Section 3
Chapter 2,186

Physiological responses of drought tolerant and drought susceptible durum wheat genotypes

Gummuluru, S.; Hobbs, S.L.A.; Jana, S.

Photosynthetica 23(4): 479-485


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-3604
Accession: 002185486

The effect of water limitation and subsequent relief from stress on the physiological responses of drought tolerant and susceptible durum wheat (Triticium turgidium L. var. durum) were determined. Physiological characters measured were: photosynthetic CO2 exchange rate (PN), stomatal resistance (rs), internal CO2 concentration (Ci), water-use efficiency (WUE), transpiration rate (E), and chlorophyll (a + b) content (Chl). Induced water stress decreased PN, Ci, Chl content and E, and increased rs. Subsequent rewatering of the plants led to the recovery of most of the characters. The two groups of genotypes differed in Ci, WUE, Chl, rS and PN only after the stress treatment had been applied. The drought tolerant genotypes exhibited a higher rS earlier in the stress period than the susceptible genotypes. The tolerant types also had higher Chl than the susceptible ones and maintained Chl content to a greater level of stress. Following rewatering, the tolerant genotypes recovered PN and Chl content better than the susceptible genotypes.

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