Preliminary report of study on the release of Anastatus for the control of the stink bug (Tessaratoma papillosa)

Chen, Y.H.; Lin, L.Q.; Chen, J.Y.

Fujian Agricultural Science and Technology 2: 15-16


Accession: 002192020

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The effects of releasing the eupelmid Anastatus sp. 3 times at 10-day intervals at rates of 400, 400 and 200 (treatment I); 600, 400 and 0 (II); 0, 600 and 400 (III) and no release (IV); and spraying 1:800 dilutions of the insecticides trichlorfon and resmethrin (V) to control the pentatomid Tessaratoma papillosa were determined in China. Thirty days after release, the rate of parasitism was over 83% for treatment I and II, and only 52.6% for treatment III. Releasing Anastatus at the appropriate period gave 90% control, which was 1.25-fold higher than when spraying with insecticide 3 times. The rate of parasitism decreased slightly 2, 40 and 60 m from the release site 30 days after release, and stabilized to 85% after 40 days. The level of control was highest at the release site 40 days after release and decreased with increasing distance from the release site. However, 80.9% control was achieved 60 m from the release site.