Interception, throughfall and stemflow in a Pinus sylvestris plantation in the Candelario basin (west-central Spain)

Santa Regina, L.; Gallardo, J.F.; San Miguel, C.; Moyano, A.

Bosque 10(1-2): 19-27


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-8799
Accession: 002142212

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Details are given of studies in a P. sylvestris stand about 35 yr old (1500 stems/ha, mean height 10.5 m, mean diameter 20 cm at 1.5 m), at 1500 m altitude in Salamanca province, Spain. Of the mean annual rainfall (1020 mm), 9% is intercepted, and 91% reaches the ground; of this, 88% is throughfall and 12% is stemflow. The return of bioelements to the soil is mainly by throughfall, except for Cu, 60% of which is contributed by stemflow. [With English captions.].