Section 3
Chapter 2,177

Opisthorchiasis in the Vyatka Basin and the upper Kama River

Malkov, S.N.

Veterinariia (4): 39-41


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4846
Accession: 002176724

In the area of two major waterways in the Kirov region of the USSR, 29-51% of 180 cats harboured Opisthorchis felineus (burden 1 to 519) and 11% harboured Metorchis albidus. Skrjabinoplagiorchis obensis was present in the liver of 3 of 19 muskrats. Larvae of Opisthorchis and metacercariae of Metorchis and Bucephalus polymorphus were present in considerable proportions of roach, bleak, minnow and farmed fish. Trematode cercariae were present in about 5% of the mollusc Bithynia inflata. Between 32 and 56% of human beings in various populations were excreting opisthorchid eggs.

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