Sonnewald, U; Willmitzer, L., 1992: Inhibition of the ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in transgenic potatoes leads to sugar-storing tubers and influences tuber formation and expression of tuber storage protein genes

Visser, Rgf; Somhorst, I; Kuipers, Gj; Ruys, Nj; Feenstra, Wj; Jacobsen, E., 1991: Inhibition of the expression of the gene for granule-bound starch synthase in potato by antisense constructs

Flather D.H.; Beauchamp E.G., 1992: Inhibition of the fermentation process in soil by acetylene

Austin, B.; Billaud, A. C., 1990: Inhibition of the fish pathogen, Serratia liquefaciens, by an antibiotic-producing isolate of Planococcus recovered from sea water

Mehlbauer, M.; Taylor, K. G.; Doyle, R. J., 1990: Inhibition of the glucan-binding lectin of Streptococcus sobrinus by periodate-oxidized glucan

Kuntz, D. A.; Callens, M.; Opperdoes, F. R., 1989: Inhibition of the glycolytic enzymes of Trypanosoma brucei by gossypol

de Vries, E.; Stam, J. G.; Franssen, F.F.J.; Nieuwenhuijs, H.; Chavalitshewinkoon, P.; de Clercq, E.; Overdulve, J. P.; van der Vliet, P.C., 1991: Inhibition of the growth of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium berghei by the DNA polymerase inhibitor HPMPA

Presber, W.; Hegenscheid, B.; Hernandez-Alvarez, H.; Herrmann, D.; Brendel, C., 1992: Inhibition of the growth of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium berghei in vitro by an extract of Cochlospermum angolense (Welw.)

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140033

Holdas, S., 1991: Inhibition of the morula-blastocyst transformation by nafoxidine, a non-steroidal anti-oestrogen, in mice

Bose, S; Barber, J., 1991: Inhibition of the photochemical activity of the isolated photosystem II reaction centre by 2-cyanoacrylates

Kerkenaar, A., 1990: Inhibition of the sterol Delta 14-reductase and Delta 8-> Delta 7-isomerase in fungi

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140041

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140042

Delcourt, A., 1991: Inhibition of thiol groups and antifungal activity. Effect of N-ethylmaleimide on the growth of pathogenic fungi

Baylis, Ad; Sunley, Rl; Wiesendanger, Ja; Meade, Ka, 1991: Inhibition of tillering in cereals by substituted 2-phenoxypropionic acids

Peshney N.L.; Moghe P.G., 1989: Inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus from chilli by different plant extracts

Vaucheret, H.; Kronenberger, J.; Lepingle, A.; Vilaine, F.; Boutin, J. P.; Caboche, M., 1992: Inhibition of tobacco nitrite reductase activity by expression of antisense RNA

Paszty, C. J. R.; Lurquin, P. F., 1990: Inhibition of transgene expression in plant protoplast by the presence in cis of an opposing 3'-promoter

Henry S.M.; Grbic Galic D., 1991: Inhibition of trichloroethylene oxidation by the transformation intermediate carbon monoxide

Desjardins, Ae, 1989: Inhibition of trichothecene toxins by ancymidol

Naoi, M.; Hosoda, S.; Ota, M.; Takahashi, T.; Nagatsu, T., 1991: Inhibition of tryptophan hydroxylase by food derived carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, 3-amino-1-methyl-5H-pyridoindole and 3-amino-1, 4-dimethyl-5H-pyridoindole

Arisawa, M.; Fujita, A.; Morita, N.; Okuyama, T.; Nishino, H., 1991: Inhibition of tumor-promoter-enhanced superscript 3H-choline incorporation into cellular phospholipids by phloroglucinol derivatives from Mallotus japonicus

Saraswathi P.; Balachandran P.V.; Wahid P.A., 1991: Inhibition of urea hydrolysis in flooded soils and its significance in the molecular absorption of urea by rice

Thormahlen, F. P. J.; Preez, C. C. du, 1991: Inhibition of urease activity in some soils of the central irrigation areas in South Africa

Putnam, C. D.; Brann, D. W.; Kolbeck, R. C.; Mahesh, V. B., 1991: Inhibition of uterine contractility by progesterone and progesterone metabolites: mediation by progesterone and gamma amino butyric acida receptor system

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140059

Choi, H. K.; Nakagaki, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Kawase, S., 1990: Inhibition of viral assembly is a possible effect of guanidine hydrochloride action during the multiplication of infectious flacherie virus in the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Villalobos, C.; Fonteriz, R.; Lopez, M. G.; Garcia, A. G.; Garcia Sancho, J., 1992: Inhibition of voltage-gated Ca2+ entry into GH3 and chromaffin cells by imidazole antimycotics and other cytochrome P450 blockers

Wang, Wq; Chapman, Dj; Barber, J., 1992: Inhibition of water splitting increases the susceptibility of photosystem II to photoinhibition

Barker A.V.; Craker L.E., 1991: Inhibition of weed seed germination by microwaves

Suarez, V. H., 1990: Inhibition patterns and seasonal availability of nematodes for beef cattle grazing on Argentina's Western Pampas

Martin, S. L.; Tuite, J.; Diekman, M. A., 1990: Inhibition radioimmunoassay for Aspergillus repens compared with other indices of fungal growth in stored corn

Masterson C.; Wood C.; Thomas D.R., 1990: Inhibition studies on acetyl group incorporation into chloroplast fatty acids

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140069

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140070

Mikhailovskii, V. I.; Sikorskii, A. S.; Golub, V. A.; Belostotskii, L. G.; Suprunchuk, V. V.; Zakharenko, T. I., 1990: Inhibitor Antinakipin I-17M

Holm, H., 1989: Inhibitor resistant trypsin and chymotrypsin due to feeding raw soy, the Bowman-Birk inhibitor and the Kunitz inhibitor in the rat

Antroshenko, V.; Vinogradov, P. A.; Gerassimova, N., 1990: Inhibitor-fungicide VNKH-L-20 and its use for conservation of metal objects in museums

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140074

Heredia, A.; Fernandez Bolanos, J.; Guillen, R., 1989: Inhibitors of cellulolytic activity in olive fruits (Olea europaea, Hojiblanca var.)

Kies, C.; Umoren, J., 1989: Inhibitors of copper bioutilization: fiber, lead, phytate and tannins

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140078

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140079

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140080

Petzinger, E., 1991: Inhibitors of gyrase, new compounds in chemotherapy

Morimitsu Y.; Kawakishi S., 1990: Inhibitors of platelet aggregation from onion

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140083

Takasaki, M.; Konoshima, T.; Fujitani, K.; Yoshida, S.; Nishimura, H.; Tokuda, H.; Nishino, H.; Iwashima, A.; Kozuka, M., 1990: Inhibitors of skin-tumor promotion. VIII. Inhibitory effects of euglobals and their related compounds on Epstein-Barr virus activation

Meirelles, MNL.; Juliano, L.; Carmona, E.; Silva, SG.; Costa, EM.; Murta, ACM.; Scharfstein, J., 1992: Inhibitors of the major cysteinyl proteinase (GP57/51) impair host cell invasion and arrest the intracellular development of Trypanosoma cruzi in vitro

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140087

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140088

Gupta, Virendra P.; Naqvi, Qamar A., 1991: Inhibitory activities of plant extracts on virus infection

Mitsuhashi, S.; Murata, N., 1991: Inhibitory activity of Bifidobacterium on the growth of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria

Park, E. K., 1989: Inhibitory activity of surfactants against tobacco mosaic virus infection

Todorovic, M.; Salatic, Z., 1990: Inhibitory activity of the yoghurt culture on the growth of the food microflora

Bar Ami, S.; Channing, C. P., 1990: Inhibitory and stimulatory action of porcine follicular fluid on FSH-induced 125I-hCG specific binding in rat granulosa cells

Levic, J.; Delic, I.; Stojsavljevic, T.; Ivic, M., 1990: Inhibitory and toxic matter in castor oil meal

Elsholtz, H. P.; Lew, A. M.; Albert, P. R.; Sundmark, V. C., 1991: Inhibitory control of prolactin and Pit-1 gene promoters by dopamine

Lopez, M. M.; Salcedo, C. I.; Marti, R.; Vicedo, B., 1991: Inhibitory effect of Agrobacterium radiobacter strains K84 and K1026 against plant pathogenic Erwinia, Pseudomonas and Xanthomonas

Zhenhua, D.; Yuan, C.; Mei, Z.; Yunzhong, F., 1991: Inhibitory effect of China green tea polyphenol on the oxidative modification of low density lipoprotein by macrophages

Imbuga, MO.; Osir, EO.; Labongo, VL., 1992: Inhibitory effect of Trypanosoma brucei brucei on Glossina morsitans midgut trypsin in vitro

Wu, J. G.; Tang, Y. B.; Xu, Y. D.; Su, P. L.; Hu, M. K.; Li, S. D.; Pang, X. N., 1991: Inhibitory effect of borax on urease activity and yield increasing effect of urea-boron fertilizers

Comi, G.; D' Aubert, S.; Valenti, M., 1990: Inhibitory effect of dietary fatty acids to Listeria monocytogenes

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140108

Brink, E. J.; Dekker, P. R.; Beresteijn, E. C. H. van; Beynen, A. C., 1991: Inhibitory effect of dietary soybean protein vs. casein on magnesium absorption in rats

Verma, H. S.; Yadav, J. S.; Neelakantan, S., 1988: Inhibitory effect of different preservatives on the growth of fungi isolated from cheese and butter

Norris, B. C.; Pantoja, C. V.; Chiang, L. C.; Concha, J. B.; Neumann, V. R.; Ferrada, O. V., 1991: Inhibitory effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on sodium transport in isolated toad skin

El Sayed, A. M. A. A.; Badawey, A., 1991: Inhibitory effect of henna (Lawsonia inermis leaves) and carrot root on aflatoxin production by Aspergillus parasiticus

Salgare, S. A., 1991: Inhibitory effect of herbicides (acrolein, simazine, nitrofen) on pollen germination of successive flowers of Apocyanaceae

Sterck J.G.H.; Ritskes Hoitinga J.; Beynen A.C., 1992: Inhibitory effect of high protein intake on nephrocalcinogenesis in female rats

Li Q.; Wang J.; Yao K.; Fang Z., 1989: Inhibitory effect of human interferon alpha on symptoms after infection of plants with tobacco mosaic virus

Farbiarz, S. R.; De Carvalho, T. U.; Alviano, C.; De Souza, Wanderley, 1992: Inhibitory effect of melanin on the interaction of Fonsecaea pedrosoi with mammalian cells in vitro

Rossander-Hulthen, L; Gleerup, A; Hallberg, L., 1990: Inhibitory effect of oat products on non-haem iron absorption in man

Kepczynski, J.; Kepczynska, E., 1989: Inhibitory effect of paclobutrazol on Amaranthus paniculatus L. seed germination and its reversal by GA3 and ethephon

Behki, Rm; Khan, Su, 1991: Inhibitory effect of parathion on the bacterial degradation of EPTC

Shim C.; Lee D.K.; Lee C.C.; Cho W.K.; Kim K., 1992: Inhibitory effect of purines in meiotic maturation of denuded mouse oocytes

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140129

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140132

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140134

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140135

Salomi, M. J.; Nair, S. C.; Panikkar, K. R., 1991: Inhibitory effects of Nigella sativa and saffron (Crocus sativus) on chemical carcinogenesis in mice

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140140

Abraham S.K., 1991: Inhibitory effects of coffee on the genotoxicity of carcinogens in mice

Li, Lb; Yu, L; Yu, Ca, 1991: Inhibitory effects of dicyclohexylcarbodiimide on spinach cytochrome b6-f complex

Section 3, Chapter 2141 , Accession 002140145

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140147

Parker W.J.; Hall E.R.; Farquhar G.J.; Cornacchio L A., 1992: Inhibitory effects of kraft bleachery effluents on methanogenic consortia

Hosono A.; Wardojo R.; Otani H., 1990: Inhibitory effects of lactic acid bacteria from fermented milk on the mutagenicities of volatile nitrosamines

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140150

Eisa, AA.; El-Fatah, MA.; El-Nabawi, A.; El-Dash, AA., 1991: Inhibitory effects of some insect growth regulators on developmental stages, fecundity and fertility of the Florida wax scale, Ceroplastes floridensis

Kaushal, R. P.; Paul, Y. S., 1989: Inhibitory effects of some plant extracts on some legume pathogens

Zygmunt, P.; Claeson, P., 1991: Inhibitory effects of the sesquiterpene T-cadinol on contractile responses in the isolated guinea-pig ileum

Ike, H.; Sasaki, O.; Yamada, A.; Imanishi, J., 1990: Inhibitory effects of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and its combination with interferons on the syncytium formation by bovine leukemia virus (BLV) and on the multiplication of BLV

Luo, B.; Kobayashi, S.; Kimura, I.; Kimura, M., 1991: Inhibitory effects on angiogenesis and pouch fluid exudation by aconite alkaloids in adjuvant-induced inflammation of the mouse

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140161

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140162

Harnyuttanakorn, Pongchai; Mcbride, Jana S.; Donachie, Stuart; Heidrich, Hans G.; Ridley, Robert G., 1992: Inhibitory monoclonal antibodies recognise epitopes adjacent to a proteolytic cleavage site on the RAP-1 protein of Plasmodium falciparum

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140164

Saito, K.; Matsumoto, M.; Sekine, T.; Murakoshi, I.; Morisaki, N.; Iwasaki, S., 1989: Inhibitory substances from Myriophyllum brasiliense on the growth of blue-green algae

Suhren, G.; Burczyk, A.; Reichmuth, J.; Heeschen, W. H., 1990: Inhibitory substances in milk for consumption from European countries

Engel' s, A. A., 1990: Inhomogeneity of large-detrital soils and scale effects

Marsh, J., 1991: Initial assumptions

Droste, R. L.; Andras, E.; Kennedy, K. J., 1990: Initial biofilm formation of acetoclastic methanogenic bacteria

Winrow, Ma; Sodja, A., 1991: Initial characterization of several actin genes in the parasitic nematode, Ascaris suum

Wood, W. L.; Calver, A., 1992: Initial conditions for hillslope hydrology modelling

Gburek, Wj, 1990: Initial contributing area of a small watershed

Quiles, A. J.; Fuentes, F.; Gonzalo, C.; Hevia, M.; Sanchez, J. M., 1990: Initial contribution to the protein fractionation of the milk in the suckling and weaning phases in caprine Murciano-Granadina breed

Muro, J.; Luri, E., 1990: Initial control and subsequent regrowth inhibition of plum suckers in a peach orchard

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140181

Kane, M., 1989: Initial density of rooted cuttings of Bombacopsis quinata in the nursery

Svobodova, M.; Santrucek, J., 1989: Initial development of spring-sown lucerne cultivars Palava and Rambler in relation to soil compaction

McAllister, JC.; Meek, CL., 1991: Initial dispersal of a newly emerged Louisiana riceland mosquito, Psorophora columbiae

Arahou, M.; Aguesse, P.; Bigot, L., 1991: Initial ecological and biological data on Psoricoptera gibbosella (Zeller), a new pest of holm oak in Morocco (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Unwin, G. L.; Applegate, G. B.; Stocker, G. C.; Nicholson, D. I., 1988: Initial effects of tropical cyclone 'Winifred' on forests in north Queensland

Heering, J. H., 1989: Initial evaluation of Brachiaria species

Roche, R.; Vega, S.; Hernandez, J. E.; Alonso, F., 1990: Initial evaluation of cultivars of soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merril) for fodder production in the period of low rainfall

Pala, M.; Ovadia, R., 1990: Initial evaluation of greenhouse banana cultivation

Vazquez, C. M.; Igarza, E., 1988: Initial evaluation of seven grasses under grazing on red ferrallitic soils

Rivalta, L.; Maltoni, M. L.; Morsiani, P. L., 1990: Initial evaluation of several cultivars of nashi

Stancic, B.; Sahinovic, R., 1992: Initial experience in transplanting early embyros obtained after slaughter of donor sows

Siegfried, W.; Raisigl, U., 1991: Initial experience with the Joco recycling sprayer in vineyards

Gay, J., 1988: Initial experience with the modified intervention system in the dairy sector

Byler, R. K.; Anthony, W. S., 1990: Initial experiences in computer control of cotton gin drying

Xu, T., 1991: Initial exploring for the prospect of hydrogen energy as an agricultural energy resource

Zung, J.; Trager, W.; Gubert, E., 1991: Initial extracellular forms of Plasmodium falciparum: their ultrastructure and their definition with monoclonal antibodies

Margosian, R., 1990: Initial formaldehyde emission levels for particleboard manufactured in the United States

Biritskii, M. I.; Kovalenko, E. P.; Kuksin, I. E., 1990: Initial inventory of water use in irrigation systems

May, M. J.; Hilton, J. G., 1991: Initial investigation into the French 'pin-head' technique, 1990

Nelson, R. W., 1991: Initial management of the diabetic dog and cat

Van Der Wal E.W., 1988: Initial moisture content and temperature of imbibition determine extent of imbibitional injury in pollen

Anonymous, 1990: Initial note on reporting environmental effects for sections of the Structural Plan for Agriculture, Nature and Outdoor Recreation

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140209

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140210

Caycedo Amador, H.; Giraldo Lotero, F. J., 1988: Initial performance of five fast-growing tree species in Uraba, Colombia

Kania, S.; Karys, J., 1990: Initial prerequisites for establishing quality standards for fuel briquettes made from wood residues

Nalepa, CA.; Mullins, DE., 1992: Initial reproductive investment and parental body size in Cryptocercus punctulatus (Dictyoptera: Cryptocercidae)

Jay M.; Bourdeix R.; Potier F.; Sanslaville C., 1989: Initial results from the study on the polymorphism of coconut leaf polyphenols

Lehmann, S.; Selbitz, H. J.; Hagenau, K.; Liebermann, H., 1990: Initial results of determining the plasmid profiles of salmonellas of veterinary importance

Stern, M.; Caubarrere, I., 1990: Initial serious factors in AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Repercussions of therapy

Newton, P. F., 1990: Initial size hierarchy development within second-growth black spruce stands

Giani L.; Massau C.; Schroeder H.; Unger S., 1990: Initial soil development from marine sediments in a lysimeter

Aylor D.E.; Ferrandino F.J., 1990: Initial spread of bean rust close to an inoculated bean leaf

Banthorpe, D. V.; Branch, S. A.; Grey, T. J., 1988: Initial stages of the oxidate-catabolism of monoterpenes and 2-phenylethanol in Rosa damascena cultures

Shipitalo, Mj; Edwards, Wm; Dick, Wa; Owens, Lb, 1990: Initial storm effects on macropore transport of surface-applied chemicals in no-till soil

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140225

Hourdin, P.; Rondelaud, D.; Cabaret, J., 1991: Initial studies on infection of Lymnaea truncatula Muller by Muellerius capillaris Muller and Neostrongylus linearis Marotel (Nematoda; Protostrongylidae)

Vidrich, V.; Michelozzi, M.; Bosetto, M.; Fusi, P., 1988: Initial study on the determination of essential oils and free sugars from commercial samples of Juniperus communis L. subsp. communis fruit from central Italy

Richter, G.; Ranft, U.; Ludke, C., 1990: Initial test results for biomass from liquid pig slurry given to laying hens

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140231

Li, L.; Pan, L.; Xu, G. J., 1990: Initial velocity kinetics of potato tuber pyrophospate:fructose-6-phosphate-1-phosphotransferase

Schilling, F., 1990: Initial-plant-growth body

Hagen S.R.; Letourneau D.; Muneta P.; Brown J., 1990: Initiation and culture of potato tuber callus tissue with picloram

Bellevia, S. C.; Peloquin, J. J.; Platzer, E. G., 1990: Initiation and establishment of cultures of Tetradonema plicans

Langezaal C.R.; Scheffer J.J.C., 1992: Initiation and growth characterization of some hop cell suspension cultures

Mani, Shailaja K.; Julian, Joanne; Lampelo, Saara; Glasser, Stanley R., 1992: Initiation and maintenance of in vitro decidualization are independent of hormonal sensitization in vivo

Nollet L.; Poma K.; Knaepen D., 1989: Initiation and optimization of hop tissue cultures

Chang, Cc; Schmidt, Dr, 1991: Initiation and proliferation of carrot callus using a combination of antibiotics

Kanno, H., 1990: Initiation mechanism of mating behaviour in the rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis Walker

Muller, B.; Wegner, U., 1990: Initiation of fast growing cell lines from mesocotyl explants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). II. Suspension culture

Torri, D.; Biancalani, R.; Poesen, J., 1990: Initiation of motion of gravels in concentrated overland flow: cohesive forces and probability of entrainment

Mohammad Ishtiaq; Iftikharul Haq; Ayaz Mohammad, 1989: Initiation of roots in peach rootstocks cvs. Peshawar Local and Nemaguard as affected by indolebutyric acid

Zatyko, J. M.; Kiss, G.; Radics, Z.; Simon, I., 1989: Initiation of strawberry runner formation in vitro

Papastoitsis, G.; Wilson, K. A., 1991: Initiation of the soybean Kunitz and Bowman-Birk trypsin inhibitors by a cysteine protease

Sites, RW.; Chambers, WS., 1990: Initiation of vernal activity of Frankliniella occidentalis and Thrips tabaci on the Texas South Plains

Shirk, Paul D.; Zimowska, Grazyna; Silhacek, Donald L.; Shaaya, Eli, 1992: Initiation of vitellogenesis in pharate adult females of the Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella

Koller, CN.; Raikhel, AS., 1991: Initiation of vitellogenin uptake and protein synthesis in the mosquito (Aedes aegypti) ovary in response to a blood meal

Raharjo, S. H. T.; Punja, Z. K., 1992: Initiation, maintenance and plantlet regeneration from long-term suspension cultures of pickling cucumber

Houlding, B.; Ridsdill Smith, T. J.; Bailey, W. J., 1991: Injectable abamectin causes a delay in scarabaeine dung beetle egg-laying in cattle dung

Lambooij, E., 1991: Injectable electronic identification systems: some veterinary aspects

Aarts, H.; Huiskes, J.; Langeveld, N.; Lambooij, B.; Hartog, L. den, 1991: Injectable transponders for identifying pigs

Haleem D.J., 1990: Injected tryptophan increases brain but not plasma tryptophan levels more in ethanol treated rats

Reed, D. J.; Yeiser, J. L., 1990: Injecting imazapyr (Chopper) with wide spacings

Kiss, A.; Nagy, F.; Varga, I.; Horvath, C., 1989: Injecting machine with flotational tyres

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140266

Kemppainen, E., 1991: Injection of cow slurry to grass and barley

Grech N.M.; Rijkenberg F.H.J., 1992: Injection of electrolytically generated chlorine into citrus microirrigation systems for the control of certain waterborne root pathogens

Du, J.; Liu, B. H.; Xie, D. X.; Hua, X. J.; Fan, Y. L., 1989: Injection of exogenous DNA into young floral tillers of wheat

Dumcius, O., 1989: Injection of insecticides into Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) trunk to protect seed yield from insects

Horwath, Wr; Paul, Ea; Pregitzer, Ks, 1992: Injection of nitrogen-15 into trees to study nitrogen cycling in soil

Eisenhauer, D. E.; Bockstadter, T. L., 1990: Injection pump flow considerations for center pivots with corner watering systems

Bieller, J. A., 1991: Injection site wounding when using plant growth regulators

Kawahara, E.; Ueda, T.; Nomura, S., 1991: Injection vaccination of white-spotted char, Salvelinus leucomaenis, against furunculosis with Aeromonas salmonicida salmolysin

Meester, D; Bern, Cj; Mangold, Dw, 1992: Injector feeder for plot combine pneumatic conveyor

Southcott, R. V., 1989: Injuries from Coleoptera

Cormie, J. L., 1992: Injuries from air-guns

Arditti, J.; David, J. M.; Jean, P.; Jouglard, J., 1988: Injuries induced by the pine processionary caterpillar in Provence

Murgatroyd, J. A.; Bullen, F., 1991: Injuries resulting from playground accidents

Daiber, KC., 1991: Injurious insects and nematodes on potatoes in southern Africa. - A review of 50 years research

Naibo, B.; Algans, J. L.; Sansou, J. L.; Boue Laplace, L., 1991: Injuriousness of the cicadellid Zyginidia scutellaris on maize

Pankova, V. I., 1990: Injuriousness of weeds in tomato plantings

El-Kest, Se; Marth, Eh, 1991: Injury and death of frozen Listeria monocytogenes as affected by glycerol and milk components

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140286

Hutchins, S. H.; Funderburk, J. E., 1991: Injury guilds: a practical approach for managing pest losses to soybean

Buset M.; Galand P.; Lipkin M.; Winawer S.; Friedman E., 1990: Injury induced by fatty acids or bile acid in isolated human colonocytes prevented by calcium

Murray, D. A. H.; Wicks, R., 1990: Injury levels for soil-dwelling insects in sunflower in the Central Highlands, Queensland

Aktas, S. N.; Ozilgen, M., 1992: Injury of E. coli and degradation of riboflavin during pasteurization with microwaves in a tubular flow reactor

Davis, P. M.; Pedigo, L. P., 1991: Injury profiles and yield responses of seedling corn attacked by stalk borer (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Zhao, W; Hetzel, Gh; Woeste, Fe, 1992: Injury risk analysis as input to farm insurance ratings

Graitcer P.L., 1992: Injury surveillance in developing countries

Krut' , V. A., 1990: Injury to spring barley caused by overwintered adults of the sunn pest

Anonymous, 1991: Inland aquatic environmental stress monitoring

Dill, W. A., 1990: Inland fisheries of Europe

Anonymous, 1991: Inland fishery in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh - an ex-post evaluation study

Lunau, K., 1991: Innate flower recognition in bumblebees (Bombus terrestris, B. lucorum; Apidae): optical signals from stamens as landing reaction releasers

Nagel, R. L., 1990: Innate resistance to malaria: the intraerythrocytic cycle

Luzzatto, L.; Pinching, A. J., 1990: Innate resistance to malaria: the intraerythrocytic cycle. Commentary

Nagel, R. L., 1990: Innate resistance to malaria: the intraerythrocytic cycle. Reply to commentary

Carrin Bouez, 1991: Inner frontiers: Santal responses to acculturation

Section 3, Chapter 2141, Accession 002140304

Anonymous, 1992: Innovation adds value to milk

Isodor Castro, J. L., 1991: Innovation and development of tourism companies

Anonymous, 1991: Innovation and environmental risk

Gamble, P. R., 1991: Innovation and innkeeping

Micekova, H.; Blaskova, Z., 1991: Innovation and modernization of production resources - a part of efficiency improvement in agricultural production

Fanfani, R.; Pecci, F., 1991: Innovation and services in Italian agriculture. The case of contracting

Campball, M., 1991: Innovation beats off challenge to the glass Pintie

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