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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2160

Chapter 2160 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Libor, O.; Nagy, G.; Szekely, T.; Mester, R.; Kazareczki, K.; Muller, T.; Kiss, J.; Saghi, Z.; Hosszu, A., 1992:
Method for producing a barrier layer in soil

Ukawa, N.; Iida, K.; Nakamura, T., 1990:
Method for producing a parallel gas flow type catalyst for oxidizing sulfurous acid gas

Fukuyasu, S.; Nakamura, M.; Kawachi, K.; Yamaguchi, S.; Kinoshita, S.; Numata, T., 1991:
Method for producing miso

Pucci, M.J.; Kunka, B.S., 1989:
Method for producing novel dried compositions containing polysaccharides

Kuribayashi, Y.; Sueoka, K., 1989:
Method for producing quasi-natural cheese fermented foods

Ohtsu, S., 1990:
Method for producing quick cooking processed rice

Antipova, L.V.; Kirillova, L.G.; Gavrikova, E.A., 1990:
Method for producing tvorog from buttermilk

Kryukov, A.F.; Safronenko, L.V.; Nekhvedovich, N.V.; Zalashko, M.V.; Obraztsova, N.V.; Gushcha, T.E.; Vydritskaya, I.V., 1991:
Method for production of 'Provibel', a protein-vitamin product

Kolesnikova, S.S.; Gening, V.G.; Kiseleva, T.B., 1990:
Method for production of a protein mass

Takasaki, Y., 1989:
Method for production of glucose by use of transglucosidase

Kojev, S.; Kojev, A., 1990:
Method for production of hard grating cheese Galaxy from heat-treated milk

Spassova, M.; Kojev, A., 1990:
Method for production of lactic casein, maximum free of fats

Motekaitis, P.P.; Butkene, A.A., 1990:
Method for production of melted butter

Paraskevov, I.; Cojev, A., 1990:
Method for production of sheep milk hard cheese Rossitza of the Cheddar type

Chaintron, J.M., 1990:
Method for propagating and growing plants of the Bromeliaceae family, and plants obtained in this way

Takayama, S.; Akita, M., 1991:
Method for propagation of potatoes

Allport, D., 1991:
Method for protecting drip irrigation hoses and other structures from root intrusion

Ivanov, V.V.; Meshalkina, Y.L., 1990:
Method for quantitative determination of feldspars and quartz in coarse soil fractions

Hwang, D.Y.; Choi, C.D.; Park, S.T.; Kim, S.C., 1991:
Method for raising infant rice seedlings in southern Korea

Rusch, A.; Kramer, J., 1990:
Method for rapid detection of beer spoiling bacteria

Mezentseva, O.Yu, 1991:
Method for rapid evaluation of plants for resistance to Fusarium

Uralets, L.I.; Medvedev, V.V., 1991:
Method for rapid propagation of watercress in tissue culture

Coosemans, J.; Dijck, H. van, 1989:
Method for rearing the pear psyllid Psylla pyri for screening pyrethroids

Rozhkova, I.V.; Semenikhina, V.F.; Ustinov, M.N., 1991:
Method for regeneration of the activity of kefir grains

Schmid, P.J., 1991:
Method for removing nitrogen oxides from gases

Talonen, T.T.; Poijarvi, J.T., 1990:
Method for removing sulphur in elemental form from gases containing sulphur dioxide or sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide

Olsen, O.C.; Santina, P.F., 1990:
Method for removing toxic metals from agricultural drain water

Gupta, P.K.; Pullman, G.S., 1991:
Method for reproducing coniferous plants by somatic embryogenesis

Gupta, P.K.; Pullman, G.S., 1991:
Method for reproducing coniferous plants by somatic embryogenesis using abscisic acid and osmotic potential variation

Kuckens, A., 1991:
Method for root fertilization in cultivated plants

Dovgopol, V.I.; Akimenko, A.F.; Melent' ev, B.A.; Kanevets, G.V., 1989:
Method for scalding of beet cossettes

Jermy, T.; Butt, B.A., 1991:
Method for screening female sex pheromone extracts of the Colorado potato beetle

Wang, D.Y.; Kennedy, D.T.; MacAllister, B.W., 1991:
Method for sensing nitrous oxide

He, L.F.; Li, Y.P.; Fu, W.J., 1988:
Method for sexing live beetles of Ips subelongatus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Noa, M.; Alfonso, H.A.; Ginorio, C., 1989:
Method for simultaneous analysis of antibiotics in milk

Gil, A.H.; Morales, D.V.; Valverde, E.R., 1991:
Method for stimulation or repair and regeneration of intestinal gut cells in infants and enhancing the immune respone of T-cells

Laird, D.H., 1991:
Method for sulfur dioxide production from calcium sulfate by entrained high-temperature slagging reduction

Yamane, M.; Yokouchi, H., 1991:
Method for surveying the amount of damage by Anaglyptus subfasciatus in a forest stand

Barabanov, M.I.; Chernyavskaya, L.I.; Saranyuk, I.A.; Khomenko, T.N., 1990:
Method for technological evaluation of processable beet

Ivanitza, V.A.; Bagaeva, O.S.; Khodyrev, V.I.; Piven' , T.V., 1990:
Method for testing the fungal resistance of materials containing flax

Lell, R., 1991:
Method for the automatic control of the rate of supply of oxygen to a Claus process plant

Phillips M.; Greenberg J., 1991:
Method for the collection and analysis of volatile compounds in the breath

Maheshkumar S.; Goyal S.M.; Peterson R.B.; Economon P.P., 1991:
Method for the concentration of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus from hatchery water

Liu, W.; Xu, H.; Chen, Z., 1991:
Method for the determination of butachlor residues in water, soil and rice

Volokitin, K.V.; Grossman, B.B.; Kondrat' ev, E.F.; Fedotov, V.V., 1991:
Method for the determination of fat and solids-not-fat in milk

Eberbach, P.L.; Douglas, L.A., 1991:
Method for the determination of glyphosate and (aminomethyl)phosphonic acid in soil using electron capture gas chromatography

Mathews, M., 1991:
Method for the determination of oxygen demand in sulfur recovery installations

Kaverin, V.V.; Murusidze, D.N., 1991:
Method for the determination of the degree of crystallization of lactose in concentrated milk whey

Shiyomi M., 1991:
Method for the estimation of herbaceous biomass in grazed pasture by visual observation

Kaneko, T.; Takahashi, M.; Suzuki, H., 1991:
Method for the fermentative production of diacetyl and acetoin using lactic acid bacterium

Long A.R.; Hsieh L.C.; Bello A.C.; Malbrough M.S.; Short C.R.; Barker S.A., 1990:
Method for the isolation and liquid chromatographic determination of chloramphenicol in milk

Soliman M.M.; Long A.R.; Barker S.A., 1990:
Method for the isolation and liquid chromatographic determination of furazolidone in chicken muscle tissue

Long A.R.; Hsieh L.C.; Malbrough M.S.; Short C.R.; Barker S.A., 1990:
Method for the isolation and liquid chromatographic determination of furazolidone in milk

Dilanyan, Z.K.; Manvelyan, R.A.; Manvelyan, A.R.; Airapetyan, M.M.; Ul' yanov, V.N., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of 'Rostovskii' low fat cheese

Ivanov, V.L.; Moroz, M.N.; Skokov, A.P.; Kryuchkov, K.N., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of Gollandskii cheese

Vasil' eva, R.A.; Raspopova, L.A., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of a beverage from whey

Ibragimova, A.Z.; Sokolov, A.A.; Bleya, M.V.; Shamraeva, N.D.; Lovtsova, L.B.; Avdonina, K.P.; Stepanova, A.P., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of a cultured milk product

Dorofeichuk, V.G.; Kelekeeva, M.M.; Varnacheva, L.N.; Lukanova, A.V., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of a dietetic milk product

Lyakh, V.Y.; Popyrkina, S.I.; Bershadskii, O.L.; Malyarenko, A.F.; Belomestnov, P.M., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of cheese

Kolennikova, S.S.; Gening, V.G.; Guzhva, V.V.; Golovan' , L.N., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of fresh brined cheese

Ivanov, V.L., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of hard renneted cheese

Khramtsov, A.G.; Evodkimov, I.A.; Rokhmistrov, V.V.; Vardanyan, G.S.; Lodygin, D.N.; Pavlov, V.A.; Kunizhev, S.M.; Zayanchauskas, P.V.; Ramanauskas, R.I.; Bessmertnyi, I.A., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of lactose

Kolesnikova, S.S.; Gening, V.G.; Guzhva, V.V.; Golovan' , L.N., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of powdered cheese

Berezko, V.A.; Zaritskaya, I.R.; Khlebnikov, Y.A.; Sergeev, V.N., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of smetana

Zatirka, A.F.; Shalygina, A.M.; Stepakh, I.I.; Kononovich, N.G.; Popova, T.V.; Korzun, V.N.; Ivanov, V.S.; Il' yashenko, T.I.; Gabaraev, V.A.; Nesterenko, N.I., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of soft dietetic cheese

Radaeva, I.A.; Tikhomirova, N.A.; Chagarovskii, A.P.; Shchedushnov, D.E., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of sterilized, condensed milk

Gorbatova, O.G.; Semenikhina, V.F., 1991:
Method for the manufacture of tvorog whey concentrate

Kim, V.V.; Serov, A.V.; Kholodov, G.I.; Dykalo, N.Y.; Khramtsov, A.A.; Bulany, V.A.; Garbuzov, D.M., 1991 :
Method for the manufacture of whey concentrate

Woldhuis, J.; Eykenboom, A.C.; Ubert, J.D., 1990:
Method for the preparation of a coating preparation for cheese, a coating preparation obtainable in this way and a method for coating cheese using a preparation of this type

Klaver, F.A.M.; Stadhouders, J.J.; Kingma, F., 1991:
Method for the preparation of a fermented milk product

Sordillo, L.M.; Babiuk, L.A., 1992:
Method for the prevention and treatment of bovine mastitis

Hagedorn, F.; Peuschel, G.; Singewald, A., 1991:
Method for the production of potassium chloride with K2O content of more than 55 weight percent

Hagedorn, F.; Peuschel, G.; Singewald, A., 1990:
Method for the production of potassium chloride with a K2O content of more than 55 wt% from the fine salt resulting from the decomposition of carnallite

Loblich, K.R.; Lange, S., 1990:
Method for the production of potassium magnesium phosphate

Ovchinnikov, A.D.; Gronostaiskaya, N.A.; Sokolova, N.A.; Asafov, V.A., 1991:
Method for the purification of dried casein

Terekhov, F.K., 1990:
Method for the quantitative determination of alkaloid content in the seeds and green matter of lupin

Beshitaishvili, L.V.; Rakhimova, D.A.; Shakirov, T.T., 1990:
Method for the quantitative determination of lappaconitine in the epigeal part of Aconitum orientale

Kongshaug, G.; Hjornevik, L.; Fareid, E.; Nirisen, O., 1990:
Method for the reduction of nitrogen oxide

Abubekerov, B.A., 1990:
Method for the selection of lucerne plants

Walter, G.J.; Rodriguez Kabana, R., 1992:
Method for the treatment of nematodes in soil using furfural

Allakhverdiev, A.M., 1989:
Method for the verification of the good condition and quality of membrane filters used to sterilize nutrient culture media

Klein, H.J.; Seedor, G.; Frankenfield, D.L.; Thompson, D.D., 1991:
Method for transilial bone biopsy in baboons

Fu, J.K.; O.T.ole, R.J.; Smith, J.R., 1991:
Method for treating contaminated soil and groundwater by in situ subsurface bioreclamation

Fu, J.K.; Merritt, A.J.; Smith, J.R., 1991:
Method for treating contaminated soil by biological degradation on a sloped surface

Sorensen, E.; Jensen, J.; Rasmussen, E.; Jensen, B.S.; Bjerre, B., 1991:
Method for treating polluted material

Druz' , N.A., 1989:
Method for washing teat cup liners

Navarro Trasancos, L.; Abreu Penate, M.; Gonzalez Perez, T.L.; Izquierdo Perez, L., 1988:
Method in vivo for estimating the indigestible fraction (dietary fibre) in a semisynthetic diet given to rats

Kostowska, B.; Sadowski, J.; Rola, J., 1990:
Method of Grasp residue determination in cereals

Leps, W.T.; Thompson, B.G., 1992:
Method of adhering bacteria to seed and composition therefor

Holley, M.N.H., 1992:
Method of amelioration of soil for tree planting

Yogev, A., 1991:
Method of and mean for producing power and cooling in manufacturing of ammonia and related products

Backhaus, G., 1988:
Method of appraising the performance of forestry machine operators

Griror' ev, V.Y.; Solov' eva, O.V., 1989:
Method of assessment of erosion control efficiency by mulching for furrow irrigation

Zaitsev, I.D.; Belyak, L.I.; Klemenkov, A.I.; Leont' ev, A.M.; Sidrevich, V.I., 1989:
Method of automatic control over the process of milk-of-lime preparation

Ladanyuk, A.P.; Lipets, A.A.; Negoda, F.V.; Tveritina, N.A.; Fel' dman, A.I.; Tsygankov, S.P., 1989:
Method of automatic control over the process of sugar extraction from beet

Polonsky V.I., 1989:
Method of automatic evaluation of plants with respect to their resistance to stress factors by the growth rate

Tuzhilkin, V.I.; Lyusyi, N.A.; Lyusyi, I.N.; Gorodetskaya, A.D., 1990:
Method of boiling final massecuite at minimal level in the vacuum pan

Koryabin, N.A., 1990:
Method of breeding barley

Vedrov, N.G., 1990:
Method of breeding early varieties of wheat

Sidorov, A.N., 1990:
Method of breeding maize varieties

Koval' , S.F.; Leont' ev, S.I.; Shamanin, V.P.; Likhenko, I.E., 1990:
Method of breeding spring bread wheat with a high degree of metabolite supply to the ear

Buyukli, P.I., 1990:
Method of breeding winter wheat

Galeev, G.S.; Sotchenko, V.S., 1989:
Method of broadening genetic diversity of lines used in breeding corn

Gopchenko, E.D.; Serbov, N.G., 1990:
Method of calculating maximal spring flood runoff of rivers of the Western Siberian Plain

Volobaev, A.M., 1990:
Method of calculating the main working surfaces of woodworking machines

Elukov, A.P., 1989:
Method of calculating the position of the centre of gravity of transport packages of lumber

Kovzun, N.I., 1988:
Method of calculating the width of the packing between frame saw blades and the parameters interconnected with it

Skorik, K.D.; Fedorova, N.S.; Zagorodnii, P.P.; Petrichenko, I.B., 1989:
Method of carbonatating defecated juice

Li, F.R.; Zhang, Z.L., 1990:
Method of cell division synchronization in root tips of Vicia faba

Brown, C.G.; Hunt, C.C., 1992:
Method of cheese manufacture

Turner, E.C.Jr, 1990:
Method of clearing Diptera larvae for examination of internal structures

Nuzhdin, V.F., 1990:
Method of collecting insects overwintering in litter

Salzbrunn, W.; Steiner, E.; Wohrer, W.; Meixner, O., 1989:
Method of continuously producing ethanol from sugar-containing substrates

Sorokin, A.I.; Morev, A.Z.; Tuzhilkin, V.I.; Sapronov, A.R., 1989:
Method of controlling the process of boiling sugar massecuites

Quevedo, M.A.; Ramos, A.D., 1992:
Method of corm preparation for storage of taro

Randhir Singh, 1990:
Method of crop yield estimation using satellite data along with the survey data

Svobodova, H.; Svoboda, I., 1988:
Method of crystallizing anhydrous crystalline glucose

Okubo, J.; Kuramoto, K.; Ohkubo, S., 1991:
Method of cultivating Agaricus blazei mushroom

Kusakabe, K.; Maruyama, H.; Kawano, Y.; Matsui, S.; Taniguchi, T.; Obayashi, A., 1991:
Method of cultivating mushrooms

Rose, J.L., 1991:
Method of decontaminating soil, porous rock and the like

Gliksman, J.E.; Michalski, D.H.; Wiegel, R.L., 1991:
Method of defluorinating wet process phosphoric acid

ekawski, W.; Wojcikowski, K.; Peszkowski, S., 1986:
Method of desweetening sugarbeets in a trough diffuser and equipment for using this method

Skripova, L.V.; Romanenko, N.A., 1989:
Method of detecting helminth ova and protozoan cysts during coprological investigations

Galai, N.V.; Kiva, A.E., 1990:
Method of determination of allowable errors in measurement when identifying plants' images

Kononenko, G.P.; Soboleva, N.A.; Leonov, A.N., 1991:
Method of determination of the sum content of deoxynivalenol and its monoacetates in contaminated grain

Ishii, M., 1991:
Method of determining a recession coefficient and recession curves for a low flow and its seasonal changes

Anonymous, 1992:
Method of determining and expressing particle size of chopped forage materials by screening

Savich, I.M., 1990:
Method of determining degree of hybridity in maize seeds

Kamchatyi, V.I.; Prikhod' ko, V.P., 1989:
Method of determining infection area of black cancer

Sukhotskene, I.I.; Shalomskene, I.I., 1991:
Method of determining inhibitory substances in milk

Mansurov, A.N.; Abdullaev, K.A.; Khodzhibaev, K.A., 1990:
Method of determining leaf area in cotton

Begunova, A.G.; Efremova, V.V.; Tsvirin' ko, G.D.; Burdun, A.M., 1990:
Method of determining leaf area in pea plants

Kinrade, J.D., 1991:
Method of determining nitrogen dioxide concentration in a gas sample which contains ozone

Khvalkovskii, T.P., 1989:
Method of determining normal molasses purity

Chirkova, T.V.; Zhukova, T.M.; Goncharova, N.N., 1991:
Method of determining plant resistance to oxygen deficiency

Vilkova, N.A.; Ivashchenko, L.S., 1990:
Method of determining resistance to pests in maize

Poplavskaya, T.K.; Krivskii, V.L., 1990:
Method of determining self fertility in fruit crops

Bacilek, J.; Marek, M.; Jary, J., 1989:
Method of determining sucrose in honey

Kolpakova, V.V.; Zharinov, V.I.; Khorikov, O.S.; Laks, G.A.; Zinchenko, V.I.; Yudenko, N.P.; Zaveryukha, I.A., 1990:
Method of determining the baking quality of wheat from the coefficient of aggregation

Popov, G.D., 1990:
Method of determining the combining ability of initial varieties of apple in open crosses

Parii, F.N.; Parii, M.L.; Nuzhdina, V.V., 1990:
Method of determining the combining ability of sugarbeet lines

Poltarev, E.M.; Borisenko, L.R.; Ryabchun, N.I., 1990:
Method of determining the frost resistance of varieties of winter wheat

Sadogobelashvili, B.N., 1990:
Method of determining the internal stresses in glue joints

Chuglova, K.P.; Aleksovskaya, V.N.; Andreeva, L.P., 1989:
Method of determining the molecular mass of cellulose

Marin, I.V., 1992:
Method of determining the number of florets (achenes) and the density of their development in the inflorescence of sunflower

Yuodeikene, G.F.; Pyatrauskas, A.I.; Daukintis, V.K., 1990:
Method of determining the point at which creme-like whipped cream masses are ready

Kozlov, S.P.; Ivanov, V.L., 1991:
Method of determining the readiness of cheese grain for moulding during production of Dutch-type cheese

Shapiro, I.D.; Sinel' nikov, E.A.; Tsyplenkov, A.E.; Bakel' man, E.B., 1990:
Method of determining the resistance of barley to Oscinella pusilla Meig

Rustamova, F.N.; Sagdullaev, K.K.; Ismailov, A.I., 1989:
Method of determining the resistance of cotton plants to an environmental factor

Golodriga, P.Y.; Shcherbakov, S.A., 1989:
Method of determining the resistance of grape to grey mould

Belenkevich, O.A.; Shashko, T.P.; Nekrashevich, G.P.; Vas' kina, I.I.; Shutova, S.S.; Sviridova, T.E., 1990:
Method of determining the response of barley plants to conditions of cultivation

Piskunov, N.V.; Polyakov, V.A.; Oreshchenko, A.V.; Klyachko, Y.A., 1991:
Method of determining the sugar equivalent of sweeteners

Vin, N., 1990:
Method of determining the tractive resistance of a tractor

Dymkin, P.P.; Pyl' nev, V.V., 1990:
Method of determining the typicality of wheat breeding lines

Orel, L.I.; Konstantinova, L.N.; Dzyubenko, N.I.; Kazachkovskaya, E.B., 1990:
Method of determining the viability of embryo sacs in lucerne

Kalinnikov, D.D., 1989:
Method of determining tryptophan in the alcohol-soluble proteins of the grain

Kawakami, T.; Aoki, H.; Toki, T., 1990:
Method of early fruit maturing using low night temperatures and short day conditions during the propagation of strawberries

Reiter, B.G.; Rosseeva, L.P., 1990:
Method of emasculation for wheat

Lyamyazhene, N.G.; Kanapyatskas, Y.Y., 1990:
Method of establishing a polycross nursery for perennial grasses

Celardin, F., 1991:
Method of estimation of the fixing ability of soil: application of phosphorus in the soils of Geneva

Makhnenko, A.A.; Popov, V.I.; Sergeev, S.T., 1989:
Method of evaluating actual nutrition of organized groups of subjects using a mathematical model

Polonskii, V.I.; Surin, N.A.; Polonskaya, D.E.; Chernov, V.E., 1990:
Method of evaluating barley for resistance to root rot

Mezentseva, O.Yu, 1990:
Method of evaluating plants for resistance to Fusarium

Makhan' ko, L.A.; Adzerikho, R.D.; Khinto, L.V., 1991:
Method of evaluating potato for earliness

Siminel, V.D.; Kirtoka, I.K., 1990:
Method of evaluating protein content in the seeds of cereal and pulse crops

Perepelitsa, E.D.; Kaburu, E.A.; Nedov, P.N., 1990:
Method of evaluating resistance to the powdery mildew pathogen of grape, Plasmopara viticola

Kim, A.; Kasymov, A., 1991:
Method of evaluating source material

Degtyarev, P.Y.; Klimashevskaya, N.F., 1990:
Method of evaluating the adaptedness of wheat plants to deficiency of phosphorus nutrition

Rybin, B.M., 1992:
Method of evaluating the brightness of transparent lacquer coatings on wood

Sanaev, V.G.; Seregin, N.V., 1991:
Method of evaluating the elastic properties of the surface of wood-based boards with protective decorative coverings

Benidze, E.G.; Surguladze, S.M., 1990:
Method of evaluating the resistance of lemons to mal secco

Chirkova, T.V.; Zhukova, T.M., 1990:
Method of evaluating the resistance of plants to oxygen deficiency

Balashova, N.N.; Bronshtein, A.I.; Prostakova, Z.G.; Pokazan' eva, L.N., 1990:
Method of evaluating the resistance of soyabean varieties to Fusarium oxysporum

Zelenskii, M.A.; Tsikalo, I.G.; Kaushan, A.A.; Gutovskii, A.V., 1991:
Method of evaluating the winter hardiness of winter wheat

Dudka, S., 1990:
Method of evaluation of trace metal baseline concentrations in soils and plants

Xande, A.; Garcia Trujillo, R.; Caceres, O., 1989:
Method of expressing the nutritive value of tropical forages

Baisden, C.R., 1989:
Method of extracting lipids from foodstuffs

Bugenov, E.S.; Atabaev, M.D.; Selitsky, E.A.; Kim, K.A.; Klestov, V.V.; Gaifullina, A.K.; Sataev, I.K.; Shulga, V.F.; Murzagaliev, E.S.; Shkarupa, J.V.; Barlybaev, M.R., 1991:
Method of extracting phosphorus from slime

Aleksashenko, A.A., 1990:
Method of finding the coefficient of moisture diffusion

Davis, J.G.; Wilemon, G.M.; Scheiner, B.J., 1992:
Method of flocculating clay-containing waste slurries

Kostowska, B.; Sadowski, J.; Rola, J., 1990:
Method of flurochloridone (active ingredient of Racer 25 EC) residue determination in cereals

Stolyarenko, V.S.; Samoshkin, A.A.; Bondar' , P.S., 1991:
Method of growing breeding material of maize in the phytotron as seedlings for transplantation

Ermishin, A.P.; Podlisskikh, V.E., 1990:
Method of growing potato plants for the production of hybrid seeds

Walton, W.E., 1990:
Method of growing sod and sod product thereby formed

Parii, F.N.; Parii, M.L., 1990:
Method of hybrid seed production in Beta sp

Savich, I.M., 1989:
Method of identifying cold-resistant inbred lines of maize

Agafonov, A.V.; Agafonova, O.V., 1990:
Method of identifying genotypes of perennial grasses of the Triticeae tribe

Spivakov, N.S., 1991:
Method of identifying sorghum genotypes capable of assimilating phosphorus from compounds not readily accessible

Dunn, M.; Ogden, L., 1991:
Method of identifying the batch of origin in semi-continuous cheese making processes

Hughes, J., 1991:
Method of improving crop yield, R.; Hesse, H.J.F.A.; Vermaire, S.; Wooton, S.R., 1991:
Method of improving handling characteristics of froth of elemental sulfur particles

Zodape S.T.; Gomkale S.D., 1990:
Method of increasing cotton yield using pulsed concentrated solar radiation

Satjadipura, S., 1989:
Method of increasing number of flowers and fruit of potato cv. E-1282/19

Len' kov, M.F., 1990:
Method of increasing the effectiveness of distant hybridization in plants

Burilkov, V.K.; Lyakh, V.A., 1990:
Method of increasing the pollen fertility of interspecific tomato hybrids

Chalyi, A.I., 1989:
Method of inducing mutations in grape

Phillips Mora, W.; Galindo, J.J., 1989:
Method of inoculation and evaluation of resistance to Phytophthora palmivora in cocoa fruit (Theobroma cacao)

Chirtulov, V.G.; Vas' kina, V.A.; Aref' eva, S.V., 1990:
Method of inverse gas chromatography

Teviotdale B.L.; Davis R.M.; Guerard J.P.; Harper D.H., 1990:
Method of irrigation affects sour skin rot of onion

Sorochinskii, B.V.; Prokhnevskii, A.I.; Grodzinskii, D.M., 1990:
Method of isolating taxol from Taxus baccata

Ivanova, E.A.; Vafina, G.K., 1990:
Method of isolating proteinases and inhibitors from cell nuclei of wheat seedlings

Demnerova, K.; Marek, M.; Valentova, O.; Kralova, B.; Vodrazka, Z., 1987:
Method of isomerizing D-glucose by microorganism with glucose isomerase activity

Erman, A.S.; Karpechenkova, L.V.; Zolotareva, G.E.; Belousova, E.M., 1990:
Method of kneading microsamples of dough

Ellison, E.J., 1992:
Method of laying sod for conserving water in lawn maintenance

Zentgraf, H.; Neitzel, U., 1992:
Method of making a langbeinite slurry as a binder for MgO-containing fertilizers and fertilizers therefrom

Nixon, F.K., 1991:
Method of making a milk formulation

Hollerova, I.; Novak, V.; Krumphanzl, V.; Vojtisek, V.; Seflova, M.; Jary, J., 1989:
Method of making a mixture of fructose and gluconic acid and its salts by conversion of a sucrose substrate in a submerged culture of the mould Aspergillus foetidus var. pallidus

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Method of making a non-fat cream cheese product

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Method of making a yogurt spread

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Method of making calcium carbonate in the form of calcite

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Method of making dehydrated hash brown potato mixture

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Method of making ethanol by continuous fermentation of molasses, in a 2-stage arrangement

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Method of making fiber enriched yoghurt

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Method of making low-fat butter or margarine spread and resulting product

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Method of making pure maple syrup substitute and the syrup producted therefrom

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Method of making simulated cheese containing casein materials

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Method of making sucrose complexes with biogenic elements

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Method of making ultra low-fat cheese and resulting products

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Method of making yoghurt cake and its quality evaluation

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Method of manufacture of a non-fat cream cheese product

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Method of manufacturing cheese

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Method of manufacturing soy sauce

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Method of manufacturing steamed cheese with flavourings

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Method of measuring and results of investigating spray droplet deposition in Scots pine crowns

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Method of milk processing

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Method of milking

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Method of monitoring milking

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Method of monitoring the seeding during glucose crystallization

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Method of nutritional assessment and therapy

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Method of obtaining a mineral additive from raw milk for enrichment of food products

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Method of obtaining a synthetic chrome tanning agent

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Method of obtaining affined sugar

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Method of obtaining crystalline glucose

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Method of obtaining diploid pollen of woody species

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Method of obtaining dispersed phosphogypsum of high purity

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Method of obtaining dry product from whey or permeate

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Method of obtaining parthenocarpic fruit in fruit crops

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Method of obtaining regenerated plants of Hordeum vulgare resistant to the toxic action of Al3+ in an acid medium

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Method of obtaining source material of lucerne for producing varieties with increased nitrogen-fixing capacity

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Method of obtaining triploid plants of lucerne

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Method of operating a Claus plant

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Method of passivation of an ammonia synthesis catalyst using the synthesis gas compressor

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Method of performing the extraction process with the possibility of its control on the basis of research at Koscian and Lublin sugar factories

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Method of plant breeding

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Method of planting seedlings

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Method of preparing a milk protein isolate

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Method of preparing ammonia

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Method of preparing and storing a free flowing, frozen alimentary dairy product

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Method of preparing controlled release fertilizers and products thereof

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Method of preparing ice cream products

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Method of preparing invert sugar

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Method of preparing milk-fermented food

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Method of preparing potassium magnesium phosphate

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Method of preparing vegetal raw material for hydrolysis

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Method of preserving green plant matter

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Method of pretreating sugar-containing media for culture of fodder yeast

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Method of producing a cheese and preparing it for distribution

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Method of producing a whole milk substitute

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Method of producing brewed, matured or fermented foods using vibrations

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Method of producing dextranase

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Method of producing fertilizer granules containing urea and ammonium sulphate

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Method of producing fertilizers granules containing urea and ammonium sulphate, and similar granules

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Method of producing glyoxylated hydroxypropyl guar and liquid plant treatment composition containing same

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Method of producing haploid plants of barley

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Method of producing haploids of Hordeum vulgare

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Method of producing heterotic hybrids

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Method of producing hydrogen-rich gas

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Method of producing inbred lines of beet

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Method of producing plants with alien cytoplasm

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Method of producing seedless watermelons

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Method of producing simulated meat product from whole soybeans

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Method of producing source material for breeding cereal crops

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Method of producing source material of Bromopsis sp. for breeding for increased yield

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Method of producing source material of spring and winter forms of wheat

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Method of producing sulfite-free sugarbeet pulp

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Method of producing tofu-like food

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Method of production of high purity silica and ammonium fluoride

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Method of providing a protective coating on a cheese, and apparatus for evaporating a dispersion liquid from a cheese

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Method of purifying diffusion juice

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Method of rapid assessment of plants for fusariose resistance

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Method of reducing cholesterol concentration in food

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Method of regenerating plantlets from mesophyll protoplasts of Phaseolus angularis

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Method of regenerating soybeans from cultured soybean cotyledonary nodes

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Method of removing and crystallizing cation resin absorbed calcium and magnesium

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Method of removing dust, odour and total C from exhaust gases during chip drying: the Wessel-EFKOSORB system

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Method of removing hydrogen sulfide from liquid sulfur

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Method of removing hydrosulfide from partial oxidation gas

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Method of removing non-sugars from sucrose in the crystalline phase

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Method of rooting shoots of apple in vitro

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Method of screening mungbean for resistance to Rhizoctonia root rot and results of using this method

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Method of sedimenting 1st carbonatated juice

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Method of selecting 0-type pollinators in sugarbeet

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Method of selecting breeding lines of French bean

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Method of selecting breeding material of maize for tolerance of Fusarium stem rot

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Method of selecting carrot for seed yield of predominantly male-sterile forms

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Method of selecting cold-resistant varieties and lines of soyabean

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Method of selecting elite plants of cereal crops

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Method of selecting elite plants of soyabean

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Method of selecting euploid forms of artificially produced polyploids of cereal crops

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Method of selecting forms of Phaseolus vulgaris for pod quality

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Method of selecting forms of fodder grasses in heterogeneous populations

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Method of selecting forms of lucerne for increased symbiotic activity

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Method of selecting forms of strawberry resistant to Phytophthora cactorum

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Method of selecting frost-resistant varieties of winter wheat

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Method of selecting heterotic F1 hybrids of oats

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Method of selecting high-yielding forms of cucumber

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Method of selecting high-yielding genotypes of wheat

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Method of selecting initial parent forms of maize for drought resistance

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Method of selecting maize for green matter quality

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Method of selecting mutant forms of maize with improved grain quality

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Method of selecting parameters of an attachment for stripping clover seed heads

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Method of selecting pea varieties and lines with a high content of tryptophan

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Method of selecting promising recombinants after crossing the genera Citrus and Poncirus

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Method of selecting spring wheat lines with a combination of genes for adaptive potential

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Method of selecting stable genotypes in hybrid populations

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Method of selecting wheat genotypes without race specific resistance to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici Marchal)

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Method of selecting wilt-resistant forms of cotton

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Method of selecting winter cereal crops resistant to Oscinella

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Method of selecting winter-hardy seedlings mainly of small fruits

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Method of selection of quality characteristics for organoleptic evaluation of Dutch cheese

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Method of selection of transport means for private peasant farms

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Method of separating and recovering phosphorus from phosphorus sludge

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Method of separating saccharides from salts of boric acid

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Method of soil cultivation for replanting by deep tillage

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Method of stabilizing condensed unsweetened milk

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Method of stabilizing the soil and preventing erosion

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Method of steam reforming methanol to hydrogen

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Method of storing conserved green feeds

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Method of storing immature embryos of wheat

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Method of storing liquid sugar

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Method of study of the quantity of metaphase DNA after crushing meristem roots

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Method of synchronizing the flowering of parental forms

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Method of the preognosis of soil-water regime in the river zone

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Method of thermostability evaluation of whey protein concentrates

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Method of tilling with improved draft connection

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Method of treating municipal sewage sludge and product produced thereby

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Method of treating protozoal gastrointestinal disorders by administering hyperimmune milk product

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Method of treating water containing fertilisers

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Method of use of the plant growth regulator inabenfide and shortening of the stems of rice seedlings raised in boxes

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Method of using G-4 amylase to produce high maltotetraose and high maltose content starch hydrolysates

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Method of utilizing wastewaters from the food industry

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Method to determine guaiacol oxidase activity in soil

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Method to determine the adenylate energy charge in soil

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Method to enhance growth and sporulation of pelletized biocontrol fungi

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Method to estimate pore size distribution and density curves from soil type and land use

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Method to estimate the injuries by rhizomania disease on sugarbeet by using the data of sugar content and harmful non-sugar components of sugarbeet (I)

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Method to evaluate ease of pericarp removal on lime-cooked corn kernels

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Method to identify specific alleles of a Phanerochaete chrysosporium gene encoding lignin peroxidase

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Method to investigate side effects of pesticides on hyphal growth of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae

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Method to predict cropland ephemeral gully erosion

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Method to produce unsaturated milk fat and meat from ruminant animals

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Method to quantify activity of rumen cellulases and coating of food particles by fatty acids in the forestomachs of sheep

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Method verification and tests of the efficacy of anthelmintics against immature stages of Fasciola hepatica in laboratory mice

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Method, device, mould, cover, plate and case for manufacturing self-pressing cheese

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Methodical approaches to computer assisted monitoring of milk yields in dairy farming

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Methodical approaches to designing a grid transport system for block greenhouses

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Methodical aspects of agricultural machines selection and their operational use in Sudetes region conditions

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Methodical aspects of calculation of costs of farm machinery utilization in private peasant farms

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Methodical aspects of calculation of ecologically and economically based nitrogen fertilizer rates for the production of winter wheat on loess soils

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Methodical aspects of forecasting the demand for a new product: the case of imitation milk products

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Methodical improvements in rye anther culture

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Methodical problems of expert estimation of water suitability for irrigation

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Methodologic issues in exposure assessment for case-control studies of cancer and herbicides

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Methodological alternatives for evaluating the economic impact of irrigated agriculture

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Methodological and instrumentation aspects of the use of cone penetrometer to study soil mechanical resistance

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Methodological and legal problems relating to the detection of inhibitory substances in milk

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Methodological and practical aspects of using radiation and chemical mutagenesis in breeding spring barley

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Methodological and technical aspects of the constitution of lucerne. Varieties adapted to drying and to protein extraction

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Methodological approach to the therapeutic problem of infant and juvenile obesity. Review of the literature and personal experiences

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Methodological approaches to the problems of phytoindication of ecological factors

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Methodological aspects and theories of agricultural production functions

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Methodological aspects of applying factor analysis to breeding problems

Hofreither, M.F., 1991:
Methodological aspects of econometric analysis in the agricultural sector

D.Arcangelo, C., 1989:
Methodological aspects of environmental impact assessment in forestry

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Methodological aspects of evaluating heat resistance of plane leaves by photo-induced post-luminescence

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Methodological aspects of evaluating resistance to Septoria in wheat

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Methodological aspects of setting up and evaluating self managing bodies

Makarova, T.P., 1990:
Methodological aspects of the artificial infection of apple seedlings in unprotected cultivation

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Methodological aspects of the microbiological control of ice cream

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Methodological aspects of the mobile nylon bag technique in pigs

Wagner, P., 1992:
Methodological bases and practical development of an expert system for analysing farm profitability

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Methodological considerations in defining chronic diarrhoea using a distributional approach

Dunn, J.M., 1990:
Methodological considerations in program development

Brown, D., 1991:
Methodological considerations in the evaluation of social development programmes - an alternative approach

de Backer, G., 1991:
Methodological considerations on intra- versus interpopulation correlation studies

Kushnarev, A.S., 1991:
Methodological foundations of choosing the parameters of working members for tilling implements with regard for various zones

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Methodological issues for research on improved fallows

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Methodological issues in nutrition surveillance: the CDC experience

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Methodological issues regarding value indicators with price dimensions for parts of the natural heritage

Briassoulis, H., 1991:
Methodological issues: tourism input-output analysis

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Methodological modifications for accurate and efficient determination of contaminant biodegradation in unsaturated calcareous soils

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Methodological notes for a study of second homes and socio- professional characteristics of their occupiers within the province of Bologna

Lethbridge, G., 1992:
Methodological pitfalls in biocontrol experimentation leading to erroneous conclusions

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Methodological prerequisites for Polish forest policy

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Methodological principles for the selection and breeding of Scots pine in the central Volga region

Nikolaev, M.V., 1991:
Methodological principles of compiling thematic maps for desert-pasture animal husbandry

Nel' zin, V.I., 1988:
Methodological principles of determining the loss caused by fire to the ecological function of the forest

Shalimov, N.A., 1989:
Methodological principles of evaluating animals on external measurements

Nielsen, G.L., 1990:
Methodological problems connected with interpretation of glycaemic index studies

Radtke, W.; Behn, H.; Rudolph, K., 1990:
Methodological problems in serial studies on potato plant material on infection with Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus, the cause of potato ring rot

Shumakov, B.B.; Rainin, V.Y., 1991:
Methodological problems of irrigation in conditions of deficient regional water resources

Vuoristo, K.V.; Arajarvi, T., 1990:
Methodological problems of studying local income and employment effects of tourism

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Methodological questions in monitoring insecticide resistance

Csikasz, T.; Berkine Szili, E.; Kebli, L., 1991:
Methodological questions of breeding sunflower lines with special fatty acid compositions

Tashmatov, Z.Kh, 1989:
Methodological questions of evaluation of economic effectiveness of land improvement

Doulevska, G., 1991:
Methodological questions relating to the building of organizational forms for agriculture

Kovacheva, T., 1990:
Methodological questions relating to the optimization of size and specialization of canning plants

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Methodological recommendations on the use of databases in breeding work with walnut

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Methodological research on environmental impact assessment of the sewage irrigation region

Gase, G., 1990:
Methodological studies for rationalization of ELISA to identify potato viruses

Daniel, P., 1991:
Methodological studies for testing procedures to evaluate effectiveness of silage additives

Einhorn, G.; Bochow, H.; Huber, J.; Krebs, B., 1991:
Methodological studies on the detection of antagonists of the clubroot pathogen, Plasmodiophora brassicae Wor

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Methodological studies on the formation of CO2 and volatile fatty acids in porcine ileo-chyme and faeces

D.L.nge C.F.M.; Sauer W.C.; Den Hartog L.A.; Huisman J., 1991:
Methodological studies with the mobile nylon bag technique to determine protein and energy digestibilities in feedstuffs for pigs

Nenon, J.P.; Fabres, G., 1991:
Methodological study of the parasitic efficacy of a Neotropical hymenopterous encyrtid Epidinocarsis lopezi introduced into Africa for the control of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti; results of French-Congolese studies: 1982-1988

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Methodologies for comparisons of agricultural output, input, and productivity: a review and synthesis

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Methodologies for evaluating stress in forests. Part 1: Use of remote sensing data from satellites

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Methodologies for the analysis and control of agricultural policy

Fuller M.F., 1991:
Methodologies for the measurement of digestion

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Methodologies of plant transformation

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Methodologies of quantifying surface water resources for the development of spate irrigation projects in semiarid areas

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Methodology and application of rapid propagation in cassava: experience in Panama

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Methodology and instrumentation for assessing the water quality impacts of a dairy waste land application system

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Methodology and repeatability of a standardised treadmill exercise test for clinical evaluation of fitness in horses

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Methodology and results of research on dead wood in natural forest reserves

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Methodology for achieving pigment specifications

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Methodology for constructing volume tables

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Methodology for determining damage thresholds in orchards

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Methodology for established witchweed (Striga asiatica) in research plots

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Methodology for identifying parts of irrigation systems suitable for crop diversification during the dry season

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Methodology for karyotype determination in rice (Oryza sativa, L.)

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Methodology for location of agro-service centres

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Methodology for measuring the index of surface stability of particleboards

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Methodology for obtaining and determining exploitation and reliability imitation indicators in poligon conditions

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Methodology for planning systems of protected areas

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Methodology for predicting species diversity in managed forests

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Methodology for risk analysis of chemigation

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Methodology for selecting criteria for population separation in establishing DRIS norms: application to hazelnuts in Taragona

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Methodology for selecting internal lacquers for their suitability as black plate cans for dehydrated foods

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Methodology for the analysis of tropical soils

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Methodology for the artificial infection of strawberry seedlings with Phytophthora for the selection of resistant forms

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Methodology for the exposure assessment of soil for organic chemicals. Part I: extraction procedure of non-volatile organic chemicals

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Methodology for the management of multi-purpose agricultural and forestry systems: the Alpago model and multicriterial analysis

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Methodology for the socioeconomic analysis

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Methodology for the statistical analysis of field experiments in forest tree breeding

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Methodology for the study of agricultural production systems for rural development

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Methodology of clonal selection in Germany

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Methodology of determining callus tissue weight in the process of culture

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Methodology of determining ecologically stable characters in plants (exemplified by soyabean)

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Methodology of determining the cooking quality of lentil seeds

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Methodology of determining the drought resistance of strawberry in the north west of the Non-chernozem zone of the RSFSR

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Methodology of evaluating the ecological adaptability of wheat varieties

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Methodology of evaluation of susceptibility to moniliasis in cocoa cultivars (Theobroma cacao)

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Methodology of gene transfer by homoeologous recombination into Triticum turgidum: transfer of K+/Na+ discrimination from Triticum aestivum

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Methodology of isolating potato protoplasts

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Methodology of selecting plants for salt resistance

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Methodology of staining embryological preparations

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Methodology of staining somatic chromosomes in fruit crops

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Methodology of starch estimation in ileal chyme and faeces

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Methodology of taking samples of soil solution under field conditions

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Methodology of the application of pyrethroids against cotton boll weevil and pink bollworm

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Methodology trials in production systems research in Parana 1981-88

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Methodology, potential uses and application of ecological- economic planning models

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Methods - comparison between centres

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Methods and apparatus for growing bean sprouts

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Methods and apparatus for removing volatile hydrocarbons from particulate soils

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Methods and comparative aspects of embryo cryopreservation in domestic animals

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Methods and compositions for increasing the amounts of phosphorus and/or micronutrients available for plant uptake from soils

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Methods and compositions for the treatment of mammalian infections employing medicaments comprising Hymenoptera venom or proteinaceous or polypeptide components thereof

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Methods and costs of suppressing Brachycorynella asparagi Mordvilko (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Methods and dates of application of molybdenum and Wuxal suspensions to Phaseolus vulgaris

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Methods and devices for bird management in small fruit crops

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Methods and materials for studying early adopters who own nonindustrial private forestland

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Methods and possibilities for measuring and evaluating the flatness of panel materials

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Methods and procedures for testing tree seeds in Canada

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Methods and results of breeding red clover

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Methods and results of experiments assessing the effects various tractor class 3 aggregates have on soil compaction and crop yield

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Methods and technical options for low-damage soil cultivation

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Methods and themes in Italian agricultural economics

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Methods currently used for the control of East Coast fever: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods currently used for the control of Theileria annulata: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods currently used for the control of anaplasmosis and babesiosis: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods currently used for the control of heartwater: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods currently used for the control of multi-host ticks: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods currently used for the control of one-host ticks: their validity and proposals for future control strategies

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Methods for analysis of dried milk and dried milk products. Part 5. Determination of bulk density

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Methods for analyzing constant-head well permeameter data

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Methods for assessing fieldworker hand exposure to pesticides during peach harvesting

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Methods for assessing the bacteriological quality of raw milk from the farm

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Methods for assessing the effects of biota on soil structure

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Methods for assessing the likelihood of country grain elevator failure in the United States

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Methods for assessment of environmental impacts of alternative control agents

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Methods for assessment of vitamin A status

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Methods for bulk density determination. Analysis of the variability of results in a given soil horizon

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Methods for calculating efficiency of conversion of solar radiation in grain sorghum and sunflowers

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Methods for chemical analysis of condensed milks. Part 4. Determination of ash from condensed milks

Anonymous, 1991:
Methods for chemical analysis of condensed milks. Part 5. Determination of nitrogen content. Section 5.1 Reference method

Anonymous, 1991:
Methods for chemical analysis of condensed milks. Part 5. Determination of nitrogen content. Section 5.2 Routine method

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Methods for chemical analysis of liquid milk and cream. Part 12. Determination of total phosphorus content of milk

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Methods for collection and preparation of nematodes. Part 1. Field sampling and preparation of nematodes for optic microscopy

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Methods for collection and preparation of nematodes. Part 3. Preparation of nematodes for transmission electron microscopy

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Methods for collection and preparation of nematodes. Part 4. Molecular techniques for nematode species

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Methods for colour reduction in white sugar production in China

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Methods for controlling unwanted woody species on four ecological sites in Sertoes do Ceara

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Methods for detecting and measuring antimalarials in biological fluids. Epidemiological study of malaria surveillance

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Methods for detecting anisakid larvae in marine fish. Possibilities of application to the inspection of fish sold in the Paris region

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Methods for detecting arctic rabies virus in dilution series of field samples

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Methods for detection and estimation of linkage between a marker locus and quantitative trait loci

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Methods for detection and frequency of contamination of fetal calf serum with bovine viral diarrhea virus and antibodies against bovine viral diarrhea virus

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Methods for detection of Ditylenchus dipsaci infections in the seeds of grain legumes

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Methods for determination of aldehydic lipid peroxidation products

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Methods for determination of available nitrogen in calcareous soils

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Methods for determining amino acid availability of feeds and factors affecting its availability for poultry

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Methods for determining tree stability and breakage resistance

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Methods for drying honey and molasses

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Methods for enumerating and propagating bifidobacteria

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Methods for estimating bacterial activity. Determination of pyruvate and other metabolites

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Methods for estimating bacterial activity. Dye reduction tests

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Methods for estimating bacterial activity. Impedance method

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Methods for estimating bacterial activity. Nitrate reduction test

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Methods for estimating colony forming units. Electronic counting of microcolonies

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Methods for estimating colony forming units. Plate count method

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Methods for estimating colony forming units. Plate loop method

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Methods for estimating colony forming units. Roll tube method

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Methods for estimating dietary fibre

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Methods for estimating evapotranspiration under wet and arid field conditions

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Methods for estimating genetic parameters with reference to reproductive traits in domestic birds

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Methods for estimating nutritive value of protein for human consumption: a new method recently recommended by FAO/WHO

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Methods for estimating vitamin A status in man

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Methods for estimating water consumption of orchard trees in Turkey

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Methods for estimating wetland loss: the Rainbasin region of Nebraska, 1927-1981

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Methods for estimating yield loss in tropical rice diseases

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Methods for evaluating odor from swine manure

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Methods for evaluating plant species for resistance to plant-parasitic nematodes

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Methods for evaluating pulp and paper slimicides: a review

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Methods for evaluating the microbiological quality of mink feeds

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Methods for excystation of Giardia

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Methods for fertilizing with ammoniacal fertilizer

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Methods for forest fertilization

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Methods for identification of Anastrepha larvae (Diptera: Tephritidae), and key to 13 species

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Methods for identification of irradiated food

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Methods for in vitro conservation of germplasm

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Methods for increasing calcium in cottage cheese

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Methods for increasing light in greenhouses

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Methods for increasing productivity of the dairy herd

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Methods for inoculation and recovery of Salmonella from chicken eggs

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Methods for introducing DNA into mammalian cells

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Methods for introducing Verticillium chlamydosporium into soil

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Methods for isolation of Cantharellus species, and the synthesis of ectomycorrhizae with Picea abies

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Methods for isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from foods of animal origin

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Methods for kinetic analysis of methane fermentation in high solids biomass digesters

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Methods for making fermented milks and lactic drinks

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Methods for measuring ammonia emissions following application of livestock wastes to land

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Methods for measuring amounts of energy available from banksia inflorescences

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Methods for microbial autecology in the soil rhizosphere

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Methods for microbiological examination of food and animal feeding stuffs. Part 14. Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Anonymous, 1990:
Methods for microbiological examination of food and animal feeding stuffs. Part 4. Detection of Salmonella

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Methods for monitoring the impact of chemical control of locust and grasshoppers in Africa

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Methods for monitoring the migrating dynamics of soybean mosaic virus vectors. Design and application of green pan trap

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Methods for non-stigmatic pollination in Trifolium repens (Papilionaceae): seed set with self- and cross-pollinations in vitro

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Methods for obtaining convection coefficients of biological products

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Methods for predicting rates of inbreeding in selected populations

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Methods for recovery and immunodetection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli in navy bean seed

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Methods for reducing acidity in citrus fruit

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Methods for reducing emissions

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Methods for reducing the population density of ixodid ticks on pastures

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Methods for removal and estimation of microfouling biomass

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Methods for risk assessment in agricultural biotechnology: a summary

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Methods for selectively recovering vanadium from phosphoric acid and vanadium sources

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Methods for shoot growth after medium pruning of tea

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Methods for studying bacterial gene transfer in soil by conjugation and transduction

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Methods for studying the growth and survival of the nematophagous fungus, Verticillium chlamydosporium Goddard, in soil

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Methods for studying the survival of probiotic microorganisms in humans. The case of bifidobacteria

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Methods for studying water relations of plant cells and tissues

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Methods for testing fungal antagonists against Drechslera teres on barley seeds

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Methods for testing the susceptibility of oilseed rape to Alternaria brassicae and A. brassicicola

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Methods for testing varietal resistance to vascular wilt diseases on linseed

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Methods for the analysis of the spatial variability of soil properties

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Methods for the detection of butyric acid fermentation in cheese

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Methods for the detection of microorganisms involved in microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

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Methods for the detection of specific bacteria and their genes in soil

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Methods for the determination of carbohydrates by ion chromatography

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Methods for the determination of flight periods in scolytid coleopterans

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Methods for the determination of total free alpha amino acid titres in body fluids

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Methods for the establishment of intracellular associations of L-forms with higher plants

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Methods for the identification and analysis of Mediterranean sheep production systems

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Methods for the in vitro evaluation of horse semen

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Methods for the isolation, culture and characterization of the Frankiaceae: soil actinomycetes and symbionts of actinorhizal plants

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Methods for the study of the epidemiology of orange rust of coffee

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Methods in Plant Biochemistry. Volume 2. Carbohydrates

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Methods in bovine nuclear transfer

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Methods in plant biochemistry. Volume 1. Plant phenolics

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Methods in plant biochemistry. Volume 3. Enzymes of primary metabolism

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Methods in plant biochemistry. Volume 7. Terpenoids

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Methods in plant biochemistry: Volume 6. Assays for bioactivity

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Methods in soil biology

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Methods manual for forest soil and plant analysis

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Methods of Vallota purpurea Herb. cultivation

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Methods of accelerating Sorbus breeding

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Methods of accelerating strawberry breeding

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Methods of accelerating the establishment of cotton seedlings after transplanting

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Methods of accelerating the process of breeding sour cherry varieties resistant to Blumeriella jaapii

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Methods of aggregative stability theory in the analysis of coagulation structure formation process by milk disperse phase

Anonymous, 1988:
Methods of analysis of food products

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Methods of applying granular insecticides

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Methods of artificial infection and of evaluating sunflower for resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Methods of assessing boron availability in potting media with special reference to toxicity

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Methods of assessing efficacy of artifical nutrition in the surgical patient

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Methods of assessing the foot rot resistance of rye inbred lines to Fusarium culmorum under controlled field conditions

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Methods of bean inoculation with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv phaseoli

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Methods of beef recording in dual purpose breeds

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Methods of breaking dormancy of bracatinga seeds for mechanical sowing

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Methods of breeding spring wheat varieties for dry conditions

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Methods of breeding work with Vicia sativa at the L'gov Experiment and Breeding Station

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Methods of carrying out integrated agricultural production systems (SIP)

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Methods of cellular engineering of early embryos in livestock

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Methods of conserving barley with high moisture content

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Methods of conserving moisture in drylands

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Methods of control of gastro-intestinal nematodes of sheep and goats

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Methods of control of pests of stored grain in Belgium

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Methods of controlling scald in the apple Granny Smith without chemicals

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Methods of cotton topping

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Methods of creating air-assisting flows for use in conjunction with crop sprayers

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Methods of cultivation of spring rape for seed production

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Methods of defining tourist areas in the individual Federal German Lander

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Methods of determining cholesterol

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Methods of determining economic maturity of forests at home and abroad

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Methods of determining maize resistance

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Methods of determining the correct harvesting time and storage ability for apples

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Methods of determining the hardness of protective decorative coverings on wood

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Methods of determining the resistance of cabbage to Xanthomonas campestris

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Methods of determining water in dried milk conserves

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Methods of diagnosing and controlling sex in mammalian embryos

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Methods of diagnosis for ring rot of potatoes, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus - a summary with discussions of methods including own experiments

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Methods of differentiation of leaf spot diseases of wheat according to symptoms and microscopic characteristics of the causal agents

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Methods of early prediction of milk yield in cattle

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Methods of efficient utilization of mountain pastures in the Caucasus

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Methods of efficient utilization of protein during the feeding of high-yielding cows

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Methods of elimination of polychlorinated biphenyls in butter fat

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Methods of establishment of cocksfoot and timothy seed stand

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Methods of estimating apolipoproteins

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Methods of estimating body composition in ewes

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Methods of estimating body condition in breeding female goats

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Methods of estimating reductions in genetic variation in small populations

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Methods of estimating the trophic activity of insect defoliators in a forest biogeocoenosis

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Methods of increasing the combining ability of lines

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Methods of interactive control and simulation of forest machinery

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Methods of measuring net benefits for agriculture

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Methods of measuring precaecal digestibility in the pig

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Methods of monitoring the condition, utilization and renewal of forests

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Methods of preparation of dehydrated soyabean seeds prior to their germination

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Methods of preserving food by dehydration

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Methods of reducing CO2 emissions in agriculture

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Methods of reducing the incidence of PSE meat

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Methods of spaying

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Methods of stimulating reproductive activity in pigs

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Methods to describe the competition process in a tree stand

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Methods to incorporate the amenity of landscape into forest management planning

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Methods to test the sensitivity of Mycosphaerella fijiensis to triadimenol

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Methods with antifungal agents

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Methods, possibilities and limits of remote sensing for the inventory of forest condition

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Methyl bromide - ozone destroyer

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Methylation sites in angiosperm genes

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Mexican honey industry update

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Mexican national animal health emergency programme and the campaign to eradicate viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits

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Mexican prize for the giant maize of Jala source of community pride and genetic resources conservation

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Mexico and IBPGR launch ecogeographic study of Latin American Cucurbitaceae

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Mexico makes fundamental ag changes

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Mexico switches sides

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Mexico's agriculture

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Mexico's economic reform shows results

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Mexico's food industry draws U.S. investment

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Mexico's sugar industry in transition - implications for sweetener trade with the United States

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Mexiletine administration for management of ventricular arrhythmia in 22 dogs

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Mg2+ dependent pyrophosphatase, a tonoplast enzyme in the peribacteroid membrane of Glycine max root nodules

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Mice develop normally without tenascin

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Michael addition reaction on propynoic acid and its esters: synthesis of insecticidally active aralkyl-3-substituted- 2(E)-propenoates

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Michigan navy bean field harvest loss

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Mickey comes to Europe

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Micoflora of the stored coffee and its influence on quality

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Miconazole chewing gum as a drug delivery system. Test of release promoting additives

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Miconazole corneal toxicity

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Micro and sprinkler irrigation in India

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Micro- and cutting propagation of silver maple. II. Genotype and provenance affect performance

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Micro-Tom. A miniature dwarf tomato

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Micro-arthropod seasonality in streams of varying pH

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Micro-injection of mitochondria. Male sterile rapeseed varieties to be expected

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Micro-irrigation of pomegranates in the foothills of Tadzhikistan

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Micro-irrigation systems: self-regulation emitters-principles and system design

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Micro-level African perspective

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Micro-nutrients and sulphur useful for healthy and vigorous growth of crops

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Micro-organisms as potential biological control agents of Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Micro-organisms associated fortuitously with Varroa jacobsoni

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Micro-organisms associated with clinical mastitis in dairy cows in Kabete area of Kiambu District in Kenya

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Micro-organisms in the service of water technology

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Micro-organisms of fermented milks

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Micro-pelleted preparation of vitamin K1

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Micro-processor control of the cutting of fibre materials

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Micro-targetting of microprojectiles to target areas in the micrometre range

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Micro-topographical variations of rainfall incident on ridges in a cultivated field

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Micro-watershed system of rainwater management and cropping for higher crop production in rainfed uplands of sub-humid regions

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Microagglutination test for early and specific serodiagnosis of tularemia

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Microagglutination test in the diagnostics of swine dysentery. II. Antibody titre against T. hyodysenteriae in swine sera

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Microaggregate growth in a clay undergoing drying

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Microalbuminuria in the non-diabetic obese patient

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Microalgae applications in agriculture

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Microalgae as bioabsorbents for treating mixture of electroplating and sewage effluent

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Microalgae in biosynthesis

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Microalgae products and production: an overview

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Microalgal and cyanobacterial soil inoculants and their effect on soil aggregate stability

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Microanalysis of naturally occurring brassinosteroids

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Microanalytical quality of imported green coffee beans

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Microanatomy of the brain and optic lobes of Bercaea haemorrhoidalis (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) with special reference to the fibrous commissures and tracts

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Microarthropod fauna associated with olive and sunflower crops in the Cordoba Province

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Microarthropoda and Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta) in naturally lead-contaminated soil: a gradient study

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Microassay for biological and chemical control of infection of tobacco by Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae

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Microbe enhanced P uptake by corn under no till and conventional till

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Microbeam analysis of Ca exchange and uptake in the fine roots of spruce: influence of pH and aluminium

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Microbes and enzymes

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Microbes and fibre degradation

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Microbes and microbial products as herbicides

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Microbial footprints - a new approach to adhesive polymers

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Microbial C, N and P in dry tropical savanna: effects of burning and grazing

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Microbial C, N and P in dry tropical soils: seasonal changes and influence of soil moisture

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Microbial activity and survival in soils dried at different rates

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Microbial activity as regulated by soil water-filled pore space

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Microbial activity during decomposition of sugarcane trash

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