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Molecular characterization of two stamen-specific genes, tap1 and fil1, that are expressed in the wild type, but not in the deficiens mutant of Antirrhinum majus

Nacken, W.K.; Huijser, P.; Beltran, J.P.; Saedler, H.; Sommer, H.

Molecular and General Genetics: Mgg 229(1): 129-136


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-8925
PMID: 1680216
DOI: 10.1007/bf00264221
Accession: 002163612

Deficiens, a homeotic gene involved in the genetic control of flower development, codes for a putative transcription factor. Upon mutation of the gene, petals are transformed to sepals and stamens to carpels, indicating that deficiens is essential for the activation of genes required for petal and stamen formation. In a search for putative target genes of deficiens, several stamen- and petal-specific genes were cloned that are expressed in wild type but not in the deficiensglobifera mutant. In this report the molecular characterization of two of these genes, tap1 and fil1, is presented. They are transiently expressed during flower development. In situ hybridization data demonstrate that tap1 is expressed in the tapetum of the anthers and fil1 in the filament of the stamen and at the bases of the petals. Both genes encode small proteins with N-terminal hydrophobic domains suggesting that they are secreted. We discuss possible functions of the gene products and their relationship to the deficiens gene.

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