Section 3
Chapter 2,191

Pre- and post-fertilization barriers to backcrossing the interspecific hybrid between Allium fistulosum L. and A. cepa L. with A. cepa

Valk, P. van der; Vries, S.E. de; Everink, J.T.; Verstappen, F.; Vries, J.N. de

Euphytica 53(3): 201-209


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2336
DOI: 10.1007/bf00023272
Accession: 002190951

To facilitate the introgression of desirable traits of A. fistulosum into the genome of A. cepa, several accessions of the hybrid between these species were pollinated with A. cepa as the recurrent parent, and in vitro ovary and ovule culture were performed to obtain an increase in the recovery of backcross progeny. Compared to the results obtained from seed development in planta, the increase in the number of backcross progeny was generally very limited, and in some cases even decreased.

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