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Investigations on heading time and grain yield of wheat mutants as affected by different seeding dates

Kifayat, U.R.; Jabar, A.; Mohammad, T.; Shah, S.A.

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 7(3): 351-356


Accession: 002144341

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The performance of five wheat mutants along with the check variety Pak-81 was studied at different planting dates during two consecutive years. The first planting was done in both years on October, 25th and continued up to 24th with a difference of 10 days between the planting dates. Both the variables, i.e., planting dates and mutants/varieties significantly affected the number of days of heading and the grain yield. Reduction in days to heading and grain yield was noticed when planting was done after November 24, in both years. The wheat mutant WM-6-17out-yielded all the mutants and was at part with check variety (Pak-81) averaged over all the planting dates, whereas the highest rain yield of all the entries was recorded when planted on October 25.

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