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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Adrian J., 1991:
Part of sewage sludge spraying in the contribution of food chromium

Gidarakou, I., 1990:
Part time farming and farm reproduction: the case of two communities in Central Greece

Spierings, C.J.M., 1991:
Part time farming: developments, prospects and possible consequences

Siardos, G.C., 1991:
Part-time farming in a global context: a case study in Northern Greece

Bryden, J.; Fuller, A.M.; MacKinnon, N., 1992:
Part-time farming: a note on definitions - a further comment

Lund, P.J.; Gasson, R., 1991:
Part-time farming: a note on definitions; Comment

Spierings, C.J.M., 1991:
Part-time farming: development and possible effects

Mishra, K.K., 1991:
Parthenium hysterophorus LINN. - a new record for Nepal

Pitt, J.L., 1992:
Parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)

Tomley, A.J., 1990:
Parthenium weed rust, Puccinia abrupta var. partheniicola

Gunn, SJ.; Hilburn, LR., 1991:
Parthenogenesis and karyotypic evolution in the Cayenne tick, Amblyomma cajennense (F.): model for the production of karyotypic changes through a parthenogenetic pathway

Guseva, V.S.; Litvinova, N.F.; Tereshina, S.V., 1989:
Parthenogenesis as a form of adaptation in acridids (Orthoptera, Acrididae) (example of the brown grasshopper Chorthippus apricarius L.)

Landa, V.; Hájková, M., 1989:
Parthenogenetic activation of cattle oocytes by a single pulse of direct current

Landa, V.; Hájková, M., 1990:
Parthenogenetic activation of mouse tubal oocytes by a single pulse of direct current

Ernst, L.K.; Dyban, A.P.; Lakiza, O.V., 1991:
Parthenogenetic development of rabbit ova activated by ethanol and heat shock

Awang, D.V.C.; Dawson, B.A.; Kindack, D.G.; Crompton, C.W.; Heptinstall, S., 1991:
Parthenolide content of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) assessed by HPLC and 1H-NMR spectroscopy

Szmedra, P.; Wetzstein, M.; Mcclendon, R., 1990:
Partial adoption of divisible technologies in agriculture

Falca, M., 1990:
Partial and multiple correlations between Collembola and abiotic factors

Bright, G.A., 1992:
Partial budgeting: inflation and medium-term capital

Gao, Q.; Ou, Y.X.; Liu, W.; Pan, N.S.; Chan, Z.L., 1990:
Partial cDNA cloning and nucleotide sequence of rice dwarf virus genome

Ulaganathan, K.; Mahadevan, A., 1988:
Partial characterisation of a plasmid in Xanthomonas campestris pv. vignicola

Abid Ali Khan, M.M.; Verma, H.N., 1990:
Partial characterisation of an induced virus inhibitory protein, associated with systemic resistance in Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub. plants

Winter, S.P.rac, A.L.ggett, F.F.ison, E.; Rossel, H.; Hamilton, R., 1992:
Partial characterization and molecular cloning of a closterovirus from sweet potato infected with the sweet potato virus disease complex from Nigeria

Flores, C.M.; Hulihan-Giblin, B.A.; Hornby, P.J.; Lumpkin, M.D.; Kellar, K.J., 1992:
Partial characterization of a neurotransmitter pathway regulating the in vivo release of prolactin

Osbourn, A.E.; Clarke, B.R.; Dow, J.M.; Daniels, M.J., 1991:
Partial characterization of avenacinase from Gaeumannomyces graminis var. avenae

Manohar, A.; Shi, W.; Anwar, R.A., 1991:
Partial characterization of bovine elastin gene; comparison with a gene for human elastin

Gillikin, J.; Bevilacqua, S.G.aham, J., 1992:
Partial characterization of digestive tract proteinases from western corn rootworm larvae, Diabrotica virgifera

Gunther, R.; Manning, P.J.; Bouma, J.E.; DeLong, D.; Cook, D.B., 1991:
Partial characterization of plasmids from rabbit isolates of Pasteurella multocida

Trejo Gonzalez, A.; Soto Valdez, H., 1991:
Partial characterization of polyphenoloxidase extracted from 'Anna' apple

Alini, M.; Losa, G.A., 1991:
Partial characterization of proteoglycans isolated from neoplastic and nonneoplastic human breast tissues

Garcia, H.S.; Amundson, C.H.; Hill, C.G.J., 1991:
Partial characterization of the action of an A. niger lipase on butteroil emulsions

Banfield, D.K.; MacGillivray, R.T., 1992:
Partial characterization of vertebrate prothrombin cDNAs: amplification and sequence analysis of the B chain of thrombin from nine different species

Eisele, P.H.; Markovits, J.E.; Paul-Murphy, J.R., 1991:
Partial colectomy for treating acquired megacolon in long-tailed macaques

Muenchrath, D.A.; Phillips, R.L., 1990:
Partial concordance in inbred B37

Pollard, SD., 1988:
Partial consumption of prey: the significance of prey water loss on estimates of biomass intake

Mullen, D.M.; Moring, J.R., 1988:
Partial deforestation and short-term autochthonous energy input to a small New England stream

Kelly, P.M.; Horton, B.S.; Burling, H., 1992:
Partial demineralization of whey by nanofiltration

Andrews, A.T., 1991:
Partial denaturation and renaturation of beta -lactoglobulin at air-water interfaces

Rigby, M.A.; Rojko, J.L.; Stewart, M.A.; Kociba, G.J.; Cheney, C.M.; Rezanka, L.J.; Mathes, L.E.; Hartke, J.R.; Jarrett, O.; Neil, J.C., 1992:
Partial dissociation of subgroup C phenotype and in vivo behaviour in feline leukaemia viruses with chimeric envelope genes

Foster, J.D.; Hunter, N., 1991:
Partial dominance of the sA allele of the Sip gene for controlling experimental scrapie

Guilbert, S.; Raoult Wack, A.L., 1990:
Partial drying of fruits and vegetables by immersion in concentrated solutions

Mohammed, A.; Ribadu, A.Y.; Hassan, S.U., 1991:
Partial glossectomy in a stallion

Koratkar, D.P.; Patil, V.K.; Narawade, V.S., 1990:
Partial hair fibres and their diameter in Angora and crossbred goats

Nicolas, L.H.mon, S.F.achon, E.S.bald, M.B.rjac, H.D., 1990:
Partial inactivation of the mosquitocidal activity of Clostridium bifermentans serovar malaysia by extracellular proteinases

Broers, L., 1990:
Partial leaf rust resistance in wheat

Teetes, G.L.; Scully, M.J.; Peterson, G.C., 1992:
Partial life tables for corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on compact- and loose-panicle sorghum hybrids

Schwarz, P.D.; Withrow, S.J.; Curtis, C.R.; Powers, B.E.; Straw, R.C., 1991:
Partial maxillary resection as a treatment for oral cancer in 61 dogs

Straw R.C.; Withrow S.J.; Powers B.E., 1992:
Partial or total hemipelvectomy in the management of sarcomas in nine dogs and two cats

Carregal, R.D.; Fonseca, T.Z., 1990:
Partial or total replacement of soyabean meal protein by dried yeast protein in diets for growing rabbits

Najjar, M.S.; Gates, W.C.J., 1990:
Partial oxidation of bituminous coal

Anonymous, 1990:
Partial oxidation of methane to synthesize gas

Stellaccio, R.J.; Dach, M.M., 1992:
Partial oxidation process

Pannu, D.S.; Mathur, M.P., 1990:
Partial purification and characterisation of active protease from Withania coagulans

Fagbemi, BO.; Hillyer, GV., 1991:
Partial purification and characterisation of the proteolytic enzymes of Fasciola gigantica adult worms

Li, H.; Dauwalder, M.; Roux, S.J.; Roux, S.J., 1991:
Partial purification and characterization of a Ca(2+)-dependent protein kinase from pea nuclei

Cannon, G.; Heinhorst, S., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of a DNA helicase from chloroplasts of Glycine max

Lyon, W.J.; Glatz, B.A., 1991:
Partial Purification and Characterization of a Bacteriocin Produced by Propionibacterium thoenii

Naes, H.C.rzanowska,, H., 1991:
Partial purification and characterization of a cell wall bound proteinase from Lactobacillus casei

Bumbulis, M.J.; Pappas, P.W., 1991:
Partial purification and characterization of a soluble acid phosphatase from the tapeworm, Hymenolepis diminuta

Banerjee, C.; Sarkar, D., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of a soluble protein kinase from Leishmania donovani promastigotes

Khalid, N.M.; Marth, E.H., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of an aminopeptidase from Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ 32

Ganthavorn, C.; Powers, J.R., 1989:
Partial purification and characterization of asparagus lipoxygenase

Soole, K.L.; Dry, I.B.; Wiskich, J.T., 1992:
Partial Purification and Characterization of Complex I, NADH:Ubiquinone Reductase, from the Inner Membrane of Beetroot Mitochondria

Baysdorfer C.; Kremer D.F.; Sicher R.C., 1989:
Partial purification and characterization of fructokinase activity from barley leaves

Kesy, J.M.; Bandurski, R.S.; Bandurski, R.S., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of indol-3-ylacetylglucose:myo-inositol indol-3-ylacetyltransferase (indoleacetic acid-inositol synthase)

Khalyfa, A.; Kermasha, S.; Alli, I., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of lipoxygenase of canola seed (Brassica napus var. Westar)

Deharveng, G.; Nielsen, S.S., 1991:
Partial purification and characterization of native plasminogen activators from bovine milk

Sood, S.M.; Satija, V.; Sekhon, B.S.; Rattan Singh, 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of soybean 7S protein

E.S.da, M.; Macedo, A.; Olson, N., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of the aminopeptidases and dipeptidyl aminopeptidases from several cheese-related bacteria

Hares, W.; Frentzen, M., 1990:
Partial purification and characterization of the microsomal acyl-CoA: 1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase

Miernyk, J.A.; Thomas, D.R.; Wood, C., 1991:
Partial purification and characterization of the mitochondrial and peroxisomal isozymes of enoyl-coenzyme a hydratase from germinating pea seedlings

Luethy, M.H.; Hayes, M.K.; Elthon, T.E., 1991:
Partial Purification and Characterization of Three NAD(P)H Dehydrogenases from Beta vulgaris Mitochondria

Rueffer, M.; Zumstein, G.; Zenk, M.H., 1990:
Partial purification and properties of S-adenosyl-L-methionine: (S)-tetrahydroprotoberberine-cis-N-methyltransferase from suspension-cultured cells of Eschscholtzia and Corydalis

Ananthanarayanan, T.; Chacko, E., 1989:
Partial purification and properties of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase from leaves of mango

Lockhart, BEL.; Autrey, LJC.; Comstock, JC., 1992:
Partial purification and serology of sugarcane mild mosaic virus, a mealybug-transmitted closterolike virus

Gomes, Y. de M.; Furtado, A.F.; Coelho, L.B.B., 1991:
Partial purification and some properties of a hemolymph lectin from Panstrongylus megistus (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Latchinian-Sadek, L.I.rahim, R., 1991:
Partial purification and some properties of a ring B-O-glucosyltransferase from onion bulbs

Bonner, P.L.R.; Relton, J.M.; Wallsgrove, R.M.; Lea, P.J., 1990:
Partial purification and some properties of the lysine sensitive plant aspartate kinase

Gonzalez, M.; Pena, C.; Casas, L.T., 1990:
Partial purification of beta -galactosidase from yeast by an aqueous two-phase system method

Ye, X.D. et al., 1990:
Partial purification of a filamentous virus from longan (Dimocarpus longana Lam.) witches' broom diseased trees

Saito, H.; Fugo, H., 1990:
Partial purification of eclosion hormone from the saturniid silkmoth, Samia cynthia ricini Donovan (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)

Wang, W.; Sun, G.C.; Lin, Z.F., 1990:
Partial purification of maize lipoxygenase and its characteristics

Berczi, A.; Morre, D.J., 1992:
Partial purification of plant plasma membrane K+, Mg2+-ATPase by ion exchange chromatography

Louveau, I.; Etherton, T.D., 1992:
Partial purification of somatotropin receptors from pig liver: they arise from a single somatotropin receptor messenger RNA transcript

Takesue, S.Y.kota, K.M.yajima, S.T.guchi, R.I.ezawa, H.T.kesue, Y., 1992:
Partial release of aminopeptidase N from larval midgut cell membranes of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, by phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C

Sharma, G.C.; Krishnan, T.S., 1990 :
Partial replacement of HTS catalyst in inert atmosphere

Garcia, R.; Obeid, J.A.; Daza, L.A.; Rodrigues, M.T.; Tafuri, M.L., 1992:
Partial replacement of Hyparrhenia rufa hay with Pteridium aquilinum hay as an alternative feed for goats

Brown W.H.; Khalaf S.S.; Marmolejo A.; Swingle R.S.; Whiting F.M., 1990:
Partial replacement of alfalfa hay with chopped wheat straw in diets for lactating dairy cows

Hartleb, H., 1990:
Partial resistance in barley to Erysiphe graminis DC. f.sp. hordei Marchal - detection, evaluation and use (review)

Brake, V.M.; Irwin, J.A.G., 1992:
Partial resistance of oats to P. coronata f.sp. avenae

Chakravarty, A.K.; Rathi, S.S., 1990:
Partial restriction selection indexes for genetic improvement of Indian buffaloes

Avissar, N.; Slemmon, J.R.; Palmer, I.S.; Cohen, H.J., 1991:
Partial sequence of human plasma glutathione peroxidase and immunologic identification of milk glutathione peroxidase as the plasma enzyme

Wu, H.K., 1989:
Partial sequence of rice glutelin cDNA

Nolte, D.; Knapp, B., 1991:
Partial sequences of three new asparagine-rich blood stage proteins of Plasmodium falciparum

Mohsen, A.A.; Lovell, R.T., 1990:
Partial substitution of soybean meal with animal protein sources in diets for channel catfish

Fuchs J.; Pecher S., 1992:
Partial suppression of cell mediated immunity in chromoblastomycosis

Gadgil, R.L.; Sandberg, A.M.; Allen, P.J.; Gallagher, S.S., 1990:
Partial suppression of pampas grass by other species at the early seedling stage

Imschoot, J.; Verschooten, F.; Moor, A. de, 1990:
Partial tibial neurectomy and neurectomy of the deep peroneal nerve as a treatment for bone spavin in the horse

Meekeren, A. van, 1990:
Partial vacuum steaming is preferable

Swalec K.M.; Smeak D.D., 1990:
Partial versus complete attenuation of single portosystemic shunts

Thorrold, B.S.; Watkinson, J.H.; Rajan, S.S.S.; Lee, A., 1989:
Partially acidulated phosphate rocks and elemental sulphur - recent research from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in New Zealand

Anjaneyulu, B., 1991:
Partially penetrating wells in unconfined aquifers

Coulombie, F.C.; Andrei, G.M.; Laguens, R.P.; Torres, R.A. de; Coto, C.E., 1992:
Partially purified leaf extracts of Melia azedarach L. inhibit Tacaribe virus growth in neonatal mice

Weiler, B.; Kalinowski, K.M., 1990:
Participants of educational travel: a Canadian case study

Aldana, S.G.; Stone, W.J., 1991:
Participation and trends in vigorous physical activity of an adult population

Fujisaka, S., 1989:
Participation by farmers, researchers and extension workers in soil conservation

Konoshenko, L.A., 1989:
Participation by the members of VNIKMI in the IDF

Overgaard, K., 1991:
Participation in community development: a comparison of Maithili and Magar societies in Nepal - a minor field study

Vaage, O.F., 1992:
Participation in cultural events and use of the media during 1991

Calvin, L., 1992:
Participation in the US Federal crop insurance program

Schwarz, J., 1991:
Participation of Escherichia coli in diseases of the urogenital tract in dogs. 1. Information: Isolation of bacteria in cultures

Kurata, S.K.bayashi, H.N.tori, S., 1991:
Participation of a 200-kDa hemocyte membrane protein in the dissociation of the fat body at the metamorphosis of Sarcophaga

Nakata, M., 1991:
Participation of acetolactate and acetoin producing system for chlorsulfuron-sensitivity in higher plants

Lachaud S., 1989:
Participation of auxin and abscisic acid in the regulation of seasonal variations in cambial activity and xylogenesis

Anonymous, 1990:
Participation of children in the development of their play areas

Shigematsu, T., 1990:
Participation of city dwellers in secondary forest management and conservation

Felker F.C., 1992:
Participation of cob tissue in the uptake of medium components by maize kernels cultured in vitro

Kurata, S.; Saito, H.; Natori, S., 1990:
Participation of hemocyte proteinase in dissociation of the fat body on pupation of Sarcophaga peregrina (flesh fly)

Hera, C.; Tianu, M.; Eliade, G.; Tianu, A., 1989:
Participation of nitrogen in the soil and from fertilizers on sunflower yield formation

Takahama, U.; Oniki, T., 1991:
Participation of peroxidase in the metabolism of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine and hydrogen peroxide in vacuoles of Vicia faba L. mesophyll cells

Yamaura T.; Tanaka S.; Tabata M., 1991:
Participation of phytochrome in the photoregulation of terpenoid synthesis in thyme seedlings

Findo, S.; Stefancik, M., 1988:
Participation of red deer in damaging and decreasing English yew (Taxus baccata) in the Harmanec valley

Bussi, C.; Salsac, L., 1989:
Participation of roots in the assimilation of nitrate by the peach tree

Wallace, A., 1992:
Participation of silicon in cation-anion balance as a possible mechanism for aluminium and iron tolerance in some Gramineae

Iczkowski, K.A.; Hertelendy, F., 1991:
Participation of the cytoskeleton in avian granulosa cell steroidogenesis

Lasco, R.A.; Curry, R.H.; Dickson, V.J.; Powers, J.; Menes, S.; Merritt, R.K., 1989:
Participation rates, weight loss, and blood pressure changes among obese women in a nutrition-exercise program

Sultana, M., 1990:
Participation, empowerment and variation in development projects for rural Bangladeshi women

Rist, S., 1991:
Participation, indigenous knowledge and trees

Meurs, M.E., 1990:
Participation, planning and material incentives: the case of Cuban agriculture in the 1980s

Baumgartner, R., 1992:
Participative and integrated development of watersheds (PIDOW): reflections on experiences in an Indo-Swiss collaboration

Nawawi, H.B.M., 1991:
Participatory adult education for rural women: a perspective

Rumulika, M.K., 1991:
Participatory democracy in the agricultural sector as a strategy for controlling Africa's crisis

Salole, G., 1991:
Participatory development

Chaiken, M.S., 1990:
Participatory development and African women: a case study from western Kenya

Bhasin, K., 1991:
Participatory development demands participatory training

Povel, S.A.M.T., 1990:
Participatory development of a women's irrigation scheme-Case: the Nyandusi Women Horticultural Scheme, Nyanza Province, Kenya

Samad, A., 1990:
Participatory development: a panacea for rural uplift in the Third World

Wignaraja, P.; Hussain, A.; Sethi, A.; Wignaraja, G. (Co authors), 1991:
Participatory development: learning from South Asia

Ghai, D., 1990:
Participatory development: some perspectives from grassroots experience

Chopra, K.; Kadekodi, G.K., 1991:
Participatory institutions: the context of common and private property resources

Raby, N., 1991:
Participatory management in large irrigation systems: issues for consideration

Nishimura, H., 1992:
Participatory planning for rural development and disaster management in Bangladesh

Doll J.D.; Francis C.A., 1992:
Participatory research and extension strategies for sustainable agricultural systems

Anonymous, 1988:
Participatory research and rural practice

Rocheleau, D.E., 1991:
Participatory research in agroforestry: learning from experience and expanding our repertoire

Watkins, G., 1990:
Participatory research: a farmer's perspective

Anonymous, 1990:
Participatory rural development in selected countries

Francis, C.; King, J.; DeWitt, J.; Bushnell, J.; Lucas, L., 1990:
Participatory strategies for information exchange

Clarke, J., 1991:
Participatory technology development in agroforestry: methods from a pilot project in Zimbabwe

Aragao, F.J.L.; Grossi de Sa, M.F.; Almeida, E.R.; Gander, E.S.; Rech, E.L., 1992:
Particle bombardment-mediated transient expression of a Brazil nut methionine-rich albumin in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Adin, A.; Elimelech, M., 1989:
Particle filtration for wastewater irrigation

Bai, H.; Biswas, P.; Keener, T.C., 1992:
Particle formation by NH3-SO2 reactions at trace water conditions

Dickinson, E., 1990:
Particle gels

Ohtsubo, M.; Yoshimura, A.; Wada, S.I.; Yong, R.N., 1991:
Particle interaction and rheology of illite-iron oxide complexes

Baker, S.W.; Gibbs, R.J.; Taylor, R.S., 1991:
Particle migration from the sand layer of silt drains into the underlying gravel

Butler, P.B.; Haworth, M.E.; Elban, W.L.; Coyne, P.J.J., 1990:
Particle morphology characterization of quasi-statically compacted sucrose powder

Megnin, M.K.; Persson, S., 1989:
Particle motion on a corrugated oscillating conveyor (grainpan)

Bengtsson, L.S.una, P.L.pisto, A.S.xena, R., 1992:
Particle movement of melt water in a subdrained agricultural basin

Mozafar A.; Oertli J.J.; Ambuehl B., 1990:
Particle size and element concentration in ground plant material

Lechner Doll, M.; Engelhardt, W. von, 1989:
Particle size and passage from the forestomach in camels compared to cattle and sheep fed a similar diet

Hester, L.; Broder, M.F.; Cole, C.A.J., 1991:
Particle size characteristics of Alabama fertilizer materials - 1989

Robertson, J.A.; Murison, S.D.; Chesson, A., 1992:
Particle size distribution and solubility of dietary fibre in swede- (Brassica napus) based and wheat-bran-based diets during gastrointestinal transit in the pig

Horne, D.S., 1989:
Particle size measurement in concentrated latex suspensions using fibre-optic photon correlation spectroscopy

Horne, D.S., 1990:
Particle size measurement in undiluted milk using a light scattering technique

Heaton, K.W.; Marcus, S.N.; Emmett, P.M.; Bolton, C.H., 1988:
Particle size of wheat, maize, and oat test meals: effects on plasma glucose and insulin responses and on the rate of starch digestion in vitro

Fix, A.S.; Arp, L.H., 1991:
Particle uptake by conjunctiva-associated lymphoid tissue (CALT) in turkeys

Sundqvist, B.U.R., 1991:
Particle- and photon-induced mass spectrometry of proteins. A physicist's view

Tompson, A.F.B.; Dougherty, D.E., 1990:
Particle-grid methods for reacting flows in porous media: application to Fisher's equation

Christou, P.; McCabe, D.; Swain, W.F.; Barton, K.A., 1991:
Particle-mediated transformation of soybean plants and lines

Ohtsubo, M.; Ibaraki, M., 1991:
Particle-size characterization of flocs and sedimentation volume in electrolyte clay suspensions

Sodek, F.I.I.I.; Harris, W.G.; Carlisle, V.W., 1991:
Particle-size/water-retention relationships in Florida quartzipsamments and grossarenic soils

Murray, M.H.; Halligan, A.F., 1989:
Particleboard - an alternative formwork

Subiyanto, B.; Yusuf, S.; Kawai, S.; Imamura, Y., 1989:
Particleboard from acetylated albizzia particles I. The effect of acetyl weight gain on mechanical properties and dimensional stability

Clinch, R.W.; Halligan, A.F., 1989:
Particleboard webbed I-beams

Boehme, C.; Buntemeyer Reich, K.; Hilbert, T., 1990 :
Particleboards and their surface coating: the effect of decorative papers on bending properties

Poblete W.H., 1989:
Particleboards from second-growth stands of roble (Nothofagus obliqua), rauli (N. alpina) and a hybrid of the two species

Back, E.; Hanetho, P.; Holst, G.; Johansson, I., 1987:
Particleboards of wood from freshly felled timber

Ivancia, V.; Pinzariu, D.; Andrei, E.; Sirbu, M.; Petrovici, P.; Ursache, F., 1989:
Particularities of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary attack in sunflower under the conditions of the Moldavia Plain

Bouree, P.; Etie, F.; Manigand, G.; Taillandier, J., 1991:
Particularities of indigenous strongyloidiasis

Ndiaye, M.; Mattei, X., 1992:
Particularity of acrosome formation during spermiogenesis in two mosquitoes: Toxorhynchites brevipalpis and Anopheles gambiae

Gizbullin, N.G.; Kozii, V.E., 1991:
Particulars of seedbed preparation for sugarbeet seed production

Pio, C.A.; Santos, I.M.; Anacleto, T.D.; Nunes, T.V.; Leal, R.M., 1991:
Particulate and gaseous air pollutant levels at the Portuguese west coast

Prairie Y.T.; Kalff J., 1988:
Particulate phosphorus dynamics in headwater streams

Cambardella, C.; Elliott, E., 1992:
Particulate soil organic-matter changes across a grassland cultivation sequence

Wilson, V.G.; Ludes Meyers, J., 1992:
Partite expression of the bovine papillomavirus E1 open reading frame in Escherichia coli

Schmid C.; Steinbrecher R.; Ziegler H., 1992:
Partition coefficients of plant cuticles for monoterpenes

Hole, C.; Dearman, J., 1990:
Partition of 14C assimilate between organs and fractions of contrasting varieties of carrot during initiation of the storage root

Meier, R., 1991:
Partition of inheritance of farm capital with particular attention to the HofeO farm regulation

Zhu, C.F.; Miao, Y.N.; Li, G.W., 1990:
Partition of ureide content and activity of allantoinase in different parts of soyabean plants

Flood, C.A.; Koon, J.L.; Trumbull, R.D.; Brewer, R.N., 1990:
Partitioned ventilation analysis for broilers

Roberts, N.J.; Menary, R.C., 1990:
Partitioning and distribution of 14C in Boronia megastigma Nees

Ourry, A.B.ucaud, J.S.lette, J., 1990:
Partitioning and remobilization of nitrogen during regrowth in nitrogen-deficient ryegrass

Sundaram, K.M.S.; Curry, J., 1990:
Partitioning and uptake of permethrin by stream invertebrates and periphyton

Sterling, W.; Dean, A.; Hartstack, A.; Witz, J., 1990:
Partitioning boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) mortality associated with high temperature: desiccation or thermal death?

Lang, A.; During, H., 1991:
Partitioning control by water potential gradient: evidence for compartmentation breakdown in grape berries

Jayachandran K.; Schwab A.P.; Hetrick B.A.D., 1992:
Partitioning dissolved inorganic and organic phosphorus using acidified molybdate and isobutanol

Addiscott T.M.; Powlson D.S., 1992:
Partitioning losses of nitrogen fertilizer between leaching and denitrification

Clifford, P.E.; Neo, H.H.; Hew, C.S., 1992:
Partitioning of 14C-assimilate between sources and sinks in monopodial orchid Aranda Tay Swee Eng

Aloni, B.P.shkar, T.K.rni, L., 1991:
Partitioning of sucrose and acid invertase activity in reproductive organs of pepper plants in relation to their abscission under heat stress

Kappel, F., 1991:
Partitioning of above-ground dry matter in 'Lambert' sweet cherry trees with or without fruit

Basuchaudhuri, P., 1990:
Partitioning of assimilates in soybean seedlings

Das, P.R.; Maurya, K.R., 1989:
Partitioning of biological yield into economic and non economic sink in chilli

Fernandez, C.; Cothren, J.; Mcinnes, K., 1991:
Partitioning of biomass in well-watered and water-stressed cotton plants treated with mepiquat chloride

Geilman W.G.; Herfurth Kennedy G.; Path J., 1991:
Partitioning of calcium between acid coagulum and whey from retentate treated with trisodium citrate

Kaviraj, A.; Das, B.K., 1991:
Partitioning of copper and zinc in soil and their bioavailability to earthworm in an industrial town of West Bengal in India

Wanjari, K.B.; Joshi, M.G.; Chopra, V.L.; Tomar, S.R.S., 1991:
Partitioning of dry matter in triticale-wheat derivatives

Yashiki, T.; Takahashi, Y.; Kiho, N.; Shibuya, M., 1991:
Partitioning of fertilizer nitrogen and its contribution to total nitrogen accumulation in groundnut plants

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Partitioning of genotype by environment component of variance in peanut yield trials

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Pathogenic and non-pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica?

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Pathogenic variability in Pyrenophora teres (Died.) Drechsl. Conid. St. Helminthosporium teres (Sacc.)

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Pathogenic variability of Fusarium moniliforme var. subglutinans inoculated in slips of pineapple cv. Perola and Smooth Cayenne

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Pathogenic variation of isolates of the fungus causing soybean stem canker in Tennessee

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Pathogenic zymodemes of Entamoeba histolytica remain unchanged throughout their life-cycle

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Pathogenicity and antigenicity of avian nephritis isolates

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Pathogenicity and biochemical changes induced by reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis Linford and Oliveira, 1940 in pigeonpea

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Pathogenicity and biocontrol potentials of Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae for tsetse Glossina morsitans

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Pathogenicity and identification of the lilac pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae van Hall 1902

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Pathogenicity and relative virulence of seven Phytophthora species on kiwifruit

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Pathogenicity and reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita on Hyoscyamus albus and rhizospheric association of other phytoparasitic nematodes

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Pathogenicity determinants of entomopathogenic bacteria

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Pathogenicity grouping of Leptosphaeria maculans isolates based on three cultivars of Brassica napus

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Pathogenicity of 3 isolates of clubroot fungus attacking clubroot-resistant cultivars of Chinese cabbage

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Pathogenicity of Beauveria brongniartii (Sacc.) Petch and Metarhizium anisopliae (Mots.) Sorok and their effect on the corn weevil and the bean beetle

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Pathogenicity of Candida albicans

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Pathogenicity of Fusarium species (section Liseola) to asparagus

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Pathogenicity of Heterodera avenae and Globodera rostochiensis in Volga-Vyatsk district

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Pathogenicity of Listeria monocytogenes grown on crabmeat

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Pathogenicity of Meloidogyne incognita race 1 on chilli

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Pathogenicity of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (large colony type) for goat kids

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Pathogenicity of Sclerotinia isolates on Trifolium pratense L

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Pathogenicity of Scutellonema conicephalum on patchouli

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Pathogenicity of Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus and cross infection of baculoviruses to the beet armyworm, S. exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Pathogenicity of Steinernema scapterisci to Selected Invertebrates

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Pathogenicity of Trichosporon capitatum for normal and irradiated mice and the efficacy of miconazole on experimental systemic trichosporosis in mice

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Pathogenicity of Varroa jacobsoni and consequences for treatment of varroa disease of the honey bee

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Pathogenicity of avian nephritis in chicks previously infected with infectious bursal disease virus

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Pathogenicity of bacterial strains isolated from broad beans

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Pathogenicity of brown rust on stands of short-strawed winter rye in the south west of the Predural'e

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Pathogenicity of different species of staphylococci in caprine udder

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Pathogenicity of egg drop syndrome-1976 virus strains in chicken oviduct organ culture

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Pathogenicity of entomogenous fungi (Hyphomycetes) to larvae of the stem-borers, Chilo partellus Swinhoe and Busseola fusca Fuller

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Pathogenicity of isolates of Phytophthora citricola from different hosts on unripe fruit of avocado

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Pathogenicity of larval Eustrongylides sp. (Nematoda: Dioctophymidae) in freshwater fish from the Cuiaba river, Mato Grosso state, Brazil

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Pathogenicity of minute virus of canines (MVC) for the canine fetus

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Pathogenicity of recent bluetongue virus isolates for Sudanese cattle

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Pathogenicity of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) on chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

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Pathogenicity of sclerotia- and nonsclerotia-forming isolates of Colletotrichum truncatum on soybean plants and roots

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Pathogenicity of sclerotial fungi isolated from rice plants in paddy fields

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Pathogenicity of stalk rots of maize in the south of the Ukraine

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Pathogenicity of strains of Erwinia amylovora to some apple cultivars in the greenhouse

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Pathogenicity of stunt nematode, Quinisulcius curvus to three cultivars of melon

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Pathogenicity of stunt nematode, Tylenchorhynchus brassicae on tomato plant

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Pathogenicity of the black rot fungus, Botryosphaeria obtusa on apple wood

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Pathogenicity of the fungi isolated from the rotten pear fruits

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Pathogenicity of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok to pupae and adults of Apanteles flavipes (Cam.)

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Pathogenicity of the spiral nematode Helicotylenchus indicus Siddiqi, 1963 on sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

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Pathogenicity of three isolates of Leptosphaeria maculans on Brassica species and other crucifers

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Pathogenicity of tsetse-transmitted Trypanosoma congolense for waterbuck (Kobus defassa) and Boran cattle (Bos indicus)

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Pathogenicity of various Aphelenchoides species on Agaricus bisporus

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Pathogenicity of wheat leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici) in the Netherlands

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Pathogenicity on bean of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae recovered from the phylloplane of weeds and from bean crop residue

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Pathogenicity specific identification of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae isolates via serology and RFLP analysis

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Pathogenicity to the mammary gland of microorganisms isolated from clinical and subclinical bovine mastitis

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Pathogenicity variations of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici and P. graminis f.sp. tritici in wheat-growing areas of Mexico during 1988 and 1989

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Pathogenicity, distribution, sources of inoculum, and infection courts of Botryosphaeria dothidea on pistachio

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Pathogenicity, host range and temperature tolerance of Crypticola clavulifera (Oomycetes: Lagenidiales) in the laboratory

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Pathogens for the biological control of mite and Collembolan pests

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Pathogens in animal feeds: means of detection and interpretation of results

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Pathogens in cheese

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Pathogens occurring in a population of Tortrix viridana L. (Tortricidae) in southern Italy

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Pathogens of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in Nigeria

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Pathogens with potential for weed control

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Pathologic changes, tissue distribution, and extent of conversion to ethylenethiourea after subacute administration of zinc ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate (zineb) to calves with immature rumen function

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Pathologic male sterility, a method of co-adaptation between fungal populations and host plants: a model of Pleurotus on Umbelliferae

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Pathologic pelvic fractures secondary to malignant lymphoma in a dog

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Pathological and biochemical changes in the developing eggs of non-target insect exposed to Bacillus sphaericus toxins

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Pathological and biochemical studies on a suspected antagonistic effect of excess vitamin E on vitamin A in chickens

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Pathological and immunological study of goose embryos experimentally infected with duck plague virus

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Pathological and microbiological features of Aeromonas salmonicida infection in an American eel (Anguilla rostrata)

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Pathological and morphological investigations on the genital organs of mink females pelted during oestrus

Fahim, M.M.; E.S.arkawy, T.A.; Sabet, K.K.; Osman, E.A., 1992:
Pathological and physiological studies on Verticillium species causing wilt diseases of cotton

Ferraris, A.M.; Ferraro, C.; Grillo, L.R.; Leoni, G.C., 1989:
Pathological associations in a case of AIDS

Ibrahim, M.K.; Mahmoud, A.Z.; Khalifa, R., 1989:
Pathological changes associated with Haplorchis pumilio (Looss, 1896); an intestinal trematode of dogs

Das, N.C.; Manna, B.; Roy, S., 1988:
Pathological changes due to infection of Ophidascaris in the lungs of Python molurus and a description of the parasite

Sasmal, N.K.; Nayak, N.C.; Bhowmik, M.K., 1989:
Pathological changes encountered in blue and yellow magpie birds (Psittacus ararauna) infected with microfilariae

Azab, A.; Tawfik, A.; E.S.ehawy, L.; Rashwan, S.M.T., 1992:
Pathological changes in a broiler flock infected with avian inclusion body hepatitis

Sordillo, L.M.; Snider, M.; Hughes, H.; Afseth, G.; Campos, M.; Babiuk, L.A., 1991:
Pathological changes in bovine mammary glands following intramammary infusion of recombinant interleukin-2

Garg, R.C.; Gupta, V.K., 1988:
Pathological changes in different apple rootstocks as influenced by Phytophthora cactorum infection

Matto R.M.; Bali H.S.; Gupta P.P., 1990:
Pathological changes in echinococcosis and coenuriasis in buffaloes

Kaul, S.; Gupta, P.P.; Dhingra, P.N., 1990:
Pathological changes in goats after intramammary inoculation with Chlamydia psittaci of buffalo origin

Mahmoud, A.Z.; Ibrahim, M.K., 1989:
Pathological changes in pulmonary artery of dogs infected with Dirofilaria immitis

Xu, D.W.; Bao, X.Q.; Shen, Y.P.; Jin, W.X.; Zhou, Y.X., 1988:
Pathological changes in the heart of rabbits with schistosomiasis

Zuric, M., 1990:
Pathological changes in the liver in intensive pig farming

Matto, M.R.; Bali, H.S.; Gupta, P.P., 1989:
Pathological changes in the liver of buffaloes in fascioliasis and schistosomiasis

Rezac, P.; Blazek, K., 1991:
Pathological changes in the lungs of deer naturally infected with nematodes of the Protostrongylidae family

Trailovic, S.; Knezevic, M.; Zivanov, D., 1992:
Pathological changes in the organs of rats after multiple doses of closantel

Ding, Z.D.; Ho, J.H.; Hou, J.B.; Xu, Z.C.; Xu, F.N.; Zhang, S.X., 1991:
Pathological changes in the small intestines of piglets infected with porcine rotavirus strains differing in virulence

Bernabe A.; Gomez M.A.; Navarro J.A.; Gomez S.; Sanchez J.; Sidrach J.; Menchen V., 1991:
Pathological changes of spontaneous dual infection of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis in goats

Weitkamp, L.R.; Kenney, R.M.; Bailey, E.; MacCluer, J.W.; Brown, J.S.; Blanchard, T.L.; Sertich, P.L.; Love, C.C.; Hunt, P.R., 1991:
Pathological changes of the mare endometrium and genotypes for transferrin and ELA

Chishti, M.A.; Rotkiewicz, T., 1992:
Pathological changes produced in cockerels after mercuric chloride toxicity and then interaction with organophosphate insecticide

Grabarevic, Z.; Artukovic, B.; Sabocanec, R.; Vukovic, S.; Dzaja, P.; Tisljar, M.; Culjak, K., 1991:
Pathological diagnosis of leukosis in dogs over a 4-year period

E.S.rgany, M.A.; Morsy, A.A.; E.S.azly, M.O.; E.S.wy, A.M., 1991:
Pathological effect of Senecio plant in chickens

Tiyagi, S.A.; Parveen, M., 1990:
Pathological effect of stunt nematode, Tylenchorhynchus brassicae, on pollen fertility, water absorption capability and plant growth of pigeonpea

Schaub, G.A., 1991:
Pathological effects of Blastocrithidia triatomae (Trypanosomatidae) on the reduviid bug Triatoma infestans after infection by membrane feeding and long-term starvation

Griffin, G.D., 1992:
Pathological Effects of Pratylenchus neglectus on Wheatgrasses

Lavaud, F.; Bouchet, F.; Cossart, C.; Caron, A.F.; Guerin, B., 1991:
Pathological effects of blackfly bites. Clinical study and evaluation of a possible high risk situation based on 30 cases from the Reims area

Chishti, M.A.; Rotkiewicz, T., 1992:
Pathological effects of cadmium chloride interaction with organophosphate insecticide (methylbromfenvinphos) in cockerels

Rahman, M.H., 1988:
Pathological effects of feeding Leucaena leucocephala to rats

Segal, I.; Hale, M.; Demetriou, A.; Mohamed, A.E., 1990:
Pathological effects of pellagra on the esophagus

Jarosz, J.; Balcerzak, M., 1990:
Pathological events during parasitism of the greater wax moth larvae with rhabditoid nematodes, Steinernema feltiae and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Xu, Y.M.; Liu, L.R.; Yu, R.L.; Zhu, K.X., 1991:
Pathological examination of poxvirus-infected tumour-like lesions in Chinese geese

Tseng, C.M.; Wang, J.S., 1991 :
Pathological features of experimental infection with Eperythrozoon suis in pigs

Anjum, A.D.; Anjum, M.S.; Rizvi, F.; Raza, T.; Arbi, G.S., 1992:
Pathological features of induced copper sulphate poisoning in broiler chicks

Brown P.J.; Hopper C.D.; Harbour D.A., 1991:
Pathological features of lymphoid tissues in cats with natural feline immunodeficiency virus infection

Beek, P. van; Kalfsbeek, E.; Gruys, E., 1990:
Pathological findings and causes of death in mink (Mustela vison) in the Netherlands. An inventory on the basis of autopsy reports

Itoh, H.; Yokoyama, I., 1990:
Pathological findings in a case of bovine skin leukosis

Hazroglu, R., 1990:
Pathological findings in calves with hydranencephaly

Golubkov, V.I., 1991:
Pathological findings in cattle with sarcocystosis

Gritz, B.G. de; Rahko, T., 1990:
Pathological findings in dietary produced oxidative stress in growing pigs

Pilipenko, M.Y.; Birka, V.S., 1991:
Pathological findings in goslings given T-2 mycotoxin in the feed

Gaag, I. van der, 1990:
Pathological findings in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs: a biopsy and follow-up study

Abdirahman, O.M.; Abdi, B.H.; Ahmed, M.H.; Elmi, L.M., 1988:
Pathological findings in the liver of sheep and goats in Somalia

Guarda, F.; Biolatti, B.; Miglietti, M., 1990:
Pathological findings in the thymus and female genital organs of veal calves slaughtered after treatment with anabolics

Guscetti, F.; Pospischil, A.; Lauchli, C.; Ehrensperger, F., 1991:
Pathological findings of feline dysautonomia (Key-Gaskell syndrome)

Wang, Y.Z.; Zhang, L.H.; Huang, C.Y., 1990:
Pathological modifications of haemocytes of indian meal moth after infection by Bacillus thuringiensis

Nakayama, H.; Uchida, K.; Ono, K.; Goto, N., 1990:
Pathological observation of six cases of feline diabetes mellitus

Campo, R.O., 1989:
Pathological problems in the production of sorghum in the Valle Medio del Rio Sinu, Cordoba

Kumar, D.; Gaur, S.N.S.; Varshney, K.C., 1990:
Pathological response against Taenia solium ; cysticercosis in immunized and non-immunized pigs using fractionated antigens

Janicki, A.M.; Sendecka, H., 1991:
Pathological rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in dogs

Islam, S.; Chakraborty, A.; Das, M., 1990:
Pathological studies of caecum in concurrent infection of Homalogaster paloniae and Schistosoma indicum in bovine

Patil, H.N.; Raut, J.G., 1991:
Pathological studies on Coleophoma empetri causing distal end rot of tomato

Rao, D.S.T.; Joshi, H.C.; Kumar, M.; Singh, G.K., 1990:
Pathological studies on bracken-fern (Pteris aquilina) induced haematuria in calves and rats

Su, W.; Feng, Z.G., 1990:
Pathological studies on calcium and phosphorus deficiency in piglets

Naik D.; Charan K.; Chattopadhyay S.K., 1991:
Pathological studies on caprine pneumonia

Suwa, T.; Touchi, A.; Hirai, K.; Itakura, C., 1990:
Pathological studies on chlamydiosis in parakeets (Psittacula krameri manillensis)

Mehta, A.; Mehta, P., 1989:
Pathological studies on fruit rot of Trichosanthes dioica and Solanum melongena caused by Fusarium species

Bahgat, A.; Nagi, A.; Moustafa, A., 1990:
Pathological studies on furazolidone toxicosis in chicks

Katayama, Y.; Kaneko, M.; Oikawa, M.; Yoshihara, T., 1991:
Pathological studies on osteitis of the third metacarpal bone in racehorses: examination with soft X-ray beams and micro-radiography

Bahgat, A.M.; Nagi, A.A.; E.M.shad, A., 1988:
Pathological studies on some parasitic lesions in the liver of sheep

Barakat, F.M.; Sabet, K.K.; Hussein, S.A.; Rashad, M.F., 1992:
Pathological studies on the deterioration of date palm off-shoots caused by Botryodiplodia theobromae

Bernabe, A.; Navarro, J.A.; Gomez, M.A.; Sanchez, J.; Gomez, S., 1990:
Pathological study of an outbreak of bovine papular stomatitis in Murcia, Spain

Girolami, U. de; Henin, D.; Girard, B.; Katlama, C.; L.H.ang, P.; Hauw, J J., 1989:
Pathological study of the eye and nervous system in twenty- five cases of AIDS

Zhou, T.; Zhai, X.J., 1991:
Pathological study on experimental chronic fluorosis in sheep

Chen, H.T.; Zhu, X.Q.; Ni, J.B.; Wang, W.H.; Jia, N., 1989:
Pathological study on heaves in horses in Gansu province

Hoop, R.K.; Keller, B., 1991:
Pathological, bacteriological and serological findings in laying hens from small flocks infected with Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4

Suteu, E.; Cozma, V.; Bahcivangi, S.; Mates, D.; Bozdog, C.; Heius, D., 1987:
Pathological, epizootiological and therapeutic aspects of infestations by Ixodidae and Haematopinidae in goats

Graham, J.; Hartung, J.; Stall, R.; Chase, A., 1990:
Pathological, restriction-fragment length polymorphism, and fatty acid profile relationships between Xanthomonas campestris from citrus and noncitrus hosts

Kakino, J.; Shimura, O.; Kakizaki, M.; Maki, T., 1991:
Pathology and blood chemistry of uric acid lithiasis of the urinary tract in newborn piglets

Shalaby, S.I., 1988:
Pathology and clinical picture of some human helminthoses that are transmitted through fish consumption

Moore, J.D.; Barr, B.C.; Daft, B.M.; O'Connor, M.T., 1991:
Pathology and diagnosis of Coxiella burnetii infection in a goat herd

Kneblewski, P., 1991 :
Pathology and diagnostics of visna-maedi in sheep and its incidence in Wielkopolska region

Holmes, J.C.; Zohar, S., 1990:
Pathology and host behaviour

Bergmann, V.; Grafe, A., 1990:
Pathology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in pigs. I. Histopathology of the myocardium of pigs of different age groups

Grafe, A.; Bergmann, V.; Seifert, H., 1990:
Pathology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in pigs. II. Histopathology of the myocardium of pigs from different populations

Bergmann, V.; Grafe, A.; Seifert, H., 1990:
Pathology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in pigs. III. Histopathology of the myocardium in pigs with transport-related cardiovascular insufficiency

Ferguson, A.; Gillon, J.; Munro, G., 1990:
Pathology and pathogenesis of the intestinal mucosal damage in giardiasis

Vassilev, G.D.; Jooste, R., 1991:
Pathology and taxonomy of Synhimantus (Dispharynx) nasuta infesting bantams and guinea-fowl in Zimbabwe

Blanchard, P.C.; Bai, S.C.; Rogers, Q.R.; Morris, J.G., 1991:
Pathology associated with vitamin B-6 deficiency in growing kittens

Anonymous, 1990:
Pathology in marine science. Proceedings of the Third International Colloquium on Pathology in Marine Aquaculture held in Gloucester Point, Virginia, October 2-6, 1988

Mondal, M.M.H.; Baki, M.A., 1989:
Pathology of Echinostoma revolutum infection in domestic ducks

Anonymous, 1989:
Pathology of HIV-related diseases. Proceedings of an International Symposium at IVth International Conference on AIDS 1988

Lichtenberg, F. von, 1991:
Pathology of Infectious Diseases

E.S.rgany, M.A.; Reda, I.M.; Sakr, E.E.A.; Abou Rowash, A.A., 1992:
Pathology of Peste des Petit Ruminants (PPR) in sheep in Egypt

Houdeau, G.; Olivier, J.M., 1989:
Pathology of Pleurotus (oyster mushroom)

Nunoya, T.; Tajima, M.; Izuchi, T.; Takahashi, K.; Otaki, Y.; Nagasawa, Y.; Hakogi, E., 1991:
Pathology of a broiler disease characterized by the swollen head

Yoshikawa, T., 1991:
Pathology of bovine leukosis

Guarda, F.; Bussadori, C.; Scotti, C.; Appino, S.; Amedeo, S., 1992:
Pathology of canine heart base tumours (HBT)

Guarda, F.; Rattazzi, C.; Appina, S., 1992:
Pathology of cardiac aneurysms in horses

Rico Mansilla, A., 1990:
Pathology of dairy cattle development

Anonymous, 1991:
Pathology of domestic animals. Part I: Lesions in organs. Part II: Diseases and syndromes

Pathak, D.C.; Parihar, N.S., 1992 :
Pathology of enterotoxaemia in sheep: an experimental study

De las Heras, M.; Garcia de Jalon, J.A.; Sharp, J.M., 1991:
Pathology of enzootic intranasal tumor in thirty-eight goats

Anderson, W.I.; King, J.M.; Uhl, E.M.; Hornbuckle, W.E.; Tennant, B.C., 1991:
Pathology of experimental Schistosoma mansoni infection in the eastern woodchuck (Marmota monax)

Suwa, T.; Ando, S.; Hashimoto, N.; Itakura, C., 1990:
Pathology of experimental chlamydiosis in chicks

Norbaev, K.N.; Ibadullaev, F.I.; Ismatova, R.A., 1991:
Pathology of experimental gossypol hepatosis in sheep

Bell, GR.; Hoffmann, RW.; Brown, LL., 1990:
Pathology of experimental infections of the sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria (Pallas), with Renibacterium salmoninarum, the agent of bacterial kidney disease in salmonids

Perry, R.W.; Rowland, G.N.; Britton, W.M., 1991:
Pathology of experimental vitamin D deficiency in turkeys and the effects of various vitamin D supplements

Nagatake, T.; Hoang, V.T.; Tegoshi, T.; Rabbege, J.; Ann, T.K.; Aikawa, M., 1992:
Pathology of falciparum malaria in Vietnam

Neill, A.L.; Hunt, N.H., 1992:
Pathology of fatal and resolving Plasmodium berghei cerebral malaria in mice

Gharagozlou, M.J., 1988:
Pathology of filariosis caused by Eulimdana clava in domestic pigeon (Columba livia domestica)

Valentin, A.; Glaser, B.; Matthes, H.F., 1991:
Pathology of hair follicle lesions in the nodular form of demodectic mange in cattle

Tandon, H.D.; Tandon, B.N., 1989:
Pathology of liver in an outbreak of aflatoxicosis in man with report on the follow up

Ansari, M.Z.; Rai, M.K.; Chauhan, H.V.S., 1989:
Pathology of liver, lung and caecum of yak (Bos poephagus) infected with Dicrocoelium, Fasciola, Echinococcus and Trichuris

Pope C.R., 1991:
Pathology of lymphoid organs with emphasis on immunosuppression

Kamil S.A.; Parihar N.S., 1991:
Pathology of mycotic pneumonia in sheep

Poli, A.; Arispici, M.; Mancianti, F.; Abramo, F., 1991:
Pathology of naturally acquired Angiostrongylus vasorum infection in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Taneja, S.K.; Kaur, R., 1990:
Pathology of ovary, uterus, vagina and gonadotrophs of female mice fed on Zn-deficient diet

Kamil S.A.; Parihar N.S., 1990:
Pathology of parasitic pneumonia in sheep

Khmel' nistskii, O.K., 1990:
Pathology of secondary immunodeficiency

Marcato, P.S.; Eleni, C.; Sarli, G.; Galeotti, M.; Terzi, L., 1991:
Pathology of the haemal lymph nodes of cattle. I. Histopathological studies on animals with respiratory diseases

Galeotti, M.; Sarli, G.; Eleni, C.; Marcato, P.S., 1991:
Pathology of the haemal lymph nodes of cattle. II. Immunohistochemical studies with monoclonal antibodies on animals with respiratory diseases

Macri, B.; Guarda, F.; Galofaro, V., 1991:
Pathology of the thoracic aorta in horses

Anonymous, 1990:
Pathology of tumours in laboratory animals. Volume 1. Tumours of the rat

Sosnicki, A.A.; Wilson, B.W., 1991:
Pathology of turkey skeletal muscle: implications for the poultry industry

Maryamma, K.I.; Manomohan, C.B.; Nair, M.G.; Ismail, P.K.; Sreekumaran, T.; Rajan, A., 1992:
Pathology of zearalenone toxicosis in chicken and evaluation of zearalenone residues in tissues

Valero Elizondo, G.; Ontiveros C.L.; Flores C.R.; Trigo T.F., 1988:
Pathology, bacteriology and mycology of the uterus in non-pregnant adult Holstein cows

Samy, M.; Gadir, F.A., 1991:
Pathomorphological and clinicopathological studies on camel trypanosomiasis in United Arab Emirates

Capak, D.; Culjak, K.; Sabocanec, R., 1991:
Pathomorphological and histological changes in the dog's elbow joint after anconeal process extirpation

Wohlsein P.; Trautwein G.; Depner K.R.; Hubschle O.J.B.; Liess B., 1992:
Pathomorphological and immunohistological findings in progeny of goats experimentally infected with pestiviruses

Adamu D., 1992:
Pathomorphological assessment and classification of spontaneous neoplasms in the dog

Sharma, M.L.; Soni, J.L.; Datta, K., 1991:
Pathomorphological changes in calf erythrocytes during phenylhydrazine-induced acute hemolytic anaemia

Svarc, R.; Pajersky, A., 1990:
Pathomorphological changes in roe deer lungs during ontogenesis of Varestrongylus capreoli (Stroh et Schmid, 1938) Dougherty, 1945

Lazareva, O.A.; Zolotukhin, V.A.; Kalenova, L.F., 1991:
Pathomorphological changes in the liver and immune system organs of golden hamsters with experimental opisthorchiasis and tuberculosis

Rotkiewicz, T.; Wojciechowski, B.; Flis, M.; Koska, J., 1988:
Pathomorphological examination of longissimus dorsi muscle of pigs fed on diets with leguminous seeds

Rotkiewicz, T.; Flis, M.; Koska, J.; Wojciechowski, B., 1988:
Pathomorphological examination of the internal organs of pigs fed on diets with different leguminous seeds

Rotkiewicz, T.; Siemionek, J.; Ruta, A.; Rotkiewicz, Z., 1990:
Pathomorphological studies on organs of piglets immunized with two vaccines Suivac A and Geskyvac and infected with Aujeszky's disease virus

Ramakrishna C.; Prasad M.C., 1992:
Pathomorphological study of experimental hypothyroidism in goats

Molokova, O.A.; Yaroslavskii, V.E., 1989:
Pathomorphology of regenerative processes in the liver following treatment of experimental opisthorchiasis with praziquantel

Malicka, E.; Borzemska, W.; Karpinska, E.; Szeleszczuk, P.; Kosowska, G., 1992:
Pathomorphology of the selected organs of SPF chick embryos experimentally inoculated with CELO virus

Rotkiewicz, T.; Faruga, A.; Isshak, N.S.; Kozowski, M., 1988:
Pathomorphology of thyroid gland and liver of broiler chickens fed on diets with different rapeseed oilmeals

Xiao, L.; Gibbs, H.C.; Yang, C., 1991:
Pathophysiologic effects of Ostertagia ostertagi in calves and their prevention by strategic anthelmintic treatments

Wood K.R., 1990:
Pathophysiological alterations

Daugschies, A., 1989:
Pathophysiological aspects of acute and chronic sarcocystiosis

Morris, S.A.; Tanowitz, H.B.; Wittner, M.; Bilezikian, J.P., 1990:
Pathophysiological insights into the cardiomyopathy of Chagas' disease

Moses, S.W., 1990:
Pathophysiology and dietary treatment of the glycogen storage diseases

Magne, M.L., 1992:
Pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel disease

Lembcke, B., 1989:
Pathophysiology of nutrient resorption

Drewnowski, A.; Garn, S.M., 1992:
Pathophysiology of obesity

Katunguka Rwakishaya, E.; Murray, M.; Holmes, P.H., 1992:
Pathophysiology of ovine trypanosomiasis: ferrokinetics and erythrocyte survival studies

Lichtman, A.R.; Mohrcken, S.; Engelbrecht, M.; Bigalke, M., 1990:
Pathophysiology of severe forms of falciparum malaria

Slama, H.; Vaillancourt, D.; Goff, A.K., 1991:
Pathophysiology of the puerperal period: relationship between prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and uterine involution in the cow

Brubacher, G., 1990:
Pathophysiology of thiamin deficiency

Steffenson, B.J.; Webster, R.K., 1992:
Pathotype diversity of Pyrenophora teres f. teres on barley

Bray, R.A.; Sonoda, R.M.; Kretschmer, A.E.J., 1991:
Pathotype variability of rust caused by Uromyces appendiculatus on Macroptilium atropurpureum

Ireholm, A., 1990:
Pathotypes of cereal cyst nematodes, Heterodera spp., in Sweden

Janse, J.D., 1991:
Pathovar discrimination within Pseudomonas syringae subsp. savastanoi using whole cell fatty acids and pathogenicity as criteria

Jiminez, M.A.; Suarez, S., 1990:
Pathovars from pig diarrhea in North Spain. Studies on the Escherichia coli virulence factors

Bialy, H., 1992:
Pathway analysis in plant cells

Mitrakou, A.; Jones, R.; Okuda, Y.; Pena, J.; Nurjhan, N.; Field, J.B.; Gerich, J.E., 1991:
Pathway and carbon sources for hepatic glycogen repletion in dogs

Sakaki, T.; Kondo, N.; Yamada, M., 1990:
Pathway for the synthesis of triacylglycerols from monogalactosyldiacylglycerols in ozone-fumigated spinach leaves

Langton C.M.; Riggs C.M.; Evans G.P., 1991:
Pathway of ultrasound waves in the equine third metacarpal bone

Bromilow R.H.; Chamberlain K., 1991:
Pathways and mechanisms of transport of herbicides in plants

Kirkwood, R.C., 1991:
Pathways and mechanisms of uptake of foliage-applied herbicides with particular reference to the role of surfactants

Truesdell, S.J.; Sims, J.C.; Boerman, P.A.; Seymour, J.L.; Lazarus, R.A., 1991:
Pathways for metabolism of ketoaldonic acids in an Erwinia sp

Igamberdiev, A.U.; Khozhainova, V.N., 1990:
Pathways of acetate conversion in seedlings of woody plants

Nikles, S.A.; Heath, T.J., 1991:
Pathways of lymph flow from the intestine of the horse

Anonymous, 1991:
Pathways to progress in the semi-arid tropics. ICRISAT's strategic plan for the nineties

Whittaker, T., 1990:
Pathways to understanding

Dongen, G.J.M. van; Alblas, J., 1992:
Patience, please

Williams, P.G.; Brand, J.C., 1989:
Patient menus in New South Wales hospitals

Pepose, J.S., 1990:
Patient with AIDS presents with keratoconjunctivitis

Brandes, J.W.; Steckhahn, D., 1991:
Patient-oriented, prospective comparative study of three different pump systems for enteral nutrition

Nafziger, D.A.; Recinos, R.F.; Hunter, C.A.; Donelson, J.E., 1991:
Patients infected with Leishmania donovani chagasi can have antibodies that recognize heat shock and acidic ribosomal proteins of Trypanosoma cruzi

Aoki, T., 1990:
Patients with abdominal symptoms: overseas tourist diseases

Ohtomo, H., 1990:
Patients with hyperpyrexia: overseas tourist diseases

Kandemir N.; Gurgey A.; Ozgul S.; Mesci L.; Altay C., 1989:
Patients with iron deficiency anemia monitored by a channelizer

Lemoine, A.; Bouillot, P.; Cirette, B., 1991:
Patients, diseases, drugs and vitamins

Eldridge, B.F.; Manson, P., 1992:
Patrick Manson and the discovery age of vector biology

Turillazzi, S.; Francescato, E., 1990:
Patrolling behaviour and related secretory structures in the males of some stenogastrine wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)

Classen Bockhoff R., 1990:
Pattern analysis in pseudanthia

Scott, D.W., 1992:
Pattern analysis in the histological diagnosis of equine inflammatory dermatoses: retrospective study of 315 cases

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