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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2172

Chapter 2172 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Werner, D.; Ahlborn, B.; Bassarab, S.; Kape, R.; Kinnback, A.; Mellor, R. B.; Morschel, E.; Muller, R.; Parniske, M.; Schmidt, P.; Schultes, A., 1992: Nodule development and nitrogen fixation in the Rhizobium/Bradyrhizobium system

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Ihonen, M., 1991: Nokka 400 processor in thinning a mixed stand

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171025

Unruh, J. D., 1991: Nomadic pastoralism and irrigated agriculture in Somalia: utilization of existing land use patterns in designs for multiple access of 'high potential' areas of semi-arid Africa

Goldstein, M. C.; Beall, C. M., 1989: Nomads of Western Tibet: the survival of a way of life

Gilles, J. L.; Gefu, J., 1990: Nomads, ranchers, and the state: the sociocultural aspects of pastoralism

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171030

Wood, SL., 1992: Nomenclatural changes in Scolytidae and Platypodidae (Coleoptera)

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Lovisolo, O.; Kitajima, E. W., 1992: Nomenclature and relationships of some Brazilian leguminous potyviruses related to bean common mosaic and/or passionfruit woodiness viruses

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171046

Anonymous, 1989: Nomenclature for Pneumocystis carinii

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171048

Munger, H. M.; Robinson, R. W., 1991: Nomenclature of Cucumis melo L

Anonymous, 1991: Nomenclature of commercial timbers including sources of supply

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Muraleedharan, N., 1991: Non arthropod pests - nematodes and rodents

Mouraux, D.; Deblonde, P.; Capellen, O.; Ledent, J. F., 1992: Non destructive monitoring of evolution of leaf area per plant in maize

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Abdulsalam, K. S.; Rezk, M. A.; Abdel Megeed, M. I.; Mussa, A. E., 1990: Non target activity of certain pesticides against soilborne fungi

Schwartz, I. S., 1992: Non-Aspergillus sinusitis and marijuana use

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Yoder, Re; Duke, Hr, 1990: Non-Darcy flow and drainage from irrigated furrows

Pugliese, E., 1990: Non-EC agricultural labour (interview with P. Consiglio)

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171069

Geilman, W. G.; Herfurth Kennedy, C., 1992: Non-Hispanic consumers' awareness of Hispanic cheese in California

Zhao, J. W.; Wang, F. Y.; Wu, S. Y., 1991: Non-Newtonian flow character in fluidized bed of agricultural materials

Piperno, D. R., 1989: Non-affluent foragers: resource availability, seasonal shortages, and the emergence of agriculture in Panamanian tropical forests

Szabo, A., 1990: Non-agricultural activities

Stasiak, K., 1989: Non-agricultural activities and the economic efficiency of state farms

Schadler, M., 1992: Non-agricultural activities in the period of stagnation and prospects for further development

Helmsing, A. H. J., 1991: Non-agricultural enterprises in the communal lands of Zimbabwe

Lewis, H. T., 1989: Non-agricultural management of plants and animals: alternative burning strategies in Northern Australia

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171078

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171079

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171080

Herman, E. B., 1990: Non-axenic plant tissue culture: possibilities and opportunities

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171083

Ristori, G. G.; De Nobili, M.; Fusi, P., 1991: Non-biological degradation of oxamide adsorbed on homoionic montmorillonite

Kfir, A. R., 1991: Non-chemical control of grain stalk borers

Purvis, C. E., 1990: Non-chemical control of wild oats through strategic crop rotation

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171087

Wells, G. J., 1992: Non-chemical weed control in tropical crops of developing countries

Dubey, M. N.; Mittal, P., 1990: Non-chromate based cooling water treatment: an evaluation

Nsofor, L. M., 1990: Non-coagulability of cow's milk with chymosin

Tinsey, K. G.; Rohrbach, R. P., 1991: Non-contact proximity sensing using ultrasonic waves

Struss, O., 1992: Non-contact temperature measurement

Fernandez Rodriguez, J.; Bambanaste Mitrani, R., 1991: Non-conventional depithing of bagasse based on the use of disc refiners

Cheva Isarakul, B., 1990: Non-conventional feeds for ruminants in Thailand

Devendra, C., 1989: Non-conventional feeds: potential value for animals in the Asian Region

Baskaran, R. K. M.; Thangavelu, S., 1990: Non-conventional method to minimise the incidence of groundnut leaf miner

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Amer, M. S., 1989: Non-dairy liquid health food

Hill, M.; Aaronovitch, S.; Baldock, D., 1989: Non-decision making in pollution control in Britain: nitrate pollution, the EEC Drinking Water Directive and agriculture

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171104

Singh, S. M., 1990: Non-dermatophytic onychomycosis: a review

Mouzouras, R.; Jones, A. M.; Jones, E. B. G.; Rule, M. H., 1990: Non-destructive evaluation of hull and stored timbers from the Tudor ship Mary Rose

Raynal, J.; Pradere, J.; Pech, J. C., 1991: Non-destructive evaluation of textural and biochemical characteristics of fruits by NMR spectro-imaging

Mizrach, A.; Galili, N.; Gan Mor, S.; Rosenhouse, G., 1990: Non-destructive impact tests of fruit

Mori, S.; Kawasaki, T.; Takeuchi, I., 1991: Non-destructive measurement of the growth of leaf area by means of a portable copying machine

Lemercier, B.; Francois, F.; Charlier, J., 1988: Non-destructive method for detecting internal defects in solid oak

Michalski, K.; Krzymanski, J.; Byczynska, B., 1990: Non-destructive method for determining the content of glucosinolates in swede rape by means of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)

Verbitskii, V. M.; Reznikov, B. I., 1989: Non-destructive method of soil structure analysis

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171118

Dettori, M. T., 1988: Non-destructive methods of estimating the leaf area of two Feijoa sellowiana cultivars

Abel' son, A. F.; Lezhen' , V. N.; Nuller, I. Ya; Potashev, O. E., 1991: Non-destructive quality control of particleboards

Koval' chuk, L. M.; Gurin, O. V.; Goryainova, N. G., 1990: Non-destructive quality control of the gluing of parquet boards

Bucher, H. P.; Kucera, L. J., 1990: Non-destructive testing of the internal condition of trees and timber by measuring electrical impedence

Melikhov, I. V.; Rudin, V. N.; Vorob' eva, L. I., 1991: Non-diffusive topochemical transformation of calcium sulphate hemihydrate into the dihydrate

Nakano, M., 1991: Non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer for CO2 control

Santos, D. A. D. dos, 1988: Non-electric and non-explosive time delay fuse

Virovets, O. A., 1988: Non-enzymic glycolysis (Maillard reaction) in the body

Gapparov, M. M.; Virovets, O. A., 1990: Non-enzymic glycosylation of plasma albumin and thymus DNA by dietary saccharides and their natural metabolites produced in the body

Boileau, MG.; Hebert, PDN.; Schwartz, SS., 1992: Non-equilibrium gene frequency divergence: persistent founder effects in natural populations

Scherer, D; Sato, A; Mccarter, Dw; Radke, Se; Kridl, Jc; Knauf, Vc, 1992: Non-essential repeats in the promoter region of a Brassica rapa acyl carrier protein gene expressed in developing embryos

Le Cacheux, P.; Hurault de Ligny, B.; Reman, O.; Ryckelynck, J. P., 1990: Non-fatal visceral leishmaniasis in a renal transplant patient

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171135

Blanchet, J.; Hautcolas, J. C.; Sourie, J. C., 1991: Non-food crops and set-aside as alternatives to cereal surpluses - March 1990

Castello, P. M. P.; Grassi, G.; Sardo, V.; Cutore, L., 1992: Non-food farm resources under the Common Agricultural Policy

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171149

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171150

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171151

Wicklow, D. T.; Caldwell, R. W., 1990: Non-infection of maize ears inoculated with Gibberella zeae ascospores or macroconidia in a controlled environment

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Greenwood, D.; Stone, D., 1990: Non-intrusive sensing in crop poduction

Murphy, M. S.; Eastham, E. J.; Nelson, R.; Aynsley Green, A., 1990: Non-invasive assessment in intraluminal lipolysis using a 13CO2 breath test

Lucas, Z.; Raeside, J. I.; Betteridge, K. J., 1991: Non-invasive assessment of the incidences of pregnancy and pregnancy loss in feral horses of Sable Island

Millar, A. B.; Mitchell, D. M., 1990: Non-invasive investigation of pulmonary disease in patients positive for the human immunodeficiency virus

Bishop, C. M.; Hall, M. R., 1991: Non-invasive monitoring of avian reproduction by simplified faecal steroid analysis

Goldman, S.; Minkin, L. M.; Makarov, V. P., 1992: Non-isothermal gaseous exchange between soil and atmosphere

Fuge, H., 1990: Non-kinetochore transport phenomena, microtubule-chromosome associations, and force transmission in nuclear division

Ersek, T.; Holker, U.; Hofer, M., 1991: Non-lethal immobilization of zoospores of Phytophthora infestans by Li+

Kachroo, R. K.; Natale, L., 1992: Non-linear modelling of the rainfall-runoff transformation

Bauer, S.; Hummelsheim, S., 1992: Non-linear optimization for finisher pigs

Han, K. J.; Gao, H. W.; Wan, H. Q., 1990: Non-linear programming models improvement and its sequential programming approximation algorithm for farm machinery selection

Dhillon, N. P. S., 1992: Non-linkage of bitterness and resistance to red spider mite in cucumber

Olah, I.; Glick, I., 1992: Non-lymphoid cells produce IgA-like substances in the corticomedullary zone of the chicken thymus. IgA-like substance in non-lymphoid cells

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Louekari, K.; Salminen, S., 1991: Non-nutrient databases

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171180

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171181

Davidson, JK., 1990: Non-parallel geographic patterns for tolerance to cold and desiccation in Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans

Burton, M. P.; Young, T., 1991: Non-parametric tests for changes in consumer preferences for meat in Great Britain

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171184

Memon, M. A.; Schelling, S. H., 1992: Non-patent left uterine horn and segmental aplasia of the right uterine horn in an infertile cat

Zhang, S. C.; Li, J. Y., 1990: Non-pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum inducing resistance to anthracnose by watermelon plants

Amijee, F.; Allan, E. J.; Waterhouse, R. H.; Glover, L. A.; Paton, A. M., 1992: Non-pathogenic association of L-form bacteria (Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola) with bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and its potential for biocontrol of halo blight disease

Neal, J. C., 1990: Non-phenoxy herbicides for perennial broadleaved weed control in cool-season turf

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171193

Anonymous, 1989: Non-point water quality concerns - legal and regulatory aspects. Proceedings of the 1989 National Symposium, December 11-12, 1989, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171196

Rychnovska, M.; Fiala, K.; Kvet, J., 1990: Non-production functions of grasslands

Wolff, R. M., 1990: Non-profit contracting: an old path to a new fairness

Steiner, Z., 1989: Non-protein nitrogen compounds and changes in blood counts in calves

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Firrao, G.; Gobbi, E., 1990: Non-radioactive labelled nucleic acid hybridization as a new technique of phytopathological diagnosis

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Biyashev, R. M.; Zairova, A. S.; Turuspekov, E. K.; Pomortsev, A. A., 1990: Non-random associations of alleles at loci Prx1, Pgd2 and Pgd3 in artificial populations of barley Hordeum vulgare L

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171205

Hilburn, LR.; Davey, RB.; George, JE.; Pound, JM., 1991: Non-random mating between Boophilus microplus and hybrids of B. microplus females and B. annulatus males, and its possible effect on sterile male hybrid control releases

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Veena, T; Ganeshaiah, Kn, 1991: Non-random search pattern of ants foraging on honeydew of aphids on cashew inflorescences

Konohira, Y., 1990: Non-repetition simulation for sustained yield regulation - simplified method to determine the standard cutting volume

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Fornet, E., 1989: Non-specific activity of Puccinia melanocephala Syd. & Syd. filtrate. Possible elicitor action

Khuda Bukhsh, A. R.; Sen, S., 1990: Non-specific esterase profiles in three species of aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171219

Slovak, M.; Bazlikova, M.; Kazar, J.; Kazimirova, M., 1991: Non-specific immune responses in cabbage moth (Mamestra brassicae L., Lep., Noctuidae) induced by Coxiella burnetii

Kaushik, R. S.; Gupta, S. L., 1990: Non-specific immunization and simultaneous challenge with Trypanosoma evansi in pups

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Smith, Ca; Ficken, Md, 1991: Non-surgical cannulation of the vena cava for chronic blood collection in mature swine

Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171233

Horiuchi, T.; Shinkawa, K.; Yoshimoto, T., 1989: Non-surgical collection of 8- to 32-cell bovine embryos and in vitro development to the blastocyst stage

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171251

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171260

Parker M.A., 1991: Nonadaptive evolution of disease resistance in an annual legume

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171267

Wang, Ry; Gergerich, Rc; Kim, Ks, 1992: Noncirculative transmission of plant viruses by leaf-feeding beetles

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Schwartz, V.; Habermehl, A.; Ridder, H. W., 1989: Nondestructive identification of heart- and wound-rots in the stem of standing trees by computerized tomography

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Section 3, Chapter 2172, Accession 002171979

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