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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2156

Chapter 2156 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sadakathulla, S.; Ramachandran, T.K., 1991:
Management of rhinoceros beetle in coconut plantation

Kamel, S.E.M.; E.S.arkawy, T.A., 1989:
Management of rice blast disease in Egypt

Inayatullah, C.; Ehsan ul Haq ; Ata ul Mohsin ; Rehman, A.; Hobbs, P.R., 1989:
Management of rice stem borers and the feasibility of adopting no-tillage in wheat

Yadav, B.D.; Mathur, B.N., 1990:
Management of root knot of chillies in nursery with chemicals

Patel, H.R.; Patel, D.J.; Patel, C.C.; Thakar, N.A., 1991:
Management of root-knot nematodes by periwinkle

Mathur A.K.; Sobti A.K.; Siradhana B.S., 1991:
Management of rose powdery mildew with fungicides

Burrows, W.H.; Carter, J.O.; Scanlan, J.C.; Anderson, E.R., 1990:
Management of savannas for livestock production in north-east Australia: contrasts across the tree-grass continuum

Siddiqui, M.R., 1990:
Management of seed borne diseases

Cluitmans, F.H.M.; Meinders, A.E., 1990 :
Management of severe hyponatremia: rapid or slow correction ?

Mohammud, C.H.; Shahrin, M.Y.; Aminuddin, Y., 1990:
Management of shallow groundwater for agriculture on coastal sandy soils of Malaysia

Mohammud, C.H.; Shahrin, M.Y.; Aminuddin, Y., 1992:
Management of shallow groundwater systems for agriculture on coastal sandy soil areas of Malaysia

Ramabadran, R.; Velazhahan, R., 1990:
Management of sheath rot of rice

Anecksamphant, C.; Boonchee, S.; Sajjapongse, A., 1990:
Management of sloping lands for sustainable agriculture in northern Thailand

Rondeux, J., 1991:
Management of small woods in Belgium

Raymond, G., 1992:
Management of soil fertility and cotton production in Southern Chad

Anonymous, 1990:
Management of soil salinity in South East Australia. Proceedings of a symposium held at Albury, New South Wales, 18-20 September 1989

Fuschini Mejia, M.C., 1991:
Management of soils and water in the semiarid plain of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Impens, R.; Fagot, J.; Avril, C., 1991:
Management of soils contaminated by heavy metals (bibliographic synthesis)

Munari, J.L.P., 1991:
Management of sows during lactation and parturition

Sukumaran, A.; Shaheena, P., 1991:
Management of spread, burden and profitability - a case study of Palghat District Cooperative Bank

McKenzie, D.C.; Abbott, T.S.; Anthony, D.T.W.; Hulme, P.J.; MacLeod, D.A.; Higginson, F.R., 1990:
Management of subsoil degradation in an Australian vertisol used for irrigated cotton production

Dhawan, A.K.; Simwat, G.S., 1992:
Management of sucking pests of cotton with natural plant products

Tzankova, M.; Stefanova, S.; Sivkova, K., 1991:
Management of suckling buffalo calves in individual cages in the open

Inayatullah, C.; Rahim, A., 1991:
Management of sugarcane pyrilla Pyrilla perpusilla Walk. from Sind

Kalaimani, T.; Natarajan, S.; Padmanabhan, D.; Rajasekaran, S., 1990:
Management of sugarcane smut disease

Beintema, A.J., 1991:
Management of the Djoudj National Park in Senegal

Hymowitz, T.; Burridge, J.A., 1990:
Management of the USDA wild perennial Glycine collection, 1989

Hymowitz, T.; Burridge, J.A., 1992:
Management of the USDA wild perennial Glycine collection, 1991

Grznar, M., 1992:
Management of the adaptation process in agriculture during the transition to a free market economy

Crooker, B.A.; Otterby, D.E., 1991:
Management of the dairy herd treated with bovine somatotropin

Ramaswamy, N.S., 1990:
Management of the draught buffalo system

Brossier, J.; Chia, E.; Marshall, E.; Petit, M., 1991:
Management of the family farm and farmers' practices: towards a new theory of management

Perfect, J.R., 1991:
Management of the immunocompromised patient: impact of fungal infections

Krafti, G.; Rafailov, R.; Banov, I.; Kolev, B.; Drashkov, N., 1988:
Management of the irrigation process using a water evaporator covering an area of 20 msuperscript 2

Gilson, S.D.; Stone, E.A., 1990:
Management of the surgical oncology patient

Schwarz, J., 1990:
Management of the water resources of Israel

Leach, F.N., 1990:
Management of threadworm infestation during pregnancy

Anonymous, 1991:
Management of thrips and mites attacking potato in the lowland

Noorsyamsi, H.; Muhrizal Sarwani, 1989:
Management of tidal swampland for food crops: southern Kalimantan experiences

Kozawa, T.; Wueki, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Matsui, S., 1992:
Management of toxics for the Fukashiba industrial wastewater treatment plant of the Kashima petrochemical complex

Pithie, A., 1990:
Management of travellers' diarrhoea

Silva, L.F. da, 1991:
Management of tropical natural resources: contradictions, outcomes, and appraisal for sustainable agriculture

Reddy, M.R.S.; Reddy, B.C., 1988:
Management of twig blight in Kagzi lime

Tooley, P., 1990:
Management of vaginal candidosis: a survey in general practice

Miller, H.G., 1990:
Management of water and nutrient relations in European forests

Nambiar, E.K.S.; Squire, R.; Cromer, R.; Turner, J.; Boardman, R., 1990:
Management of water and nutrient relations to increase forest growth

Ramaseshan, S., 1988:
Management of water resources-conjunctive use: experience in Uttar Pradesh

Traub, R., 1990:
Management of water resources: results obtained after the implementation of measures for reducing groundwater nitrate content in the Land of Baden-Wurttemberg

Chee, Y.K.; Alif, A.F.; Chung, G.F., 1992:
Management of weeds in plantation crops in 2000

Williams, R.J., 1992:
Management of weeds in the year 2000

Scharpf, R.F.; Smith, R.S.; Vogler, D., 1988:
Management of western dwarf mistletoe in ponderosa and Jeffrey pines in forest recreation areas

Kokate, K.D.; Chandla, V.K.; Nand, H.; Negi, K.S., 1991:
Management of white grub (Lachnosterna coriacea) in potato (Solanum tuberosum) fields of Shimla hills

Ahmed, S., 1991:
Management of wholesale agricultural produce markets - perspective, objectives and parameters for management

Sadanandan, A.K., 1989:
Management of wilt affected black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) gardens

Pukkala, T.; Saramaki, J.; Mubita, O., 1990:
Management planning system for tree plantations. A case study for Pinus kesiya in Zambia

Sendil, U.; A.T.rbak, A.D.; A.M.ttair, F.F., 1990:
Management plans for artificial reservoir recharge

Anonymous, 1992:
Management pointers

Reid, L.J., 1991:
Management practices and marketing strategies used by North American tour operators

Lodge, G.M., 1991:
Management practices and other factors contributing to the decline in persistence of grazed lucerne in temperate Australia: a review

Zeltzer, A., 1990:
Management practices and perceived information needs of beekeepers

Singh, D.; Gangwar, B., 1991:
Management practices for higher productivity of coriander in India - a review

Noel, G.; Hnatyszyn, M., 1991:
Management practices for pasture and consequences for the flora

Smith, J.F., 1991:
Management practices of Southwest dairymen

Engelken, T.J.; Spire, M.F.; Simms, D.D.; McWhirter, J.D., 1991:
Management practices that increase beef herd profitability

Pandey, S.K.; Ambatkar, S.V., 1991:
Management practices to improve oestrus detection in dairy cows

Blatt, C.R.; O.R.gan, R.J., 1990:
Management programs for the lowbush blueberry: native stand vs. cultivated clones and seedlings

Malik, M., 1991:
Management status of protected areas in Pakistan

Lauver, C.L.; Jameson, D.A.; Rittenhouse, L.R., 1989:
Management strategies for Gambel oak communities

Anonymous, 1991:
Management strategies for inland fisheries in the Sahel. Summary of the papers presented at Seminar on fisheries planning and management in the conventional basin of Lake Chad, N'Djamena, Chad, 8-12 January 1990 and Seminar on traditional and modern fisheries management systems in the Sahel, Conakry, Guinea, 7-10 May 1990

Siddiqui, A.Q.; Howlader, M.S.; Adam, A.A., 1991:
Management strategies for intensive culture of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) in tanks using drainage water in Al Hassa region of Saudi Arabia

Van Ee, G.R.; Kline, G.L., 1992:
Management strategies for low-temperature maize drying

Caterson, I.D., 1990:
Management strategies for weight control. Eating, exercise and behaviour

Fairweather, J.R.; Keating, N.C., 1990:
Management styles of Canterbury farmers: a study of goals and success from the farmers' point of view

Haraldsen, T.K.; Waag, T., 1991:
Management survey of forage production, a database for yield, soil and climatic information

Banchi, A.D.; Lopes, J.R.; Machado, M.C.; Soares de Arruda Pinto, R., 1989:
Management system for agricultural mechanization

Stuth, J.W.; Scifres, C.J.; Hamilton, W.T.; Conner, J.R., 1991:
Management systems analysis as guidance for effective interdisciplinary grazingland research

Ainslie, S.J.; Fox, D.G.; Perry, T.C., 1992:
Management systems for Holstein steers that utilize alfalfa silage and improve carcass value

Valdes, G.; Molina, A., 1989:
Management systems for growing fattening bovine cattle in Coast cross Bermuda grass No. 1 without irrigation

Ragland, K.K.; Ely, D.G.; Aaron, D.K.; Kemp, J.D.; Deweese, W.P., 1990:
Management systems for raising twin lambs

Steffens, G.; Zimmerman, R., 1990:
Management systems for tissue culture propagated apple trees

Flagg, L.N.; Squiers, T.S.J., 1991:
Management, enhancement, and restoration of striped bass in the state of Maine, USA

Rassi, F., 1991:
Managerial approach to higher education in tourism, the hotel and catering industries, recreational and leisure activities in Quebec

Cox, D.M., 1990:
Managerial characteristics of county extension directors: a study of the training and preparation prerequisite for effective performance

Bartlett, P.C.; Miller, G.Y.; Lance, S.E.; Heider, L.E., 1992:
Managerial determinants of intramammary coliform and environmental streptococci infections in Ohio dairy herds

Naidu, K.S.; Sailaja, B.R., 1990:
Managerial efficiency of IRDP beneficiaries - a study of poultry farming in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh

Brymer, R.A.; Perrewe, P.L.; Johns, T.R., 1991:
Managerial stress in the hotel industry

Misley, K., 1990:
Managerial tasks in protection of the general landscape

Krishnaraj, R.; Dubey, V.K., 1990:
Managerial traits associated with organisational efficiency of milk producers' co-operative society

Szekely, Cs, 1990:
Managers in agriculture?

Anonymous, 1990 :
Managing America's enduring wilderness resource

Duckett, T., 1989:
Managing Tasmania's pampas grass problem: a strategy for control

Rossaro B., 1989:
Managing a structured database in entomology

Henderson Blair, M.; Rosenberg, K.E., 1992:
Managing advertising productivity: opportunities for the 1990s

Anonymous, 1990:
Managing agricultural development in Africa: three articles on lessons from experience

Farrington, J.; Mathema, S.B., 1991:
Managing agricultural research for fragile environments: Amazon and Himalayan case studies

Jacobs, MJ.; Schloeder, CA., 1992:
Managing brown bears and wilderness recreation on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, USA

Tangner, S.H., 1992:
Managing cases of traumatic hip luxation

Cheshire, P., 1990:
Managing change: two perspectives. The role of market incentives

Stewart, J.I., 1991:
Managing climatic risk in agriculture

Bafundo, K.W., 1991:
Managing coccidiosis especially in broiler breeders pullets

Hill, C.B., 1991:
Managing commodity booms in Botswana

Singh, K., 1992:
Managing common pool irrigation tanks: a case study in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal

Papendick, R.I.; Parr, J.F.; Meyer, R.E., 1990:
Managing crop residues to optimize crop/livestock production systems for dryland agriculture

Nazir Ahmed, 1990:
Managing crops for profit

Koshy, A.; Gopalakrishnan, A.A., 1991:
Managing dairy development - insights from a study of dairy farmers in Kerala

Ahmed, S., 1992:
Managing development through institution building

Jarvis W.R., 1992:
Managing diseases in greenhouse crops

Engler, R.M., 1990:
Managing dredged materials

Herzog, G.A., 1990:
Managing early-season insects

Yardeni, A.; Benyamini, A.; Rubinstein, Z., 1992:
Managing effluents for low-volume irrigation

Thompson, C., 1991:
Managing energy use: an evolution, not a revolution

Covey, T., 1991:
Managing farm lender interest rate risk with financial futures

Arno, S.F.; Brown, J.K., 1989:
Managing fire in our forests - time for a new initiative

Flynn, A.; Marsden, T.; Ward, N., 1991:
Managing food? A critical perspective on the British experience

Corns, I.G.W.; Doucet, R.; Smith, S.; Beck, J.; Constantino, L.; Phillips, W.; Messmer, M., 1989:
Managing for aspen - a shared responsibility: proceedings of a joint technical session of the Forest Ecology, Silviculture and Tree Improvement, Forest Management, and Forest Economics and Policy Working Groups at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, September 1988

Parsons, D., 1991:
Managing for pleasure: some lessons from a comparative review of management education programmes in tourism

Hawkes, D.L.; Shew, R.L.; Carroll, M.S., 1992:
Managing for quality in recreation

Grantham, R., 1990:
Managing global change by curtailing emission sources and creating new sinks

Bentley, R.E., 1990:
Managing grass weeds in a rotational cropping system

Matheson, A.G., 1991:
Managing honey bee pollination of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) in New Zealand - a review

Day, Sir G., 1991:
Managing in an increasingly global market

Carter, F.L., 1989:
Managing insects and weeds for quality fiber

Brewer, K.P.; Hurley, R.E., 1990:
Managing life care communities: new integration of skills for hospitality managers

Arends, J., 1991:
Managing mange. Losses to swine industry may reach $230 million annually

Bramlage, W.J., 1990:
Managing maturity and harvest for storage without Alar

Sarassoro, G.F.; Leuthold, R.M., 1991:
Managing multiple international risks simultaneously with an optimal hedging model

Snow, G.E.; Mills, T.J.; Zidar, M.A., 1989:
Managing nitrates, Salinas Valley, California

Reddell, P.; Rosbrook, P.A.; Ryan, P.A., 1989:
Managing nitrogen fixation in Casuarina species to increase productivity

Magdoff, F., 1991:
Managing nitrogen for sustainable corn systems: problems and possibilities

Beets, P.N.; Dyck, W.J.; Gadgil, R.L., 1988:
Managing nitrogen in sand-dune forests

Fox, R.L., 1990:
Managing phosphorus for enhanced and sustained agricultural production

Spaull A.M., 1991 :
Managing potato cyst nematodes to minimize nematicide use

Plato, G., 1992:
Managing price risk with Diammonium phosphate and Anhydrous ammonia futures contracts

Mardanov, I., 1991:
Managing production in the agroindustrial sector

Baker, G.A.; Starbird, S.A., 1992:
Managing quality in California food processing firms

Ruddell, E.; Ellis, G., 1991:
Managing recreation employees' sense of well-being in isolated locations

Ferreira, B., 1990:
Managing reproduction in a dairy herd

Kalra, D.B.; Srivastava, R.S.; Mathur, A.K.; Joshi, A., 1990:
Managing reproduction in sheep

Tabashnik, B.E.; Finson, N.; Johnson, M.W., 1991:
Managing resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis: lessons from the diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)

Anonymous, 1990:
Managing resistance to agrochemicals. From fundamental research to practical strategies

McIntire, J., 1991:
Managing risk in African pastoralism

Chernela, J.M., 1989:
Managing rivers of hunger: the Tukano of Brazil

Goncalves, J.S.; Resende, J.V. de; Souza, S.A.M., 1991:
Managing science and technology: analysis of constraints upon the development of Sao Paulo agricultural research

Hee Houng, M.; Ballantyne, P., 1991:
Managing scientific information to meet the changing needs of agricultural research in Trinidad and Tobago

Campbell, S.J.; Landis, T.D., 1990:
Managing seedborne diseases in western forest nurseries

Minton, E.B., 1990:
Managing seedling diseases

Peterken, G.F., 1991:
Managing semi-natural woods: a suitable case for coppice

Riggle, D., 1991:
Managing sludge and MSW in Memphis

Smith, G.D.; Laryea, K.B.; Coughlan, K.J., 1990:
Managing soil structure under rainfed conditions

Bandarra, N.J., 1991:
Managing space and the environment

Wolstencroft, E.; Davies, I., 1991:
Managing sports facilities: internals and externals

Koehler, G.M.; Brittell, J.D., 1990:
Managing spruce-fir habitat for lynx and snowshoe hare

Rathaiah, Y., 1990:
Managing stem-rot in lowland rice

Crocker, P.R.E., 1992:
Managing stress by competitive athletes: ways of coping

Wescoat, J.L., 1991:
Managing the Indus River basin in light of climate change four conceptual approaches

Chalupa, W.; Galligan, D.G.; Ferguson, J.D., 1991:
Managing the dairy herd of the future with biotechnology

Monroe W.E., 1990:
Managing the difficult or brittle diabetic dog

Beare, S.C.; Fisher, B.S.; Sutcliff, A.G., 1991:
Managing the disposal of Australia's wool stockpile

Heathcote, R.L., 1991:
Managing the droughts? Perception of resource management in the face of the drought hazard in Australia

Beaumont, J.R., 1992:
Managing the environment: business opportunity and responsibility

Amanor, K.S., 1991:
Managing the fallow: weeding technology and environmental knowledge in the Krobo district of Ghana

Ballantyne, P., 1991:
Managing the flow of scientific information for agricultural research in small countries: an issues paper

Bodlender, J., 1990:
Managing the future

Woo, R.J.; Fu, T.T., 1990:
Managing the impacts of agricultural trade liberalisation in Taiwan

Furtado, J.J. dos R.; Pearce, D.W.; Butcher, D.; Mitchell, J.E.; Markandya, A., 1991:
Managing the impacts of large hydropower dams in the tropics

Ekpere, J.A.; Idowu, I., 1990:
Managing the links between research and technology transfer: the case of the extension-research liaison service in Nigeria

Gonzalez, J.L.M., 1991:
Managing the plant-animal interface in tropical legume-grass pastures

Kerr, W.A.; Hobbs, J.E.; Gillis, K.G., 1990:
Managing the risk of dealing with countries in the Pacific Rim

Edwards, D.I., 1989:
Managing the soybean cyst nematode under irrigation

Pearce, P.L. et al., 1991:
Managing the tourists

Anonymous, 1992:
Managing the world's forests: looking for balance between conservation and development

Evans J.; Hibberd B.G., 1990:
Managing to diversify forests

Anonymous, 1991:
Managing tourism and the environment - a Kenyan case study

Costa, P., 1991 :
Managing tourism carrying capacity of art cities

Sommer, C.; Zach, M., 1992:
Managing traffic-induced soil compaction by using conservation tillage

Cailliez F., 1991:
Managing tropical forests

Frederick, K.D., 1992:
Managing water for economic, environmental, and human health

Williams J.F.; Roberts S.R.; Hill J.E.; Scardaci S.C.; Tibbits G., 1990:
Managing water for weed control in rice

Biggs, A.R., 1990:
Managing wound-associated diseases by understanding wound healing in the bark of woody plants

Calumpang, S.M.F.; Barredo, M.J.V.; Roxas, N.P.; Magallona, E.D., 1989:
Mancozeb and ethylenethiourea residues in cucumber, soil and a stored commercial formulation

Anonymous, 1991:
Mandarin (Citrus reticulata hybrid). Variety: 'Sunset'. Application no. 91/058

Weddig, L.J., 1990:
Mandatory seafood inspection

Chavkin, W., 1991:
Mandatory treatment for drug use during pregnancy

Moutier, R.; Carlier, M., 1991:
Mandible shape analysis in Y-congenic strains of mice

Schwarz, P.D.; Withrow, S.J.; Curtis, C.R.; Powers, B.E.; Straw, R.C., 1991:
Mandibular resection as a treatment for oral cancer in 81 dogs

Kapatkin, A.S.; Marretta, S.M.; Patnaik, A.K.; Burk, R.L.; Matus, R.E., 1991:
Mandibular swellings in cats: prospective study of 24 cats

Gartner, E.J.; Urfer, W.; Eichhorn, J.; Grabowski, H.; Huss, H., 1990:
Manganese - a bioindicator for the current state of damage of middle-aged Norway spruce in Hessen

Davidsson, L.; Cederblad, A.; Lonnerdal, B.; Sandstrom, B., 1991:
Manganese absorption from mangold (Beta vulgaris): comparison of intrinsic and extrinsic labels

Davidsson, L.M., 1990:
Manganese absorption: studies in humans with special reference to infant diets

Karamanos R.E.; Kruger G.A.; Singh J.P., 1991:
Manganese and copper interaction in barley grown on organic soils

Baker, D.H.; Halpin, K.M., 1991:
Manganese and iron interrelationship in the chick

Broschat T.K.L., 1991:
Manganese binding by municipal waste composts used as potting media

Milne, D.B.; Sims, R.L.; Ralston, N.V., 1990:
Manganese content of the cellular components of blood

Sviatko, P.; Boda, K.; Zelenak, I., 1989:
Manganese correlations in dairy cows

Rashid, A.; Jalal ud Din ; Bashir, M., 1990:
Manganese deficiency in chickpea grown on a calcareous soil of Pakistan

Sharma C.P.; Sharma P.N.; Chatterjee C.; Agarwala S.C., 1991:
Manganese deficiency in maize affects pollen viability

Mcdaniel, P.; Buol, S., 1991:
Manganese distributions in acid soils of the North Carolina Piedmont

Wennberg, A.; Iregren, A.; Struwe, G.; Cizinsky, G.; Hagman, M.; Johansson, L., 1991:
Manganese exposure in steel smelters a health hazard to the nervous system

Warden B.T., 1991:
Manganese extracted from different chemical fractions of bulk and rhizosphere soil as affected by method of sample preparation

Mukhopadhyay M.J.; Sharma A., 1991:
Manganese in cell metabolism of higher plants

Mehta, R.; Reilly, J.J., 1990:
Manganese levels in a jaundiced long-term total parenteral nutrition patient: potentiation of haloperidol toxicity? Case report and literature review

Brown, J.A.; Alic, M.; Gold, M.H., 1991:
Manganese peroxidase gene transcription in Phanerochaete chrysosporium: activation by manganese

Périé, F.H.; Gold, M.H., 1991:
Manganese regulation of manganese peroxidase expression and lignin degradation by the white rot fungus Dichomitus squalens

Neilsen D.; Hoyt P.B.; Drought B.G.; Neilsen G.H., 1990:
Manganese soil tests for both deficient and toxic levels in apple orchards

Bowler, C.; Slooten, L.; Vandenbranden, S.; D.R.cke, R.; Botterman, J.; Sybesma, C.; Van Montagu, M.; Inzé, D., 1991:
Manganese superoxide dismutase can reduce cellular damage mediated by oxygen radicals in transgenic plants

Vega, S.C.lisay, M.H.e, N., 1992:
Manganese toxicity in cowpea as affected by soil pH and sewage sludge amendments

Wedekind, K.J.; Murphy, M.R.; Baker, D.H., 1991:
Manganese turnover in chicks as affected by excess phosphorus consumption

Lyutsko, V.A.; Selevich, A.F.; Kutseva, E.R., 1990:
Manganese(III) diphosphates

Falandysz, J., 1991:
Manganese, copper, zinc, iron, cadmium, mercury and lead in muscle meat, liver and kidneys of poultry, rabbit and sheep slaughtered in the northern part of Poland, 1987

Rahmatullah ; Dixon, J.B.; Golden, D.C., 1988:
Manganese-containing nodules in two calcareous rice soils of Pakistan

Warden, B.; Reisenauer, H., 1991:
Manganese-iron interactions in the plant-soil system

Davelaar, D., 1989:
Manganese: a necessary micronutrient to enhance biological phosphorus removal?

Shuman, L.M., 1991:
Manganese: unlocking agronomic potential

Ackerman, L., 1991:
Mange in dogs and cats. Part 1

Meloni, S., 1990:
Mange in fattening pigs

Hussain, D.; Alam, M.; Hussain, M.A., 1991:
Mango harvesting techniques in Bangladesh

Gupta, B.P.; Singh, Y.P., 1988:
Mango scale insects - occurrence in western Uttar Pradesh and their control

Rossetto, C.J.; Ribeiro, I.J.A., 1990:
Mango wilt. XII. Recommendations for control

Jarimopas, B.; Kongwatananon, K.; Rangdang, C.; Yamashita, R., 1988:
Mangosteen sizing machine

Davie, J.D.S., 1991:
Mangrove ecosystems in Australia

Phan Nguyen Hong, 1991:
Mangrove ecosystems in Vietnam: some management considerations

Choong, E.T.; Wirakusumah, R.S.; Achmadi, S.S., 1990:
Mangrove forest resources in Indonesia

Salleh Mohd Nor; Chan, H.T., 1988:
Mangrove forests in Peninsular Malaysia: an unappreciated resource

Nakasuga, T., 1985:
Mangrove forests in Thailand

Lal, P.N., 1991:
Mangrove management issues: strategies adopted in the Pacific Islands

Adegbehin, J.O.; Nwaigbo, L.C., 1990:
Mangrove resources in Nigeria: use and management perspectives

Novelli, Y.S.; Cintron Molero, G., 1991:
Mangroves as an integrated ecosystem

Sin, M.S., 1990:
Mangroves in Kampuchea

Passioura J.B.; Ball M.C.; Knight J.H., 1992:
Mangroves may salinize the soil and in so doing limit their transpiration rate

Deshmukh, S.V., 1991:
Mangroves of India: status report

Jacobs, L.G.; Bloom, H.G.; Behrman, F.Z., 1990:
Mania and a gait disorder due to cobalamin deficiency

Serier, J.B., 1988:
Manicoba. History, biology, cultivation, economic importance

Anonymous, 1990:
Manifattura Plastica srl

Rodriguez, A.M.; Hinojosa, D., 1988:
Manifestation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria in the Caujeri Valley

Andersson, S., 1988:
Manifestation of andigena-virulence of eight field populations of potato cyst nematodes (Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida) from Blekinge and Skane

Sharma S.K.; Mehta H., 1991 :
Manifestation of genetic diversity for physiological traits in soybean under two cropping systems

Khan A.A.; Ali M.M.; Mahmood A.; Khan A.A., 1989:
Manifestation of heterosis and combining ability in upland cotton

Pond, S.M., 1990:
Manifestations and management of paraquat poisoning

Bannor, T.T.; Boa Amponsem, K., 1989:
Manifestations of avitaminosis A in intensively-kept chickens in Ghana

Barriga, O.O.; Andujar, F.; Andrzejewski, W.J., 1991:
Manifestations of immunity in sheep repeatedly infested with Amblyomma americanum ticks

Cameron, M.L.; Bartlett, J.A.; Gallis, H.A.; Waskin, H.A., 1991:
Manifestations of pulmonary cryptococcosis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Sanviano, L.M.C.; Nunes, M. do C.F.S., 1989:
Manihot pseudoglaziovii hay in the fattening of bullocks

Cook, E.L.; Staden, J. van, 1988:
Manipulating carnation petal senescence. II. The influence of benzyladenine on indoleacetic acid metabolism and ethylene production

Nocek, J.E.; Tamminga, S., 1990:
Manipulating digestion site of non-structural carbohydrate in dairy cattle and its effect on milk yield and composition

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Manipulating digestive processes in ruminants

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Manipulating nutrition to enhance (optimize) reproduction

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Manipulating rumen microorganisms and rumen fermentation

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Manipulating the canine estrous cycle

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Manipulating the dairy cow diet for more protein in milk

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Manipulating the plastic response of white clover through grazing, in a cool, temperate climate in New Zealand

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Manipulating the wheat pairing control system for alien gene transfer

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Manipulating the workforce of the rumen to improve milk and meat production

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Manipulation of amino acid supply to the growing ruminant

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Manipulation of animal fertility

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Manipulation of animal growth

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Manipulation of canopy structure and components in oilseed rape with PGR's for improved performance and yield

Anonymous, 1991:
Manipulation of canopy structure in arable crops

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Manipulation of chromosomal segments from wild wheat for the improvement of bread wheat

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Manipulation of energy and protein metabolism

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Manipulation of fibre digestion in the rumen

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Manipulation of flower pigmentation by the antisense strategy

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Manipulation of flower structure in transgenic tobacco

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Manipulation of granule-bound starch synthase activity and amylase content in potato by antisense genes

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Manipulation of growth and development of the mammary gland in heifers for increased milk yield

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Manipulation of growth and lactation in cattle

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Manipulation of growth by hormones and other substances. Effect on lipid metabolism

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Manipulation of hindgut fermentation in horses and its implication for all species

Pagan, J.D., 1991:
Manipulation of hindgut fermentation in horses and its implications for all species

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Manipulation of intestinal microbial activity in young animals to control mortality

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Manipulation of lean deposition in animals

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Manipulation of maternal diet to alter fatty acid composition of human milk intended for premature infants

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Manipulation of maturity in fingermillet (Eleusine coracana)

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Manipulation of nutrient supply to animals at pasture. Opportunities and consequences

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Manipulation of oocytes and in vitro fertilization

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Manipulation of pasture growth with mefluidide

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Manipulation of plant growth by regulating plant water deficits and limiting the wetted zone

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Manipulation of porcine carcass composition by ractopamine

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Manipulation of reproductive activity in subtropical sheep

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Manipulation of reproductive function in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) kelts with controlled photoperiod and temperature

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Manipulation of rumen microbes

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Manipulation of temperature at controlled CO2 level to synchronise the flushing pattern of the mushroom Agaricus bisporus

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Manipulation of the breeding season in foxes

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Manipulation of the breeding season in sheep

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Manipulation of the fatty acid composition of milk by feeding protected canola seeds

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Manipulation of the fatty acid composition of pig meat lipids by dietary means

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Manipulation of the mouse genome by homologous recombination

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Manipulation of tuber-size distribution of a potato crop

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Manipulation of water activity: an important aspect of extending the shelf life of whole milk powder

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Manipulation of water and nutrients - practice and opportunity in southern U.S. pine forests

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Manipulation of water stress to increase productivity in groundnut

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Manipulation techniques with potential use in animal agriculture

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Manipulative methods for varroa control: considerations after two years of experience

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Manitoba virus, a new rhabdovirus isolated from Culex tarsalis mosquitoes collected in Manitoba, Canada

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Manitoba. Probable organophosphate toxicosis in commercial geese

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Mannan antigenemia during invasive candidiasis caused by Candida tropicalis

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Manning the tourism and leisure industry

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Mannitol complexes

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Mannityl opine accumulation and exudation by transgenic tobacco

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Mannoprotein adhesins of Candida albicans

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Mannosephosphate isomerase isozymes of the domestic duck

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Manpower development - the Operation Flood experience

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Manpower development for rural industries: a case study

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Manpower development in the health sector: the case of community health workers in Nigeria

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Manpower during the transformation period on farms

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Manpower output, availability and development for research, extension and training in SADCC

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Manpower resources development: fertilizer marketing

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Mansonella ozzardi, Faust 1922, case report of a patient infected after handling timber from northern Argentina

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Mansonella perstans infection in the Middle Hawal Valley, Nigeria

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Mansonia altissima in the tropical forest ecosystem of Cameroon: silviculture and plant health problems

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Manual abolition of twin pregnancy in mares

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Manual and winch extraction in Eucalyptus globulus plantations

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Manual calculation of rations for dairy cows. 1. Semi-individual feeding in mid- and late lactation

Randall, J.M., 1990:
Manual control of spear thistle (Cirsium vulgare), and alien biennial in Yosemite National Park, California

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Manual for breeding giant African snails in the tropics

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Manual for design of timber structures. 1.1. Wood in Mexico

Ortega E.F.; Ricalde C.M., 1989:
Manual for design of timber structures. 1.2. Biological structure of the wood

Ricalde C.M.; Barcenas P.G., 1989:
Manual for design of timber structures. 1.3. Physical properties of the wood

Robles F.V.F., 1990:
Manual for design of timber structures. 3. Design method

Anonymous, 1989:
Manual for determining labour performance and costs in systems of multipurpose trees

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Manual for field collection and documentation of feral honey bee colonies

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Manual for forest crop protection in the Parana delta region

Anonymous, 1990:
Manual for forest plantations

Steiner, K.G., 1990:
Manual for on-farm experiments in rural development projects

Regard, A., 1988:
Manual for the beekeeping beginner

Plancarte Barrera, A., 1990:
Manual for the establishment and evaluation of species and provenance trials

Palya, V., 1991:
Manual for the production of Marek's disease, Gumboro disease and inactivated Newcastle disease vaccines

Wong, R.; Fletcher, G.; Ryder, J., 1991:
Manual of analytical methods for seafood research

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Manual of common forest species on the Leste Plateau

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Manual of diseases of penaeid shrimps

Vaughan J.P.; Morrow R.H., 1989:
Manual of epidemiology for district health management

Anonymous, 1991:
Manual of fertilizer statistics

Anonymous, 1989:
Manual of forest management

Lau, H.D., 1991:
Manual of hygienic practice in buffalo calves

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Manual of pests of horticultural crops, sweet potato and cassava

Anonymous, 1989:
Manual of plant species suitability for reclamation in Alberta - 2nd Edition

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Manual of population genetics and breeding methodology. A basic scientific reference work for plant and animal breeders

Anonymous, 1990:
Manual of refrigerated storage in the warmer developing countries

Anonymous, 1991:
Manual of soil conservation management for the States of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana

Anonymous, 1990:
Manual on sawmill operational maintenance

Anonymous, 1990:
Manual on simple methods of meat preservation

Gwinner, J.; Harnisch, R.; Muck, O., 1990:
Manual on the prevention of post-harvest grain losses

Fiddler, G.O.; McDonald, P.M., 1990:
Manual release contracting: production rates, costs, and future

McDonald, P.M.; Fiddler, G.O.; Tucker, R.A.; Colaninno, A., 1989:
Manual release in an 'old' Douglas-fir plantation increases diameter growth

Svetlichnyi, E.B.; Sharypov, N.M.; Tsimmerman, A.E.; Zakharchenko, S.P., 1991:
Manual selection cultivator

Anonymous, 1990:
Manuals of food quality control: training in mycotoxins analysis

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Manufacture and profiles of low sodium paneer cheese

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Manufacture and proteolytic properties of yogurt from milk concentrated by ultrafiltration

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Manufacture and responsive characteristic of environmental controlled electronic measurement system with air conditioner

Nakazawa Y.; Yamada M.; Kawamata K.; Kurata S., 1991:
Manufacture and rheological properties of low sodium jellied milk

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Manufacture and sterilization of honey containing oligosaccharides

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Manufacture of Ras cheese with freeze shocked mutant strains of Lactobacillus casei

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Manufacture of a concentrate for 'milk soup with vermicelli'

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Manufacture of a dietetic milk product

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Manufacture of a functional cDNA for the H-2Db molecule using a retroviral shuttle vector

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Manufacture of a low-energy product: jam roll

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Manufacture of activated carbon from Eucalyptus globulus

Hetz, E.J., 1991:
Manufacture of agricultural machinery in Chile

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Manufacture of an aroma compound

Bach, L., 1989:
Manufacture of corrugated waferboard

Szigeti, J.; Krasz, A., 1992:
Manufacture of cultured milk products satisfying dietetic requirement

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Manufacture of dairy products

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Manufacture of dried dietetic cultured milk products

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Manufacture of dried milk

Planovskii, A.A.; Golovach, V.P., 1988:
Manufacture of dried skim milk with apple juice

Gaona, A.; Bernard, A.I.; Mejia, D.J., 1990:
Manufacture of flavoured jellies and custard using Cheddar cheese whey

Husek, V.; Binder, M.; Sevcik, Z.; Strmiska, J., 1990:
Manufacture of foamed milk desserts

Pedersen, P.J.; Ottosen, N., 1992:
Manufacture of fresh cheese by ultrafiltration

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Manufacture of instant cereal products for infant and invalid diets by extension and roller drying. 2. Comparison of sensory properties and changes in amino acid composition in the end product

Bayoumi, S., 1991:
Manufacture of instant cheese powder

Enriquez P.M., 1989:
Manufacture of invert syrup in Mexico. A real alternative towards diversification of the sugar industry

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Manufacture of iodized meat products

Gupta, R.C.; Tiwari, M.P., 1990:
Manufacture of liquid yoghurt

Mistry, V.V.; Hassan, H.N., 1990:
Manufacture of low fat yogurt using a high protein powder

Achorn, F., 1991:
Manufacture of mixed fluids

Quarmby, S.C., 1991:
Manufacture of nitrogenous fluids

Mistry, V.V.; Hassan, H.N., 1992:
Manufacture of nonfat yogurt from a high milk protein powder

Peredo L.M., 1988:
Manufacture of particleboard for outdoor use

Haselein, C.R.; Vital, B.R.; Valente, O.F.; Della Lucia, R.M., 1989:
Manufacture of particleboard from eucalypt (Eucalyptus grandis) and embauba (Cecropia sp.) wood

Pirot, Y., 1989:
Manufacture of processed cheese in our country. Part 2

Brezina, P.; Cikanek, D.; Vtipil, D.; Filipova, H.; Kavan, M.; Bartosek, V.; Marounek, M., 1990:
Manufacture of raw material for Olomouc cheese specialities (tvaruzky)

Aitken, B.; Kieseker, F.G., 1990:
Manufacture of recombined instantised full cream milk powder

Takahashi, M. (and 3 others), 1990:
Manufacture of royal jelly resistant to coloration

Anifantakis, E.M., 1991:
Manufacture of sheep's milk products

Pospisil, J.; Schejbal, L., 1992:
Manufacture of small machinery at STS Slatinany

Sova, S.N.; Danilenko, E.V.; Mlechko, L.A., 1991:
Manufacture of soft cheese

Somyos Chanyavilas; Pornsak Manassiripen; Orapin Chaiprosop, 1990:
Manufacture of soya milk powder

Shchedushnov, E.V.; Shchedushnov, D.E.; Ryadchikov, A.I., 1991:
Manufacture of sterilized milk

Dutta, N.; Guha, B.K., 1990:
Manufacture of sugar by reverse osmosis process

Friml, M.; Ticha, B., 1990:
Manufacture of sweeteners in the world and in our country

Bykova, O.I.; Torgov, V.D.; Morozov, L.F.; Saidova, Z.M., 1991:
Manufacture of tvorog

Singh, G.; Pariyar, M.P., 1990:
Manufacturing and testing of AIT jab seeder in Nepal

Inagaki, J., 1991:
Manufacturing method for ice-cream products and its apparatus for the same

Athar I.H.; Masud T.; Ali A., 1989:
Manufacturing of indigenous cheese using starter culture and direct acidification process

Yee, W.F.; Cheng, Y.Y.; Liu, Y.T.; Wang, L.H., 1990:
Manufacturing of non-polluting eating utensils from bagasse pulp

Sano, J., 1990:
Manufacturing process of packed fast-cooking rice

Hrdy, J.; Kohout, O., 1991:
Manufacturing programme of Choteborske strojirny

Moll, D., 1990:
Manufacturing protein hydrolysates without giving rise to a bitter taste

Liu, F.K.; Nie, Y.H.; Shen, B.Y., 1989:
Manufacturing soy protein isolate by ultrafiltration

Singh, S.; Kanawjia, S.K., 1991:
Manufacturing technique for paneer from recombined milk using cow skim milk powder and butter oil

Marum, E.J. van; Zonderland, J., 1991:
Manure acidification is a topical research subject at the Bosma Zathe Regional Research Centre

Bar ness, E.; Chen, Y., 1991:
Manure and peat based iron-organo complexes II. Transport in soils

Bar Ness, E.; Chen, Y., 1991:
Manure and peat based iron-organo complexes. I. Characterization and enrichment

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Manure and the environment, VIV-Europe, Utrecht, Netherlands, 14 November, 1990

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Manure breeding insects (Diptera and Coleoptera) responsible for cestoidosis in caged layer hens

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Manure composting: The influence of leachates on the environment

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Manure legislation effects on income and on N, P and K losses in dairy farming

Kerger, H., 1991:
Manure limitation on precautionary grounds

Windisch, W.; Kirchgessner, M.; Kreuzer, M., 1991:
Manure quantity of lactating dairy cows in relation to production intensity

Martin, M.G., 1991:
Manure spreaders

Martin, M.G., 1992:
Manure spreaders

Shultz T.; Wright S.; Cudney D.; Reints S., 1991:
Manure storage effects on weed seed viability

Anonymous, 1992:
Manure storage safety

Malte, D.B.; Mahajan, S.J.; Chaphale, S.D., 1991:
Manurial value of effluent slurry from biogas plants

Borkar, D.K.; Deshmukh, E.S.; Bhoyar, V.S., 1991:
Manurial values of FYM and composts as influenced by raw materials used and period of decomposition

Anonymous, 1990:
Manuring of container plants

Vang Petersen, O., 1989:
Manuring of tree and bush fruits

Schlimme, D., 1990:
Manuscript for 'plastic overwraps for riper fruit'

Thrane, I.F., 1992:
Many abortions with border disease virus

Schultz, J.C., 1988:
Many factors influence the evolution of herbivore diets, but plant chemistry is central

Reiter, J., 1991:
Many happy returns

Wenzel, C.M., 1991 :
Many leisure projects are only dreams: competence and experience are often in short supply

Pan, D.; Strelow, L.I.; Nelson, O.E., 1990:
Many maize inbreds lack an endosperm cytosolic phosphoglucomutase

Muir, K.S., 1990:
Many mists - little fruitfulness

Verberkt, H., 1991:
Many new New Guinea Impatiens on the market. The range is wider and better

Moller, B.; Herder, E., 1991:
Many regulations for the seasonal workforce: new regulations for foreign workers

Diniz, A.C.; Matos, G.C. de, 1988:
Map of agro-ecological zones and vegetation of Cape Verde. III-Maio island

Diniz, A.C.; Matos, G.C. de, 1988:
Map of agroecological zones and vegetation of Cape Verde IV - Boavista Island

Anonymous, 1992:
Map of chromosome anomalies in the mouse

Babaev, A.G.; Kharin, N.G., 1991:
Map of desertification of arid territories of Asia. (Concept)

Beechey, C.V.; Searle, A.G., 1990:
Map of structural changes

Beechey, C.V.; Searle, A.G., 1991:
Map of structural changes

Weir, M.J.C.; Sumaryono, M.S., 1990:
Map revision in forestry

Ogunkunle, A.O., 1991:
Map texture as a measure of map quality

Hendershot, W.H.; Jones, A.R.C., 1989:
Maple decline in Quebec: a discussion of possible causes and the use of fertilizers to limit damage

Healy, P.J.; Dennis, J.A.; Harper, P.A.W.; Graham, R.; Reuter, R.E., 1992:
Maple syrup urine disease in Poll Shorthorn calves

Cannata, G., 1989:
Mapping agricultural territorial systems in Italy

Selige, T.; Harrach, T., 1991:
Mapping and evaluation of compacted anthropogenic soils using plant indicators and aerial scanning (MSS)

Chardon, P.; Nunes, M.; Dezeure, F.; Andres Cara, D.; Vaiman, M., 1991:
Mapping and genetic organization of the TNF genes in the swine Mhc

Feilberg, J.; Folving, S., 1990:
Mapping and monitoring of woodlands and scrub vegetation in Qingua-dalen, south Greenland

Tannich, E.; Nickel, R.; Buss, H.; Horstmann, R.D., 1992:
Mapping and partial sequencing of the genes coding for 2 different cysteine proteinases in pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica

Kim, J.W.; Bozarth, R.F., 1992:
Mapping and sequence analysis of the capsid protein gene of cowpea mottle virus

Lopez Garcia, M.J.; Caselles, V., 1991:
Mapping burns and natural reforestation using thematic mapper data

Dipert, D.; Warren, J.R., 1988:
Mapping fires with the Fire Mouse Trap

Cowen, N.M.; Johnson, C.D.; Armstrong, K.; Miller, M.; Woosley, A.; Pescitelli, S.; Skokut, M.; Belmar, S.; Petolino, J.F., 1992:
Mapping genes conditioning in vitro androgenesis in maize using RFLP analysis

Patton, D.; Franzmann, L.; Meinke, D., 1991:
Mapping genes essential for embryo development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Goddard M.E., 1991:
Mapping genes for quantitative traits using linkage disequilibrium

King, G.J., 1992:
Mapping genes in apple: the future for molecular-aided breeding

Beier, D.R.; Dushkin, H.; Sussman, D.J., 1992:
Mapping genes in the mouse using single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis of recombinant inbred strains and interspecific crosses

Bastiaanssen, W.G.M.; Menenti, M., 1990:
Mapping groundwater losses in the western desert of Egypt with satellite measurements of surface reflectance and surface temperature

Plunk, D.E.J.; Morgan, K.; Newland, L., 1990:
Mapping impervious cover using Landsat TM data

Hoisington, D.A.; Coe, E.H.J., 1990:
Mapping in maize using RFLPs

Croall, J.; Nash, J.Q., 1990:
Mapping infection in Kent

Okamoto, K.; Fukuhara, M.; Hatanaka, T., 1990:
Mapping method of soil organic matter content of Obihiro area using Landsat TM data

Matz, E.C.; Burr, F.A.; Burr, B., 1991:
Mapping new mutations using RFLPs

Schurr, E.; Skamene, E.; Morgan, K.; Chu, M.L.; Gros, P., 1990:
Mapping of Col3a1 and Col6a3 to proximal murine chromosome 1 identifies conserved linkage of structural protein genes between murine chromosome 1 and human chromosome 2q

Klett, C.; Adolph, S.; Hirning, U., 1991:
Mapping of Nmyc-1 to mouse chromosome 12, band A3/B

Konovalov, A.A., 1991:
Mapping of S genes in plants

Prioli, R.P.; Ortega-Barria, E.; Mejia, J.S.; Pereira, M.E.A., 1992:
Mapping of a B-cell epitope present in the neuraminidase of Trypanosoma cruzi

Schnurr, G.; Schmidt, A.; Sandmann, G., 1991:
Mapping of a carotenogenic gene cluster from Erwinia herbicola and functional identification of six genes

Cybinski, D.H.; Walker, P.J.; Byrne, K.A.; Zakrzewski, H., 1990:
Mapping of antigenic sites on the bovine ephemeral fever virus glycoprotein using monoclonal antibodies

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Mapping of bovine cytokeratin sequences to four different sites on three chromosomes

Greenfield, A.J.; Brown, S.D.M.; Friedman, J.M.; Bahary, N., 1991:
Mapping of clone D4Smh6b to the distal end of mouse chromosome 4

Sheridan, W.F., 1990:
Mapping of dek31 on chromosome arm 4L

Chen, S.A.; Dong, Y.S.; Xu, S.J.; Zhou, R.H.; Li, X.Q.; Wang, J.X., 1990:
Mapping of gene resistance to powdery mildew in amphidiploid Am3 of Triticum persicum X Aegilops tauschii

Chowdhary B.P.; Harbitz I.; Davies W.; Gustavsson I., 1991:
Mapping of genes belonging to the halothane linkage group in pigs using in situ hybridization

Hedrich, H.J.; Wege, H.; Reetz, I.C., 1990:
Mapping of immune responsiveness toward coronavirus JHM to linkage group VI of the rat

Levy, A.A.; Walbot, V., 1990:
Mapping of loci affecting Mutator activity

Bertrand, F., 1989:
Mapping of mangroves of the River Pongo delta (Guinea) by comparative analysis of multispectral Spot and IRC data

Eng, C.M.; Kozak, C.A.; Beaudet, A.L.; Zoghbi, H.Y., 1991:
Mapping of multiple subunits of the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor to chromosome 15 in man and chromosome 9 in mouse

Dunger, I., 1989:
Mapping of polypores (poroid Polyporales and Poriales) in Upper Lusatia. II. Conclusions regarding mapping, mycofloristics, chorology and ecology

Mayer, H., 1988:
Mapping of potentially storm-threatened forest sites in Bavaria

Taketo M.; Howard T.A.; Seldin M.F., 1992:
Mapping of recombinant retrovirus integration sites that cause expression of the viral genome in murine embryonal carcinoma cells

Schwerin, M.; Gallagher, D.S.; Miller, J.R.; Thomsen, P.D., 1992:
Mapping of repetitive bovine DNA sequences on cattle Y chromosomes

Prochazka, M.; Gold, D.P.; Castano, L.; Eisenbarth, G.S.; Paigen, B.; Leiter, E.H., 1991:
Mapping of secretogranin 1 (Scg-1) to Chr 2, and carboxypeptidase H (Cph-1) to Chr 8

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Market review

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Market review

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Market tightens

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Marketing Asian destination in Europe

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Marketing agricultural products with coupons

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Marketing improvement under socialist economy: a case of fruit and vegetable wholesale markets in China

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Marketing liberalization

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Marketing new crops

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