On the ecology of the deltaic Mediterranean coastal land, Egypt. III. The habitat of salt marshes of Damietta - Port Said coastal region

E.D.merdash, M.A.; Zahran, M.A.; Serag, M.S.

Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research 8(3): 103-119


ISSN/ISBN: 1015-4442
Accession: 002175748

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The plant communities, and the edaphic factors controlling their distribution, of salt marshes on Egypts's Mediterranean coast were studied. Five major communities were identified, dominated by five perennials: Zygophyllum aegyptium, Arthrocnemum macrostachyum, Halocnemum strobilaccum, Juncus acutus and Juncus rigidus. The main edaphic factors in this habitat are: calcium carbonate, organic carbon, sulfate, bicarbonate and potassium.